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Aug. 15
7 years ago

Wow, I am a few days behind. God bless your nephew, Lynn! We need so many more like him. Yes, we have a lot of homelessness here as well. The food bank in this community is open three days a week and I often see people with children in a long line-up. There are people of all ages waiting for a bag of food.

I used to stop at a little grocery store often on my way to work. During the winter, especially, there were men sitting by the door or just around the corner of the store to be semi-out-of-sight. I didn't care if they were addicts (there was quite a drug problem around where I worked) or HIV/AIDS or any other thing, I always brought them a coffee, put it in their hands and tried to look right into their eyes. I usually said, "Here, this should warm you up; can I get you a sandwich?" I can't remember one single person who didn't say, "God bless you" after the coffee and sandwich was given. Isn't that strange? Angels in disguise, sometimes?

I will not say what culture the owners of the store were, but they came from a place where street-homelessness-hunger was rampant. The woman knew what I was doing and one day she said, "You know, in my country we don't feed them or encourage them." This is a country that believes in karma. I had to bite my tongue to not say/ask, "And what does that do for your karma?" 
It is believed that "these" people are hungry and living that way because of their karma, so they don't feed them to interfere with the karma.

I know I am tired, but I am dumbfounded at what I think I'm reading in the last article you posted, about making it a criminal offence to feed/give food to people.

"The “food safety” ordinance provides Commissioner Sarnoff a disguised means to get rid of homeless, not to help them. It is phony “humanitarianism” wielded as an immoral weapon."

Homeless people are going into dumpsters outside of restaurants, for Pete sake. Is that food safe? When you're starving, 'old' restaurant food can taste pretty good and stop the pain. I have a little nagging thought when I read that article... "Nazi Germany." 

I hope this never happens, Lynn. How sad humanity is now in so many places, let alone if it becomes an offence to give food to hungry people. 

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7 years ago

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff Proposes Jail for Feeding Homeless

June 2011 UPDATE: See 3 arrested for feeding the homeless in Orlando, Florida

By Meryl Williamson

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has created regulations around giving food to the homeless that few could meet and that would apply a fine and imprisonment to anyone trying to do so in the old fashioned way: “Here is a little something to tide you over. We wish you the best.” Try to be generous again, and the fine goes up and the jail sentence gets longer.

Commissioner Sarnoff is using “food safety” as a cover for criminalizing donating food to the homeless.

The ordinance must be put in context, for Commissioner Sarnoff is not alone in what he is doing to shut down rights around food. The City of Orlando recently won an appeal in federal court allowing it to criminalize feeding groups of 25 or more homeless people. The Miami ordinance goes further, banning all free food distribution without a government license.

“Food Safety,” in fact, is the chosen weapon in the next major corporate assault on this country, after Goldman Sach’s destruction of the economy, and its food speculation that drove up prices and the number of starving people.

This time the corporations and banks want control over all food. They have not finished making money off misery.

But to gain full control over food, it is necessary to break all normal interactions and our natural generous connections around it, and to come up with a phony reason that would “sound” caring but would allow only corporations to handle food.

Their reason: Food is scary! And Americans and American farmers are too dirty to share or sell it!

The joke is that those who are actually killing us with contaminated food have used the fear they generated from the deaths they caused, to sell the country their bugaboo of “Food Safety.”

The “food safety” concern for the homeless in Miami is false – they are not dying from bad food or even getting sick from food people are donating to them, and they certainly aren’t complaining about the food. So, why did this ordinance pop up, even as millions more Americans are in need thanks to Goldman Sachs?

An aide in Commissioner Sarnoff’s office told me that the increasing number of homeless in the area are bothering people.

The “food safety” ordinance provides Commissioner Sarnoff a disguised means to get rid of homeless, not to help them. It is phony “humanitarianism” wielded as an immoral weapon.

This disguised corporate assault on our rights to food is not just happening here. It is international. Dr. Vandana Shiva discusses international food laws in this brief excerpt from a 2006 speech:

Read full article:
7 years ago

god bless your nephew and the others like him

7 years ago

Hooray for your nephew Lynn! 

