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~How To Do a Screenshot and Other Things~
7 years ago
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Screenshots are great fun to do and post, and it's great for a group, especially watching live web cams, to have several/numerous people who can do them.

This is Molly earlier this year who - with her mate McGee - had a family of six babes. They are hilarous to watch as they grow. (Molly is on one of the threads in this group and it looks as though she is going to start laying eggs shortly).


And this is Phoebe the Hummingbird who has raised five (two different nests or "clutches") and had a beautiful little orphan put in her nest who Phoebe treated as one of her own. (We think she may be ready to start another nest so we are watching!)


Congratulations to LYNN and MARY who have won blue ribbons for learning to do screenshots!

Lynn...> rib   Mary...> rib 

So give it a try if you'd like to do them. 

Here are the instructions: (there are various ways to do it but this is the way I go)...

1. While you are looking at the eagles or hummingbirds, etc. press the "PrtScn" (printscreen) button on the top right of your keyboard. Make sure your cursor isn't in the bird screen area.

2.  Go to "All Programs" and click on it

3. Go to "Accessories" and click on it

4. Go to "Paint" and click on it; a white empty screen will appear;

5. Press "Ctrl" button (on the bottom left side of keyboard) and the letter "V" at the same time. The picture will appear.  

6. There will be a orange box at the top of screen that says, "Select" - click on that ... then click on "Rectangular Selection"... then pick an area where you want to start the size of the picture you want and put your cursor down... start to draw the area, which will then appear as a 'box' as you move the cursor. When finished, go back up to the orange box and beside it you will see "crop"... press that and the picture you drew will be there while the rest will disappear.

6. Go to the top left of screen and you'll see a little purple box (that's "SAVE")... give it a name i.e. humjun25.

7. Go to Photobucket and upload your picture. If you aren't familiar with Photobucket, you can upload picture in our Care2 photo albums.

I know this all may sound complicated, but after you've done it a few times it will seem much easier and make sense. If you have any questions, just ask here, okay?

- OR -

Try these instructions from ""

You too can get a blue ribbon!

7 years ago

Cheryl, thank you so much for the blue ribbon! LOL

Your instructions are wonderful and I'd like to add a little tidbit of my own. Everyone's computers are different and it has to do with which type of Windows (or Apple) each one has. For people with Windows XP such as I have, the screenshot copy is a little different. I also use Internet Explorer8. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I found an easier way to copy and save a screen shot.

All of Cheryl's instructions are super, but when it comes to copying on my computer, once the selection (I have a white box with a square, not orange - I have put a black line there)

 is done, click on edit and towards the end of the line it should say "Copy to".  Click on that and then save it to your Pictures or your Documents. After that you can find it and save it to Photobucket or Picoodle. I find it's easier to save it in Picoodle. Here's the link to it: 

I hope this helps. Between Cheryl's instructions and mine, you'll be on your way to being a pro at getting screen shots. Good luck to all!

7 years ago
thanks for the blue ribbon and the help Cheryl and Lynn
7 years ago

Wow, Lynn. You are absolutely right about the different types of computers and some not being compatible with certain instructions. I'm really glad you could add the information you did as it may have been frustrating for people to try something that wasn't going to work. I hadn't heard about "Picoodle" either..... so that's a bonus. Always looking for new things.

You both are welcome about the blue ribbon... you both deserve it!

7 years ago

signed Lynn everything i try to paste and copy doesent seem to come out 

Thanks for signing, Mary.  How are you copying and pasting? Walk me through the process you go through and maybe I can figure out why it doesn't come out.

i highlight it press copy then paste it to the reply spot any help much appreciated  thanks Lynn

I moved this conversation to this "How To..." thread from the "Daily Action" thread - so we can find it easily again.


7 years ago

Mary, you said you highlight the area and then press copy. Are you pressing copy from the Edit icon on the top of the page? If you are, it won't work. Try this: After you highlight, right click on the highlighted area. You will see "copy" there so scroll down to copy and left click on it. Then go to where you want to paste it, right click in the area and you'll see "paste". Left click on paste and you'll have it. That's the way you should copy and paste everything. It should definately go through that way. Good luck!

7 years ago

Thanks Lynn I am off on hols today going to kerry i will be offline for two weeks i will misss my birdwatching friends and the birds i hope you are all still here when i get back 

Jan. 10/14
4 years ago

THREAD RE-ACTIVATED.... so learn and practice here if you like. If you have questions, just jot them down.

4 years ago

Cheryl for re-activating this thread, had a glance thru will come back when I have more time

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