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3 years ago

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3 years ago

Well I am not eating the dark Chocolate only once in a while,I prefer milk chocolate and a couple of squares would not satisfy me I eat bars!!!!

Would be hard to wean myself off it that's for sure.

I think we need a new thread ,this one is so long and with the newest posts now at top it takes ages to get to bottom (my home and end buttons playing up)

Also cannot remember everything others have said so have to go back and forth to see before I can answer anything
I went too see my brother today.,it was so  hot and my feet were killing me.
I was glad to get home to get my sandals off and take a shower.
I took that video of his dog with my other brother and showed it to him.
I think he was pleased to see that.

3 years ago

Lily - so sorry about the sweeling - hubby here has lots of swelling and they had to take him off the water pill due to kidney issues - but it is his diabetes - pray something works for you - and the dry skin -

Lynn - will wait until you know

Cheryl - usually I have to mow every 2 weeks but due to the humidity had to do it in 10 days - really need to look into someone else doing it - but usually don't have the money - would love to see your clouds.

Mary - enjoy your vactaion - sounds lovely.

We'll spending too much time on C2 these days - as for my hands - they both have arthritis but yesteray somehting else flared up that was new and yes better - but my left wrist does have teninitis pretty badly.   Too hot for a brace unless walking the dog or something like that - could be worse - hope all are doing well. photo 81ed8370-394a-4561-bd48-91c3ba9be1a7_zps278e6358.jpg

3 years ago

hello everyone i hope the doctor has good news Lynn and Lily i love that dark chocolate i did'nt know it was good for memory Val hope your hand is feeling better Cheryl and Wendy hello i am off to kerry for a few weeks so i wont be around no computer only the great outdoors i hope its not raining all the time i will miss your cheery posts see ye all soon love and hugs

Wed. July 23
3 years ago

xx Oh.. it says I am 14 mins. behind you, Barb! We were almost here at the same time! Good to see you. You're right about that chocolate!

And it's good to see everyone else too, of course!

I am behind in everything, as usual, so I'll try my best to catch up.

First, Lynn -- I bet you are very conscious of any 'spots' and unusual things as you've had so many taken care of before. Whatever it is I'm sure you have caught it in plenty of time to be taken care of successfully! Wow, are your tags ever beautiful! It's wonderful to see your art posted here. 

Val -- I sure hope your hands will be better very soon. It seems so many of us are in some kind of pain in various parts of our body! Glad to hear that your hubby pets your pets because it's healing in different ways. It makes us smile (and takes him away from the bad news for a bit!). They are our angels. You sure have to mow a lot.... seems you are out there mowing every day! That's such a beautiful sky pic. I've been taking some sky shots myself lately as I am intrigued by some of the cloud formations. I will shrink one down and post it soon.

Lily -- I am so sorry to hear you are having pain problems too! It's a bummer that your own doctor wasn't available. It's never quite the same when we get one of the partner doctors who whisk in then out again and off to the next patient. When one is away the other doctors have to take their patients and can't spend enough time with each one. Can be very unsatisfactory appointments.  I love your Twinkie and Dixie pics -- lovely little ones. We never forget each little angel we've had. I miss all my past angels so much, even though they were with me decades ago. And yes... CHOCOLATE .... ... Barb is right though, it's that dark choco on the bitter side that's good for us, and only about one ounce a day. I was doing the same.... a square a day.... for a while. Now we're talking about it, I think I need to go back to that!

Wendy -- you need answering in some way re June. Thank you for not ignoring your feelings, and you are right about airing things when one feels they need to be aired. I can't say too much because I don't want to get into areas that are upsetting and painful to some other members of this group. I certainly would not have wanted a number of other sisters  to leave this group because of their experiences with June. It is unfortunate it had to happen -- we've never had to do this before. We are a close group who really care about one another, and that caring with the honesty we've all entrusted each other with is a big focus here. I have wished her well and I'm sure she will find other groups in which to participate. I hope you can understand in some way. I don't feel free to say anything else without breaking the trust of others. YOU are really loved here and we WANT you to stay -- please, please, please!! I hope that neighbour has stopped burning stuff. We are lucky if we get neighbours who are considerate. I am now throwing dog biscuits out my window to the two dogs next door who are left to cry for hours on end. The people are a bit better about it since I told her how I felt, but it's slowly getting back to the same thing it was before. I just have to be careful I don't throw the biscuits in a way that cause them to fight. It's actually quite funny the way I do it, and I think they think the big dog spirit in the sky throws them down!

