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5 years ago

berries in the snow: i wish you joy!

Hello friends

I hope you are all enjoying the festivities.....

I had a lovely family day yesterday , we spent the day with our son John and his family , it was lovely to be with the littleones as they unwrapped thier gifts and to share a wonderful family meal.

Today we are just relaxing and enjoying a peaceful day

Love to all



5 years ago

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Happy Boxing Day to those of you that celebrate, professional and amateur, from featherweight to heavyweight, and fans.................     



5 years ago

Thanks Cheryl!  Yes it seems like life is settling down for me which is good!  It has been so stressful. 


We also went over to my ex-sister-in-law's yesterday and saw all of my brother's children and their children. 


It was fun and they had delicious food!  I ate too much!  I get pretty uncomfortable and full of gas lol.  I will make up for it and let me stomch rest the rest of the week.


Cheryl I hope your Christmas went well.  What did you do?


Lynn and Mary how did your Christmas's go?


Love and big hugs



5 years ago

Oh boy, Barb, I am delighted to hear you sound so happy! It sounds like you and your sister have had some good fun and good food, and it's great to hear that you were able to get some decorations up! I AM SO VERY HAPPY TO HEAR YOU SOUNDING HAPPY and somewhat settled. And you went off for dinner today and I'm sure you had a good time. I think life is starting to settle down for you.

I hope everyone else also had a good Christmas. Merry Christmas, everyone.


5 years ago

I just got done decorating bedroom and living room with my Christmas decorations!  The birds remember them from past years of me putting up decorations.  They will love it!  I got out the Christmas Merry-Go-Round music box for them a week ago and Penguin snow globe that plays music!  They love it!  Birds have good memories! 


I love all of you! 

5 years ago

I want to tell you my dear sisters that I went out with my sister on Thursday night driving around looking at the Christmas lights on houses and we went to Starbucks for bagels, cream cheese, cookie, coffee and cocoa.  We did this after cleaning the house.


Yesterday she took me to lunch at the Mall at Nordstorms!  We looked at Santa, decorations, expensieve shoes and handbags.  We walked around the mall a little after eating too much!  Lol.  The shoes were so crazy looking!  It was fun.


Today we walked to Burien and got some Christmas bakery treats at a specialty bakery and chocolatier.  Went to the store and got food for dinner.  We ate at my place.


Tomorrow we are going to nieces and nephews Mom's for dinner.


Merry Christmas everyone!


Love and big hugs.



5 years ago

To Cherly, Lynn, Mary, Les, Kay, Ariel and anyone else.

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Love and big hugs. Barb, Baby and Beenie

5 years ago


You said it all so beautifully, Kay. Thank you so much for your beautiful post, and I hope you are having some special things happen on your special day today!

We just went out for a Starbuck's coffee and it's a madhouse out there. The Pricemart shopping parking lot is super packed with so many trying to find a spot. I am so happy I don't have to go in there! The line-ups must be dreadful inside -- but hopefully people have the Christmas spirit and find time to chat with one another while they're waiting in line. The stores are staying open until about 9-10 tonight.

It feels good to be here, as you said, Kay, with all preparations having been done or ready to go. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be comfortable and warm with a great meal planned tomorrow and some presents under the tree (plus the wonderful, peaceful Christmas tree lights).
ss dd

 Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Holidays - whatever each of you are celebrating and enjoying, my friends. I just heard that Santa is presently in South Africa!

aa I want it to snow!!!

5 years ago

On my way out, but just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday. May the new year bring all good things to all of us!

Kay, your last post was so beautiful and full of wonderful thoughts. I also want to wish you the happiest birthday ever!

5 years ago


Good Morning dear friends ....

Here we are its Christmas Eve at last ....all the rushing around will cease soon , the shops will close this afternoon and everyone will settle down, anything forgotton now will have to stay that way ..LOL .
 For me this is when the magic begins, everyone starts to relax and start smiling , to get into the spirit of Christmas,
The gifts are wrapped , the baking is done , the dinner menu bought and planned for , for some family & friends are on thier way, children are all excited and waiting for Santa.....
Yes ....this is Christmas....
I wish you all a safe and peaceful Christmas filled with love & happiness.
Thank you for being the special friends that you are.
Thanks also for the lovely birthday wishes!
5 years ago

Happy Birthday Kay i hope you have time to relax and enjoy your special dayorkut scrap

Happy Birthday Glitter Scraps

5 years ago

Dear Kay - I hope your special day is a fun-filled happy one!

5 years ago

Hi everyone! I know you're all out there like little squirrels running to and fro as we count down to Sunday. On the other hand, there are those of us who refuse to go into those stores with utter maniacal people pushing one another to get ahead of the next person.

Still, on another hand, (that makes three hands) there are lots of cheerful, happy, generous santa-like people out there who are a pleasure to come across.   

Mary, what a lovely cheerful Christmas picture! You sound very busy and an unexpected call to work could be a shock to one's system when not prepared so close to Christmas. lol I am sure you'll get everything done that needs to be done for a very happy Christmas.

Lynn, I bet you're packing and getting ready to leave for your pj party tomorrow. I know you'll have a wonderful time and you sure deserve it!

Barb, I hope everything is going okay in your new place and you've had a chance to get a little dancing in for relaxation. What plans have you got for Christmas? I hope the house cleaning is all over with and you'll be able to relax now.

Les, I am happy that you're enjoying some pleasant, relaxing time and I know you're not "out there" with the traffic and headaches that so many are experiencing. When I watch the morning news I feel so sorry for those who have been in accidents. We had a terrible tragedy this morning (or maybe it was last night) when a mother driving with her daughters, ages 4 and 6, went over the center line and struck a semi-truck. I pray she wasn't reaching for a cell phone or something. What a terrible thing to happen any time let alone at Christmas.

Kay, you get to celebrate a birthday (the 24th) along with Christmas - wow! What was that like growing up? I had one friend who didn't like it because her presents were combined, and another friend who loved it because both her birthday and Christmas were like having two parties that lasted longer.

Arial and Ana, if you are looking in, I am sending good thoughts your way and hope your Christmas, Hanukkah, or Holidays are filled with happy days.

dd xx


5 years ago

Miscellaneous Christmas Comments

Magickal GraphicsHi Cheryl how are you today?its so busy here i have to go to work today i wasent expecting to i had cooking plans oh well it will all get done lol.Lynn i am so pleased that Alicia is doing so well ,i'm sure she will make a great recovery .she is so strong  Barb i hope all your holiday plans are going well Kay what a lovely post ,Les how are you?
5 years ago

Hi all my beautiful sisters and brothers. Lynn, I can't start a new thread yet -- there's too much good stuff on this one! That's the problem with having to start new threads. 

Mary, I'm so happy you took some time to pop in and see us. We're not having snow for Christmas so it looks like you and I are having about the same weather. Really cold, in mornings especially, and now I see there's more rain on the way right through Christmas. But there's the Christmas tree lights to keep me cheerful!

Kay, thanks from me too for that beautiful poem. That is directly from someone's heart right to ours. I see YOU HAVE A BIRTHDAY IN TWO DAYS (the 24th) and I have a little note on my computer saying so! Boy, your Mom really wanted to be at the family dinner for Christmas! lol

Lynn, you soundly wonderfully "up" with all sorts of new happenings, and it's wonderful to hear all the good news. I think Alicia has just told herself that everything is going to be okay and that nasty chemo/radiation is just something she has to do to get there. She sounds like such a brave woman and I admire her so much.

You certainly are getting around - party to party - and now you're going to a pajama party! Oh how I used to loved pj parties when I was growing up, and especially in my teens when we would do mischevious things (like move a "For Sale" sign from a yard and plant it a few houses down). But we didn't hurt anybody!


I'm so happy your baby will be closer to you, too. Lots more pictures. Have fun dear Lynn at your party, and that sure is cute about Mandy and Bentley. I'm sure they will recognize one another.


5 years ago

Hi, all you wonderful sisters and brothers!

Kay, that post about Christmas is so beautiful and I thank you so much for adding it to our thread. It can practically ring true for any holiday, even Chanukah.

I went to Alicia's sister's party Monday night and had a wonderful time. Alicia and Steve were there, even though she had radiation earlier in the day. I was so pleased to see how wonderful she looks. She's a miraculous girl and I love her to pieces. She's got such a wonderful attitude that she made me feel totally at peace about her. I know she's going to be fine. All of your thoughts and prayers have helped, I just know that!

Saturday afternoon, Alicia's sister, mother and I are going up to be with them for a Christmas eve get-together. We're going up early in the afternoon because Alicia's sister is making a whole dinner for a needy family further up north from West Palm Beach. The three of us will be sleeping over (Yay! A pajama party!!) so as not to drive back home so late in the evening. I'm taking Mandy and hope that Bentley, their 85 lb. dog doesn't squash her in his enthusiasm to play with her. lol

I stayed with Alicia and Steve for three weeks after my fall 2 years ago. I had Mandy with me and at first she cowered in the corner when Bentley tried to get to her. By the last week she was holding her own with him....biting his ear while they both wagged their respective tails. When I was leaving to go home, I said to Bentley as they were standing and facing each other, "Bentley, say goodbye to Mandy". He got down on his haunches and looked at her. Then I said "Mandy, say goodbye to Bentley". She sat down, raised one paw and waved it. The three of us said "Awww". If they didn't see that for themselves to verify it when I tell the story, nobody would believe me. They both understood and responded in their own way. And some people say that dogs aren't smart!!

I have wonderful news. Andi, Chad and the baby will be moving back down here in a few months. I get to see them and my baby more often! I'm so excited! Chad has a good opportunity business-wise and I hope it works out. So they'll be a half hour away from me instead of 2 1/2 hours. Yippee!!!!

Cheryl, now we really have to start a new thread. This post is taking up one whole thread by itself.

5 years ago
My Christmas Wish To YOU
By Catherine Pulsifer

If I could wish a wish for you,
it would be for peace and happiness not only now,
but for the whole year through!
I wish that there always be food on your table.
And that you always remember those less fortunate.
May you always take time to share, and thank those who share with you.
I wish for time, so you may reflect
on the blessings that you have, and that you express your love
to those who are dear to you.
May you never feel lonely,
because there are those who care.
That you realize: you are special,
you are unique, you make a difference,
not only at Christmas, but all year!
I wish for your thoughts to be positive ones,
that you never quit, that you never give up,
and that you continue to learn.
I wish for the love, peace, and joy
of Christmas be yours always,
5 years ago

Hi Cheryl  i hope i get to see it ,how are you ? i should be working right now but i popped in to say hello ,will you get snow for Christmas ?i dont think Lynn will in florida .we had a white christmas last it was a disater our pipes froze and electicity went off ,but its quite mild this year .hows Barbara i hope your preparations are going well ,Kay that little guy must be bursting with excitement and your little guy too Lynn .i am keeping Alicia and your daughter and Les's mom in my prayers hugs

5 years ago

Hi Mary and everyone. It's a real classic and classy show, Mary. I hope you get a chance to see it with your busy Christmas schedule.

Hey, everyone --


It's coming so fast and then will be gone for another year, so enjoy every moment!