7 years ago

Hi, everybody.  This is such a heartbreaking topic. Not only is hunger and homelessness in third world countries, but it is in our own countries, also. I live in Miami and although there are many affluent areas in Miami, there is also homelessness. Men and women living in boxes under bridges, standing on corners begging for money for food or will work for food. It's terribly rampant in every state of our union.



My nephew is the Director of "The Homeless Trust" for the city of Miami. He works very hard and has been rewarded by getting grants from Washington to build homes for the homeless. He was considered for a job in Washington by the Obama committee for homeless because of his good record. He was recognized by former president Bill Clinton, who came and met with my nephew.



We need more people like my nephew and his co-workers who work tirelessly to help these people who are down and out. There is such povery here in this "rich" country of ours.



I'm sure there are areas in Canada, Australia, etc. with homeless people living in the streets. Can you tell us any stories like the one I just told?

Aug. 12
7 years ago

Good for you, Barbara. They need the warmth and recognition from others that they are precious human beings. Like 'they' say, many of us are only a 'paycheque' away from being where they are. One of the most poignant pictures is the one at the bottom of the man with his dog. That dog loves his human so much. Often people will stop to feed a stray dog something, but not a human.

At least there's a bit of good news that that U.N. is getting involved. It can't be fast enough.


7 years ago

You are so right Cheryl.  I try to smile at them.  I also spread the word about the Union Gospel Mission in Seattle for donations.  They do everything they can to help the homeless in the Seattle area.


This is just another atrocity that goes on due to what I think is caused by evil.


You think the elite rich would help.  They have so much money, but they won't.


We can pray that this ends.



7 years ago

Hi Antonio. It is very sad that child got to the brink of death, but to see him coming back to life is beautiful! The whole situation there is heartbreaking. Slowly countries are getting involved, but may be too late for so many.

7 years ago

That's too sad, Cheryl..

Somali infant recovers from brink of starvation
7 years ago

Aug 8, 2011


Sat, 6 Aug, 2011 - AP 1:00 | 2,568 views

Just days ago, a severely malnourished Somali infant seemed likely to join the growing death toll in Somalia's worst famine in decades, but now doctors say his health is improving.

He sells possessions to feed kids in Africa
7 years ago


January 14, 2011|BY DAVID WHITING

There are universal truths about humanity and the planet behind the smiling eyes of George Namkung.

They are lessons learned during a life that has seen civil war in China, his Korean grandparents joining their government-in-exile in Shanghai, discrimination in post-World War II Japan and more than a bit of Irish luck.

Namkung reveals his simplest and most accessible truth early in our conversation. He sweeps his hand past the marble floors, the spacious hallway and the English garden around his home in Newport Coast's Pelican Hill.

It's a gesture that says, "None of this matters."

Dismissing wealth might seem easy for a guy with an ocean view in one of Orange County's most exclusive communities. But study Namkung's face for a moment and you realize he doesn't just mean what he says. He feels it. Deeply.

At a certain point, things are only that — things.

That's why Namkung is downsizing. He's selling the house and retiring from Namkung Promotions Inc., the marketing business he spent most of his life building.

Aug. 4, 2011
7 years ago


US says Somalia famine has killed more than 29,000 children under age 5 in last 90 days
By Jason Straziuso, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press – 4 hours ago

NAIROBI, Kenya - The drought and famine in Somalia have killed more than 29,000 children under the age of 5, according to U.S. estimates, the first time such a precise death toll has been released related to the Horn of Africa crisis.

The United Nations has said previously that tens of thousands of people have died in the drought, the worst in Somalia in 60 years. The U.N. says 640,000 Somali children are acutely malnourished, a statistic that suggests the death toll of small children will rise.

Nancy Lindborg, an official with the U.S. government aid arm, told a congressional committee in Washington on Wednesday that the U.S. estimates that more than 29,000 children under the age of 5 have died in the last 90 days in southern Somalia. That number is based on nutrition and mortality surveys verified by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The U.N. on Wednesday declared three new regions in Somalia famine zones, bringing the total number to five. Out of a population of roughly 7.5 million, the U.N. says 3.2 million Somalis are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance.

