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4 years ago

>>2nd time lucky >>>?>>>posted once already , then it disappeared luckily I had copied it before I posted it -phew!!!! hope it doesn't post twice, as there was no sign of the first post.

Just a pop in, to say thanks Sue, Cheryl, Ingrid, for you kind words re- my friend, we had lunch today, oh my friend is a he , Keith, he was my night wake officer, at the childrens home we both worked in, before I became an inspector, sorry I should have said, but I was trying not to think of anything when I posted last, his prognosis is very dire, but we are optomistic, but he has no-one to turn to, re- family, anyway I contacted everyone (who counted) that we worked with, and all have been intouch, so he has had a busy weekend, Keith has to have an op this Tuesday, to see will it give him more time,  he has 3 months, but we are hoping with the op, he will have 6 months at the least, so we will know more next week, I don't want to get sad, and the positive is, I was able to help him get volutary redundancy, the "union " are getting him 18 months pay, so the Cruise looks ok, I told him, I will take brochures to the hospital, he can work out where we are going, then i will go on the "net" and get a better deal, our other friend is coming along too, >and I am hoping to take him(keith) , (with my husband this time he he) to Dublin & Kerry , I know he will love it, and he can have a day or two fishing. I am so pleased he is so pragmatic about it, there are plans in place now, for when he wont be able, his best friend and wife are going to care for him, I will do respite, >that leaves the rest of the time, to collect memories, as you have said Sue.  

We are past that awkward stage, and on "normal" footing, so today we left the "pub" singing, "you've got to fight for your right to party", my husband was very impressed >not, he he, but he gave Keith a big hug, and said "you know?" , Keith just said "I know" --so getting too sentimental for me I said> "good sorted now come on I need a wee" he he he,

well I still have to write cards, and I have to post them tomos, to Ireland, time has just slipped away, but the house is trimmed up, and amazingly the tree is surviving,  it's been wild weather but no snow, the cats have not stayed out too long, but have had plenty of excersise chasing each other around the house, only now, they have to stamp their paws down, otherwise they skid on the wooden floor, like cartoon cats he he , they make me laugh. , so I will chat soon, sending love to you all Mary Sue, Cheryl, Ingrid, Barbara, Angel, June Lynn, and all who visit here hugs x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxx >>>as uaual i will leave you with a smile >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  For sale: Twelve drummers -drumming, Eleven pipers- piping, Ten lords- a-leaping, Nine ladies- dancing, Eight maids- a-milking. Seven Swans -a -swimming, Six Geese- a - laying , >>>Unwanted gifts.


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4 years ago

P.S. Will also do a new thread in the morn. Thanks Ingrid!

Dec. 15/13 - 1:33 AM
4 years ago


Wendy, I said pretty well what Sue said about your friend. I'm so sorry to hear that. You sound like you have a very accepting (positive energy) attitude for her and that's what I would want if it were myself that got that sick. Who knows, maybe she has more time left than they estimate, and it should be filled with whatever joy and wonder and good memories, and anything outside in nature that she is able to do. Keep us posted. I will send prayers too.

I'm going to stop here and I will pick up again in the morn cuz I'm blurry eyed and need to go to bed. I'm coming to you, Sue, in the morn.


4 years ago

Happy Saturday ladies.  For once it is not snowing here.  Yay.  We always get a lot of lake effect snow until the lakes freeze over.  Tomorrow we are promised sunshine for 2 days.  I still have not made it out for the big shop and now will have to go Monday as the bills need paying too before I get late fines again.  Canada has decided to make it illegal to sell 100W incandescent light bulbs starting Jan 1 so hope to buy as many as possible, I will NEVER use those curly ones with the mercury inside them, far too dangerous for my liking.  That will be the end of the supply of daylight bulbs that keep me from getting too depressed in winter.  Have a few boxes in storage but want as many as possible while they are available.

Sorry to say I do not do Christmas.  There is no $ to spend on presents and since I always spend the day by myself there is no need for fancy food prep either.  Usually spend the day writing long 10 page letters to friends or watching videos on the VCR.  Last year was sick in bed so watched 3 1/2 seasons of Eureka on DVD.  That was a real treat.  I do send cards but wonder how long that will last with Canada Post deciding to increase the price of stamps by 30% in March.  Most of the cards I send go to the UK and will cost almost $3.00 each with the tax added next year.  Thank goodness for Ecards, almost everyone I know has a computer now.

My closets were full of a mix of personal items and my gift making business supplies.  They were so mixed up that I decided to re-arrange them to make it easier to find things.  At the same time was doing inventory on the business supplies.   Then the 17 year old DOS computer died and I was without one for nearly 2 years.  Since then I've been on hold for 4 more years due to the not sleeping because of the neighbours from Hell and also while trying to figure out a way to get the files transferred from the cloned DOS drive onto the modern Windows.  Just learned how to do that this year and hope to get going next week while there is nothing much on the TV.  It is about time the apartment got straightened out again.  Am thinking of selling all the business supplies though as there is really nowhere to sell the gifts I make anymore.  So many stores close each year here.  Am thinking of just sticking with making jewellery instead as the supplies take up much less space.

Wendy love the spy photo, the owl is so well blended with the kitties.  So sorry to hear your friends sad news, you are right though, celebrate all the time you have together and do what makes her happy.  When I first got sick people kept  commiserating with me over all the thigns I would no longer be able to do and it does get to be too depressing focusing on all the sad things.  Far better to concentrate on the things you and she can enjoy doing together then you will both have happy memories.  What could be better than having happy memories!

Have do get papers ready for the audit that happens every December too, luckily this one is really easy and only requires some photocopies and one form filled in at the bank.  Half a days work and that and all the cards will be written and ready for mailing.  That is all I have to do for Christmas.  We used to put lights on our balconies, but when the new windows were put in they prevented us from being able to plug the lights in using an extension cord through the kitchen window.  The new windows only open one side and that side is too far away from the plug socket.  As our apartments face North it gets too cold to put the cord through the balcony door so we don't put out the lights any more.  Pity as they were so beautiful when covered with snow and the muted colours of the lights shone through.

Have a wonderful weekend all and remember to stop and breathe every once in a while, don't let the thought of all you have to do to prepare overwhelm you.  Will post more silly videos to watch when you stop for a cup of your favourite beverage and nibble your favourite treats.