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl i must see this movie i never have i am going to soon thanks to you and Barbara .how are you Lynn i am thinking of you and yours

6 years ago

Hi dear Mary. That's where I thought you were and what you are doing! With your family coming, you gonna be real busy! You're the Santa! And I can feel the magic in the air! I haven't even gone into decorated big stores this year but even grocery shopping, talking to neighbours, my own decorations, Christmas music, and watching Christmas movies is working for me. I saw A Wonderful Life with James Stewart the other night and appreciated it more because I haven't seen it for a few years. I think that's one of the movies Barb likes. Boy, Jimmy Stewart sure showed his acting skills in that movie!

I hope everyone else is doing fine and being healthy because that flu is starting to get around. I like to stay out of stores for that reason!

ss Don't forget to take some breaks for yourself!

6 years ago

hi sisters and Les too i have so much work and now i have extra work at work as well i hope you are all as relaxed as possible hugs

6 years ago

Ah Kay -- that is lovely!! Now if everyone scuffled off to their kitchens and cooked up this Christmas Joy, we'd finally have peace on earth! Thanks, Kay. I love that.


I've been having fun making these daily countdown pics on Online Editor and Lunapic. It's so relaxing to just sit and play.

6 years ago
1/2 cup of Hugs
4 teaspoons Kisses
3/4 cup of Smiles
4 cups of Love
1 cup of SpecialChristmas Cheer
1/2 cup of Peace on Earth
3 teaspoons of Christmas Spirits
2 cups of Goodwill Towards Men
1 Sprig of Mistletoe
1 medium size bag of Christmas SnowflakesMix Hugs,
Kisses, Smiles, and Love until consistent.
Blend in Holiday Cheer, Peace on Earth,
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Use the mixture to fill a large, warm heart where it
can be stored for a lifetime, for it never goes bad!
Serve as desired under Mistletoe, sprinkle liberally with
Christmas Snowflakes
It is especially good when accompanied by Christmas
carols and family get-togethers.
Serve to one and all!
Written By: Author Unknown
6 years ago
Good morning on Sunday dear friends.
Brrrrr... another cold one here ,but at least today we have lovely bright sunshine and a blue sky.I didnt want to get out of bed , had a lie in with a coffee and had a reading session.
 Hows everyone today? hows your Christmas preps going? I just have a couple of things to wrap up now and that will be it...
This time next week and it will be Christmas day....the kids will be knee deep in torn up wrapping paper and I guess we will be at John & Nikkis (son & dil) and I will be knee deep in veggie
I have a bit of laundry to do and dinner to sort out later but other than that & the wrapping I plan to take things fairly easy today. Saving my energy as school is out now, I will be looking after Sean as well as Liam next week...
Great pic of your little fellow with Santa Lynn he is growing fast
Have a safe warm & happy day everyone
Love to all !
6 years ago

LOOK AT "OUR" LITTLE MAN SITTING THERE SO CONFIDENT AND HAPPY! He is so comfortable with Santa. What a SUPER picture, Lynn. This thread is getting harder to load but I don't want to change it yet with all these good things on it!

Lynn, glad you saw Zen's message. I have been having terrible times with posting and trying to post, too. Some of mine have also gone to Tinkerbelle. I wonder what she's doing with them all. lol  I'm so glad you have a wonderful party to go to Monday night to get infusions of laughter and energy!

Hi Mary and Barb if you check in. You both must be very busy, which of course comes with this time of the year. I hope you both are doing well. 

Thinking of you all!




6 years ago

Cheryl, I saw the message from Zen. I responded but my message flew off into Neverland to Tinkerbell, perhaps. She hasn't answered so maybe someone else got it. lol  I'll have to go back and try again.

Here's a picture of my baby, Trent with Santa. Andi and Chad took him today and they said he wasn't phased..not even with Santa's beard.  Cute, huh?


Just finished wrapping Christmas/Chanukah gifts. Alicia's sister is making a party Monday night. She makes a Xmas party every Dec. 24th, but her son and his girlfriend are in from Colorado and they have to leave the next day, so she upped the date for them to be there. I'm looking forward to it.

Kay, thanks for your good wishes for Alicia. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.! That must have been an exceptional trip. Just seeing the pyramids would enthrall me!

Take care, my little sisters. Love you all.

6 years ago

Lynn, there's a lovely message for you from Zen at Cathartic Inn.

6 years ago

Hi Kay and everyone! Yep, 8 days to go. It's dark and dreary here too, Kay. I am thankful for the Christmas lights to cheer things up. Maybe I'll keep my tree up until next April. Wow - you were in Egypt last year; what a fabulous time you must have had. Put some pictures here if you like. I'd love to see some of your discoveries. Sounds like you're really busy, but taking care of Liam must give you lots of smiles.

Hey everyone --


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6 years ago
Christmas Greetings
Morning all !
Hoew are you this chilly winters day? Its another dark one here after what was a bright and sunny start.... Only one week to go now....this time next week is Chtristmas eve!
Lyn I hope that your dear Alicia & Steve are coping with her treatment and staying strong, its a tough time thats for sure...
Where did this last year go, it has passed us all by so quickly... a year ago Mark & I were in Egypt , on the Red sea, about to discover the ancient Egypt that we had been reading and dreaming about for years ...
Ah well .....What are you all up to today? Going to try to finish wrapping gifts , clean up house a little, get laundry up to date , will be looking after the grandchildren a fair bit next week so need to get some work done ....
Looking forward to Christmas now its nearly here , always takes me ages to get into ..
Have a beautiful day....
6 years ago

Hi Kay... it's wonderful to see you and your beautiful grandson! Even though it's dreary weather (we are having that too) you both are out getting fresh air. I have to laugh about Liam falling into the puddle. That's exactly what my son would find when he was little. There may only be ONE puddle, but he'd fall in it! Wonderful pictures -- thanks so much for letting us know what's happening in your life.

Lynn, it's so good to see you too! Yes, Alicia certainly is in the gruelling stage of treatment. How is Steve doing? I imagine he is right by her side through this. You all are in my thoughts and prayers EVERY day. I feel as though I know Alicia and that probably comes from all you've told us about her.

"Your baby" is now crawling? Oh boy! He is growing so fast I can't believe it. It's great having all the pictures to look back on. How is your daughter doing? Did test results come back yet?

Hi Mary and Barb. I just know you both are working feverishly right now on one thing or another. My thoughts are with you both and I know you'll be back when you can. Take care of yourselves.


6 years ago

Kay, it's so good to see you in here. Your grandson is adorable! Too bad he fell in a puddle, but that's just part of being a little boy. My great-grandson is crawling now and my granddaughter said "Boy, am I in trouble now!"  She's so right.

The swans are beautiful but the day does look kind of dreary. It's a bit dreary here too today, but that's because it's going to rain. It's warm out and I have the doors open. Mandy loves it when she can look outside.

Barb and Cheryl, thank you so much for your healing affirmations and prayers for Alicia. I know that she'll come out of this strong, but it's tough going while she's having all that done. Every day radiation for six weeks is no picnic.

Be well, all of you. I love you all.

6 years ago

Feeding the Swans with Liam....


DEC K 008.jpg


Its a dark and chilly day.....


DEC K 006.jpg

6 years ago
Good Morning !
Brrrrrrrr its brass monkey weather here in London, sleet and wintry showers !!   So how are you all doing ? Hows your weather ? Whats everyone up to?I am looking after Liam  3,one of my grandsons today , we went to feed the ducks & swans , he loved doing that , they are hungry in this cold weather, on the way back he fell full length into a puddle! ... now he is wrapped up warm in a blanket , watching some cartoons while his clothes dry
Take care keep warm
Love to all

6 years ago


6 years ago

Hi dear sisters. I'm sorry I haven't been here steadily - I guess we all have other things to do and other places to be these days.

Hi there Kay! It's so good to see you and no, we have never given up on you! It's great whenever you drop in to say hi. Wow, sounds like you're really busy and I'm happy to hear about the excitement going on!


LYNN - nothing you are doing (or not doing) these days is selfish! Taking care of yourself isn't selfish, it's a necessity, especially when you are trying to be strong for so many other people. We here understand completely and there are no expectations on you, as I know you have no expectations on anyone else. I know we all are so happy whenever we can see your smiling face, and if you don't appear some days, then there's a good reason. I think that goes for all of us regulars - you, Mary, Barb, Les, Ariel and Kay sometimes. I hope I didn't leave anyone out! We don't have any specific "rules" here that we have to follow. I can't imagine what it's like to have any loved one who is going through chemo and radiation, and you are not whining! If any one of us was going through what you are, you would be encouraging that person to come here to share the "downs" as well as the "ups" in our life. I love what you've done with that picture. I don't know how you make the figures move and the words appear like that! Really, really cute and it is relaxing and restorative to be creative. "Good on ya" as an Aussie would say!

Barb, what a gorgeous mandala!! There is such a feeling of purity to it. Good job, my friend. I'm going to put a copy of it on the Healing Affirmations thread!

I'm off to do an Affirmation for Alicia and Lynn's daughter.


"This thing just won't go away!"


6 years ago

Healing Mandala for Alicia Lynn.


6 years ago

Hi Lynn I am with you.  I will keep Alicia in my daily prayers.  I have been thinking about her allot and do not want her to suffer.  How much longer is the chemo?  Hopefully it will be ending pretty soon.  I am praying for her Lynn.  Try not to worry so much, but I understand


Love, prayers and big hugs.



6 years ago

Hello to all my wonderful sisters and brothers!

I've been busy with the new hard drive and feeling a little down what with all that Alicia's going through and the fact that my daughter has been having some health problems of her own.

Alicia is having chemo once a week and radiation, inside and out, every day. She's quite a trouper; acts like she's taking everything in her stride but I know that she's feeling the effects of both. The first four days after chemo she was so nauseous that she couldn't eat anything. She's feeling better now, but I'm so worried about her.

Soooo, I don't really feel like participating in all of my groups. I pick and choose daily. Sounds selfish but I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of my family.

Please know that this is one of the groups that I respond to. I feel so comfortable with you all and I know that you care, as I care for you. Expect to see me pop in to any one of the threads. Enough whining! I love you guys!!

This is what I've been doing with my time. It relaxes me and it's so satisfying.

6 years ago

Hello friends

Just wanted to pop in and say that I havent forgotton you all...I have just been soooo busy and been away at my sons , back and forward for a few weeks now...looking after thier littleones while they work & renovate thier new home , which they are buying for the first time. Its very exciting but also very tiring ...

I hope you all didnt give up on me

I send you all love & peace


6 years ago

Hi there sisters Mary and Barb, and brother Les! Mary, I'm sad to hear that you too have a water/mopping problem going on. Good grief! I hope you can get that fixed so you can get on with all those others things you need to do for Christmas.

Barb, thank you - the water is gone now but we have to check thoroughly for water damage and I'm not sure whether that's going to be a strata insurance or my insurance problem. I am taking a day off from thinking about it.

Les, I am so happy that you are doing well and enjoying each day. Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I love all the lights and sparkles and music, and do you notice that the closer Christmas gets, the nicer and more patient people are to each other? I love that!

