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Any and All Animal News #4 - CLOSED
4 years ago
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Link to last thread (#3):

2 months ago

Since we don't have a thread for animals and the problems they go through, I thought I'd keep us all up-to-date and post all the news that's fit to read.   Enjoy, respond if you want or just read and note. 




"The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen."
~G.K. Chesterton

4 years ago

Please check last thread for anything you may not have read or signed yet.

4 years ago


Please Do not sign or share this petition.  It's a sneaky petition meant to confuse ! It is sponsored by the GOP, and if you read it in entirety, it's clearly meant to destroy animal protection laws in Texas.  It clearly states that they do not want HSUS and HSI interferring in their "property rights"  or to protect animals above their rights ( read agriculture industry !  )   I know if you read the full  petition, you will agree ~    Thank you Constance.

I agree that it is a really weird petition. We really need to fully read everything we sign.

4 years ago

Wendy, I just got your e-mail re the above.

4 years ago

Another email: this might be a good idea, but catching wild elephants wouldn't be easy! What do you think?

Date: Monday, November 4, 2013, 12:46 PM Subject: a probably solution to spare elephants from harm


DYE vs DIE........ I can't think of ONE reason why not to dye tusks pink. Let's not wait for one more killing. Pink tusks say to poachers, "There is no value."  To tourists pink says, "Support wildlife. We are heading for extinction." SHARE THIS PLEASE !

DYE vs DIE........ I can't think of ONE reason why not to dye tusks pink. Let's not wait for one more killing. Pink tusks say to poachers, "There is no value." To tourists pink says, "Support wildlife. We are heading for extinction.
Good news update about Breezy
4 years ago

I'm pushed for time today, just wanted to post this good news story, an article and 2 videos to watch.  Breezy looks like she is healing well.  Remember her, she was the dog beaten and left for dead with devastating wounds in a dumpster in Ottawa.

4 years ago

I signed petition and watched video, Sue. What a beautiful, loving dog Breezy is. The fact that nearly 100,000 people have signed petition, and still counting, shows the impact this cruelty has on so many people. That is enlightening; such violence and cruelty to animals is so shocking... that there are people who have it in them to do such things.

I was delighted to see that they have someone to charge! So often they never catch the perpetrator. Now the justice system knows that the world is watching!

4 years ago

From Facebook Group. It's hard to believe this little guy survived at all. He must have had a very strong will to live.


Read more....

4 years ago

Oh Cheryl this poor little dog!!!  Where is the after picture of Shiver?  Poor baby!

4 years ago

Sue such a nice Dog Breezy is.  I am so glad she is healing up well.

And Cheryl that is a great idea to paint elephant tusks pink to stop those terrible poachers!

The Baby Llama is so adorable!  I think Llamas are so cute!

Such a nice relief from watching videos about horse slaughter.

4 years ago

Hi Barb. Looks like we're in this "room" almost at the same time.

I thought the results of "Shivers" care and his pic were on that link. I will search and see if I can find it again.

Here is another wonderful result of Soi Dog Foundation. It's so hard to believe the transformation!

The story of Tai Chi, one dog, among literally thousands that people like you have helped tells the story of Soi Dog. Tai Chi was found lying in the gutter, severely malnourished and could not even stand. The first photo you see is of Tai Chi when he was first brought to the shelter. The second photo was taken a month later with his new, loving owner Ina.

It's amazing what can happen in only ONE month! God bless all those who do such wonderful work in this and other shelters.

4 years ago

Here's how SHIVERS progressed! Such a beautiful little man. God in heaven, I can't believe he survived. He was just some skin and bone.



As of August 2013, Shiver is now fully grown & spends his days in one of our main runs with 15 other dogs. We hope one day soon he'll be ready for adoption.

Meet "Shiver"... founder of our

"Puppy Club"

Hi, my name is Shiver. When I was just 4 months old, I lived all alone in a drain beside the road. I don't remember much about it, as I was very sick and I thought I was going to die. One day a very kind truck driver found me & took me to Soi Dog. The people at Soi Dog looked after me & made me better. I  had no hair & I was covered in mange. After my treatment I feel much better because someone cares about me. Soi dog has many puppies like me to care for, but they need help.

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL HE IS. I would take him in an instant! Often these abused dogs 'act out', just as abused children might do. People need to be prepared for their special needs.

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl that is so awesome we are in the room at the same time!!!  Thank you so much for Shiver's better picture!  Good Lord look at the difference!

Wow and look at Tia Chi.  People are just so horrible to allow such things to happen to our innocent little friends.

I am so glad so many people do care.

Love and big hugs Cheryl and to my other sisters, too.

4 years ago

This is the Soi Dog Foundation Movie. It really is incredible. It shows how this foundation tries to help the stray dogs in Thailand. It takes you along on a journey through areas in Thailand where stray dogs are caught and taken back to this foundation, some, if not all, are in pretty bad shape. You get to feel what it's like to be there, and what life must be like for about 20,000 stray dogs.

We hear about the stray dogs in numerous countries and what happens to them - many are shot. Many of the dogs in this film were shot. (What kind of people do that?) Hopefully you will get a chance to watch the film. You can always stop it and come back to it later as it's quite long.


4 years ago

I must have been typing and watching the movie above when you came in the "room" Barb. So happy you're here. I can imagine why they called that little fella "Shivers" because they probably couldn't get him to stop shivering for a long time.

Hope you and Baby and Beenie are well, sis!

4 years ago

Yes Cheryl and I am so glad to see people helping dogs! 

I have read about the dog meat trade and it's horrific.

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl and Barb i saw this it made me cry so many poor little souls thanks for posting sis 

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Barb and Mary - and everyone.

Barb, they have pictures and info. re the dogmeat trade on that same link above but I simply could go no further than one picture I saw. It is now burned into my brain forever.

Mary, I welled up too. What a wonderful story about the Wrigley heiress. I love stories that show rich people giving back and this was a wonderful thing she did, and does through the foundation. Thanks so much for the post. It was good news!

4 years ago

Some sad news this morning about a bear, hit by a truck then murdered with a rock.  Guess whose brains I'd like to beat in?

Some very silly news, because we all need some.  Only in England, eh?

Wild & Weird: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Because Reflective Vests Now Make It Safe to Do So

Chicken jacketComplex and gregarious creatures that they are, domesticated chickens must have a variety of reasons for crossing the road. Sure, some of them just want to get to the other side. But others may be trying to prove to the opossum that it can be done. And the Roman hen probably crosses because she's afraid someone might Caesar.

