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5 years ago


Hi again Linda.  Love seeing you here so often.  The way your hours are distributed by corporate, I'm looking like a better employer all the time.  I would be looking out for you anyway.  LOL.  Sorry to hear you got hit with another snow storm.  I was watching the Weather Channel this morning and it looks like it's heading right to Michael by the weekend.  Sure hope it misses him.

I got domesticated last night and finished all the threads and work for next month.  I'll open all the March threads before I go to sleep tonight.  It's hard to believe that another month is coming to an end, but so much has happened that it didn't go by quite as fast for us.  Hopefully March will slow down a bit more for us.  We are all getting older in a hurry.

May the Lord continue to bless His children, providing for their needs, healing those that need, and keeping us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Good evening,Michael,Jeanette,Carla,and anyone else. Yesterday we got hit with another snowstorm. Snow started coming down very heavy just before noon and continued late into the evening. Don't know when it finally stopped. Anyway I ended up having to cancel my appt at the orthodontic clinic. So going to have to make another appt.
Carla-I'm having serious thought about not getting satellite because we get alot of rain where I'm at,when we're not going through a drought that is. Around here we have so many choices to choose from regarding TV and internet service.
Michael-if your doctor doesn't seem to care if you get your medicines on time or not is there any way you can request another doctor? I'll be praying your visit to the orthopedic doctor goes well. Hopefully he can give you some meds that will help ease the pain in your hip and leg.
Jeanette-it is the corporate office that determines hours more or less. Each store in the region is given a certain number of hours per week to divide among the workers. Full time workers,which there are very few of are given hours first,than those of us who are part time are given hours next. Anything left over is given to the short hour workers. They get anywhere from 0-less than 20 hours a week.
Have other groups I need to visit so will which all a blessed good evening.

5 years ago

Today is going to be a busy one, already running behind schedule.  Hope everyone has a blessed and joyful day.  May the Lord touch all those in need of healing and may we all find comfort and protection in His loving care.

5 years ago

 photo 00b901c45ad7d68f4ac0291bfea9pavilio.jpg

Quick visit this morning, errands to run early..

Michael, chocolate gravy was a treat for us also, hope you make a pan and really enjoy it. I make mine in an iron skillet, it seems to make and taste better that way.

J'net, we are renting, thank goodness. After all our troubles years ago, about our only option and to be honest I am glad to not be responsible for the upkeep...

We are thinking about buying a travel trailer at the end of the year and scaling back on everything and living very simple.

Jason lives in Arkansas and Chris and his girlfriend are more than likely going to marry by the end of the year and no telling where they will end up. So then it will just be Bruce and I, we don't need much space, less to clean.

hellos and hugs to all


5 years ago

How wonderful we have a full house this morning.  We dropped to the low 40's and will only make the low 60's today and the next 5 days.  Then it's really going to get cold again for the South.  We should be down to 31 next Sunday morning.  Just have to wait and see how this plays out through the week.  Where is all of this global warming they keep talking about?

Linda......I bet you aren't having any trouble finding something to do with all that spare time.  Easter will be on the last day of March so hopefully business will pick up and your hours will increase during the holiday and after holiday sale.  The month of March is also a windy month, kids will be wanting to buy kites to fly and lots of string, and flower seeds and flower pots and spring cleaning supplies.  See......if I were your boss, I would be stocking up and planning to increase your hours and paycheck.  Hope your appointment goes well for you tomorrow and you can make it back again on Wednesday.  Will keep you in prayer for positive results. relieved to see you made it safely through the storms.  God is so good to protect us and faithful to His promises.  Sorry about your roof, I hope you are renting and not buying so the landlord will be responsible for the repairs and not you.  Our roof is old and needs to be replaced, I hope the hail didn't do anything to it yesterday. 

Michael.......I know what you mean about inferior medical care.  We go to the University Medical Center which is a training school and all of our doctors are medical students. They are in class 3 out of 5 days a week so they only see patients 2 days a week in the clinic.  If you need a script refilled or something happens on their class days, you either go to the ER or do without until the following week.  There are so many that have to resort to the ER that you might end up waiting 12 to 18 hours to be seen by a real doctor.  The only way to get seen right away is to arrive by ambulance and that cost money.......medicare pays 80% but we still have to pay 20%.  Medical expense is just outrageous these days.  Nobody can afford to be sick.  Just know you are in my prayers always.  

Have to run for now, the nurse is due here any time to check out Ray and me for the weekly visit.  Tomorrow Ray is scheduled to go for his first check up since the surgery.  I hope the doctor increases his activities a little more than he has now.  He is so restricted there is nothing to do but sit at the a little TV.....and take lots of naps.

May the Lord continue to watch over His children, keeping us safe from harm and healing those in need.

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. 

I am feeling some better, My dr dint seam to care where I got my shots on time and it has me all messed up. We dont have vary good drs in our area. We get what the big citys reject. I am doing mush better now. 

