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6 years ago

The other thread took too long to load, so here's Make a Difference #5

Link to thread #4

Jytte is a friend of mine on Care2 - please read
6 years ago
March 1, 2012
Jytte Nhanenge has led a truly remarkable life. This energetic Danish expatriate, currently living in central Mozambique, has completed three degrees, traveled all over the world, written a book, and contributed heavily to international development theory, focusing specifically on poverty alleviation.

When it comes to helping those in need, Jytte is a force to be reckoned with.

For today's Daily Action, pledge to learn more about poverty in Africa, and what you can do to help.


alternative action14 Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

“The eye is a unique window into health,” claims ophthalmologist Andrew Iwach, spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and executive director of the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco. “It’s the only place in the body where, without surgery, we can look in and see veins, arteries, and a nerve (the optic nerve).” What do your eyes say about your health?

6 years ago
March 2, 2012
In the film "Shall We Dance," Susan Sarandon's character reflects on marriage. “We need a witness to our lives," she says. "There are billions of people on the planet… I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you’re promising to care about everything – the good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things – all of it, all the time, every day. You’re saying, ‘Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness.’”

Who is witnessing your life? For today's Daily Action, take active steps to cultivate that special, deep relationship in your life.


alternative action5 More Things to Start Making at Home

We are all trying to lead more sustainable lives. How are you coming along in achieving a truly handmade lifestyle? For today's Secondary Action, learn more about 5 things to start to make from home.

6 years ago

Great stuff! I love the article about Jytte. Overall, I think it's true that the male energy suppresses the female energy in this world. Do you suppose that if it were the other way around there would be more peace and there would be no starving people in the world -- that given the choice between going to the moon and feeding the hungry, the female energy would opt for feeding the hungry? I look forward to Jytte's website.

Also an interesting article on "Someone to Grow Old With." One person put it quite well by saying (to the effect) that if only one person in a relationship puts forth the energy and the other does nothing, it's not going to work. This seems to be the problem with so many relationships. One gets tired and depressed when nothing comes back. So, along come animals who give unconditionally and have affection galore! lol  

Good ACTIONS, Lynn. Thanks so much for posting them.


6 years ago

Colombia: European energy corporation plans to flood rainforest

The people are protesting against the embankment dam to be constructed in the rainforest.

Dear friends of the rainforest,

the people living next to the Magdalena river in Colombia are fighting desperately for their homeland. A giant hydro-electric power plant is supposed to be built right there in the Amazon rainforest and therefore large parts of the land are planned to be flooded. Constructor of this plant is the Spanish energy cooperation Endesa, which is a subsidiary enterprise of the Italian Enel cooperation.

The construction work is going to start on March 6th and the protest camps of the local farmers and fishermen have been evacuated by force. These people are in desperate need of our support.

Please sign our protest action here:

Take Action

Many thanks and best regards,

Klaus Schenck
Rainforest Rescue (Rettet den Regenwald e.V.)

6 years ago

Hi Lynn thanks for this petition.  Signed and shared on facebook, twitter, google.

6 years ago
PETA's Action Team Alert Get ActiveLivingTVShopDonate NowShare on Facebook

Dear Barbara,

In the coldhearted down industry, birds are often live-plucked so that their feathers can be used for clothing, pillows, and comforters. Shocking video footage taken during investigations of down farms shows that workers pluck birds' feathers so violently that the animals' skin tears, leaving them with gaping wounds that are sewn back together without any anesthetics—some birds even die as a result of the procedure.

We need your help RIGHT NOW to help stop the pain and suffering that birds are forced to endure for their feathers. Take a look at this exposé of the cruel down industry and then sign the pledge to go down-free.

Remember: The best thing that you can do for birds exploited by the cruel down industry is to refuse to buy down products and to purchase clothing and bedding made from cruelty-free materials instead.


Lindsay Rajt
Associate Director of Campaigns
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

6 years ago

Don't Let Wildlife Traffickers Win - Support WWF's urgent efforts to protect rhinos and other wildlife How Do You Move A Rhino?

An adult male black rhino can weigh well over 3,000 pounds, so you can't put it in a jeep. Moving a rhino requires helicopters, powerful steel cables--and a whole lot of care--to airlift it to safety.

Together with our South African partners, we did just this. Using specially made leg harnesses and heavy duty cables, we hoisted and airlifted 19 rhinos to a new home with better protections.

Watching the amazing video of this feat >>

rhino airlift video

So far WWF has helped move 120 rhinos to new homes in seven reserves. We're also:
  • Improving security monitoring to protect rhinos from poaching;
  • Implanting microchips in rhinos' horns, so that if they are killed we can use those chips to help track the traffickers down; and
  • Increasing local and international law enforcement to stop the flow of rhino horn and other illegal wildlife trade items from Africa to other regions of the world; as well as other efforts.
The threats to rhinos remain very real and extremely urgent. Wildlife trafficking is one of the most serious threats facing these animals! But if we can continue and expand our efforts, through increased funding, then I believe there is hope for rhinos, as well as other species now facing poaching and trafficking threats.

Urgent Alert

Shocking Increase in Rhino Poaching and Trafficking

The illegal killing of rhinos for their horns threatens the world's remaining rhinos. Last year 333 rhinos were poached in South Africa. Based on recent trends, that number will grow to more than 400 this year. Three of the remaining five species of rhino are critically endangered--one illegally killed rhino is unacceptable!

rhino with horns removed
Black rhinoceros after de-horning

WWF is leading the charge to stop the killing and save rhinos. Last year we helped airlift 19 rhinos to safety, and relocated over 100 more. But we're afraid the crime networks will stop at nothing, and time could be running out.

Please contribute generously to WWF with a monthly donation to support our work to protect animals and preserve their habitats. Our work is urgent and needs your help.

Please make a monthly donation to WWF and support our
6 years ago

Barbara dear, thank you for posting these last two actions. I signed the petition about down free (couldn't watch the video) and was captivated by the video about the transfer of the rhinos. Just wonderful.

6 years ago
March 5, 2012
Have you ever had quinoa before? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. Quinoa is delicious and nutty, and can be served in a variety of ways. Most importantly, it is a complete protein, and is chock-full of vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa is also a great wheat substitute for those who suffer from gluten intolerance.

For today's Daily Action, learn about 15 reasons to work this tasty nutritional powerhouse into your diet.


alternative action12 Handy Apps for Caregivers

Are you a caregiver? There are resources to help you and those you love in places you would least expect, like in your iPhone. For today's Secondary Action, read about the top 12 useful apps for elderly folks.

6 years ago

You are most welcome Lynn!  I didn't watc the video either.


Love and big hugs.

6 years ago

Lynn I eat Quinoa all the time.  I use to eat oatmeal but the oatmeal causes gout.  When I stopped eating oatmeal and switched to Quinoa my hands did not hurt near as much.  I love oatmeal too.

6 years ago
Justice For Slain Mountain LionHold Officials Responsible For BehaviorDespite mountain lion poaching being illegal in his own state--and his position as president of California's Fish and Game Commission--Dan Richards recently hunted and killed a mountain lion in Idaho. When asked about the killing, he responded, "I'm glad it's legal in Idaho."

