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7 years ago
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Tell us if you think you dog is left or right pawed.
7 years ago

Today is August 13th and it has been designated as International Left-Handers Day.

I was interested in learning more about "handedness" in humans, so I visited the  Left-Handers Day website.  Here's what I learned.

It is believed that only about 13 percent of the world's population is left-handed. (They are often called "southpaws".)  Genetics are believed to be primarily responsible for this trait because left-handedness can definitely "run in the family".  In fact, a gene that researchers believe is responsible for left-handedness has now been isolated.

Here's another interesting fact - left-handed people are much more likely to be creative.  Most left-handers are visual thinkers who excel in creative fields like art and music.  They are also more likely to excel in ball sports and at tasks that involve three-dimensional thinking and hand-eye coordination.


Now that you know more about "handedness" in humans, here's an interesting question for you. Take our poll. Tell us if you think you dog is left or right pawed.

Can dogs be "left-pawed" or "right-pawed" too?

The answer is "YES"!

Animals have a preferred side, meaning your dog may be "right-pawed" or "left-pawed".  If he is a male, studies show that he is most likely "left-pawed".  If your dog is a female, she is most likely to be "right-pawed".

Studies have tried to determine common characteristics of dogs and cats based on "pawedness". A study at the University of New England determined that ambidextrous pets (with no bias for either the left or right paw) were at higher risk for behavior problems, separation anxiety and noise phobia (they are frightened by things like thunder and fireworks).

Discovery News reported a study on paw use that was done on 42 domestic cats (21 male and 21 female).  It found that in simpler tasks, a definite paw preference may not emerge, but in more complex tasks, a strong paw preference exists in cats based on sex. 

Most female dogs and cats prefer to use the right front paw while male dogs and cats prefer to use their left front paw. 

But in tests of pets that had been neutered, "pawedness" could not be determined by gender (the neutered animals showed no preference to one paw over the other).

Animal behaviorists at the University of Sydney (Australia) found that male dogs are more likely to be left-pawed than female dogs, but they found no predisposition to left-pawedness among different breeds. 

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7 years ago

The breeds they studied were boxers, pugs, whippets and greyhounds.  Their study also concluded that dogs with no distinct paw preference could never be trained to the same level as those with a specific paw preference.  Also, left-pawed dogs are much favored as police dogs and guide dogs - but left-pawed dogs have a greater risk for some diseases.

Here are some tests you can do to see if your dog is left-pawed or right-pawed.  You must do each test many times watching for a "repeat" pattern.  Clinical trials perform each test about 100 times, but a sample of 10 to 20 tests should provide a fair indication.

• When you teach your dog to "shake", notice which paw your dog offers most often.

• Give your dog a puzzle treat toy, like a Kong or the Squirrel Dude, filled with a soft treat.  Place it directly in the center of your dog's line of vision (not off to the left or right side) and see which paw your dog first touches the toy with and which paw he uses most often to hold the treat toy. 

• Put a small piece of tape on your dog's snout and see which paw he uses to remove it.

• Place a treat or a toy under the sofa just out of your dog's reach and see which paw he uses to try to grab for it.
Here is a fun video that shows Paw Preference Testing on Dogs.

 paw dog

I hope you enjoyed this!

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  In addition to testing for "pawedness", you can also test your dog's IQ.  To learn more, go to:  5 Tests to Tell Your Dog's IQ

Are Pets Comforted By Our Scent?
7 years ago

Is your dog's bed comfortable?  Or have repeated washings turned the cushioning into a lumpy mess?

Your dog can't tell you when his bed is uncomfortable. But just like you, your dog needs a soft, comfy place to rest, a great bed is important.

When your mattress gets lumps and bumps, or if it sinks and sags, you can really feel it.  You may wake up with a sore back or simply not be able to sleep.  Well, an uncomfortable bed is just as annoying to your dog.

Finding the right bed can make your dog happier and more comfortable - and it can make your life a whole lot easier, too.  (Wouldn't it be nice if your dog actually slept in HIS bed instead of yours?)

You don't want to spend money on a bed that isn't going to last.  Once the bed becomes badly soiled or the stuffing loses its shape, you'll simply have to throw the bed away and buy another one.  That gets old really fast.