Lynn, I know you are out there being very busy with family and you know that we all are thinking of you.

I hope no one minds that I changed the theme to red stars. I didn't know the threads would turn orange, but hey, it's a fun change.



chatter box
6 years ago

Hope everyone who visits here is having a gentle holiday season.

Ah Cheryl, isn't it always the way--that when one problem gets fixed another one seems to pop up?  I hope that it is cleared up (or should I say mopped up?) at this time.  I am doing well and truly enjoying the season.  Have a good week all.

6 years ago

Poor Cheryl, I am sorry about what happened with your pipes!!!  No wonder you haven't had a chance to look at my posts.  And I didn't realize Lynn was busy transferring files and on family duty.  Must be taking longer for her. 


Mary are you talking about the Cylinder in your home or car?  What is it?  Sorry it's leaking.  Do you  mean hotwater heater?  Can you afford to have it looked at and repaired?


Cheryl are you pipes fixed?  I hope so and do you have clean running water now?  We take that kind of thing for granted until something happens.


Lynn I hope everything is going ok with your file transfers!


Love and big hugs to all my dear sisters, Les, Arial.


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl i am so sorry to hear about your house trouble my Cilynder is leaking so i'm in the mop brigade as well and its such a pest isn;t it? i hope the smell clears up poor you ! you are so right theres always another "challenge" around the corner we really need our friends. Lynn how are you and yours ? Ariel i really enjoyed your post  .Barb i must watch some movies soon i have about twenty things i should be doing right now but the water first i think .Les how are you doing?hugs everybody

6 years ago

Wow, Barb, I love your pictures -- and the Cardinal is awesome! You sound really busy. Cleaning a place you're moving out of is one of the tasks I've always hated to do. It's sooooo tiring. It's good to hear your nieces are able to help. I hope you are finished that very soon and you'll finally get some rest.

Mary -- what a happy snowman! This thread is starting to look a lot like winter and Christmas! I'm so happy to hear that Anna will be able to join the family and is feeling a bit better. What good news, indeed. I guess we're all busy with the preparations coming up.

My cosy home just had a very unpleasant happening. I'm in a strata complex and about six homes, including mine, became filled with a nasty smell. It seems that the sewer pipes were blocked. So a guy came out and flushed the pipes out. BUT... the vibrations from doing that caused our basement pipes to break! OH BOY... water all over the basement floor. So now we are mopping and washing. There's some damage regarding the drywall but it's not really serious. Ya just never know what's going to happen next!

Lynn, we know you've got lots going on and will get here when you get here! Also thinking of our brother Les, and it's nice to hear from our brother Ariel on the Christmas/Hannukah thread!

Don't forget to feed the birds! 


6 years ago

Cheryl you house sounds lovely and cozy i am so busy right now but i had to stop by Anna is doing a bit better she will be able to come to the Christmas gathering of our clan .how is your son doing ? Barb your post is wonderful i am learning a lot here .Lynn i know you are on family duty .Les how are you and your mom doing?

6 years ago

I just love this Christmas Ornament Graphic!



6 years ago

Cherly, Lynn, Mary, Les and my other sisters and brothers. 


I am sorry I haven't been posting allot. I have been very tired or not feeling well.   I have also been busy with my sister this week again.  I am going over to help her clean Mom's house for the market.  I went on Thursday and now will go on Sunday too.  It's a big house!  Luckily my nieces helped on Thursday.


I hope you know that I really and truly deeply care about all of you and your relatives.  I want everyone to feel well and be happy.


Love and big hugs.



Silent Night images
Christmas Religious Graphics

Nativity images
Christmas Religious Graphics




6 years ago

Hello my dear sisters and brothers. I finally got our tree all decorated and I'm sitting here in a half dark/lowly lit room watching the lights twinkling. My bird is busy making love sounds to the hanging mirror in his mansion. We call the mirror "Buddy" because that's how he treats it -- lots of love and whispered secrets.

I hope everyone is well. I bet all are busy. Lynn, what's the temperature down where you are? I bet you will be having a big gathering at Christmas. How is Alicia doing?

Did all of you read Ariel's description of Christmas in Argentina on the Christmas/Hannukah thread? It's really interesting.

Mary, I imagine you are busy preparing for your Christmas traditions. Do you have your family to your place or do you go to theirs? How is Anna doing? Is the new medication helping?

Barb, this certainly is a new and very different Christmas for you in your new place. I hope you will have your sister with you at Christmas, if not other members of your family. It's a whole new chapter in your life and it's going to be a good one!

Les, I'm thinking of you and your Mom. I know there is a lot of love being shared right now and that's what life is really about.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.  


6 years ago

Hi everyone! It sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy! Lynn, that sounds like a big job with your computer -- and Mary, I keep freezing too and have to shut down and start all over again. So exasperating. I also am behind in my mail and must get some birthday wishes done even though a few are late.

Lynn, it sounds like you had a wonderful time out with "your baby" and daughter. What a little gem he is to smile when he's in pain. I think that may be an indication of how he handles things in life.


Mary, I hope your weekend with family gives you lots of laughter and fun -- everyone needs that. Thank you for asking about my car; it is running fine now but I still keep my fingers crossed.  Thanks for that happy yellow sunflower! It certainly made me smile.

Barb, I also hope you are settling in and finding your place is getting real cosy. Will your sister be there for Christmas?

Les, you and your Mom are in my thoughts and prayers, always, as are Alicia and Anna.

Love you all


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6 years ago

Hello Cheryl ,Lynn .Barb and Les .Lynn i know how you feel swamped by messages and emails i was locked out for a few days and all my messages seem to be coming together .my computer freezes regularly any ideas peofesser Lynn? Barb i hope your settled in to your new home and you have a cozy Christmas . Cheryl how is the motor?Les how are you and your mom? its very cold here i am so behind in my Christmas shopping and my brother and his family are visiting for the weekend i must sort myself out love and hugs my dears scrap for orkut

Creative and fun Friendship Scraps

6 years ago


6 years ago

Hi, to everyone!

I wasn't on all day yesterday and part of Saturday because I bought an external hard drive and I was busy transferring a million files and pictures (not quite a million, but close) over to the new hard drive. My pc was getting overloaded and I was afraid it would crash. I'm still in the process of moving pictures and making new folders for them. It's quite a job.

Saturday, Andi came down with the baby and Sue and I went to lunch with them. Poor Trent is teething and his upper gum is all swollen so he gets cranky easily. He started the cry and the waitress came over and said in Spanish "Que paso, que paso?" and in the middle of crying, he gave her a big smile! He's happy even when he's in pain. I couldn't stop kissing him. He's so adorable. A man behind us asked if it was four generations and when we said yes, he said "You can't get better than that!". He's right!! I'm so blessed and thankful.

I opened up today to 439 emails from Care2. I'm going to have to put a few groups on Web Only to cut down on the mail.

How is everyone doing? Barb, are you completely moved in and getting acclimated to the new apartment?  Mary, how are you and how is Sophie doing? I hope anyone else who comes into our room is well and happy.

Take care, all my sisters and brother Les. I love you all.

6 years ago

It's so good to be able to get back on here! Looks like we were all locked out - Mary, I think I did hear you banging on the door but there were so many people banging and shouting, "Let me in!" LOL 
My goodness, it is awesome to see you all! After awhile, it's easy to believe someone is a tiger or flower or a bird! Mary, you are so pretty and I have always imagined you walking by a beach. I think you are the "baby" of our little family of sisters and brother Les.   I hope the flooding there doesn't get too bad. There is so much flooding going on in the world right now!

Barb -- yes, that's my face pasted on Paris Hilton's body! That is so much fun to do. Thanks Lynn for the link. Of course it would be much better to have different pictures but I only had two to work with.

This is a precious thread and we'll have to transfer our pictures when we start a new thread.

I'm in the process of making a new "Christmas" and "Hanukkah" thread that explains our traditions, etc., so I hope we can have fun talking about some we've had since we were kids.


6 years ago

how lovely to see you Cheryl you are beautiful i have really beautiful sisters and its so nice to have faces for you all hugs

6 years ago

Hi, to all my wonderful sisters!

It's so nice to be able to put a face to a name. Barb, I knew what you look like because I saw you on your show. You're so lovely.

Mary, you're so young and pretty! I don't why I thought you were older. What a nice surprise!

Cheryl, I've seen your picture in the garden before, but the picture of you with Nicole is quite charming. lol  Shopping again, eh?

I'm so glad I'm able to post again. Yesterday there was a big glitch in Care2 but thankfully it's fixed now.

Gotta go see my long mail list and answer some more. Ta ta for now!!

6 years ago

Cheryl and Mary you are both so beautiful!!!


Cheryl did you paste your face on the blond lady with the long hair?  Yesterday I thought that was you. Is it you?  Sorry I can't tell.  If not what movie star is that?  LOL.



6 years ago

Hi all i 'v been locked out for days .Did you hear me banging?lol we had lightening and flooding in cork but my internet seemed to work fine except for care 2 your pictures are great you look lovely Barb and Lynn you are gorgeous .this is me in kerry of course my fave placekerry

6 years ago

Awwwwww.... there's our baby boy!! He is such a doll!! Lynn, I can certainly see why you want to visit him all the time because he is growing so fast. You are so lucky! Remember, you have to share him with Mary, Barb, and me too!

Well that's quite a bikini shot and I can see why you don't want to eat all those chocolates in the Friendship Garden. Living down there in Florida you have to keep ship shape all year round! That's a really cute pic, Lynn. Photobucket has one:

ss ... but I don't quite fit in there! I love the dress I'm wearing here, and I especially love my little Cheewaawaaa! Nicole and I are going shopping... again!

Barb, you are beautiful! I just knew you would have a great big smile like you really do have! It's wonderful to see you out of your feathers. lol I only have one of me taken this summer... well, at least this one I can find. My son has put them in a folder somewhere that I can't find.

ss I'm out in my backyard reading a book and enjoying the sunshine (while I'm in the shade). We didn't have much of a summer this year and everyone is just realizing that we're not going to get any more since our first snowfall. Sheesh!


6 years ago

Cherly here is a picture of me a few years ago.  Can you please put up a picture of you too?


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl and Lynn


Glad to have you back Lynn!  What fun you had!  A female impersonation bar?  LOL.  That must have been so much fun!  And look at how much that little boy has grown!  He is adorable Lynn.  You lucky girl got to go to a warm beach!


Great picture of you and your daughter.  You both look just great!!!

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6 years ago

Hi, there! Cheryl, I'm glad that you're putting up the tree and placing all the ornaments on it. I see you're much too busy to come into the tag lesson group but right now it's kinda slow anyway. Lots of people are busy with their own things.

In keeping with our weather here, I'm posting a picture of me in my new bathing suit and the hat that I wear to keep out the sun. Hope you like it!


Can't eat all the cake and candy that it's in the Friendship Gardens. Don't want to spoil my shape! lol

Kidding aside, here's the latest picture of my baby with his sunglasses on.

6 years ago

Hi Lynn, good to have you back! I had the feeling you were off partying somewhere!