The only way to come close to righting this wrong is to have Richards removed as president--there's no use in having an official in place if they don't value the core mission of their agency.

Write to the California Fish and Game Commission and ask them to employ a new member who will be responsible and actively promote the conservation of nature and species.
 Take Action
6 years ago
March 7, 2012

The 78 million baby boomers in the United States make up the largest, healthiest, best-educated population of Americans. It would be a shame to let their talent and expertise go to waste.

Most boomers can't afford to retire, and society can't afford to lose their knowledge and experience. That's why a growing number of older Americans are planning encore careers that provide both a paycheck AND the chance to make a positive difference in the world.

For today's Daily Action, "like" the encore career movement on Facebook and learn more about putting your passion to work!


alternative actionTell Canada to Protect Polar Bears!

Polar bears already face the threat of extinction. Yet the Canadian government is increasing kill quotas in the face of population decline. For today's Secondary Action tell Canadian officials to prohibit the killing of polar bears for pure sport and to ban the commercial trade in polar bear products.

6 years ago

Thanks Barb and Lynn for posting these great causes. I just signed the polar bear petition (#9,516) and as I commented, I'm ashamed to be a Canadian when it comes to the seal hunt and trophy hunting polar bears and any animals. Elk, deer, and moose are the "trophies" here in BC. These great hunters (some of whom have never held a gun) go to lodges up country where "bagging" an animal is the whole intent. It's often a guide who shoots the animal while the "hunters" stand by and hold their guns over their shoulders. All get drunk and have a good ole boys time!

Re the rhinos: I am posting a National Geographic picture (on that thread) of a white rhino and information that came with it. I have a scream in me but I have no words to adequately describe the angry and sickening feelings I have. WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE (gov'ts usually) WHO CAN HELP STOP THIS?!!

Thanks for all the great postings. They always remind me to do my daily 'clicking'.


6 years ago
March 8, 2012

Today is the 101st anniversary of International Women’s Day – a day that celebrates the political, economic, and social contributions women have made to the world. Women have come a long toward equality way since the first International Women's Day in 1911, but there's still a lot of work to do.

Too many women and girls around the world still lack adequate health care and access to family planning. A majority of people living in severe poverty are women and still, too many mothers suffer life-threatening complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

We've learned that helping women helps entire families and communities overcome adversity and thrive. For today's Daily Action -- in honor of women worldwide -- learn more about how the United Nations and its allies are investing in women and girls.


alternative actionStop the GOP War on Women

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have launched an all-out war on women since taking the Speaker's gavel last year. Now, on International Women's Day, send them the message that women matter. For today's Secondary Action, sign the petition urging the GOP to stop waging its war on women's health and rights.

6 years ago
Pay Teachers What They Deserve!Teachers Determine Student SuccessTeacher quality is of utmost importance in terms of a child's education. Then why are teachers so grossly underpaid?

StudentsFirst is working to remedy the problem by advocating teachers be awarded for excellence. Great teachers shape kids' lives and give them the tools to succeed. The best ones should be compensated accordingly!

Invest in education and, in turn, invest in our future. Sign the pledge to support America's outstanding educators.
 Take Action!Progress Bar
6 years ago


6 years ago
March 9, 2012
Many women in the developing world don't need a handout, they need a hand up. And FINCA microloans can provide just that. These small loans can help hardworking woman start or build a small businesses and create a path out of poverty.

FINCA loans can help transform the lives of women and families struggling in poverty, and can have far-reaching impact throughout their communities. When women have access to microloans, it can create amazing results, not just for them but for their families and communities. It can mean better nutrition, shelter, and clothing for entire families, and help pay the fees required to send children to school.

That means hope for a better future: one woman, one family, one community at a time.

For today's Daily Action, explore the programs at FINCA and see ho w microfinance is helping women around the world create a path out of poverty!


alternative actionScary Reasons to Quit Soft Drinks

Enjoy a cold soft drink or two during the day? You are not alone, but you should know what it does to your health. For today's Secondary Action, learn what your favorite soda does to you.

6 years ago

Hi Barb and Lynn and Mary. (((((HUG))))))

Thanks for posting these wonderful pledges/petitions, Lynn. I think if women really started to concentrate on other woman in our own countries and around the world, the more personal power and independence would be enjoyed by them. Not that we haven't already done this in some ways, but much more accountability re funds would be necessary. The number of struggling single moms bringing up children who go without many things, including food, is staggering.    

Mary - what a bummer with the insurance ad! I have had ads pop up out of nowhere too. I can't remember exactly what they are but talk about annoying! It's like we're being spammed. I hope this problem gets fixed so you can log on without that happening.

I signed the Teachers' pledge as well. We have EXACTLY the same thing going on here right now. Teachers are actually on rotation strikes now and more action is planned. In the last few years many schools were closed and students were placed in other schools, which are now bursting at the seams. One thinks this would have been taken into consideration before changes were made. Too many students per class means too little time for each. There are teachers who buy and bring supplies to school because the schools won't purchase them. Those who care for our kids - from daycare workers, special needs, etc., get much too low pay for the amazing work they do.



Thank you, Cheryl dear
6 years ago
March 12, 2012

It's virtually impossible for a private owner to provide an appropriate habitat for a large wild cat. Sadly, it is estimated that there are now between 10,000 and 20,000 big cats in private ownership in the United States, with more tigers privately-owned than exist in the wild.

These cats often live their entire adult lives in cramped backyard kennels, basements or even warehouses.

U.S. Congress is considering a bill that would ban big cats as pets. For today's Daily Action, sign the petition to save big cats from a sad lives as private pets.


alternative actionBeat Spring Allergies with Bacteria

For many people, the coming of spring also means the start of the itchy eyes and runny noses of allergy season. But did you know that bacteria can actually reduce allergy symptoms? For today's Secondary Action, learn more about how certain bacteria can reduce inflammation in the body, improve nutrient absorption, and reduce nasal and sinus symptoms linked to allergies.

6 years ago

I'm #33,454. When I went back to check, there were about eight more names after mine. It is getting a REALLY great response!

Thanks, Lynn.  

6 years ago

Hi Lynn, Cherly and Mary


I signed the Big Cat Petition Lynn.  And thanks for the Beat Spring Allergies with Bacteria alert!


I started to take probiotics for my digestion and maybe it will help my allergies too.  The article says it takes time for the Probiotics to work for allergies.  I am also taking a digestive Enzyme a lady at my local nutirtion store recommended.  They are both helping a whole lot and stopping my burping, bloating, pain.  It's awesome. 

6 years ago

all signed thanks i,m delighted forthe big cats they need all the help they can get

6 years ago
March 14, 2012
If you’re not getting fresh lemons into your diet, you may want to reconsider after reading the many health benefits of lemons, lemon juice, pith (the white part), or zest (skin).

From something as simple as helping you stay regular to something as remarkable as stunting the growth of cancer tumors, lemons deserve a second look.

For today's Daily Action, learn about the 13 healing powers of lemons.


alternative action9 Myths About Alzheimer's

Do you know the real Who, What, Where, When and Whys of Alzheimer's? Read a brief article on several popular (but mistaken) beliefs about this disease and find out.

