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Global Scale Destruction - SALMON ARE SACRED! Please Read and Sign
7 years ago
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Please sign our Global Ocean's

'International Declaration Against Unsustainable Salmon Farming'. 

Please read on:

7 years ago

Sorry - red link doesn't work but the blue one does.

7 years ago

Cheryl, the blue link doesn't work either. It says that the domain has expired.

7 years ago

Oh that's so disappointing! I'm going to try a few other links on there that may work.

This is such an important subject; these fish farms are going to cause such damage to our natural salmon that we may see the loss forever, if not for many years. I don't know what our First Nations people will do as they rely so much on the salmon runs every year.

I'll give it a try:

Lots of other links on this one as well:

I did not realize things were so bad:

7 years ago

Cheryl, it worked this time!  Don't know what happened the first time, but I tried your last post link and it worked. Thanks so much for re-posting it.

7 years ago

Oh that's great, Lynn. I'm so happy it came through. I'm going to keep my eye out for out news on this subject because there certainly is crucial information being held back.

Living on the coast we have been blessed with such a bounty of salmon and other health sustaining fish. I never thought I would ever see a day come when their existence would be threatened. 

This is happening all over the world as our oceans get more polluted and oil spills continue. We have no choice but to join the fight against those who choose money over the environment.


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