Glad you had a good time and I was lucky enough to check into the host group to see your wonderful picture, just minutes after you posted it. What a hoot of a time you must have had! You look wonderfully full of life and laughter. What a great celebration they gave your daughter. Glad you got to see your baby as well. New picture coming?

Hope everyone is doing well and has started the week off with good things. I never did get my tree up when I said I was going to but am actually working on it right now. Good thing, because it's a gray ole day out there and this cheers me up!


Partying, yes! But I'm back now....
6 years ago

Hey, everybody!

I'm back from my mini-vacation. Went up with my daughter to my granddaughter's for Thanksgiving and had a delicious meal plus got to see my great-grandbaby. He gets cuter every time I see him.

Then yesterday was my daughter's birthday so she, my granddaughter and my granddaughter's best friend and I went to a female impersonater night club. We had a ball. They called my daughter up to the stage, (she was wearing a crown that they put on her head) gave her a cake with a sparkler in it and took a picture with her. She was so embarrassed but she was a good sport about it. Then our "waitress" took a picture with my daughter and me.

I can't tell you "her" name because I'd be thrown off Care2, but it starts with a T, ends with a T and has a wa in between....last name "La Rue". I have the bill with her first name on it, and sad to say, I'm also bankrupt!!

6 years ago

Hi Barb - good to see you, and I am so very happy to hear you had a great Thanksgiving dinner! Just when we think things aren't going to happen for us sometimes, something happens to change everything around.

I'm glad you like the picture -- now it has a twin. I want it to snow here too, but not when I have to drive in it. There was a time when I would drive in anything but somehow I got more anxiety about it over the years.

I think our Lynn is off partying! lol


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Lynn, Mary.


Cheryl I love your snow picture!  I want it to snow here.  I love snow and Christmas too   I am going to think snow.


My sister and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving but I ate way way too much.  I felt sick all night a little better the next day and I feel great today!


6 years ago

xx This weekend is the closest one to December 1st and that's when I put up my little tree and wreath on the door, etc. I love Christmas so much so I want to enjoy the lights and everything as long as possible.

So, tomorrow's the day! And then.... we start countdown to Christmas! Hard to believe it's almost here again. We've had our first snowfall; didn't last long but it's the earliest we've had it for a long time.

What's everyone else's weather like?


6 years ago

Looks like a lot of us are having posting probs! Sheesh!

What a cute pic, Mary. I have always loved pictures with cute, cosy mice in them! Must be from the books I read as a child.

6 years ago

Weekend Scraps?
have a lovely weekend everyone i hope this posts i'v been having trouble posting
6 years ago

Oh my, sorry I haven't been here for a few days! I am so happy to know that you and your sister are having a Thanksgiving dinner together, Barb. It's wonderful that you have one another! By now you will have had your dinner and I hope you got a break from the moving.

Mary, I am so thankful for my friends here too! You all are so very special in my life. I often have the feeling that you're right next door!


Wonderful pictures you guys!


There's something wrong with Care2 as I type this... I can't see the emoticons or any of the other icons like font and bold, etc. I hope this message goes through.

Good thing I copied the above message before I posted... or tried to. It's doing what Lynn had a problem with -- post disappears and it reverts to petition page. I'll try this again!

6 years ago

Iam so thankfull for my friends hugs

6 years ago

I invited my sister over tomorrow to get out of the messing chaotic house and eat with me and to do her laundry.  She said she was going to the store tonight to pick up a few things to cook here!  So we will have a little Thanksgiving after all!!! 

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6 years ago

Thank you Cheryl!  Yes I am very thankful for you, Lynn, Mary, Les, Ariel and the rest of my wonderful care2 friends!


I love you all



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Thanksgiving Graphics



November 24, 2011
6 years ago

A very happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!


dd  I truly am thankful to have you all as such beautiful friends!

6 years ago

Hello Lynn, Cheryl, Mary and Les.  I am so sorry I haven't been able to post as much lately.  Even though I had moved I still needed to help my sister get ready for sale at Mom's house.  The sale of her stuff left over.


I love all of you!


Love and big hugs.



6 years ago

Beautiful pictures, Lynn and Les. Les, I consider you such an important part of this group. You give us some balance. I love your posts as you show such a depth of caring and wisdom. I always look forward to seeing you!

Lynn, I don't know how you co-host more than two groups! I find one is enough for me to concentrate on, especially when we have a whole lot of baby birds going at once. lol  And as for the NKOTB, sometimes I'm not sure exactly what others are doing at the moment. I will keep trying to keep up!

Oh yes, I am experiencing latency problems today.  I post something and it doesn't show up right away but it comes later. It's really strange.


c'mon in
6 years ago

I am trying to make a better effort to join in the chat threads of the various groups to which I belong.  

Best Friends and Friendship Comment Graphic

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, my love. Everyone seems to be very busy so it might just be us today.   My problems with Care2 seem to be resolved in all of my other groups. I'll let you know when I post this, whether the Care2 Home Page comes up again and I have to arrow back to get this to submit. I don't know why that was happening.

It looks like rain here, although it's still very warm. Since I'm a walking barometer along with being a bionic woman, I knew yesterday that it was going to rain. Funny thing is, my back hurts for a day or two before it rains and then when it finally does rain, my back feels better. Go figure!! 

I've been so busy with co-hosting so many groups that one of the hosts asked me if I wanted to step down as co-host and take it easy. She said she loved me and asked if I could stop in whenever I felt like it, but not feel as if I had to participate every day, because she looked at my profile page and saw how many groups I co-host and she thought it was too much. I know she meant well as I am a bit overwhelmed, so I told her to take me off as co-host if she wanted to. There are so many threads in that group that I can't keep up, so I'm kind of relieved.

Thanks for the compliment about my Autumn Dreams tag. I used a mandala and took it to Image Editor to add glitter, borders and text. It was a lot easier than it might look. Hey, my NKOTB, try doing more things in my lesson class and show them in the test thread. There's no such thing as a mistake as you can always undo what you don't like, as long as you undo it right away. Keep trying, sis.

6 years ago


Hope all my beautiful friends here are enjoying a happy and relaxing day Thursday.

Barb is moving and/or cleaning, arranging, and Mary is cooking for a family gathering on Sunday, and Les and Lynn are getting ready for their Thanksgiving Day coming up soon. Kay should be dropping by soon, and we don't know what Ana and Ariel are doing. Time for a check-in.

I notice there are latency problems this morning so I will go into PATIENCE MODE and try to smile my way through it. Lynn, I hope the probs you were having yesterday have now been fixed. By the way, that's really a gorgeous "Autumn Dreams" picture you made.


6 years ago

Hi, Cheryl. Just missed you as you said goodnight. It's 1:20 a.m. and I'm very tired, so I'm going to bed. Talk to you tomorrow, sis.


Drag and drop me


Nitey nite!   Drag and drop me

6 years ago

Gosh it's been a lonely day! Lynn, Mary, Barb, Kay, and everyone else is off doing something! Hope everyone had a happy day doing something nice.

It's freezing here and may snow soon. I'm going to go to bed with my book and cocoa and snuggle in. Good night my sisters and brother Les. Hope to see you tomorrow. Sending love.

ss Sweet dreams.

6 years ago

Hi Mary, Lynn, Barb! It's good to see you, Barb. I know you must be tired with the move.

Mary, I've just left an affirmation on that thread for Anna. I am terribly sad to hear she in hospital and we must all send her loving energy, thoughts and prayers.  THAT CUPPA is AWESOME! Lynn's right, that would be a nice hot bath and you can drink it at the same time.

Lynn, I hope you have a great evening out -- but this time don't come home with a hangover!

6 years ago

Enjoy your dinner Lynn and relax with a glass of wine  Hi Barbara how are you?Cheryl i hope your enjoying the weekend

6 years ago

Sisters please come and join me at Traffic Exchange Life about Toxic Products in the home!  Just click on this link  just enter your name and click ok or sign in.


I will get to all of our posts after this my dear sisters

6 years ago

Hi, Cheryl and Mary -

It's so good to be able to post again without my posts flying off somewhere over the rainbow. lol

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear that Anna had to go back to the hospital. And you have the awful. Maybe you should just jump into that cuppa that you posted. It's big enough to take a "tea bath" in.  I hope you feel better very soon.

I'm going out to dinner tonight with Alicia's sister and mother. I'm looking forward to lovely company, a good meal and a glass of wine. Woo hoo!

Sending lots of love to both of you, my sisters

6 years ago
scrap orkut

The Best Weekend Scraps
Thanks Cheryl ,its a bit tough right now but i am comforted by your support .I am addicted to cuppas myself Cheryl i have a mug in my hand right now are you Lynn and your lovely Alicia? Barbara are you settled in now in your new home ? Les i hope your mom is feeling better.
6 years ago

Oh Mary, I'm so sad to hear that Anna is back in hospital. This obviously is a very troubled time for you and your family. I hope they get the meds right and she starts feeling better. Tomorrow I shall arrange something on the Affirmation thread for her.

I'm also sad to hear you all have the flu. Yikes! I'm not looking forward to that coming around. So, a good hot cuppa is probably doing you good! MOTTO: when in doubt, have a cuppa!

That's one heck-of-a great cuppa you've posted there. It should cure you, for sure. lol I will imagine us all having a big cuppa together.

Keep warm and take good care of yourself, sis. You have a lot going on there.

6 years ago

Good morning Cheryl Lynn Barbara and Kay ,Les how is your mom doing?Anna is back in hospital they are changing her meds .everyone here has the flu so its dangerous for her .have a beautiful day all and Cheryl i,d love a cuppa

6 years ago

Hello beautiful friends. ss

I'm wishing we could all sit down together for a cuppa!

Mary - how is Anna doing? Is she getting any better?

Lynn - how is Alicia doing? We know she has a ways to go yet.

Barb - I look back on this thread and see you were worried about moving and now you are probably settling in quite nicely. Haven't heard from you lately and I'm sure you're very busy unpacking and getting things homey!

And Les' Mom  has come through her surgery well and of course there still is a ways to go.

Kay - I hope you are doing well.

All are in my thoughts and prayers.

6 years ago

Lynn thanks for your kindness Anna is very positive she has already had a historectomy about five years ago shes a trooper .she is coping very well mentally but she is quite sick .how is Alicia and that gorgeous little guy ?

6 years ago

Lynn, that sparkling mandala is gorgeous and so full of energy! You

re sure right about the relaxation part. It's a wonderful way to put all worries and thought aside and focus on something nice. I love that mandala!

Mary, yes -- as hard as it is for us to have a positive attitude when we're ill, and I well know what that feels like, everyone around Anna needs to keep her "up" as much as possible. I have read about what the stress hormones do to us and I thoroughly believe stress was a big factor in my heart attack. It wreaks havoc on our bodies. It's a struggle at times to try to keep "up", but we need to do our best at trying. I'm going to be doing an affirmation for Anna very soon, and as Lynn said, she will be on the Healing thread because there's a lot of good energy there. That was great for you to have your dogs to take for a relaxing - fresh air walk.