4 years ago

Hi Wendy Cheryl Sue Isabel June Ingrid Lynn Barb Coralie just putting up my tree have my house sorted its very wet and stormy here poor doggies want to go out stay wrapped up warm everyone have a great weekend its a busy time but try to make a little time to relax

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and staying warm. I am. Sorry about your friend Wendy. Prayers for her. Am I ready for Christmas. Sort of. All the decorations are up but the tree. Winter storm for me. Hope all have a safe and warm Friday The 13th. Hugs.

4 years ago

Hello Mary , nope not ready yet but getting there, just popped in to say hello and hope everyone is well, I had some sad news today, my friend and work colleague, has incurable cancer, but we made a pact not to be sad, we are going to make a plan, to do activities, maybe a cruise, we said plenty of time to be sad, so I am not thinking about the prognosis,

we laughed at this, and the fact my sons called it "random" so leaving you with a smile, chat soon everyone love hugs x wendy k x&kelly cats xxxx>>>>>>>>

paper rock scissors 

4 years ago

good morning Wendy ,Cheryl Sue Ingrid June Lynn Angel Coralie Barb and anyone i missed i hope you are all ready for christmas i'm not lol .i usually just dust around my doggie as well Wendybut im working on  the big mess i made .how are you Cheryl i hope its not too cold to get outside for a while in canada  i love being outside it clears my head ,i know Lynn will soon sort out the books  she is so organised love and hugs 

4 years ago

>>>AND THERES MORE HE HE HE>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 years ago

Hello everyone, Mary I know just how you feel, our house is just getting settled, still have a couple of jobs to finish , but I aim to do them tomorrow and wednesday, afternoon, I break up for Christmas a week this Friday, and dont intend to do more than , flick a duster around and vacuum , (around the furniture and cats ), give your self a time limit to work to, then when your done, relax for the rest of the year 

Hello Cheryl, hope you are ok, ready for Christmas?, I know what you mean about scrolling back to remember , I do that, I forget loads these days, i have to write things down , to remind me, >if I remember to do it?  , bet Lynn will be enjoying being in the cattery, out and about hope she does pop in and let us know how she is doing,.

Hello Sue, Ingrid, June Barbara, Angel, Lynn and  all here at chatterbox, hope you are all well  safe and warm, or for those in balmy Miami keeping cool, I will leave you with a smile, and will be back to chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 years ago

Hello ladies of Chatterbox. Hope all are well and enjoyed the weekend. I did. I didn't get much snow as for others down south of me they got a lot. Hope all have a lovely Monday and yes I think this thread is long. Is there going to be a new one soon? Hugs.

4 years ago

good morning Sue and Cheryl i know how you feel about emptying closets some of the stuff i found  is years old but the place is taking shape sloooooowly  how are things in your part of the world ? how are you Barb and Lynn  i hope the weather isnt too bad where you are .Ingrid how are you in the storm? Wendy is it very wet in england ?How are you Coralie?Angel i hope your friend is feeling ok today love and hugs to all

4 years ago

It's okay... I found her post on the animal video thread saying that she is now bookkeeping for the Cakery where her daughter-in-law works. 

We are thinking of you, Lynn. I bet you are loving this! I'm sure you'll be back to tell us all about it when you get a chance.

4 years ago

Somewhere I saw a note from Lynn about her doing some bookkeeping (I saw just the title) and I haven't been able to find it again. Does anyone know which thread its on?

Is this thread feeling full to anyone? I think it is but maybe it's just my slow computer.

4 years ago

Happy Saturday, Ladies!

Barb, it's so good to see you. I've been thinking of you lately. What are you getting Baby and Beenie for Christmas?

Mary and Sue, I know how you feel taking things apart for painting, re-arranging, or digging into closets and basement for things you haven't seen for a long time. I always find by the time I finished tearing it all apart, I'm either too tired or just don't feel like cleaning it up right away! The mess can be overwhelming and not as much fun as tearing it apart.

Sue, the videos are hilarious - except for the beginning of the first one where it looks like the same dark van that the driver just won't stop driving after hitting so many other cars! Does it look that way to anyone else? Boy, he must be drunk or have just robbed a bank or such! I had such a good laugh at the rest. In my 20s my apartment was very close to my work but I had to go down a big San Franscisco-like hill walking. It was so funny because others had to do the same and we just got down on our butts and slid from one parking meter to the next. But I'm sure most of us peed ourselves laughing by the time we got to the bottom. Such a fun memory!

It's almost countdown now to Christmas! Enjoy every minute cuz it goes so fast. Many people say they don't enjoy it because they had too much work to do. That's sad.

SSMake sure you have some fun in between the work and prep time! These crazy funny videos sure help!

4 years ago

Cheryl, I do the same thing, mostly because of the inability to concentrate as I forget what I am doing if I look away!  Have been catching up on those emails and messages and have them half done, phew!  Also managed to catch up on almost all the online TV programs I was behind.  Feels so good to be able to say that after being behind so long.  After a few days of warm temperatures that melted all our snow we now have it coming back today.  Flurries on and off all morning.  It is once again bitterly cold and the winds are from the North so the apartment is much cooler. Good for working though as we don't overheat.

Mary, good luck with the painting and re-organizing your house.  That is a huge job and you will feel wonderful when it is all done.  I had started by emptying 2 huge closets when it became obvious that they needed re-organizing, then the upstairs neighbours from Hell moved in and everything is still all over the place.  We need to be able to think clearly when re-organizing or else we put things away and forget where they are.  Ask me how I know that.  Next week I start back on that job as it is finally possible now that I have more energy and am thinking more clearly again.  It has been years my place has been upside down and will be lovely when it is finished.

Hope the storm didn't affect you too badly Ingrid, the news reports on it are scary, all that freezing rain.  Nice to see you pop in Barbara, hope everything in your little corner of the world is wonderful.  Since all of us seem to live in the Northern hemisphere here is something to remind us of the wonders of winter.  Seems we still have not learned that winter is for hibernating.

Not laughed enough yet, there is always this one

4 years ago

Good morning Cheryl ,Barb Sue Lynn Coralie Wendy June Angel,i have some of my house torn apart i started painting ended up changing everything of course i spent hours deciding i must get a move on and get my house back together before christmas it will be better i hope

4 years ago

HI my dear sisters Cheryl, Sue, Ingrid, Wendy, Mary, Lynn, June and anyone I missed.

4 years ago

Hi everybody! Sorry I haven't done too much in the group. There is so much to read sometimes that I go back and forth.... then go do the dishes.... then come back... then do my donating... then make something to eat... 

I will be BACK!