Then there's the problem of cleaning your dog's bed.  A bed with a removable cover is best.  That way, you don't have to worry about the bed "breaking down" in the wash.  (Most dog beds won't even fit in the washing machine.)  But eventually the "stuffing" needs to be cleaned too - and at this point many dog owners simply throw the bed away and buy another one.  Another problem with pet beds is that many "washable" fabrics simply don't hold up to repeated washings - so the bed falls apart before you know it.

Most dog beds cannot be properly cleaned.  But dog beds get dirty and those odor sprays and spot cleanings only go so far. 

Every dog needs a comfy place to sleep that's all his own.  You need to buy dog beds - but wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to buy them so often?

Finding the right dog bed (and maintaining it) can be a real problem.  That's why I was so excited to find these new Molly Mutt duvet covers.

There's never been a dog bed like this one.  The duvet cover is made from durable 100% preshrunk cotton and there are 6 fun designer styles to choose from, in 3 sizes.  You can stuff the bed with anything you like.  You can use the duvet to re-cover your dog's old bed, or fill it with things you've got around the house... pillows, blankets or old clothes.

I really like the idea of stuffing the bed with your old clothes because they have your scent on them - and your dog finds your scent comforting.  If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, having your scent on his bed will provide a lot of comfort.  It's a great way for your dog to keep you close - even when you can't be there. What a comforting way to relax and go to sleep!

These duvet covers can really make your life easier.  When your dog's bed gets dirty, you just zip off the dirty cover and throw it in the wash.  (And if you don't want to wait for the laundry, just keep a second duvet cover on hand so you can switch back and forth between washings.)

Molly Mutt duvet covers are really easy to clean - inside and out.  When the "stuffing" inside needs laundered, just unzip the duvet and toss the contents in the washing machine.  It's that easy.  With these duvets, the bed's stuffing will never break down or lose its shape - and your dog's bed will always be clean, inside and out!

Molly Mutt

This bed is a really great idea.  It can save you so much time, aggravation and money - and because the bed will smell like you, your dog will enjoy it more than any other bed you've ever owned. 

I really love these Molly Mutt duvets and I think you will, too.  Give them a try... I bet you'll never go back to a "regular" dog bed again!

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  You can pick up these duvet covers at  They come in 6 fun fabrics and you can choose from 3 different bed sizes.  Quantities are limited so shop now while the selection is good. Go to:  

Good things come in small packages
7 years ago

Small dogs may be little, but they often have personalities that are larger than life!  It's funny to watch them because despite their size they may jump, bark and attempt to protect you like a large guard dog.

Even though they're small, their hearts are big and they're always happy to give us unconditional love.  Good things (including dogs) do come in small packages...just like this little one who's so small, he can actually FIT in a package!

small breed

Have a laugh and take a look at more of these tiny treasures in our Small Dogs Photo Gallery.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S - Want to learn more about small dogs? - Go to: Small Dog Breeds


Pet Safety in the Kitchen
7 years ago

Did you know that there are many dog "dangers" lurking in your kitchen?

Cooking dangers include more than just a burnt dinner. Learn about pet safety in the kitchen with this short video. It could save your dog from having a BIG problem.

Kitchen dangers

On a lighter note, if you're sick of high gas prices, how about a new kind of dog carpool? This dog may have the answer. Too cute!



Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. Here is a full list of toxic foods. This is something all dog owners should know to help keep their dogs safe. Go to: Dangerous Foods


7 years ago

Hi Lynn thank you for all of this great pet info.


This is the only email I got today.  I know there must be more.  So Not getting all of the email from Care2.


We need to be very careful with pet birds also.  So many dangerous foods, toxic household products and cookware is toxic to birds.  Plastic coated cookware releases an oderless toxic gas when over heated that kills pet birds within minutes.  Glade air fresheners are killers, too.


I need to get back to work now.


Love all of you!



Aug. 15
7 years ago

aaHI lynn and Barb!  Lynn, this is awesome information, and Barb - about birds, so true!

aaAh, I missed left-handed day! My Mom was a lefty, My uncle was a lefty, I'm a lefty, and my son is a lefty - and our Jack Russell was a lefty! I got interested in that many years ago when I first heard about it, and I can't stop "diagnosing" dogs and cats whenever I see them to see if they're lefties or righties! It's fun. But I didn't know all that other info., Lynn. Fascinating!

Videos are so good, too. I had quite a few chihuahuas in the past and it's so true that they act like big dogs. With some of them there was so fear about chasing something bigger than they were. Very funny, but you never know what the other animals will do so it's good to hold them back.  

