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I am posting this to you all, sent to me from my care2 friend Ben xx
4 years ago

                                        Coming up...
           March 8
Womens Day
Happy Womens Day
                                   Be careful out there...

"No one should try and stop her!..."

Right to grow
And, of course I want all of us to...
            Great Weekend

4 years ago

Good morning everyone Wendy what a day you had with your goldfish adventure herons are very quick too ,i was walking by a pond one day and i heard one swooching overhead he had a poor rat in his mouth i could hear his screams but i could do nothing i was just devastated i'm so glad you were able to save the goldfish ,i feel like we are having a cuppa and a chat, i'v been so busy lately helping  my son with the 2 babies  and my sisters husband is quite ill ,plus i'm working on my wrecked garden the fence blew down doing a lot of damage .Lynn how are you ?i love your posts i just dont have time to leave comments some days but i do see them and yours too Sue and June i hope Ingrid Coralie Dot Les Angelare having a great day and that Barb is dancing Cheryl i hope your makeover for your house is nearly finished and that its going well love and hugs

4 years ago

I promise to write here in a few days, been trying to catch up with an over abundance of messages for days and it is never ending.  Didn't know where to put this video, it really is eye opening for those of us who live in stable countries.  Well worth a watch to remind us that not everyone enjoys the peace we live in.  Remember to count your blessings when you snuggle down to sleep tonight.

4 years ago

Oh, I am so bad. I've been posting in our group in other threads but have been remiss with posting in our Chatter Box thread. So sorry, everyone.

The weather has been very pleasant lately but it's going to rain tomorrow. I love listening to the rain and the smell of it but it plays havoc with my arthritic bones.

Sue, your article is very scary. The internet, smart phones and iPads are wonderful sources for getting information and being able to be in contact with people all over the world but they open up your lives to scrutiny from all sources. Big Brother is watching!

Wendy, I love the way you "talk" to us, too. It seems like we're experiencing your days right along with you. Keep telling us your stories. They're delightful. That's such a wonderful story about the goldfish. You're a fish guardian angel because if you hadn't been there and done the right thing so quickly, the poor little fish would have died. A heron is a bird with a big beak. I wonder why he dropped it....oh, maybe it tickled his throat because it was wriggling so much and the heron opened his mouth to laugh. hahaha

Cheryl, are you done refurbishing your house yet? What a job that must be! I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. Now rest and catch up, sis.

Sending love to all of you. I'll make sure that I come in here more often.

4 years ago

Just dropping in to say HI! I have so much catching up to do it's crazy. I hope I'm not missing any of your birthdays!

I had time to read your last post, Wendy. I just love the way you 'talk', and that's how your typing comes through - feel like I'm sitting right across from you.   You have such a great sense of humour... I could feel your whole story! It's wonderful you have so many friends and family members to 'tea' with and I do hope you get some time just for YOU!

The goldfish caper was AMAZING! Imagine the odds that you would be standing right there at that moment. I am so happy that little guys life was saved and he has a new, safe home. LOL What an experience.

Sue, I will come back tomorrow and read your last post. I also want to comment on that conspiracy link you posted a bit ago. I saw a documentary on
it and it's not far fetched at all! 


ff         HAPPY MARDI GRAIS (or "Gras") everyone, even if we just have to imagine we're there! I would LOVE to go there even if it kinda scares me slightly.

4 years ago

Happy Mardi Gras Tuesday to you all, how is the weather where you all are, the weather here is quite mild during the day, but the temp dips at dramatically night , but hey ho, I can cope with that, so can the cats , I was  going to catch up, post pics but , Bet this has happened to you all at some time?,>>

>Well I had my day planned yesterday, lazy, spend the day catching up, but.... keith txted saying he was going on the bus, to get his chemo treatment,>" I am on my way, then you are coming here for the day, chicken and chips for late lunch, no arguments" . So that was bye bye Lazy day and catch up here, . Now today ahhh set myself up , ok  I will do my emails, then straight on to care2, > then half way through my emails, "ding dong" at my door. It was Gladys next door, >"me come in , I will put the kettle on, no I am not busy, stay and have some lunch and a catch up"  . So that is my 2nd day off gone ppfffttt,  > I dont mind really , especially Keith, and Gladys lost her husband just last September 2013, but I am owed a day, due to working all last weekend, so i am off Friday, and the weekend  yay ,  Friday is my Sister's Birthday, so I will be popping over to see her , with card and present, will have tea there, so will catch up with my,  Nieces and Nephew and grand Nieces.

 Now I have to tell you what happened yesterday, just before Gladys arrived, -I was standing in the garden, looking at the cats, roaming around, they all spotted me , so started walking up the path towards me, -when a bird made a cry, which was flying above us, and dropped something, I thought it was a leaf or something, but it moved or flipped, the cats were looking at it, but when it flipped, they all jumped away from it, so I went for a closer look , it was a 4 inch gold fish!!!! , I could see it was still struggling for breath, so dashed into the kitchen, grabbed my biggest saucepan, filled it , with water, picked up a cloth, and rushed to the fish, I was sure it would be dead, but i wet the cloth , picked it up and plopped it into the pan, expecting it to float!!, but NO it swam round really fast, So then I rushed across the road, to my friend, who has a pond, he was delighted, saying " amazing!! and it doesn't look in a poor condition , after all that happened to it, the fish was successfuly transfered to the pond, it had to be done quickly, as tap water is not that great for the fish, but it was better than no water!!, by the way the bird was a Heron!, but our rescue fish is safe under a net cover, with his friends , he he, >now how weird was that? ok got to go, chat soon, love to all hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and staying warm. I am okay. Suppose to get 12 inches of snow on Sunday. Yay. Hope all have a lovely and safe weekend. Hugs.

4 years ago

Here is a link to a very scary article about a new way we can be tracked and located by just opening and reading an email.  There are tips on how to disable the ability towards the end of the article.

4 years ago

P.S. I sure hope those of you caught up in the awful weather - snow storms, floods, etc. are okay. I do believe global warming is showing us how powerful it is!

4 years ago

Hello my dear sweet wonderful friends. I have missed you all SO MUCH! Yesterday we put most of our messy building things away .... drywall bits and pieces, drill, nails, glue (oh how I hate that glue), flooring bits, paint, brushes, DUST galore everywhere!

I had my computer for about five minutes here and there during all this time as we had to keep moving it. I am so sick of the mess. Today we've been putting things back together and it feels so good. BUT.... still not finished but we're taking time out!

I see so many beautiful pictures here but I haven't time to read it tonight because bed is beckoning me. I read the last post and I sure look forward to seeing that video, Wendy!

I shall be back tomorrow to hopefully catch up a bit. It's so good to see you've all been chatting and hopefully having some fun!

Love you all!

4 years ago

Hello everyone here in this great group, it's late so forgive me for not addressing you all individually, you probably know this but watch out for "spammers"> people with false accounts, who join groups to be disruptive/sell things/put porn in, or gain info of group members data, >they are easily spotted, but are getting more clever, so if any of you get someone who requests a link, if they are new to care2, without friends, very little detail about themselves, dont befriend them, I am probably telling you all, what you already know, but might be worth the "heads up"  to some who are not aware, I have flagged obvious people with an advert or political avatar, they are there, one was for "heinz products, the other saying , "stay calm, vote **** " but honest,> Eric does a great job, & the admin staff in care2, of filtering out most, but the tricky spammers, are always trying to get a foot hold.

Well we had a great afternoon, an order arrived , with 5 new scratching boards, catnip, laser pen, with a mouse shape for the cats to chase, but I didn't get chance to show the cats that, they were so funny lying all over the the scratch pads, drooling on the catnip, it made Buni sneeze, i just wish I could have video'd them, >well the weekend of the 7th March, Luke's(my son) friend Pete, is coming to stay, he is a medical photographer, /video-maker, he is going to make a short video of the cats, and take "action" shots of them, >for his personal project/portfolio, and he will transfer it to my laptop, so I can share the vid(hopefully) and at the very least , new photos of them all, so I will share them ASAP, Hoping everyone is well look forward to reading your news so>>

, chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hi Wendy and Lynn i'm glad your weather is improving Wendy its great for the cats to be out and about for a while i know now that your Luke is engaged you wont be long waiting to be a nan ,Lynn how is your gorgeous little Trent?how is the weather in florida?hello Cheryl how is the decorating going ?hello Barb are you still dancing?hi Sue thanks for the great posts how are things with you?morning Ingrid i hope its not too cold and wet where you arehi June how is your day?hi Coralie and Angel i hope your day is going your way  Les how are you?happy saturday photo: Happy SaTUrday HappySaTUrday.gif

4 years ago

Hello all, hope your week wasn't too bad weather wise, floods here are subsiding , a lot quicker than was expected, have to feel sorry for the farmers, their grazing land for their cattle is contaminated, but the "young farmers assc," have been great taking food for the animals, even moving cattle/sheep/horses to higher ground, the young farmers have reassured the farmers, in trouble, they will be in this for the long haul, >way after the floods have gone. So great, people have been helping in loads of ways.