Philosophical inquiry into the intentions of road-crossing pollos aside, one company is working to make chicken traverses safer by offering a neon reflective vest, custom-designed to fit the adventurous hen. For while the age-old tradition of chicken-keeping is becoming more and more popular in urban settings -- putting more local and ethically sourced eggs on human tables -- it may also be putting more chickens in the path of traffic. The new garments are just a common-sense way to stop murder most fowl.

See the high-fashion hen jackets at Omlet and watch this instructional video demonstrating the vests in use.

4 years ago

Thank you Cheryl for the new news thread. I also shared a petition called with others. Also signed about Breezy and glad he is doing well.

4 years ago

My post went pfttt when I tried to post it. Arggggg I'll do it again.

That is so sad about that little bear, and he was fairly little! I am of two minds here -- the man may have seen blood and if the bear wasn't moving, he might have wanted to "put the bear out of his misery" which many people do when they hit animals and they look very badly injured.  But when the bear got up and moved around the man continued! He should have called for help. There were others there and certainly someone had a phone. Very sad.

I love the chicken outfits. I had a chicken for a pet that looked just like that brown one when I was a little girl. I would have loved to dress her up in one of those flashy outfits. I took her for walks in my doll buggy and made people walking by really take a second look. hee hee

INGRID - Have a look at the "Warning" note near the top of this thread. I think that petition is set up to protect owners, not animals and I received it from two friends warning me not to sign and to take my name off if I had signed. There is a place near the bottom of the petition apparently where you can unsign. Some people are really sneaky. With all the horses being rounded up these days and going to slaughter houses, we are keen to sign them. But this one isn't good for the animals. The last part of the petition is more noticeable.

4 years ago

HI Cheryl, Mary, Sue, Ingrid, Lynn and anyone I missed that might be reading.

I love the chicken jackets Sue!!!  They are so cute!!!  Yes Cheryl I don't understand that petition.  It doesn't make sense to me anyway.  I won't sign it.  Cherly I am sorry about the picture that upset you so much about the dog meat trade.  I know what you mean.  I am going to have to stop looking at so many of these things because it's getting really depressing for me even though I want to help, I need to take care of myself too. I started increasing my antidpressants today, too.   Mary those 2 dogs are beautiful and so lucky to be flown to their new home. Thanks for the post.

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl Barb Ingrid Sue thanks for the cute chicken article Sue  Cheryl how wonderful to have a chick en for a pet you must have always had a thing for birds  Barb  i know how you feel sometimes the bad stories overwhelm me too  Sue  i'd be right beside you with a hammer poor bear Ingrid how are you today?love and hugs 

4 years ago

Hi Barb and Mary.

Barb, the pic was on that link that I posted and I was looking around at the website when it came into view. I try to stay away from the really bad pics as I just can't erase those awful images. When people describe... or even say the words... about awful things happening, like that "Cove" in Japan with the dolphins they are going to kill, my imagination puts a picture in my head and that's bad enough! It sounds as though the coming winter is getting to you, Barb? Gosh, I have been on antidepressants for so long I can hardly remember a time without them. There are so many people that suffer from depression. I hope you will find some things to help you. I keep that Meditation thread on the happy side, whether or not we actually meditate is beside the point.

Mary, my Dad had quite bad asthma when my brother and I were growing up so we couldn't have a dog or a cat. So we were given a little duckling each one Easter. My duckling died when she was about 2 yrs. old and my parents got me the chicken. I am laughing as I type this because it strikes me funny. You just can't have a duck or a chicken sleeping on the end of your bed! They were fun pets and, of course, I stand up for the treatment of ducks and chickens everywhere!


4 years ago

knowing you you probably tried Cheryl i can just see you tucked up with a chicken as a little girl lol 

4 years ago

yellowstone grizzlys

4 years ago

Gee, I'm still up and it's 2:43 AM! Yes, Mary... if I thought I wouldn't get caught I would have smuggled my sweet little Daisy into my room! LOL

Good news re the bears, Mary. I believe this good woman... she's awesome!

4 years ago

There are some horrific pictures, that accompany petitions, they are there to grab the attention of the apathetic people, who without a picture of an abused pathetic animal, would not even bother to look at a petition. Having said that we here on care2 mostly care too much, I find some of the cruelty so easily administered to animals by fellow human beings>?  incomprehensible, sickens me to my very core. I too had to stop looking at some of the photos, yet they are the very thing, that catapult me into action. 

It would be very easy to become depressed looking at the pathetic images , so Barbara, you are doing the right thing, you have to look after your own health, as the saying goes, you wouldn't be able to help anyone/animal, if you became too ill, I sign petitions a small chunck at a time, the horror I see in my line of work-(I am a senior residential social worker , for children and young people,) is enough to drive "you" to drink. Thankfully I had a promotion, I now inspect 3 homes, and I know I make a difference, for the kids in our care, we just received "outstanding" re- our "Ofsted" inspection. they are the Government appointed inspections. Don't worry that means nothing to me, Ofsted concern themselves with paper work, ours is red hot, all the i dotted t crossed. >I know myself and my colleagues do the work, I dont need a government paper exercise telling us we are outstanding. he he he forgive me I am rambling. The whole point of me chatting on here,> was to share GOOD NEWS , if you need proof that petitions do work, the next info I am about to share will show you, all your anguish upset, anger that made you sign that petition, in this case has paid off. This is a MAJOR break through and success, without people like you all would not happen , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx 

 China bans mandatory cosmetic testing! Read about the huge victory. via @HSIGlobal 

4 years ago

Thank you Wendy

4 years ago

Morning ladies, When I sign cruelty petitions usually I put up my left hand to cover most of the window so that I only see the petition on the right hand side. If there is a grisly photo at the top, as in one I signed this week about a cat skinned alive and held up with it's fur still attached to the feet of it's hind legs, (yes, there really is a photo of that with the monsters that did it smiling) I can move my hand to cover the photo to be able to scroll to the petition underneath.  It is so important to sign those petitions that are about such incredible cruelty that I force myself to do it.  There was however no way I could post those petitions in the No cruelty to animals group so far as I cannot find a way to warn people about the awful photos they show.

It seems to me that there should be a limit to what is shown at the top of a petition, for heavens sake children sign them too!  There should be a link for people who can stomach the photos to go look at them, or at least a warning from the people who post the links about what we will see if it could be disturbing.  Many decades ago when I was screaming for help and no one came I promised myself to never pass up the opportunity to help when someone needed it and have tried to help whenever possible ever since.  It is important to go and watch some happy videos right after though or I'd lose my mind.

