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3 years ago

Lois - name meaning - Agreeable 

Scripture Reference - II Timothy 1:5


While there are numerous grandmothers mentioned in the  Bible, as these cameos show the term, "grandmother" itself is only used one in the Bible, and that is in comnection with Lois,  the mother of Eunice, and Grandmother of Timothy.  Lois preserves in her  name an old Greek word and corresponds to Naamah and Naomi, both of which carry a similar significance.  

Lois was a devot Jewess who had instructed her beloved daughter and grandson in Old Testament Scriptures.  The family lived in Lystra, and it is possible that Paul during his fisit there, had the joy of leading Lois, Eunice, and Timothy to Christ.  (Acts 14:6,7; 16:1), and then wrote of the "unfeigned faith" that dwelt in all three.  We have no record of Timothy's father apart the fact that he was Gentile.  

Paul dwells upon the faith of the mother and grandmother alone in the spiritual instruction of Timothy who became his son in the faith. (I Corinthians 7:14; II Timothy 3:15)

3 years ago
Boaz - meaning strength or fleetness
The wealthy and honorable Bethlehemite, or Judahite, who became the second husband of Ruth the Moabitess, and ancestor of David and of Christ (Ruth 2,3,4; Matt 1:5)
Boaz was true to his name and comes before us strong in grace, intregrity and purpose.  
3 years ago

Dorcas - Scripture Reference - Acts 9:36 -43

Name Meaning - 'the female of a roebuck', "a gazelle"

Dorcus is the first Greek name of a female in the New Testament, it Hebrew equivlaent being Tabitha

Family Connections - The Bible is silent concerning the parentage and genealoty of Dorcas.  In the seaport town of Joppa she became known for her acts of charity and is the namesake for a charitable group named the Dorcas Society.  Here was a woman "who with her needle embroidered her name ineffacably into the beneficence of the world."  

Five glimpses of her witness and work in the historical account Luke gives us.

She was Christian

She is called 'a certain disciple," and is thus included among the numerous disiples mentioned iin the New Testament.

 She was a Philanthropist

Dorcas the believer was likewise Dorcas the benefactress.  Dorcas not only thought up ways of relieving the needy, but she also carried out her plans.  

She was mourned and missed

It was a sad day for the church at Joppa when one of its most beloved and devoted members died in the midst of her works of charity.

She was raised from the dead

Her fellow disciples at the church were she had worshiped, learning that Peter was nearby, sent two members to beseech the apostle to visit the grief-stricken  company.  Peter spake the word of power and authority, "Tabtha, arise," and life returned.  Dorcas sat up, and Peter presented her alive to the saind and widows (Matthew 9:25, Mark 5:40, 41)

She was the cause of revival

The resurrection of Dorcas had a two fold effect.  First of all, the miracle comforted the mourners for she had returned to her life of good workds and almdeeds.  The second effect was to convince all of the truth of the Christian faith atttested as it was by miraculous power.

4 years ago

Benjamin - meaning - son of the right hand

He was the youngest son of Jacob and the only one born in Canaan; founder of a tribal family.  His mother, Rachel, who died giving birth to Benjamin, named him with her last breath, Benoni, 'son of sorrow'.  Jacob changed the name to Benjamin (Genesis 35:18, 24.)

4 years ago

Phillip - means warrior of a lover of horses

One of the twelve apostles, a native of Bethsaida in Galilee (Matthew 10:5; Mark 3:18),  

Jesus found Phillip--whose name is a Greek.  A Jewish name he must have had, since all the apostles were Jews, but what it was remains unknown.

In three listes Philip is bracketed with Nathanael as companion and fellow worker.  Both were Galileans.  This Philip must not be confused with Philip the Deacon.  

The conversion and call of Philip are expressed simply...."Jesus...findeth Philip, and saith to him, Follow Me." (John 1:43).  The call to faith and to follow came at once, and Philip ws ready for both.  The impressive feature of his conversion is that as soon as Christ found him, Philip sought to bring others to Christ.  The convert become a soul winner.  "Come and see", he said to Nathanael, and he won his friend.

4 years ago

Acts 8:27

Name Meaning - Queen or Ruler of Children

The exact name of this Ethiopian queen is not given by Luke.  It was the name of a dynasty, not of an individual, and was used for many years by the queens of Ethiopia just as Pharoah was the heriditary title given to ancient Egypian kings and Ceasar to Roman governors.  The fantastic context Luke gives us is taken up with the eunuch, a many of great authority, interested in Old Testament Scripture.  Tradition has it that the eunuch witnessed to the Candace of his newly found Saviour and that she too, embraced the Christian faith.  

Distance from Ethiopia to Israel

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4 years ago

Asa - meaning physican

The third king of Judah who succeeded Abijah.  He was the great-grandson of Solomon (I Kings 15; II Chronicles 14-16)  


He only wanted what was good and right in God's sight.

Asa prayed before battle.  

Asa began upon a good foundation.  