Mary hurrah the cats have been able to get out, but the wild wind, does affect them, but at least without the lashing rain, they can run like "dervishes" around the garden.  ahh>>Thats a lovely picture of Luke ,Tom & Ollie, Proud Dad and his sons   bet you love seeing them, give a cuddle> from a "nan in waiting" he he he.

Sue hope the weather is a little kinder for you all ? take care,> remember spring is on it's wayxxxx

Cheryl how is your re-furb coming along?, hope to hear from you soon, %#&!*%

Hello Ingrid ,Angel, June, Barbara, Lynn and all who chat here. Have a great weekend chat soon , love hugs x wendy K & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>

Terrific Weekend 

4 years ago

Mary, that's a beautiful picture of Luke, Tom and Ollie. Look at the smile on Tom's face. He's so adorable. You have a lovely family!

4 years ago

Hi Wendy Cheryl Sue Ingrid Barb June Angel Lynn Les Coralie and anyone i missed heres Luke with Tom and Ollie  photo 1e65489b-c855-40f7-8ca8-05e3e6107dba_zps7b2479a0.jpg

4 years ago

Hi Wendy how are the cats today my dogs were the same during the storm they used to line up on the stairs and stare at the door they know how to communicate thats for sure its calmed down now so they are getting out to the park again i hope your having a break from the rain ,how are you doing Cheryl Sue thanks for the great videos Lynn hows things with you?good morning June Ingrid Coralie Angel Lesdog hugs photo: a hug hugs-1.gif

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope all your friends and family is okay Sue. Prayers going out to the United Kingdom. How are you Mary, Lynn, Wendy, Angel and Cheryl? Hope okay. Enjoy your Monday everyone. Hugs.

4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Was just reading about the storms in the UK to make sure my friends and family were not flooded out, and came across this awesome photo and the related article.  Boy I wonder just what the guy in the orange jacket was thinking.  I have never seen any photo as scary and will now shut up complaining about all the snow and extreme cold we in the great white north have been experiencing and just thank my lucky stars I do not live here.

This next link has a bunch of short videos with unbelievable views of what is happening.

Stay safe everyone.  Was supposed to go out for groceries today but once again am far too tired to go out.  Will try again tomorrow and hope for enough energy.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello Mary, the storm seems to be dying down now, my cats are stir crazy, I do think the wild weather affects their behaviour too, makes them nuts, they can't settle down, meowing for something??"anythingggggggggggggggggg"> they meow at me,> "just get me somethingggggggggggg I don't know what i want"!!!<<

Sheesh worse than kids, when they are couped up!!, I have all the cat tunnels out for them, cat toys, scratch posts, litter trays, water, biscuits , cat food, >but still they are wandering around meowing.  

I just went for a shower, and when I opened the shower door, there they were , they had pushed the bathroom door open, and the 4 of them were sitting in a line, they looked up at me >>>>MMMEEEOOOWWWWWWWWW,  I laughed and said to myself, "this is like "Hitchcock's" film "The Birds" except they're cats !!!. he he he, next time I post here I maybe raving mad , >"away with the faries " he he he.  I said to the cats lets go for a nap, hurrah that worked, they are all flat out on my bed, I escaped to have a nice quiet cup of coffee, and pop onto here for a while ahhhhh. Then what did I see Mary's photo of a cat, on "photos that take your breath away" that photo made me "take a sharp intake of breath", wow I could never let my cat out like that never !!!!! 

So to calm down, I looked at your new grandson, Oliver , ahhhh gorgeous Mary, hope all is going well for everyone ?  

Well chat soon, good news Sunday is set to be mild here, and I heard the worst of the storms elsewhere in the world are decreasing , just hope the fires in Aus have been brought under control, so again Cheryl, Mary, Sue, Ingrid, Angel ,Barbara, Lynn, June, and all who visit here stay safe, warm dry, (cool)>if suffering from the heat, and pop in say hello, so we know your ok, Cheryl, glad your seeing the end to your refurbishing, I do know how you feel, just been through that, you will enjoy your new home though,  well ove hugs everyone , look forward to reading how everyone is xxwendy k x & kelly catsxxx

4 years ago

Hi Wendy Lynn Cheryl Sue Barb June Ingrid Angel Les another storm whipping up not as bad as earlier .There are trees down everywhere lots of people without power how are things with you my friends ?wrap up warm and stay safe love and hugs  

4 years ago

Yes Mary, storm after Storm, I saw a pic of Cork town centre, under water please God this freak weather will wear itself out very soon, xx, Hello Cheryl, Sue, June, Ingrid, Barbara, Angel, Lynn, .>>>>>>>>>>>>>>will check in tomorrow, it is late once again , and bed calls, chat soon, stay warm and safe everyone, I was watching the awful weather in the USA, praying everyone this side of the water , and the other side of the "pond" as well as Australia, are safe from this extreme weather love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsending love >>


4 years ago

Another good reason to be glad we moved south ...

 It happened on the south side of Lac des Mille Lacs, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, on May 11, 2013!
 It destroyed more than 20 houses in 15 minutes!
 The ice looked like legs creeping up to residences.
 CLICK .........

4 years ago

hi Cheryl Wendy Lynn Sue Barb Angel Ingrid Les June and anyone i missed Cheryl i too am fuming about Mario i signed all the petitions to no avail its so sad i hope your computer is up and running soon ,how are you feeling Sue ?hows the weather Wendy we have another storm on the way

Feb. 10
4 years ago

Hi everyone! I sure miss you all. We started renovations again a couple of weeks ago and that called for my computer and desk to be carted away to a non-functioning room. I get a few minutes here and there when my son lets me use his laptop (but he doesn't like it). I am hopelessly behind in emails, birthdays, FB (I have gotten on for a few minutes a number of times) - and away from my beautiful friends here is the worst!

MARY, CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of little Oliver!
It seems like only a few months ago you told us! Looking forward to lots of pics.

I also am incredibly angry and upset about that beautiful giraffe. Did you see some of those little kids hiding their eyes? I would bet some of them will have PTSD after that! Cruel.... monsterous... what kind of person/people does that?!! Jack Hanna was interviewed and he is really really upset and angry also. 

I just might get a little time to hook up my computer tomorrow because we have to wait for flooring to arrive. I will be here in that case.

Love you all.... I will read and catch up as much as I can.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Very quick pop in, June hope you had a good weekend, same greeting to Sue, Barbara, Cheryl, Angel, Lynn,> Ingrid, yes I too am upset about the giraffe so sad, 

Still raining, still floods, what a month??

Mary, Ollie is gorgeous, marvelous, needed that to be cheered up, so sweet, keep safe everyone, keep warm, dry, or if too hot cool, will be back to check how you all are soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and staying warm. Hope everyone has a lovely Monday. I am okay over my fall but now upset over the Giraffe being killed in Denmark. Bastards.  Hugs to everyone here at Chatterbox.

4 years ago

Hoping everyone has a lovely weekend, we are being hit by storms all this week and getting worse, hope you are all well, stay safe %#&!*%

4 years ago

thanks Wendy this is Oliver Patrick (Ollie ) photo 11cd5c6c-f72d-4645-aec3-adcf8d2cbd95_zpsd3b94cd7.jpg

4 years ago


4 years ago

THANKS SUE FOR THAT ADVICE, I HAVE RECENTLY INSTALLED ABODE, SO WILL CHECK IT IS OK, XXXX I AM NOT MY CHEERY SELF, I am feeling fed up with all this rain, and feeling angry for the people just left to it in the south and south west, this Gov't has failed them completely, lots have been flooded since before Christmas, people have lost, homes possessions, farms & livestock, whole villages have been flooded out, including shops, pubs, small fishing villages have lost their boats, only now is our Gov't taking action, we are not a country in the developing world, Britain has the money to literately "bail" people out, but left them to it??, sorry I don't want to depress peeps here, I just can't imagine being flooded out for over 6 weeks without help, but people have helped each other, moving cattle out of water to higher ground, people have "put others up" in their own homes, and now, finally the army has been deployed to assist the exhausted , emergency services, they are so needed, as more heavy rain and storms are on their way , for this weekend.

I hope all here keep warm and safe, sending lots of love  hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


4 years ago

4 years ago

hello Wendy i quite agree they should do more to help people i live in cork and we are flooded again the bad weather isnt helping the clean up and another storm is coming tomorrow,Ingrid i hope your feeling better after your fall .Cheryl how are you ? i have another little grandson since yesterday Oliver a brother for Tom i'l post a pic soon Lynn you are so right its a wonderful feeling hows the weather in florida?Sue i hope your feeling better and that its not as cold for you hello Barb Angel June Coralie Les have a great day stay warm

Critical Adobe Flashplayer update
4 years ago

Wendy and Ingrid I hope you feel better really soon.  Not so fun to be in pain.  Here is a link to the Article I received a link to this morning.  Update your Adobe Flashplayer immediately to stay safe online.  There is a link (the 2nd one) in the article to get the update.  It took me 2 minutes start to finish!