Pink tusks would be a great start, but how would we be able to colour the tusks of the wild elephants?  Loved the good news from the Soi Dog Foundation, it is wonderful the work they do to save those poor abused animals.  Thanks for the good news about the animal testing being banned Wendy, it is about time and should be banned world wide.  Cheryl, having a chicken as a pet is a wonderful idea but would make me sneeze uncontrollably as I'm allergic to feathers.  Kudos to your parents for being inventive and giving their children pets they could cuddle!  Great news about the flight for the dogs too. 

That petition was so badly written and not a petition as such.  I read through it and it seemed more like a rambling rant against the law.  It started out about animals then moved on to children and had not a single paragraph break that I decided not to sign it.  Pity there are so many signatures on it.  In F&S people are asking to have their signatures taken off it, pity they did not read it before signing.

Barbara, you have to put yourself first, so do not do anything that will make you sad or depressed.  This time of year when it is gloomy most of the time it is important to get outside and walk, or play, to get the natural light into our eyes that should help keep the gloominess away.  I sit under a daylight bulb when it is gloomy and find it really helps keep me upbeat.  Play lots of happy music and watch lots of silly videos to make me laugh.

4 years ago

If you did inadvertently sign the insidious petition we know to be false, planted by equally insidious, remember you signed to try to right a wrong, we all make mistakes, skimming reading I call it, thinking we have the gist of the petition, only to find you were duped. I had the heads up from friends, and then shared the info re- the petition,( it made no sense to me by the way) I don't think I would have signed it for that reason, at least I hope I wouldn't. 

So for the people who signed knowing what the petition was about, and for the author, Karma will play it's tricks on you!!

For all the other care2 family duped by the petition don't feel bad about it cause the good news is you have the chance to undo your mistake  >>>>>>>>>>>>>xwendy k & kelly cats xxxx >please share >


There are almost 400 names on this list that signed this petition.  Some of them maybe from Facebook, and many from Care2.  If your name is not here but you see a friend's name please alert them. Please do share this with as many people as possible.  Let's not give these people the ammunition to end animal protections in Texas.

Is Your Name On This List? Do You Want It Removed?

Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfareanimaladvocatesanimalwelfareendangered,protection ) 
 Kit - 8 minutes ago - 

Each of the names below have signed the petition Stop Government Sponsored Horse and Animal Theft. This is an opportunity to have your name removed.
4 years ago

here is some good new  heros helping animals

4 years ago

Thank you Ladies.

4 years ago

Paralyzed dog who REFUSED to lie down

Incredible recovery of Kenny 'the miracle' Doberman who learned to walk again
Kenny was paralyzed in April when a kennel worker dropped a metal door on his neck
The canine overcame multiple other medical conditions - including an inability to pee - on his road to recovery
The miracle Doberman now walks, runs and plays as if nothing ever happened, he shows no residual effects


Paralyzed 'Miracle' Doberman Learns To Run Again, Despite The Odds

4 years ago

its lovely to hear some good news thanks Sue i hope you have a lovely weekend  

4 years ago

Thanks for the good news Sue and June.

4 years ago

Rare albino kangaroo's incredible tale of survival in the Australian

Lazing in the middle of a kangaroo mob just a half hour drive from city suburbs is a truly incredible tale of survival, rarely seen in the animal kingdom: an albino kangaroo that has survived beyond its perilous childhood.



Rare albino kangaroo spotted in the wild in Australia

With its snow-white coat and bright pink ears, this albino kangaroo stands out in stark contrast to its grey-coloured relatives.
The rare animal, believed to be two years old, was spotted roaming bushland near Canberra, Australia.
It has stunned wildlife experts - with albino kangaroos usually expected to die very young.

4 years ago

Wonderful stories of the Doberman, albino kangaroo, and the whale!

It seems the kanga has had some protection in her "mob" from other animals, now we just have to keep the trophy humans away!

Thanks, ladies!

4 years ago

Thank you June for the Albino Kangaroo story. Interesting.

4 years ago

A Touching Story About a Simple Dog

A story that will touch your hearts and should be shared and read by many, because it contains within it some life truths that we should hold on to appreciate life and, to appreciate dogs.

4 years ago

OH JUNE!!! I am a little bit of this: and a little bit of this:

I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it yet. What an amazing story. No wonder.... all those things he didn't respond to.....

Thank you for this wonderful story. I didn't cheat and look at the bottom first. I sat and slowly read the whole thing through. It was well worth it. 

4 years ago

DiCaprio shows the day again: donates $3m to save tigers

November 23, 2013

DiCaprio shows the day again : donates $3m to save tigers

Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio has donated $3 million (£1.85 million) to help save tigers in Nepal.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a great icon in conservation. He is a one of the very few truly compassionate stars, as we hear news of the life he lives. He is in the forefront of many green initiatives.

He is also a Vegetarian.

 More interestingly, he went on to produce an all time best movie/documentary on global warming/climate change, called the 11th hour.

The Great Gatsby star made the donation to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) via his charitable foundation. The funds will be used to significantly increase the number of tigers in Nepal by 2022 – the next year of the tiger.

In a statement, the 39-year-old said he’s “hopeful” the money will help “exceed the goal” of doubling Nepal’s tiger population.

Nepal’s tigers are classified as endangered and – as with the general tiger population – are under threat from “habitat destruction and escalating illegal poaching”.

4 years ago

Thank you ladies. Love Leo.

4 years ago

I'm so far behind in this thread, will catch up soon I promise and leave comments.  Here is a sad story about more neglected horses rescued from some very stupid humans

And because I love to leave everyone smiling here is a story about a truly wonderful invention that will save lives and help horses stay safe.
Some bright spark posted this comment, kudos to him!

This gives me an idea.
An LED strand that changes its color to show the body temperature.
Put this on cattle and you have a
Glow bull warming light

4 years ago

Thanks Sue for these stories. The horses shown turning to the vet know they are being helped. What an atrocity! Surely there are neighbours of this owner that noticed. That infuriates me. If so, to keep the friendship of this unworthy person, they were willing to sacrifice these horses. Thank God someone alerted SPCA. I forwarded this on to my FaceBook.

I LOVE the LED lights! They would be good for so many animals! Might scare the heck out of us in the dark to see lights running hither and yon, but good for the dogs and cats wearing them.

I'm sure you are no further behind in emails and such than I am. I get to one spot and catch up but everything else goes down the drain. I hate it when I don't acknowledge someone's birthday and I must smarten up!

4 years ago

Good morning sisters i have been so busy ,it was my mothers 10th anniversary and there was a family gathering it was lovely all that was missing was Mam our huge clan and their babies and thier dogs what a lovely time we had Tom was at the centre which is lovely hes named for his great granddad who adores him i am going through all your lovely posts i must catch up love and hugs

4 years ago

I post faster than I read and watch everything posted.  Here are two very interesting news stories from this morning.  Calgary Zoo re-opens after the devastating flood earlier this year.