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well? I am okay. Hope everyone stays safe and warm from this storm in Indiana. Hugs.

4 years ago

Hello all you ladies. Hope whoever celebrated Thanksgiving here had a wonderful and safe day. I did. Had so much food and dessert it was delicious. Hope all of you have a lovely Monday. Hugs.

4 years ago

Just popping in to say hello have a good week love hugs to all x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxx


4 years ago

Happy December!  This year has gone by so quickly it seems, although I think it feels that way as I do not feel like I have accomplished anything like I used to.  All those months of being sick in bed cut the year very short for me.  Still I have now got the computer clean of the malware and have solved the problem of not being able to see some videos on 2 TV station sites.  It was the Avast add-on from my anti-virus that installed itself without permission in all the browsers.  So have uninstalled the Avast and now use AVG anti-virus instead.  Now am able to see all the videos without the ads in Firefox!  Boy that saves so much time.  Still have to catch up on about 2,000 emails and messages though!

I hope you have all signed up for the ARKive Countdown to Christmas emails, if not here is the link, scroll a little down the page for the box to enter your email address into, it is on the right hand side.  There are some other fun links on that page too.

Every day until Christmas you get an email with some fun, here is the beautiful video that came today.  Listen to the birdsong without any human talking over it while you watch the Vogelkop Bower bird working on making his bower beautiful enough to attract a female!  Wish it was a much longer video the birdsong is so beautiful, almost like a mini meditation.  There is even a link to download the video.  Wish I knew how to do that and make it keep playing over and over, would be wonderful to listen to it for a lot longer while I type my emails and messages.

The neighbours from Hell moved into a side by side duplex, so they will only annoy one set of neighbours from now on.  I pity their new neighbours though and hope they are braver than I was in complaining to them about all the noise they make.  Hope everyone is having a glorious weekend.  We are having snow again this morning, it is shaping up to be a real Canadian winter this year.  On Wednesday I think we will go to 11 above freezing though and have a day of rain that will melt all our snow!

4 years ago

Good morning Cheryl Lynn Angel Ingrid Wendy Sue Barb Coralie June Ihope your having a lovely weekend  photo Weekend.jpg

4 years ago

Hi Ladies! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

Sue, I'm so happy to hear that you are starting to bounce back health-wise. I wonder who is having to put up with your neighbours from hell now! I am so glad they are out of your life. Hey, that's great you talk to your brother on  New Year's Eve every year. Makes it a tradition. I'm glad you weren't in harms way re the storms on the east coast. Some people had a lot of damage. That's an awesome link you gave us! I am going to look into that and I want to learn (hopefully) a few new things re my computer and become more independent.

Wendy, I LOVE the Grateful song! I was just-a-rockin' listening to it. lol It is such a happy song, one I could wake up to every morning. I will be listening to that one again!

ssGOOD NIGHT, SWEET SISTERS. I am watching for those comets and other wonders coming from the sky... maybe even an alien or two. Wouldn't that be awesome?

4 years ago

Weekend graphics

4 years ago

November 28
4 years ago


To our dear Lynn - I watched a wonderful documentary about Hannukah the other night and it was delightful! There was a crowd of people celebrating together in a big hall, and instead of texting and talking on their phones, the kids were playing Driedl (not sure I spelled that right). This is one of them for those who don't know:
ssThe Rabbi explained the game but I can't remember it all. This Festival of Lights is certainly a happy time and filled with meaning. The Rabbi said that everyone should have thoughts of goodness and kindness and to "shine your divine light out into the world." That's something we all can do.

So have a wonderful time, dear sister. Let us know how you are doing if you get some time. SS

4 years ago

ss    ss HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all our American sisters and brothers! Enjoy your dinner and pumpkin pie!

Stay safe if anyone is travelling. May your angels take care of you all!

4 years ago

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone  who is celebrating,  Yeh sue glad your feeling somewhat better, well here is a song for you all Cheryl, Sue, Ingrid, June, Barbara, Angel, Mary,Lynn sooo hope I have remembered everyone, heres the song, so sorry I can't embed the clips, drat have to work on that, hope it works click and listen, or please copy and paste, cause it is a lovely sentiment, x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxx

GRATEFUL: A Love Song to the World: via @youtube

4 years ago

Cheryl, no need to drive over (all the way to Stratford, Ontario), while I've had a very rough 18 months or so because my immune system collapsed completely due to the lack of sleep things are looking up now and it should not take too long to get back to 'normal' for me.  Still having problems sleeping on schedule though, but getting more than I was which helps a lot.  Winter is always easier to get out as the heat and humidity keeps me prisoner much of the summer.  Thankfully the TV is mostly repeats or holiday programming now so until the end of the first week of January there are many weeks to catch up on everything instead of going at that hectic pace all the time.  My brother is hopeless at keeping in touch, but the $ are always very welcome as my disability income is so low.  He usually calls New Years Eve and we chat for a few hours and catch up once a year!  He would help more if we lived closer but since he is in the UK and me in Canada the $ are the best help he can give me since they also give freedom to choose.

I hope everybody has joined both the F&S and Need Help in Care2 groups.  They are the first stop in getting help with Care2 problems.  Also it helps to get the Naked Security newsletter to be aware of necessary updates and online problems.  It's easy, go to the link and enter your email address in the box to receive the daily Mon-Fri newsletters.  The site belongs to Sophos makers of an anti-virus software and has tons of info posted.

Those things and reading all the posts to the Yahoo computer group I belong to are what teaches me about computers and how to fix things.  We can all save ourselves many $ by learning how to do things ourselves so that we have the $ for our other important needs.

It is wonderful to see those 3 laugh during the Canada AM show, they always have such a good time together.  They always cheer me up even when it is snowing and gloomy like this morning.  Luckily for us not the really bad storm that is hitting the East coast.  Hope everybody stays safe and warm on this chilly day.

4 years ago

Hi everyone - hope you're having a nice Tuesday evening.

Wendy, your Harvest Festival Week sounds wonderful! "Gratitude" is in the air for sure! And your little Buni - sitting there like such a little good-mannered fella! I've never seen that pose from a kitty before. So cute!

Ingrid, I hope everyone there is going to be okay with this next bout of weather; I think it is mostly going to affect almost the whole east coast from Canada downward. They say rain, strong winds, ice and snow! Oh boy, is there anything else they want to throw in there? I PRAY THAT ALL TRAVELLING FOR YOUR THANKSGIVING (tomorrow - Wednesday, is supposed to be the busiest day) WILL BE SAFE! Already there are thousands of plane delays, etc. 

