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WARNING - It is imperative that you change ALL your passwords
4 years ago

First thing this morning, even before the first cup of coffee, we are warned about the Heartbleed bug that has just been discovered after 2 years!  We are told to change every password we use online.  What a pain this is, since it has been a problem for 2 years I'm not changing everything today, but will by the end of the week.  Revenue Canada shut down their website while they fixed the problem, haven't found any other sites off-line though.  Here is an article that fully explains the problem.

Is there ever a day when we can feel fully safe online?

4 years ago

More for the security locks, the hackers have found how to use a sort of "skeleton key", funny I passed the link to Eric, he assured me they were ready and well prepared here on care2, (at least the "tech guys " were . 

This bug has been known since 2011, no evidence hackers have used it, and if they have well 5 years old. Now though all the sites that have a lock , are armed to protect them. 

Here is where I read about it , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxx

'Heartbleed' Bug: OpenSSL Flaw Rips Open The Encrypted Internet via @HuffPostUKTech

Apr. 9
4 years ago

Thanks Sue and Wendy. It's difficult to believe there are people with such malicious intent working day and night to cause such terrible problems for thousands and millions of other people. But there are and we must be ever vigilant. This one is really crazy-making in that it's been around for so long!

I hate changing passwords. It takes me long enough to remember all the ones I do have.

Thanks again for this news.

4 years ago

My nephew works on computers and he said it's something that needs to be changed on the vendors level, changing my passwords wouldn't work. 

Apr. 7/14
4 years ago
1 day ago

Well I have spent the latter part of the morning, cleaning up this laptop, nasty viruses got to it, but thanks to the F&S group I found tools to sweep them out. So worth knowing, here are the links for you all to read at your leisure, they might help too if ever you get a problem , -.Sue of course will already know these, probably already warned of the flipping malware, teach me to keep my "blockers updated" !!  anyway here is what helped me sweep the blighters out>

1)   >>

and this advice from care2 admin >>

2) >

Here are tips on removing Malware:

They are good to click on, if ever you get problems, I just cleaned my toolbar, because that annoying ""  got on to it, that is the problem, it takes you off to other sites, which then can keep posting pop up ad's grrrrr. 

Hopefully my laptop is ok now, and that darn is gone!. 

(Copying the above from another thread so we will have it on this special thread. I have marked the setting of this thread to "never archive" so we can add to it whenever something similar comes up.)

Thanks Wendy.

4 years ago

Wendy, glad you have a nice clean computer again.  Malware is so annoying and so darn prevalent too.  There was an article not too long ago that warned us about malware we can catch just by watching ads.  Hackers corrupt the ads with malware unbenown to the insecure websites they appear on.  So many sites now bundle annoying extras with the free software downloads or updates.  Adobe tried to get me with two yesterday when I updated Flash Player.  We have to take it really slowly these days and make sure to uncheck anything other than what we actually want.

remains the best place to download updates and free software as they do not bundle any extras.

Seems a day makes a whole lot of difference in what we are told to do.  Here is an article that explains better than the one I posted yesterday.  This 'bug' only affects sites that are HTTPS sites, the so called secure ones with the padlock icon in the URL address bar, that have not implemented all the updates that were posted as available on Monday 7th April.  It is an easy to understand article.

From the article I'm posting this link that will check the sites you use to see if they have implemented the required changes to make them safe.  Once they are safe, then is the time you should change your password.  Why am I not surprised to see that my Hotmail email account at is now not secure as Microsoft has not yet implemented the changes.  To use this handy tool, on the right hand side close to the top of the page, is a box to type in the domain name i.e., then click on submit and you will be given the grade that domain attains.  Outlook failed and got F, got A and passed which was a huge surprise.

Yesterday I had trouble with Adobe flash player crashing a bunch of times.  Checked if my add-ons were all updated and there was a new update available. Once I installed it and restarted the browser had no further problems.  Gee, we have to check all our add-ons in the browsers every week for updates it seems.

Never forget your passwords again, copy my handy trick.  I have a name and address book from the dollar store and only use it for my passwords and log-in names.  Keep it near to your computer and write the new password down in the book before you enter it onscreen.  Remember to use both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and some of the ! $ & keys too.  More than 9 digits is better 17 is recommended, the more you use the longer it will take to try to hack.  Firefox remembers all my passwords for me too.  Some people recommend a password manager, but I do not use one.  In case of a catastrophic hard drive failure plus a backup failure where everything is lost, that name and address book is a real lifesaver.

4 years ago

Thanks Sue - read that on NakedSeurity this AM - love that site!  Thanks to you...

I also have a book I bought on Etsy that like you have - alphabetical and I write all my sites and passwords since I have tons of sites and don't use the same password

4 years ago

I know I went to update, Adobe, whoooosh gone, malware detected.
I am about to update my wrap around security, I am waiting for the link, from my son, can't remember what it is called, but it is the security the police use, and one of the top book makers, my son was laughing his head off, saying, "don't say who gave you the tip- get it , do you get it mom ?"   kids !!!

He told me off for getting viruses, he is going to come and super clean the browser.

He then went into great detail about the heartbleed, and how the hackers would take a penny from acccounts, =making millions, thats how they work says he. Thats if they ever hacked the "sse" /"ssl" , like I even know what a "sse" or whatever is 

Let you know how I get on, when I read about the new security, bet this lap top will stop working when all the bugs have gone, "too clean" he he he kidding!

I just can't get worked up about them, good luck taking anything from my account, it's empty, the hackers might feel sorry for me, and pay a couple of bills, ? what do you reckion?. 

love hugs , don't let the bugs bite  sorry couldn't resist x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Seems the Canadian Federal Government is erring on the side of caution shutting down more of their websites until they have fixed the problem.  The only financial thing I do online is to send my taxes by efile and can't do that until the site is back up and running.  I download the free software from the site too so cannot even work on it while I'm waiting.

Wendy don't feel bad for getting viruses and malware, it happens to everybody at some point.  Lucky you having someone who can come in and get your computer cleaned up.  When I have more time I'll post a few links to add-ons for Firefox and other little programs we can use that will help us to stay safe online.  I've been hit with malware a few times and have a number of emails with links for things sent to me from my helpers at Bleeping Computer.  Just wish I had the time to get to everything.  Still trying to catch up after being so sick the last couple of years.  Maybe it is time to take a few days to get all the security things done first?  As you can tell I'm not the best at prioritizing.

Val, sounds like you're all set in case of any unfortunate happenings.  The first thing I learned about computers was backup, backup, backup, onto removable media.  Back in those days hard drives got full so quickly that we had to store our work on floppies, the 5 1/2" ones.  I still have a few knocking around but sadly no drive to use them on.

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