Lynn -- low 80's!! Boy, are you spoiled! The rest of us have our heat coming on now and have gotten out our mitts and scarves and other winter clothes -- while you're walking around in short-sleeve blouses! Sheesh. lol


6 years ago

Mary dear, my prayers are with Anna and her family. Have the doctors said how far along the disease is? I feel so sorry for you all. How is Anna's attitude. Please tell her that no matter how upset she is over the diagnosis, she has to keep an optimistic attitude because if she gets depressed over the situation, it will only make matters worse. May God watch over her and we here will keep putting healing affirmations in our thread every day.

Kay, it's still in the low 80's here but Alicia's nephew lives in Colorado and it's snowing fiercely there. Amazing how we get all kinds of weather in different parts of the states.  How nice that you got to go for a walk, as did Mary with her dogs.

We change our clocks back to end Daylight Savings Time, next week - Nov. 5th. I really hate when it gets dark so early in the evening.

I just finished making an Autumn theme out of one of my mandalas. It's so relaxing for me to just sit and create and I get such a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that I accomplished something....even this small thing.

Have a wonderful evening and if you celebrate Halloween, enjoy tomorrow!!

6 years ago

Thanks for all the kind messages sisters .Cheryl my sister in laws name is Anna and i would be so grateful for your kind thoughts .i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

6 years ago

Mary, I was going to say in the last post that I'm glad you got out for a walk with your beautiful dogs. It's a very therapeutic thing to do. I miss doing that and I sure hope one day I'll have another dog to walk.


6 years ago


Hi Kay! Your post came in while I was typing mine (I stopped in the middle and had something to eat, then came back to finish it).

Your walk sounds wonderful - and peaceful! I saw on the news the big snowfall on the east coast of the States and some, but not as bad on our east coast in Canada. But there were about 2.4 million people out of power in the States!! Wow... that sounds so cold and wet and dark! Brrrrrr.

Glad to hear you are well, sis!


6 years ago

Good morning Lynn, Mary, Barb, Kay and anyone else peeking in.

Oh my, Mary, by the sounds of Lynn's description of Churg-Strauss Syndrome I can certainly see why you're worried. There are so many auto-immune diseases - from skin disorders to the more serious ones like this. I have been hearing about auto-immune diseases more frequently in the last three years, since my son's dad had Myelodysplasia (MD, which apparently is also on the rare side. My heart sends you love and healing thoughts for your sister-in-law. Please tell us her name so we can include her on the Healing Affirmations thread.

Lynn, that's SUPER that you heard our Barbara on the show! I am also so proud of her  and I hope the orders start coming in. I hope you had a great dinner with Alicia's mom and sister. In my mind I can see you with a tasty wine and enjoying a good dinner with lots of laughs. So necessary to do things like that - it keeps one healthy. Also glad to hear Alicia has a strong and positive attitude about her upcoming chemo-radiation treatments.  

Thanks everyone for your good wishes about my car. My son is just walking up to a store where he can get a few bolts needed to put this thing-a-ma-bob in the car so it will run! Poor guy.

I hope all of you are managing to gain some smiles and relaxation time today. I guess our Barb is busy with her packing again.

Why does that smiley face with the purple glasses appear sometimes when you type certain things - like the MDS I did above. Very curious. 

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6 years ago

Hi all Kay your walk sounds lovely i went out with my dogs earlier and its very nice here as well a bit foggy but real Halloween weather lol

6 years ago


Hello Friends

How are you all doing ?

Mary I am sorry that your sister is so ill ...

Lyn.... Alicia is a brave girl and as you said a real trooper .... I am sure she will do just fine !

Everyone is in my prayers ....

I heard from some of my USA friends that they have got snow already ....Oh my goodness...... that seems early in the winter to me , if anyone here has seen snow yet I hope that you managing to stay safe & warm.

Its cooler here and the clocks went back last night so it got dark so early today.

 We took 3 of our grandsons on a long walk today , it was a beautiful day for it , we walked by the Thames and through Richmond park , the trees just looked fantastic , the colours reminded me of flames burning bright against a grey sky...No sign of any snow here yet ...thank goodness not that we get very much usually , not like some places.

Ok friends, have a super week , smile & be happy





6 years ago

she is quite ill i'm worried about her thanks Lynn you are such a help to everyone .practically a doctor lol and better than most .

6 years ago

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear that your sister-in-law has Churg-Strauss syndrome.  I have heard of it and it's a very debilitating disease. It's an auto-immune disease affecting the blood vessels of the lungs. I understand it starts as a severe type of asthma and then progresses to other organs.  It's a rare disease that is non-inheritable and non-transmissible.  My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with her and the rest of the family.


6 years ago

Hi all my sister in law has Churg - Strauss syndrome i'm sure Dr Lynn will have the lowdown on this she is so knoledgeable . Cheryl i hope your car gets fixed soon i cant drive but i understand the loss and inconvienence . Barbara i'm so glad your finally moving and yor keeping up your dancing brilliant!. How is Alicia Lynn .? Hello Kay how are you?have a lovely weeekend sisters

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Mary, Barb and Kay!  I'm so happy to be able to post and it doesn't go flying into la la land somewhere. That was so frustrating. I hope you're all doing ok and keeping busy.

Cheryl, too bad you have more trouble with your car. It's a good thing your son is able to dabble in the mechanic department and take care of some of the things for you.

I got to see and hear Barb last night on her online talk show about toxic items that we use every day. Thank goodness I can buy the Melaleuca products that are free of toxins. She did such a good job with the information she gave and seemed so at ease doing it. Not a bit shy and was kidding around with the other people who she seems to know very well. I was able to type in a word or two complimenting her on her terrific work. I'm really proud of her!  Where is she?

Kay, it's so nice to see you here. I hope you're doing well.

Alicia saw the doctor yesterday and he recommended that she have not only radiation, but some chemo also. She's a trooper and has this great attitude of "Whatever has to be done....I'll do it and get it over with". That's what she says.  Such a sweetheart. Every time I get off the phone after talking to her, I have a big smile on my face. I love her so much.

I'm going to dinner with Alicia's mother and sister in a little while. We'll have dinner, a glass of red wine and many laughs. I enjoy being with them. They're wonderful people and we have a lot of fun.

Have a lovely day, evening or night. Love you, my sisters!

6 years ago

Hi my sisters. Another weekend and my son and I are back fixing the car! My son is a bit of a grease-monkey these last few days. It's frustrating to have the car down again, but "it is what it is." (I'm trying to do this affirmation whenever I get frustrated with something.)

BARB... I'm glad your moving is going well. Wow... you grew up in the place you are leaving! I didn't know that. And I didn't know you had eagles so close to your home! BUT as we've been saying, it's a whole new chapter in your life that is going to be exciting and brand new. I am so happy that you get to go to ballet at the same place. That was such a big worry at first. I know you would have really missed that place. There will still be familiar things in your life by the sounds of it and that's comforting. Stay strong, and keep yourself rested in between carrying those boxes hither and yon! Sounds like you still have a positive attitude about the changes.  

Mary, I hope your sister is a little better, and Lynn, I trust that Alicia is still progressing as well as to be expected. The world just keeps rolling along, doesn't it -- oh wait a minute, that's more like Ole Man River! lol  

Hope everyone is going to have a relaxing weekend - at least in between all the other things we have to do.


6 years ago

HI Cheryl, Mary and Lynn.  So good to hear from you.  I have been moving stuff in a little at a time and the big move is next Wednesday I think. 


I don't know if I told you, but I have only lived in Mom's for a year.  Before that I lived in an apartment for 14 years and before that a rented house and before that apartments with my ex-boyfriend.  But I grew up in this house and moved out at age 22.  Then I just moved back in last year.


Cheryl what a strange thing to steal by cutting out all of the copper in the lines.   That's wierd.  I never heard of that around here.  We are lucky I guess.  I am glad you are back online.


Luckily I am only moving a few miles from here and will still be able to go to my ballet classes, Trader Joes, Normaday Nutrition, etc.  I will be so sad to leave my crow family, eagles that land in Mom's trees and all of the other with birds and squirrels.


There will be squirrels at my new home.  I have a back yard with a chestnut tree and 2 other trees.


Lynn how is Alicia doing?  I will keep praying for her.


Love and big hugs dear sisters.


6 years ago

Hi dear sisters 

Mary, that is absolutely disgusting that there are people robbing homes when they know people are at a funeral. I've heard of other similar occasions when they (thieves) know when people will not be home. They scout out who goes to church on Sundays and who goes to other functions that are popular. They spend time choosing their prey. I wish there were ways to set traps for them!

One thing I learned about not having the use of a phone, TV, and computer, is that I spend too much time on all of them! I'm sure glad I don't have a cell phone or dabble on the social networks.  I find Care2 quite enough, thank you!  

I hope everyone is watching out for the goblins and ghosties that are getting set to come out. It's foggy here too in the mornings (halloween-ish) and I am so glad I'm not working anymore. I remember heading off at 7:00 a.m. every morning and now I just snuggle down in bed and smile.



6 years ago

Hello sisters Cheryl i'm sorry to hear about the copper thieves its scarey the way some people are preying on other people right now its the same here .please be careful some friends of mine told me when i was going to the funeral that a lot of burglaries took place while entire families were at funerals and their houses were empty imagine that! Barbara i'm delighted your moving in .Cheryl is right the good memories will stay with you it will feel like home in no time ,i hope you make new friends there . Lynn how are you doing today wise one?how is Alicia?and that gorgeous little guy.Kay so nice to hear from you its very foggy in cork this morning very spooky .hugs to all

6 years ago

I just posted something on one of the threads. I have two of the same thread open and when I refreshed the other one (that I didn't post on) it didn't come up. Oddly enough, it DID post on one thread but won't show on the other! It doesn't show on the home page either. I do this all the time and it works. So frustrating. I'm copying it on to "Word" so I won't lose it completely.

Lynn, you still having trouble?


6 years ago

ss Good morning Lynn, Mary, Barb, - and Kay - and anyone else who may be peeking in!

Kay - so lovely to see you and it's awesome you think of us and pop in to see us when you can! Your weather is much like mine right now - and I am also having a hard time believing it's just about November! Christmas decorations are in the stores BEFORE Halloween this year. Hope you are well!

Barb, I am happy to hear you are moving in regardless of the stove fan, which Margaret will probably get installed. I imagine you are tired, mentally and physically. It can be a great drain on one's body and mind when moving, especially if you've been in the place you're leaving for a long time. And you have the emotions and memories to contend with as well. BUT REMEMBER -- all the good memories go with you in your heart, so they are there whenever you want to think of them. I hope you're getting a good night's sleep in between your busy days.

Mary, I am sorry to hear all that is going on with your sister-in-law and her family. Sometimes it's hard to understand when so many things happen at the same time. They are in my prayers, my friend. I bet your doggies were very happy to see you home again, so take good care of yourself and get some rest.

Lynn, I hope your Care2 problems are clearing up. So exasperating when the glitches interfere with our daily Care2 activities!! You seem to be the only one doing pretty well right now so you are our Mama Bear!!  