Sue, I signed the petition. It had 51,415 sigs when I left. Goodness gracious me oh my.... between your computer viruses and your personal viruses you've had quite a go of it! I'm so glad the Neighbours from Hell have left, and it sounds like you are really struggling to get back your health. Now I'm worried about you. I wish I could just drive my car over to your place and pick you up to go shopping. I hear "Gratitude" in your voice for your brother's input... I am so glad for you that he does this. You sound like a real wiz at fixing your computer and that's a real blessing because it costs big money to have people fix it. I think we all would go a little nuts without our computers. Anyway, I am sure glad to hear you are going to be eating!! The videos were great. Isn't it funny that when those two women and Jeff start laughing, we start laughing, and we haven't even seen the video yet!

STAY SAFE, my dear sisters. Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day even if the sun's not out and it's cold!


4 years ago

What a week!  Ups and downs all the way.  Thanks for caring ladies, have been rushed off my feet trying to deal with computer problems etc.  Just posted quick petitions and video links as there has been no time for more.  Have a chance to breathe today after spending more than 12 hours a day problem solving etc. for days on end.  Where to begin?  Discovered that the malware came from a link I followed in a Care2 personal message to a site in Australia to sign a petition that was not available when I got there and so signed another instead, was given a screen that said an email would be sent to confirm the signature, but it never arrived either time.  That was the only different thing I did 2 days in a row.  Luckily the Trojan, called believe it nor not, VBS:FlufferMiner did not do any real permanent damage and was easily removed.  Took over 40 hours of scanning the computer to be absolutely sure though.  One scan lasted 12 hours.  Even had to download and install Google Chrome which I never wanted to have to use as a test browser.  Any time I get a nasty now I go to for help as they are absolutely wonderful!

Then discovered that a browser add-on from Avast Free my anti-virus, that had installed itself without permission into all my browsers was the reason I could not watch videos on some TV station sites and so have been deciding on a different anti-virus.  Have decided on AVG, just not had the time to install it yet.  Have lost over 80 hours of computing time due to all that nonsense.  Many hundreads more emails and messages behind as a result.

Also spent many, many hours watching tons of Dr. Who episodes and specials on before they were removed from the site, as Space celebrated the 50th anniversary of the show.  I watched the very first episode as a very young child in the UK and have been a fan of the show ever since.  I cannot afford the premium space channel on my cable and am so very thankful that I am able to watch the show online for free!  The 50th anniversary episode/movie was absolutely wonderful, especially the very end of it.  A real tribute to all the actors who had played the doctor down through the years.

On Saturday I managed to take a lovely warm shower for the first time in 2+ months.  It was the first time I felt steady enough on my feet to attempt that as I'm usually far too out of it!  Then in a blinding snowstorm went to the mall and did the big grocery shop.  There were many whiteouts, strong winds and it was frigidly cold.  Had to take taxis both ways and was only able to get 2/3 of what was on the list, but have not been hungry since, which is another blessing.  Ran out of energy after about an hour and the awful back pain set in, but battled on as I find having to pay $20.00 just to get groceries a waste unless I get lots done on the trip.  I've lost so much weight/inches the last year or so and really do need the food. 

Without the constantly being woken up by the now long gone upstairs neighbours from Hell am getting much more sleep, but it is taking my body a long time to get settled and adjusted to the change and there are still days when I do not digest food at all well.  Which leaves me weak and shaky all over again.  On top of that had 2 viruses to deal with one after the other, but think I'm on the road to recovery at last.  Thank goodness for the $$ my brother puts into an account for me each month as I had already run out of $ before leaving home and only had enough for the taxi to get me to the mall.  Some groceries I had to put on Mastercard just to make sure I got something to take home.

Wendy, fabulous photo of Bunni, just love the way he is sitting there, have never seen a cat sit like that before.  What a cutie!  I remember singing that Hymn at Harvest Festival... We plow the fields and scatter, the good seed on the land....  Been a long time since I heard that one.  Hilarious photo of the naughty dog, who knows he has done a bad thing.  Ironic it was his dog training certificate.

Well hope everyone is having a good week and not any bad problems using Care2.  A good C2 friend Dale O had her hard drive die and I'm keeping everything crossed she will be able to retrieve her data as she is an avid photographer and has thousands of photos stored.  Remember to backup your computer and have at least one disk image in case of problems so you can re-install everything if the worst happens.  At least none of us are living here and having to deal with this

Here is this mornings video from Jeff, no animals today so it is not going into the animals thread for a change.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American brothers and sisters.  Hope it is a very safe one despite the awful weather promised to arrive.

4 years ago

Hello all you ladies here at Chatterbox. Thanks Cheryl. I would imagine people are recovering. I didn't have any damage but a bunch of tree branches all over the yard though. Hope all have a wonderful Monday. Hugs.

4 years ago

Hello Cheryl, glad you liked the pup, photo, still makes me laugh, guess I like mischief making pets. Hope your ok? >That chap knows what is important in life, yes it is the worst (almost) thing to lose everything you have worked for, and own, it wont be easy, but he can re-build his home, but he , his wife & children are safe, then he found his pet dog, part of his family too, that must have cheered him , I so hope the family will get assisstance to slowly put their lives back together, -lovely photos %#&!*%

Hello Mary, hope your ok, and your family, 

Hello June, Love your look on the bright side of life, you just need the Monty Python song to go with it, he he, do you know the one I mean?,

Hello Ingrid, hope your all ok.

Hello Angel & Barbara, Sue are you ok? 

Well guess you are all going to be busy with thanksgiving this week, well those in America, we have had our Harvest Festival Week, it isn't like thanksgiving, but we collect food well the school kids do, then at the end of the week, theres a service by the vicar/priest, the food is  boxed up, and distributed to the less well off and elderly, in individual hampers. Thats it, we say thanks, and share the bounty, good for the kids to learn this.

Talking of mischievious animals, I will finish leaving a photo of my kitten /cat Buni, contemplating his next move, my husband just made me laugh saying the way Buni looks at things, is "who Dares Wins "" he he, chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BUNI >>>>>>


4 years ago

This man knows what's really important in life. The look on his face says a lot.


4 years ago

P.S. I can't get into the animal videos thread. I get a while screen and then computer freezes. So I'll do a new thread hopefully tonight.

4 years ago

Hi dear sisters! Hope everyone had a great weekend (there's still a bit left).

