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7 months ago

Do you believe in Heaven?  How about reincarnation, near death experiences, etc.  Post any article and/or video and let's have a conversation about this topic.

7 months ago

Feb. 26
7 months ago

Oh goody! This is a great idea, Lynn. You may have already guessed that I am interested in these topics (and have been since I was about age eight).

That's a great video. These are topics that many people may not want to talk about as our personal beliefs are - or can be - subject to ridicule and/or arguments (even in families who grew up together).... but I know that won't happen in this group! I've studied some of the top religions of the world (well, read books and asked questions...) and in many ways we are more alike than different, believe it or not. There is always something to learn and think about. 

There is a new movie coming out... I don't know when though, other than "in 2014":


Here's a YouTube preview:

I can hardly wait to see it!

7 months ago

I can't wait to see this movie, Cheryl.  This video shows the real Colton Burpo at age eleven, talking about his experience at age three when he died and went to Heaven.  Some people have had experiences without going to Heaven, to help them out of a terrible situation....they see or hear people who are long dead.  This is a religious video but the first half is Colton's story.


5 months ago

This is one thread I have not had time to get to yet, still far too behind with everything.  This link is to an interview on this mornings early news show about a new book that I'm itching to read, it's about what people experience as they are about to die.  The author believes as I do that the death of the body is not the end for us and that we go to what I call the 'next life'.  The book is called - Opening Heaven's door, what happens when we die?.

5 months ago

 I can't wait to see that movie.

5 months ago

Hi Lynn, Sue, and Sandi. Looks like there are a number of us looking forward to the movie and that book, Sue, is one that I want to read too!

I find it strange that there are people with a religion who believe in life after death, and yet when you talk about those who have had experiences like the above they shy away from it. I have attended a spiritual church where we have had readings from the minister (who has travelled to England to study and other places for 30 years). There are other mediums there too who are amazing. There is no way the information given to me and to others could have been known by anyone. Yet... alas, I cannot talk to my family members as they turn quiet when I try to tell them something about a family member we share who has passed on. Very frustrating.

So.... it's super to be able to talk about it with you guys!

Does anyone watch Rhode Island Medium? I just love that family. She (Teresa) is so funny. It must be hard growing up with the gift of mediumship. John Edward talked about how difficult it was for him to have it and to learn how to use it.


Young children are "fresh from Heaven" we could say. So many little ones talk about things they simply could not know from their limited experience in their present life. The trouble is, grown-ups don't listen enough!

5 months ago

I cannot put into words what I think Heaven is but I certainly do believe in an afterlife.  Our souls do not die.  I believe they can recognize family and friends and, yes, I do believe in reincarnation.  I will try to get back to more fully express my feeling about this subject.

5 months ago

Great topic - Sue - I think that movie is coming out soon - as soon as it gets to pay-per-view - we'll see it - we can't go to movie theaters plus don't like anyway.
Cheryl, interesting that you mentioned mediums - I just finished doing a Rune Reading thru Etsy (now that I know they'll allow them).  I have a PhD in parapsychic psychology or the paranormal (which I don't consider paranormal but the main stream does).  Ihave done readings before in Los Angeles and over the phone.

Les - I definitely know there is reincarnation - as Lynn mentioned - there is no way we can know some things without having lived before -

Love this topic - angels, heavem reincarnation, souls, spirits, ghosts and more....

5 months ago


5 months ago

wanted to post  Eric Clapton's song No Tears in Heaven but don't know how.

5 months ago

For Sandi

Posting videos in groups is easy, just use this string and then put whatever comes after the ?v= in the URL bar of your browser for the video you want to post.  I have it on a sticky note on my desktop so I can check for mistakes.  I had to leave a space between the video: and http and ://
  to be able to post it without it going live, you need to eliminate the spaces when you post in a group, click to preview your post first to make certain it will work.

video: http ://

5 months ago

Thank you Sue.

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