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2 years ago
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Do you believe in Heaven?  How about reincarnation, near death experiences, etc.  Post any article and/or video and let's have a conversation about this topic.

Feb. 26
2 years ago

Oh goody! This is a great idea, Lynn. You may have already guessed that I am interested in these topics (and have been since I was about age eight).

That's a great video. These are topics that many people may not want to talk about as our personal beliefs are - or can be - subject to ridicule and/or arguments (even in families who grew up together).... but I know that won't happen in this group! I've studied some of the top religions of the world (well, read books and asked questions...) and in many ways we are more alike than different, believe it or not. There is always something to learn and think about. 

There is a new movie coming out... I don't know when though, other than "in 2014":


Here's a YouTube preview:

I can hardly wait to see it!

2 years ago

I can't wait to see this movie, Cheryl.  This video shows the real Colton Burpo at age eleven, talking about his experience at age three when he died and went to Heaven.  Some people have had experiences without going to Heaven, to help them out of a terrible situation....they see or hear people who are long dead.  This is a religious video but the first half is Colton's story.


2 years ago

This is one thread I have not had time to get to yet, still far too behind with everything.  This link is to an interview on this mornings early news show about a new book that I'm itching to read, it's about what people experience as they are about to die.  The author believes as I do that the death of the body is not the end for us and that we go to what I call the 'next life'.  The book is called - Opening Heaven's door, what happens when we die?.

2 years ago

 I can't wait to see that movie.

2 years ago

Hi Lynn, Sue, and Sandi. Looks like there are a number of us looking forward to the movie and that book, Sue, is one that I want to read too!

I find it strange that there are people with a religion who believe in life after death, and yet when you talk about those who have had experiences like the above they shy away from it. I have attended a spiritual church where we have had readings from the minister (who has travelled to England to study and other places for 30 years). There are other mediums there too who are amazing. There is no way the information given to me and to others could have been known by anyone. Yet... alas, I cannot talk to my family members as they turn quiet when I try to tell them something about a family member we share who has passed on. Very frustrating.

So.... it's super to be able to talk about it with you guys!

Does anyone watch Rhode Island Medium? I just love that family. She (Teresa) is so funny. It must be hard growing up with the gift of mediumship. John Edward talked about how difficult it was for him to have it and to learn how to use it.


Young children are "fresh from Heaven" we could say. So many little ones talk about things they simply could not know from their limited experience in their present life. The trouble is, grown-ups don't listen enough!

2 years ago

I cannot put into words what I think Heaven is but I certainly do believe in an afterlife.  Our souls do not die.  I believe they can recognize family and friends and, yes, I do believe in reincarnation.  I will try to get back to more fully express my feeling about this subject.

2 years ago

Great topic - Sue - I think that movie is coming out soon - as soon as it gets to pay-per-view - we'll see it - we can't go to movie theaters plus don't like anyway.
Cheryl, interesting that you mentioned mediums - I just finished doing a Rune Reading thru Etsy (now that I know they'll allow them).  I have a PhD in parapsychic psychology or the paranormal (which I don't consider paranormal but the main stream does).  Ihave done readings before in Los Angeles and over the phone.

Les - I definitely know there is reincarnation - as Lynn mentioned - there is no way we can know some things without having lived before -

Love this topic - angels, heavem reincarnation, souls, spirits, ghosts and more....

2 years ago

wanted to post  Eric Clapton's song No Tears in Heaven but don't know how.

2 years ago

For Sandi

Posting videos in groups is easy, just use this string and then put whatever comes after the ?v= in the URL bar of your browser for the video you want to post.  I have it on a sticky note on my desktop so I can check for mistakes.  I had to leave a space between the video: and http and ://
  to be able to post it without it going live, you need to eliminate the spaces when you post in a group, click to preview your post first to make certain it will work.

video: http ://

2 years ago

Thank you Sue.

1 year ago

Wish there were more hours in a day, maybe then I'd get to do everything on my to do list.  Have been meaning to post a few of my experiences here but just not had the time yet.  Found this article in the news today and thought it belonged here.  Sad to say that not everything we read is true after all.

1 year ago

I have been meaning to get to this thread since the news Sue posted above came out. I just found it in the archives. There are so many things to say on these subjects, and it's great all the people who have already posted something have done so!

Thanks, Lynn, for starting this thread. I have added Angels and Miracles. There are miracles happening every day but often we miss them when there's a lot going on in our day-to-day lives.

It is sad when people 'hoax' about these matters because they are the ones who lose, especially if they have any kind of conscience. The ones who believe, go on believing.

So... let's fill some threads! I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in Angels, I believe in Miracles, and I believe in Reincarnation - at least, I love reading and hearing about it.

For instance... how on earth could a seven-year-old walk barefoot away from a plane crash that killed her parents and sister, and just 'happen' to walk in the right direction through pretty touch terrain to get help... without some GUIDANCE?!

This is how I believe she made it.


1 year ago

I hope Les will come back and talk more about these things to us.

1 year ago

I have numerous books on Angels, near-death experiences and actual death where a person comes back (especially ones children tell about going to heaven), real mediums and so forth on related topics. Love them!

