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7 years ago
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(At least for New Year's)

Get your happy kleenex ready! If anyone can find videos of the troops returning right now, please post them here!

7 years ago

For those who can't come home yet:


7 years ago

This is a song I found on YouTube that I think is very meaningful. There are no pictures, only the country singer's voice and the written words to the song, "Welcome Home."

From time to time over the years when the subject of the Vietnam war came into a discussion, I've heard - and read - about how the soldiers felt coming home to the protests that were taking place. Regardless of how one might personally feel about a war, these troops need to hear, "Welcome home." I think this song expresses these feelings and experiences very well. (I was actually singing along with it by the end of the song).

Dec. 19, 2011
7 years ago

I just saw this little fellow (8 years old) on Dr. Drew. What an awesome little soldier!

After having 9/11 explained to him by his parents, Cody Jackson wanted to welcome troops back home. He shakes their hands and thanks them for what they've done, bringing smiles, hugs, and sometimes a tear from them.

Have a look at his website:

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