Ingrid, I hope people are starting to recover where you are. Such terrible damage done. Are these tornadoes getting worse? I heard they were a lot more frequent.

Coralie, I sure hope you are back to normal with Care 2 access and features. So many bugs!! A lot of people are dealing with ongoing problems, including me.

Wendy, you sound perky as usual. Thanks for reminding us that it was Garfield's birthday. Gosh, who hasn't heard of that special cat? I love that picture of the pup and the certificate he demolished! lol It must have been a trying experience.

Thanks for the hug, Mary. How is that wonderful little Irish twin doing... and how is Tom doing? I bet he's grown a lot since we saw the last picture.

I hope you've been able to get out by now, Sue. We've had our first real frosty nights and mornings and the darn heat stayed on almost constantly. It's going to cost of fortune! I just cannot imagine how street people live out there.

June, that is such a happy picture! Ya just can't help but smile when you see such positive feelings! Thank you!

Have a great evening, everyone!

4 years ago

Nice graphics

4 years ago

Hello Everyone, popping in to say hello, and hopefully giving you a smile, have a look at this pup trying to look innocent , after ripping up paper, but look closely at the paper, this made me laugh so much, the owners of the dog obviously think it is hilarious too, love and hugs, x wendy k & kelly cats xxxx>>>>>

   .dog papers

4 years ago

Happy Birthday Garfield. Stay safe too Mary and everyone. Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

4 years ago

stay safe everyone in america happy birthday Garfield love and hugs Wendy Cheryl Lynn Sue Coralie Barb Ingrid Angel June

4 years ago

Just popped in to say hello , and hope all here are safe re- the tornados ripping through the mid west of USA ,Sue did you find out where bugs/viruses are coming from? and like Cheryl said, have you got to the shops yet?

Hello Coralie, so that is where you were, 

Be back later, chat soon, Sue, Cheryl Ingrid, June, Angel, Mary, Coralie, Barbara, Lynn love hugs xwendy k x & kelly catsxxxx >>oh guess who is 35>>>>>

Garfield's 35th Birthday: 5 of His Classic Comic Strips
Excerpted from GARFIELD’S SUNDAY FINEST Copyright © 2013 Jim Davis. Excerpted by permission of Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well? I am. Here in Indiana and Illionois were hit with wicked weather on Sunday. A bunch of tornadoes touched down and lot of people are out of power. I just had some tree branches come down but no power outages. So sad for all those with damages and no power. Hugs to all.

5 years ago


Hi Coralie - so glad you're back! Good to hear you are starting to get all your Care2 things working again. Where do these horrible glitches come from?

I haven't checked my photo albums lately, which I haven't been able to access for about a year. Lots of people have lost their albums and I have a feeling we are never going to get our pics back. You can see them, but you can't access them.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend because it's going so darn fast. Anyone else notice that?

Sue, have you been able to get out yet? Should we start mailing food to you?

I'm sending you all a nice cup of tea, so relax and take it easy!

ssHmmm. Need some cookies to go with it.

16-11-13 - Reporting In To Say I'm Okay
5 years ago

Hi there Cheryl

I have been here, but I was "locked out" of Care 2, with some technical issues that they were having that affected me, from 9 October up until the beginning of November

I'm still catching up on all the mail, etc as well

I could only do Green Stars, some Comments Board graphics - no petitions, no participation in threads, no personal messages (address book disappeared), butterfly rewards and all other statistics were invisible on my page and everyone elses as well

Looks like everything is now back to normal, thanks to Eric, and it's just a matter of catching up with all the news and videos now

Thank you for thinking of me and wondering where I was

5 years ago

YIPPEEEEE... Friday! Looks like we're all happy about that.

Sweet lioness, Mary! There's probably about six cubs somewhere just waiting to get ahold of her!

Wonderful cake, Wendy. And it's fact based! hee hee I had the same kind of week as you did.

Sue, I'm sorry to hear you are having such awful problems with the malware. What the heck is causing this?? I sure hope you don't leave us at Care2! You would be soooooo missed!   About four years ago I was in a group that had a really long discussion about the abuse and torture pictures circulating with petitions. There were A LOT of people that said they just couldn't stand to see them, that reading about them was quite enough. It was agreed that a warning would appear before any link to the petition. I have noticed that in the last year or so that seems to not be the case with a lot of petitions. Those terrible pictures can leave some people, including me, feeling sapped of energy, sad, depressed, etc. They can draw us away from doing the good that is here on Care2 to do. So, be careful ladies. Don't purposely look when you know it's going to stab you in your heart. I LOVED THE VIDEO about the two elderly gentlemen meeting... and yes, I cried 'for happy'. That was really precious! And I signed both petitions as well. I can't imagine living through what all those poor people are in the Phillipines.

Hi Ingrid and June and Barb -- hope you three are looking forward to a great weekend too! 
Good to see you back again, Lynn. Missed ya!

We haven't seen Coralie or Thubten for a while. I hope they are doing okay. This is just to let them know they are being throught of!

I hope I didn't miss anyone. It's nice to see some brothers pop in and out! We love ya!

5 years ago


yah friday

5 years ago

Hello to all you ladies here at Chatterbox, Hope everyone is well and have a Happy Friday and weekend. I have my niece and nephew. I agree Sue with the awful images on petitions and wish they wouldn't do that. Glad your computer is fixed.

5 years ago

Bet you can't watch this with dry eyes.  There was a movie some time ago that was truly heartbreaking about the partitioning of India into India and Pakistan and all the violence that ensued.  Watching this video gives me hope for the future.

Wendy, blackcurrant coloured carpet sounds wonderful, you must be chuffed about almost finishing the decorating.  Have got the same malware on the computer again this morning, so it must have been from somewhere I visit daily.  Took hours scanning and cleaning the computer yesterday.  Grief, who knows where these nasty things come from.  Tomorrow I'm only coming to one site, the next day 2 and so on until I figure out where it is coming from!  Going to test Care2 first, just in case as I spend so much time here.