4 years ago

Hello everyone, just thought I would pop in to say hello, Ingrid glad you didn't hurt yourself when you fell, we have storm warning for tomorrow, some people have been flooded since before Christmas, the Gov't has a lot to answer for, re- not helping them much sooner. 

I had my other eye surgery 1pm today, boy I was just as nervous as the first time, but I was ok, and thats it now , no cataracs, just a bit of fine tuning to do, the surgeon was pleased to say, he didn't have to consider an operation to remove my hand from the bed rail he he he, it is a bit sore, and I have been on here a while, so I must get some sleep, hope everyone is ok , Sue, Les, Mary, Lynn ,Angel, Barbara, Ingrid,  June, Cheryl and all who visit here, be back to see how you all are soon lots of love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S Cheryl, time for new thread ?? do you think??

4 years ago

Hello to all here at Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and being safe. I am getting 7 to 12 inches of snow and will be getting cold after it snows it usually does. Never fall in these boots of mine but did yesterday and it hurt but didn't break anything. I sent you a friend request Barbara on facebook. Hope we can become friends on there too. Hugs.

4 years ago

Pushed for time today, just wanted to post this link to a very important News article for all of us

4 years ago

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4 years ago

Magical Weekend

4 years ago

excuse this pre typed message, but i have been so busy , my eyes are tired,>>> but good thing, I managed to get Keith to stay with me, so I have been "Mommying him" feeding him up, making sure he is warm and takes vitamins, his meds are making him sleepy, and that worried me, as he couldn't be bothered to cook, I can relax a little this weekend because he is here, so now I am just going to get a chip buttie (naughty but nice) followed by a nice bottle of cava, chat to you all soon love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hello all, well I don't care that once again it's raining,  it's cold, the house is warm, we have food, oh and Happy Chinese New Year, >the year of the Horse, not the greatest forecast, people will stand by their principles , no matter the cost, and we have still to work harder re-recession, but you know what, I have a week off, no more getting drenched, the two colleagues of mine, who I have been training/advising, are on their own next week, I have to check all is well the following week > from the 10th Feb, Oh I get my other catarac removed this coming Tuesday. But now you know what ?

Its Friday

love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hi  sisters its wet and windy here but compared to what others are expreiencing not bad for january how are you Lynn imagine Trent nearly 3 he must be a real dote now they grow so fast how are you Cheryl love i sent Zen a friend request on facebook i must check on that Barb how are things with you i often dont get to comment because of care2 probs as well and sometimes my posts vanish Sue i hope it warms up a bit for you and that your feeling better Wendy how are you today i hope your weather isnt too bad Hi Les lovely to hear from you heloo Ingrid June Coralie Angel and anyone i missed love and hugs 

4 years ago

It is finally starting to rain here.  It has been so dry and foggy, actually very damp.  I hope we get some snow before the winter is over.  Just send me your snow

For your site problems try clearing your web browser Cache.  Directions for FireFox: 

Just go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Network. Check box on Overide Automatic Cache Management. (Firefox Instructions.) Click on Clear Now. Then Click OK when done. Restart your web browser and computer if necessary.

I also suggest cleaning your computer with disk clean up, defragmenter and disk error checking.  Then your computer will run very smooth. 

I need to do all of these tasks weekly or more. 

Please let me know if this helps all of you.

I love all of you! 

4 years ago

Hello to all of my dear sisters and brother!!!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!  I have been trying to read as much as I can of your posts but could not always comment.  I have too much to do or I am too tired.

Remember I love all of you! 

4 years ago

I have had similar problems with care2 recently, although my problems seem somewhat sporadic--very erratic. 

4 years ago

Earlier, none of the threads would open for me. I couldn't post anything and I had to sign off. I hope whatever is wrong with Care2 is fixed very soon!

4 years ago

Right after I posted that last post, Care2 disappeared! There's problems again.

Jan. 28
4 years ago

Hi everyone. I finally got back here! Hopefully I won't lose everything this time.

Lynn, what a wonderful telephone chat with your friend! About Zen -- I am shocked. I thought she would be back in Care2 by now! The feeling just washed over me that there's a halt of freedom of speech! Yes, I will try to contact her on FB and send her a message.   Trent is 3? Wow. I would have guess "2"!

Wendy, you have so many things to look forward to - and remember, ya gotta share any babies that come along! You are always so chipper and I love reading your posts.

 Mary, I feel the same as Lynn - wee Tom is growing so fast. We have to enjoy all the minutes we get in life because with kids the time goes so fast. I can just imagine you playing with him! Gosh, your weather is a problem too. How many times does one have to build a fence? I think I'd just leave it until Spring. LOL

Sue, I do hope you have been able to get out. I keep hearing how cold, wet and snowy it is where you are. A couple of stores around me will actually deliver groceries to people when they are homebound. Check it out if you can't get to the store. Maybe they will. I have to go back and watch that Geo thing... I only got a minute or so of it.  

Ingrid, I'm glad you're keeping snug and warm. I had to bring up a map of the States to see where everyone is. The terrible snow and ice storms I'm seeing on TV tonight look pretty grim. People just walking away from their cars!

Angel, good to see you checking in! We are thinking about you and hoping things are getting better for you.

LES, it's wonderful to have you dropping in and leaving us little notes! You have such positive energy! I just finished watching the State of the Union Address as well, and I'm Canadian! I think so much of President Obama and his First Lady. I wouldn't mind one of those hot chocolates now you mentioned them!

4 years ago

We continue to have very frigid weather in my area--0 degrees as I was on my way home from a Native American council meeting.  It is the kind of night to sit in front of the fireplace with a nice cup of hot chocolate. Our President is giving his State of the Union Address as I type this.  I chose to listen to him in the background and communicate with my friends here.

4 years ago

Hi to all my sisters and Les,

So sorry to hear that so many of you are still stuck in snowy and freezing weather. I hope it changes a bit so that you can get out and do some shopping, Sue.

Mary, how time flies. It seems like just yesterday that Tom was born and now he's 10 months old and about to be a big brother. So sweet. My Trent will be 3 in May and that I find hard to believe, too.

Wendy, thank you for your nice, long posts. I always enjoy reading something from you. Just wait till you're a grandma! There's nothing like holding your child's child in your arms. Can you imagine how I feel when I'm holding Trent on my lap? He's the fourth generation child. It's thrilling!

Angel, so nice to hear from you. I love the tag you posted. Come in more often, won't you?

Les, it's always good to hear from our brother, our gentle, gentleman in the group. I hope all is well in your life.

Cheryl love, I've been corresponding with Zen and she asked why she hadn't heard from you. She's completely out of Care2 with no chance of mediation. Eric is being very hard-assed about the situation. For goodness sake, you'd think Zen killed someone or brought down the whole Care2 organization!! Anyway, she joined Facebook yesterday and now so many of her Care2 friends are her friends on FB. Her email address is  This is for anyone of her friends' use, so please contact her. She was despairing, shocked and depressed over how she was treated and she needs a little loving.

That's it for now. Be well, keep warm and we'll talk soon! Love you all.

4 years ago

Hello ladies of Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and having a lovely Tuesday. Very cold and expecting to snow on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stay warm all and I have signed that petition Wendy. Hugs.

Save us from Winter
4 years ago

Aargh, the roads are virtually impassable, schools are closed, we have a severe wind chill warning and the path to the street is blocked by the three foot snowdrift the wind created during the storm last night!  What joy, still not able to get out for groceries and Saturday the City was pretty much shut down too.  Cannot even phone for delivery either.  The sun was shining today for an hour or so and that cheered me up a bit.  Saturday a hawk landed in the tree outside my balcony doors and we stared at each other for a few minutes before it flew away to catch lunch.  Here is an article with a video showing the not so joys of winter in my tiny corner of the world.

Wish I could send some of this snow to the arid areas of North America but can't, the mail stopped too as the trucks couldn't get to town as the highway was closed!

Sorry to hear your fence blew down again Mary, but happy you had such a happy time on Saturday.  Cheryl, sorry you lost your post, I do that all the time.  The latest silly thing I do is to close the browser tab instead of clicking on what I meant to!  Thanks for signing the petition June, it is getting tons of signatures as it should, I hope it does some good finally.  At some point I'll catch up with all the posts and respond to everyone.  Have a glorious week and good weather.

4 years ago

Hi Wendy Cheryl Sue Lynn June Angel Coralie Barb how are you all today?its very wet and stormy here my fence blew down again i thought it was fixed o well i'v been very busy i was minding Tom on saturday what a bundle of energy and joy hes 10months now ,soon to be a big brother  photo cf147443-ca26-4df3-9296-bfca5b160513_zps50a716f0.jpg

4 years ago

4 years ago

ARGH! I had just typed a response to above posts - Lynn and Wendy - and then went to one of the links and of course wiped everything off!

Sooooo, I will say good night all, and I will be back tomorrow. Glad everyone is surviving - SUE - so glad to hear you are getting better!

Hope everyone's weather is not too bad; it's pretty darn cold back east as I see on the news.