Lots of short videos, linked to play one after the other, the 4th one called Rescuing the animals will not play more than a few seconds for me the first 5 times I tried it.  If that happens for you scroll down under the window and click for the bottom left video which is next in line to play.

I'm still angry that they have elephants in Calgary, what idiot thought that was a good idea?  It is frigid there in winter.  Some Whale watchers got the surprise of a life time, a sighting so close they could have reached out and touched the whale.  Two videos linked to play one after the other.  I'm so jealous!

Keep your eyes on your pets, or this could happen!
4 years ago
4 years ago

Sad news about a dog who spent more than 2 weeks suffering from porcupine quills and the infections they caused and the wonderful vet who is taking great care of him, kudos to the lady who rescued him.

Here is the first look at a juvenile polar bear that was sent to a Zoo instead of being murdered after he attacked a human, luckily inflicting only minor injuries.

4 years ago

My eyes are so clean, so many happy and sad tears.  Reggie's story did me in, howled out loud over that one.  Just goes to show you that animals have feelings just as deep as we humans do and we should treat all of them with the respect they deserve.  Thanks a million for all the stories, videos and pictures.

4 years ago

Thank you ladies.

4 years ago

What on earth is wrong with some people in the way they treat horses?  More horses rescued from starvation and worse

4 years ago

If the horses were neglected by this man that's sad. Thanks Sue.

2 petitions need signatures
4 years ago

Disgusting slaughterhouse needs to be put out of business, if my info comes up please replace it with yours.

For Canadians only, please stand with our First Nations brothers and sisters to oppose the tar sands pipeline. While this is about humans being affected by the proposed pipeline we all know the animals will also suffer.  Besides humans are animals too!

4 years ago

signed for the horses and the other one as well Sue we have much to answer for in ireland in our treatment of horses as well so many of the beautiful majestic creatures are starving to death after being abandoned the i s p c a is having a hay drive but its the tip of the iceberg 

4 years ago

Thanks for signing Mary.  In Canada our farmers are always sending hay bales to farmers in areas where they do not have enough.  Bad weather causes many crops to be lost, from floods, drought, snow too early, heatwaves etc.  It happens every year and saves many animals from starvation.  Yet it seems that the abuse and starvation of animals is at an all time high recently.  It never ceases to amaze me that those people who cannot afford to feed their animals just do not call the SPCA and give them up.  They do not get told off, prosecuted, or sent a bill, and the animals cease to suffer.

4 years ago

Thanks for the stories, Sue. I just hate that Calgary has opened their zoo again, while hundred applaud. Do lions ever have snow where they come from... and giraffas? Not to mention elephants, although they will adapt like at TES where it snows. But they have heated barns with heated floors that they can wander in and out of whenever they like.

Signed petitions. I just deleted your name on the one and put mine in but not sure if it went through as I didn't see it acknowledged. And the pipeline.... OH BOY, I SURE HOPE THE PROTEST IS HUGE AND IT'S STOPPED!

Stealing and selling other people's pets is full-time employment for many. So very sad for those animals who must be so scared, and the people from whom they were stolen. 

Glad the horses were taken from that guy. Sounds like a horse mill, just like puppy mills. despicable!

4 years ago

Signed your one petiton Sue but the other I couldn't Not Canadian.

4 years ago

An event to help bar owner who refuses to show Eagles games because of Vick

Since 2009, animal lover and rescuer Pat Brett made the decision to not air Eagles games at her Philadelphia, Pa., bar "Doobies," as long as the infamous, former dog-fighter, Michael Vick, remained on the Philadelphia Eagles roster.


Dogs age with dignity in photographer's work

Nancy LeVine travels the country immortalizing elderly canines as part of her 'Senior Dogs Across America' project.
4 years ago

Thank you June. Awesome Pat Brett.

4 years ago

Thanks, June. I agree with Ingrid -awesome that Pat Brett sticks to her moral code even though it costs her business.

What a beautiful tribute to the aged dogs, as well as to their owners. They don't know they are aged. They know they can't do things they'd like to do, and that they hurt here and there, but the fact they greet each day with the same feelings they had as puppies tells me I should do the same! Thanks, June!  

4 years ago

Update on Momo the swimming cat who led her human to safety in the Alberta flooding earlier this year.

4 years ago

Thanks for your new Sue. Mary, That link told me thanks for taking action but I didn't get to read the petition?

4 years ago

Ingrid, here's a copy of the petition/letter re Mary's link. It was done quite different than usual - in the middle, and you had to scroll down.

"Every spring, just east of Yosemite National Park, unique desert birds perform a flamboyant mating dance. Featuring stiffly fanned tail feathers, inflatable yellow neck sacs, and shrill coos and cackles that echo off nearby rocks, the elaborate, funny display of male sage grouse is one of the wonders of the West.

But human pressures threaten the birds' existence. Energy developers have moved into the Mono Basin, and privately owned cattle continue to overgraze the land. Then off-road vehicle drivers scare away the few birds that are left. So recently the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agreed to reconsider listing this "bi-state" grouse as endangered -- but predictably, energy developers, ORV groups and subsidized livestock operators would like to see that protection denied. 

Please -- let's make sure that neither we nor our children have to witness the last dance of these extraordinary birds.

Urge the Service to give the grouse the full protection of the Endangered Species Act.

Take action here:"

Thanks, Mary!

4 years ago

Great update on Mono, Sue. It's a good thing that cats have those extra lives!

4 years ago

Thank you Cheryl. I have signed it.

4 years ago

I'm amazed any time a new species is "discovered", even though local people had seen these dolphins for generations researchers have now discovered them!

4 years ago

There is a much darker side to the wool industry than you may have ever imagined, and no amount of fluff can hide the truth about these cruel and bloody...

read more

4 years ago

I always thought that wool was a good choice for warmth during the winter, but after reading the article that I did on care2 I will absolutely have to look elsewhere--I certainly was unaware of the cruelty that existed in that industry.

Brave B.C. donkey manages to fight off hungry wolf
4 years ago

Take a look at this beautiful heroic donkey and listen to the story

4 years ago

Please sign petition to tell Pope Francis to stop releasing Peace Doves

Children released two peace doves from the Vatican window last Sunday, only to watch in horror as a seagull and crow attacked the birds moments later. Videos of the attack flooded the media, disturbing the world and suggesting violence, hopelessness, war, despair and anything but peace.