I have to see my orthopedic dr tomarrow been having lots pain in the last month in my hip dow the back of my legg. 

We havent go no bad weather from the past 2 snow storms.

Carla, I do like the Chocolate gravy its a real treat. When we were kids the only treet we got was from scratch and it was the best compared to todays recipes. 

5 years ago

 photo Morning_zps2e79974d.jpg

Finally the rain left, it has been raining it seems for 8 days straight....The wind got really rough last night also, then we ended up with a roof leak in 2 spots....Thank the Lord above for watching over us thru it all..

Michael, so glad that you were finally able to get your meds, hope the pain ease up soon...

Linda, my advice do not get a satellite, we lost all signals early in the storm, ended up unpluging them anyway because of the lightning.... Let us know about your jaw after your visit to the doctor if you can..

J'net my friend, thank you so much for calling and checking on us, sure was nice to hear your voice even though your were losing it.. Mine does that alot also with change in pressure or pollen.. Sure glad it did not get rough on you..

Praying the doctor lets Ray drive when he hears from him...

I miss the days of staying outdoors doing something, it seems there was always something going on outside... I would love to hang clothes out again, just not sure how long the breathing would let me go in and out with loads of clothes...

Hello to anyone I may have missed, now for another cup of coffee...


5 years ago

Good evening Michael,Jeanette,Carla,and anyone else. I have the next 3 days off work. In fact the last day I worked was last friday,so I had the weekend off plus mon,tues,wed of this week. So it's like I'm getting a little vacation only without the pay. Hopefully work will pick up in March and I can get more hours hopefully.

Tomorrow afternoon I have an appt at an orthopedic clinic to have a scan done of my lower left jaw. The scan is to determine if I will able to have a dental implant done.

Jeanette-I think it's funny about you living all your virtual fb coins and cash in your will. Wouldn't it be nice if one could convert the virtual coins and cash into real money. Then again if we could do that we would no longer look to the Lord to meet our needs. I also play farm town on occasion and like you plant crops that take several days to harvest. I don't have any facilities mainly because they cost way too much and I don't have the time.

Michael-sorry you've had trouble walking and had to wait to get your shots. Your doctor needs to do a better job at getting the shots approved before you need them. I pray you are doing better since receiving them.

Carla-I was considering getting satellite for my TV then I heard some people in my area mention how bad their reception was during rainy periods.

Don't know if I'll make it back tomorrow to visit or not, but will visit again sometime wed.

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5 years ago


Cloudy, overcast, 63 degrees and supposed to reach 73 this afternoon.  Without some sunshine to warm us up, I just can't see it happening.  About 8:30 last night we had some thunderstorms move over us with a pleasant light display and gentle thunder rolling in the background.  Nothing to get concerned about.  However, after they left us and approached the Baton Rouge area, they became severe and warnings were issued for a large area of the state.  They seemed to be headed your way Carla......sure hope you didn't have another restless night on the sofa.  

Michael, praying that you are continuing to feel better and less pain each day that passes.  There is a big snowstorm in the center part of the country, Oklahoma and northward, I sure hope it doesn't get you.  

Where ever you are, may the Lord keep you safe and provide for the needs of all His children.

5 years ago

Good Morning to All members and visitors who come here today.  It's a beautiful, sunny day here in the South with a high expected near 70.  

Michael......Hope you are beginning to feel better since your injection and will continue to improve each day.  This cold weather has just about reached it's end and Spring and Summer are just around the corner.  Hang in there, this, too, shall pass.

Carla......Familys do tend to gather at the kitchen table for coffee/tea and good conversation.  But friends and neighbors tend to gather and chat over the back fence....or at least they used to when we still hung clothes on the line to dry or were sunning mattresses and doing spring house cleaning OR just plain old gardening, whether it be vegetable or flowers.  There was always something to take us outdoors in the course of our daily chores.  And then came the day we took down all the window screens and washed them and put them back up.  Boy were those the good old days or what?  lol   Okay my friend, we shall start with the O.T. for Bible Study.  I'll put my mind in gear and see what I can come up with.  You start thinking on it also and feel free to post first if you get inspired before me. 

May the Lord be exalted and receive our praises on this Lord's Day.  

5 years ago

 photo good_morning_sunshine-1.jpg

J'net, It was a rough night... Lots of praying....

Before I forget, let's start with the New Testament for the Bible study...

LoL at the Back Fence, ours was the kitchen table for Momma and her buddies, sure miss the laughter from the kitchen..

Going to get my coffee,it just stopped, back in a little while..


5 years ago

Wow, Carla......all we had was some puny flash lightening and a few rumbles of thunder and it was gone completely in 30 minutes.  More rain behind it but just drizzle about ever hour for a few minutes, nothing more.  That little storm must have picked up some serious energy crossing the swamp.  So sorry you had a restless night because of it.  Praise the Lord for watching over you and keeping you safe.

