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4 years ago


Monticello NY Mayor Gordon Jenkins after DWI Arrest

Unredacted, unedited, raw video-recordings of Mayor Gordon Jenkins' post-arrest processing at the Village of Monticello police station on November 16, 2013 .

After watching this tonight on Dr. Drew's show I was intrigued to look this video up. WARNING: THERE IS A LOT OF POTTY MOUTH AND RACIST TALK. Stop now if you don't want to hear it.

"Crackers" = white people

They said it was quite long - one woman on the panel said she watched it for an hour and a half....

It is incredible that this man is a mayor -- crazy behaviour like Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford. Both seem to have a drinking problem. But the racist talk is ridiculous. As they said on Dr. Drew, "If it was a white person talking like that there would be protests...."

This is another example of a person elected to act on behalf of the people who break the law, give themselves privileges that are off limits to everyone else,  and have a sense of ENTITLEMENT; they should be living and acting to a higher standard. I can't imagine what kids are thinking when they see these guys (and women) we should be able to trust break the law - even some they are or were involved in passing.




There are long periods between his cursing and ranting in the above one. There was a point where he kneeled down on the floor and it really looked like he was praying. But right after, he continued swearing and carrying on.

Really a sad state of affairs.

And the beat goes on..... only in Toronto - still! (Nov.27)
4 years ago


More police documents about Rob Ford to be released
next week

It's a been a quiet week with regard to the Rob Ford saga. There really haven't been any new revelations.

That, however, could soon change.

4 years ago

Cheryl, I think it is the sense of entitlement these idiots get that they can do anything they want to.  A lot of politicians are in the same frame of mind.  Just look at Harper and all the crap he pulls and seems to get away with it too.  We all have to vote better next time around for sure.  At least they give the late night hosts tons of material to use.  And every parent a great way to teach their children of the dangers of alcohol and drug use.

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