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12 years ago
' hello group! check out the latest addition of the hungersite: The literacy site aims to promote the joy of reading among children. Clicks on the red button will help to generate free books for children! Please click everyday. Because your one click can make a difference somewhere in the world. thanx!
12 years ago
I click that everyday as well. I am a strong believer for literacy in children. My mother has a friend whose daughter will not read and she like like 7 years old. When I was 7, I raised money for an MS read a thon. Everytime I showed her a book she would give chase like she was scared of it. And of course, her mother just excuses her refusal to read as "thinking outside of the box" Yeah right. No wonder she is in special ed. And the teachers wouldn't bother to correct it. Makes me sick.
Pat ...
12 years ago
' you might like this site:
12 years ago
Thanks Tina
12 years ago
I have been clicking on the HungerSite since it's beginning a few years ago...also was saddened when it had to close down for a while but then new owners came to the rescue and started adding sites again!!! Great that they have now...but wish they brought back the (against) landmines site that was when original owners. Most of it is the same or better than before...just minor changes. I get daily reminders so I don't forget, even after years doing it!!! It's a good way to start the day! Click to donate in care2 and the hungersite & partner sites!!!! Here's one of my many e-mail signatures... - - - - - - - - In the next 4 seconds someone will die from Hunger... and to think that 75% are children...Click for FREE! Stop the Hunger! FREE!!!! You click...Sponsors pay...The needy eat. FREE! Help Feed the hungry around the WORLD!!! FREE! Just a click! Children of the Night - "Rescuing America's children from the ravages of street prostitution" For Your Kids' Future - Make Nuclear Weapons a Thing of the Past ----------------------------------------------------------- another one: --- Liz G. Check out these sites: ------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- Please support these noble causes, just click on the FREE link: and all it's links ***********************
your click are worth more this week
12 years ago
"One click gives one book every day this week." (Normally, I think a hundred clicks give one book.)
12 years ago
CLICKED of course Love Lady Athena Sweden
another special project
11 years ago
"Author Barbara Taylor Bradford challenges you to Click for Literacy. Every click today is doubled."
another project
11 years ago
The site has the same announcement now, except the author is James Patterson. If I remember right, last time the project lasted about two weeks--I hope it'll be the same this time.
"Make a Difference Day is October 22nd"
11 years ago
This week, every click is doubled.
"The Literacy Site and First Book challenge you to click for literacy.
11 years ago
This week your click is worth double!"
11 years ago
TY for all the new sites to click on
11 years ago
They reopend an anti landmine one? whats the link for that? I had a similer site I was clicking but it seems to have closed without notice
Try this one which shows dozens of ones for hunger and other campaigns...
11 years ago
. . . ............... . . .
Currently it is not working so just go to
11 years ago or and when it works again the main links shown at it will be posted here.
Currently it is not working so just go to 10:18 PM
11 years ago
Currently it is not working so just go to 10:18 PM or and any of the other ones above still working. When it works again the main links shown at it will be posted here on this thread.
Can not lift and paste them for they are not full www addresses but go to
11 years ago and click on the topic "Daily Clicks for Hunger" after you get there. This is the address displayed but I am unsure it will work here:
Where to get links is click on the link above and find the post copied below there:
11 years ago
Both links worked and here is a poor non-working link copy of the post at that second address: ApathyAttacking Q. [She is all in purple shades] But if clicking is your limit here is the list of hunger site links from with l 11:25 PM Hunger & Poverty [only relevant ones]Environment & Animals Hungry Children Hunger Fighters Polish Hunger Site Feed Brazilian Kids Feed South Africa Feed Kids in Argentina The Hunger Site Donate Food - Dutch Feed Latin America Donate Clean Water - Brazil Donate Milk - Brazil Poverty Fighters Fight World Poverty (click geef gratis) End Homelessness HOUSE HOMELESS Build Homes - Columbia Abandoned Kids - Portugal Children in Need For the Children Help Children - Brazil Try the main page but it is broken on occasion and we are not down much at all at Care 2!
You would think with 10,000 members this site could have some...
11 years ago
modern conveniences like HTML posts!!!!
11 years ago
you would think. heheheh =D
good news again
10 years ago
"Eric Close challenges you to Click for Literacy. This week your click is worth double."
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