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9 years ago
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API (Animal Protection Institute) has a petition going on against Ringing. Please make sure you sign it.


9 years ago
Thank you, Laura! You signed this petition at:
9:57 AM PST, Jan 6, 2006
9 years ago
Why is Compassion Illegal in Louisiana?
9 years ago
Petition -Belgrade Hell Zoo

For more info & photos [posted from partner website]


The cruelty and neglect suffered by animals at Kunming zoo in China is staggering. Please see for info and photographs documenting this abuse and please sign the petiton.


Help for NYC Carriage horses - need more signatures!! - story

9 years ago
Please Tell Nuns to Stop Supporting Elephant Abuse and Child Pornography!!

Please cross post!

PLEASE READ THE PETITION - click on the links! Thats why they are there. Do some research! CNN REPORTS!

* SHOCKING and DISTURBING! Ringling clown Child-Pornography charges:

Re-Introduce HR 2929 the Captive Elephant Accident Prevention Act of 1999


Demand Justice for Puppies who had their head bashed in

Please sign to help Sweetie's Abuser get the Punishment He Deserves

This is to get proper punishment for Sweetie's abuser, who twisted wire around her waist so severely it opened her up with a huge gash along her waist.

9 years ago
Urge Your Representative to Send Ailing Elephant to a Waiting Sanctuary

Please "Take Action" to ask the members of the Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents to order the National Zoo to send Toni to The Elephant Sanctuary. The National Zoo simply cannot provide for the vast physical and psychological needs of elephants. The National Zoo is funded by federal dollars, so all taxpayers should have a say in these elephants’ future.
Send an automatic letter online.

Click here for more info.

Say NO to Tuli Block Cull-
Please sign! And please help by forwarding the information and petition link on to family and friends!

click here for details:

New petition - for Betty, a lone elephant...

Please sign + crosspost/forward. Thank you!

and please crosspost these petitions!

Gita & Ruby: LA Zoo Eles!
9 years ago

All Information at Elephant Lovers Group!
These girls deserve to go TOGETHER to a Sanctuary! PAWS OR The Elephant Sanctuary!
Its Criminal That LA Zoo refuses to give these girls a little freedom ! They plan on spending 33 million dollars to add an ACRE to the elephant exhibit! THAT WOULD TOTAL 3 ACRES!!

Please write the LA Mayor asking him to take immediate action for Gita & Ruby

Antonio R. Villaraigosa

200 North Spring Street, Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012

213/978-0600 (Phone)
213/978-0750 (Fax)

cross post & forward EVERYWHERE!

9 years ago
I signed all the ones I did not already signed!
Throwing ours in here...LOL
9 years ago

Please sign our petition against animal acts circuses at:

Don't send elephant to Belgrade "hell" zoo
9 years ago

Dont send elephant 'Djanom' to a lifetime of misery

9 years ago

Support Animal Welfare Petition

Better Treatment of Chickens!

Stop Horrible Zoo From Getting More Animals To Abuse

Dont Send Elephant 'Djanom' to a Lifetime of Misery

Urge Procter & Gamble to Stop Cruel Animal Experiments

Stop the Cruel Use of Gas Chambers

9 years ago

Sign petiton for Bill, a sad & lonely chimpanzee:

9 years ago

Signed them all...thank you!



9 years ago
Saving The Cape Fur Seal From Extinction"
hosted on the web by our free online petition service, at:
Urgent New Animal Petitions
8 years ago

Please Sign These Urgent New Petitions and Cross Post.

Protect Animals During Times of Disaster!

Protecting Pets with Restraining Orders

Save Angel's Gate

Save the Lives of Cats and Dogs: Support Non-Surgical Sterilization

Saving Pit Bulls Around The World

Stop the Brutality of Organized Dog Fighting and the Murder of Dogs for "Training Purposes"!

Ask California Science Center to Leave Out the Animals!

Raise the Status of Common Indonesian Macaques (Monkeys) and End Their Suffering

Justice For Hooch, Dog Gunned Down For No Reason!

Ban Glue Traps

Urge Home Depot to Stop Peddling Cruelty

Eliminate Animal Pornography

Support Spay/Neuter Proposal for Spalding County Georgia

Shares: Compiled Petitions By Category

I Spent a Lot of Time Compiling These So Please Make Sure You've Signed All of These Ongoing Animal, Wildlife, & Environment Petitions. (I updated them today so even if you went yesterday please take a min. and go back to sign the newer ones. -Thanks!)

Urgent New Animal Petitions

Urgent Animal / Wildlife / Environment Petitions

Urgent New Marine Wildlife Petitions

Threads: Compiled Petitions By Category

Petitions: Against Fur

Petitions: Against Puppy Mills

Petitions: Against Animal Testing

Petitions: Breed Discrimination / Pit Bulls

All Newest Animal Related Petitions

Sew up loophole to stop cat/dog trade entering EU
8 years ago

I recieved a newsletter from and was sent this link. Please visit this link and sign. The meeting of the EU countries meet on 7th May to discuss, so time is ticking by, please express your protest!

7 years ago
Animal Petitions - Pls Sign
5 years ago


I found a few animal petitions that I hadn't signed yet. I signed them and am listing them here so you can make sure you have too. 


Starving Dog Exploited by Artist at His Art Exhibition


Urge Moratorium on Everglades Development


Protect African Elephants' Food Sources


Animal Transport to Slaughterhouse


Over 100 Animals Killed by Children


New Animal Petitions (04/24/2009)
5 years ago