Anyway -- will return tomorrow and retype what I lost tonight!

Love you all!  

4 years ago

 everyone had a relaxing time catching up on your lovely chat sat with a cuppa + toast thank you all for sharing


 for the petiton Sue..signed..will come back later to watch the video


Hugs graphics

4 years ago

Normally I don't believe any of those conspiracy theories, but this one is making me think twice.  Since it is about weather patterns worldwide and gives a man made cause for them I watched the link sent to me from a Care2 friend.   Dane Wigington gives a presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering.  Now I'm scared because it all sounds so feasible.  What do you think?

4 years ago

Morning everyone, we are once again in Arctic temps and with the wind chill on top outside is not a friendly place these days.  I had to go out yesterday for the first time in weeks and almost got frostbite on my face while walking around the corners to the closest grocery store.  Have not done a proper grocery run since 18th December and was out of too many things.  Still fighting the virus and as I cannot take any meds due to allergies these things tend to last a long time.  Have had some success with the salt water nasal spray that yesterday helped my sinus's to clear a bit and now the headache is much less and my eyes no longer feel like they would hurt less if they exploded!  Being so far behind with all the emailed posts I'm hoping no one else is feeling bad, if you are so sorry to hear that and I hope you feel better soon.  It's no fun being sick in the winter and still having to get out for supplies.

I've spent most of the last 3 weeks in bed on the sofa or just resting as being on the computer was too painful, only managed about an hour a day.  There are over 2,000 emails to get through and about 7 pages of posts from this group alone!  Will hopefully be able to catch up now that the pain is lessening.  Luckily the wind is not from the North so can have the windows open which really helps.  Tomorrow is going to be the warmest day all week so am hoping to take a taxi to the Malls to do the big shop and stock up the fridge and pantry for another 3 weeks.  Also want to get more incandescent light bulbs before they are all gone. 

Here is a link to a petition on behalf of the Lakota Nation asking President Obama to grant them the ability to foster the children from their communities that need fostering instead of them being sent out of their communities.  Please sign and share, gee seems nothing ever changes for the First Nations peoples doesn't it?

I hope everyone has a good weekend and no really nasty weather to deal with.

4 years ago

Great news Mary, and snap, apart from the grand kids, I look forward to that, we can be granny bores swapping photos, he he, still I have to wait for that, congrats on the new grandchild who is on the way, let us know how things are going, xx

Lynn how lovely for you to hear from your long time friend, her memories maybe fading a little, but you are as sharp as a 21 year old, fantastic, hope my brain is as sharp, i will keep dusting the cobwebs off and let the "windmills in my mind" sail , love the photos in the other threads oh and thanks for the congrats re- luke's engagementxxx

Cheryl, thankyou for you congrats too, your always so nice, pleasure to read your posts, hope you are at a good number? keep being positive, too easy to get depressed, I know it is awful re- the dolphins, unrelated to that tragedy - I just watched BBC's "spy in the pod -Dolphins" if you get the chance do watch it, there are cameras disguised as a dolphin, turtle, and squid, these cameras captured footage of dolphin behaviour never seen before, I had no idea they gave each other gifts, little tokens of affection, but generally everything is a game to them, they do have fights, but not to the death, know what the bottlenose dolphins love to do, >surf, honest you would loe the programme, it's in 2 parts, the squid camera is so funny, but i wont spoil it for you incase you see it, I will see can I get a link for you  and post soon with it xxxx

Ingrid nice to see you, sorry it is still cold, it is getting very cold here, and Sunday is set to be a bad day.

Sue, so sorry your still poorly, hope those meds have kicked in, just think, days are getting longer, and spring is on it's way, yipeeeeee.

well I will leave you with this little graphic saying, skip, hop and quack into the weekend hope you all have a good and trouble free weekend, sending love hugs to all x wendy k x  kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


4 years ago

Hi everyone,

I just got the greatest surprise. I got a phone call from my friend in New York. We are the same age..on month apart, and we know each other since we're 12 years old! What a thrill to talk to her!! Her memory is failing a bit but I guess age can do that to you.
  I keep my mind as active as possible and then hope for the best.

Les, good to hear from you again and know that you and your family are well. I hesitate to ask this, but a while back when you were posting in here you mentioned that your mom was very ill. Can you tell us about her?  By the way Les, when you left Care2 for a while you gave some of your friends (including me) your email address. I had sent some light stuff to you but got no response. My email address is: so if you see mail from that address, it's me.

4 years ago

G'day my dear sisters and brothers.

Mary - wow, you are going to have a grandbaby soon and a wedding! What very happy events coming up. No matter what bad weather you may be getting you've got those wonderful life events coming up. We, of course, will want to hear everything! You still have your own personal "Grandchild.." folder (I will check to make sure it's till activated).

Les - oh my gosh, it is ALWAYS so wonderful to hear from you. I'm so glad to hear that you and your lovely wife are doing okay... and that you have adopted the "one day at a time" attitude and practice. So much of our stress in life comes from what happened in the yesterdays and what's going to happen in the tomorrows. I love that you both are enjoying just what is present and "in the moment." I heard about the major snowstorm and now am seeing it on the news. Brrrr... yes, you might want something stronger than the hot chocolate.

Sue - I'm so glad that you are a bit better with that awful flu going around. I know you are getting ready for (or already have) that snowstorm too. Watching it on the news just makes me cold. It looks pretty bad and the streets look quite desolate. I sure hope you are able to get out for shopping and at least get just what you need for a number of days. Take care on those snowy, slippery streets!

Ingrid - so glad you are okay and keeping warm.. and enjoying your week. What else could we ask for? You always sound so cheerful and happy... like Wendy too! I'm not sure what you meant about trying to "sign Wendy"... is there a Care2 problem? (Silly question... there's ALWAYS a Care2 problem somewhere!)

My cold is getting better... I can at least breathe at night. Breathing feels so good! LOL

Take care everyone. I've got some news to post on a new thread. It takes me so long to catch up on everything, but I will eventually.


aaSuch lucky little guys! Eat, sleep, run around in wheel or ball, then start all over again...Eat...

4 years ago

Hello ladies of Chatterbox. Hope everyone is well and staying warm and enjoying the week. I am. Not much going on here just staying inside and staying warm. I tried to sign Wendy but think it is closed? Hugs.

4 years ago

Hello all, just dropping by to say Hi.  Still fighting the nasty virus and never ending cough.  At least there is enough energy to sit at the computer for a few hours a day now.  Am so far behind with all messages and group posts, 5 pages of them to plow through.  Hope everyone is doing well and having decent weather.  We are having another Arctic blast with temps at dangerously low levels so it isn't making me mad to have to stay inside to recover.  For a change we have some sun today which helps after days on end of gloom and snow, winds and flurries.  I'll have to get out on Thursday as it is once again time to do a big grocery shop.  Hope I can put on enough layers for all the walking between the stores.  It doesn't get warmer until Saturday, but I run out of things on Thursday.  Have a wonderful week and remember to run as fast as you can from those nasty viruses.

4 years ago

Haven't posted for some time but finally taking the time to do so.  My wife and I have been doing well so far this year.  We have both adopted an  "let's enjoy each day as much as we can" atitude.  It seems to create far less stress.  We are glad to see that most who post here seem to be okay.  We are supposed to get a major snowstorm here in our area tonight so maybe our evening will be spent in front of our fireplace with some hot chocolate (or maybe something stronger) playing a board game.

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl i hope your cold is getting better its a miserable feeling ,Lynn it sounds like your having a great time with your family any more pictures ?Wendycongrats how lovely im sure you had a wonderful getting to know you evening , snap my son got engaged as well they are getting married in june first they are having their second baby in february so its going to be a busy year Sue i hope you are feeling a bit better today June thanks for the lovely posts Ingrid how are you?Barb i hope your dancing Angel Coralie Les how are you?

4 years ago

Hi everyone! I was vaccinated against the flu but nobody said I couldn't get a cold!! ss    I haven't had one for YEARS! It comes with a big red nose that constantly runs, or is plugged... like one of my ears. My eyes are very light sensitive so I have to squint and sometimes wear my sunglasses in the house. So... sorry I haven't been here. I did manage to get involved on FB about the Dolphin slaughter in Japan, and that has me crazy upset.

June, I LOVE the snowmen... there is such a wonderful nutty element to them that shows the funny crazy side of people. Can't help but laugh and wish I was out there making one too. 

Wendy, you could never make anyone feel unhappy... I hear the laughter in your voice all the time. And CONGRATULATIONS about your son's engagement! Sounds like you partied well! (5:00 AM?) Wow. Something you'll always remember.

Great pics, Wendy and Mary. And Lynn... I hope you had a wonderful time out with your great family. I LOVED the video. That little boy has been brought up with a great amount of joy and encouragement to have fun and be himself... whoever that is. And he has a twin to boot! What an active household that must be.  I really give his parents a lot of credit for allowing him to be who and what he wants to be. Absolutely adorable!