Domesticated doves are easy targets for other birds due to their white color and inability to recognize predators and flee. The Pope's intentions in releasing the doves were innocent, but after witnessing the gruesome aftermath he needs to end the practice.

There are other traditional peace symbols the Pope could use to send a dramatic message without harming any creatures. For example, he could have children make paper cranes or plant white poppy flowers. Please sign the petition to convince the Pope to stop releasing peace doves.

4 years ago

Signed for the doves Barbara, what an awful thing to have happened.  I have some good news for a change.  Had been clicking for this homeless dog shelter idea in the Aviva Community Fund and it won $5,000.  I think each shelter costs about $400 to they should be able to give shelter to more than 100 homeless dogs in Northern Alberta.  Here is the link to the Aviva page on them, it contains a link to their Facebook page where you can see the finished shelters.

For an overload of cuteness take a look at a baby polar bear cub at the Toronto Zoo experiencing snow for the first time.

4 years ago

I have followed Kevin Richardson and his lions for years and I'm still intrigued at the love between animal and man.


4 years ago

rescued whale thanks divers amazing

Socks the moon walking pony is not the father of the black colt
4 years ago

As you all know I just love Socks the moonwalking pony and his happy video and while responding to someone who watched the video on my profile page found this

Better luck next time Socks.

4 years ago

please sign for the wolves

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4 years ago

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

Thank you for making a difference for northern pintail ducks and countless other wildlife!

Pintail Ducks

Today, after years of persistent effort by tens of thousands of wildlife advocates, Congress passed a new farm bill that provides huge wins for wildlife!

The 2014 Farm Bill is a strong, conservation-friendly bill that supports healthy soil, clean water, and abundant habitat for wildlife.

We're thrilled that popular and effective programs to help farmers conserve and protect wildlife habitat will now continue on into the future. A huge win is the conservation compliance provision to protect environmentally sensitive land and prevent the destruction of millions of acres of wetlands on which wildlife depend.

There's also a substantial increase in funding to help farmers create wildlife habitat on working lands and important improvements for protecting our fragile native grasslands.

Today’s victory for wildlife is evidence of the tremendous impact you make for wildlife.

Congratulations on this victory for wildlife, and thank you for all you did to help make it possible!


AndyAndy Buchsbaum

Interim Executive Director, NWF Action Fund
Join us on Facebook

4 years ago

Picture this: You're hanging out with your friends when, out of nowhere, you're suddenly kidnapped, crammed into a tiny crate, and given a one-way ticket to the other side of the world, where experimenters will torment and eventually kill you in the name of "science."

Now, the odds are probably in your favor that this will never happen to you. But it did happen to the hundreds of monkeys who were crammed into these crates and transported on an ABX Air cargo flight:

We've obtained whistleblower reports and photographs indicating that ABX Air has recently handled shipments of thousands of monkeys from China to a laboratory with a long history of tormenting animals in cruel experiments.

Ask ABX Air to STOP shipping monkeys to their deaths in labs!


Whitney Calk Signature   WC Whitney Calk
Youth Campaigns Project Manager | peta2

4 years ago
No Medal for Sochi When it Comes to Animals | Wayne Pacelle: A Humane Nation

Wed, Feb 05 2014, 04:58 PM

The Olympic Games promote international competition, but also cooperation and respect among individuals and nations. As billions of people tune in to the Olympics, they typically have a swelling of patriotism for their own country and its athletes, but at the same time they experience feelings of greater tolerance and appreciation for all peoples of the world. 

However, as the Winter Games launch in Sochi, there’s a backstory that threatens to mar this global spectacle. A form of animal cleansing is taking place on the streets of Sochi as the games get underway. Authorities there have undertaken the mass killing of street dogs in a horribly misguided effort to “beautify and sanitize” Sochi as they welcome athletes and visitors from all over the world to their city.

Despite promises from the Sochi government that street culling of dogs would not be part of preparations for the Olympics, it has reneged and hired a private "killing" company that is currently hunting and poisoning the dogs its spokespersons call "biological trash."

The number of dogs to be slaughtered is unknown, but according to news reports, the company was told to kill "as many as possible" before the opening ceremony.

A street dog in Bhutan, where HSI has already sterilized and vaccinated nearly 50,000 animals.
Take action hereto speak out for the street dogs in Sochi.

Humane Society International has long rejected mass culling as unethical and ineffective. Instead, HSI works around the world to humanely address street dog populations and problems. For nearly two decades, we’ve successfully implemented spay/neuter/vaccination programs. Working with governments and communities, our initiatives incorporate mass animal sterilization, vaccination and community education.

And last year, when word about a possible cull first started to spread, we offered to conduct such a program in Sochi.  While we received no response to the offer, we were heartened that authorities said they’d not go down the path of mass killing. It’s really sad that they decided to do so after all.

Russia dedicated $50 billion to ensure the success of the games. If even a fraction of those funds had been allocated to addressing the street dog issue in Sochi in a humane and sustainable manner, this cruel and short-sighted scheme could have been avoided – and the nation could have engendered goodwill, not moral condemnation.

If this is to be Sochi’s opening act, this year’s Olympics will be tarnished. It is my sincere hope is that President Vladimir Putin will hear the global pleas to stop the cull, and work with us to provide a better life for the dogs of Sochi, to ensure the safety of its citizens and visitors, and to earn its place among the dozens of communities worldwide that have chosen to do their very best for animals and people alike. 

Take action today and urge President Putin to stop the cull and use humane methods of managing the street dogs in Sochi and throughout Russia.

4 years ago

Kind-Hearted Doctors and Scientists Help a Frostbitten Calf Surivive

Hero lost both of his legs from the cold, but doctors didn't give up on him! Read full story

Kind-Hearted Doctors and Scientists Help a Frostbitten Calf Surivive

4 years ago

This Kitten Without Legs Will Inspire YOU to be Happier

Mercury the kitten isn’t like other kitties. He doesn’t have front legs and has to walk on his hind legs. But, that little quirk doesn’t stop him from living a joyful and awesome life. When you see how Mercury is able to tackle life like a normal kitty, you’ll feel better about the challenges YOU face.
4 years ago

This has to do with an article about Sochi Olympic dogs being killed that I posted 5 days ago. I hope this widens the light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems a Russian billionaire donated a billion dollars to help stop the killing of the dogs. Read on....

4 years ago

Are crows the ultimate problem solvers?  Take a look at this one..


4 years ago

Thank you Lynn!!! Amazingly smart crow and wonderful little kitty! 

I signed the petition to stop the dog cull in Russia.

Love and big hugs to you Lynn and all my dear sisters and brothers.