Boy, Lynn, that's a lot of super information. Thank you so much for posting it.

And Barb, - that's scary! My little guy never goes to the kitchen, but so many people would not know that.

We have been living with so many poisons that are shown on TV as the best thing you could have in your home - like Glade and other toxic things like many candles. I have been allergic to perfumed things for a very long time and even had to transfer to another office once because a young woman said she got beautiful perfumes for Christmas and her birthdays and she was going to wear them. This was after I asked her to not wear them because it stuffed up my nose and gave me a headache, and I even had to get an inhaler! Really selfish! We didn't have the information then that we now have. Most offices, especially doctors' offices, libraries, etc. have signs up asking people to not wear perfume or cologne as so many people are sensitive to it. Thank God they finally did that.  

I will see what I can find to contribute to this great thead!


7 years ago

Serenity Park Bird Sanctuary



Text and photos by Mira Tweti

Serenity ParkVietnam veteran Stanley Smith feeds a piece of fruit to one of the three Amazon parrots housed at Serenity Park Sanctuary in Los Angeles.

MATT SIMMONS is not your typical parrot lover. The Navy veteran and ex-con didn’t think he even liked birds until he met Joey, a friendly 22-year-old Amazon.

"I thought it would be like going to work at a chicken farm - just squawking and pooping," said the 34-year-old. "I thought, 'I want nothing to do with this.' Then Joey climbed off a branch and on to my shoulder and didn't bite me."

Simmons and Joey the parrot are part of a unique experiment in occupational therapy, one that appears to be working.

Simmons is a resident at New Directions, a drug and alcohol treatment program for homeless veterans located at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Brentwood, Calif. Joey is one of 16 homeless parrots housed at Serenity Park Sanctuary, a new, one-of-a-kind avian sanctuary and compensated work therapy program on VA grounds. Simmons and a handful of other veteran servicemen and women enrolled in New Directions care for the parrots as a part of their treatment.

The idea for Serenity Park was hatched by psychologist Loren Lindner, an adjunct professor at Santa Monica College who served as clinical director of New Directions until recently.


Click Here to read the full article


I just love this article and the idea of the parrots helping the veterans.


Love and big hugs.



Summer vacations - how do you care for your pets while you are gone?
7 years ago

Summer vacations are in full swing, which brings up the question: how do you care for your pets while you are gone?  Some people fell most comfortable boarding their pets - and others find pet sitters.

There are 10 things we believe you should know before you board your dog. This article is a must read.

Go to:  10 Things You Should Do Before You Board Your Dog!    

Another more general question is - SHOULD you board your dog? If dogs had a choice between being boarded or being cared for by a pet sitter, which option would they choose?

I'll tell you - it is a pet sitter.

How do you find a good sitter? Let us tell you. Go to:  Getting A Pet Sitter For Your Dog   

Have a safe and fun vacation. And please DON'T leave your dog home alone for more than 24 hours without planning for someone to feed and monitor or check on your dog.

If your dog has a medical emergency and no one is there to care for him it could be fatal. You certainly don't want to come home to that!

Do you worry when your dog is at the kennel or boarding? Take our poll.


Until next time

Dr. Jon


P.S. Here is a good list for pet sitters - it is a must have. Fill it out and keep it handy.  



7 years ago

Barb - what an awesome sanctuary, but most of all, what a terrific program. The trauma of war is so difficult to penetrate because one's brain is busy holding everything in and not talking about it. Animals love so unconditionally and don't ask for anything but caring acceptance. I can't think of anything more healing than an animal or bird that wants to be with you, makes you laugh, and allows you to reach out to love again.

I think of the Birdman of Alcatraz at the moment. Many other prisoners benefitted by having one of his birds to care for.


Thanks, Barb. Really nice to see.

And Lynn, that's great information for any animal owner and I can't help but see the same requirements if you were looking for a caregiver for your child. There are some horror stories about daycare and personal caregivers and I imagine there are some about animals caregivers as well. I could not take my pet to a 'stranger' and a strange place. We always had a great girl who used to babysit our son come in to babysit our dog.  Our Border Collie suffered when we went away for Christmas for about four days. She would bite things and rip and chew on things she normally wouldn't have... I just hated going away.

We were very fortunate to have this girl come in because she stayed and played with our "Lady" as well as letting her out in the backyard to play and feeding her. Good information in there for any pet owner.    