3 years ago

That is true Lily about chocolate, but only Dark Chocolate that is 73% Cocao.  The sweet yummy chocolate won't do the trick.  Dark Chocolate is bitter.  I eat it everyday.  It is good for your memory, too.  I just have 2 or 3 squares a day.  So one chocolate bar lasts me almost a week!  I buy mine at Trader Joes. 

3 years ago
3 years ago

I just read that chocolate can reduce belly fat and help the heart stay healthy!!!!

If that's so it is good news as I love chocolate and eat a lot of it !!!!

3 years ago

The tablets have to be taken in the mornings Lynn.

If I remember right they  didn't do anything for me before when I had them.
They are usually ok when I get out of bed but then they start swelling again after.

I used the cream once but going to when I go to bed.
not that its likely to make much difference it is for dryness really as I told her I had been getting some flakes of skin on the bedclothes
My brother had that quite bad.No wasn't asked to go back but if I do will try and get my usual doctor,

She seems to be off and about..
It is a right nuisance these days you wait for weeks for an appointment.

I even had one cancelled not long ago!! or finally getting there to find I had  to see another doctor once because she was off somewhere again

3 years ago

Lily, can't you take the water pill after you're home for the day? Did you use the cream that the doctor gave you? Too bad you couldn't see your usual doctor. I think he/she would have known more about your case. Do you have to go back? Are your legs swollen when you first get out of bed after sleeping at night?  My ankles and calves swell during the day because I can't do too much walking, but in the morning they're normal, no swelling.

Val, I'll let you know about my "boo boo" as soon as I find out the results of the biopsy.   I sure hope your hands feel better very soon. It's hard to do anything when your hands hurt.

3 years ago
Hi friends,
             Well went to doctors ,not much to tell,would have preferred to see my usual doctor.
this one gave me water tablets for my swollen feet and ankles.And some cream for my legs.
I told her I cant wear the compression stockings because they don't make them wide enough at the tops and they cut into me.Tried 3 different sizes but it is the tops not the other part that is the problem.
I wont be able to take the water tablet in the morning as I might get taken short on the trains and nowhere to go!!!
So at the moment nothing has changed, still sore.
I worry a bit when I have leg problems and I don't want DVT again.
Lynn hope you have found out about your problem on your lip and that it is nothing serious.
Yes my babies were beautiful ,wish I still had them.
Don't forget to look at my videos of my brothers dog Bobby,he was lovely.
3 years ago

Lynn - let us know what the dermatologisy says when you get the results - you must have gotten soaked!!!!  At least I hope no hail.

Lily - any news from the doctor?   Your babies were so adorable!  Thanks for sharing -

Just passing through - hands hurting a lot -

3 years ago
Hi friends can't stay on now because I am going to bed or will be late getting up for my doctor's apointment.
So will catch up tomorrow
3 years ago

Twinkie's coat was like silk Lynn,I can still almost feel it!
Dixie was sitting on my legs there a proper baby that one ,she used to purr and dribble and knead her paws into my chest!!
But Twinkie ended up so loyal I guess you read that time what I wrote about her when she went missing looking for me.
They were both beautiful though wish I still had them,they would be stars on my videos.
Unfortunately never had one when I had the cats
but I have many photos..

3 years ago

I turned the thread because it was getting too long.

Lily, I misunderstood and thought you were going to the doctor today. Good luck when you go and I hope the weather is good for you Wednesday and Thursday.

Your kitties were so beautiful. The eyes on
Dixie were gorgeous!

3 years ago

I don't see my doctor until Wednesday Lynn and also expect to go to see Les on Thursday.
Rain has kept off so far but may be changing later this week, just hope it saves it until I have been out.
Yes Val they are tropical fish,temperature down a bit today.
They don't seem to be affected  by it anyway.
Cheryl the little bird was dying when it was taken away ,I said that somewhere in a post.
nothing could be done for it.

At least it is out of it's misery now and didn't get further pain from a cat or fox.

3 years ago

Not sure if I posted these before but these were my babies Twinkie and Dixie


3 years ago

Hi everybody, I hope you're all well and happy today.

We had a deluge a monsoon, it was coming down so hard in sheets of rain. Unfortunately, I had to go out in it. Andi picked me up because I had an appointment with the dermatologist. I have a "thing" on the side of my lips that doesn't quite heal. The Dr. took a biopsy and I'll find out the results in about 10 days. I've had 8 skin cancers over the years, 2 on my face so I don't take any chances with lesions that don't heal.

We were going to go to lunch but Trent fell asleep in the car and it was raining so hard that we both felt like going to our respective homes.

Wendy, Cheryl and Val, thanks for understanding my "venting" about my grandsons. Sometimes we just need to clean out our inner closets to air out the hurt feelings that are in there.