I sure hope Sue is feeling better. It's been a long long winter and there's more to come. Actually, we've been fairly lucky. There are little buds on the bushes and trees! I shall be back in here tomorrow I hope. It depends on how plugged my head feels in the morning.

I need to catch up on the other threads.

Love you all... Mary, Lynn, Barb, Wendy, June, Sue, Ingrid, Angel, Coralie, Dot, Thubten, Isabel.... and there's our brothers too! Please let me know if I left anyone's name out!

4 years ago

Wendy, what exciting news. Congratulations to your son and future daughter-in-law. Sounds like you had quite a night together. I'm sure your cats have been understanding now that you've given them treats to make up for your late night homecoming.   I wish all good things to you and your whole family.

Where has everyone been? Sue wasn't feeling well but I think she's feeling a bit better but where's everybody else?

I just watched this and thought you'd all get a kick out of it. A 7 year old piano prodigy who's very happy to see Ellen!


4 years ago

Don't know if I told you, my son was going to get engaged to be married last weekend, in Prague? well he didn't pop the question, for a number of reasons, so he decided to pop the question last night.

So, I am a little fragile today, we had a lovely evening,(Mick -my husband &me)> with Charlotte's Mom Pearl and (boyfriend)Brian, my other son Jack and his girlfriend- Jenny, and of course Luke and Charlie.All went for a meal , we ordered champagne, and had drinks, ending the evening at my house , I finally got to bed at 5am, so today has been a "write off" The poor cats didn't know what was going on, an invation arghhhh run hide he he, I sorted them with treats in the spare bedroom, they were fine then,  So we will have a wedding in 12 months but the planning can wait a week or two I think.

Well we ordered an Indian take-away, and I have just seen car headlights , so food is here hurrah, will pop in tomos minus fragility, love hugs x wendy k x & Kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm waiting to be picked up by my granddaughter. She, her husband, my daughter and of course, Trent and I will be going out to lunch and then back to Andi's house for the rest of the day.

Hope everyone is well and free of pain. Have a great weekend, my sisters and whatever brother comes in!

Love you all.

4 years ago

signed Wendy i hope eveyone is having a lovely weekend  photo 6cebre2.jpg

4 years ago

Hope everyone is well, ? have a lovely weekend all, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

                Beautiful Weekend

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello all, hope everyone is well, what a time I have had at work , but what satisfaction in calling meetings and reading the riot act he he he, best of all I have done so many hours from Sundy to now, I am not in work till Monday, I hope you have all, had a look at photos that "take your breath away",> June you find fantastic ones, so add them, Lynn's are -wow

Any photo that makes you say , "oh my gosh!!" but in a good way, I have seen plenty that make me say "Oh my God" in the context it should be said.

I hate that expression "Oh my God -roll on the floor laughing" I don't have a problem with>- "Oh my gosh r.o.t.f.l" < enuf said,><"Hey that could be a thread "expressions I hate" >< ->but I want to cheer people up here, not the opposite, so bearing that in mind, I am going to finish , wishing you all a good wednesday /thursday, now incase you didn't yet see this, here is a great petition I am posting next,>  ~.

(explaing because I am not sure how to add txt after the clip , or before it>if you see what I mean) but that is my next lesson, he he he, one step at a time, ?).

.Now the vid clip, is very deserving, but will also give hard pressed workers another bank holiday, >see what i mean about cheering people up,( well in America,)> I am working on making "Clement Atlee" a "National Hero" For Britain, and a day to remember him , love hugs xwendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>

4 years ago

Love the snowmen and hands pictures ladies. Hope all here at Chatterbox have a awesome Monday. Hugs.

4 years ago

Unique and Creative Snowmen
It's a cold, cold winter, and although it's hard to bear, some people have gone out and have made some hilarious and creative snowmen to make some light of the experience. Here are our most favorite and unique snowmen creations.

Jan. 10
4 years ago

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! Great pics! Can't help but feel happy looking at them! Make sure you have a look at the wonderful video Lynn posted on the Bird of the Week thread. It's very special!

Sue, I hope you are feeling better and your weather is now allowing you to get out. I also hope you and your brother shared some "good time" together. I took some screenshots from your link and posted a few on the winter pictures thread because they are so beautiful. And here's the funny one (hee hee... love it):


If you want to learn to do screenshots I've re-activated the thread with instructions (it was in archives). You are a darn smart woman so I know you can learn. Just practice on that thread if you like. Anyone else want/need to try?  Here's the link to thread, which should be showing as active now.

I know it looks like I'm not here for periods of time but I am busy doing things like looking for pics or doing screenshots... then re-sizing them or fixing them up in Online Image Editor:

Now word has it that our little Hummingbird Phoebe has just had a few eggs hatch so I'm off to see if I can find her. But I have to catch up on the other threads first. Have a wonderful evening everyone!

4 years ago

Hello all you ladies. Hope everyone is well and hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Lot warmer than it has been and now I am getting rain and thunderstorms in January? Well its Indiana weather. Weird.  Hugs.

4 years ago

 everyone finally caught up with the chatter  

Thanks Wendy for the info on Birmingham Tolkien

4 years ago

love from x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Great weekend window

4 years ago

Hello all, hope you are all well, Sue hope you are feeling a bit less  er blue?

Cheryl I love the idea of a magical mystery thread,  it would be lovely,

June hope you are ok, bet you will find the best photos xx

Angel hope you are well, and the start of 2014 was  as good as it could be %#&!*%

Hello Ingrid, same to you  re- happy new year .

Barbara how is the start of your new year ?

Mary hello, look out the arctic blast that has  affected America and Canada it is coming our way oh oh >little ray of sunshine  aint I  he he

Lynn hello , same question , how is the start to your new year?

hope I haven't forgotten any one? hope all who visit here are happy and healthy, love hugs x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxx >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>          and remember >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

                 Friday partyFriday party 

4 years ago

Sorry not feeling chatty today, going back to bed now.  We do have some sun and the promise of warmer temps coming, can't wait to open the windows and get some lovely moist fresh air in my lungs.  Too unsteady to go for a walk yet.  Here is a link to how we here in South Western Ontario are feeling after our recent weather that has all but shut down our communities.  Pity I don't know how to do a screen shot of it.   Steve managed to get back to the UK yesterday even though most flights in and out of Pearson have been grounded as the airport shut down due to the weather!  He was so lucky and only had a 4 hour delay.  Have a great laugh at this.....

4 years ago

wrap up warm Ingrid hope you feel better soon Sue the days are so dark , it makes it harder to feel good .how are you Lynn ?thanks for starting a new thread Cheryl how are you today?good morning Barb June Angel WendyCoralie and Les 

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatter box. Hope all of you are staying warm and safe somewhere. Been very cold and I got a foot of snow here. Going to take a while to clear the driveway with the snowblower but it will be done. Prayers going out to all who need them. Hugs.

4 years ago

I turned the thread as it was getting harder to load.

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4 years ago

Me too, Les.... HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm happy you're back. We only have a few brothers here who pop in once in a long while. You were are FIRST brother!

And a big hug to all my sisters here. As I read down the thread I found myself shaking my head "Oh no" then nodding my head "Oh good"......

I LOVE THE FOREST! Oh my, such a good laugh with June and Wendy about J.R.Tolkien and that magnificent forest! But seriously, I am a huge fan of magical and mystical places, people and things and that forest certainly is one of them. I am going to do some screenshots of those pictures and will start a thread for the "Magical and Mystical" -- can be anything from fairies, hobbitts, pics of places, animations, pyramids.... and so on. Thanks for pics and idea, June.

Sue, I am so very happy you got to enjoy some Christmas lights and company for Christmas! You were not in a good place... with the weather, not being able to get out, etc.... and then your brother showed up and your electricity stayed on. I don't think you'll ever know just how much all your sisters were thinking of you and sending you love and good energy!

Gosh... like Wendy's son, my son did the whole dinner (he's usually the chef around here anyway) which was delicious. Aren't we lucky to have sons (and daughters) that love to cook?

Mary, you sure weathered some storms there! Definitely one would not want to be walking around when all those things were flying through the air. And for all the rest of you troopers standing against winter floods, snow, storms, winds.... you're alive and well!! We only have rain here and have been blessed with some sunny days but really cold. And Lynn..... I think she's afraid to say she's basking down there in Florida with sunshiny days getting a sun tan.

Happy New Year all.... glad some of you rang it in with fireworks and bells... or like me... just yelling on the porch with my neighbours!

4 years ago

Les, how wonderful to see you here! I thought you left Care2 altogether. I'd like to wish you a very happy, healthy New Year. I hope everything is well with you and your family.

4 years ago

Hello all who post here--it has been a long time since I have opened this thread.  Hope all have begun their new year on a positive note.