Thanks, Lynn. Good post.


Pets are a great way to help us relax
7 years ago

Pets are a great way to help us relax.  Here are some good articles:
Pets Can Help Keep You Alive 

Dogs - A Calming Influence on Blood Pressure?  

Animals can really make people feel good - read this story.  Dogs Bring Cheer to the Sick and Elderly 

How Dogs Can Help Us Deal With Stress  

What Pets Can Do For You  

Whatever you decide to do today, I hope you have a great, relaxing day! 

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  Music is another great way to relax.  Have you ever wondered if music can relax pets the same way it can relax people? Find out - go to:  Music Soothes the Savage Beast 

P.P.S.  Even fish can make people feel better. Find out how. Go to: Does an Aquarium Decrease Stress?


7 years ago

You are most welcome Cheryl


Lynn and Cheryl I don't go anywhere because I don't want to leave my precious birds with anyone I don't know or doesn't know much about them.  So I don't go.

I am happy resting at home.


Good info Lynn.  I have read about a lady that had cancer and the only reason she kept on going was because of her pet cockatoo.  This lady finally got well too.  Her beloved cockatoo gave her a reason to live!


I use to struggle with depression all my life but it got allot better after I got my pet cockatiels Baby who is 14 and Beenie who is 7.  I am a changed person because of them and because of supplements.  I need to take them because I was around toxic chemicals too much, and toxins deplete your brain and body.


I will write about what chemical toxins do to our bodies in the Live Green thread.



7 years ago

Great articles, Lynn. The CD sounds great! I am a believer in 'sounds' and what they can do - either positively or negatively - on one's body and mind. For instance, the sounds of traffic all day long through a window while you're sitting in an office that has noises of its own, is very depleting. Gentle wind chimes and such give us a vibrational 'massage' of the mind, which then relaxes the body. This is why Tibetan and other monks, and many of those who meditate, say a mantra like "OMmmmm.." You can feel it right away in your upper chest and throat, and if you close your eyes and try to say Ooommmmm... as long as you can in one breath in the lowest tone of voice you can. (Are you trying it now?)   So I would love to hear that CD.

Barb, I have suffered from depression too, for many years. It's a constant "watch out for..." in my life and I have to do - read positive, uplifting things as much as possible. You have what's called "Therapy Animals" in your birds. I worked in Child & Youth Mental Health for many years (no, I didn't catch depression from anyone there ) and often a dog was recommended, more than a cat, because one has to accept responsibilities like taking the dog outside to do his business and go for walks, and that makes the owner feel better. The Adult Mental Health often felt a patient should get an animal as well. But of course they didn't even suggest that if the patient had any bad behaviour tendencies. So off many patients went to get their "therapy dogs" and voila... many felt much better!

aaYou and I have "therapy birds" who keep us entertained, etc. As I mentioned, I think, my fella is going on 22 years, although his exact birth date isn't known. He can be a real cranky old senior at times, which makes me laugh, and he takes senior naps in the afternoon. They all have their own personalities, don't they.  I didn't mean to go on like this... sometimes when you start 'talking' you just can't stop.

Thanks you guys for awesome information and fun!



7 years ago

Birds and animals really help us don't they ?they give us unconditional love

7 years ago

What would we do without them, Mary? I think God had that purpose in mind when He gave them to us to care for. Now we have to fight for their wellbeing, and that's okay as long as we stick together and win over all those cruel people out there making big bucks off the backs of animals. BUT TOGETHER WE SHALL OVERCOME!! 

7 years ago

They sure do Mary.  Yes Cheryl God made animals especially innocent and loving to help us not only feel better, but God wants us to learn how to be more loving by watching animals.


  Learn how to be angels like dogs that give unconditional love plus all other animals that give unconditional love.


Take care of baby seals.


Love even bats because they cannot help what they look like.



Love our fishes.


  Save our innocent animals from crue science and fur trade.


Help save our monarch butterflies and other butterflies.


  Save out little froggies.



   Kitties give unconditional love and we help save them from cruelty.



  We help save our chickies from cruel factory farms.


  We must become angels like our beautiful doves, pigeons and other birds.


  In helping animals we become better people.


     And animals help us so  much more in return.



7 years ago

What a lovely post, Barb. Thank you for's so sweet! Big hugs

7 years ago

yes indeed Lynn its a wonderful post ,well done Barbara!

