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anonymous A Short and Quick PR History Lesson: January 03, 2006 9:14 PM

In at around 1897-98 the US staged an attack on a US merchant ship docked in Habana, Cuba. The explosion killed several US Citizens and opened the door for a US/Spain war which we now know as the Spanish/American war. History has proven that the US Staged the attack in order to have a reason to fight spain and kick them out of the caribbean area. Puerto Rico was part of spain and had been since 1492. The US wanted PR because its stratigic military significance. They invaded in 1898 and took it over with hardly any opposition and at times with help from the Puertorricans who where fed un with the Spanish rule. They saw US troops as liberators. The US didnt liberate PR they just took it over. They set up a military goverment that lasted till around 1918 when Congress approved the Jones Act that made every Puertorrican a US Citizen and ordered anyone born in PR to be a natural born citizen as if born in a state. Around 1930s the United Nations began pressuring all countries who held colonies to get rid of them and to liberate them or make them autonomous. The US was receiving heavy fire because it was still holding PR and other islands in the philippines. In 1952 they came up with the Commonwealth of PR a system that supposedly gave PR autonomy. This got PR out of the list and the US out of their bind but still PR remained a colony. We are currently under this system.

We are able to elect our own governor local senate and house of reps but we are unable to vote for the US president and have no representation in congress. The US Goverment and federal laws rule supreme in PR. We are born US Citizens, recieve US federal assistance programs, pell grants etc. but we dont pay federal taxes because the US is against taxation without representation which was the reason the US fought against Great Britain... Anyways, more and more PRicans support statehood. The problem is that the US doesnt want to give us statehood. PLus alot of people fear that if PR becomes a state that english only laws could be enacted. The majority of PRicans speak spanish and they also fear losing their national identity. More and more people dont believe this and are starting to pressure congress for a solution. This is why BBC is doing this type of programs. I hope that this can be solved in the near future. PR is sort of stuck in limbo till this problem is solved.

In PR we use US Dollars and we use US Merchant ships bring goods. We are number one consumers in Latin US Market. We supply more soldiers for the armed forces than most states. Over a million PRicans have served in the armed forces thru out the many wars i myself am a 4th generation soldier. My two greatgrandfathers served in WWI in Artillery, My grandfather in WWII and Korea, My father in Vietnam 82nd Airborne Division , and I served in the 18th Airborne Corps in Ft. Bragg... didnt get to see combat but i served 3 years... Anyways PR is part of the US and has always been treated as the ugly ducklying, The bastard son of the US that Daddy Sam has refused to recognize.

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