4 years ago

good morning Angel June and Wendy Cheryl Lynn Barb Coralie Ingrid its so wet and stormy here the windows are rattling have a super day 
Days Of The Week Comments

Magickal Graphics

4 years ago

4 years ago

Only kidding June, many places inspired Tolkien and of course the "lord of the rings" films I believe were shot in New Zealand? here is B'ham Uni clock Tower, said to be the inspiration for the "Two Towers"  who knows, ?>>>>>Love to all here especialy June x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxx

Birmingham University Clock Tower - Inspiration for the towers in The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

4 years ago

June, lovely pictures , but Tolkien is ours , "Sarehole mill" is in Hall Green- B'ham

he is all our's not Gloucter's  don't let them fool you mwahahaha>>>>>>

JRR Tolkien - a brief biography

His parents both came from Birmingham but his father, Arthur, who was a bank clerk, moved to South Africa in the 1890's in the hope of bettering himself.

In 1896 Arthur Tolkien died, and the family once again settled back in Birmingham. The city and its surroundings were to have a big influence on the writings of JRR Tolkien. As he later wrote: "the country in which I lived my childhood was being destroyed before I was ten."

Sarehole MillSarehole MillInitially the family lived in the village of Sarehole, which at that time had not been swallowed up in Birmingham's growing suburbania 
The village is widely thought of as the inspiration for Hobbiton and the Shire. The mill that features in "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings" must owe much to Sarehole Mill, which is now a museum run by the City Council.

The young Tolkien went to King Edward's School in Birmingham from the age of eight, travelling in on the tram from Moseley, where the family had moved to make the journey easier. 

Moseley Bog too may have provided inspiration for some of the settings in "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings." 

Moseley BogMoseley Bog

Life for a widow with two sons at the turn of the 20th century was not easy, and the family had a somewhat nomadic existence, moving from Sarehole to Moseley and from Moseley to King's Heath.

Tragedy struck again in 1904, when Tolkien's mother was diagnosed with diabetes, which at the time was untreatable.

By the end of the year she had died and Ronald and his brother were left orphaned. The family were devout Roman Catholics, and the priest atBirmingham Oratory became their guardian. The boys lodged nearby in Duchess Road.

Birmingham OratoryBirmingham Oratory

4 years ago

June, what an amazing place, wonder why I never heard of it when I lived in the UK.  Thanks for posting the link, if I ever get back to the UK that is one place I'd love to visit it really does appear to be magical.  As we come to the end of a very short work week do any of us feel like this?
Days Of The Week Comments

4 years ago

Hello everyone, didn't know were to post this, hope it's ok to post here?

Thought you might find it interesting


The Woods that Inspired the Lord of the Rings

The Beautiful Puzzlewoods

Almost all writers have some sort of muse. To some it is a special person in their lives, to others an experience they've gone through. To J.R.R Tolkien and countless others - it is a certain place, and that place, in this case, is the beautiful Puzzlewood forest.

4 years ago

This group is just too darn busy!  There were 5 pages of emailed group posts waiting for me yesterday and today is the day to finally catch up.  Hope you are all recovered from the celebrating and able to get back to 'normal' today.  I woke up thinking it was Monday for some reason.  Hope your weather is good, here it was -17c with wind chill on top this morning and tonight will be one of the coldest nights in years.  Hibernation is such a wonderful idea right now, until tomorrow when the quest for groceries and bill paying begins again.

Cheryl, from your Dec 15th post, yes you're right, those curly light bulbs are horrid.  I'd planned to stock up on the daylight ones, but did not get back to the store.  The press says that stores can still sell their current stock of incandescents so will be looking to buy as many boxes as possible tomorrow before it is too late.  My apartment is so untidy (contents of 2 closets out waiting for some energy to re-organize them) that putting up lights was impossible. Steve solved the problem though.  He gave me a USB Christmas Tree that plugs into the computer and changes colours as the LED's inside the Acrylic tree cycle.  It really is spectacular and he said he found it in the pound store in the UK.  So I have a 5" Christmas tree after all and pretty lights all in a 3" footprint on top of the old monitor.

Mary, sorry to hear about your sisters car, but happy she was not in it at the time, that would have been really scary for her.  Good to read everyone had a fun time for Christmas doing their favourite things with their favourite people.  I feel so sorry for the folks still without power from our ice storm.  Not too many left in the dark thankfully.  Boy will they celebrate when their power is returned to them.

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox. Same back Lynn and all. Hoping its starting out great for all of you and your Christmas was wonderful. Mine was and is. My brother and his family came over Christmas Day and we had dinner and opened presents together. For New Years Eve I just listed to music and watched the ball drop. Hugs to all.

4 years ago

To all my dear sisters..Cheryl, Sue, Wendy, Mary, June, Ingrid and Barb..I wish you all a new year filled with love, laughter, good health, peace of mind and all of your wishes come true. May the rest be the best! Love you all.

From Mandy and me -

4 years ago

Well everyone it is 2014 here, and has been for an hour, we watched a fantastic firework display on the T.V in London, but better than that , we "skyped" my two sons , who were at a party, we did the countdown with everyone and one by one wished all happy new year, some of you still await 2014, so I will leave you to welcome it in, love hugs kisses for a happy healthy safe 2014 x wendy k & kelly cats, >>>love todays quote on care2 >>>

"Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth."

- Benjamin Disraeli

4 years ago

 everyone have finally caught up with your wonderful posts + lovely tags, just in time to wish you all a very happy and peaceful new year filled with lots of love and laughter



Hugs graphics 

4 years ago

Wendy i am so glad your christmas was super mine was too my youngest son is called Luke as well but he didnt cook lol my second sons girlfrends family were without power all over christmas they are coming to visit tomorrow so i better have something good ready love and hugs

4 years ago

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day, .Mine was one of the best, really nice, my youngest son Luke, cooked a fabulous Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, including the chutney , it was all lovely, Jack the eldest, cleared up, we all then watched "it's a wonderful life"  oh everyone was happy and pleased with their presents, it was a lovely day topped off with a quiz game Christmas Night, with the boys best friends who called to see them,  Boxing day was relax and help yourself day, I was glued to films on T.V, cats around me, the weather was just awful, so we hibernated, caught up here yesterday and today, thought I would put the "Happy 2014...., thread up, so we can add funny pics as well if, there are any?

Glad to read Cheryl, you had expected weather, yes as Mary says make the most of it %#&!*%

Mary pleased you escaped the flooding, we did too, I was delighted to read , people who have had such a bad time,with floods had a good go at Cameron, demanding to know why they had been left wih no help, Cameron's reply was "see your Council", well this Woman shouted at him, " Oh no you don't Prime Minister, dont pretend that you as the Government have no say what our councils can do, when you have made their job impossible with cuts and more cuts, you Prime Minister work for us !!!!!"  boy that about topped my Christmas, = the icing on the cake, because Cameron had no reply, he stormed off!!!! Any way hope you enjoyed Christmas with your family, and Grandchildren


Sue what a great suprise for you, I was so pleased for you when I read that your Brother just turned up, hope you enjoyed every minute, >>see I told you I had a feeling something good was going to happen , remember," oooo do do do do  (twighlight zone  music) hehe


Ingrid, June, Barbara, Angel, Lynn hope you had the nicest of Chritmas's for some it will have been tinged with sadness, now we have a new year quickly descending upon us, I will pop in New Years Eve to catch up and wish everyone a Happy New Year, see can we find any funny captions, for the Happy 2014.... thread , June your good at that, and Cheryl, the ones on still feels like Christmas , were great , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxx

4 years ago

Hi Cheryl yes its still stormy here very unusual my fence blew away and lots of my neighbours lost slates from their roofs but im lucky lots of houses are flooded and without pwer . its the same in england i hope you are dancing in the rain Cheryl enjoy love and hugs

4 years ago

HOW WONDERFUL SUE!! That news makes me very very happy! I can imagine what a terrific surprise that was to you. I remember you said you speak every New Years Eve to one another, but this is even better.

Have a wonderful time together -- very precious 'happening'!

Mary -- you are still having stormy weather? Gosh, that's been a challenge I bet, and back east here some still haven't got their power on... so that was before and all through Christmas. I am almost embarrassed to say that we only have rain with sunny periods in between! So I guess I need to just be happy and dance in the rain!

4 years ago

how wonderful for you Sue see you in the new year happy new year Cheryl Sue Lynn Barb Angel Wendy June Coralie Ingrid its so stormy here right now i hope you are all having better weather hugs 

4 years ago

Got a huge surprise yesterday, my brother phoned from the UK and after a while said he would have to say bye and call back in half an hour.  About 40 minutes later there was a knock at my apartment door and I peered over the top of the glasses I use for the computer to see a total fuzzy looking stranger standing there, until he said Merry Christmas Sue and I realized it was my brother who I had not seen for more than 8 years!  So little time for Care2 until 31st Dec!

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and will catch up ASAP.

Love and Peace


Dec. 25
4 years ago

MERRY CHRISTMAS, sisters and any brothers peeking in! It seems like most of you have come through some pretty bad winter weather, but you've come through it! I hope you all are going to enjoy a happy day with laughter and joy!

