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7 years ago

Due to Lynn's post I have changed back to the old format. I am so sorry Lynn and Mary - I had no idea there were these restrictions. Please let me know how things are working now we are changed back. I forgot about the cute little welcome wagon there. Looks like an old friend. lol

I am busy unpinning the red and blue pins and re-pinning the current ones. It seems they didn't change over when we changed to the new format. I must admit I like the pins.

I really like this Trebuchet font much better than the one in the new format, but I imagine that one day Care2 will make it easier for us to access.

Lynn's post:

"Cheryl, I can't post an image and things I do post can't be changed because there are no icons on the top of this box. No way to change the font, font size, color, etc. I can only do those things in groups that have the old method of posting, where you have to click on "Reply to Post". I can post an image in those groups, too. Is it possible to change back to the old method of posting until Care2 straightens this out? I'm not able to give my all here! Please?"

7 years ago

Uh-oh, I just found this post of yours, Lynn (dated Nov. 4th) on the "Thoughts & Quotes" thread. Looks like I didn't get there fast enough. I was just going to post something there and found it.  

"By the way, in one of the other threads I asked you to go back to the old method of posting. Please disregard that as Care2 has stopped playing tricks on me for the moment. I hope it doesn't start again, but it seems to have righted itself as of now. Thanks, anyway! "

Maybe we should stay here for awhile until some of the Care2 glitches have been worked out. I feel terrible that those features weren't available.

Please keep me up-to-date if something different happens again while we're here in the old format. Maybe we'll try the new one again next month, just to see what happens.


7 years ago

Good idea, Cheryl. Thanks for changing it. It always works this way.

7 years ago

What browser are you using? Also, were you in the Basic Editor mode? If so, by switching to Advanced Editor, you will see all the toolbar features.

7 years ago

Hi Lynn. I'm glad it's working for you. It sure feels different. I've been pinning and unpinning threads that are totally different when I changed over.

Hi Christian. I'm using IE and I don't know where to find the Basic Editor and Advanced Editor. They sound vaguely familiar - I think I've run into them before, but right now I don't have a clue. Where are they, please?  

7 years ago

The button is at the bottom on the right.



7 years ago

Christian, I tried changing the Editor. It didn't do any good. If I did manage to get the icons back up, my mail flew into la la land after I posted. This happened out of the clear blue sky. I'm using Windows XP and IE8. I made no changes, except to move over to Firefox to see if that would work, but to no avail, so I switched back to IE. Everything seems to be working fine now, even in the new mail format. There was some kind of Care2 glitch and even Zen was having a problem for a couple of days.  Thanks for explaining the Editor to Cheryl.

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lynn and Christian.   Thanks to both of you for explaining it all to me. I can see the Basic Editor button now and have no idea why I couldn't before. One of those things when something is right in front of you and you look everywhere else but!

Coming back to the old format is interesting. There are things I like, like the red and blue pins. Took quite a while to change them as they still were mostly in the same places as they were before we changed to new format.

I miss being able to see what the previous posts were as they show in the new format. That's definitely an advantage as often I will have two browsers open for that reason. And we don't get a chance to change something in a post once we hit submit like we do in the new format.

What's your thoughts? Christian, I know you like the old format best. Have you tried the new one?



7 years ago

Sorry everyone about the quick changes back and forth re formats. I thought we might enjoy a blue sky with a lucky ladybug for the fun of it today! Our seals are just sleeping.

Please let me know what you think about the differences you find good and/or bad with new and old formats. While in the old format I did miss being able to see the previous posts and the quick look at the latest posts by members. But if the delete button and other features don't work for Lynn and Mary, then it's not much good.

I am starting to like this one (the new) better although the old has its advantages. I'm going to look at the "pins" which are different colours in this format. I changed them in the old format to what we were presently doing in the new. I hope it's not all bungled.


7 years ago

7 years ago


I've been using the new format since it came out because a lot of the groups I'm in switched immediately. Both formats have their pluses and minuses. I love the fact that you can read the previous posts when replying in the new format, and it's difficult to live without that, I admit. The amount of bugs and glitches in the new format make it miserable for me to use, though. I can't stand that the "time stamps" do not show the actual date and time (so what's the point?) and I really dislike that there is no way of keeping important threads pinned for permanent access. The new format offers labels and stars, but neither of those things prevents the threads from sinking into the archives anyway, not to mention that few people even use or know how to use the labels, and there aren't enough colours, so the ability to catagorize is limited. Going back into the archives is murder, because it wll only allow you to go back one page at a time with no way of skipping ahead. In active groups with years worth of archives, it could take forever to go back to threads from several years ago. In the old groups, although it may take awhile to load, every single archived thread can be found on a single page.