Lily, I hope you got a decent report from your doctor. You've had enough health problems to last anyone a lifetime. Did you go to see your brother, Les? How is he doing? The weather is so unpredictable everywhere.

Wendy, I know what you mean about the smell of fires. We get fires in the Everglades, whether man made or nature made, it doesn't matter. The smoke travels for miles and miles and feels as if your nostrils are on fire. Certainly no good for children, the elderly and birds/animals.

That's it for now. Going to look at the rest of my mail and then watch some tv. Love you all. ♥

3 years ago

Lynn - all families have their issues almost - sad but true - and agree not a pity party!  Baby is part lab and german shepherd and the vet thinks border collie - unsure - she does great with the watch on or off!    And I agree about Cheryl's posts -

Lily _ I sure hope you didn't get the golf balls!  And let us know what the MD says - so did you have a good "lie down"???  And I do hope those are TROPICAL fish!  Love your Monday graphic! 

Cheryl -  dogs are a handful but so lovable!   Hubby wanted one but she ended up bonding with me since I am the one who takes care of her but hubby pets her a lot...  we love her and Bootsie kitty - let me know what you think about some of the new items please.  And old of course.

Wendy - I can't stand it when people burn things - we have had tht trouble as well in the past and still do on occasion - it is legal under certain circumstances sometimes but that is all rare since we are usually very dry here  - and hubby always have trouble breathing.   right now even though we are about 1000 miles for the fires in Washington state - we are right in the air current here and were are having the smoke here - thus the red sun the other morning - as far as June - we are friends - and since I have NO clue what yo are talking about - I will leave it at that

All have a fantastic week - need to mow - waiting for hubby to wake up - but still cool outside - yea!  And rare!

Just sharing this morning's skies - great way to take out the dog and do exercises.

 photo df6c4d6f-1147-48f0-bb6f-117a33f03c2d_zpsbe37c0c0.jpg

3 years ago

Good luck tomorrow Lynn, fingers crossed it is nothing serious, but I get why you would be anxious to get the "spot" looked at,

re- June the reason she is so upset is because , she doesn't know what she did here in chit chat, that caused her to be blocked,

I think if she knew what she had done she, then it would be understandable, it has nothing to do with me, and June has messaged me again, thanking me for "being there to listen" but has requested I don't get involved, as June does not want things to get awkward for me, she misses chatter box, but said it is obviously personal , between her and whoever blocked her.

June wont leave care2, and will carry on with her other groups.

So unless anything else happens will move on with her care2 life, wishes everyone all the best .

Again I only posted because June was upset, still is upset, but is resigned to being blocked, I would speak out for anyone here and will always help anyone, if I can, that is all I was doing, not judging or taking sides with anyone.

Hope everyone has a great Monday, it is hot here again, but there is a breeze, the cats are all sleeping in the shade, infront of the door which is open so a breeze is flowing throught he house, I have all the windows open, - and guess what,-

some fool decided to burn all their garden waste, so smoke is drifting in , I keep going outside and coughing loudly, shouting it's against the law to start fires in the day, someone should call the fire brigade, and give the fire starters the bill !!!. I mean how selfish can people be?!!

Mom's have their little ones in the gardens, older people will suffer because of the acrid smoke grrrrrrrr.

It's clouded over now, so I hope it rains on their fire !!!

Must get off and do a bit of house work, it's set to be sunny up to thursday, then rain showers, chat soon love hugs x wendy k x & kellly cats xxxxxxxxxxx

3 years ago

Since it's after 1:00 a.m. here, it's technically Monday do happy Monday everyone. I was busy most of the day making tags so I didn't get online until tonight. Lots of mail to look at and lots of groups to go to and post.

Wendy, it's so nice of you to try to intervene for June but I don't understand when you say that June is thinking of leaving Care2 because she's been blocked from this group. She's in so many other groups that she's actively posting in. I'm in a couple of them with her so why is she so upset over this one and saying she wants to quit Care2?

I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow to have him look at something on my face. It's a red spot right next to my mouth that doesn't seem to go away. I've had 8 skin cancers, two on my face, so I don't take any chances with things that don't go away.

Take care, everyone! See you soon....♥

3 years ago
mondayfrmmariao.gif picture by CajunAngelEyez
3 years ago

Well Sisters, and Les, this is hard for me to post,  so might as well come straight to the point , :-

June messaged me, she is very, very upset at being "blocked" from "Chatter Box". 

June is considering leaving care2, she has no idea what she did here in Chatter Box, to upset anyone.

I realise there has been some probs elsewhere, which I hinted at, to June,

-( I want to be completely honest with everyone), .