Make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh, clean water every day.
7 years ago

Many pet owners are very careful about selecting the best food for their pets, but it is also important to make sure your dog gets plenty of fresh, clean water every day.

Studies have consistently shown that getting your dog to drink more water is one of the easiest ways to keep your dog healthy. However, many animals do not drink enough water to maintain their body's needs.

There are many reasons why dogs might not drink enough water. Stagnant water in your dog's bowl can quickly collect bacteria and debris. If water does not taste fresh and clean, many dogs will refuse to drink it, or drink less than they would if given fresher water.

Have you ever wondered why some dogs seem to love taking a drink from the toilet? Chances are, the water in the toilet is cooler and fresher than the water in their bowl, and it might taste better.

If reduced water intake continues over time, it can result in health problems such as dehydration and/or urinary tract infections. Additionally, recent studies have shown trace amounts of medications remain in tap water after filtration. Although the effects of these chemicals on animals are still unknown, they are being closely monitored for future studies.

You can easily encourage your dogs to drink more water by presenting them with constantly flowing water in a pet fountain such as the Drinkwell 360 . This is a great fountain for small dogs because it gives your pet several  5-inch streams of falling water to drink from at any angle, as well as a reservoir. The constantly circulating water ensures that fresh, aerated water is always available for your dog. A built-in charcoal filter further cleanses the water before drinking.

7 years ago

I'm so sorry, Barb, that I missed your awesome post the other day. The is beautifully and thoughtfully set out. Well done! And so true! I feel your affection for all living things.

Good point, Lynn - sometimes people forget to give clean water every day to their pets because their water bowl still looks fairly full. That may be a sign that the water is yukky and the dog prefers the nice cool water in the toilet. That sounds yukky but may be more tasty if clean water isn't provided.


Birds,Birds, Birds....
7 years ago

Hi, Glad to see Birds addressed here. I'm a Pet Sitter, 'Your Nanan' (Nanan is French for Godmother) who has had a special intuition with wild & domestic animals most of my life.
Recently, a client& friend adopted a rescued Goffin Cockatoo. It had plucked a lot of it's feathes off; but they are growing in quickly due to the instant bond the two formed.In fact, the bird starting swinging in a circle around his cage pole & saying Wheeee.............
However, my friend had to leave for a few hours & came back to discover a bird near the meltdown stage. Separation anxiety was apparent.

I was wondering if anyone has tried putting a tee shirt, that they exercised in with their strong scent, inside the cage when leaving & than assuring the bird you were coming back soon.

I insist on this one article when getting a new dog pet child to sit for. Has anyone tried this & if so, was it successful.

"When only the Best will Do,
Ask that Child's Godmother to
Care for your Special Child."

Your Nanan,

7 years ago

Susette! I laughed when you said about the Cockatoo swinging in a circle and saying Wheee.....

But it is serious by what you say this poor bird has gone through. Plucking their own feathers out is a serious problem, just as the pacing of caged elephants, lions, etc. Sometimes people don't realize that their pet birds need a lot more than just to sit in a cage.

That's a wonderful idea, Susette, about putting a tee-shirt or other personally scented item in with the bird. I have heard to do this with dogs and cats, but I never thought of doing this with a bird. Wonderful idea!

I hope you'll visit us more, Susette, and look in on the baby birds we have on live camera - the three owlets, and the Sea Eaglet just a few days old. You sound like an experienced "bird person" and your comments and ideas are certainly welcome.


7 years ago

HI Susette nice to meet you!  I love birds!  Poor cockatoo really missed you and maybe wasn't sure if you were coming back.  Please let us know if the scented shirt worked.


Hi Cheryl birds are highly emotional and complicated.  They are very high maintenance.  They are like caring for a 2 year old.   I sure you must know this already.

7 years ago

They sure are, Barb. Our little guy, as I mentioned, is going on about 22 years of age and he can get quite cranky and very possessive over his cage. If we touch his toys he gets really upset... but I think half of it is that he's having fun when we make him play and tug at them. lol But even though he gets cranky, he still needs that bonding time when we talk to him and have him out. He doesn't like to stay out too long; he feels better when he's back with his "buddy" which is a little mirror that hangs in his cage. He puts his head on it and rolls it around on his head while he talks sweet things to it quietly. He really is "in love" with it.