6 years ago
March 15, 2012
Women across the country are furious about the attacks on women's rights, contraception, and reproductive rights. Politicians are trying to strip us of our rights from every direction, and women are getting mad and getting involved.

Attacks on contraception -- something that a large majority of women and men support -- have been coming from a wide range of right-wing politicians, and even from our Republican presidential candidates.

For today's Daily Action, take a look at Care2's coverage of the War on Women. Read up, get angry, and get active.


alternative actionCoffee: to quit or not to quit

Coffee is the hot beverage of choice in Europe, the Americas, and the Arabic world, with tea occupying that position in Britain, China, and India.

6 years ago

140 Groups to EPA: Protect Wildlife From Lead Hunting Ammo

bald eagle

Millions of birds and other animals die from lead hunting ammunition each year -- not from being shot but from eating fragments of ammunition left behind by hunters. It's a wildlife epidemic that's entirely preventable. That's why on Monday the Center for Biological Diversity pulled together more than 140 other groups to petition the Environmental Protection Agency to finally get the lead out of hunting ammunition in favor of readily available, nontoxic alternatives.

Each year, 3,000 tons of lead are shot into the environment by hunters because the EPA refuses to regulate toxic lead hunting ammunition. That lead poisons bald eagles, severely endangered condors and majestic trumpeter swans, which die painful deaths. Hunting with lead ammo also risks the health of humans (especially children) when they ingest tiny lead fragments in shot game.

The petition to the EPA included organizations in 35 states, representing conservationists, birders, hunters, zoologists, scientists, American Indians, wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians.

Read more in Mother Jones, learn about the Center's Get the Lead Out campaign and sign our petition to the EPA yourself.

6 years ago
March 16, 2012
Shell Oil is suing the Sierra Club and several other environmental organizations over Shell's plans to drill in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas -- the Polar Bear Seas -- of America's Arctic this summer.

Seems crazy, doesn't it? But it just shows how nervous they're making Shell, and now Shell is trying to intimidate them, using whatever means they can to make sure they can get into the Polar Bear Seas and start drilling in just a few months.

Don't let Shell get away with these strong-arm tactics to move ahead with dangerous and potentially disastrous drilling in America's Polar Bear Seas. These seas, which are home to 20% of the Earth's polar bear population, are covered in darkness two months out of the year and are 1,000 miles from the closest Coast Guard station, making clean-up of a potential spill even more difficult than in the Gulf.

But Shell doesn't care. They just want to drill in the Polar Bear Seas as soon as they can, and they'll do whatever they can to make that happen.

We can't let Shell get away with this. For today's Daily Action, sign Sierra Club's petition.


alternative actionLearn 10 Cancer Warning Signs in Pets

Loss of a pet is always a tragic situation, and making sure you're aware of the red flags for disease can make a difference. Discover 10 warning signs for cancer in pets.

6 years ago

Lynn signed Sierra Club Petition!

6 years ago

Me too - signed. They wouldn't accept my postal code: V3A1M2 so I used 90510 and it went through.   I am fluctuating the group theme from the seals to the polar bears, and we are on polar bears at the moment. That picture of the bear clinging to the tiny piece of ice is heartbreaking!

Thanks, Lynn, for headlining this "Action" thread.

Take Action!
6 years ago

Thank you, for always signing the Actions, Cheryl and Barb.


Despite recent publicity prompted by viral media, children and communities in Central Africa will not be safe from harm once Joseph Kony and his army are eliminated. More must be done and there are ways you can help bring about meaningful change:

Help real people earn a peaceful living through fair trade. See how. Support long-term humanitarian programs that work. Donate now. Spread awareness and demand action. Sign our pledge below, then share it on Facebook.
Your actions will help change the fate of children in Central Africa. Thank you.

Beyond Kony: Spotlight On Central AfricaAwareness for Central AfricansJoseph Kony has been terrorizing the people of Central Africa for far too long. His legion of followers, the Lord's Resistance Army, have been raping and kidnapping children in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Uganda and the Central African Republic for two decades. Innocent kids have been forced to be soldiers and concubines.

If Kony is arrested, will children in Central Africa be safe? Unfortunately, the answer is no.

The recent spike in public awareness of Kony and the LRA offers a great opportunity to not only focus the spotlight on Kony and his horrific actions, but also on all the other important issues facing people in the region: malaria, potable water and nodding disease.

Make the pledge to bring awareness to all the perils threatening Central Africans!
 Take Action!<

6 years ago

thanks Lynn Barb and Cheryl signed them all hugs sisters

Help the Sage Brush Grouse
6 years ago

greater sage grouseSage grouse are beautiful, sometimes comic birds that perform elaborate mating dances. Federal agencies want feedback now while they develop plans to promote protection of these showy, increasingly rare birds -- but a plan developed by the conservation community gives the birds a far better shot at survival and recovery than anything the agencies are proposing.

Please take action now to support this "Sage Grouse Recovery Alternative."

Falling sage grouse populations are a symptom of the declining health of the "sagebrush sea," which is under attack by oil and gas development, livestock grazing and other industrial activities that fragment and degrade the birds' habitat. Aboveground power lines, wind turbines and other tall structures also increase the risk of predation and may cause sage grouse to abandon key habitat.

Please, insist the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service protect the habitats and populations needed for sage grouse to thrive.

Click here to find out more and take action.
6 years ago
March 19, 2012
Childhood obesity poses real and serious health risks to our kids. Today, more than 23 million children and adolescents in the United States -- nearly one in three young people -- are either obese or overweight, putting them at higher risk for serious, even life-threatening health problems.

For real change to happen, we need to change the root causes of childhood obesity. It's going to take a movement to change schools, to change communities, and to change national policies.

For today's Daily Action, help us power the movement to prevent childhood obesity!


alternative action10 Common First-Aid Mistakes

Taking care of cuts, burns, bites and other everyday boo-boos is a valuable skill. But is your first-aid care as helpful as you think? Or are you doing more harm then good when you rub butter on that burn? For today's Secondary Action, learn 10 Common First-Aid Mistakes.

6 years ago

Hi Lynn I sign both the Sage Grouse Petition and the Child Obesity petition.

6 years ago

Thank you, Barb dear.

6 years ago

Signed, dear Lynn. I added a comment that it is not always over-eating that causes the obesity, but feeding kids mostly pasta, white bread, and other cheap food because parents can't afford fruits and veggies and other healthy choices. Many kids have mac and cheese almost every day. I sure notice the food prices here rising. It's terrible that to eat healthy one has to pay so much more.

6 years ago
6 years ago
March 20, 2012

Imagine needing a life-saving bone marrow transplant but not being able to get one from your family. It's a sad and desperate situation that's all too common: 70 percent of people in need of a marrow transplant don't have a match in their family.

You can help people in need of a transplant, who don't have a match in their family and who don't know who to turn to. By creating a personal profile online, you can discover if you could be a bone marrow match for someone in need.

For today's Daily Action, reach out to help people with leukemia and other bone marrow-related diseases and you'll get more info about how to create your profile. Who knows -- you could save a life!


alternative actionShocking Facts About Fast Food

Do you know what's really in a McGriddle? Or how fast food chains make so much money when their products are so cheap? For today's Secondary Action, check out this fascinating infographic about fast food.

