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4 months ago


Interesting link where updates come in about Human Rights Day (Women) and other "happening" news regarding Human Rights around the world:

4 months ago

You are absolutely right, Sue. I have even been guilty of saying something like that myself! Then I catch myself and say, "Dang, she has a right to wear what she wants and be on that street at night without harm coming to her!

We have heard those comments so often, putting blame on the woman for some reason and letting some scum get off the hook for hurting/killing her.

Wendy, I was so happy to come across this young man on FaceBook and have marked his page. Hopefully I will get updates. He was overjoyed that he had over 10,000 hits to his video, last I heard. I sent his link to everyone I knew on FB and hope they send it to their friends. GOD BLESS HIM!

4 months ago

Wendy, what a treasure that young man is.  Thanks for posting.  It is sad when I hear even women saying things like, she should not have been dressed like that, shouldn't have been out so late, shouldn't have been walking home on that road etc.  There have always been far too many excuses for the actions of men and it is so good to hear a man finally see the light.

4 months ago

OH WENDY... WHAT A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL LINK TO THAT WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN!! I sent it to all I know on FaceBook (which really isn't many but they have lots of friends). I want to keep tabs on him and watch him expand!

4 months ago


>>>>A message essential for #men to hear, care of poet @JeremyLoveday (via @Upworthy) #menletstalk

6 months ago

It is said by many, including her doctors, that her survival from the shooting is a "Miracle". We are going to hear again... and many more times, about and from this young woman, who may very well become the prime minister of Pakistan one day.

Malala before shooting, age 15:


Malala after shooting and in the U.K.:

Malala speaking at 2013 U.N. on her 16th birthday: (Wearing a shawl once owned by the assassinated Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto)

U.N. Speach:

7 months ago

Cheryl, for all the complaining we do about society's ills where we live, it would do us good to remember how much more difficult things are for our sisters in other parts of the world.  I'm awed by what women have achieved in other countries and the brutality and hardships they face on a daily basis.

7 months ago

Today I am feeling grateful and humble that I do not have to live as these women do. I simply cannot imagine what it's like. God bless them as they try to make changes.






7 months ago

I have the same feeling, Sue. I sat here the other day just thinking... there must be something else we can do!   Feeling like our hands our tied to alleviate the pain and suffering of these children is suffocating. But WE CAN watch for petitions and anything else that comes our way and join in. When countries or companies get something that has many thousands of names on it, I think they feel uncomfortable that the world is watching.

7 months ago

Thanks for the link to the petition Wendy, so signed that one, probably more than once!.  Cheryl, Malala is a bright light for all the children and she is on the right track.  The more education people get the better they understand right from wrong.  Along with far greater opportunities of securing well paying jobs.  My heart breaks for the women and children in those backward countries and wish there was more we could do to help besides signing petitions.

7 months ago

P.S. A good thought - girls like MALALA are going to make changes!

7 months ago

Thanks Wendy for the links. I signed one I found petition on. I read the WikiIslam and had never heard or seen so much of that information before!

You're right, Sue - the men-oriented cultures where this is happening will not give this up easily; where women are concerned the men (or most of them) are quite happy having women to subjugate (enslave).

In biblical times girls were married younger and had children at a younger age because the life span of people back then was not very long. But I can't remember reading anywhere in the Bible where pre-puberty girls were married off, although apparently girls were "promised" - as well as boys - to be married when they were "of age", whatever that was for marriage of both parties.

Reading some of the stories on those links, it's horrifying to know that some "fathers" easily kill their daughters if they even suspect they aren't virgins, and will also hand their baby girls (that's what they are!) over to dirty old men (that's what they are, too!).

Many places in this world are really under the microscope about child brides and hopefully, we will keep signing petitions and yelling "FOUL" as loud as we can. This girl, along with so many other little girls, have been and still are being sacrificed. I can't imagine what they go through.