Here are 2 links to petitions I hope you will all sign, requesting governments provide help for the victims in the Philippines

A petition asking for free calls to the Philippines to check on relatives

5 years ago

Friday graphics

5 years ago



5 years ago

Hello everyone, at last I have all but finished, the decorating, and der der der have blackcurrant carpet in my bedroom, should say blackcurrant coloured carpet, ha ha , now i can put things away, and if thats not enough good news >>>>>>>>>>>>l56592.gif hope you all are well (did i just say that, ? love hugs to Mary , Cheryl, Sue, June, Ingrid, Angel and Barbara,     xx wendy k xx & kelly cats xxxx

5 years ago

Turned out the problem with the videos was You Tubes problem not mine.  Everything worked just fine 2 days later.  This morning had a rude awakening when Avast told me I had a Trojan in 3 files, one of them a Windows Defender file no less, but all fixed now thank goodness.  Have not been spending much time on C2 the last week as there have been far too many links to petitions that have awful images of animal abuse and I've been made very sick from looking at them.  Wish people would give a warning about those awful images or links to them they send to me.  Have been considering leaving Care2, or just not signing any more petitions.  It was never my intention to look at those types of images when I joined Care2 and if they continue to be sent I will leave.  This morning it was a gif of animal abuse that was sent, luckily with a warning so I did not get to look at it for a change.

Thanks for all the pictures, Wendy just love that cake, it is so true how many things we can do at the same time, rather annoying through when they happen unexpectedly.  Have become a serial killer of those fruit flies with so many different traps and their squished bodies all over the place.  Luckily the freezing rain and snow we had should melt today and I'll be finally able to get the garbage out and that should be the end of them.  The sidewalks and driveway have been treacherous for days with not enough salt put down.  Good thing too, am almost out of food and need to get out for more tomorrow.  Was going today, but cleaning the Trojans out of the computer took too much time so it is too late to go today.  Will order Swiss Chalet chicken for tonight as there is nothing else left to eat besides yogourt, frozen green beans and cheese right now.  On the up side was able to sleep through the night last night and think it is my brain getting back to normal and allowing me to sleep through the night at last!

5 years ago

thanks Wendy we can all use a chuckle these days love and hugs

5 years ago

Love the baby Cheryl, and the Lioness Mary, hope everyone is ok? busy week the usual boring things we have to do to earn a crust, and keep house, so i thought i would give you all a midweek chuckle, I love this pic , I could see my mom saying it, and now me arghhhhh not so funny he he he, love to all x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

..just saying

5 years ago

Your welcome Cheryl.

5 years ago

happy weekend sisters 

5 years ago

Ingrid, thanks for the note re that petition. I just posted another warning against signing it on the "Animal...." thread.

5 years ago

Well it certainly looks like you all are enjoying FRIDAY!! YIPPEE Great pictures, everyone. Wendy, that's just about how I look too! lol I have a bag of cheddar cheese popcorn waiting for me on my bed. It is a junk food night cuz I'm just sick of healthy food right now! Would you pass me a glass of wine, please?

I had to post this cute pic. It made me smile.


5 years ago

And finally, jim jams & slippers on, film,  crisps, and a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>glass of wine in a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>wine glass


5 years ago

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

   .out at last

5 years ago

Hello all , again sorry re- double posting if you see what i mean, I have never forgotten before, but we all know what it is like to type out hellos , only to lose them afer posting on here?, which is why I tend to copy a post ,before posting, 99% of the times, =fine,- but 1% equals the mix up, I only meant to copy the cat note . Still worse things happen at sea. Hope you are all ok, ? here is apic for friday, with no double posting he he he, chat soon my friends, right now, think Squirrel John Travolta x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxx


5 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and hope all have a lovely Friday and weekend. Also wanted to share this  Please don't sign it and please share.

5 years ago

 everyone caught up on the chat thanks for sharing


5 years ago

Happy Monday everyone!

Mary, that made me smile envisioning Ben and Rosie and the fun-filled rubber chicken! Looks like you chose the right toy to keep them busy. You haven't said much about Mak, or maybe I just don't remember which is MORE than possible! So glad to hear your wrist is allowing you to do things you love to do.

Sue, what a lot of computer probs you encounter! I've never seen a bilingual keyboard but I know that would drive my nuts. I'm Canadian but I don't speak French. The stores put the French side showing on shelves of everything and that drives me nuts too. What a super song! I can see how it can get stuck in one's head. Now I have it. I always liked Petula's songs.

Here's a great remedy for those horrible fruit flies if they come back:

-just get a jar and put a little bit of water in it and some orange peel. Put a saran wrap "cap" over it and secure; then poke some little holes in the saran wrap. The pesky little things call in after the orange but can't get out. Boy of boy, did this ever work for us this summer. 

I signed petition for Tibetans. I wish they were allowed to go back to the beautiful place and life they had before the invasion.

Hi Ingrid. Hope you have had a great start to this week and enjoyed halloween. Oh... I just looked back on this thread and saw that you requested a new news thread. I shall get into doing that. Thanks for suggestion.

5 years ago

Happy Monday to you Sue and to everyone here at Chatterbox. Glad you had a fun Halloween Mary and your wrist is better. Sue, hope your computer problems are fixed and the fruit fly is over great. Hello Cheryl and Wendy. Lynn, Thinking of you. Hugs.

5 years ago

Wendy I have never owned a cat, have been owned by a cat though and had to laugh at your list, Topaz was in control at all times for sure.  I did manage to teach her that if she wanted to sit on my lap all the time she must not play with my knitting yarn though.  She was a snuggler so learned very quickly and as long as I kept scratching behind her ears at the end of every row she left the yarn alone.  Smart cat she was for sure, I really miss her.

I think the fruit fly infestation is almost over.  Left the balcony door open a few days and nights so the apartment could get really cold and most are dead, only saw one this morning.  It is nice to be able to eat without them walking over my food for a change.  I have a really hard time getting the garbage out as we have those high metal containers that usually are outside restaurants and the lids are so high and heavy, I have to stand on tip toes to be able to see inside.  I have had 4 frozen shoulders from lifting them high enough to throw the garbage inside.  So now I wait until someone leaves them open before getting the garbage out.  I don't make much so it takes a while to get a bag full enough to put out. Then sometimes have to wait weeks before a good wind blows them open or someone leaves them open.  Have now decided to have a big container in the fridge for the fruit and veggie peelings to keep it away from the flies.  Then when the lids are up can empty it into the bag and get it out quick.  Have not been unsteady on my feet for 3 days now, what a blessing being able to get more sleep.

Here is a petition that came in a newsletter, please sign to help Tibetans

I've also been losing my posts but it is because of this annoying bilingual keyboard that is the only one that is working right now.  Every now and then it changes from the US keyboard to the Canadian bilingual and I lose whatever I have typed as the tab closes.  There must be some key combo that closes a tab but with absolutely no info or help on the keyboards workings I have no idea what I did to cause that to happen.  Have had no luck finding a keyboard I can use so will have to take the old one apart and try to fix it before I lose my mind along with my posts!