6 years ago

Mary, tried signing the sea turtle petition but because of where I live, it wouldn't take it.

6 years ago
March 21, 2012

Spring has sprung! Are you planning on "spring cleaning" this year?

Like a lot of us, you might you feel like you always have too much on your plate, but you'd still like a clean home. Your first thought might be to hire a someone to do the cleaning -- but maybe that's not in your budget, or maybe you'd just like to do it yourself. We have a few helpful strategies to get your home clean yourself, even if you think you don't have the time.

For today's Daily Action, learn how to clean your house, even when you're busy.


alternative actionStop Insurance Company Abuses

Are you sick of skyrocketing premiums, coverage denials and rejections for pre-existing conditions? Speak up to hold insurance companies accountable! For today's Secondary Action, tell Congress to uphold the Affordable Care Act.

6 years ago

Thanks Lynn.

6 years ago
March 22, 2012

There's a growing outrage over the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black 17-year old from Sanford, Florida who was shot by a white neighborhood watch volunteer. George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon, claims he was defending himself. But evidence is building that that wasn't the case and that Trayvon -- who was visiting his father's girlfriend in the Florida gated community -- was running away from Zimmerman.

Despite this tragic incident, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has pushed for more states to pass so-called 'Stand Your Ground' laws, which say someone can shoot someone in 'self-defense' and prosecutors have little to no way to call them to account.

For today's Daily Action, learn more about 'Stand Your Ground' laws and see what others are saying about the Trayvon Martin case.


alternative action5 Alternatives to Coffee

Have you been trying to get over a coffee addiction? It can be tough to give up, but we have some substitutes that could help you kick your habit (or at least back off a little). For today's Secondary Action, try these 5 alternatives to coffee.

6 years ago
March 23, 2012

You know kale is good for you. It's a leafy green "super food" that gives you tons of vitamins, minerals, calcium and other nutrients for its calories. But taste it.

You may not have fallen in love with kale at first bite. It can be bitter and sometimes the leaves can be stiff. But you CAN like kale -- with the right recipe.

For today's Daily Action, try these 6 simple ways to enjoy kale.


alternative actionProtect Canada's Environment AND Democracy!

The Enbridge Pipeline in Canada would introduce high risk of oil spills, especially given the coast's treacherous waters, but some members of the government and pipeline advocates are trying to silence any opposition! For today's Secondary Action, demand that the Canadian government stop its attack on democracy and citizens who are standing up for the environment, First Nations, and Canada's pristine wildlife.

6 years ago

Oh boy, there's going to be a long ongoing fight over this pipeline. Signed. Thanks, Lynn.

6 years ago
March 26, 2012
It seems as though the way most Americans view the "right way" to deal with race is to try to completely ignore it--to pretend that it doesn't exist. But the murder of Trayvon Martin is a tragic example that deep-seated fears exist entrenched in the human mind. Martin's death should be a reality check to us all.

To Care2 blogger Christy Diane Farr, Trayvon Martin's death resonated to her as a reality check that there are some injustices that Trayvon, as a young black man, and many others like him face each day--injustices over things that she, as a white woman, realizes that she has taken for granted never having to experience. Read her insightful account on acknowledging privilege, prejudice, and taking steps to combat the fearful mentality quietly consuming our country.

For today's Daily Action, learn what privilege is and how you can check it. Read this article about what this incident means for us as individuals in a diverse and sometimes tense society and how we can return it to love, understanding, and unity in light of Trayvon Martin's death.


alternative actionHelp Fight Leukemia

Did you know 70 percent of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant dont have a match in their family? Imagine how scary that is -- your life is on the line, and you can't turn to the people who love you most. For today's Secondary Action, click "like" and find out how you can save the life of someone with leukemia or other bone marrow related diseases.

6 years ago

Done, for sure!! Thanks Lynn.

6 years ago
March 27, 2012
In an age of unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns, it can feel like corporations are buying up our elections, and there's no way to take them back for the people. We can't back down and let the money pouring in to our elections take away representation of the people, by the people, for the people.

In a world of super PACs and unlimited campaign donations, we need a way to rally the people and make our voice hear as well. And you can join just such a movement, and help create a way to fight back against the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS onslaught of outside shadowy groups money being poured into congressional races.

For today's Daily Action, click "like" to help the people stand up to massive Super PACs trying to sway our elections.


alternative actionFind Out if Your Tax Dollars Are Doing Good

Just a small fraction of the US budget has already dramatically improved the lives of the poorest people on the planet. For today's Secondary Action, see how a tiny portion of the taxes you pay is radically changing the world for good!

6 years ago
March 28, 2012
According to recent data, fully one third to one half of all food produced in the world goes to waste uneaten. It's a horrifying enough statistic before you even consider the fact that an estimated 925 million people went undernourished in 2010 alone.

This lost food isn't just a terrible waste in the face of hunger and starvation around the world, it also harms the environment and contributes to climate change. By reducing our own food waste, we can all play an important role in cutting carbon emissions, helping our environment, and preventing so much going to waste while millions struggle for sustenance.

For today's Daily Action, learn how you can help stop up to half of the world's food going to waste.


alternative actionShare Your Story of Giving Back Throughout Life

These days, more and more people are looking to pursue careers that do more than just earn a pay check. For today's Secondary Action, share your story of how you are using your life experience and passion to create a better world!

6 years ago
March 29, 2012
America faces tremendous challenges today, from our struggling schools to our hurting environment. At the same time, we have a huge pool of talented and experienced people uniquely positioned to face these challenges, but only if we're willing to give them the support they need to make a difference.

We need to support continuing education and career training that allows people to both earn much needed pay checks and do good in the world. Far too often secondary education, job training and other vital educational opportunities are just too expensive for most people to access.

Greater access to continuing education could revitalize our economy and change our world for good! For today's Daily Action, support continuing education for careers that do good!


alternative action10 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination: We’re all guilty of it, and most of our lives would benefit from learning better ways kick the bad habit. For today's Secondary Action, try out one (or more!) of these ten ways to stop procrastinating.

6 years ago
March 30, 2012
Despite overwhelming local opposition, foreign mining giant Rio Tinto and other companies are pressing forward with plans to build a gargantuan, open-pit gold and copper mine above Alaska's Bristol Bay -- threatening the world’s greatest sockeye salmon runs and the very last 284 beluga whales of Cook Inlet.

The vast majority of the region's Native communities and commercial fishermen are against the Pebble Mine and the billions of tons of waste it will produce. Yet the mining companies persist in bulldozing their way into Bristol Bay -- against the will of the people who depend on salmon for survival.

For today's Daily Action, take a stand against this disastrous plan and tell Rio Tinto not to build a mega-mine against the will of local citizens.


alternative actionTest Your Seasonal Allergies IQ?

Ah, springtime. The flowers are blooming, the temperature’s rising, people are enjoying the outdoors again... and seasonal allergies are rearing their ugly heads. For today's Secondary Action, see how much you know about the dreaded seasonal allergies.

6 years ago
April 2, 2012

An estimated 1 in 88 children is affected by autism, but we still have barely begun to understand its causes. Today, it's more important than ever to raise awareness and shine a light on autism.