A common belief is that when we are born we have a guardian angel (or more than one) with us throughout our life. Have you ever felt your angel's presence? Have you ever had 'close calls' where you just think you were lucky to have gotten out of a predictament? LOOK AT THESE ONES. Someone HAD  to be watching out for these people! Coincidences may actually be miracles. What do you think?

1 year ago

Found this video on YouTube. Tom Harper is well respected and had his own TV show. I watched it once in a while - interesting.

The two cases discussed here are well-known, and years ago I read a lot more about the little boy who claimed he was a pilot shot down in WWII. Really quite astounding. Also, the woman who claimed to have memories of being Anne Frank. One would have to be VERY careful before claiming to be such a soul as Anne Frank.

I sometimes feel disgusted with the comments some people make below videos. A few are obviously spiritually advanced and post something mindworthy, while others are just interested in being trolls and have no sense of their own consciousness. Everyone grows at their own pace, and although it's easy to feel upset with the trolls swearing up a storm, better not to appease them by commenting. Often athiests can put forth some interesting points of view and questions, and one can have quite a lively discussion with them!

1 year ago

INTERESTING!! I found this one close to the above and watched it! It is long, so if you want to watch it give yourself time and bring a cuppa with you!

BBC on Remembered Previous Lives

"Some children can remember exact & verifiable details of their prior life they never could have come to know in this their current child life. These details can be objectively and independently confirmed. Remarkably & quite biologically enigmatic: Some of them have birth marks and birth defects at very same locations as the lethal injury causing their often abrupt and violent past life death. Eg. Born with 5 missing fingers after a prior life accident where they were cut off..."

1 year ago

Love these paintings of Guardian Angels. 


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1 year ago

 I will be honest Iam not sure what to think

1 year ago

Let me tell you about my mother. And this is true. it was the most beautiful Thing that ever happen to me. My mom had a massive stroke. I took care of her for 5years. She was parslized on the right side and her arm was up and she was holding it.  There's one thing my mom never told me. One night I went back to my apartment. I went to sleep and I felt something different. I open my eyes and saw my mom. She look so beautiful. She was gloring and a big smile on her face. She said to me she was feeling good, what was so good to see her arm was down. She also told me some I always wanted to hear, She said I Love you Jill. She came back to tell me that. Of course it brought tears to my eyes. Mom seldom ever told me that. I know it now. Then she disappear. I laid in bed and felt so good . I still have that good feeling  today. I was in my 40,s and now I'm 75. to this day I still feel her. I thought you would like to hear that. Jill

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1 year ago

  How lovely for you Jill, your Mom knew what you wanted to hear, she probably thought "well Jill knows I love her", and didn't realise you needed to hear her confirm it with those words.  Your Mom made sure you knew it at last though , so pleased for you, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxx

1 year ago

Rose, that's wonderful you can say that. That means you aren't firmly entrenched in just one thing or another, without questions and thoughts. I really respect you saying that.

Jill, reading your experience brought tears to my eyes. THIS is the kind of experience we all wish to happen to us. Dreams are one way our loved ones communicate with us, but you may agree, the experience you had was more than a dream - it was happening outside of a dream. In the experience I had, I knew it wasn't 'just' a dream. And I awoke with such a tremendous feeling of peace, as you did. I have told of my experience before so I think Mary and Lynn may remember it. But I will tell of it again in the days to come. I am SO PLEASED for you! I agree with Wendy that your Mom knew it was something she needed to tell you and that you needed to hear. It has made me feel so good to read this. Your Mom left you with such a precious gift. Thank you for telling us, sis.

Wendy, lovely thoughts by you. And that's something you do all the time! You are one spunky, positive-thinking gal with a heart of gold, and you are appreciated.

I love this picture. I've had it for many years and it never fails to make me smile when I see it.   I'm not sure who is enjoying those bubbles more - the child or her angel! The picture reminds me that our angel(s) isn't just with us during the bad times, but in the good times too! It certainly doesn't hurt to say "thank you".

BABIES and LITTLE CHILDREN see angels often - before people tell them there are no such thing as angels. Then the child doesn't tell anyone anymore and finally, the ability fades. Ever notice those incredible looks a newborn gives you? It's as if they just popped into that little body and are quite amazed by it all - sort of an "unworldly" look. I love that! And many parents report seeing or hearing their baby smiling and laughing at something they can't see or hear. Many spiritualists say that our loved ones on the other side visit - and why not? The baby is their great or great great or great great etc. grandchild or other relative. My Dad told me he remembered being a very small baby in a crib while his Mom smiled down at him.   