For TWO DAYS I could not use the computer because our service provider was down. Not only the computer, but the TV and the digital phone. It's all in one package with the same server. It was the strangest feeling having to do things I have put off for a while -- like clean the basement! Some thieves cut the entire wiring set-up to get at the copper piping around/near it. It's been happening a lot around here (Vancouver and surrounding areas) as the copper brings in pretty good money. So many homes as well as businesses were without phones, etc. for almost two days. I hope they catch the guys who did this.

I must catch up on what's been happening, so see you all later! 

P.S. I keep trying to get a screeshot of our Sea Eagle but either the shadows, bad lighting, or his blending into the nest don't make for good pics. He's growing well from what I can see.


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6 years ago

p au.jpg


Hello Friends

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods ! Busy , Busy here ! I dont seem to have much computer time just lately , but I havent forgotton you all

Can you believe that it will be November next week ??

Time certainly is flying . Its dark in the mornings when I get up and the nights are drawing in .... winter is on its way the seasons turn....

Take care & be happy !



6 years ago

Hi Mary good to see you!  Thank you for asking about me.


Hi Lynn and Cheryl!


I love all of my sisters!

6 years ago

Hello sisters how are you doing Cheryl?i hope you are feeling better and stronger .I was able to get my sister to take care of my dogs very good of her i have three .its a very hard time for my sister in law she is quite poorly herself thanks for the thoughts and prayers ..Delighted you have found your home Barbara i wish you luck and joy in it .Lynn how are you and yours .i'm kina tired right now i'l say goodnight

6 years ago

Ok Cheryl and Lynn I agree with you.  I just told Margaret that I will be moving in anyway even if the fan isn't done by then.  I said that it isn't the end of the world and I will can wait if I need to.


Thanks for your help.  I just have had so much going on I guess I got flustered.  I am tired too.


She is a really nice lady and loves chimes too.  I have some I will bring over and hang up.


I Mary I will be moving into the apartment the first week of November.  Good luck with your brothers family.  I will keep them in my prayers.


Love and big hugs.




6 years ago

Ah, Mary, it's so good to hear from you. It certainly sounds like a very sad time for your brother's wife and her family (which is sad for your brother as well). It's very good of you to go and help them as they could probably do with some of that beautiful spirit of yours! My prayers go with you, Mary. Do you have a doggy sitter or are you taking your furbabies with you?

Barb, I agree with Lynn about the fan. Certainly a good idea she has there. My fan has broken down several times and we do something similar until it's fixed. Is it a gas or electric stove? That makes a difference, too. But I hope you don't give up your place if you like it otherwise, and hopefully Margaret can get one installed. Sounds like she likes you!  

Lynn, It's nice to hear you are out and about again, galavanting off to dinner.  And it's great to know that Steve and Alicia are out doing normal things again! I'm sure they have a whole new appreciation for life and love, not that they didn't have it before the operation. We always get a "life is good" shot in the arm, so to speak, when we or a family member/friend have been ill.  

Hey you guys, looks like we are up to our ying yangs in turkey soup. lol We can always freeze some if we get sick of it, but it's so handy once it's made. We'll probably polish it off within a couple of days. Lynn, your Thanksgiving is coming up - sometime in November?

I hope you are all having a peaceful weekend in one way or another. We live close to a bird sanctuary and the geese are either getting ready to fly or lining the skies with big "V" formations. I just love it! They are travelling and honking behind my place day and night.

ss I never get tired of watching them!


6 years ago

Hi, my dear sisters. I'm still having Care2 problems but if I arrow back after getting the Care2 Home Page, it usually goes through. It's a bit frustrating, though.

Barb, don't take your money back because of a fan over the stove. If you cook a lot and need a fan, you can always get a small fan to put on the counter and make it go backwards so it's sucking the air in rather than out. Margaret sounds like a very nice, accomidating person and perhaps she'll have the fan in by the 29th. As far as cutting down on your meds, do it very slowly. It can be very tricky with anti-depressants, so wean yourself down at a very slow pace.

Mary, if you get to read this please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your brother's family. Such a sad time and you are so good to go and help at this low point in their lives. God Bless you.

Cheryl, thanks for the invite for your turkey soup but I'll have to ask for a rain check. I hope there's something left over for me when I'm ready to eat it. I'm going out to dinner with my sister-in-law tonight, so it will have to be for another time. lol

Just spoke to Steve and he and Alicia are at a car show. Steve built his own car and he goes to the car show for the exhibits of the cars. He took an engine from an old 1927 TRod ford and built the whole chassis and machined the parts himself with tools that he made himself. Alicia calls him "Mr. Fixit". He gave me a ride in the car (it's a topless - whoo hoo) and we went zipping around his neighborhood at 45 miles an hour. Very noisy, but exhilerating!

Wishing everybody a wonderful night and rest of the weekend.

Love you all!

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl I know about going off of the antidepressents too fast isn't good.  I had to stop cutting down for a while.  They effexor or generic term Venaflaxine is really hard to cut down fast with.  I don't know if I can quit them.  But it helped to cut down a bit.  I wasn't feeling right taking too much of it.  It's hard to dance at ballet on too many meds.


Mary glad to hear from you.  I will pray for your brother's family.  You are so good to go and help   I found a place to live Mary but just found out it does not have a fan over the stove.  I like to cook.  The lady I am renting from says she will install one.  But she says if she does not have it installed by the 29th of Oct she will refund my money if I want.  I don't know if I want my money back.  I want to get moved out over with.  What do you ladies think?

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl i could use some of your soup right now i came to help my brothers family because his wife is ill and today her mother died they are having such a bad time ,i might not be around for a few days on care2 .well done for checking on your meds .Dr Lynn will be proud of you lol.Lynn my dear friend how is Alicia doing?Barbara hows the house hunt going?have a lovely weekend everyone

6 years ago

Hi there Barb! I hope you're heading into a great weekend, but don't tire yourself out too much moving. Do you have a deadline? I am still so happy you found a place!

I'm glad you're feeling better and you sound very health conscious (me too!). As far as your meds, it's nice to be taking less, but do be careful about going off the antidepressants too fast. If you've been on them a long time (me too! lol) you'll go through withdrawal. I think it would scare the heck out of my son if I said I was going off them. LOL

I saw the "Green" thread had slipped into the archives when I was looking in there the other day. I'll go and get it and you'll see it pop up soon.


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl you do what feels right with your medicine.  Those doctors don't have time for everything and probably don't know everything. 


I have been cutting down my antidepressents because I have been taking them for so long and they seemed to be having the opposite reaction.  I am also taking allot of supplements that help me feel better and don't need as much of the antidepressents.


Cheryl I am glad you are enjoying your turkey soup and Lynn I am so glad to hear Alicia is getting better and better every day. 

6 years ago

Hi Lynn and Cheryl I can't find our Green thread that we use to have.


I was having trouble earlier to day with care2.


Hope you are all doing well.


Love and big hugs.

6 years ago

Barb or Lynn - I quickly saw a post from our Mary just before I went to bed the other night. It said her sister was sick and she was going to be away for a few days. Now I can't find which thread that post was on. Can you remember or have you come across it?

Sometimes I think I should move a comment to this thread or that thread, but I like that we can be spontaneous wherever we are at the moment.

I do hope I can find Mary's post so I can tell her I'm thinking of her.

6 years ago

Oh boy, Lynn, I was having that same problem but it only lasted for about half a day. I would post something and it would disappear or I would suddenly be taken to the petition site, or maybe it was the home page. I thought something was wrong with my computer because it was like freezing for a moment. That's why I double posted the other day. I hope it gets fixed for you soon. It's a good thing I'm alone when those things happen.  

Hey... your hair looks really great  so don't pull any more out!   

I'm so happy to hear about Alicia feeling better. I just watched Anderson Cooper who had a boy on, about age 13 or so, who had part of his leg amputated because of a tumor. He was so "up" in his attitude and he said 90% of healing is your attitude, and if a patient has a positive attitude they heal faster/better. Obviously some great person coached him but he was the one who accepted the philosophy and the great attitude for himself.

It sounds like Alicia loves life and has a great attitude and wants to move forward from the operation. We could all learn from people like this amazing, lovely boy and Alicia. I believe that's true. When I got this defibrillator implant a booklet came with it that said those who accept it with a positive attitude do better than those who don't. Our mind definitely affects our body and spirit.

D'ya wanna come over for turkey soup dinner?? I'll be expecting you!


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, I'm about to tear my newly colored hair out by the roots! My posts don't go through. Keep getting the Care2 Home Page and have to arrow back and hope the post went through. Then I don't get any mail showing that I did post a message. Arghhh!!!!

You are so right about being pro-active for yourself. No one knows your body like you do and if you truly think that a medicine is not helping and is, in fact hindering your recovery and the doctor doesn't object, then by all means drop it. You were very wise in doing that.  I'm so glad that you feel stronger and have more energy. By the way, I can smell that turkey soup all the way here in the states, and boy, does it smell good!!

Hopefully, this post will go through. I spoke to Alicia earlier and she feels stronger every day. Her mom went home Wednesday and I just spoke to her, also. She misses Alicia and Steve. Can't blame her. Alicia is back to cooking a little and she said she's making meatless stuffed peppers tonight. Yummy!

Speak later, sis. Stay well.

Love you!

6 years ago


We're heading into another weekend, which means there will be no bills delivered for two days!

My doctor's appt. went well yesterday - looks like I've been sick for five or six weeks because of conflict of meds! I started experimenting myself (after looking things up on the internet) and dropped one medication that could conflict with the defibrillator meds I started on September 2. Surgeon didn't say he agreed, but didn't say he didn't agree. I have my energy back and feel so much better. Sometimes we need to be pro-active in our own care when you have a gut feeling something is not right but can't get answers from doctors.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend and doing something nice! It's pouring rain here, I still have my pj's on at 1:00 p.m., and I'm making turkey soup from the Thanksgiving turkey. IT SMELLS SO GOOD IN HERE!

Big hugs and kisses to you all.


6 years ago

Hello my dear dear friends here!
I just want to reach through the computer and hug each and every one of my sisters here (and brothers too!)

Lynn, it looks as if we posted at the same time four days ago. What was said to Alicia is what I was saying about some doctors who think the majority of problems women have are "in their head." I think such doctors should have to be a woman for a year! So glad to hear you had a great time out with your good friend. Really lifts the spirits!

Hi Barb, I bet you are tired. Going through a loved one's things can be emotionally exhausting, let alone preparing for a move and a new place to live. I hope you hear soon about the apartment and that it's good news. We're all pulling for you here!   

Hi Mary, I'm trying to get ready for the colder weather too. I remember when we were just starting to look forward to some flowers growing in our yards! Wow... the Russian Ballet... that is going to be beautiful... by now you've seen it so I bet it was awesome. Let us know what it was like as I for one have never seen it except little clips on t.v.

I hope you all are having a good weekend and trying not to worry about all the individual things going on. We need to take time off from our cares and worries if only for a day to re-energize. I'm still going through some problems but hope that can be sorted out with the next few doctors' appts. It's hard to wait to get questions answered.

Hi to anyone else looking in like Kay and Ana and Les and Ariel.