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4 years ago

naomi baby girl cursive stencil

Meaning - 'my joy, 'my bliss'

Book of Ruth (Old Testament)

The Book of Ruth, has enchanted every age, presents us with two women who are among the best-loved in history whose story still captivates the world because of their unique devotion.  

   Famine in the land of Israel led the family to the land of Moab.  Although the land of Moab may sound remote it was only some 30 miles from Bethlehem-Judah - a long enough journey in those far-off days when they had no transportation.  

   It was not long before Naomi discovered the error in leaving Bethlehem for in the new and heathen land nothing but misfortune dogged her footsteps.  Naomi's husband Elimelech died.  

   By this time she was old and helpless with her widowed daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah, to shelter.  As they were not of her people, nor her faith in God, Moab true to its name, must have been empty, desolate and inhospitable to Naomi's grief-stricken, aching heart.  

   Naomi was determined to return to Bethlehem alone, but  her daughters-in-law left with her, possible excited about a new start in a new land.  But on the journey back, Naomi paused and pleaded with Ruth and Orpah to return to Moab.  Orpah, without much ado, kissed Naomi, and then went back to her own people, but Ruth clave unto Naomi and begged her to take her to Bethlehem. 

   Naomi's arrival in theold community created a sensation.  Naomi was back to Bethlehem as a 'returned empty'.  She went away to Moab with pelenty but retraced her steps in poverty.  

   Under Jewish law the poor were allowed to glean in any harvest field, and Ruth qualified for the weary, humble task of following the reapers and gathering up the gleanings for Naomi and herself.

  Within all in all, Naomi became a grandmother, as Naomi had a new relationship with Boaz.  

   For Naomi, the winter of desolation was past, and the time of the singing of birds had come.  Naomi lived again in the life of her dear, sacrificial daughter-in-law and there were loud rejoicings with Ruth's first-born, Obed, was carried to Grandma Naomi.  

4 years ago


Brother of Simon Peter, and one of the twelve apostles (Matthew 4:18; 10:2)

The man who was the First Missionary

Because he brought his own brother to the newly found Messiah, Andrew earned the distinction of being the first missionary of the cause of Christ.  (John 1:41)

Andrew belonged to Bethsaida of Galilee-was a disciple of John the Baptist--attached himself to Christ with whom he enjoyed a special friendship. (Mark 13:3; John 1: 35-37).

He was ever prompt to help. (John 6:8; 12:21, 22).  After Christ's ascension, Andrew preached in Jerusalem.  

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4 years ago

'Julia' -  Romans 16:13

Name Meaning - Having culy hair

By birth a member of one of the great old homes in Rome, Julia was doubtless a member of the imperial court and therefore amount the saints to be found in Caesar's household.  Perhaps she was the wife or sister of Philologus with whose name she is coupled.  She is named amoung those to whom Paul sent a warm salutation.  The extension of her name, Julius, implies, "curly-headed." (Acts 1, 3)

4 years ago

Rehoboam, Roboam - meaning freer of the People of the People.

The son of Solomon by Naamah, an Ammonitess

(I Kings 11:43; 14:21)

His father was King Solomon. Solomon’s son, did not want to serve the people. People rebelled, and the kingdom was split into 2 — Israel and Judah. Rehoboam ruled over Judah (2 tribes).  He failed to give God the first place.  He lost the best part of his kingdom.

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4 years ago

Eve -

Genesis 2 and 3  

Name meaning - (Hebrew) Giver of life.

Eve was not born She was created out of Adam.  

Thus Eve was given to Adam and their two hearts beat as one for each other and for God.  

4 years ago

   Amos -'burden-bearer, or one with a burden'

This prophet of 'judgement' which is the key word in the Book he wrote, was a citizen of Tekos, west of the Dead Sea (Amos 1:1: 7:8-16; 8:2)

   Although he was one of the oldest of the prophets, we know little about Amos save what he himself tells us.  

  Amos pronounced judgment upon the oppression of the poor, commercial dishonesty, selfish indulgence and idolatrous worship, and was the first prophet to predict the capitivity of Israel.

4 years ago

Esther- was a Persian name of this descendant of the Benjamin tribe. 

Her name means 'star.'  

She was the daughter of Abihail who lived in Shushan, the Persian royal city.  The modern Iranian town of Shush is located at the site of ancient Susa.

A beautiful Jewish woman living in the capital of Persia.  When King Ahaseurus (Xerxes) needed a new queen, he picked Esther.   She later saved her people from being killed.   (Esther 2: 17; 7-8)

4 years ago


(Acts 12:1-19)  Foreign born, the domestic servant of Mary had a Greek name meaning 'rose'.  As a slave-maid she did not merit any genealogy.  As a servant,s he had no hours.  The fact that it was long past mid-night when Peter reached Mary's house and that 'Rhoda the portress answered the door, indicated that she was willing to serve long and late.  The background of record which Rhoda shares can be briefly cited.  As the church in the house earnestly petitioned the Lord, their prayers were heard.  In the prison the Lord by means of an angel, miraculously freed Peter.  Peter sped past guards and through opened doors, and came to the closed door of a house where he knew the saints were gathered together praying.  Peter knocked at the door, but because Rhoda's excitement, she failed to open the door.  Peter continued knocking until the door was opened, not by angelic hands, as at the prison he had left, but by unbelieving hands.  Such a delay might have been dangerous.  She was so stunned and overwhelmed at the answer to those midnight prayers standing there, that she failed to unlock the door.  