I love Susette's idea about the tee-shirt. Stands to reason, doesn't it.



7 years ago

Hi, Suzette!  I wasn't on line yesterday due to telephone problems so I didn't get a chance to meet you and say hello....which I'm doing right now!


My dog Mandy can't stand when I leave her behind, even to go for the mail. She cries when I go to the door and as I walk to the mailbox which is not within her view, I can hear her barking all the while I'm gone. Soooo, I bought a doggie stroller and now I take her with me when I walk. She loves it!!  When I do leave for the day, I leave an article of my clothing on my bed where she lays when I'm gone. I guess it calms her because my neighbor tells me that Mandy stops barking at the window and quiets down as soon as she sees the car leave.


Now birds are adorable. My daughter-in-law's sister and mother (they live together) have a wild parrot that my d-i-l found many years ago. Kiki is bi-lingual. She speaks English and Spanish. The first time I "met" her, she was standing on top of her cage and my d-i-l's mother, who Kiki adores was standing next to the cage as I approached. When I got too near Magdalena to meet Kiki, Kiki leaned down and nipped me in the face. Just missed my eye. I was so surprised that I started to laugh. She was jealous!!  She's my friend now, after all these years but sometimes I'm still a little wary. lol She's beautiful and speaks so clearly, it's amazing.

7 years ago

Wow Cheryl your little guy sounds so cute and you have had him so long!  That is so awesome.  What a joy he must be.  What is his name?  Sorry I forgot. 


I have to bond with my birds all day long, but I need it just as much as they do.  We are almost always together.  They sit on my lap when I am at the computer on a flannel sheet on my lap.  I pet Baby when he is on my lap.  Beenie wants to be petted when he is on my right shoulder, preferably when I am laying on the bed with my shoulders propped up.  I put a small amount of aloe vera gel on his rash that is next to his beak on the right side and left sometimes.  It is getting much better with the aloe vera gel.  He  never had a rash until we moved in to Mom's basement.


The birds don't like it when I leave the room.  They never do and start calling for me loudly!


Lynn Kiki sounds very adorable and smart!  Birds are nippers.  I get nipped allot lol!  They only do it when they are trying to tell me something.  There is always a reason.  I say to myself and Baby and Beenie, "What did I forget?" "What is it?"  "What do you need?"

7 years ago

Thanks for all the kind Welcomes! Mr. Bobby the Goffin Cockatoo is doing well. The Rescue group said too much time out of the cage or with the cage door open can lead to an insecure bird. Mr. Bobby's owner than started limiting the out in the open time & Bobby immediately responded. She can now leave to run errands or go to a meeting without Bobby having a meltdown. Funny how a cage has become a security blanket to domesticated wild birds,

go figure......   Best to All, Susette

7 years ago

Hi Susette thanks for getting back to me on this subject.  This is great to know.


I put a blanket on the back of the cage to keep it warm because it's against the wall.  It's an off white blanket so it will not make the cage dark like a nesting box and cause nesting behavior.  This blanket helps them feel more secure too.  Then at night I cover them with a blanket.  It's navy blue, but that is for sleeping.



7 years ago

Hi Lynn, Barb, Susette and I know Mary is somewhere there too.

Lynn, Mandy's doggy stoller sounds so cute! It reminds me of the dog in the swing on the home page... just wants to be with his/her people and do whatever they are doing. It's so hard to leave them when you have to go out, knowing they are stressed and you can't tell them where you're going and when you'll be back.

Barb, it's wonderful that Baby and Beenie are so close to you. I inherited my little guy from my Dad almost 22 years ago. He did so much with my Dad and learned to talk and was out a lot of the day. He used to fly over to me and sit on my head when I visited, and he'd do that when we brought him home after I lost my Dad. He did sit with me sometimes when I was typing but he loved to peck and pull at the keys so I was always whisking him off to the side. Then he'd come back again and crawl all over me.

But he hasn't done that for some time. Hasn't been able to fly for years because of a cataract, which has almost covered one eye now. So if he tries to fly he ends up bashing into a wall or doing the 'helicopter'... up in the air and a crash landing.  His name is.... Tweety! My Dad couldn't think of a name for him when he took him home and then he tweeted... thus the name. Here he is... checking out the camera.

ss   That's his good eye, with the little blink.