7 months ago
Demand an End to Forced Marriage
Every year forced marriage sentences millions of women and children to a life of unhappiness – a life of domestic and sexual slavery. Will you speak up for the millions of victims who have been robbed of their voice? SIGN the pledge committing to a world without forced marriage.
Every day hundreds of women & children become victims of #ForcedMarriage- often sold, beaten & trapped. I'm saying NO


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7 months ago

This is such a heartbreaking story, and not the first I have read with the same outcome.  Yemen suffers from crushing poverty and half the population goes hungry every day, clean, safe water is rare.  Families sell their daughters for the dowry, hoping that the money will keep the rest of the family from starving.  It is hard to imagine any family selling their daughter to anyone let alone to men so much older than them, but that is their culture and changing the culture of any country is very difficult if not impossible, as change has to come from within.  Hopefully the plight of this precious child in the worldwide media will affect that change from within in Yemen itself.  If only I could get my hands on him, he'd quickly learn the error of his ways!

Then again there is the lack of education in the country, if people were more educated they would be able to learn that a child's body is not ready for sex at such young ages.  In a society where women and female children are thought of as possessions instead of equal human beings inhumane acts such as this will continue.  In another news article I read on the subject, the village elders tried to cover up the truth and even threatened the life of the reporter who wrote the original story.  They obviously knew they had done a very bad thing and were scared of repercussions.  From a religion that preaches peace such actions should never be tolerated.

I'm just wondering how proud her family is feeling right now about the money they received for the rape, torture and murder of their precious child.

7 months ago

This is not the first case, and until peadophilia is exposed for what it is, and not coverd up by "cultural " traditions, many young girls, and young women will be forced into marriage, by their parents, for money, or power of the "religious Iman" Islam does not view this as a crime, ?, sorry but wasn't Mohammed himself, married to a child ? . We can condem the practise, of grown men marrying children , and as alien and deplorable it is too us, it will continue, while the law of that land , states it would be un-Islamic to put an age limit, on a female a man wants to marry, even a 5 year old, 6 -7 -8 yearold child !!! sickening, I have to stop the feeling of rage, about this raping of children, make myself, work to stop it, so very sadly there is a very longway to go  x wendy k x


  1. Islam and Pedophilia - WikiIslam

    19 Aug 2013 ... Pedophilia is permitted in the Qur'an, was practiced by Prophet Muhammad and his companions, and some Muslims today continue to commit ...…

7 months ago

he is nothing but a pedophile and a murdere r

7 months ago
8-year-old Yemeni child dies at hands of 40-year-old husband on wedding night

An eight year old child bride died in Yemen on her wedding night after suffering internal injuries due to sexual trauma. Human rights organizations are calling for the arrest of her husband who was five times her age.

The death occurred in the tribal area of Hardh in northwestern Yemen, which borders Saudi Arabia. This brings even more attention to the already existing issue of forced child marriages in the Middle Eastern region.

Read on...

In Western worlds he would be called a pedophile!! And what he did is MURDER! This is outrageous and crushingly sad!

1 year ago

I need to post something happy.... so here goes! I will take it that this is a little girl, seeing as how this is a thread devoted to females!

Lynn - you know how to do these actions, right? Awesome. One day I'll learn how to make little babes smile and dogs' eyes blink! Cute, eh?


1 year ago


Indian women hold placards during the Women Dignity march in New Delhi on January 2, 2013. Several hundred people took part in the solidarity march for women organised by the Delhi government which ended at Rajghat, the memorial for slain independence hero Mahatma Gandhi. A gang of rapists who savagely assaulted a woman on a bus in New Delhi tried to run her over after the fatal attack, reports said January 2, citing a police account of the incident.

1 year ago

Comments from a few bloggers:

Sandip Roy

Sandip Roy: What One 23-year-old Gang Rape Victim Taught Us

She had no intention to be a braveheart. She didn't want to become a flickering candle on some dark street corner. She didn't want to become a symbol. She just wanted to go home. Perhaps tell a friend what she thought of the movie she had just seen.
Riddhi Shah

Riddhi Shah: New Delhi Gang-Rape: Why We Are the Problem

We need to ask what secrets of patriarchy we all hide within us. We may not all be sexually violent but we are products of a society that insidiously and systemically promotes the denigration of women.
Saumya Arya Haas

Saumya Arya Haas: Daughters of India

Mother India, Your daughters are dying. Your structures of power and abuse -- and denial of that abuse -- make our suffering not only possible, but probable. Stop using Your "sentiments" as an excuse to silence evidence of human suffering. See us. Hear us.

