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Trying to Make Ends Meat
11 years ago
I can not believe what has just happened to me. Another kick in my backside to make me want to cry and scream and just plain old give up. One of my American friends is trying so very hard to help me sell my art. She worked all day to get me a paypal account so I can get paid for my work easier. The first problem was Nigeria is not on their list for countries that they service. We worked around that, a friend in Benin let me use his address to get the paypal account. I just confirmed my email address with paypal and finally a tiny ray of hope came over me. JUST TO BE SHATTERED INTO A MILLION TINY PIECES ! My American friend tried to send me $5.00. Five measily little dollars, to test the paypal and make sure every thing was working. She got an error message saying that people in Benin can "ONLY SEND MONEY NOT RECIEVE IT" Why? All over the internet there are BEWARE of Scammers alerts. One of the things to tip you off that you are dealing with a scammer is they ask for Western Union or Moneygram wire transfers. Well I have just found out that this is pretty much the ONLY WAY people living in my area can get funds in. I can not open a bank account because I can not afford to purchase the proper ID. Now I am back to the begining, with NOTHING! All I want to do is feed my family. Now if someone buys a $5.00 pair of earrings they will have to pay almost double that just to send me my money. I'm not 100% on the rate but who is going to do that? Can anyone help me figure out what to do with my situation? No matter what I do, honest or not it will not matter anyway because the whole world believes that all Nigerians are all only liers and thieves! This is outrageous and should be illegal. I just want a fair price for honest work but that looks like it will never happen! I do not want to be brought down to the level of begging for help. I have done that before and it feels like my soul is being raped. AND even when I did come straight out and beg for help, I was still accused of being a scammer. I have the links to the forums that said this about me. Some people even pretended to want to help and made me do rediculous things to prove I was being honest and sincere. They told me to take the pictures and send them in. I found these degrading pictures on the internet also. No matter what I try my agoney will never cease. I don't know what to do or which way to turn any more. Maybe these are my last days. I have been hanging on to the end of my rope so long I can't even feel anymore. The only thing that makes me stay in this horrible world is my mother and my brrother and they die slowly before my eyes as well. Maybe God will forgive me if I just put us all out of this misery. Please if you read this, I do not want your money I just want the answer to one simple little question. WHY ? I'm sorry for bothering you and thank you for reading my emotional vomit. Shaddy
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