1 year ago

my mom is my angel i always ask her to stay with me when i'm scared when i went back to riding after breaking my arm i know she was with me ,i think Sophie is with me too

1 year ago

when I had that dream it seemed to last along time. The glow around her didn't hurt my eyes at all. She looked like she was young again  The most wonderful thing about it Her arm was completely down..She did that herself because it hurt her, so she held it up to take the pain away. and it grew like that. She never came back, she knew thats all I wanted to hear. thank you for answeing my post. It was nice to share that with you. Jill

1 year ago

Mary, that's beautiful! From all I've read and heard, our loved ones are with us, especially when we're scared and going through difficult times. Also with us when there are happy events - births, graduations, religious celebrations, etc. People are sad because a loved one couldn't be there to see grandchildren born, but I've read over and over from the experiences of others, mediums (real ones with "the gift"), etc., that they knew the children's souls before they were born on earth. Think of it... your Mom knew Tom and Ollie BEFORE getting here! There's even reference to this in the Bible... "I knew you before you were born..." I believe Sophie visits you, too. Probably goes on walks with you and the dogs, and they know it.

Jill, everything you say there is what others also say their experiences were like! There is no illness or disability, and apparently souls all return to what they looked like when they were in their early 30s - at least we would recognize them like that. I think she has come back many times and is around you often. I'm so happy you had that experience with her! She really wanted you to know she loved (and loves) you and for you to see her healthy and happy. I'm sure that experience changed your life by giving you that sense of peace (that she wanted you to have).

Watch for the signs our angels or our loved ones give us. They usually are 'easy' signs, but we have to be aware and alert for them. It must be very frustrating for them to send us a dragonfly, butterfly, feather, etc. and know that we didn't really see it.  I get sent dragonflies, ladybugs, and hummingbirds! A number of years ago I was sitting at my keyboard typing when a gorgeous big dragonfly came through my open window in the summer, hovered above my hands for seconds, then flew right back out the window. I just knew my Dad had sent it. Sure made me smile. I will find ladybugs in the oddest places, like sitting smack in the middle of my dresser! I love it!



1 year ago

It is said that our Guardian Angel - or angels - work through people and animals to save our life or influence us in some way. Often the person or animal seems to just disappear into thin air after bringing help. There are so many stories where this has happened. What the 'saved' person may have seen was an angel in disguise.

In this true story, notice how the dog keeps looking back at the officer in the car, and the officer went with his "gut feeling" to follow the dog. Often the problem is that we don't follow our "gut feeling" or intuition. Where does that come from? Was, perhaps, a Guardian Angel helping this dog? Lovely to think of the possibilities.

1 year ago

Little dog that was thrown away in a dumpster... becomes a little girl's Guardian Angel! The family believe this, and it seems a number of people who left comments also believe this. I believe it, too.

Most people believe that their beloved pets have souls. How can we look into their eyes and say there isn't a soul looking back at us?

1 year ago

that little fella surely had an angel  watching him and the little girl too we need our angels and our friends ,i can really see into the souls of dogs through their eyes they are such giving warm creatures

1 year ago

I always saw the souls in my dogs too, Mary. There is so much communication taking place when just sitting together, without having to use words. And I bet you see a soul looking back at you when you look into the big beautiful eyes of a horse. Primates really communicate their souls to us through their eyes. There is a lot more going on behind the eyes and in the hearts of animals than many people give them credit for. Some times they become earth angels just as people do to one another.

Have you ever been in a certain place at a certain time when you are unexpectedly called upon to help someone in a medical difficulty, or help an animal in some way? If so, then you've been an earth angel to them. Perhaps it is just words of comfort exchanged; nevertheless, you've been an earth angel when they needed someone. And we have earth angels help when it happens to be us with the emergency. We truly are each other's earth angels. Beautiful thing, that is! 

Jill, that's such a beautiful, peaceful picture. I think artists are truly inspired to do certain drawings/paintings, particularly when those pictures affect and inspire others.



1 year ago

This is nothing short of a real MIRACLE story.

When I saw it on the news, two of the paramedics who were first responders were walking towards the back of the car when they heard, "Help me, help me!" One of the paramedics said it "...was surreal."

WHO said those words? Was it the mother's spirit? Was it the baby's guardian angel? Certainly it could not have been the infant baby!

I hope to find a video of an interview with those first responders.


my angel she is always with me
1 year ago

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1 year ago

I believe that, Jill. I feel mine around me, too.

Watch this little boy in India (as over 28 million people have) withstand raging waters that surely would be impossible for even an adult not to fall. It's as if "someone" is holding on to him. Watch the men on the shore, who do not want to enter the water for fear of being swept away. But finally a few men do enter the water. It seems at that point a Higher Power lets the boy go (or floats down the river with the child) so he can be rescued. What do you think?


JUST POSTED YESTERDAY (March 9th) - interview with five rescuers of the baby girl (18 month old Lily) in the story I previously posted. They ALL heard "Help me!"

"Dewitt was one of the first officers to arrive. The incident was originally reported as a possible abandoned vehicle in the river. But as he got closer, he said he could see the mother inside. Three more officers arrived almost simultaneously at the river....We were down on the car and a distinct voice says, 'Help me, help me,'" Dewitt recalled.

"It wasn't just something that was just in our heads. To me it was plain as day cause I remember hearing a voice," officer Tyler Beddoes said. "I think it was Dewitt who said, 'We're trying. We're trying our best to get in there.'

"How do you explain that? I don't know," he said, adding that the voice didn't sound like a child.

