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5 years ago

Hi Cheryl how nice to hear you have irish in you we are truley sisters lol

5 years ago

I think the Boston run was something like 26 miles(?) Wow, that's a long run. And that was a 78 year old man that we could see fall, near the finish line, when the first blast went off. Thank God he was okay. It was the shock from the blast that knocked him down. This gentleman looked like he was in awesome good shape and also looked more like he was in his late 50s or early 60s!

I hope you didn't have any relatives hurt, Mary. Yes, the Irish reach far and wide... including me!  

~Affirmation for today: Life is a gift and I won't waste the one I am privileged to have. I will appreciate all life I see today, which includes plants and trees, and even insects who have their purpose on Earth.~

5 years ago

i agree totally with you Cheryl i have realitives in boston its very irish in some parts marathon runners are so brave and its usually for a cause i saw london got its biggest amount of spectators this year i'm glad it all went safely

5 years ago

Hi everyone. I know you all are thinking of the people who were so badly hurt, and of course, those who lost their loved ones.

I've been watching too, Mary. I guess there's a need to 'understand' the WHY.... why would anyone want to hurt and kill people (especially in the name of a religion)... why did those beautiful people die... why were so many people injured so badly they will never walk or run again... why, why, why?

Finally, I usually get tired of no answers and just hand it over to God. But one thing (a HUGE thing) was shown today when they were replaying the scene and interviewing people; there was an incredible amount of LOVE and CARING given by so many! There was strength and much kindness shown - stranger to stranger - that seemed to come out of nowhere. People were stopping the flow of blood on an injured person with their bare hands; restaurants gave free food and wanted people to come in and talk and be together; homes were offered to many who were confused and couldn't get back to their hotels ---- and that LOVE is what was shown to be stronger and bigger than the evil that was perpetrated!

I saw that England had their marathon run today and there was so much love sent to Boston. And here in Vancouver we had our marathon run and blue and yellow ribbons were worn (Boston's colours, I believe).

ss Thoughts and prayers won't stop.There is a silent vigil that continues within our hearts.

5 years ago

Yes indded Cheryl i just saw a picture of a man with his legs blown off being wheelchaired away i can only imagine his pain how can things like this happen ? i pray the people of boston will find the strength to cope and recover

5 years ago

As I type this, the youngest terrorist, age 19, (and that he is) has been captured. It was said by someone that the oldest brother, age 26, (who is now dead) once said that he didn't have one single American friend, that he didn't understand them (Americans). On the other hand, the youngest apparently was quite gregarious and had lots of friends, was at university or college, and liked by at least one teacher who spoke out. Did the older brother have THAT much influence over his younger brother? Did he tell him exactly what he was going to do?

So many questions. Also, apparently FBI was given info. about older brother by Russian authorities. So there's even more questions.

But right now at least the people of Boston can breathe although I imagine there will be many who will suffer from PTSD. The loss of those four precious lives and the dreadful injuries to so many will last a lifetime for them and/or their families . God bless them all. They are certainly in my prayers too.

5 years ago

thanks Angel i will keep them in my thoughts and prayers

5 years ago

April 15, 2013
5 years ago

ssTo all the innocent people in Boston today who were caught unawares and were injured, many of whom are in surgery, have lost hands, feet, and sustained terrible injuries, and to those who lost their lives or family members at the Marathon today.

Who would have thought that a bright sunny day with lots of laughter and happy and healthy people would turn so dark with tragedy?

I am glad that Dr. Drew expressed that he feels a "simmering anger" because that is exactly what I feel as I watch what happened and hear more information. What kind of evil does it take to prepare to take the lives of innocent men, women, and children?

I know so many of my American friends have similar feelings. And I know how resilient they are. For, once again, such terrible happenings seem to bring out the best in people, resulting in people helping others and doing amazing things they never thought they'd be doing. I saw that today.

My heartfelt prayers to all.


5 years ago


Sisters, please say a prayer for Les's wife who fell and broke her hip. Les wrote about this in one of Zen's groups. And a prayer for Les would be in order as well. Such an injury can take quite some time to heal and is so incapacitating.

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife, dear Les.

5 years ago

Mary, thank you for posting Victoria's picture. She is as beautiful as all those children, and I can see from her lovely eyes that she was (is) as beautiful on the inside. One can see what a caring, loving teacher she must have been. God bless her and her family, as we know He is. Thanks dear sister.

ss Angels are tending to some very special souls. Even though we know that, still... our hearts are breaking for those left behind.