You're welcome for inviting you to the new group.  They are a wonderful bunch of ladies.  There is 1 man in the group but he seldom has anything to say, being outnumbered 25 to 1.  We really do enjoy the fellowship there.  Maybe they should have named the chat thread the Back Fence, they are all so gabby.  LOL.

Hope everyone here has a blessed and restful night.

5 years ago

Good morning,

My internet is spotty this morning, having a satellite for internet is not something I would recommend... where we live this is the only internet available...

Michael, I am happy to see someone besides me has eaten chocolate gravy, like you it was a much loved childhood treat... Glad you now have the recipe..

J'net, I had just gotten signed on and your message was the first thing I opened.. then I lost internet connection... Thanks so much for helping me to get into that group, I am really going to enjoy it...

Did you get any of that bad weather? It was terrible here, slept on the couch, well if you can call it sleep.. Lightning was terrible and watching that thru the skylight in the kitchen was something to see... Glad it moved on for a few hours..

Well let me see if I can get anything else done before I lose connection again

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5 years ago

Good Morning Everyone.   Cloudy and mid 50's here this morning and a bit on the breezy side.  When I saw this graphic, the thought of hot soup was sure appealing.  Bet I can find a can for my lunch pretty soon.

Michael........You must have been utterly miserable without your shots.  I'm glad you are finally back on them again.  The doctor will need to request another approval around your birthday.  Lock that into your memory and remind him so you don't get caught having to do without them again.

Ray is continuing to improve a wee little bit each day but his progress seems to be a little slower than when he first came home.  He goes back to the doctor this next week so I'm anxious to see what they have to say about him.  I do have one neighbor that has offered to go to the store for us when we are in need.  She went yesterday and got milk for us.  I try not to send her everyday for just a single item, I try to wait and let her get several things at one time and save some trips and gas.  I cannot remember if she is 18 months older or younger than me, but her memory is not what it used to be.  She had to call us from the store to see what we wanted.......couldn't remember 1/2 gallon milk.  So, you can see why we don't want to call on her too often.  

Carla......I was surprised to see how quickly you responded to my message.  You must have been sitting in the mailbox waiting for it.  LOL.  

Hope everyone has a joyful and blessed weekend.  May the Lord continue to heal and comfort those in need and keep us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Jeanette, I been woried how you and Tresa will get your needs met with meds and grocerys.

I know how much you depend on Ray. Our neighbors where we live would do things like this for us if we coud not. We will keep praying for you all. We do every day. God bless

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. God bless your day.

Jeanette I been haveing a bad time even trying to walke latley. Dr had to get my enbrel shots re aproved and its took 2 weeks. So I been down because I couldnt get my shot each week. I finly got them yesterday. Each shot cost about 450.00 a week and I am sure the government would rather that I did get them. So every 6 monthys the dr has to get them re aproved. 

I hope Ray is doing ok. 

Carly I use to eat this chocolate gravy when I was a child. My mom and grandmother made it for us. It was a real treat. I had ask my mom while back about the recipe and she forgot. So I am glad you posted the recipe. I will wright it down. Thanks

5 years ago

We are overcast again this morning with a threat of rain.  It appears on the radar that it could all be over soon and only scattered here and there.  We may or may not receive any more.  

Michael......Hope the weather is a bit warmer for you and the coldest of Old Man Winter is behind you now.  It's almost time to start preparing and planting your garden.  Have you got any starters working yet in the greenhouse?  Just think, in 6 more days this month will be going bye bye and March will come roaring in like a lion.  Not fond of the March winds but do love the warmer temperatures they bring.

Carla......thank you very much for the recipe for chocolate gravy.  That is something I will have to try.  Sounds good and is certainly easy enough.  You're right about our ancestors being worth listening to.  They had a wisdom all their own that they were never given credit for.  We have been on this land less than 300 years and are about to destroy it.  Look how many generatios they occupied the land and kept it beautiful and fruitful.  They will out survive the white man in the end.  

Now, about the choice of study......and yes, I did follow the news about the jailed Marine.  That whole incident should never have happened.  The Book of John is a beautiful story of Love and Salvation.  I have also found Genesis to be very intriguing in that I learn something new everytime I read it.   You decide, I want whatever will keep your interest so we don't lose you from group again.  LOL.  

Oooops, we did just get one of those scattered showers.  It marched across the roof a couple of times and moved on.  It was gone before I could finish the above paragraph and enjoy it.  

May all of God's children enjoy the many blessings He has put in store for us and may He continue to keep us all safe from harm.

5 years ago


Last one out, first one in... It is raining here and my internet is a satellite, which does not do well in the rain... i will try to get back in later and chat some more, depends on this rain


5 years ago

Ok the pink is yours, I want the chocolate covered one..
Lunch or dinner as we call it was usually around 11:00 and just as good as breakfast. That lady sure could cook....

