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{chatiwalilassi]] FULL WATCH We're the Millers ONLINE movie free
1 year ago

Look who's gunning for an image tweak. Jennifer Aniston, cute Rachel Green of Friends to most and the star of sundry rom-coms including Bruce Almighty and The Bounty Hunter, wants to be supersexy this time. She is playing a stripper in her new film.

We're The Millers draws its selling point wholly from that bit (the absence of a bigger male star and Jen's top billing underlines as much). Rawson Marshall Thurber's feature very much stays within the comedy genre - something the actress has always been comfortable with. Only, the laughs here are served with a twist of crime drama.

Aniston plays Rose, a broke stripper who gets a weird offer. A drug dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) wants her to pose as his wife and accompany him on a 'vacation'. The catch is, David's vacation is really an illegal trip across the Mexico border. Having lost a big stash he owes to the mob, David must now smuggle a load of marijuana from across the border. He ropes in a couple of local teenagers to pose as their kids. Pretending they are a family on holiday to Mexico, David reckons, would make it easier to get his job done. If anyone asks, they're the Millers.

The film's biggest plus is its cast. The 'family' of four totally fits the bill. Aniston, curves in place, makes a spirited Rose and is particularly a treat to watch.

It isn't exactly the best fun flick you will see this year, certainly no LOL stuff. But We're The Millers doles out a lot worth a chuckle or two and you even spot the odd burst of wit amidst the crime-and-raunch cocktail.

The trouble is the film gets too predictable after a point. Too much of improvisation goes on to tie the loose ends. Like the family of convenience on screen, you realise the script itself is laced with too many cliches of convenience.They are the antithesis of the Brady Bunch. A local drug dealer (Sudeikis), who’s in a financial soup takes the help of some odd balls to put together a make believe family that includes a stripper (Aniston), a nerd (Poulter), and a homeless punk (Roberts) and cross the border

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