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Boycott Exxon Mobil!!!
12 years ago
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Exxon / Mobil / Esso is largely responsible for the backwards policies our governments have on greenhouse gasses. They have bribed politicians across the globe to maintain profit margins while undermining our children's future.

12 years ago

On the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, caribou calves prance in the summer sunlight just as they have done for thousands of years. Meanwhile, in Washington, politicians dance around the issue of America's energy security as they have for what seems an eternity.

Last Thursday the House voted 225-201 to open the Arctic Refuge to oil drilling. This was actually the strongest pro-Refuge showing in recent years, but was little more than a political stunt to give the impression that Congress is actually "doing something" about rising energy costs. Of course we all know that oil, if found in the Arctic Refuge, would do next to nothing to reduce our costs at the pump but would irreparably scar the Refuge's spectacular coastal plain.

Have you visited the Coastal Plain lately? Click here.

Learn more about the vote.

Best wishes,

Kathy Kilmer
Director, E-Communications

12 years ago
Beyond Boycott 
While boycotts hit offenders where they fear it most, there wallets, they only involve people who agree with your position.

What if, instead, all those who are upset with Exxon pulled into a station and bought only _one dollar's worth of gas_?

Think about it. This would create gas lines at every Exxon station, and even people who love the company, need to fill their tanks and _spend more money_ would say "Hell with this, I'm going over to (insert rival company's name here)"

This would be perfectly legal, affect sales far more than a boycott, and send a powerful message to management.

If you are interested in other strategies like this, get "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky, one of the best books any organizer can read. His work is also all over the web.
Posted by: mudshark1 on Jul 14, 2005 1:59 PM 
12 years ago
That's an excellent idea, but you'd have to organise a day for everyone to do it on otherwise they wouldn't notice.
12 years ago


That's a pretty cool idea actually.I have boycotted Exxon since the oil spill in Alaska. I personally refuse to buy even a dollars worth there.But that's just me.

I still think the idea has merit.


12 years ago

Take Action by Exxposing Exxon!

ExxonMobil has been actively lobbying Congress to open our pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling, sabotaging desperately-needed efforts to slow global warming, trying to avoid paying the money it still owes fishermen & other Alaskans hurt by the Exxon Valdez spill 16 years ago, and refusing to put its huge profits to good use developing clean, renewable energy or supporting fuel efficiency.
It's time for us to take matters into our own hands and Take Action by Exxposing Exxon!

12 years ago
All those who are upset with Exxon pull into a station & buy only _one dollar's worth of gas_  every Sunday!!!

Think about it. This would create gas lines at every Exxon station, and even people who love the company, need to fill their tanks and _spend more money_ would say "Hell with this, I'm going over to (insert rival company's name here)"

This would be perfectly legal, affect sales far more than a boycott, and send a powerful message to management.

Spread the word to everyone you know!!!

Boy Am I
12 years ago

I am taking a weekend trip to buy cigarettes duty free in Canada. I will gas up at exxon in the good ole USA, then esso in canada & top off at exxon when I get home. I forgot to mention that I drive an Escalade and get a whopping 16 miles to a gallon. An even better 13 in traffic running the air on high. I love suffocating libtards.


12 years ago
Fah, Why are you here? Just to irritate the rest of us who are trying to save our planet? As a co-host of this group, I would appreciate it if you would leave if you have nothing constructive to say. Thankyou.
Exxon Secrets
12 years ago

This website has been mentioned in various threads, but I think it's worth highlighting in this one too, as it's a fascinating look at the people, organizations and connections between them that are influenced by Exxon:

Works best if you use their flash application... takes a bit to figure it out, but once you get the hang of it you'll find all sorts of interesting (and scary) information.

12 years ago
I like the "How Exxon Mobil funds climate change skeptics" Wouldn't be suprised if their were a couple here on Care2, lol.
12 years ago
Greening Earth Society 333 John Carlyle Street, Suite 530 Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703-684-4748
Fax: 703-684-6297

A project of the Western Fuels Association founded to promote the idea that global warming is beneficial to the planet.

A 1988 report by the Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research showed how "Greening Earth Society and Western Fuels are essentially the same organization." Both are located at the same office suite in Arlington, VA. They share the same leader, Fred Palmer, several WFA board members serve as the board for GES, and they have the same "manager of communications and governmental affairs," Ned Leonard. Leonard and Palmer are both registered lobbyists for Western Fuels Association. ( GES regularly publishes articles by prominant global warming skeptics.
12 years ago

This petition is still current and needing more signatures....

ExxonMobil is the sole major oil company still pushing to drill in the Arctic Refuge, one of the most important onshore denning habitats for America's remaining polar bears. Tell ExxonMobil to leave polar bears and their wilderness home alone!

Take Action!

ExxonMobil is swimming in cash...while polar bears are drowning in the Arctic.