4 years ago

snap Lynn i was just about to share the petition for the socci dogs i love crows thanks for posting good morning Barb how are you ?

Very sad ending for a beautiful animal
4 years ago

Click Marius pic for news website


4 years ago

Feb. 26
4 years ago

I got here just in time to read your message, Wendy. I will do just that! Great idea... it gives us a way to DO SOMETHING and that feels good!

Some amazing things on this thread, ladies... both happy and very sad. It's good to have a mixture.

Just a thought about the doves that were released by the Pope and the children: I wonder if that seagull and the crow thought that some form of food (other than the doves) was being thrown off the balcony. I would rather think that actually.

4 years ago

Hi Wendy Cheryl Lynn Sue Ingrid Barb Angel Coralie June Les and anyone i missed this is a great iedea Wendy i'v done it for the polar bears i hope everyone here is doing great i'v beeen so busy lately love and hugs polar bears photo: Polar bears PolarBears.jpg

Please sign to stop the Spring bear hunt in Ontario, Canada
4 years ago

This nasty hunt has been resurrected by the Liberal provincial government.  In the past many bear cubs starved to death after their mothers were killed.

4 years ago

letter sent Sue 

4 years ago

Some good news about 2 groups of ice bound wild swans rescued from an almost completely frozen over marina.  Sadly not all of them survived.  This has been a seriously cold winter with more waterways frozen for the first time in many years.  The great lakes are almost completely frozen over and that has not happened in decades.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Thanks for swan news Sue and catnip video Lynn!  I am so thanksful some people are helping the swans!!! Poor things.  The cats look so funny Lynn!!!

Hi Lynn, Sue, Mary, Wendy, Cheryl, Ingrid, June and anyone I missed.

4 years ago

Lynn, so funny, cats on drugs no less!  If I am ever lucky enough to have a garden I'll definitely plant some catnip because then I will have so many new friends.  Here is a link to a very funny story, people held hostage by a juvenile seal.

4 years ago
    • ..............

    • ...............................

4 years ago

Florida manatee
According to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, southeast Florida's Lake Worth Inlet just isn't wide or deep enough. The natural inlet serves as the entrance to the port of Palm Beach and, as such, is a hub for business. And now the Corps is proposing to carve out the ocean floor to make space for bigger ships.

But Lake Worth Inlet and the surrounding marine areas are not featureless landscapes that can be scooped out and dredged like an underwater sandbox. This place is a fragile but important home for corals, sponges and threatened seagrasses. 

Surrounding the port are also areas critical to endangered Florida manatees and three types of threatened or endangered sea turtles. The dredging and blasting of these animals' home must be stopped.

Take action now and urge the Corps to halt this ill-conceived project that could damage Florida's priceless natural resources -- our water, beaches and wildlife.

Click here to take action and get more information.

4 years ago

signed Lynn thanks 

4 years ago

Signed the petition Lynn, although I think I already signed it before. 

4 years ago

Another swan rescue story, what a hard time they have been having in this frigid winter

4 years ago

Here is an update about Breezy the dog that was beaten, hit with a shovel and thrown away by a POS in Ottawa last year.  She has been adopted!

4 years ago

Hi Sue so glad the swan was resuced and was swimming away safely!!!

Love the other swan rescue video also, but so sorry some had died!

Hello everyone!!!  Will try to catch up on your posts!

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voted for the turkeys Mary
4 years ago

Hippos fight off crocodile attacking a gnu and escort the animal to safety
Israeli photographer Vadim Onishchenko, 34, captured rare moment
He saw a bloat of hippos help the animal in its hour of need
It happened on the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya

4 years ago

Here is an important petition to end Dolphinaria, please sign.

4 years ago

signed Sue thanks for the rhino pics June so amazing

4 years ago

Wildlife overpass helps prevent accidents, good news!

Sea Lion rescued from certain death due to our garbage

Animals Australia has a new ad, click the yellow button to learn more after watching.  Warning, I could not watch the final video to the end it was too distressing, the truth really hurts to hear.  I'm so impressed with the work this organization does and wish it were worldwide.  Sign up for their newsletters, they are always a breath of fresh air.  They are making a huge difference in the way animals are treated in Australia.  Oh, and I'm feeling so lucky to be allergic to eggs and not have to feel bad for eating them now the truth is out.

4 years ago

Signed for the dolphins, Sue. Will get to the other ones tomorrow.

4 years ago

Please Sign Petition To Stop Killing Our Animals. by Mathew Wallace Doing My PHD

A new UN report on climate change explains that a global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty and the worst impacts of climate change. 

The UN panel identified the following pressures on the environment as priorities for governments around the world: climate change, habitat change, wasteful use of nitrogen and phosphorus in fertilisers, over-exploitation of fisheries, forests and other resources, invasive species, unsafe drinking water and sanitation, lead exposure, urban air pollution and occupational exposure to particulate matter.

Please sign this petition to support a move towards the less destructive, modern, cleaner, organic and fair trade practices being developed around  the world. These advanced methods and the products being produced are kinder to the environment, eco-systems, health and future of our planet and prohibit the killing of animals.
Thanks for your support.  (Check out "Devour the Earth" Sir Paul McCartney, The Beatles, on YouTube. 20 Min's about the detrimental, meat-based diet.)

4 years ago

already signed  Stop Killing Our Animals Barbara 


signed Dolphinaria Sue + I also get Animals Australia newsletters 


4 years ago

you can help by sharing

4 years ago

There is a very short video to watch and also a short article.  Know any African names beginning with N?  You have until April 22nd to submit your choice of name for the adorable baby gorilla.

4 years ago

More than ten tigers were electrocuted to death to entertain wealthy businessmen in Zhanjiang, China. Demand punishment for these tiger killers.

Please sign the petition today!


take action
4 years ago

signed thanks lynn

4 years ago

Thanks Lynn!

you took action on April 01, 2014 you can help by sharing
4 years ago

 photo apr10animal_zps6518edbe.gif

4 years ago

Apr. 11/14
4 years ago

This is a thread that I have gotten so behind on. I will come back tomorrow and read and sign more!

I signed for the Tigers - I really want to throw up! These people that participate - do they have ANY feelings at all for these animals? Obviously not. Signatures now at 93,035! If that doesn't show outrage, I don't know what does.

Wendy, that gif is so cute!

Lynn, your talent at making those pictures is outstanding. That collective animal creation is just beautiful! Well done, sis!

4 years ago

Signed for the tigers Lynn, it seems some people are doing everything they can to make some of our animals extinct.  Shame on them.

