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 May 31, 2007 6:21 PM

great Union website  [ send green star]
anonymous Singapore's largest union May 31, 2007 8:43 AM

National Trades Union Congress (NTUC):

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in Latvia March 29, 2007 10:13 AM

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia:

Educational and Scientific Workers Union of Latvia:

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 March 26, 2007 6:24 PM

Hi New Members, this is where we post are Unions Websites, thanks.  [ send green star]
anonymous Thanks for the invite January 21, 2007 2:39 AM

My union is the norwegian EL & IT-forbundet:

Bengt Olav
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 September 03, 2006 3:04 AM

Thanks for the invitation Phillip. Actually it's my husbands union, he represents his school. The California School Employees Association.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 July 16, 2006 1:56 PM

Hi Phillip - Thank you for inviting me to join!

~ Michele

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anonymous My union website May 22, 2006 12:39 PM

Hi Philip,

Thks for the invite

The Union I belong to can be found here  at

Daniela W.

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Thank you May 19, 2006 5:22 AM

Dear Friend Penny,

Thank you so much for inviting me.

Thanks, Sushil

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:) May 18, 2006 6:07 AM

Hi Philip, how are you doing?

Thanks for the invitation.

Be happy...

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 May 17, 2006 12:07 PM


Strawberry workers shortchanged Coachella Valley strawberry workers need your help.  The jobs they do are physically demanding, requiring workers to crouch and bend from the waist for prolonged periods of time.  Pickers, who are often paid by piece work, need to work at a very fast pace in order to earn enough to take care of their families. 
When workers perform work that hard, they expect to at least get paid what they are owed.  But now we're hearing many Coachella Valley strawberry workers are not getting paid for all the boxes they pick.


"At the end of the day, one is missing 2 to 3 boxes, but it is just not me, it is almost everyone in our crew. Imagine, 300 people working the strawberry and each one is missing 2 to 3 boxes, that’s a lot of money someone is keeping. I feel I work very hard for someone to take some of my earnings. Then, when you try to get it corrected, the supervisor denies the incident and becomes verbally abusive." -- Leonor Gonzalez

"I only work the strawberry in between other harvests because I don’t think I could do the work for three or four months at a time. Not because I cannot do the physical part, but because I can only take so much of someone stealing from me and not be able to do anything about it because I need to work."  -- Margarito Cortez

These strawberry workers face other abuses. Restrooms in the fields are too far away from where they labor. The foreman won't separate restrooms from his truck—where the workers' lunches are also stored despite repeated requests. So the workers’ food attracts flies from the restrooms.
Strawberry workers do not have to endure these conditions.  Last March, the United Farm Workers signed a historic new contract with the nation’s largest strawberry employer, Coastal Berry Co. It provides the best pay and health care coverage for strawberry workers in the nation as well as a grievance system which protects the workers’ basic rights.

Please help us organize these strawberry workers, so they can win fair pay and an end to these abuses.  Make your <a title="

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thank you May 15, 2006 8:29 AM

Phililp thank you for the invite I will try to do my best,Anita

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Local 1581 Napoleon, OH May 15, 2006 7:06 AM  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
local 507 cleveland,ohio May 13, 2006 12:19 PM  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
nice website Cheryl January 02, 2006 7:23 PM

nice to see your union active with the make Poverty Histoty Campaign.  [ send green star]
Link Works.. January 02, 2006 5:49 AM

Great!  It worked once I sent it.

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 January 02, 2006 5:47 AM

B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union

Thank you, Philip, for invitation to join.  I am happy to.  (I don't know how to make it work by just clicking) (same as above - how do I make it work?)

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Hi Michael, sems your website does not seem to be working. December 29, 2005 7:47 PM

welcome to the group Michael, but when I clicked on your Union website, it did not work for me, please try again.  [ send green star]
IBU Pacific Region Website December 28, 2005 11:59 PM

Hi All, The union I currently belong to can be found at michael queen  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Please feel free to post your Unions website here. December 28, 2005 2:17 AM

If you belong to a Union, and they have a website, then please feel free to post the link here.  [ send green star]
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