"It was a positive boost for every one of us because I think it pushed us to go harder a little longer. I don't think that any one of us had intended on flipping a car over that day," Beddoes said. "We know there was some other help there, getting us where we needed to be."


Watch this accident where a baby is thrown out onto the road... truck almost drives over her! Who guided that truck away from her? Was it "Murphy's Law" in reverse or was it a miracle? What do you think?



this is my favorite angel picture
1 year ago

1 year ago

GORGEOUS, Jill! A very peaceful picture. Thank you!

This picture is called "Angel Grace".


It's interesting that the three main religions - Jewish, Christian, and Islam all believe in angels, and drawings and references go back many many centuries. It's also interesting that Jerusalem is a holy place to all three. We have many commonalities, and I wish that would/could be respected before our differences are argued.

Doreen Virtue is on Facebook. Lots about angels there.


1 year ago

It is said that we are each other's earth angels. When we stop to do something for a stranger, family member, or a friend that we are not called upon to do, that is spontaneous or suddenly necessary, or because we have a sixth sense to say or do it - like a phone call when we hadn't planned to call, we are being an EARTH ANGEL to that person. We have all done it at some time for someone, and most likely we have had someone be an EARTH ANGEL to us.  

Can animals, too, be regarded as Earth Guardian Angels?  I think so. They help find people buried under rubble, they become RESCUE and ASSISTANT animals, they stay close by "their soldier" at war, and so much more. 

1 year ago

I believe in angels!  I believe birds are little angels

1 year ago

Awwww..., Barb.   And do you know that YOU are an Earth angel for birds? You have an extra-special feeling for them all. We all have our own special reason/purpose on Earth and that's one of yours.

Jill, gorgeous picture! Very powerful meanings in that picture.

MIRACLES HAPPEN! Here's one of them.


the image of Our Guardian Angel helped me thru childhood
1 year ago

the innocence of childhood allows us

to accept what the cynicisms of adulthood

often finds unbelievable


- thanks for a meaningful thread -

Our Better Angels Are Quite Pleased~

so beautiful very powerful
1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

These are really beautiful pictures, Jill. Thank you so  much!

Dot, what you wrote is so true. I have always believed the same thing.

Something special happened to me last night. I came across a woman who posts quotes and pictures dedicated to her beautiful daughter who was killed in a very bad car accident in 2001. She was only a sixth grade little girl. She searches for meaning, and of course, she grieves terribly. I couldn't help but leave her a private message, enclosing a hug.

She emailed me back tonight and it feels as though I've known her for a long time. I've started looking through her loving posts and I found this BEAUTIFUL song. She says that it gives her a lot of peace to listen to it. I have played it about 15 times so far tonight! It has the same effect on me - very comforting.

So I'm posting it here. For everyone who has lost someone very special, this is for you! I think probably this applies to all of us, whether it's a beloved person or beloved animal, or both or many. I hope this song gives you some peaceful thoughts, too.


1 year ago

Same song and young singer (who I think is just fabulous!). Certainly a lot of people love this song. Different pictures and the lyrics are a bit clearer, so you can sing along.

1 year ago

Oh boy, I just found another video of the same singer and song, but look at the comments people have left. It goes to show how many of us are silently suffering from a loss and need a place to go for comfort. Beautifully done.

messengers reach beyond human understanding
1 year ago

The most important element in our human understanding of things, reality and spirituality, is the free will to engage in loving connections and communication.  For as REAL people we are naturally designed to escape the dead heart of reductionism and the dead hand of deconstruction.

- be mindful -

your spirit is cognitive and possesses senses of feelings



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1 year ago

Thank you Dot, Cheryl, Jill and anyone I missed

1 year ago

Thank you.

1 year ago

Beautiful Mary and Dot, and happy to see you here too, Dear Barb and Brenda.


When I look back in time, it's hard to believe I wasn't hurt or murdered, etc. doing some of the things I did. Traveling to Australia we took chances but didn't really know we could be in big trouble doing things we did - hitchhiking (everybody did it then), driving a car with faulty brakes (our angels REALLY WERE WITH U, walking in dangerous areas (we didn't think of them as dangerous, and besides, we were not thinking of people or things that could hurt us. We were very trusting, naive, hopeful, and on many occasions... rather stupid! YES... OUR ANGELS WERE WITH US! 

so beautiful
1 year ago

1 year ago

Thanks Cheryl, glad your angels were with you in Australia.

1 year ago

Beautiful pictures, Jill.

They sure were, Brenda.

Angels work in many forms and help other beings to do wonderful things - like save human lives! There are numerous stories about rescue animals saving the lives of those who adopted them.

Hero Dog Saves 2 Swimmers From Drowning In 'Jaw-Dropping' Rescue


1 year ago

Wonderful story of the dog Nico. Thanks Cheryl.