DST was a pain to us, we really did live by the sunrise and sunset, early to bed,early to rise.

White man should have listened more to our ancestors, they had many wise things to teach them, loved the blanket. It has been so long since I have heard the story...

Chocolate gravy recipe:

2 cups milk
4 tbsp cocoa
4 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp flour
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Slowly bring Milk to just below boil. (Do not boil!)
Whisk in Dry mixture. Stir almost constantly until gravy thickens.
Serve over open hot homemade biscuits

Now as for a Bible study, maybe the New Testament would be a good starting point unless you or Michael would like to start with the beginning...

Speaking of that did you see where the young marine was held in Mexico for so many months chained to his bed? He said what got him thru it was reading his Bible from the beginning.. God is awesome... We do need to spend more time in His word.


5 years ago

Wow......Thanks for the early morning treats, Carla.  I get the pink frosted one.  Having breakfast so early, I bet you didn't have to be called twice for lunch.  I would be starving by high noon if I ate that early.   Also, I never heard of chocolate gravy, how in the world do you make that?  It's no wonder that farmers went to bed before sundown.  Daylight savings time must have been a real curse to them.  

DST always makes me chuckle.....there is an old Indian proberb that says......"only the white man thinks he can cut off one foot at the top of the blanket and sew it to the bottom and make it longer."  We are due to change over our clocks this year on March 10 thru November 3.  Less than a month and it's time to sew that blanket.  LOL.  

The Book of John is my favorite gospel to read, Matthew is second.  We haven't had a real Bible study in this group for a good while, what would you like to study to get one started again?  Would you prefer the Old or the New Testament?  Please give it some thought and let me know.  The more time we spend in the Word, the better off we will be.  

May the Lord guide us in all our thoughts and ways and keep us safe in His loving care.

Good Morning
5 years ago

 photo Coffeeanddonuts_zps6be56f78.jpg

5 years ago

I always get up that early usually between 4 & 5 a.m. I come from a farming family, my grandmother was one that if you were not up and at the table by 5:30 am you did not get breakfast. Those biscuits were well worth getting up and sitting at her table, between the biscuits and the chocolate gravy,

I sure wish I was closer to you, I would go get what you needed. That is outrageous for her to charge that much and still not wait on the meds...

Michael, I also enjoyed your devotions, John 1 is one of my most favorites... thank you for that..

I have been running all day, we went thrift store shopping, love a good bargain, then onto Greer's for some deals on groceries... now I am tired and short on air.

J'net before I forget I will leave coffee and donuts in the morning


5 years ago

Wow, we woke up to temps in the 40's this morning with highs to be in the lower 60's today.  Tomorrow is still forcast to be 73 but they took away all the other days in the 70's and put us back into the 60's for another week.  I guess one day is better than none.  Of course, we are also expecting possible severe storms along with those 70's temps.  Can't have one without the least not yet. 

Carla.......what in the world are you doing in here at 5am and didn't even leave the rest of us any donuts?  I can't believe you got up that early.......even the chickens sleep later than that.  LOL.  

And were here the same hour but at least that was 6am in your time zone.  Sweety, you will never know how much your prayers mean to us.  Since Ray is down and cannot drive, we are really stranded.  We paid a woman from an agency $10 per hour yesterday to go to the UMC hospital pharmacy to get refil meds for Teresa and then go to Walmart and pick up 2 more scripts for me and get us some Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream.  She came back without the one medication that Teresa has been out of for 4 days because she didn't want to wait 20 minutes more for them to finish filling it.  The one she did get was not as important.  Teresa is out of her blood thinners which is keeping her from having another heart attack.  The ding-bat did get my meds ok but she got the wrong kind of ice cream.  We will not be using her again.  Ray might complain about having to run all over town for us, but at the end of the day, we get what we need and he still loves us.  It is really hard until the doctor gives him clearance to drive again.  You know that you and your family are permanent fixtures on my prayer list and have been for years now.  

I truly enjoyed your second post this morning on the Devotional thread from John 1:14.  There is so much to absorb in that one little verse if we just take the time to listen to the Holy Spirit teaching us.  Thank you for posting that one.  I do hope others will go read it also, and the entire thread.

May the Lord of peace and all comfort watch over His children today and keep us all safe from harm.  May His healing touch be on those in need.

5 years ago

Good Morning,

J'net I laughed so hard thinking of someone getting your "gift" from your will and then finding out it is a virtual farm and money..
I have missed this place so much..

Michael, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your brother, losing his home was bad enough, then to lose his dogs in the fire also.. Thank you for the welcome back also

Linda, how are you today?

Hellos to everyone else.

Well let me go note the news and petitions, will stop back in later, want to read thru the devotions and things I have missed


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5 years ago

Good morning everyone. God bless your day.

Good to see you back Carla. 

Linda it was my brother Robert. His doges were part of his family. Yes that hurt him the most. 