V-Day: Violent Economic "Reforms" and the Growing Violence Against Women

Could there be a connection between the growth of violent, undemocratically imposed, unjust and unfair, economic policies and the growth of crimes against women?
1 year ago


Sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik creates a sculpture to pay homage to the gang rape victim who died early Saturday, in Puri, India, Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012. Shocked Indians on Saturday were mourning the death of the woman who was gang-raped and beaten on a bus in New Delhi nearly two weeks ago in an ordeal that galvanized people to demand greater protection for women from sexual violence. (AP Photo)


Sand artist Raj Kapoor holds a candle near a sculpture at the Sangam to pay tribute to a gang rape victim who died early Saturday, in Allahabad, India, Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012.


Pictures of the vigils and protests
1 year ago

From the above article:

"My head hangs in shame.

Not because a girl died yesterday.

Because I am a man."


The way this woman says, "You are there in me" is almost like saying "Namaste" and to me is very touching and spiritual.



How many women have been burned to death (acid and fire) by their husbands, physically abused for a lifetime, and treated without any respect whatsoever and it is "legal"?

A little girl stays close to her daddy.


Indians participate in a candle lit vigil to mourn the death of a gang rape victim in New Delhi, India , Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012. Indian police charged six men with murder on Saturday, adding to accusations that they beat and gang-raped the woman on a New Delhi bus nearly two weeks ago in a case that shocked the country. The murder charges were laid after the woman died earlier Saturday in a Singapore hospital where she has been flown for treatment. (AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)



Damini, seen on a banner, is a symbolic name given to the victim, taken from a Bollywood film of the same name about a woman's fight against society for justice for a rape victim.(AP Photo/Altaf Qadri)
Jan. 4/13
1 year ago

I feel that the rape and murder of the 23 year old paramedical student on a bus in India should be covered on this thread to honour her and so many other women who have suffered a similar fate.

This article I found today from one man's perspective (and many other men can be deemed to be as sensitive, sympathetic and caring as he is) is important to be noted, as not all men fit into the same deranged and evil category as the ones (six of them) who savaged this girl.


  "I am a man because I have the right and power to molest a teenager and abet her to commit suicide. I am a man because I have the courage to throw acid on any girl who refuses to marry me. I am a man because I have the audacity of ripping apart the modesty of the girl next door. Finally, I am a man because I was born in India, the land which gives unconditional supremacy to its masculine gender right from inception of life. In fact I was allowed to be born because I was a man!" -- - Dr. Shah Alam Khan.

The streets of Delhi have been angry for the last few days. Last week, a 23-year-old paramedical student was gang-raped on a bus. Six men raped her as the bus drove around the city for hours, passing through several police checkpoints. She had been so horrifically raped and violated that most of her intestines had been pulled out.

The girl died after a heroic battle for her life in a hospital in Singapore, where she had been transferred from a hospital in Delhi.

The crowds are protesting for a larger reason though. As a protester summarized on the day after the incident: "We are not protesting here because the girl was raped yesterday. But we are protesting here because this is an everyday issue."

Women in India have a reason to be frustrated. It is a land of impunity. Rape is a common, everyday occurrence. Despite the huge underreporting of such cases, due to the stigma attached to rape and for many other reasons, more than 630 cases of rape were reported this year in New Delhi alone. The actual stories are too numerous and too savage to recount, for such savagery has become a routine part of life.

Just this Wednesday, a 17-year-old girl committed suicide. After her gang rape, she was being pressured by the police to drop the case and marry one of her attackers.

The victims of rape are not only intimidated and harassed by the police, they are also blamed for their nightmare. Highly influential public and political leaders propose to solve the epidemic of rape by lowering the legal age for marriage from 18 to 16: "I think that girls should be married at the age of 16, so that they have their husbands for their sexual needs, and they don't need to go elsewhere... This way rapes will not occur." They proclaim that "If (a girl) cannot keep her honor, it is solely her fault."