Susette, what a great discovery for Mr. Bobby! I am so glad to hear that Mr. Bobby is 'healing'. Do you know what kind of life he had before that made him so stressed?  Some just take immediate attachment to their cage and like my fellow, are very possessive over it. My Dad used to put a cover over him and that always quieted him down for the night. But we got a bigger cage and the cover didn't fit anymore, so I just talk to him quietly when he goes to bed, (he has a bedroom strictly for night-time) and tell him I love him and he's a good boy, and then he's fine. If I leave the room suddenly he'll scream. There gets to be a nightly ritual... Barb, you must find that happens.  

7 years ago

Aw Cheryl, Tweety is so sweety!!   He's beautiful. What can he say? 


I have a friend who people in the neighborhood call "The Bird Lady". She rescues birds, ill and healthy. Her home is full of cages and her favorite bird is the toucan. She's got one and she's got all kinds of exotic birds. She even had an emu in her back yard at one time. The emu used to greet her by spreading his wings (they are very big birds) and embracing her in a hug. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen.


Birds are smarter than people think they are. I don't know where the expression "bird brain" came from but it sure doesn't convey how smart a bird really is.

How many of you kiss your dog to make up?
7 years ago

Today is "Kiss and Make Up" Day. I think that's a great idea - for people, and pets!

How many of you kiss your dog to make up? Take our poll

Pets give us so much pleasure.  But like anyone else that we love, that doesn't mean we don't get angry sometimes.

How often do you get angry with your pet? Take our poll.

One thing that can help you control your temper with your dog is to understand what he is saying to you. For example - understanding his body language can be important. Here are some tips. Go to:  What Is Your Dog Saying?

Here is another good question. If we feel angry, sad or depressed - can our dogs tell? Here is the answer.  Can Dogs Sense Our Emotions?

I hope these articles help you to better understand your dog. I'll be very interested in reading your poll results.


Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. How many of you have had fights at home because of the dog? I was talking to someone last week that said she and her husband are always fighting about the dog's weight (because the husband gives the dog too many treats). Do you ever fight with your spouse about the dog? Go to: Do You Fight About The Dog?

7 years ago

Glad you like my Tweety Sweety! We never believed he'd outlive my wonderful Dad by 22 years!

That woman with the birds and emu sounds awesome, Lynn. It's amazing how many people there are who MAKE a sanctuary out of their home. Hopefully most of them have the right facilities to take care of the many animals they take in.

I watch the show "Hoarding" often, and there are many hoarders who have dozens of animals in their home - usually cats, little dogs and birds. When the people come to help clean out the home they find dead cats and rats and mice everywhere; and many of the living animals are sick, malnourished and injured. Sometimes when an animal goes missing and dies, it isn't found in the mountains of 'stuff' in the home. There are many reasons for hoarding to the extent these people do (addiction, chemical imbalance, mental illness, loneliness, etc.) but God help the animals. Some have good intentions to "save" animals but don't realize they really aren't helping them.

So it's beautiful to see those who do have the space and ability to feed all the animals they care for. That would be my dream!

That is AWESOME information, Lynn. Maybe we should print it all out. The Dog body language is so interesting and it sure is important to learn (as they learn our body language). ALL the information is really interesting. I don't have a dog at this time in my life (hopefully that will change in the near future) so I didn't do the polls.

KISS AND MAKE UP DAY: AS  ...great idea! Should be every day, though! *heartsmile*


What you should know about ticks
7 years ago

I wanted to share a short video with you - what you should know about ticks. Maybe more than you wanted to know.

Learn about Ticks and Your Dog:

Why Dogs Can't Eat Chocolate.
7 years ago

The worst chocolate can do to you is add an inch to your hips. But that same chocolate, even in relatively small amounts - can make a dog very sick.

There are different types of chocolate from milk, dark and white chocolate to baking chocolate. Each has a different level of toxicity. Find out which is worst - go to: Why Dogs Can't Eat Chocolate.

Here are some tips on how to avoid chocolate toxicity. Go to: Chocolate Toxicity

To be safe, please don't feed your dog chocolate. Stick with typical dog treats.

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S. Poisoning is common in dogs because many owners are simply uninformed. Find out some key facts. Read this article to learn what you should know. Go to: Dog Poisonings


7 years ago

Hi Lynn birds cannot eat chocolate either or avacodo, onions and more!



I love chocolate but it can make me break out in herpes easier and can make my stomach hurt.  Darn! Lol. 

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