1 year ago

This is an interesting thread, thanks for all the posts.  I hope my beliefs will not be slammed here.  There has been enough of that from the Bible thumper living below me, Marie, who just loves to tell me I'm going to burn in Hell for all eternity because I don't believe in God.  When I told her that is the nastiest, most spiteful thing anyone could say to me, especially as for the last 2 years I've been battling the worst bout of never ending suicidal depression I've ever had, she refuses to stop telling me that on almost a daily basis.  It got so bad that I have now taken to simply hanging up on her whenever she stars saying once again how sorry for me she feels because I'm going...........     Hang up.....  Simple but effective.  Every phone conversation now seems to turn into being only about how stupid I am for my beliefs and that only the Bible is true, researchers, scientists, archaeologists, other religions are all wrong and this planet is only 2,000 years old.  Plus the Devil is speaking through me when I tell people of things that are about to happen etc.  Strangely if I believed in God then my predictions would be OK.  Seriously, nothing I have ever told anyone has ever harmed them or caused harm to others.  I pass on warnings and heads-up about what is coming.  Many lives have been saved and people spared accidents and misfortunes because they listened and accepted what they were told.

I do not believe in heaven or God as depicted in the big 3 religions.  But do believe in reincarnation, life after the death of the body and a greater intelligence in the universe, and that animals are just as intelligent as us, we just need to learn their languages to understand them properly.  Also that we humans have abilities far beyond the 5 senses 'the establishment currently recognizes' that most of us have lost over time as we transitioned from living in harmony with nature to how we live today.

On my mothers side of the family every female has extra senses that we use on a daily basis.  Mine started when I was 8.  My grandmother always saw every family member and friend whose body had died rise up from the floor and continue up through the ceiling at the exact moment they died.  When her body died I was sitting at the kitchen table in the children's home I was working in laughing with the children and other workers there.  Suddenly I burst into tears and was covered in goosebumps and felt a deep icy chill run through me.  Everyone around the table was concerned and asked what was wrong, thinking I was ill as it had happened so suddenly and my body felt icy cold to them.  I said, "my grandmother just died".  It was 2 days later when we got the news from New Zealand that Nana had died at exactly that time when we took the time difference into account.

My fathers sister out of the blue telephoned and wanted me to go and visit her, we'd had no contact for many years.  She had pretty much kept herself and her family away from my family so this call was a surprise.  So I went to visit her on my day off from working at the children's home.  When I arrived at her house she first asked me if I wanted tea or coffee, then told me to find somewhere to sit down.  I asked for coffee and went to what appeared to me to be a comfy welcoming chair.  She had a funny look on her face when she came with my coffee but we chatted as though we hadn't been apart for so many years, a very lovely and friendly conversation.  She explained that she had met someone and wanted to get married again (her husband had died just over a year ago) so her children would have a father again and she a life partner.

At that point things changed, I felt very strange and said "I want to be buried and I want to be buried now".  That strange look had appeared on her face again and she explained that I had sat in her husbands favourite chair, sitting just as he used to do, taken on his mannerisms, his way of talking, his accent and she thought she had been talking to him all along. And she had invited me to visit because she had heard of my abilities.  It seemed the right time to go to the cemetary and visit her husbands grave.  He had been cremated and she had not visited since that service as she found it too painful, they had been deeply in love.  To her surprise his ashes had never been buried, the notice telling her it was time to bury them had never arrived so she had thought it happened automatically.  While the ashes were being buried I felt I had to stand away from the little service the worker and my aunt were going through.

After the ashes were buried in the rose garden I felt normal again and we went to pick her older child up from school.  For the rest of the visit we chatted and I assured her that the new marriage was what her husband wanted for her, he did not want her to be alone and grieving forever.  She told me that whenever the children were unhappy or crying at night they suddenly stopped and she heard laughing or giggling instead.  When she asked them what had happened they told her that Daddy had come to cheer them up and tell them everything would be OK.

With these experiences along with many others nothing could ever convince me that there is no life after this physical life we are currently living.  Will come back to this thread and make more posts as time allows.  Just thought I should add that I'm not knocking religion, whatever people believe is fine with me as long as no one is hurt because of those beliefs.  Finally got to the end of the Da Vinci Code and plan to spend time after the TV season ends in May sorting fact from fiction in that book.  It's been quite a read.

1 year ago

There is a single truth we each need to know.

You are loved.

-any other sounds are noise of distraction-

Love whispers in silence.

1 year ago

Beautiful comments and pictures, ladies. Love them!

Sue, I am so glad I checked in here tonight. After reading your post, I went looking for one of my pictures that basically says that it is best (or your choice) to walk away from those people who are toxic in your life. I will post it when I find it (so many to look through). This is what I had to do with my brother decades ago, and after deciding to visit him last year, I was surprised to feel just how toxic he still was to me. I have not gone back and I know I never will again. There is NO reason to have people in our life who bring us down, criticize, make us feel little, show no respect... and don't allow you your own beliefs! That "friend" truly believes in what is HER truth, but she shows no respect for what is YOUR truth. At the same time, she does not see what you are going through, nor is she really aware of the damage she is doing by pounding away at you. Spending time just listening to you would be far more kind and productive. This is what we call an "unconscious person" - and it's sad, actually.