Sue, you certainly have come through a very trying time. I hope you have healed or at least very close to being back to health. I'm so glad you are safe. Your compensating from certain foods you would have liked to other foods that are available sounds well done! I remember being on my own for a particular Christmas and I had a Hungry Man TV dinner! I then watched every Christmas program that was available and tried to stick to those that were 'light' and with humour or a happy cry. I LOVE your special dove picture and I do think that was a special angel visit to you! It impacted you with some laughter as well as it's beauty. I'm going to go back and do some screenshots that are on those wonderful links you've provided! I will be thinking of you today and maybe we'll end up watching the same Christmas show on TV together! (I heard about the people who took generators, etc. into their homes to try and keep warm. Terrible! There are always warnings about doing that but people do it anyway.)

Forgive my spelling mistakes, which I'm sure there are. It's almost 1:00 a.m. and I should be in beddy bye.

I'll check in later while the cooking is being done to do some catching up here. There are some posts and links I haven't got to yet.

I must say that as a Protestant, I thoroughly enjoyed Pope Francis' Christmas Mass. His focus is on service and humility, as was Saint Francis'. He is making quite an impact on people and has done some wonderful things. I really teared up seeing him hold that man with the tumors all over his face (I forget the name of the disease) and kissing a handicapped fellow being held by a family member, and most likely many more who benefitted from his touch and kindness. You are so right, Sue.... HUGS are so beneficial; we all need them.

I love you all so much. And Angel... like the rest of your friends here, I am thinking of you and I wish you love and peace.


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cont'd...  With all the damage the ice storms do there is a certain beauty that they leave us to gaze at, here are links to some truly amazing photos.  Fir tree close up

Another fir tree from a distance

Some icicles, ever seen any this big?

Thanks a million for all the pretty pictures and silly videos they really helped lighten the gloom the last couple of weeks. 

It is Christmas eve, 5.39pm here and I hope you are all well into your celebrating, however you do that.  Have a spectacular Christmas and be safe, warm and happy and well fed.  Angel although this year will be difficult I hope you find many reasons to smile and receive many hugs from your favourite people.  Hugs really help.  Here's one specially for you.    
Christmas kisses to everyone    Hope you felt that!

4 years ago

I saw something today not seen in 8 days, blue sky and sun.  The sun shone all day and boy did that make a difference in my mood.  The storm did so much damage to trees and power lines that it will take another week to get everyone back online.  In some parts of Ontario stores did not open yesterday as they had no power.  We are now in the deep freeze and have been warned that our power could still go out as the stronger winds and freezing temperatures could fell trees still laden with ice in other parts of Ontario.  So far today no brown outs though unlike yesterday so keeping everything crossed.  We are promised snow tonight through the day tomorrow, nothing heavy this time.

Some people have died as a result of running generators inside or burning charcoal briquettes in their kitchens to heat their food and keep warm.  Over 100 emergency calls in Toronto alone because of carbon monoxide poisoning.  You'd think they would have gone outside to burn those and every generator says right on it not to run it inside.  Desperate people will do desperate and silly things I guess.  Still it is so sad reading about those deaths and hospitalizations.  We here are so much better off, power was out half a day in half of this city but only a few minutes here.  100's of trees are damaged though and clean up is almost complete in this city.

Since I did not manage to get everything on my list when I was out last week there is no Christmas dinner for me, did not manage to get a frying pan so cannot cook the meat which is now in the freezer.  But instead will have potatoes & broccoli mashed together with cheese on the side and ketchup.  Am also out of bread so no toast for breakfasts and will resort to digestive cookies and cheese, actually quite a tasty treat.  Luckily have plenty of coffee so will be able to keep going.  And have the big bag of hershey kisses meant for baking, I nibble on them all day long.  Decided to order Swiss Chalet chicken for tonight so will have some left over from that for tomorrow too.  One day I'll tell you why I no longer have a usable frying pan and the accident that caused that, but only if you insist.

Now I'm no longer in pain can write about this.  Last Tuesday we had a bad storm all day and it was the day I'd planned to go out, nothing left to eat so had to walk around the corners when the snow had stopped around 10 at night and the wind died down.  Unfortunately the sidewalks were treacherous so had to walk on the roads and I slipped badly one foot going left, the other going right and sprained my left groin muscle.  Luckily did not fall.  The snow was packed, wet and heavy over the ice underneath and although I had walked on the road they had not been salted recently.  I limped the rest of the way to the store and got my 15lb bag of potatoes and large pack of pork chops and put them into the shopping trolley. 

It had taken just over 10 minutes to get to the store, took 30 going home as walking was worse the pain agonizing and dragging the trolley laden through the deep heavy snow really hurt my arm muscles.  The wheels have no traction in that kind of snow.  Had to drag it through the 18" deep drift between the two apartment buildings too.  The next day had to go out again as the audit papers now needed to be hand delivered to meet the deadline and bills paid, late so will get fined, and the big grocery list needed doing.  All my leg and arm muscles hurt by then along with my back which had not hurt until I woke up and that was such a difficult day.  Got less than 1/3 of what was on the list, most things were already sold out, and only managed to get to 6 of the 16 stores I had to go to.  Walking was just too painful.  Thank goodness for the kind taxi driver who carried the heavy things for me when he got me safely home.  Taxi drivers are guardian angels I think they are always so helpful.  Seriously it has been that kind of year this year.  One disaster after another.

Mary I hope you are safe from all those winds, they can be so damaging.  Hard to sleep too when they howl so loudly.  Cheryl, we really were incredibly lucky here, the temperature rose above freezing many times so we got much less damage than other communities.  I found a photo of a mourning dove that had better balance than the one I saw, here is the link, the tree is just as ice covered as ours was

Wendy, have been reading the BBC website for news about the UK storm, I guess this is what global warming does to our weather, makes it crazy all over the world.  I feel so sorry for all the people affected by the storms and hope they all have somewhere safe to go until power can be restored and floodwaters recede.  contd.....

4 years ago

mery christmas Sue WendyJune  Ingrid Cheryl Lynn Coralie Barb Angel i know this one is hard for you

4 years ago

Hello June and Merry Christmas to you and to all here at Chatterbox. Hope you are okay too Sue and everyone and having a lovely Christmas Eve. I am. Getting dinner ready for tommorrow and my brother and his little family is coming over for a while. Angel, you are in my thoughts as well. Hugs.

4 years ago

 everyone slowly catching up with your posts




4 years ago

Hello Sue, same here in parts re- power, miserable Christmas for the people affected by the storm conditions, I hope they join together somehow, people are usually at their best in times of crisis, sooo hope the children affected can have some sort of CHristmas  , thinking of you Angel too, . 

Cheryl Sue, Angel, June, Ingrid, Barbara, Mary Lynn and all who belong to this group have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year, will pop in soon , love hugs x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>>>..


Dec. 23
4 years ago

It's 10:24 PM here and I just saw the news. Good grief Sue, I hope you're okay! The east coast is a real mess in so many places. Some people may not have power back until the weekend, and many won't see it for Christmas. I HOPE YOU AREN'T ANYWHERE NEAR THE REALLY BAD PARTS in Ontario. I am glad that little bird gave you some humour to the situation. It was probably an angel in disguise that wanted to see you smile! Please let us know how you are -- and hopefully you are able to do that. I will come back tomorrow and read the messages above.

Mary, Good grief for you too!! I hope you don't experience the same thing as east coast Canada that I was explaining above. That is really something if you've never seen winds like that before! Global changes? 

Stay safe sisters! I'll check back in tomorrow and hopefully you both are okay.

Angel love, you are always in my thoughts and prayers too.


4 years ago

Hi Sue what a story !birds sliding out of trees birds could be blown out of trees here its so stormy this sure is a tough time for them ,wrap up warmly yourself i have never seen winds like this in ireland .have a great weekend everyone Angel you are in my thoughts this christmas

4 years ago

So after days of freezing rain at night and thaws during the days when it just rained non stop we finally got the real ice storm last night, started around 9pm here when the temperature dropped.  About 1" over everything.  Woke up to flashing clocks and later found out we were only without power for a few minutes.  Freezing rain continued until around 1.30pm and then the temperature rose to +1C and the ice on the trees started to melt.  No tree damage that I can see from my apartment, but am certain there will be damage to the old trees in town.  Have to go out tomorrow so will learn more then. 

We were incredibly lucky not to have fared as badly as Toronto did.  Some people there will be without power for 3 or so days they were warned.  Here is a link to photos of some of the storms damage.  When you reach the end of the page click on the banner that says - read next page, to see more pics.  On the 3rd page is an incredible photo of a Pine bough submitted Dec 21st with each individual needle covered with ice.  For all the damage an ice storm does, it really does leave our natural world looking incredibly beautiful.

There was also one thing that made me laugh so hard I cried.  A mourning dove landed on a tree branch outside my balcony door (a sugar maple tree)  poor thing slid and had to flap to find another branch and slid again.  It happened so many times, was like a comedy routine.  Now I know it should not have made me laugh as I should have had some compassion for the beautiful bird, but it was so funny to see that.  Our sparrows go inside the blue spruce that is really thick and healthy and completely ice and snow free inside.  Wish the mourning dove had joined them.  It eventually decided to sit in the crook of a branch and rested itself on the trunk of the tree, must have been exhausted poor thing.  I felt really bad for laughing at it's efforts to find a perch when I saw that. 