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, iconic landmarks around the world will Light It Up Blue to show their support for this growing public health concern -- from the Cairo Tower in Egypt and the Paris Stock Exchange, to the Empire State Building in New York and the Sydney Opera House. Front porches and local city halls will also be lighting up blue.

For today's Daily Action, celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue!


alternative actionTop 10 Spring Superfoods

Spring is finally here and along with it starts the cascade of vibrant superfoods. For today's Secondary Action, learn about the incredible health benefits of these top 10 spring superfoods.

6 years ago
April 2, 2012

An estimated 1 in 88 children is affected by autism, but we still have barely begun to understand its causes. Today, it's more important than ever to raise awareness and shine a light on autism.

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, iconic landmarks around the world will Light It Up Blue to show their support for this growing public health concern -- from the Cairo Tower in Egypt and the Paris Stock Exchange, to the Empire State Building in New York and the Sydney Opera House. Front porches and local city halls will also be lighting up blue.

For today's Daily Action, celebrate World Autism Awareness Day and Light It Up Blue!


alternative actionTop 10 Spring Superfoods

Spring is finally here and along with it starts the cascade of vibrant superfoods. For today's Secondary Action, learn about the incredible health benefits of these top 10 spring superfoods.

6 years ago
April 3, 2012

Create a team, pledge to grow your hair with friends, and commit to cut with Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Program! Pantene and Seventeen Magazine have teamed up to host the first ever National Donate Your Hair Day on April 27, benefitting the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program (#beautifullengths). This will be the first annual day of giving where people nationwide are encouraged to cut and donate their healthy hair, which will be used to create wigs for women living with Cancer.

For today's Daily Action, visit the National Donate Your Hair Day application on Pantene's fanpage, start a team or join an existing team. Making a difference in the lives of women living with Cancer starts with your commitment to grow and donate your hair. Your friends can help – all you need to do is sign up at


alternative actionCancer-Killing Curry

According to the BBC, “an extract found in the bright yellow curry spice turmeric kills cancer cells.” For today's Secondary Action, learn about how turmeric can destroy gullet cancer cells in the lab within 24 hours.

6 years ago

Lynn sorry I haven't got here for a while.  I am behind since helping my sister move and being busy with my online work.  I have to catch up.  I had to go to the bird nest cams first! 

It's ok, Barb. You'll catch up when you can.
6 years ago
April 4, 2012

Note from Maverick Couch:

My name is Maverick Couch, I'm a high school student in Waynesville, Ohio. Yesterday, I launched a lawsuit against my school district for refusing to let me wear my "Jesus is not a homophobe" shirt on the National Day of Silence on April 20th. My principal said the shirt was "sexual" and "indecent" and last year forced me to turn it inside out.

The National Day of Silence is an important day for LGBTQ students and our friends to stand up against homophobia, bullying and hate -- and that's what I'm trying to do with my lawsuit. I hope you will all stand up for equality by signing my petition to send a message and let me wear my shirt!

For today's Daily Action stand up with Maverick Couch and LGBTQ students everywhere.


alternative action10 Spring Superfoods

Trade in your winter coats for a pair of sunglasses because spring is finally here! And with a new season of weather comes a new season of delicious foods. Check out the top 10 superfoods that will help jumpstart your health for the spring.

6 years ago

Done! This kid is on the right track to making a more caring, less ignorant, and more tolerant world!

What's with the principals of so many schools who don't seem to be "with the program" or up to date we keep hearing about?

Here's a funny story about a principal I had in grade 8. I had lost my purse at school somewhere. when over the loudspeaker came my name with a request to go to the office. Great, someone found my purse, I thought.

I sat for quite some time wondering why someone just didn't return it to me and noticed the furtive looks of a few women in the office. Finally the principal came out and asked me into his office. I only lost my purse, I thought, wondering why the grand treatment.

"Your purse was turned into the office by someone and I had to look inside to check for identification" he said. (Something like that is what I remember). I also remember him looking so serious and that seemed even more strange to me.  "I found some pictures in there and have to say they are not the kind I would allow my daughter to have."

I was mortified! Did someone put something in my purse? He handed me the pictures, which were of movie stars in their bathing suits -- you know - the Fernando Lamas day and age, with one-piece bathing suits on the female celebrities.

"Where did you get them?" he asked sternly. My eyes were very big with disbelief and I answered, "In packages of gum up there at the corner store." I remember his eyes popping wide open, along with his mouth. He also went very red. "Well," he stammered, "I certainly wouldn't allow MY DAUGHTER to have them! You can go."

I don't think I was ever able to look at a principal as a real-live person again! LOL


6 years ago

OMG Cheryl, was this guy for real? He wouldn't allow HIS daughter to carry around pictures of movie stars in bathing suits? Oh my, thanks for the laugh. Think of what this man would say if he opened the wallet of some of the kids of today!! lol

April 5, 2012

In the United States, there are approximately 12.5 million children and adolescents who are obese. There is no denying that it is time for a change. YOU can help create that change on Food Revolution Day!

Helping educate people about food, giving families the skills and knowledge to cook again, and motivating people to stand up for their rights to better food are just some of the many ways you can take action on Food Revolution Day on May 19th.

For today's Daily Action, visit the Food Revolution Day website and learn about more ways that you can take action.


alternative actionDevon Kiley Protects Canada’s Seals

Have you heard of Devon Kiley? This Canadian has devoted the energy of her youth to protecting Canada's seals from the annual commercial seal hunt. Check out this week's Care2 Activist Spotlight to find out more!

6 years ago

LOL Lynn -- you're right; if he could see what kids do through the computer, etc. now he'd faint. I feel sorry for his daughter in those days. I wonder if she was allowed to have any pictures of those handsome male singers/celebs we all adored and put on our bedroom walls. All my friends had the bathing suit cards and we would trade them (just like baseball cards lol) with each other. He thought they were "dirty." I guess that limited what they watched on t.v. to Lawrence Welk and Disneyland!

6 years ago
April 6, 2012

A lot of people care about where their food comes from and how the animals that produce it get to live. Passing laws that mandate a better life for dairy animals can take a long time. But you and every person have the power today to push the dairy industry to become more humane.

When you demand and buy Certified Humane® dairy products, you start a chain reaction. The more consumers want products from well-treated animals, the more options stores must offer. Grocers, in turn demand their suppliers follow Certified Humane standards, pushing more farms to improve the lives of their dairy animals.

It all starts with letting your local supermarket know you want more Certified Humane® options. For today's Daily Action, download a request form to tell your local grocers that you want to purchase certified humane dairy products.


alternative actionPaul and the Otters

Paul Yoxon is an activist who practices what he preaches. This plucky Brit has spent his career working to save otter species around the world from extinction. What can we learn from his dedication?

6 years ago
April 9, 2012

Did you know that there is a connection between authenticity and disease progression? The more you live in perfect alignment with the inner you, the more you'll feel better and heal better, too. Inner tension actually compromises your ability to be physically well.

For today's Daily Action, think about how you can live a more authentic unfettered life and learn more about how this will help heal your physical aches and pains. /


alternative actionThe Health Benefits Of True Friendship

Health is more than mechanically following orders about food choices and exercise plans. Nurturing quality friendships is a huge part of bolstering your emotional health. For today's Secondary Action, think about your close friends you truly love, and take the time to tell them how much you value the richness they bring to your life.