ExxonMobil raked in over $35 billion in profits in 2005, and another $8.4 billion in the first quarter of 2006. But where are Exxon's priorities?
  • ExxonMobil has given its former CEO Lee Raymond a retirement package worth almost $400 million. Yet, it still refuses to pay punitive damages for the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill that killed birds, fish, sea otters and other wildlife – some of which have yet to recover.
  • ExxonMobil is the sole major oil company to remain in Arctic Power, the lobbying group whose only purpose is to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to toxic oil drilling. The Arctic Refuge is home to caribou, millions of migratory birds, and other wildlife. It is also one of the most important onshore denning habitats for America's remaining polar bears.
  • In the past five years, ExxonMobil has spent nearly $37 million on lobbyists and millions more in campaign contributions to relentlessly push its anti-wildlife agenda and fight efforts to curb global warming – the same warming that's melting sea ice and leaving walrus calves and polar bears to starve and drown.
Tell ExxonMobil's CEO to stop pushing for oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge; to withdraw its support of the pro-drilling Arctic Power lobbying firm; and to start investing in renewable energy for the future. Let ExxonMobil know that until they mend their anti-wildlife ways, you will be boycotting their gasoline!
Don't forget BP!!
12 years ago

When this came up as an idea, it was brought to my attention that Exxon and Mobil and BP (you remember them, their aging
pipelines, suffering from deliberately deferred maintainence, are breaking and polluting the environment) products are sold elsewhere, too.

Lots of auto supply stores and retailers like KMart, Walmart, Sears, Target, Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale, etc., also sell products under the Exxon and Mobil and BP brands. Boycotting those products will help, too.

In addition, telling people shopping in those departments, and on line at the registers about what you are doing and why may work for some of you! Don't forget: Gas and oil prices haven't fallen much, and the gasoline costs that shippers pay are added onto what all of us pay for everything, including food.

Passing that info on to those who are shopping for the holidays may give some food for thought to lots of folks. Don't start riots (unless you have the media present!) or get hurt,
but America did send a message in November.  Reminders are a good idea, especially when one's pocketbook or wallet is affected.

12 years ago
I think BP has turned around a bit, at least in terms of global warming. Maybe I have the wrong company, but I think their CEO has publicly acknowledged the threat of global warming and their role in it, and they are investing heavily in renewables, and actually using solar.
Venezuela no longer providing Citgo w/Oil???
12 years ago
Has anyone seen a comprehensive comparison of all the oil companies, their human rights violations (Remember Shelll has points against it for destroying Nigerian villages and it's people), their involvement in the Iraq War, ties w/Saudi Arabia and Bu$hco, and their progressiveness. In other words, which is the best one to use to buy your gasoline for your car?

Sorry, but here's some depressing news from today's DemocracyNow.Org Oil for Sale: Why the Iraq Study Group is Calling for the Privatization of Iraq's Oil Industry
Among its recommendations, the Iraq Study Group advised that Iraq privatize its oil industry and to open it up to international companies. Author and activist Antonia Juhasz writes "Put simply, the oil companies are trying to get what they were denied before the war or at anytime in modern Iraqi history: access to Iraq's oil under the ground."
12 years ago
I have seen a comparison. I think it was in an ethical consumer magazine from Europe. Check my boycotts group.
The Boycott
12 years ago

I think boycotting ExxonMobil is a good idea, we all need to realize we need to use less oil by walking more, driving less, and/or taking public transportation.  I think if we started using less gas as a whole, all the oil companies would have to revise their policies especially ExxonMobil.  These oil companines would revise their energy policies quickly is a the public as a whole started using less gasoline.  Personally, I don't drive or own a car.  I relying on walking, biking, and public transportation to get around.  If more people just started doing this more whether it's once a week or more, the oil companies as a whole would be hit in the pocket book.  We also need to elect people into office who take global warming seriously too and get us a energy policy that is effective in ways that would get us off the oil dependence that we have with oil producing countries.  So let us all do our part by using less oil until the energy policy catches up and the oil companies change their policies.


12 years ago



12 years ago

12 years ago
you all better wake up
11 years ago
So you think boycotting some oil company is going to make a difference?  Wake up people, its not Mobil or Shell that is polluting the world - its YOU and ME.  WE are the ones who burn fossile fuels - every time we drive our cars, fly on a plane, or turn on the lights in your house.

The problems of Global Warming need new and radical ideas.  Boycotting an oil company is not going to make any lasting change in mans behavior towards burning fossil fuels.

You want to see change - how about this.  Put a $1 (yes - one dollar) a gallon tax on gas in this country and see how much less people will drive their cars (this would be a good idea except for the fact that the politicians in Washington would end up putting that money in their pockets).

The only way to make positive lasting changes to our worlds environment - you MUST change the basic behavior of the 1 species that is responsible for destroying our worlds environment.  
Re: [Addressing Global Warming] Boycott Exxon Mobil!!!
11 years ago
good point, marty ************************************** See what's free at
11 years ago

agree with marty

Conoco Philip is the only one addressing a carbon cap  and has recently withdrawn a couple of gas products in the Midwest. USA.

What worries me in regards to boycotting Exxon and BP and others is what else do they own besides energy.  If they diversified and kept companies they bought as separate entities how do we know they do or don't belong to Exxon or bp?

I been buying things that I thought were not related to one company or other only to find out that the company I was trying to boycott owns them.  Example Kraft foods and the Tobacco giant. Buying Kraft foods till very recently had been supporting tobacco.

So how do we find out what else is owned by Exxon and said companies that are other name brands?

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