Getting aid to Somalia has been made more difficult because al-Qaida-linked militants control much of the country's most desperate areas. Al-Shabab has denied that a famine is taking place, and won't give access to the World Food Program, the world's biggest provider of food aid.

Tens of thousands of refugees have fled south-central Somalia in hopes of finding food at camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and in Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been donated to fight the hunger crisis, but the U.N. says it needs hundreds of millions more.

How to help:

9 years ago

Awesome links, Jo. Thank you so much, my friend.



Stand Up for Orphans' Rights

Goal: 1,000 • Progress: 447
Sponsored by: SOS Children's Villages

Orphans make up one of the most forgotten and misunderstood populations of the world. Help SOS Children's Villages stand up for their rights and their futures. Combat negative media stereotypes of orphans as a damaged group. In reality, they are real children who have suffered but who can thrive again within a loving family and nurturing community.

Pledge to give orphans worldwide a better future - sign the pledge below and tell a friend.

9 years ago

candle-1.gif picture by myart1230
Click link below please..
                     Get the FACTS..
       National Allance to End Homelessness

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9 years ago

Click to give free food.... and more!




9 years ago


Adoptive mom with two gorgeous kids.


Another adoptive mom with two happy little ones.





Three giggling little girls - beautiful!


As you can see, these children look clean, fed and smiling. They look cared about and loved. But some of those smiles for the pictures are no doubt to attract a mom and dad into their lives. Thank God for this place.

9 years ago

 These are some of the beautiful children at the Luckyhill Orphanage in Ghana.

Luckyhill Children's Home Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to providing a home for orphaned and destitute children living in the nation of Ghana.
The foundation also provides excellent education by running a school that benefits the orphans and the poor children living in the area. 
Luckyhill has a vision of a brighter future for these forgotten children and hopes to make a difference today.




9 years ago

motherteresa    motherteresa

 “There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness; and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.”

-Mother Teresa

9 years ago

chubbybaby starvingbaby

“The poverty of our century is unlike that of any other.  It is not, as poverty was before, the result of natural scarcity, but of a set of priorities imposed upon the rest of the world by the rich.  Consequently, the modern poor are not pitied...but written off as trash.  The twentieth-century consumer economy has produced the first culture for which a beggar is a reminder of nothing.” 

~John Berger

homelessfamily  groceries


obeseboy junkfood



9 years ago

“Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

9 years ago

What's wrong with this picture?!



9 years ago

cleanwater cleanwater



dirtydrinkingwater          cleantapwater

9 years ago

  cleandrinkingwater   cleanwater






9 years ago

I don't have a statistical map for Canada, but I can tell you as a Canadian, the exact same problems - hunger, homelessness, and obesity - exist here!


9 years ago
9 years ago



obesekids          picniceaters

9 years ago

Thanks, Jo. Good work you're doing.

I saw some information and some pictures a little while ago that someone else had put out. It really touched my heart too. It's not just a third-world thing, which is devastating enough; there are homeless and hungry in our Countries too and little kids going to school hungry. The picture of the man with his dog above (the first picture) really affected me as well.

9 years ago

homeless.jpg picture by myart1230

Hello Cheryl..Thanks this thread really touched my heart..Getting ready to do our church food bank and keeping all that may be hungry in my heart..Jo

9 years ago


“Poverty is like punishment for a crime you didn't commit.”

~Eli Khamarov, Lives of the Cognoscenti



9 years ago

What's wrong with this picture?



"Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that."  ~Norman Vincent Peale

9 years ago

What's wrong with this picture?


groceries         steakeater

HOMELESSNESS, Hunger & FAMINE - Dare to Look, Love, and Do Something!
9 years ago
| Current

Many homeless persons say that people appear afraid to look at them, to acknowledge them as human beings. Some carry signs that say, "I know you can see me." If nothing else, you can afford a smile.  It may be the only warmth they receive all day. 


"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

-Albert Einstein



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