6 years ago

i am going to the russian ballet tomorrow i have had the tickets for ages really looking forward ti-o it . Lynn so delighted you met your friend and had a great time and relaxed .Barbara what a pity you had a bad reaction .i suppose all the apartment hunting is stressful .try not to worry take care sisters

6 years ago

Lynn I went out to dinner tonight with my sisters for Chinese food!  It was really nice It is a great restaurant in the Burien Area that has been here for over 50 years!


I have broken out in herpes really bad again. Not because of the Chinese food, but because of everything going on. I am going to order more Melaleuca tea and need to stay away from chocolate.  That makes it worse.  I need to get more vitamins too - they help my immune system.

6 years ago

HI Mary I'm basically good, thanks you for asking.  Lynn I hope you are right.  I would rather stay here of course, but I can't. Thanks for the luck.


Get some good rest my dear sisters and miss you Cheryl.  Hope you are feeling well.


Love and big hugs.

6 years ago

Thanks, Mary dear. I'm still trying to take it easy. I went out to dinner tonight with my best friend of over 45 years. Had a lovely meal, a glass of wine and good company with her and her husband.

Is Cheryl still unable to post. Some Care2 people are having problems posting in their groups. I hope Cheryl is able to come back soon.

Barb, I hope you get the apartment that you are applying for. I know it's difficult when you're unemployed, but the people will realize what a lovely person you are and you'll get the apartment. Good luck!

Gonna call it a night and get ready for bed. See you tomorrow, my sisters. Stay well. Sending big hugs and kisses.

6 years ago

HiBarbara its wet and a bit humid here not very autunmy at all its supposed to change to coder weather next week how are you ?Cheryl i hope your feeling well and resting Lynn you are such a help to your son and Alicia i hope your taking it easy . have a lovely weekend sisters scraps

Send a Weekend Scrap!

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Lynn, Mary and my other dear Care2 friends.  Sorry I haven't posted much.  I have been really tired.  Still going through Mom's things with my sisters.  Still waiting for application to apartment.  I had to turn in a few letters because I am not employed.  We will see what happens.


I need to post more in the LiveGreen thread.  It is so important for us all to do.

Have a great weekend my dear sisters.


Oh, how is your weather ladies?  It feels like winter here.  Not snowing yet, but very chilly!


Love and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie

6 years ago

Oh no that's too bad Cheryl.  Hope it's fixed now


Mary I have been going to dance classes inbetween all of this

6 years ago

Something happening with Care2 - unable to post and/or posts not appearing. I'll try this one and otherwise, will try later.

6 years ago

I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving Cheryl .Lynn rest up you have been giving a lot i bet with the family .Barbara dont forget to dance hugs to all

6 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving Cheryl!!!  I am so glad you are feeling better and able to be back here and enjoying your day.  Who is having dinner with you?  How is your birdie?


Cheryl I am so glad you finally got checked for your racing heart problem.  How stupid and cruel for the doctors not to check you immediately.  I am so glad you feel better now.


Hi Mary I am fine.  Just tired.  Starting to pack and waiting to hear back about my application for the apartment.  How are you Mary?


Hi Lynn so glad you are back and Alicia is doing well.  I will keep praying for her.  Lynn help Alicia get rid of the toxic products in her home and replace with safe products.  They don't have to be from Melaleuca.  But it's important for her to keep her home free of toxins.


Love and big hugs to my sisters.

6 years ago

Hi Mary and everyone. I guess we'll be seeing Lynn any time now. I hope she had a happy time at grand-daughter's birthday and that Alicia is doing well.

I feel so blessed today. We have a turkey in the oven and all the fixings ready for a Thanksgiving dinner. Obviously I'm not fully vegetarian yet.

I heard on the news this morning that people at the Union Gospel in Vancouver who put on the annual turkey dinner for the homeless and those who have very low income are expecting 800-900 MORE people than last year (which will almost make it double). Many are women with children who would not otherwise have a Thanksgiving dinner. It showed so many people - for blocks - lined up outside the building. And that's just one of the places putting on the annual dinner. There are still so many people experiencing hard times and things won't get better for some time yet.  It makes me feel very humble and thankful for my blessings. I cannot buy a lot of things and I have to be frugal, but we do not go hungry.

I hope everyone is having a good Monday. It's raining heavily here but it's nice and cosy inside. ss


6 years ago

Cheryl, happy, happy Thanksgiving! Now you've got a lot to be thankful for.

I can't believe the incompetency of some of the people in the medical profession. One of the doctors that saw Alicia at the very beginning of her ordeal told her that nothing was wrong and said "Oh, you neurotic oncology nurses!".  So to think that you went through an operation and someone forgot to finish it with the key thing to make it work, is unconscionable!  I'm so glad that you continued to complain. As you said - the squeeky wheel gets the oil.

It's so good to have you back as we were all worried about you. I can't believe how tired I am. So I'll just relax for the next couple of days and catch up on my sleep.

Sending humongous hugs and kisses to you all!!

6 years ago

happy thanksgiving cheryl how are you barbara?lynn i hope you had a great visit and that alicia is doing well hugs to all

6 years ago

ss Hi Barb (and Baby and Beenie) and Mary! It's so good to be back here. Thanks for missing me!  And again, thanks to all here who have been such great friends!

After 'complaining' about all my symptoms to the secretaries in the surgeons' offices (2) and telling them "something" was wrong with the implant to control my heart rhythme, and talking to my family doctor who basically brushed me aside, I finally got some action. (Sometimes "they" think everything is psychosomatic, which is VERY frustrating, and this often happens to women more than men)

 I finally told one of the surgeon's secretary (the dr. who put the implant in) that I wished I'd never had it done, that it has sapped me of all energy and makes my heart race when I do anything - even walk for 3-4 minutes. I got a call back Friday at about noon from her asking me if I could be at the hospital by 1:30 for a echocardiogram. I said "absolutely I'll be there" even though I knew I may not make it there by 1:30.

In short, a real doctor (not a technician) did the cardio and found everything okay EXCEPT THAT SOME DARN THING WAS TURNED OFF! In other words, I am 'wearing' this thing for nothing because it's not working. Someone has forgotten to do something important - like turn the settings of the implant to "on." Apparently someone will be calling me early next week. It is all very scary to go through something like this - especially when some believe it's all "in your head."

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. It's Thanksgiving on Monday here in Canada and you know what that means!
ss ... so to all who are having a Thanksgiving weekend,

ss Apart from the problems mentioned above, I feel so blessed with so many things and I'm truly grateful, especially for the people in my life - which includes all my wonderful friends right here!


6 years ago

hi Cheryl how wonderful to hear from you looking forward to catching up hugsorkut scraps

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6 years ago

Cheryl I am So So Happy to see you!!!


Keep us posted!


Love, prayers and big hugs.


Barb, Baby and Beenie ))

6 years ago

dd Hello my very dear friends! Thank you so MUCH for your well wishes, thoughts and probably there's a prayer or two in there as well. It's been tough not knowing what was wrong with me -- why I couldn't do "normal" things without my heart racing, but I think we found out today. I will explain this later (tomorrow), but for now I'd like to say that the squeaky wheel really does get listened to. I love seeing the chatter here and all the pretty pictures!

It's good catching up on what you all have been doing - great weather, Kay, it's the opposite here but I love the changing leaves -- Barb, I hope you are feeling well and I love to hear that you've been dancing -- Lynn,  so glad to hear you've been out and about having some fun -- Mary -- how wonderful to be out riding, even if it's just in the arena. I used to love horsebackriding. Wow, you did have a big beautiful family Mary. I bet you became a second mom, being the eldest.  What was it like being a part of such a big family?  

It's really great to have such WONDERFUL SISTERS here (and we have a few BROTHERS too). You've all been so caring and supportive. THANK YOU AGAIN! There really have been some terribly 'down' days and I've done nothing computer-wise.

I haven't looked in on any other threads yet -- just came to this room first. I bet our baby Aussie Sea Eagle is pretty grown up! I will be checking in longer tomorrow, hopefully.


6 years ago

Hi Mary and Lynn.  Thank you for your kind words.  I feel better today.  We will see how long it lasts.  It really helps me to go out to dance class.  I danced with the young girls today.  The class isn't as hard at the Monday and Wednesday with the adults.  It's very good for me mentally as well as physically even though I may never look that great when I dance, it's still a good exercise.


Lynn thanks.  I have been through allot and just too tired sometimes.


I pray that Cheryl is just resting.  You know a little operation like that on your heart muscle can really make you real tired.  I remember when my Mom had a heart attack.  It really put her our of commission for awhile.  The heart muscle needs to heal. 


We miss you Cheryl!


Love and big hugs to all of you!


Mary I use to ride horses when I was in grade school and high school.  I loved doing that!


6 years ago

Hi, Mary, Barb and Kay.  I really hope that our Cheryl is alright. It's not like her to not peek in for just a second and say hi. I hope that she's just resting and not on the computer and that's all it is.

Barb, you just take it easy also. You had a lot of things happen at once, what with the death of your mom and then the debacle with your siblings and the added factor of not knowing where you're going to be living. Just know that we're hear for you if you want to vent or just quietly talk. xxxx

Have a nice weekend, all my sisters. Stay safe. Love you all.

6 years ago

for you Cheryl we miss you scraps

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6 years ago

hello sisters i wonder how dear Cheryl is doing .Ithink its great that you got an outdoor swim Kay its pouring rain here i went riding yesterday but i had to stay in the arena .how are you Lynn how did your family gathering go ? Barbara i hope your having a great weekend practice dancing that will give you some energy hugs to all orkut scraps

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6 years ago

HI Lynn, Cheryl, Kay, Mary and anyone else here.   Sorry I haven't posted much.  I have been feeling under the weather.  I get tired to fast.  But here I am to say hi and thank you for being my friends!


Love and big hugs.


6 years ago

Hi, everyone!

Kay, so glad you got a chance to go to the outdoor pool. That weather must have felt heavenly to you. We're still hot here but not quite as bad as it has been. It's in the very high 80's and not as muggy as it was.

Where is our Cheryl? Cheryl, if you're reading this and relaxing, don't feel that you have to answer. Just take it easy and don't overdo.

My Sue is taking me out tonight for a birthday dinner. She wasn't feeling well when we all celebrated it so I have an extra little celebration tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful weekend, all of you. Sending love, hugs and kisses

6 years ago

Hello Friends

It was such a beauitiful day here today , like high summer , we decided to go to our nearest outdoor pool and make the most of the sunshine , you know, it was packed ! People just cant believe this weather , 1st October tomorrow and everyone was swimming and sunbathing....its not usual for here at this time...It was a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon , its probably the last time for outdoor swimming here this year , we will be back at the indoor one next time no doubt...Just lovely !

I hope you all have a safe & happy weekend...

Love & peace to all


6 years ago

Hi to all my "sisters",
Kay, I'm still having problems too and it's enough to drive me crazy! I just came on for a second (and I hope I can get this to post) because it's my religious holiday and we're all going to Alicia's sister's house for dinner. Talk to you tomorrow. Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

6 years ago

Hello Friends

I am having troubles with getting any posts to 'stick' on care2, keep getting error messages....grrrr..... its frustrating !!!

I hope everyone is having a happy & peaceful day ....I can read your posts even if it wont let mine through.