5 years ago

this is Victoria she died to save her pupils she is a true hero  .Cheryl and Lynn its so sad too sad for words hugs sisters

5 years ago

Hi Lynn, love. Right now I am watching a vigil take place for the 27 year old lovely teacher (Victoria Soto).  I am crying along with so many others. Twelve little girls and eight little boys along with the adults... it is something every mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandparents, friends AND NORMAL DECENT PEOPLE simply cannot properly process, but what does "properly" mean? Is there a precedent for what "properly" should be?

In the days to come there may be more answers to the WHY, maybe, but that brings no comfort. There will be names and pictures of little faces shown, like the one little blonde girl (Emilie Parker - age 6) who has now been shown. I can't help but think of the Christmas presents that will never be opened, and the traditional family dinners that will not take place.

It is a time for us all to re-assess, if need be, what is important in this world. It is a time for LOVE in its highest form to be shown.

I am hugging you right now, sis. The world mourns this terrible, senseless loss of such precious life.

5 years ago

When did young men start being murderers who slaughter crowds of people? What is this world coming to? Thank you Cheryl, for your beautiful tribute to the people who have lost friends and family members, including precious children!

Dec. 14/12
5 years ago

If ever there was a time for prayer, this is one of them. My heart and prayers go out to those who have lost their precious children and family members in CT today, and to all those in the U.S. mourning this terrible loss. May God bring comfort to your hearts and minds, and to one another. vv

6 years ago

Great excerpt, Lynn. As easy as it sounds to get involved in doing so many of those easy-to-do things mentioned, often we don't do them. For instance, I should be calling a particular friend to make a date and go out for coffee because we haven't done that for a long time. Yet, I let tasks and such take me away from making that date.

I have also noticed, from time to time, how tense I am laying in bed and don't even notice it. I notice it after I light my candle and turn off one of the lights. When 'things' around me settle down, I let go and release my shoulders and arms. It is really strange to not notice that I am so tight

Thanks for the above. I really got something from it, and it's within our power to easily make little changes that benefit us.

My two guys just left the house to go to a wedding and I have THE PLACE ALL TO MYSELF!! Yippee! I am going to clean up a bit, do some yoga to nature music, and go for a little walk outside where the autumn leaves are falling and it's sunny.

And if I don't go for that walk, I will just stare at this picture for a while.

ss Can you see yourself there?

MY AFFIRMATION TODAY: I will open myself up to as much of Mother Nature as I can and let her fill me up with light, peace, healing, and gratitude.

6 years ago

An excerpt from
The Power of Positive Doing
by BJ Gallagher ACTION ALLEVIATES ANXIETYFor many years, I suffered from tension headaches with painful symptoms: impaired vision, sensitivity to light, excruciating throbbing in my temples, and sometimes nausea. They were awful. I consulted with doctors and dentists; I tried various medications; I took up meditation and tried bio-feedback. Some things helped a little bit—but nothing seemed very effective for any length of time.

Then I discovered something interesting—that taking action eased my headaches. Physical action was the best—anything that got my body moving. I could mow the lawn, wash the kitchen floor, workout in the gym, do some laundry, work in the garden, wash windows, wax the car—anything physical. Getting my body into action enabled me to work out the tension that was causing the headaches.

Other types of action worked, too—calling a trusted friend and having a good conversation; having sex (though that isn't always an option); writing in my journal; going for a long, relaxing drive. In short, any action that I can take to dissipate the pent-up tension in my head will do the trick. My head feels better; my neck and shoulders relax; and I feel the satisfaction of having done something.

Perhaps your anxiety doesn't show up in headaches. Maybe you carry your tension in some other part of your body—your back, your stomach, your shoulders, your intestines, your sinuses. Doctors estimate that as many as 80 percent of the physical problems their patients report are stress-induced!

Taking action to discharge the pent-up energy caused by stress can prevent health problems, and can even cure some of the ones you might already have.

Getting started is half the battle. A body at rest tends to stay at rest and overcoming our own inertia is a huge step forward. If you can get yourself to take just one step forward, you're now in motion—and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

When my car won't start, I call on AAA. When my happiness won't start, I call on the other Triple A—Action Alleviates Anxiety. So can you!

6 years ago

Wonderful article, Lynn. I thoroughly believe it to be true. As I've said before, it is a form of meditation, and that can take us to a very quiet place within ourselves where much can be gained.

Great post, sis! Thank you!

6 years ago
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