It's extremely interesting to hear of your own experiences, and I believe you may have the gift of mediumship. I know this frightens some people, but it is what it is, and there are wonderful mediums who really help people - like Jon Edward, James Van Praagh, and the Rhode Island Medium (Teresa Caputo) who I enjoy watching. Some people think it's evil and nonsense, but when you see the comfort they bring to grieving people, I think it's LOVE and they are using the gift they were given. I've had two friends who were quite psychic, both having had "strange" experiences since they were little. I think more harm comes from suppressing what is in them to share and use for the good of others as well as themselves. 

I am one of the "11:11" people. I know that is going to sound nuts to many but one has to be open to learning/seeking what those like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rumi, Buddha and so many others are/were trying to teach us. This does not take away from what our religion may be as we are talking about being spiritual, not religious (two different things). I think you are a very spiritual person and one of the requisites for that is believing in a higher power. The depression you and I - and a number of our sister/friends in this group - suffer from - periodically or a lot more often - needs to be fought off by doing anything that literally will lift our spirit. Hey, that saying didn't come from out of the blue! People who aren't prone to depression have no idea what that BLACK HOLE feels like, and how hard it can be to climb out of it.

You work at it all the time - I've noticed. You watch funny videos and enjoy and really FEEL what those elephants are feeling when rescued. We all are happy when that happens, but some people like yourself FEEL it more deeply, almost as if it were themselves who are rescued after the conditions they've been roped to for so long. And the delight you express and feel when a bird appears within your sight is delightful to hear!! You have much to contribute to this world, Sue. You can use your gift in just thinking peace and sending it out to the animals and this hurting world.

Okay, so I may sound like a nut to some people, but we all are on a journey and there are many paths to reach the top of the mountain where we will run into one another - and maybe have tea together!

Keep on fighting off what hurts so much, and I know how hard it can be. By the way, the "11:11" people are those who see that everywhere, many times a day as I do. Or it could be "111" or just "11" but it means that what I am thinking is manifesting in my life. It is like a portal that has opened and I attract what I think. It also means someone is guiding or watching over me, and that's a lovely feeling. This has come about from the amount of meditation time I take and the lovely teachers I have found along the way.

I hope I've said something that helps. You are loved more than you know or probably believe right now.



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Ah Cheryl, it's harder than you'd think to stop talking with Marie.  She is 83, was taken out of school at age 12 to help out around the farm and is usually a really good person.  But whatever she is being taught at her church is not helping her one bit.  Although I doubt it is only at the church where she gets her ideas.  While her husband was alive she was much nicer, but since he died she spends all her free time reading the bible and trying to educate me and everyone else about how God can solve all problems.  She has also told me that the church my family attended in the UK taught us the wrong way to pray!  It's laughable most of the time, but when I'm having a really bad day her words really hurt.  She has now decided that I suffer from depression because I don't pray to God, if I did she says he would heal the depression.  Seriously she is not rooted in reality I fear. 

However she is the only person I know in this city.  If I stop talking to her then there will be no one else to talk to apart from the CMHA worker who visits once a month.  When I'm housebound for weeks on end because of not feeling well enough to get out I need someone to talk to.  And we do do things for each other on almost a daily basis.  We often shop for a few things for each other when we get out.  I look after her apartment, mail and plants, when she is on vacation.  It's just her insistence about her religion that bugs me.  She also insists that she is not religious, she claims she is just a Christian.  So I told her to live by the 10 commandments and not harm anyone.  I only discovered how toxic she was to me when she was away for January and my depression lifted considerably, but returned the day after she came home and started trying to educate me again.

Anyway, on to happier topics.  Do you have a link for the 11:11 people?.  I've never heard of that before.  During my teenage years through to almost my 40's I spent a lot of time trying to develop my ESP as I used to call it.  While I worked at Henry Birks Data Centre in Montreal I did a lot of psychometry readings for my co-workers by holding a watch or piece of jewellery they had been wearing at lunchtimes.  These usually were happy readings, but one always sticks in my mind.  Susan, who was a very private person sat while I tried to learn something to tell her but all I could see was palm trees.  That made no sense at all.  So I told her all I could see were palm trees, maybe she would go to the bar we had been to before that had palm tree wallpaper.  I'd never been stumped before trying to do a reading so kept on apologising for only seeing the palm trees.  A couple of minutes after I gave her back the watch her sister who worked in another department ran into our office, really excited, she had just won an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Hawaii for a week and wanted Susan to be her + 1.  To this day that's my favourite reading.  Strangely no one has ever been able to read me either.  So gave up trying long ago to see what the future could hold.  Every time I try looking for myself I see nothing but blackness.  Instead get little messages about what will happen on almost a daily basis so just accept them and act on them.

Wish I could still meditate, but this building has too many noisy tenants and loud noises come out of the blue all the time and are not conducive to meditation.  I really do miss it, it helped a lot with the ESP and I always felt happier and calmer in those days.  You're so right about the elephants.  I feel chained in my own life all the time because of the multiple allergies, panic attacks, PTSD and depression as well as the financial troubles.  So it really does feel like a kindred spirit has escaped torture every time an elephant is rescued.  Nothing is worse than feeling like a lonely prisoner in isolation all the time.