Only one action today
6 years ago
April 10, 2012

When you think of "reusable alternatives," what comes to mind? Cardboard forks? Reusable alternatives are easier to incorporate into your lifestyle than you think. In fact, Planet Green has a list of 25 wasteful items you can easily replace.

For today's Daily Action, learn how easy it is to make less of a mark on our planet!


6 years ago
April 11, 2012

Ours is often referred to as the blue planet because 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. Yet, scientists and public officials predict a global water crisis within the next few decades. Worldwide 2.7 billion people are currently affected by water shortages and, by 2025, and two-thirds of the world’s population could be living under water stressed conditions.

Water -- especially fresh water -- is a finite resource. With more people demanding more water from everything to washing clothes to cooling nuclear power plants, many places are in danger of losing this precious resource.

For today's Daily Action and as part of Care2's Earth Month, learn more about the impending water crisis and reduce your water consumption today.


alternative actionPoland Is Latest Nation To Ban GMO Maize

Advocates for real food rejoice: Poland is the latest country to ban genetically-modified corn from Monsanto. For today's Secondary Action, learn more about Poland's decision and why we should think twice before trying GMO foods.

6 years ago

Florida manateesFederal agencies are currently reviewing the permit application for the SunWest-Harbourtowne channel project and are being asked to sign off on a dredging operation that would cause unprecedented destruction to Florida's Gulf Coast natural resources. The nearly five-mile-long, 85-foot-wide channel would cut through the seagrass of Fillman Bayou and invite traffic from hundreds of boats every day.

Though citing benefits to local residents, the project is being advertised as a luxury for future residents of the SunWest-Harbourtowne mega-resort.

Fillman Bayou – just an hour north of Tampa -- is one of the largest intact coastal ecosystems left in Florida. It supports virtually undisturbed, productive seagrass beds that provide vital nursery and feeding habitat to many Gulf species, including Florida manatees and game fish. And there's no credible evidence the channel is needed: the newly reopened Hernando Beach channel is wider, deeper and shorter than this proposal -- saving time and fuel for boaters.

Take action now to tell the Army Corps of Engineers and other decision-makers that this unnecessary project is not in the public interest and to deny the permit.

Click here to find out more and take action.
6 years ago

HI Lynn I signed the Manatee Petition!

6 years ago

Good stuff, Lynn. Thanks!

Thanks, Barb and Cheryl!
6 years ago


Will your river be on the list this year?

Sign up now to be the first to know the Most Endangered Rivers of 2012. We’ll alert you when we release the report on May 15 and let you know how you can take action and spread the word.

Be the first to know »

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April 12, 2012

On it's own mountaintop removing (MTR) mining is pretty despicable. The practice is a controversial coal mining technique in which whole mountaintops are blow off to get at the coal reserves beneath the surface. It's terrible destructive and pollutes the communities nearby.

And now, in addition to all the horrific destruction of mountain tops, we are learning of bulldozers blazing right over the entrance of a bear’s den and burying a mother bear and her cubs alive.

We can't stand by and let this continue. For today's Daily Action, read more about how mountaintop removal mining is hurting bears and the land they call home and take action to end MTR mining.


alternative actionTry Quinoa With Dinner

Quinoa isn't the unknown food it once was. Although referred to as a grain, it is actually a seed from a vegetable related to Swiss chard, spinach and beets -- and it's great for you. For today's Secondary Action, learn about the health benefits of quinoa and try it in your dinner tonight!

6 years ago
April 13, 2012

Malaria takes precious lives every day. 1 million people die of the disease every year, often because the sick person could not get treatment within 24 hours.

But its effects on families range beyond health. Malaria is the primary cause of poverty. The care, treatment and prevention of malaria can eat up an impoverished family's meager, hard-earned savings in a minute.

Saving children from malaria isn't impossible, but we must ensure their mothers have access to microfinance programs and health education so they can see the signs early and afford treatment without draining their savings.

Our friends at Freedom From Hunger are helping women in malaria-stricken communities develop the knowledge and resources to save their children. Making a big difference starts with spreading the word about the problem: For today's Daily Action, send a free e-card to your friends in honor of World Malaria Day to be part of the solution to a deadly disease.


alternative actionProtect Our Oceans From Acidification

Climate change doesn't just affect life on land. The large amounts of carbon absorbed by the ocean are actually changing its chemistry. But fish, corals and other marine life are struggling to cope with their more acidic environment. For today's Secondary Action, ask U.S. President Obama to take action to combat ocean acidification.

6 years ago
April 16, 2012

Earth day is right around the corner–what better time to take a hard look at your plastic consumption?

Plastics seem to invade every aspect of our lives, and the kitchen is no exception. From cooking to storage to packing food for on the go, there are places that we can ditch the plastic in favor of safer, more Earth-friendly materials.

For today's Daily Action, in honor of the start of Earth Week, inventory the plastic in your kitchen and see if your kitchen can go plastic free. What a great way to make your Earth day action last the whole year!


alternative actionRestless Nights? Sleep With a Pet.

Kick your human bedmate out and draft in your pet if you want a good night’s sleep. That’s what Queensland researchers have found in a new study -- people sleep easier with pets in their bed rather than with a human partner. For today's Secondary Action, read more about how your furry friends can help you sleep well, and maybe give it a try!

6 years ago
April 17, 2012
Just when we thought the fossil fuel industry had explored every last option for exploiting and polluting the planet, they surprised us with a newer, more devious practice.

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” a controversial method for extracting natural gas from hard to reach fissures beneath the Earth’s surface, has emerged as the newest and most sinister threat to our health and environment.

For today's Daily Action, and as a part of Care2's Earth Week, learn what you need to know about Fracking and the impact it could have on your community.


alternative actionCall for a Strong National Alzheimer's Plan

Alzheimer's is the sixth-leading cause of death in the U.S. and the only one among the top 10 without any way to cure, prevent or even slow its progression. Call for a strong national plan to combat it.

6 years ago
April 18, 2012
President Obama's EPA has made history on climate by proposing federal limits on carbon pollution for power plants -- pollution that is linked to climate disruption.

We all know the devastation of 2011's record breaking extreme weather events -- from Texas' worst wildfire season in history to a terrible string of deadly tornadoes in the Midwest. As the Earth warms, severe weather events are becoming our new normal.

With strong carbon pollution protections, we can move off of outdated and dirty coal-fired power plants. Our country has 21st century clean energy technologies. It's time to use them.

For today's Daily Action, tell the EPA that we support strong industrial carbon pollution safeguards to fight climate disruption!


alternative action9 Surprising Uses for Beer

Beer. It refreshes and relaxes, it fuels sociability and cools the burn of spicy food. It is the most-widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, and the third most common beverage overall. For Today's Secondary Action, learn about nine alternative ways to put your brew to good use.

6 years ago

Help Stop Poison-Makers from Harming Children, Pets and Wildlife!

Three companies have refused to comply with a government order to stop selling certain super-toxic rat poisons in formulations that can harm children, birds, other wildlife, dogs, and cats.  The recalcitrant companies include the world’s largest producer of household cleaning products, Reckitt Benckiser, and the pet-care products manufacturer, Spectrum Brands.