Jeanette we did get some rain. I think we supose to be in the 40s today.

I hope Ray is doing ok. Your family stays on my mind and heart. I know you all have health problems. In my prayers every day. 

5 years ago

After late night thunderstorms and a very nice rain, the clouds were all gone this morning and we have clear blue skies and sunshine.  

Carla......glad the rains didn't cause any trouble for your area.  It was windy here all day before the rains arrived.  As for fb, I still work my farms in Farm Town but do not work my facilities anymore.  I plant Acorn Squash which takes 5 days to grow and then you have 5 days in which to harvest it.  I have been doing just fine with only having to tend to it once in 10 days.  That crop also pays 1,118 at the market so I'm depositing over 20 million ever 10 days.  They just keep accumulating and I now have up in the billions.  With all of that I'm still to much of a tightwad to buy any new farms or extend my existing farms.  They want too much for their little bitty extensions.  I'm going to re-write my will and leave my farms and bank account to my worst enemies and wish I could see their faces when they discover it's all on fb and they can't spend a nickle of it.  LOL

Linda......Sorry to hear that your hours have been cut back to 3 days a week.  I know the short paycheck seems even smaller now with the prices of everything rising so fast.  We can take pleasure that God will provide for our needs, one way or the other, even with diminished earnings.  I will be in prayer for you.  Maybe with fewer hours you can come in and visit with us more often.  Spring is just around the corner and it will be so nice for you to get out and go to the library.  Easter is also just around the corner, maybe you will get some extra hours then.  

Michael.......Gerry.......Johnny.......Florika.......Nance.......and all other members and visitors......we would sure like to hear from you also.  May the Lord bless us in all our ways and keep us safe from all harm.

5 years ago

J'net, I feel so much better being back in here vs. the facebook devil... I had a great day, the rain held off till later in the day after everyone was home and safe inside... WINDY though all day...

Linda, that is why I stopped playing all the games on there, like you I would spend hours on them having to cook something, build something, wait on something to grow before I could use it, not worth it to me when it was causing me to lose time with my Lord... It got to where the games came first..

Addiction to anything is hard and facebook is addicting if you let it.

Hello and Good morning to all before I forget
now for another cup of coffee

5 years ago

Good evening Jeanette,Michael,and anyone else. Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. The snowstorm that came through last week dumped about 6-8 inches in my area. Got off work early that day,but didn't make it home until late that evening. First the bus was over an hour late. Then took over 2 hours to get home. Still I'm thankful I don't live on the east coast. My prayers have gone out for those living in that part of the country.

Michael-sorry to hear about your brother Ray's house burning down. How tragic he lost his dogs in the fire. They must of been like family to him. Thank God he had insurance and that no human lives were lost.

Carla-I agree with you that those facebook games can be addicting. Sometimes I go on fb with the intention of just checking my news feed and before I know it,I'm playing the games and hours go by before I realize it. So I've been trying to make it a habit of not going on fb until last.

Some of the games I have quit playing because they've gotten too complicated or I've just lost interest in them. You were wise to quit the games if they were interfering with your walk with the Lord.

Jeanette-will keep praying for Ray. My work hours have been cut back for this month. Right now just working 3 days a week. How can you call groundhogs ugly? Of course,I don't believe they can predict the weather either,but I think they're kind of cute.

Have to go now,but will try to visit again tomorrow after I get off work.

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5 years ago

A bit warmer this morning, starting out with 55 degrees and reaching out for upper 60's by afternoon.  We are under a wind advisory until 6pm this evening and rain showers predicted for tonight. are going to be getting some of our rain also. I just hope some warmer temps go along with it.

Carla.......I am well aware of the snares of fb.  It can be very addictive.  I still go there but try to limit myself to just one hour and never before I come to group first.  The Lord before pleasure.  It is hard to dicipline ourselves.  I'm happy to see you trying it again and will pray that you are successful over the pull of the devil in our lives.  You have been greatly missed and welcome back my friend and sister in the Lord.  Hope you are able to enjoy your Special Day before the rains move in.  You know what we get we always share with Mississippi.  They will be knocking on your door maybe by tomorrow, if not tonight.

I have been crocheting an afghan for what seems like forever.  Last night I finally finished with the body of it and have now started putting fringe on the edges.  That is such a slow process, I hope I get finished with it before next fall.  LOL.  It only took 1/3 the amount of yarn that I bought so I guess I'll start over and make another one after this one is finished.  I love having something to do with my hands and it keeps my mind occupied too.  Keeps me out of trouble.  My mother used to tell me "An idle mind is a devil's workshop."  I was too young then to understand exactly what she meant, but she was sure right about it.  

May the Lord guide us in all our ways, strengthen us from our weaknesses, and keep us safe from all harm.

5 years ago

J'net, sorry for staying away so long, I got so tied up with facebook I kept forgetting where I really needed to be... I have stopped playing all those games on facebook and feel much better for that decision...