Here is a lovely picture of an angel that I tried to make my desktop wallpaper, but it never would work, in the end had to go with another picture.  It was from an LP cover, don't remember the name of the band though.

Friday April 18
1 year ago

Sue, you and I would have been such great friends in our teens and 20s! I also studied ESP and psychometry along with NDEs (near death experiences), Edgar Cayce books and so on and on. It was a time of searching and discovery, and, as they say, taking in what seemed good and letting go of whatever felt no-so-good. That is so funny you did that with your co-workers because I did the same thing with my co-workers at lunchtime! I worked for a lawyer in a semi-small office and there were about six or seven secretaries. Each one of us was to find a picture of something - scenery, people, animals, fixtures, - anything - and we all traded with another person who did not see the picture beforehand. Some said they couldn't do it and I kept saying, "Yes, you will be able to do it." Each person held the picture facing downward between their hands so they couldn't see it. All they had to do was feel it all over, try to concentrate of it, and say whatever came to mind. I would ask each person what colours, forms, lines (straight or wiggly, for instance), people, or felt any sounds - and on like that. (I didn't ask IF they saw... etc. because it had to be recognized that they WOULD see or feel something). It was wonderful how even the most skeptical and resistant person to the experiment beamed when she correctly pinpointed things in the picture they held. This was the time when I had taken handwriting analysis for two years and I got such a kick out of it when they all would hide their writing when I walked by. I had also taken astrology classes for about two years and everyone wanted a chart done. I remember one astrology teacher saying that it was up to each of us to have a healthy skepticism, and most of us did. Nowadays the charts can be done so easily on a computer, but at the time I did them, each little symbol had to be hand-done!

Anyway, all these interests were and are just part of our personal journey this time around. My Christian beliefs became stronger through the years and still are. But it really does bother me in a sad way that there are so many people who call themselves Christians but do not follow the whole essence of what it was/is that Jesus taught. One doesn't have to believe something another person does is right to love and care for them anyway. I see this happening so often. And talk about false prophets - sheesh! They are everywhere! Knowing that Christians are being targeted and slaughtered by any number of terrorist groups really hurts, but it also hurts just as much that Jews are still being targeted and hundreds of thousands - maybe millions by now - of innocent people regardless of their beliefs and non beliefs.

So now it comes to Marie. She truly wants to save your soul, Sue! That's her belief and she must really love you a lot as she pummels away at you. lol Telling you what you were taught as a child was wrong really is hurtful, but she is so busy trying to save you that she just can't see things any other way. Have you ever told her that it is hurtful, that it makes you feel bad when she says certain things? I might want to tell her that you just want to be cared about as a friend who cares about her. When it comes down to it, all the great spiritual teachers have taught that LOVE is the most important thing. It's from that point that other things grow. Look how many years Nelson Mandela looked out the same window every day. His ability to meditate and to fly with the birds must have been quite real.

I will find a good link to the 11:11 people. But there are other numbers as well that some people see every day as I see the 11s. Once you start to notice what is happening, it is incredible how many places and times a day it appears. I thank my angels and whoever else may be guiding me every time. Gratitude is a huge part of making things happen.

I love your beautiful angel! Look how many angel pictures have doves in them! But perhaps it's any bird because they have such significance, or maybe animals as well. I've studied quite a few religions which I think people should do so they have an understanding of what their other brothers and sisters in the human family believe in. I love Native spirituality and find it is often so much more in touch with what so many of us search for and spend years trying to study because we know something is missing.

Wow, I have gone on! You did a great job of doing the palm trees reading and when I'm watching a REAL medium at work, like John Edward (who is Catholic, by the way), this often happens. Spirit steps forward and says things that the medium doesn't understand but the person who recognizes and receives the message 'gets it'.  Oh... and with the noise factor and meditation, once I was taught that any noises are to be accepted and surrendered to when meditating, that just simply accepting them as part of the surroundings of your meditation, I could do it so much better. Very seldom do we get complete peace and quiet anywhere. Once I could do that, it's surprising how you start not noticing those noises, and especially being disturbed by them.

I'm going to post this (hope it doesn't disappear on me) and I have a video for you that I'll post right after this.  

1 year ago


We all have them, or at least we have the ability, but somewhere along the way we stop exercising that sixth sense and it lays dormant or we ignore it. The good news is that we CAN exercise and strengthen it and get it working for us again.

Sue, here's what you were talking about and how your sixth sense and premonitions work for you! I wish it wasn't looked upon by some people as something evil! Truly, I've heard that said.


1 year ago

Jill, what beautiful clouds! As a kid did you lay on the ground and make things out of the clouds? It's quite a wonderful thing for kids to do because it sharpens their perception. There are such wonderful things in those clouds!  


1 year ago

Thank you dear ladies?

1 year ago

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here Cheryl, there are not enough hours in the day for everything.  Back in the 70's I got hold of some of those ESP test cards, the ones with the symbols on them.  I am incredibly bad at it though, getting far less than other people get right!  It's really strange how science cannot seem to explain how these extra senses work.  They do seem to be unquantifiable.  Most of my messages come quietly without me working at it.  A few decades ago when I lived in Montreal I had to phone a friend in the UK to tell her not to get on her usual train the next morning to go to work.  Luckily she listened as she knew I was usually right, her usual train had brake failure and rammed into the very end of the tracks at the station in London.  Many people were hurt, none died luckily.  Those messages come quietly and can be easily missed.

