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Help for the homeless
14 years ago
Hello Everyone, I am writing to ask for your help if possible... The other day I was out taking a walk with my dogs and noticed a few homeless people huddled up in the small park up the road from where we live and I felt so bad for them... Years ago when I was in my twentied I use to help out the homeless when I lived in Philadelpia and often would bring them to my home so they would have a warm place to sleep and have a hot meal until I could find them suitable housing...But to my dispair, many of the ones that I helped in that compacity have wound up back on the street...I was told along time ago, that many of them are use to the street and perfer to stay there....It breaks my heart to see people out in the cold like that, but what else can I do... Also, all to often, many will die each year from the cold...And that is a horrible way to die...So, this year I have decided to give it another try...I plan on making blankets for many of the homeless, but cannot do it all by myself...I can knock out a blanket a day with a simple crochet pattern that I have, but because of my own disability don't think I can knock out over 300 blankets... If anyone knows how to crochet and would like to help in that area it would be deeply appreciated...Or even if you would like to donate a low cost blanket that would be helpful too...Any help would be appreciated it.... Now, I am mostly appealing to anyone who lives in the south Jersey area, but even if you don't live in my neck of the woods and still want to contribute to this cause, you are more than welcome to do so and it would be greatly appreciated.... For anyone that is interested in helping me with this project please feel free to either contact me here in net messaging or e-mail me at and if you know of anyone else who would like to help please feel free to ask them... I will be doing not just the blankets but also helping with food as we have a place near by where I can purchase bulk can food at a reasonable price.... Please think about it and get back to me and let me know if you are interested.... Thank you for taking the time to read this request... (((((Hugs to all)))))) MysticMoonWol
Blankets etc
14 years ago Go to that group too, they are doing many of the same things that you wish to do. Always, Feather
Blankets amd other warm items
14 years ago
Dear MysticMoonWolf, I admire your work so much, but unfortunately, I can't help you. I just wondered if you know of the project Stiching Hope ( ); I thought you might be interested in it. All the best, Julia
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