I have really missed being in here and you will see much more of me..

So happy Ray is much better and you as well..

Hello to everyone in here,
back soon

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes

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5 years ago

Good Morning to Everyone on this beautiful Lord's Day.  We escaped the 30 degree weather for last night, it was 41 early this morning.  Today's high expected to be in the mid 60's.......followed by more of the same until next Thursday.  Then we are predicted to be back into the 70's again.  I can hardly wait.

Michael.......How wonderful that your brother had insurance to cover their losses......although personal items can never be replaced.  I understand fully what you mean about not wanting what this world has to offer.  We are also anxiously awaiting to hear that trumpet sound for us to go.  Everything here is so uncertain, I'm more than ready for the SURE thing.

The weather map this morning looked like you might be getting a little bit of snow.  If not, it was very close to you. I hope not, it's time for Spring to start hatching warmer days and putting some beautiful color back into the world.

Hello Carla.......What has kept you away for so long?  I finally decided you gave up group or the computer last year for lent and just forgot about us.  They say when your memory goes, you might as well forget it.  LOL.  It is so good to see you back again.  And.......just in case my memory fails me tomorrow......let me with you a joyful and happy birthday.  It should be a beautiful sunny day for you to celebrate.  Please don't stay gone so long, we would love to see you more often.

Linda........?  Where are you hiding these days?  We have not seen you since you finally got a measurable amount of snow in your area.  Hope all is well with you and your work hours are plentiful. has been a long time since we have seen you in group also.  You are missed and also your lovely graphics.  Praying all is well with you and yours.

Johnny and Gerry.......It's so good to know that you are there, just wish you would join in chat more often.  

For all members and visitors, may the Lord guide us in all our ways and keep us safe from all harm.

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. God bless your day.

Jeanette glad to hear Ray is a little better.

My brother says he will buy a mobil dubelwide. Every thing was destroyed. Thank God thy had insurance. He is in to bad health to rebuild. We are so cloest to Jesus coming back I have no desires for nothing of this world either. Looking foward to be in the new Jeruslame Jeanette. My prayers, God bless

5 years ago

Good morning.

J'net how are you my friend?


5 years ago

We were at 41 degrees this bright and beautiful morning but will only make it to the mid 50's in spite of the sunshine.  Tomorrow should be around 35 but is supposed to be about 10 degrees warmer.......mid to upper 60's.   Those fellas in the graphic above don't seem to mind the cold like we do.  That's ok with me, they can have it.  I'm totally ready for spring now.

Ray continues to improve, he gets up and walkes through the house and plays on his computer for a couple of hours and then he is pooped out again and has to return to the bed.  But his UP time is getting a bit longer each day as he is building his strength back up again.  We thank everyone again and again for all the prayers you have said on his behalf.  God was so faithful to answer them.

Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.  May the Lord keep us all safe in His loving care.

5 years ago

Michael.......I'm so very sorry to hear about your brother's misfortune and the loss of his 4 legged children.  Praise God there was no loss of human life, but those 4 footed children are important family members also.  Where are they living now and do they plan to rebuild?  What are their immediate needs?  Were they able to salvage anything at all?  I will put them and those needs on my prayer list. 

We dropped into the mid 40's last night and our high today will only reach the mid to upper 50's.  We are getting another small taste of winter.  By late next week we are supposed to get back to the mid 70's again.  This cool spell should be over in a week.

May the Lord continue to provide for the needs of His children and we thank Him for keeping us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. God bless your day.

Jeanette I hope Ray is doing some better. Our prayers for all of you.

Jeanette my brothers house burned all the way down two weeks ago. I been trying to help clean it up. We had about 8 helping yesterday. He lost his 2 house dogs in the fire but no one else, thank God.

5 years ago


May your day be filled with love and blessings from the Lord.

5 years ago

This has been a most disorganized day for me.  I get one post made and then I'm called away from the computer to go do something or because my nurse is here.  I get another post made and then it's Ray's nurse distracting me.  Seems like it's just one thing after another all morning long.  Satan is really trying my nerves out today.  

Since this day is about half over now, I'll just say that maybe tomorrow will be better and cut this one short.  May the Lord bless us and keep us safe in His loving and merciful care.

5 years ago


Good Morning Everyone.......It's a cloudy, rainy and dreary looking day here for all those celebrating Mardi Gras.....BUT it's a beautiful day in our house.  Maybe the doctor likes to Mardi Gras and discharged all his patients so he wouldn't have to deal with them today, but whatever the reason, we were surprised to get a phone call that Ray was being discharged last night and he needed a ride home.  Ray was so happy he cried.  Thank you Lord for answer to prayer.  We do serve an awesome God.