Was watching an episode of Coast a UK TV documentary program and heard this song, it has stuck in my head ever since so here is the only version I could find on You Tube that will work.  Never had problems with You Tube before the last few days and so many videos I tried to watch either will not play and display an error message or play with no sound.  This one does work for me though, enjoy.  Happy Monday everyone.

5 years ago

Hi Cheryl Wendy Sue Ingrid Lynn Juneand anyone else whos reading i had a very good halloween Cheryl Rosie the puppy is great for Ben they are having the time of their lives the battle of rubber chicken goes on for hours lol its great for Ben cos Mak the other dog is quite old and not so playful  . my wrist is much better i can hold Tom and take the dog leash and ride so its not bad .how are you Cheryl how is your son?Lynn how is Trent?enjoy the murder mystery Cheryl love and hugs everyone 

5 years ago

Oh oh, Wendy, I think the above message was meant for one of your other groups because I don't recognize the ladies names. If that is so, it is quite understandable after everything you've been through lately! Do you want me to return it to you or do you want to just leave it be? The cat note is really cute.

5 years ago

So sorry, I completely forgot i had copied my post to cat lovers thread, as well as the "note to self" to late to edit the post to take out the newsy bit, and just leave the cat note. I have lost so many posts, you know they go pfft disappear, so i copy before posting, oh well I think you get what i mean, bet you were like "what???" hehe he nighty night x wendy k x

5 years ago

Hey Cheryl I am with the dog there, it's my bed time, well it sounds like everyone survived hallowe'en, I have been caught up in it, on the cats thread, found great pics etc,  Thanks for the concern re- weather, as I said we were unscathed in the midlands, but the lad who was 14 wanted to experience the feel of a storm wave, he didnt realise the wave could infact did drag him out into the terrible "boiling" sea, youth at times doesn't see consequences to an action, it was a terrible needless waste of a young life,. so tragic, of course same applies for those kiled by falling trees , tragic accidents.

It is really late so it is a quick visit, but I wanted to say hi, to all , CHeryl, Sue, Ingrid Mary, Barbara,Angel, Lynn, June and all here, I will leave with a smile for you, lots of love hugs chat soon x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxx>>>>all who have owned a cat will agree with this, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Sorry Kay and Donna that you are having problems, sorry too I can't offer advice , it wouldn't be the memory space on your computers would it?, I don't know but you have my sympathies, my old lap top became very difficult, crashing constantly, bad enough on care2 and losing my post post , but losing a 20  page report I had all but finished, but not saved arghhhhhh, I nearly threw the thing out of the window, I used to swear at it, threaten to beat it, strangle it, even drag it's battery out and stamp on it !!!!!! he he he made me feel better, very cathartic.

Hope you can post recent pics of your kitties Donna, it actually is a good idea of yours, yes I started the thread but the idea was yours, anyway would be a kind of back up, for your fav pics of pets ? do you think?

Hello Betty, Sandi , great pics ,Oh and Darla & Kay (sorry)  and Buni left a message re- departure times tomorrow.

Sugar if you havent I would read the message Buni left, there should be a note arriving to you soon ? midnight games ahead he he he

Sally Jimi will be with Noss&sachi, note to you on Mouse's thread too.

Well bed calls me. Oh sorry Teri glad you had a rest, and kittens &cats were all sleeping or calm, so you all could chill, /sleep. good luck with the wash, hope the weather is good xx

Now here is a  > "Note To Self" <  we can all agree with love to all hugs x wendy k x&kelly cats xxxx

 .dealing with cats.

5 years ago

Happy saturday night ChatterBox sisters (and brothers too). Sorry I've been away so long. Have been trying to clean up yard before the rains but those drops are now falling big time.

Sue, I love the hay-loading video. Pretty darn smart! We get frequent power outages in the bad winds too, and yet, I can look over the trees in back and see houses that hardly ever get them! So annoying. I'm just jealous when that happens. AND... what the heck causes that terrible bug infestation you are fighting? I'd be afraid to go to sleep! But it sounds like you are tackling them well. I do hope you are able to get out properly pretty soon. You sure have been trying. YEP... I'm still stuck on the #1 insanity chart too.

June, that's such a beautiful SUNDAY picture you posted last week. I will enjoy it tomorrow when it's Sunday again.

Wendy, that is one huge ominous sky in that pic!! I'm so sad to hear of the lives lost. It's so strange that so many people are killed by falling trees in these storms. The same happened in the States not long ago. I heard about the 14 year old boy.... so sad. Kids just don't realize the dangers and often challenge one another and 'play' in dangerous places.

Hi Barb, I've been going to ask if you are managing to keep up your dancing with your busy schedule these days. So good for you. I hope everything is going really great for you.

Mary, so glad you got out for a good Halloween walk with your furbabes. How is the puppy doing? I bet Ben is happy to have her around too. Did you manage to get any horsebackriding before the rains? And how's your wrist doing these days?

Ingrid, it sounds like you had a pretty good halloween - watching scary movies and eating candy! Sounds like you had a rainy halloween also. I don't think I can remember having a halloween that wasn't foggy and rainy when I was a kid. Maybe that's why 'somebody' declared that halloween be when it is, huh?  

I'm ready to turn in and watch a good murder mystery. I have finished all chores for the day. So I will come back tomorrow and check out all the threads I've missed for a week. 

Lynn, have been thinking about you all week. I hope you are feeling more chipper. I've been sending you big hugs and 'happy energy'.

Love you all


5 years ago

We had so much rain and really strong winds so I doubt people had much fun last night.  Scary winds for a scary sounding Halloween, it whistled all day and night long and is still doing that now! 

Have discovered that 3 of the TV stations online sites have now included ads in their programs episodes online so I am no longer able to watch them using Firefox as no matter how many adjustments I make they just will not play.  Have to use IE and it now takes longer to watch them online than on the TV.  So annoying as I was saving tons of time being able to watch and listen while working on replying to messages and group posts. 

Have much less free time for the computer now as IE will not let me do anything else while the programs play.  Firefox manages to let me and I do not understand why IE will not.  Even tried having both browsers open at the same time, IE for the program episodes and Firefox for messages and group posts, to no avail.