Love to all


6 years ago

Cheryl so happy to hear from younever mind about doing any jobs they can wait concetrate on getting stronger . the only way to do it is to take it easy my dear one .Lynn i am having lots of trouble posting as well and reading my messages i hope it gets sorted soon i hope you enjoyed your family visit . Barbara how are you? any dancing? Kay Ana and Arlie i hope your having a lovely day .hugs

6 years ago

Hi, everyone! Cheryl, I'm so happy to see you in our room. I'm sorry to hear that you have no energy. I still feel that you jumped in and did too many things too soon. You're now paying for it, I'm afraid. Now you really have to rest....know your own body. When you feel tired - rest. If you feel like you have a bit more energy, do just a little bit. Guage yourself, my love. You know your body better than any doctor does.

Barbara and Mary, so glad to see you. I'm having a lot of trouble posting. I keep getting a white page come up saying Website can't be found or something like that and unless I refresh the page, I can't post. It's really annoying and so many people are having the same problem. I don't know whether it's Windows or Care2, but I hope it's fixed soon.

Talk to you all soon.


Big hugs,

6 years ago

Hi Cheryl so wonderful to hear from you.  But please make sure you rest enough ok.  We want you to be completely well very soon!  Or as soon as possible.


Hi Mary, Lynn and my other dear friends on here.


Love and big hugs.


6 years ago

Hi my dear friends. I'm sorry Mary and Lynn that I haven't been much of a co-host here for a while. I had an episode of racing heartbeat on Sunday and since then have been doing practically nothing. All I did was walk into a store and back to the car! I did phone my family doctor to ask some questions but he wasn't much help. There are some "holes" in the directions from when a person gets out of hospital to what doctor they need to "Make a Plan" with, and the fatigue etc. one may feel. I was quite depressed and scared. It's funny, all the things I was able to do with great gusto before the operation I can't do now. I sure hope this is what you said it is, Lynn, and that it will pass.   You are probably very right that I jumped into things too fast. But boy, this is quite a shock having practically no energy at all. You made me laugh saying that I have to listen to you. I always wanted sisters!

I am so glad to hear you are off on your trip to Alicia and Steve's, Lynn, and Mary - so very happy to hear Sophie is doing better. It's such a worry when our furbabies aren't well.

That's such a cute dog and cat. Did you create that Lynn? I want to learn to do that -- when I get some energy back.

Take good care, my friends. I shall be back as soon as I can. Barb - hang in there, sis. Good things are coming your way because we are all concentrating on that happening for you!


6 years ago

Hi sisters Lynn i'm the oldest sister too in fact i'm the oldest of 11siblings 4 boys and 7 girls .How are Cheryl Barbara and kay today?big hugs

6 years ago

Oh Lynn I am happy your are having a wonderful time!


Cheryl and Mary hello.


And big hugs back to all of my dear sisters and brothers here!


6 years ago

Hi Cheryl, Mary, Barb and Kay, I hope you're all feeling well today.

Cheryl, are you feeling any stronger. I hope so. Any surgery needs time for a recuperation period and I think you jumped right in and started doing things too soon. Now it's time for you to rest and just take it easy, dear sister. Now, I'm the oldest sister so you have to listen to me!

I went with Magdalena (Alicia's mother) and Patricia (Alicia's sister) yesterday to visit Alicia and Steve up in West Palm Beach. It's so pretty there and their home is gorgeous. We had a double celebration - first and foremost, for Alicia's good news that the cancer didn't spread and secondly, to celebrate my birthday. We all had a wonderful time.

I'm waiting for my Sue to come soon. She's picking up some things at a couple of stores for me. She's such a good daughter. I don't know what I'd do without her!

That's it for now. Sending big hugs and kisses to you all.

6 years ago

Hello Sisters Cheryl how are you feeling today? Barbara i know you are strong i'm still sending energy .Lynn what a lovely visit you will have . Ican imagine you all basking in the good news i'm thrilled for you . Kay how are you? hugs to all

6 years ago

Thank you Lynn and Mary.  Thank you Cheryl.


6 years ago

Barb, things will work out for you because of your optimistic attitude, even in the face of adversity. I will keep good thoughts and healing affirmations for you that everything works out well with an apartment for you and with your family. I love you, my sister.

Alicia will be going in for her surgery on October 5th. The doctor will be away before then and he wants to make sure that he's there for her all through the surgery (he'll be operating) and the aftermath. So keep the prayers going, please.

I'm getting ready to go up to West Palm Beach to Alicia and Steve's house. Unfortunately, Sue (my daughter) has a bug in her system and can't make it, but I'm going with Alicia's sister and mother who live about 5 minutes away from me. They're wonderful people.

I'll look at a few more emails and then I'm off. Take care, everyone.  Have a marvelous day!  Big hugs to all.

6 years ago

i will keep sending prayers and energy for all my sisters and Alicia too

6 years ago

Hi Lynn I am so happy to hear about the good news about Alicia!!!  She is going to be alright


And Mary thank you for that energy lotus.  It's beautiful.  I need all of the good energy I can get because I work so hard to be positive and my family will drive me crazy.  They are just trying to help but don't know how to do it the right way.  That is part of my family.  My sisters are allot more mellow


I am so happy for your Lynn.  I will keep sending more healing prayers.

6 years ago

Thank you, my "sisters" Mary and Kay! We are all so elated over this wonderful news. Kay, Alicia has always been surrounded by love. She's an angel and we're so lucky to have her and her family in our family. We're going to Alicia and Steve's house tomorrow to celebrate the good news.

6 years ago

Fantastic news about your beloved Alicia , dear Lynn, I cant tell you how good it is to hear that , I am sure she will have a long & happy life surrounded by love.

Life is such a precious gift...

6 years ago

Lynn i am so relieved and delighted for you and your family .i will keep sending the energy and praying too  Cheryl is right we cant do it alone .Cheryl how are you my dear friend?thanks for asking my sophie is much better her paw is healing and she got new arthitis meds that are now working thank God .how are you today Barbara ?sending energy and hugs to all of you Ariel and kay too and Zen of course how is your hand Zen?

6 years ago

YIPPEE, Lynn... I AM SO ELATED!! I am roaming around our rooms in here and saw that you had posted... so I ran over here! Oh my goodness, I feel like dancing and singing and saying, THANK YOU, LORD!!

I can't tell you enough of how happy I am and I'm sure Mary and Barb and Kay and everyone else will be SMILING BIG. Yes... Alicia does have to go through the hysterectomy, but in comparison to what she might have been looking at, I would welcome that.

You're right... the nurse would have remained mum, without eye contact, had there been something even more invasive to worry about.

I can't tell you, my friend, how relieved I feel. I certainly can understand the relief Alicia, and you and Steve must be feeling right now.

I agree that we here have become "sisters from another mother." And Ariel and Les are our brothers.

Sleep well tonight, Lynn. It will be so different going to bed tonight than it was last night. 



6 years ago

Hi, my wonderfriends and roomies,

Whoever says prayer doesn't help, doesn't know what he/she is talking about and is not spiritual enough to believe it. Steve just called me with the wonderful news that the cancer has not spread. Alicia spoke to the nurse in the doctor's office (Alicia will speak to the doctor Monday) and the nurse said "the only area that lit up in the PET scan was the cervix! If there was bad news the nurse would not have been allowed to say anything, so we're all elated!!

Alicia will speak to the doctor Monday at which time he'll schedule the surgery for the hysterectomy and that will be that. No chemo, no radiation - just a long, happy life.

The "lotus planet" is beautiful, Mary as is the "energy" tag from you, Barb.  Cheryl, I just love the heart with the little heart and glow in the background. I saved them all.

I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your good energy, kind thoughts, healing affirmations and prayers for Alicia. It has brought me closer to you all in ways that I can't even express. You're my sisters from another mother. I'm changing the expression that some guys use "brother from another mother", but you know what I mean. I feel as if you're part of my immediate family and I feel your pain, your happiness and your stress. You're all in my heart and I love you all. Thank you for everything.


6 years ago

Wow, look at all the awesome, special friends we have visit our "rooms!"

Lynn, thank you for giving me a name as to what I might be experiencing right now. Even my purse feels twice as heavy as it did before. Sometimes just knowing what you're feeling is a "normal" reason to feel sick, helps. I know you'll understand what I just said. lol

Mary - that picture is wonderful energy for Barb, Alicia, Lynn, Zen also needs some, and myself - and anyone else who needs it. A gorgeous lotus planet! I remember one of the first astronauts, who was not necessarily religious when he took off in a space shuttle, said he had a religious (spiritual) experience when he looked out and saw how orderly the planets were, how beautiful our "blue planet" is - that there had to be a Higher Power because nothing so beautiful could have happened accidently. Mary -- please let us know how your dog is. He or she is also a part of our family here.

I know we all have been thinking of Alicia, Lynn. She keeps popping into my mind many times a day -- and you along with her.  You know we are here for you and Alicia and Steve. And while this is going on you are also there for us going through our various individual things!

More energy -- can you feel it? I think anything with a heart or heartbeat has energy.


I also want to say to everyone:



6 years ago

here is some for Cheryl ,Lynn and Alicia Barbara,Kay Ariel and Zen

6 years ago

6 years ago

Hi Mary I am doing ok and how are you?  I am trying not to worry about moving.  I need to help myself think more positive. 


Mary, Cheryl, Lynn, Ariel and Kay and everyone else, please send me somemore positve energy.


I will send some to Alicia.  Look I just found some! 





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6 years ago

Hello, everyone!  It's a beautiful, albeit hot day here today. No autumn for us. lol 

Mary, thank you for complimenting me and my family. Why did you have to take your dog to the vet. Is it Sophie? I hope everything is alright with her.

Cheryl, I'm afraid you're experiencing what is known as an "adrenalyn crash" in the aftermath of all you've been through. Just try to rest and keep your mind free of any worry. It will pass as soon as your system is back on course. I've been there and I know the feeling.

Barb, Kay, Ariel, Antonio and anyone else who might come into the room, I hope you're all well and happy. By the way, anyone hear from Sarah?

Sending good vibes and happy thoughts, along with big hugs to you all.

6 years ago

Thanks for starting new thread, Lynn. Yes... as a matter of fact, I thought Alicia looked very Hawaiian in that picture! I'm thinking of you, Lynn, and of course Alicia and Steve at this difficult time. We'll be waiting to hear what hopefully will be good news.

Thank you dear Mary for asking. I am, strangely enough, feeling more tired/fatigued and slightly sicky than I did before the operation. I don't get it. But I hope that will soon pass.

Oh Mary, what's the matter with your furbaby? I'll be waiting to hear and I do hope everything is okay!

Happy Wesnesday, everyone .


6 years ago

Cheryl how are you feeling today ? how are you Barbara Kay and Ariel ?i must take my poor doggie to the vet see you later

6 years ago

you have such a beautiful family Lynn youe daughter and grandaughter are very like you

6 years ago

Here's the last post from Chatter Box #7

Lynn G.


6 min ago

By the way, that picture of Steve and Alicia was taken the weekend they got married. They got married in Key West, Florida and I think Alicia looks like some princess from Hawaii or some such exotic place. lol

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