The tree looked to be free of ice just as it got dark so there should be no problem finding a perch tomorrow for the birds.  Also got the idea of finding some old wood and building a box for them to put out on my balcony for snowstorm and ice storm refuge.  Will have to phone the SPCA for the kind of wood to use as we have a recycle store not too far I can get used wood cheap in.  Hope you all are doing much better this weekend.

Does this belong here?
4 years ago

Not certain if this should go in here but can't find another more appropriate thread.  I'm so far behind with everything so will write news and respond to your posts later, this has been a very difficult week.  Saw this group yesterday catching up with my programs online and got goosebumps on my goosebumps, the only other time that happened was when I first heard Josh Groban sing.  Listening to them I was thinking they were my broken babies, obviously not, but that seems to happen more the older I get, the feeling I should mother everyone hurting.  Here is the link for Canadians, hint - turn up the volume it is better louder!

The link for Americans

A link for everyone else, not the same performance, not quite as good but still amazing

Here is their website where you can learn about the music therapy that gave birth to this truly amazing group of musical heroes

We are threatened with lots of freezing rain, if it happens we will lose electricity for hours/days, keeping everything crossed the storm will not be as bad as expected.

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Yule Comments & Graphics

Dec 21
4 years ago

ss GOOD MORNING LADIES! I am steeping my tea as I speak. It's 7:11 a.m. Saturday morn and still dark and gloomy outside... BUT I know the sun is going to come out today. Had our first snowfall and it sure was pretty before it started to rain.

Lynn, that is a gorgeous tag you made with those wonderful butterflies! One of these days I'm going to go to your group where you are the "Teacha" and start way back on those threads and learn some new things. I will probably just lurk and learn for a while!

Wendy, that fish..... ha ha ha ha ha .... that is so funny! I bet that was fun to do although making the fish dizzy might have been a bit funny too! And the cat pic is really good too. The captions people think up show the humour that is inherant to the human being. Thanks for those morning starters.

Mary, that's such a happy morning starter too. I always marvel at how you can get all our names down so well. That was scary with your sister.... but it was meant to be that she was not in the car! I like to think our personal angels are really watching out for us, as shown by people getting out of the most insane situations without a scratch. So glad to hear she's okay.

I am going to go and enjoy my tea now but I'll be back later. Everybody ready for Christmas???

ss (as of tomorrow) FIRST DAY OF WINTER TODAY!

4 years ago

Good morning Wendy Lynn Cheryl Sue Barb Ingrid CoralieJune Angel and anyone else whos here cool cats Wendy have a great weekend everyone very stormy here the roof blew off the railway station car park and cruched my sisters car she was so lucky not be in it i'l pop back later love and hugs

4 years ago

But I Almost Got It Unwedged!

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4 years ago

Hi dear sisters, I see that some people are still having problems with Care2. Cheryl dear, I hope you can start posting in here again. How is everyone? I feel so bad about Angel and I hope that she can see her way clear to coming back in here very soon.

I finally got Andi's business set up in Quickbooks. There was so much to do....posting the names and addresses of all her clients, invoices, etc. I'm back at work again! What happened to my retirement? lol

I'm still making my tags 'cause it calms me and the time just flies.  Here's my latest one that I thought you might like to see.

Love you all. See you soon. Toodles!

4 years ago

SO GOOD TO SEE YOU LYNN!! I will be back... I'm having a really hard time posting anything tonight. I have to try 5 or 6 times and even then sometimes it doesn't post. Grrrrrrr

4 years ago

Hi everybody! Finally got my laptop back from incarceration. lol  Still having a problem with the keyboard. They can't seen to find out why the letters go all over the place when I'm typing. I couldn't turn the touch pad off and they couldn't seem to find a way to do it, either. I paid a lot of money for this Dell laptop and it's a piece of doo-doo.

Thanks everyone, for all the great pictures and videos. I love you all and will try to catch up in here from my busy work schedule. I still make my tags to keep my mind reasonably sane. lol  See you all soon! xoxoxo

4 years ago

Hi everyone. I hope your Tuesday is going well for you.

Ingrid, I guess it depends on where you have to go when you are walking in the snow. If it's casual, I love it. But I remember trudging to work in heavy snow and it wasn't fun at all!

ss ... as of tomorrow, the 18th!

Sue, and Barb too, here's something I found works re that winter depression. I have put some beautiful small pictures in small frames I had hanging around and 'planted' them under lamps all over the house. When the light shines down on them they light up and make you feel that you really are on that sunny beach or park bench under cherry blossoms, etc. I love the ones on my dresser!

4 years ago

It sure is Cheryl as in time going to fast. Hope you have fun walking in falling snow if you get it. I hate walking in heavy snow.

4 years ago

Oh.... I wish we would get a little snow. I love taking walks in falling snow!

ssIt's going to fast!! I wish time would slow down a little bit.

4 years ago

Hello all here at Chatterbox, Keith is in my thoughts too Wendy. Hope all here have a safe and warm Monday. Had a couple more inches of snow come last night. Sure is a lot of snow here.

4 years ago

The strangest thing just happened. Everything disappeared from my post before I could post it and the thread jiggled just before that happened. I didn't do anything to cause that. For the heck of it (while I was swearing slightly... a-hem) I pressed "preview" and there it was - so I pressed "post reply" and it worked!

So if that happens to you, try the same and maybe it will come back. Strange, eh?

Dec. 16
4 years ago

GOOD MORNING Mary and everyone! Mary... you're so good at putting in everyone's name. I'm always afraid I'm going to miss someone and then feel terrible. I will try harder. We have such a WONDERFUL group of sisters here!

I went to bed last night around 1:45 a.m. and fell asleep probably around 2:10 a.m. I woke up at 4:20 a.m. and after wriggling around for a half hour I got up and came to my computer. It is now 8:27 a.m. and my eyes are hanging down on my cheeks! I think I best go back to bed and try to get some sleep. I really hate missing the day when this happens.

Have a good one everybody!

4 years ago

good morning Cheryl love that shirt ,Wendy i will keep Kieth in my thoughts today i am so busy this week i'v got my son and his girlfriend coming to stay and my other son and my brother i have to make room lol at least i threw out a load of junk when i painted so theres a bit of space .i must post my cards as well you reminded me Wendy i hope you Lynn Angel Barb Ingrid Sue Coralie June and Thubten are having a wonderful week

4 years ago

WOWEEEEEE! I want a shirt for Christmas just like she has!!


Dec. 15
4 years ago

Sue, I want to answer your last post on #15 thread:

I hope you got that sunshine the weatherperson promised you! I was surprised about the mercury you said was in those curly lightbulb thingys! I didn't know that! I found them useless anyway and thank heavens I only got a few.
I hope you have a better Christmas this year (not sick like last year). If you can't put Christmas lights outside, can you put a string of them inside somewhere? I find they are cheerful and help ward off the SAD that a number of us have a tendency to get through the winter months.
I promise to check in here on Christmas Day and chat with you if you are available. I like my Christmases stress-free so we don't do a lot of dress-up and go out things. I remember the many years of having to do that... who's going to go where and to whose family for dinner, etc., etc. I hated the arguing and all the work which was mostly serving everyone else all day and night. Times have changed and I hope it's not all left up to Wife/Mom to do.

Apparently Christmas time is bad for women having car accidents because they have so much on their mind and are often tired most of the time. Sooooooo, I do enjoy decorating the little tree we've had since my son was age 1 (now 37). They made things really well then. I LOVE thinking back on doing my son's stocking when he was little. I used the big woolly logger-man type socks. I would put the empty one at the bottom on his bed and have the full one all ready in my closet. I grew up having those same stockings from Santa and reaching down to the bottom of my bed when I awoke was a wonderous thing! I could feel bumps and things in the stocking and there would always be a Japanese orange in the toe!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and the week ahead will be a happy and safe one.


Dec. 15
4 years ago

Wendy, Keith is fortunate to have such good friends. As wonderful as family members are, many of us don't have any to count on, so if we have a few really good friends we are so fortunate. I will say a prayer for Keith for his operation on Tuesday.
YES..YES... OPTIMISM can be like a medicine, as is laughter! I am so happy you and your hubby will be giving him that. That's GOOD ENERGY, and he certainly needs a lot of that right now. Yay for the Union! Mine was 'there' to protect me when I needed it. Please keep us up-to-date with Keith's condition, and all the things you plan to do to make life 'full of life'. I'm sure you'll understand that.

I haven't done my cards yet... better hurry... no, take it easy and they'll get done! I have to catch myself at times so I remain stressless. 

As for those 12 drummers, etc...... I have a strong dislike for that song so I won't be buying any of them. LOL    

4 years ago

CHATTER BOX #15 thread....

CHAT AWAY SISTERS AND BROTHERS... any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!


Starting this thread December 15/13


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