4 years ago

Thanks everyone - love Lynn's graphic too

Thanks - I actually did know that - just passing by today -

4 years ago

Thanks, Cheryl and Val.  This is a must-see. A cross between a sheep and a goat. How'd that happen? lol

4 years ago

SUCH GOOD NEWS!! Hollywood has finally gotten on the animal bandwagon!


Soon many more actors will ostracize those who insist of wearing fur. Great steps and a giant leap being taken here!

4 years ago

P.S. That little GEEP is so cute! Now just how did that happen??

4 years ago

Lynn - that geep is quite interesting - thanks for sharing

Cheryl - that is great new!

4 years ago

The beauty of the motion, the strength of the muscles brings together an amazing video. The fastest animal on earth.

Cheetahs In Slow Motion
4 years ago

Wow Lynn, love the Geep and watching the cheetah's muscles move as they run they surely are elegant creatures.  All those goldens look so happy having their get together Mary.  Always good to hear about fur bans Cheryl.  Here is an article about our swan parade down to the river, click on the big white triangle for a short video report too.  It is a big thing here but as it happens on Sunday and we have no Sunday bus service it's something I've never been able to go to as it is too far to walk both ways.

4 years ago

Lynn - the cheetah is amazing to watch. At one stage he seems to be flying in the air. Wow, what a powerhouse.

Mary - the "goldens" are so gorgeous. Imagine, all of them together and no fighting. It's like a huge family reunion! lol And the lottery dog -- how precious is that story! It was meant to be and that woman and the vet, especially, were Earth Angels. 

Sue - the swan parade looks like a wonderful tradition! How proud they look waddling through town - certainly deserving of a team of bag-pipers! It would be fun to be a part of that celebration.

June - how Scottish can one get than to have a name like Hamish McHamish! lol That is one famous and adored cat!

Thanks, all. Really enjoyed these.

4 years ago

Great stories ladies, I just love to read good news.  Here is an amazing article that was posted in the No Cruelty group.

Also a petition to help all animals worldwide

Things to watch out for , re-plants and animals
4 years ago

Spring And Easter Safety Tips For Pet Owners

Protect your pets this Easter.

Protect your pets this Easter.

Easter is just around the corner, and it's a time when flowers bloom and baby animals begin their new life. Many people celebrate the season by placing flowers around their house, planting seeds in their gardens or filling Easter baskets with candy. However, some of the most common decorative items found during the holiday can be harmful for your dogs or cats. Protect your pet this Easter by keeping them away from these toxic objects:

Easter lily
This gorgeous flower has long white petals and yellow stamen, and it's toxic for cats. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration warns pet owners that eating the entire pod (petals and stamen together) could be very harmful to the animal. Even if your cat licks the plant, you should call your vet.

Another flower, cyclamen has upswept petals in a range of colors. Avoid placing these in your house as they are toxic to cats and dogs. Ingesting the tubers can cause seizures and death while the petals might induce diarrhea and vomiting.

If your kids' Easter baskets are filled with candy, keep a close eye on your dog. Chocolate is bad for them, as is xylitol, a sugar substitute that may cause liver failure. 

Easter grass
Many people line their Easter baskets with a plastic grass filler. Cats especially enjoy playing with the grass. However, if your pet ingests it, the grass could block its intestine and cause irritation. 


Just so you know what to look for, -but all Lillies are best avoided if you have cats >>>>>>>

                                   Easter Lily

               Close-Up of Easter Lilies, Oregon, USA Photographic Print

Now this is a cyclamen

Pink Clematis

Here is a link, that you can click on , there is great advice on pet care - but-

Remember these tips are to support you , not scare you, and>> Always seek a vet's advice when your pet is ill, ->> this info maybe able to  give you the "Heads Up" to what could be wrong, fore-warned is fore-armed .  love hugs wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>link >>>>

Guide to Pet Safety  very useful info , for pet owners , especially people  new to "owning a pet"

here is a short vid clip, re-pets and poisonous plants (and an advert at the end> sorry)
4 years ago

Easy to see cat weight chart
4 years ago
4 years ago

Kanzi the bonobo chimp lives in America and has learned how to build a fire, light it using matches and roast marshmallows on it. It shows just how like us some primates really are.

Chimp Builds Fire And Roasts Marshmallows - REALLY!

4 years ago

Good article Sue, and I signed the petition and posted through to Facebook. Thanks!

Good information Wendy. Great links and awesome pictures too! Thanks!

Kanzi is so precious, Lynn. I just love the Bonobos and all primates. Thanks! I'm still thinking about those poor babes stuffed into those crates and tortured that you posted a while ago. I can't see how anyone can participate in that. But then, I can't see how anyone can participate in any form of animal cruelty.

4 years ago

Good News, some swans rescued from the frozen lake have been released, they couldn't wait to get going.....

4 years ago

Being a part of... or just watching.... animals being released back into the wild is at the top of my list of things I'd like to do! It was wonderful to see them free again...

4 years ago

Hello to all of you!  I love you all my dear sisters and any brothers around.

Lynn that chimp looks like a person building the fire and roasting marshmellow!  LOL.  He or she is so cute!!!

Sue thank you for the swan release video!  So wonderful!

Cheryl I am so glad to see you!

Hi Wendy, June, Mary and anyone I missed!

Group Hug to you all! 

I hope you had a wonderful Easter, Too! 

4 years ago

so happy for the swans thanks Sue

4 years ago

No matter what some people do for all the right reasons, there is always someone else ready to condemn them for acting in a humane way towards an animal.  This article really got my blood pressure up today.  Seems to me the wrong person is about to be charged, for doing what is right and saving a precious life.  While the one in the wrong is bringing the charges.  Sheesh.  Will be watching for updates as to how this turns out and posting when the updates appear.  Click on the big white triangle for the short video.

Lynn, very interesting video about the chimp and it's accomplishments!

4 years ago
SLIDESHOW: Meet the Penguins! Celebrate World Penguin Day

April 25th is World Penguin Day and what better time to celebrate these amazing birds. Penguins delight and charm nature lovers of all ages. But, many penguin species face serious threats from climate change to habitat destruction to illegal egg harvesting. Here, you'll meet 16 penguin species and learn about some of the serious threats they face.

Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)

Adélie penguins spend their spring breeding season in large colonies on the rocky Antarctic coastline, building nests out of small rocks. In the winter, they move offshore of the Antarctic pack ice, swimming and feeding on krill, fish, and squid.

In their habitat of far north Antarctica, extremely warm air temperatures are causing the sea ice that Adélie penguins rely upon to melt, forcing them to move farther South.