The last few months I have been having the terrible feeling of a massive volcanic eruption that will kill thousands, keep thinking it is Etna, but what I see is a much more heavily populated area than that around Etna.  What I see is houses around the lowest elevations of the volcano.  It is possible that this one is currently thought of as inactive so safe to live on it's sides.  I hate that it seems my mission to be a doomsayer, because it's rarely possible to tell people in time to stop disasters.

The morning of the Challenger disaster I was home feeling quite ill and talking to a friend on the phone.  We were both watching the pre launch on the TV, then this thought kept running around in my head.  Go up and blow up and go up and blow up and......  It was going on over and over.  Had to turn off the TV.  My friend suddenly went quiet then calmly asked me what had I seen when I heard that message.  In my head/mind there was a rocket with a smoking trail behind it going to the shuttle.  Not exactly what had happened, but close.  The day before Chernobyl happened I went around the office telling everyone that I couldn't understand exactly why my almost planned trip to the UK had to be postponed, because something dangerous would be falling from the sky.  But had no idea what it was.  That was a strange one, usually there is more info.  That time I was terrified not knowing what was going to happen.

Before that there were many others, some saved lives, most were just heads up for me about what was going to happen that nothing could be done about them.  The first one came when I was 8 so they are nothing new now.

Meditation is so much better when it's quiet.  It is possible to meditate with continuing noise, that's not a problem.  It's the sudden extremely loud noises that happen here that are not conducive.  They make me jump when I'm sitting watching TV or working on the computer so would not like to be that jarred when deep in meditation.  Do you get to the place where you no longer feel your body or your breath?  Love that place, used to get there so quickly when meditating with the Buddhist monks.

Yes, I did tell Marie how hurtful her words were, including that I got so depressed earlier this year I had decided on my exit strategy and to end my miserable existence because of them.  She replied that was the work of the Devil, not my thoughts at all and I should ask Jesus to save me!  See what I'm up against?  That narrow way of thinking is so dangerous to people with different beliefs but no matter how many ways I try she will not change her mind at all.

Astrology was never a big thing for me, kudos to you for studying it, there is a lot to remember to be good at it.  Numerology works well I find, Tarot is better though, but the I-Ching is my favourite.  These days it's just the little messages that come, there's no need for psychometry any more as I rarely go out or meet new people.  Doing readings usually makes me tired and as there is little energy to start with these days they have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

My aunt was like that too. She would say something in her normal conversation that you just knew you had to take note of.  She was always right, even when what she said seemed so outrageous.  Yet she never once admitted that she had extra senses, she just said it was obvious to her that some things would happen.  Luckily we come from an open minded family and all tried to learn as much as we could about everything.

It's too bad we didn't grow up near each other, our learning circles would have melded into a really big one and we could all have learnt a lot from each other.  That's the one thing I miss living here, there doesn't seem to be any "psychic" groups to join at all.  There is a Magic Shop though and one day when there is enough energy I'll pay them a visit to see what is happening that is not advertised.  Did meet a witch once, but she was a member of a closed coven.

July 19/15
10 months ago

Gosh, ladies, sorry I haven't gotten back here sooner. This thread is great and I'm glad it didn't go into archives!

Sue, I think I've learned more about you on this thread than in the last years in the group. You are a fascinating woman with many things going on!

I thoroughly believe your experiences, and I've read of those who've had similar experiences and lived with such gifts - with and without - understanding them. Hopefully though, there is someone else in one's life, or who comes along, and becomes a teacher as to how the gift works, etc. I would think it could be quite frightening at times if a person doesn't understand it.

One of the mediums I very much trust is JOHN EDWARD who is a family man and a Catholic. He taps into his faith to help him with his gift but never preaches. Believe it or not, I have a tendency to be skeptical, such as we were taught to be in astrology classes. Then there's those "wow moments" when you find out something is true. It's healthy to be skeptical. When it comes to religion, spirituality, crystal balls, and such... there have been so many liars and charlatans. It drives me nuts when I watch some "faith healers" and so-called Christians who preach hate and talk about sin, sin, sin. My God is one of love, love, love.    

JOHN EDWARD did not understand nor believe in his gift when younger. Things aren't clear at first - like, you're not going to be told by a sudden revelation that you've been given a "gift" and this is how it works. Things may be jumbled, and hearing voices and seeing "things" in your mind could be very frightening. We all have a "gift" that we are supposed to follow; it's called INTUITION. We all can sharpen our spirituality by doing such things as meditation, yoga, prayer... and such. 

Here's one of John's readings that is quite humorous in many parts. Some of you might enjoy it. The first reading on the video is very interesting in that he explains you don't have to be "on the other side" to be out of your 'living'body'. This is something I've believed since my mom was in a nursing home and I saw many people who just weren't 'in there'. 



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