According to the local news, the Mardi Gras parades will roll, rain or shine.  This is one of those activities that cannot be postponed because Lent would prohibit the celebration.  Have any of you noticed on the TV commercials for McDonalds that they have just come out with "fish nuggets"???  Just in time for the Lent season.  Just got to make that almighty $$$$ anyway they can.  Guess they will become the new favorite for the kiddie meals if nothing else.  The kids will love them with an order of fries and a small coke.  

May the Lord watch over all His children and keep us safe from harm.  

5 years ago

Good morning everyone. God bless

Jeanette, thatks for letting us know about Ray. We hope he is feeling some better.

We will keep Ray and you and Tresa in our prayers. God bless

5 years ago

We are once again in for about 3 days of rain.  It started late last night and have been steady but slow.  They say it will continue to be steady through today and tonight at least.  I'm sure not complaining, tomorrow is Mardi Gras Day.......Fat Tuesday.......when all the big parades roll and people from all over the state and surrounding states gather along the parade route and drink all day and drive home drunk.  All we need is a bunch of drunks on wet roads, but the rain might keep a bunch of them at home too.  I'm with the Lord on whatever He decides is best for us and I hope it's a lot more rain.  This is nothing but a huge last chance celebration to live it up before Lent starts on the following Day.....Ash Wednesday.  

I talked briefly with Ray this morning as he was getting ready to eat his breakfast.  He said he had a good and comfortable night.  The doctor has not made his rounds yet to tell him the results of yesterdays scans that they did on him.  Thanks, Michael, for your prayers......I'll let you know as soon as I learn something.

Welcome back to group, Gerry, you were missed.  Always puts a smile on my face when you return.  

May the Lord watch over us and keep us all safe from harm and continue to provide us with our individual needs.

5 years ago

Jeanette sory to hear about Ray. We keep your family in prayers. God bless you all.

5 years ago

Good Morning to all of you.  I have to call upon all of you one more time to please pray for Ray.  Last night he had a mini-stroke.  This morning they are doing scans of his head to make sure there isn't a blood clot on the brain or in the carotid artery.  Thanks and may the Lord bless you and yours, and keep us all safe in His loving care.

5 years ago

Good Morning to Everyone.  It's almost mid-morning here and we are still waiting for the sun to come through the overcast skies.  It was very warm here yesterday, had the AC  running all afternoon and into the night.  

Ray was feeling good but weak when I spoke with him a short while ago.  They are making him walk several times a day to try to build up his strength again.  Still no word yet as to whether he will get to come home this weekend or not.

Prayers are going out to all those in the northeast that are all but buried in the heavy snows.  

May the Lord lead us in all our ways and keep us safe from all harm.


5 years ago


We have very overcast and dark skies this morning but all of our rain has gone on by.  We are predicted to be mostly cloudy all day and a high of 73.  

Went to see Ray yesterday and he was doing so good.  But this morning the news is not so good.  When I called him he informed me that during the night they started an IV drip to regulate his heart.  It seems that both valves are not beating at the same time and are out of timing with one another.  The doctor had said Saturday was the projected coming home day but that may all change now until they figure out what is going on.  The IV drip is to slow his heart down.  Maybe they opened it up too much with those new artery bypasses.  I'm just praying right now that they don't have to open him up again to fix anything.  Please, anybody here, please keep Ray on your prayer list a little bit longer.

This whole town is buzzing around like crazy doing all their shopping for Mardi Gras next Tuesday.  They are buying everything for their partys and their outdoor cookouts, lots of them roast a whole pig, and then they are putting up barracades all over the parade routes.  Such a sinful waste in my humble opinion.  I must admit though that the costumes are beautiful and very ornate with lots of bling and feathers.  But then, that is Satan's way of grabbing our attention away from the Lord, beauty and lust of the flesh.

He was the most beautiful angel God made but he still fell and sinned against God.  Everything that is beautiful is not always the best thing for us.

May the Lord keep us all safe in His loving and merciful care.

5 years ago

It is overcast and cool this morning but still able to go outside in a short sleeve shirt and be comfortable.  We had a beautiful rain that lasted most of the night and made sleeping so nice.  

I got to spend a few minutes with Ray yesterday in ICU before they ran us out to work with him.  Last night they moved him to regular room on the telemetry ward so they can still monitor him more closely.  I hope to be able to find a ride to go up and see him a little bit more today.  They plan to have him up walking sometime today also.  If all goes well, he may be able to come home this weekend.  

Hoping that all members and visitors are having a blessed day.  May the Lord continue to provide for our needs and keep us all safe from harm.

5 years ago

Hello all and what a beautiful world it is today.  We are expecting bucket loads of rain but it hasn't gotten here yet.  This morning Scott took me up to see Ray for the early visiting hours and that was the best medicine anybody could have given me.  I feel like he and I both will make it now.  They had him sitting up already when I saw him and they were in the process of removing some of the tubes.  They should be able to remove all of them before this day is over and possibly move him to telemetry on 6th floor.  If they do that then there will be no set times for visitation, we can go anytime we get the opportunity and stay as long as we wish.  