Share this photo
African penguins (Spheniscus demersus)

African penguins live on rocky islands offshore of the South-western coast of Africa, feeding on small fish like anchovies and sardines. Unfortunately, their populations plummeted in the late 20th century, and they are currently endangered. Their biggest threats are all man-made: oil pollution, fishery mismanagement, and habitat degradation and food availability issues that are likely a result of climate change.

Here is the link to watch the slide show , enjoy x wendy k & kelly cats xxxxxxx
Meet the Penguins! Celebrate World Penguin Day with this wonderful slideshow. via @EnvDefenseFund
4 years ago

Wonderful videos, everyone. Thank you!
4 years ago
4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

These are great guys - thanks - and I love penguins!  

4 years ago

Bear farm to become a sanctuary with 130 bears rescued ( 15th.April )
Animal welfare organisation Animals Asia will convert a bear bile farm in Nanning, China, into a sanctuary following an unprecedented request by the farm to rescue and care for its 130 bears.
From May 5, Animals Asia will take 28 of the sickest bears, 1,200km in a multi-vehicle convoy back to our existing sanctuary in Chengdu for urgent veterinary attention. Then Animals Asia will also take over the care of the bears on the Nanning bear farm and start the two-year process of turning it into a sanctuary.Read more :

4 years ago

Ralphee the kitten and Max the cattle dog are an odd couple who seem besotted with each other's company after they were introduced following Ralphee's rescue from a barn at a horse stable 
Ralphee's condition is a neurological disorder known as feline cerebellar hypoplasia. A kitten is born with "CH" when their cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination, is underdeveloped at birth 
These cats are known for their "drunken sailor" walk, which is why they're known endearingly as "wobbly cats" 
Unless a CH cat has other health issues, their life expectancy is the same as a cat's without CH. Since the condition is non-progressive, it will never get worse — and in some cases, owners say that their cats become more capable over time 
Ever since Ralphee was brought home, Max is never far away. He appears to be forever curious and watches over Ralphee wherever she goes. Ralphee is growing more mischievous by the day and loves to see what Max is doing as well. She will often get excited when he is nearby and leap in the air before playfully charging in his direction
Despite her condition, Ralphee is a happy cat who, like most kittens loves affection and causing all sorts of trouble wherever she goes
4 years ago

Animal Events Calendar

This calendar contains the dates for a variety of animal celebrations. Lesson plans for educators that encourage responsible pet care and promote a special day, week and month-long celebration can be found on the ASPCA website.


All month: Adopt-a-Rescued Bird Month (ASPCA)

January 6: National Bird Day

January 20th: National Penguin Awareness Day

January 22nd: National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day


All month: National Prevent a Litter Month (HSUS), Pet Dental Health Month (AVMA), Responsible Pet Owners Month

All month: Responsible Pet Owners Month

All month: Pet Dental Health Month

February 7th - 14th: Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

February 14th: Pet Theft Awareness Day (Last Chance for Animals)

February 20th: Love Your Pet Day

February 22nd: Spay Day (Doris Day Animal Foundation)

February 23rd: International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day


All month: Adopt-a-Rescued Guinea Pig Month (ASPCA)

March 6-12: National Pet Sitters Week

March 17-19: Big White Dog Dart Tournament (benefits NWA animal welfare organizations)


All month: Animal Cruelty Prevention Month (ASPCA)

All month: National Pet Month

All month: National Pet First Aid Awareness Month (First Aid Info)

April 2nd: National Ferret Day, Tag Day (American Humane)

April 10th: ASPCA founded in 1866

April 17th-23rd: Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week (HSUS)

April 18th - 24th: National Pet ID Week

April 26th: National Kids & Pets Day


All month: Chip Your Pet Month (Home Again Pet ID)

May 1st - 7th: Be Kind to Animals Week (AHA), National Pet Week

May 3rd: National Disabled Pets Day

May 14th: Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

May 13th - 19th: National Dog Bite Prevention Week


All month: Adopt-a-Shelter Cat Month (ASPCA)

June 5th - 11th: Pet Appreciation Week

June 12th: World Pet Memorial Day

June 19th - 25th: Animal Rights Awareness Week

June 24th: Take Your Dog to Work Day


All month: Adopt a Shelter Rabbit Month, Dog House Repairs Month

July 14th: Cow Appreciation Day


August 20th: National Homeless Animal Day (International Society for Animal Rights)


All month: National Chicken Month, National Save the Tiger Month

September 11th: National Pet Memorial Day

September 18th - 24th: Farm Animal Awareness Week, National Dog Week

September 23rd: Dogs in Politics Day


All month: Adopt a Shelter dog Month (ASPCA)

All month: National Animal Safety and Protection Month (Emergency Animal Rescue Service)

October 4th: World Pets' Day

October 6th - 12th: Animal Welfare Week (AVMA)

October 9th - 15th: National Veterinary Technician Week

October 16th: National Feral Cat Day


All month: Adopt a Senior Pet Month (ASPCA)

Adopt a Turkey Month (Farm Sanctuary)

November 6th - 12th: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (HSUS)


All month: Hold a fundraising sale for your local animal shelter for the holidays!

December 10th and 11th: NWA Kennel Club Show

4 years ago

Conservation Awareness Days

February 2
World Wetlands Day-Cancelled due to weather

March 22
National Agriculture Day

April 4
Jane Goodall's Birthday April 22
Earth Day

May 10
Migratory Bird Day

May 4 - 10
Bear Awareness Week

May 17
Endangered Species Day

May 26
Veteran's Appreciation Day

June 8
World Oceans Day

June 21
World Giraffe Day

July 29
International Tiger Day

August 12
World Elephant Day

September 6
Vulture Day

September 22
Rhino Day

October 12
African Penguin Day

October 21
Reptile Awareness Day

November 15
International Orangutan Caring Day

December 4
International Cheetah Day

December 14
Christmas Bird Count
BRITISH AWARENESS DAYS, (these days are all sorts, inc Animals)
4 years ago

if you are interested sign up for reminders >>>>>

FREE - If you would like an AWARENESS DAYS ALERT then fill in below, we will send it monthy.

E-mail AddressFirst Name (optional)Then

Don't worry — your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Awareness Days Alert.

This post was modified from its original form on 02 May, 8:00
I noticed these animal were not on the lists -please add any days you know, that are not on the list
4 years ago

be kind to animals week 5th to 10th May, Disabled Pets Awareness Day 3rd May /2014
4 years ago

4 years ago

All I can say is lots here - will have to come back to look at them all.

National pet week and Bears week 4th -10th May 2014
4 years ago

The last of the magnificent animals
4 years ago

At most, there are only 50 Amur leopards left in the world.

Help save big cats

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