Once the door was unlocked, and Peter in the house, there was rejoicing in the Lord.


4 years ago

Abraham - meaning 'father of height'

He was born in Ur of the Chaldees, of parents who were heathen.  Little is known of him until he was seventy years old. (Genesis 11:26; 17:5, 6)

    He was a roughy, simple, veneragble, Bedouin-like sheep master.  He uttered no prophecy, wrote no book sang no song, gave no laws, Yet in the long list of Bible saints he alone is spoken of as "the father of the faithful: and as "the friend of God" (Isaiah 41:8).

Abraham believed in God. 

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4 years ago

Bathsheba: "Bath" meaning daughter

Scripture reference:II Samuel 11: 2, 3 12:24

A kindred is Bath Shua, a Canaanite name

Family Connections - from a Christian background.  She was the daughter of Eliam or Ammaiah

She became the wife of Uriah, most loyal of David's army.

After his murder, she became David's wife and mother of five sons.

The first died in infancy.  The others Solomon,  Shimen, Shobub, and Nathan.

After accustomed period of mourning Bathsheba became David's wife, and their son only to die a week later. 

She was co-responsible in David's sin.  She cried for the transaction of the past. 

God blessed them with another son, called Solomon, meaning, 'Beloved of the Lord".

After the birth of Solomon her life is silent.  The veil is lifted from silence when Solomon becomes king. 

A lesson we learn of Bathsheba is that being assured of God's forgiveness she did not let sin ruin her entire life.  Repentant, she used her mistake as a guide to future, better conduct.  

4 years ago

Abel - meaning 'breath or vapor'

The second son of Adam and Eve (Genesis 4: 1-15)

Abel was a shepherd and a possessor of flocks and herds; Cain was his brother, he was a tiller of the ground  It was not occupation, however, that parted these first two brothers in the world, but their conception of what was pleasing and acceptable to God.  Abel loved God and because he did, he offered to God the best of his flock.  Cain brought what he had gathered from the earth, an offering representing his own effort.  Because God accepted Abel's offereng and not Cain's the angry brother slew Abel in the field.  But Abel's blood cried from the ground. 

5 years ago

Yes, Indeed, Jeanette & Michael. Some names are very hard for me too. 

This remarkable lady 'Hannah' is the first  Christian Missionary Woman.  Her name is also 'Anna'.  Names from this is also in my name, Anne, Anna, Nancy and many 20 more forms when checking the baby name list.  LOL

Scripture 'Anna' - Luke 2: 36-38

Name Meaning - Favor, or Grace

Anna was the daughter of Phamuel, a name indentical with Phanuel. Tribe of Aser.  

   As you perhaps studed the Tribes of Israel.  There are from the names of Jacob's sons of the Old Testament.

   Anna was widowed early after 7 years of marriage. 

Anna not only prayed and praised, when she beheld the Savior, but went out to proclaim the glad tidings to those who had shared her hope and faith. 



5 years ago

That makes two of us, Michael.  I am terrible with most names.

5 years ago

Funny Jeanette, sounds like me trying to pronouce bible names.

5 years ago

Nance love this song. King of Judah.

5 years ago

Nance.....I'm going to enjoy this new thread and I love Jimmy, the little tenor, and the Statlers.  That is a cute little song.  I have another version that I'm posting below and hope that you don't mind.  I laughed so hard and thought the rest of the group would get a good chuckle from it also.

5 years ago


Abednego - servant of Nero of servant of light

The name gives by the prince of the eunuchs of King Nebchadneazar to Azariah, one of the four young princes of Judah who were carried away into Babylon. He was one of the three faithful Jews delivered from the fiery furnace (Daniel 1:7).

Azariah became Abednego. Hananiah became Shadrach. Mishael became Michach.

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5 years ago

Abagtha - happy, prosperous. 

One of the seven chamberlains or eunuchs sent by king Ahasuerus to fetch his queen, Vashti, to the banquet

(Esther 1:10, 11)

5 years ago

Abi - meaning My Father is Jehovah or The Will of God

Scripture References - II Kings 18:2;  II Chronicles 29:1;  26:5

Abi was the daughter of Zecharaih who had an understanding of the visions of God, and was one of the witness used by Isaiah (18:2).


She also became the wife of the King Ahaz, and was the mother of King Hezekiah.  

Hezekiah b rought a mighty, national, religious revival.  The name Hezekiah means, "Strong in the Lord". 

Women And Men Names of The Bible
5 years ago
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The Bible is most faithful Book in the world.   It is the inspired Word of God.  



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