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lessons learned in one year in the life of.... November 10, 2006 3:38 PM

what i've learned about life in one year's time. 8:09 AM no matter what comes your way be prepared to have the worse but wish and hope for the best for everyone. many people will say they love you but without substance it is a vague saying. even users are people with feelings...some can't control themselves others can learn which iis which. no matter whether gay straight bi whatever people are always going to want to sex you up. be prepared for that and think that way cause there is at least one person that secretely desires your body, heart soul. it doesn't take money to be happy...but to be deopressed it often does. we all love and hate is when these are out of balance that we make our biggest mistakes...learn from them. music is universal and so is human feelings. be respectful but also be blunt when needed. feelings do need to be hurt at times in order to see the truth behind them. no matter what has happened in your past abuse rape silver spoon rich poor we all can get over our struggles...time is the great physician. religion politics are irrelevent. thus they cause the most contraversies ever. never argue with a drunk...on anything. doesn't matter how many one night stands you have they leave you wanting more or feeling empty. friends are there look around. take a deep breathe cause there is no one more sexier than you. remeber that and also to love who you are. be not afriad of anything including fear itself. homophobics are that way cause either society religion politics or family has past on their fears to them...they are people too. popularity is meaningless without true friends. remember your past but look forward to the future. sterotypes are panisonic rca ect. love those whom hurt you cause one day they'll learn what they did to you. either that or continue to spiral downwards. ask for what you want and do not loose your ground. give and be given too. enjoy the happy times when down. remeber your friends when feeling depressed or lonely. it will be their faces that help bring you up even if it is very little at least that is an step up not back. try to be there for friends but learn when too much is tooo much. drink eat live. always be prepared for people to turn on you but be ready to accept them back when they ask for forgiveness. ne there for your friends. do not critize their bad habits. you have two more than they do. be amazed at what you can accomplish and strive to aid everyone you can. be a friend and allow others to befriend you. listen with intent and understanding to your friend's problems. lean on me and i'll lean on you thus community is born. becareful what you write on-line people will always misunderstand you no matter what. apologise when nessisary but also do not when it is not time too. revenge is a boomerang that will cut off your head once tossed. read laugh get out and enjoy life celebrate on a daily, weekly, monthly bases. this will make you appreiacte your life more even for just a little time. take time to be a mentor. if asked to help and can't seek out other options love and hate are equal powerful feelings be fueled equally by both. just cause people down you don't allow their words into your soul. celebrate each birthday in your own way, cause it's your day. we learn live then get luv'! oh how true. joke often be serious often love even more karma is a b i t c h! even if you do something out of revenge it may not bee seen as such so thus your revenge is defeated. life's un-fair but so are you. hug often and kiss frequently your partners. tease your friends but also be ready to just be there for them. keep your friends close and enimies closer. in one second you can live an one life time you can not live. be strong as iron and weak as lead. i talk too about everthing including sex. these are just a few leasons learned as i look back upon the 27th year of my life. i look forward to the future now with new hopes and old ones as well. peace, love hate war is forever humanity, brianr.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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