These rodenticides can cause fatal hemorrhaging in owls, Bald Eagles and other wildlife. Will you help us tell these companies that their behavior is not acceptable?

Join ABC in urging these companies to end their dangerous and irresponsible practices.  Please click below to take action now!


Pale Male by Jeremy Sota

Red-tailed Hawk, Pale Male by Jeremy Seto
6 years ago
April 19, 2012
To celebrate Earth Day, there will be recycling drives and tree plantings. People will boast about reducing waste and eliminating carbon emissions. But perhaps the most important thing you can do to help save the planet is get educated about what’s really happening out there.

Since every day should be treated like Earth Day, why not extend the learning? Here are 10 books that should be on your green reading list. Some are long, some are short. They cover topics from climate change to the importance of sharing, and are essential for creating the clean, healthy world in which we all want to live.

For today's Daily Action, read this post about 10 green reads, and then go pick one of them up!


alternative actionRead the Truth About Renewable Energy

Broadly speaking, renewable energy is an energy source that naturally replenishes itself. Read the truth about renewable energy on Care2's cause channels.

6 years ago

Done. Thanks Lynn!

6 years ago
April 20, 2012
We give gifts for holidays, birthdays and life celebrations. So why shouldn't we give gifts on Earth Day? NRDC has the perfect suggestion.

Every year, gray whales migrate thousands of miles to their pristine sanctuary: Laguna San Ignacio on Mexico's Baja Peninsula. But new threats are emerging that could despoil it forever.

NRDC is working to permanently protect the whale sanctuary by putting 500,000 acres around the lagoon off-limits to industrial development -- and your gift will protect one of those acres in the name of a loved one!

For today's Daily Action, save an acre of the whale sanctuary for a loved one this Earth Day.


alternative actionEnjoy Some Baby Laughter

Okay, we admit it -- some of us here at Care2 are nuts about cute babies. But put a baby with a playful dog? It's utter delight. For today's secondary action, take a couple moments to absorb some pure joy and laughter.

6 years ago
April 23, 2012
Since launching its sustainability program in 2005, Walmart has tried to position itself as a leader on corporate environmental responsibility. In frequent press announcements and annual "Global Responsibility" reports, Walmart touts its activities on renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste reduction, and product improvements.

While Walmart’s sustainability campaign has done wonders for its public image, it has done little for the environment. In fact, Walmart’s environmental impact has only grown over the last seven years.

For today's Daily Action, read the report from Food and Water Watch about Walmart's sustainability failures.


alternative actionTry Cooking with Tea

Since the discovery of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis in China 5,000 years ago, tea has been a popular drink worldwide. But tea isn't just for drinking. You can also use tea as an herb to add sparkle and depth to food. Try cooking with tea!

6 years ago
April 24, 2012
We all know that dancing is a fantastic means of exercise. It's super effective while still being fun--and, conveniently, it's National Dance week, an entire week dedicated to dancing!

Many cities across the nation are celebrating by showcasing local dance and offering special introductory classes. See how your area is celebrating by looking up local events, performances or drop-in classes. Don't miss out on this great excuse to groove.

Studies have proven that not only does dance and good exercise keep your body fit and healthy, but also significantly helps to maintain your mental well-being.

For today's Daily Action, read up on how exercise can improve your brain activity--then get out there and dance!


alternative actionEnjoy Some Soy!

It's National Soy Foods Month! Soy foods are a valuable source of protein and nutrients. But soy may just be even healthier than you thought--it's possible that it helps prevent breast cancer and even advance breast cancer survival. For today's Secondary Action, boost your soy savvy by learning about the life-saving capabilities of soy products for Soy Foods Month. Doesn't soy sound really good right now?

6 years ago
April 25, 2012

Afghanistan has been in the news constantly for years, but what is life there really like? Many of us are oceans away from the country and have never come close to taking a real look at life for the Afghan people.

Peter Wilson, Program Support Officer for Afghanistan for Concern Worldwide, took a journey by horseback through Afghanistan's most remote villages. Through his story, we can get a closer glimpse as to what life is like for Afghan's rural people -- a perspective you won't hear in your everyday news story.

For today's Daily Action, read about Wilson's journey through the most remote villages in Afghanistan.


alternative actionStop Mountaintop Removal Mining!

Big Coal is blowing up mountains, burying streams, and contaminating waters--forever altering our nation's landscape and contaminating drinking water. Now they want permits to do even more damage. For today's Secondary Action, speak out! Tell the Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency to stop these permits, to stand up for justice for local families, and resist political pressure from coal company lobbyists.

6 years ago

Thanks Lynn. That's quite the journey he took.

Sure was, Cheryl
6 years ago
April 26, 2012

With warmer months developing, you might be making an effort to get outside and exercise more! But there are so many misconceptions when it comes to working out and how best to reach your fitness goals.

How do you burn fat while building muscle? Does exercise "count" if you don't break a sweat?

We debunk myths and set the record straight. For today's Daily Action, learn (and avoid) the top 8 fitness myths.


alternative actionShould Kids Know About How We Mistreat Animals?

A new children's book called Vegan is Love explains why people are vegan and touches on subjects like animals testing, meat, organic farming, and more. But how much do we want our kids to know? For today's Secondary Action, read more about this hot new book and tell us what you think!

6 years ago
April 27, 2012
In March, Verizon released a "sustainability policy" that doesn't address forest destruction! In fact, last year they introduced a $2 charge to pay bills online or by phone so that people who want to protect forests by using less paper have to pay more!

In addition, in 2010 Verizon sourced over 700 tons of paper packaging from Asia Pulp and Paper, a company notorious for clearcutting Indonesia’s rainforests, abusing human rights, and emitting massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Verizon has refused to meet even the lowest current standard for environmental responsibility--which requires a written policy that would help us protect our forests. For today's Daily Action, post a note on Verizon's Facebook page demanding they protect Endangered forests as part of their new sustainability policy.


1) Copy this link:
2) Hit "Take Action" and you will go to Verizon's Facebook page.
3) "Like" Verizon
4) Paste the URL into the "post" window on the page. Feel free to add your own comment.


alternative actionUrge the G8 Not to Ignore Hunger

No child should have to go to bed hungry tonight, but right now millions of people are locked in a vicious cycle of hunger and poverty. For today's Secondary Action, call on the G8 to take bold action to break the cycle of hunger and poverty.

6 years ago

Dear friends, sisters and brothers.  Please help save these innocent birds from cruel treatment from the jaws of terrible humans for profit and gambling.  Thank you.  Love, Barb, Baby and Beenie

Pigeon racing is one form of cruelty that you may never have thought about. Pigeons are intelligent, loyal birds who mate for life and who are doting parents, yet each year, tens of thousands of them are torn from their partners and babies, packed tightly into crates, loaded onto trucks, driven hundreds of miles away, and forced to try to fly back to their homes in deadly long-distance races.