Now.......there is another problem.......hate that word, so will say challenge to overcome.  The right side of my face has broken out in a red rash like something strange.  It's under the skin and appears to be spreading.  The nurse from home health care just came and looked at it.  She said to stop taking my multiple vitamin that I started 5 days ago and see if that could be the cause.  She also suggested benedryl to put on it.  She will notify my doctor of it and see what is recommended to deal with it.  I don't know if it's something that would keep me from seeing Ray or not.  If Scott can take me again this afternoon, I want to stop in the ER first and have a doctor look at it.  Then I may or may not get to see Ray.  I'm thinking it could be stress related since I was so upset yesterday and the rash was not there yesterday.  I've never had hives so don't know if that is it or not.  There is a handful of different diseases that react and appear similiar to hives.  Oh well, if it not 6 of one thing it's a half dozen of something else.  

Got to run, want to take a little nap so I feel good enough to get out and go again to see my sweetheart later.  Hope all of you have a wonderful and most blessed day.  Thanks again to all of you for your continued prayers for Ray's healing and recovery.  May the Lord keep us all safe from harm and guide us in His ways throughout this day.

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5 years ago

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and is happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl.  We are happy here in the South.  It was a great game but I'm sure the 49er's feel cheated.  It's going to be a long time now waiting for football season to start up again.  

May each of you have a wonderful week ahead of you and may the Lord keep us all safe in His merciful and loving care.

5 years ago

It's a beautiful day here with warm sunshine and building to about 70ish for today.  We actually hit 71 yesterday.  

Michael.......I hope the weather channel is wrong but they are showing snow for your area again on Tuesday.  Hope and pray it melts as fast as it falls for you.  Also praying it's your last snow for the season.  

Tonight is the Super Bowl Game......the last football game of the season.  I'm anxious to watch this game.  I think it will be a close scoring game and they are fairly evenly matched. It could go either way.  

Hope all of you enjoy this Lord's Day with abundant blessings.  May God keep us all safe from harm while providing for all our individual needs.  

5 years ago

LOL, Johnny.  Loved your post.  Of course I do not believe in this "ugly" little critter having the ability to forcast our future weather conditions either.  When we lived in N.C. and my parents lived here in Louisiana, I would call Poppa and tell him when I saw the snow birds......all excited that we were going to get some snow in the next 7 to 10 days.  Those little snow birds never let me down.  It ALWAYS snowed within 7 to 10 days of seeing them.  But that in no way meant that Louisiana would receive any snowfall.  If Phil......the "ugly" little critter, has any ability at all of predicting weather conditions, I might believe that they were for that area and that area only.  As long as they keep their cold temps up north, I will look forward to an early Spring here in the South.  Hope you have a joyful and blessed day.   

5 years ago

Running and ponding water in my backyard attracts this ugly little critter. Of course, I haven't seen him/her for months. It only means that I haven't seen him/her for months. Nothing to do with predicting the weather which is currently 11F with light snow falling on top of the 3 inches of last night and the 5 inches under that snow. Looks like a winter wonderland. The family of cardinals 8-10 are still here.....Have a great ugly little critter day!

5 years ago

Boy I sure am glad that this ugly little critter lives up north and not down south.  There was NO shadow for him to see this morning so we are predicted to have an early Spring.  Yeaaaaaa!!!!!  I can handle that.  After a 48 degree start this morning, we are supposed to top out at 71 this afternoon.  The rest of the week should only see upper 60's until next Friday and then 71 again.  Our week of winter weather didn't last a full week. may not have to wait 4 more weeks for nicer weather, hopefully when your current snow is gone that will be the last of it for this winter season.  

All of the Mardi Gras activities are gearing up now.  The city put up all the blockades along the parade routes yesterday and the carnivals and venders will probably be setting up during this week.......maybe even this weekend.  Not going to be a good time for getting out and about town.  There are always a lot of homes broken into during this season.  The criminals figure everyone is downtown at the parades or whatever is happening that day and they run through a neighborhood making a haul.  We have learned not to leave the house totally unattended on Mardi Gras day for sure.  

May the Lord bless each home represented here and keep us all safe from harm.  Enjoy your day, everyone!

5 years ago

Jeanette, we got about 3 in. last night. Its cold hear today. We supose to be back aroung 40 monday. Fore more weeks and the weather should be looking good. 

5 years ago

Here we are into the 2nd month of this year already.  I hope all of you will have a wonderful new beginning today.  The Weather Channel shows lots of new and heavy snow up north and even where you are, Michael.  I feel a little bit sad about being left out but more hopeful of an early Spring down South.  We should be back to 70 again by next Tuesday.  Can hardly wait.

May the Lord bless each of us and guide us in the path He would have us to go.  May He watch over us and keep us safe from all harm.  

5 years ago


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