Was so late finishing yesterday that it was too late to order my celebration chicken so will have that today instead.  It is so lovely and quiet though and I can think in straight lines for a change.  Hope that helps in catching up.  Still have many 100's of emails, messages and group posts to go.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

5 years ago

Hi Ingrid its very wet and windy here too but i had a great halloween with my doggies we mostly stayed in to avoid the fireworks but we did get a few walks love and hugs 

5 years ago

Hello to all here at Chatterbox. So sorry Lynn and Cheryl about your incidents if I didn't say it. In my thoughts. Mary, we had rain all day here this Halloween. Yuck but I just usually watch my scary movies and eat candy. Hope you had a very safe and fun Halloween? Hugs. Also just wanted to know if anyone is going to start a new news thread soon? Its getting pretty long.

5 years ago

Lynn i am so sorry to hear about Steves car its unbelievable the way people carry on . there are so many tragedies caused by drunk and uncaring drivers sorry to hear about your dad as well Cheryl its just so sad that these thigs destroy lives love and hugs

5 years ago

I'm glad your safe Wendy and its over it was pretty bad on the south coast of ireland as well this is a real change in our weather rain is more our speed ,Glad your snow is over Sue ?how is the weather with you Cheryl Lynn Barb Ingrid Angel June ?love and hugs 

5 years ago

I am glad it's over with now Wendy and you are OK.

Hello dear sisters and brothers if any are reading.

5 years ago

Well the storm claimed two lives, both due to falling trees, the South and London bore the brunt, us in the midlands further up the country escaped with substantial rain, and strong winds, The sun was shinning at 9am this morning, winds had died down, it was bad for the people down south, 260,000 people without power, all I can say is, at least we had warning, time to get batteries for torches, or candles for lights, not sure who has power yet, it's the food that will be wasted as well, due to freezers defrosting. Oh there was a young lad who got swept out to sea, he was playing in the waves, the coastguards were out for hours, sadly no sign of him. >I bet your asking the same questions I was >playing in the waves when theres been storm warning all day? no answers are there !! The search was called off 9am (ish) very sad, for all the people affected and the three people who perished.

well sending love to all, Cheryl, Sue, Lynn, Ingrid Barbara, Angel, Mary  x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

5 years ago

Wendy, hope the storm was not as bad as it was predicted to be where you are.  Was reading about it on the news this morning and went to the BBC website to see if anyone I know was flooded as a result.  Didn't seem to have hit hard for them though.  Loved the photo of the stone in the centre of the UK.  Never knew that existed.  Glad you are enjoying the new computer, it really helps to have a fast one to use.

The snow has finally stopped, it was melting almost as soon as it fell except for the day I put out the SOS.  Had spent more than an hour writing that post with lots of links etc.  Oh well, these things do happen.  We get so many of those quick power outs here, wish they would fix that as it never happened anywhere else in Canada I've lived.  It's a uniquely Stratford experience.  We have sun for 2 days now then rain for Halloween and I do hope to get out for groceries tomorrow.  Not been out for over 10 weeks to do the big shop. 

Have been battling a massive fruit fly infestation and not been able to eat much as they are constantly buzzing around me and walking over whatever food I prepare and committing Hari Kari in every cup of coffee I pour if I do not keep it covered.  It just puts me off eating.  They're almost gone now as I've starved them, trapped them and swatted 100's.  Will have to do a massive clean up of all their squished bodies when it is over.  Have to wash all the walls and cupboards in the kitchen.  That is something else that only happens here.  The screens on the doors and windows are not good and when they come to fix them never install them properly.  All kinds of bugs get inside, have also been battling an earwig infestation too.  The whole building has the problem.  Wish I had found a better place to live.

Lynn, do hope your DIL is feeling much better by now and your son is able to get compensation from the idiot that totalled his lovely car.  So glad to hear they were not hurt far worse.  What morons we share the planet with.  I think drunk drivers should be banned from driving for life.  My father and his girlfriend are dead because he lost control of his 3 wheeler car on the way home from them drinking in a village pub.  Just a couple of months from retiring too. It was his 8th accident!

Cheryl, so sorry to hear about your Mum being the victim of a drunk driver.  Some days there does not seem to be any justice in the world when the drunks get up and walk away and their victims linger with their injuries for the rest of their lives.  I truly believe Karma will get them in the end.  How's the painting going?  We had Christmas in the stores before Halloween was for sale this year!  It's crazy, anything to make a buck seems to be the way to go.  Hope you're back to #1 by now.  I'm always stuck with talking to myself, swearing at the fruit flies too so anyone listening would be more than a little confused to say the least.  I swear like a sailor, true blue all the way.  Thanks for the video link, that was really priceless, loved the last clip of the baby scared by Mum blowing her nose the best.

Glad you were saved from the storm Ingrid.  It seems to have hit the US quite heavily in places.  Hope the weather improves for Halloween, it is getting more popular as the years pass and it is always sad when the weather does not co-operate.  I'll be at home enjoying my Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken that will be delivered to help me celebrate the upstairs neighbours from Hell moving out.  Only 3 more nights to put up with them.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

5 years ago

Hello to all here at Chatterbox. Yes thinking of you Lynn and sorry about the power Sue. Hope you got it back. My cousin from Illinois got married this weekend and it was very nice. Their both very happy. I wish I went. Hope all have a very lovely Monday. Hugs from Ingrid

5 years ago

Batten down the hatches, Britain is in for the worst storm since 1986/7, we are all in, cats all present and correct, playing hide and seek in their cat tunnels, worst will happen after 2am, continue till the afternoon, the cats will be stir crazy, but better than being blown away literatly, power may go off so will let you know how we get on love and hugs x wendy k x & cats xxxx>>>>>>>

theres   a  storm   coming     >>

..bad weather

5 years ago

Hello everyone, thanks Cheryl for the new thread, love the photo of the Mom and baby asleep, ,

Great video Sue, see farmers hace a sense of humour >who knew? , only kidding, is it still snowing where you are?

Hello Ingrid, Barbara, Angel,Mary  hope your all well?

Love that pic of Sunday Juneahh memories, of a lovely day, heres my contribution then I will be back to show you what we are in for !!!

ahh this is how to spend a sunday<<<


5 years ago

Sunday silliness
5 years ago

Not much time left, but wanted to post this silly video, how to load hay the easy way.

5 years ago

Oh dear... not sure I copied the last four posts in order.... but I know everyone will figure it out. It's 2:52 AM and I'm a little punchy.

So I will say nitety nite to all and at the same time... good morning and HAPPY SUNDAY! Don't forget to put some laughter in your day today.


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CHAT AWAY SISTERS AND BROTHERS... any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!

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