During a recent 15-month investigation, PETA penetrated some of the largest pigeon-racing operations in this country and discovered that the birds are being killed by the thousands. Investigators found that in many races, two-thirds of the pigeons or more never make it back to their mates alive. They die after they are released from crates on the back of a truck and are forced to fly through severe weather, are attacked by predators, collide with electrical wires, are shot by hunters, or collapse from exhaustion. Because the birds are raised in captivity, they cannot fend for or even feed themselves. They are considered disposable objects to be wagered on.

The stakes are high for pigeon racers and all of the gambling is illegal. PETA documented races in which participants bet more than a quarter of a million dollars on the birds. Pigeons who aren't making money for their owners are typically suffocated, decapitated, or drowned to make room for new birds the next racing season.

You can read more about our investigation by clicking here and by viewing exclusive undercover photos. We also need for you to take action to help pigeons used in cruel races right now.

Please click here to contact Attorney General Eric Holder and urge him to investigate cruel and unlawful pigeon races. And please involve other people in helping the birds—family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors—by sharing this on Facebook.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Signed letter. Thanks, Barb. :-)
6 years ago

Barbour's map turtle

Freshwater turtles are facing more and more devastating overharvest in the United States for sale to the pet industry and food and medicinal markets in Asia. Beautiful map turtles are already endangered, and unregulated international trade is rapidly destroying them and other native turtles.

Protection under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species would put limits on international trade and monitor their populations.
In response to a petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced that it may propose 17 species of U.S. freshwater turtles for CITES protection at the next meeting in Thailand. The agency has invited the public to comment on which species should be listed. 

Please take action now to tell the Service to protect U.S. freshwater turtles from falling victim to an insatiable international market.

Click here to find out more and take action.

6 years ago
April 30, 2012

Every human being should have access to drinking water that is clean and safe. In the United States, chemical pollutants, aging infrastructure, and procedural inefficiencies are culminating in a water crisis of epic proportions.

Our friends at TakePart believe that local, state, and federal governments should be working harder to properly manage our water.

For today's Daily Action, sign the Water Bill of Rights, brought to you by TakePart and Last Call at the Oasis—a new documentary that shatters myths behind the world's most precious resource.

Ensure a better tomorrow; add your voice to this important national conversation.


alternative action5 Surprising Uses For Common Kitchen Items

Even if it seems like you have nothing to eat in your house, that doesn't mean the contents of your pantry are fridge are totally without use! For today's Secondary Action, learn these 5 surprising uses for common kitchen items.

6 years ago

Thanks for signing Lynn!  I signed turtle petition also.



6 years ago

Oh wow, I've never heard of pigeon racing for goodness sakes! Pigeons as pets are very popular in Britian I understand, as well as with people in other countries who treat them well. That's awful Barb! Thanks for posting that.

Also signed re turtles, Lynn. The clean water one is only for Americans but it's for everyone to believe in and do what they can to make sure all people have this. Those of us who have it often take it for granted (I do and have) and we really need to have GRATITUDE!

Thanks for postings these Barb and Lynn.

6 years ago
May 1, 2012

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi consistently cut effective aid to Africa since he personally promised to support the fight against poverty in 2005. Those cuts can cost real lives around the world.

In just weeks some of the world's most powerful political leaders will meet at Camp David in the United States to discuss their vision for the future. We need to make sure agriculture, world hunger, the vital fight against extreme poverty around the globe are a part of that discussion, and ensure they don't follow Berlusconi's devastating example and actually stick to the promises they make!

For today's Daily Action, urge the G8 leaders not to forget the fight against poverty at this year's summit!


alternative action"Like" to Join a PAC For the People

The recent Supreme Court "Citizens United" ruling has opened the door for unlimited, secret donations from corporations through "Super PACs." Until we can reverse this devastating ruling, we need to make our voice is also represented by a PAC by and for the people! For today's Secondary Action, "like" to join a PAC that represents average Americans, not corporations.

6 years ago
May 2, 2012

With all the environmental issues, questionable practices of big oil companies, and the outrageous expense, it can be painful to watch the price climb higher and higher at the gas pump. Yet, at the same time, if you depend on your car to get around, you can’t really avoid forking over the big bucks at the gas station.

There are ways to reduce your fuel consumption, however! For today's Daily Action, try out these nine ways to save gas and help our environment!


alternative actionSupport Equal Pay for Equal Work

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women still only make 77 cents on the dollar compared to men; that's unfair and unacceptable! For today's Secondary Action, tell Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.

6 years ago

Good tips to save gas. It IS painful to see the gas prices rise! I can't believe how often I have to fill up just puttering back and forth to the local stores!

Thanks Lynn.

6 years ago
May 3, 2012
Childbirth is an incredible and life-changing experience for women. Sadly, for many women in developing countries, their lives aren't changed for the better. Poor access to quality maternal health means that far too many lose their newborn children and suffer tremendous damage to their body during birth.

Leaders around the world, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, have pledged to fund efforts to improve maternal health for every woman. Harper, in fact, pledged $1 billion just two years ago, yet has made very little effort to live up this to promise.

For today's Daily Action, stand up for moms everywhere and urge PM Harper to live up to his pledge and make maternal health a priority!


alternative actionSupport the Canadian Swift Fox's Comeback

Among Canada’s most at-risk species is the small, aptly-named swift fox, whose numbers were severely depleted by the early 1900s due to habitat destruction, and poison and traps laid out for coyotes. For today's Secondary Action, learn more about the coalition of conservation groups working hard to give this tiny fox a chance at a come back.

6 years ago

Done! Thanks Lynn.

YW, Cheryl. Taking action does help!
6 years ago
May 4, 2012

Every time you pick a restaurant or make a purchase, you are making a statement about what kind of business -- and what kind of world -- you support. Your pocketbook is a major source of influence, so why not use it to show you care about making a difference?

This week is Shop Your Values Week in New York -- a chance to connect people with businesses doing good.

Show your support for ethical and sustainable businesses in your community. For today's Daily Action, take the pledge to Shop Your Values.


alternative actionSunny Days for Street Cats in Serbia

Any animal lover who feeds strays in the street on a regular basis has the recurring daydream of whisking them all away to safety, and for Danica Mirkovic of Serbia, dreams do come true. For today's Secondary Action, read about the sanctuary that's offering sunny days for street cats in Serbia.

6 years ago
May 8, 2012
May is here! Have you visited a botanical garden recently?

There are many secret gardens in the world filled to the brim with flowers and mystery. We've searched far and wide in order to amass just a few of them to inspire you.
For today's Daily Action, check out these pieces of paradise, and pledge to spend some time appreciating the great outdoors!


alternative action5 Steps to Loving Exercise

Do you love exercising? Be honest. No? Not as much as you would like?

6 years ago
May 9, 2012
EngenderHealth is a leading global women's health organization working to ensure that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival.

This Mother's Day, you can plant a flower to honor a special mother in EngenderHealth's virtual garden, and a generous donor will give $5 to support our global programs.

When you plant one flower--or as many as you wish--a personalized message and video will be delivered to the woman whom it honors.

For today's Daily Action, visit EngenderHealth's field of flowers, and learn more about maternal health and how we can all help to improve it--today, and every day.


alternative action7 Unique Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts

What are you getting for your mom this Mother's Day? Have you considered making her a gift? For today's secondary action, get inspired by these seven unique handmade Mother's Day gifts!

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