I do love that the default font is point 10 Verdana, as it is truly the best overall font. It looks good and is totally readable. The Trebuchet of the old format groups looks like a hideous train wreck to me.


It seems as if there are an equal amount of pros and cons with both formats. Neither one is perfect, or even close to perfect. They both suffer from serious problems (don't get me started on the fact that the Preview fiunction in both formats doesn't match what is actually posted), and it's hard to determine which works best other than to go with personal preference, which obviously differs with each person.


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7 years ago

You hit the nail on the head, Christian. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons and of course, personal preferences. As long as everything is working smoothly, either method is good.

7 years ago

Hi Christian and Lynn. Good points, Christian. I also like the red and blue pins in the old format rather than the coloured ones in the new format. I REALLY like the fact that we can read the previous posts easily and at a glance can see who has posted last and a little of what's being said. In both formats I tend to miss posts, but now I notice that happens more in the old format.

This group goes back more than five years and although I have recently started to clean up archived threads, I haven't gone back far enough yet to have the experience of not getting to them as easily as in the old format.

You're both right - definitely pros and cons. I think being able to see the previous posts, though, makes me favour the new format a little more. Until you've experienced it, you don't realize how handy that is. 

Lynn, I was concerned that you weren't able to access certain functions, but just before I changed it back to the old format where you said they worked, you mentioned that the functions were, again, working for you. Is this still the case? I would never "hog" functions to myself that should also be given to co-hosts to access/use. I know that must have been frustrating when some of them weren't working for you. I don't know if Mary had the same problems.

So... everything is working now?

Thanks to you both for your thoughts and observations. When something goes wrong it's nice to know whether or not others experience the same because it's obviously a glitch that will eventually be fixed. 


7 years ago

Cheryl, Christian and whoever else will listen. I'm fighting mad and I'm not going to take this anymore! Just kidding, of course, but I'll explain why I said that. No sooner does Care2 clear up the glitches, when it starts all over again. I've been posting for the last half hour and every time I hit "Post Reply", it comes up with the Care2 Home Page and I have to quickly use the back arrow to see if I can get my thread back. Sometimes, it doesn't come back but when I look at the discussions list, there my post is!  It's so frustrating, that soon I will take care of Care2 by doing this.... Drag and drop me

7 years ago

ss Lynn, I wasn't sure what was happening here until I read on a little more. Do I get serious and cry or scream, or do I laugh!

Sooooo.... this is what was happening to you before, and for awhile, it was happening to me so I know what you mean. I started taking a copy of everything I was going to post just in case it disappeared.

I wonder if it has anything to do with changing the format back again, or are you having it happen in any group where you try to post?

I can't find a smiley that pulls its hair out, but as soon as I do I'll post it!!

Have you posted what's happening in the Care2 group?


7 years ago

I'll just wait until it rights itself again, Cheryl. Every time I post I post it in the Care2 group they ask what kind of program and browser I'm using. I haven't changed a thing, so it's a Care2 problem and they're all messed up while they're changing to a new formula. Woe is me! lol  And yes, I'm tearing my hair out!  See? 

7 years ago


May I ask why you are clearing out the archives? If it's to make the group load faster, I can tell you from much experience that clearing them out doesn't make a bit of difference. It's always sad to see old threads deleted for no reason. I've been on Care2 since 2004, and since then, more than several people have passed away. Sometimes it's nice to see their old posts once in awhile. I could never, ever delete those. Then there would be nothing left of them at all except their Care2 profile.


I once co-hosted a group that was extremely busy and fun back in its heyday, but it sputtered and died by 2008. Unfortunately, the owner had this thing about deleting all archives every month or so, so when it was finally handed over to me, there was absolutely nothing left of it. That really saddened me, because I met some really great people from there, some in real life. All of the history of that is now gone forever.


7 years ago

Yep, Lynn, now I'm doing a lot of flying through cyber-space before what I post shows up! Hey, you found a pull-your-hair-out guy! Super. He certainly looks like he's going to blow a gasket, there! Yikes! 

Hi Christian. I'm just deleting posts from the past that have pictures that 'popped' and other little things that are no longer working like links. I did think it would load faster if that was done so thanks for letting me know!

You are absolutely right about not deleting so many precious posts. We had a heyday going here too, starting about five years ago. The host at that time shows as "anonymous" but I know who he is and it makes me smile to see his posts. As a co-host, I disappeared for a while because I was ill. When I came back, the group was not active at all. I was very close to one of the co-hosts and I believe she has passed away because she loved this little group. I miss her very much. The threads from the past are very precious to me. I'm glad you feel that way too. I am very lucky to have two new co-hosts who have brought this group back to life!

That is so sad that you've lost posts from people who are gone. It's a memorial to them to keep them, even if you are the only person who knew them. I can see the personality and fun in that co-host's posts and it brings her back to life.



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