I would hate for June to leave care2, I sincerely hope that whatever , the probs are might be fixed, if we all chat about it ?.

I hope you all know me well enough , to know I am not trying to stir things up,?  we all support one another well here, I would hate for that to change,.

Cheryl , Lynn I hope you don't resent me for bringing this out in the open?

-but in my experience , things not brought to the open , = fester and become divisive.

I did tell June I would contact Chatter box, for her, as a few of us here are friends with June, , making it an awkward situation for us .

I am uncomfortable posting this, but I know in my heart it is the right thing to do, the air will be cleared and everyone will have the chance to have a say, .

In saying that Cheryl you ultimately have the final say, as you are the Host , I will of course abide by your decision, or leave the group, - which I have no intention of doing by the way, I love you all here,  love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


3 years ago

I'm running late tonight, as usual. I have to hurry and get back to the meditation thread to listen to Lynn's link, so I will be checking other threads tomorrow.

Val, I certainly will check out your shop when I get to fairyland, or maybe before that. OH MY GOSH, your BABY is SO BEAUTIFUL! And she has her very own watch! That's so cute. (I want a doggie so badly).

Lynn, that wasn't a pity party! Didn't it feel good to say all that? Yep... this is where we do it because it feels good to share stuff with the beautiful sisters and bros we have here. I read every word. I think everyone has had something similar happen in their life - so it's definitely relative to each of us. It is sad about Josh, and as Dr. Phil says - when a parent deliberately turns a child against the other parent out of spite, it will come back to bite them. It robs the other parent of a loving relationship, but it also robs the child in ways that can be terribly harmful. I hope that changes one day soon.

Lily, I hope you don't get golf balls raining down on you! Yikes! And I hope it cools down for you and those poor fish -- 83.5 melts me away. That's such a cute picture. You seem to find just the right ones for your caption. Do you know how that little bird is doing? At least he experienced loving hands holding him.

I'm off to bed too, right after a 10 minutes meditation in the 'meditation room'.

Good night all Chatter Box sweet peeps! Happy dreams.

3 years ago

Well it is still hot here ,waiting for the storm they said we are going to have,maybe it will give this part a miss,hope so.They said hail stones as big as golf balls!!!  wow can do without those.
Been hot and sunny and my fish tank hit 83.5!! I did some cleaning in there which will help as it was rather messy as plants broke up.
too hot for them maybe or because I switched tank lights off.
wont buy any new ones while it is this hot.
Going to bed at least it is cooler in the bedroom.
3 years ago

Val, both of my kids are super. My son lives an hour away so I don't get to see him that often but he calls me practically every day. My daughter-in-law, Alicia calls me at least once a week, my daughter calls every single night and I speak to my granddaughter 3 or 4 times a week and see her at least once a week. We're all very close and I'm very blessed.

I have 3 grandsons, ages 32, 29 and 27. The two older ones are my son's and became estranged from him
after he divorced their mother. The older one still doesn't talk to Steve and it's been close to 10 years. He doesn't speak to me either. I'm collateral damage in the divorce because I'm Steve's mother. Josh, the older boy/man has been manipulated by his mother since the boys were little. Just to show you what a bitch she is, when the boys were young she had the nerve to say to me: "If Steve ever divorces me, I'm going to take him for all he's got". Can you believe the nerve? Saying this to her mother-in-law in front of the kids? Anyway, a couple of years ago, the younger boy, Nick, decided to get in touch with Steve and they've been seeing and corresponding with each other since. I've seen him, taken him out to dinner and talked/texted also. It hurts me deeply about Josh, though. He and I were always very close, right up until the time of the divorce. The last time I saw him he said goodbye, I love you, Nana. That was it. I think I said something to his mother that she didn't like and that was more Josh calling me. I wrote letters, called, etc. Never an answer from him then and nothing now.

OMG! I can't believe I just had my own pity party. lol  But it's good to vent every once in a while.

Val, Baby is so pretty. Is she part Golden Retriever
? So nice that she has her own watch to tell what time it is and keep you on your toes.

Cheryl, I love reading your posts. You have such a beautiful, graceful way with words, sis. It's a pleasure to read whatever you write.

To the rest of my sisters and brothers, have a great rest of the weekend. Take care and stay safe.

I love you, all.

3 years ago

Lily great graphics - poor brd - you re so good with the animals.  

Lynn - your daughter does sound great - mine lives too fat away - and I agree this humidity isn't good -

Cherly - when you are stopping by fairyland - check out my shop too - hehehehe - today our weather appears mor "normal" but we'll see -

Baby dog looking at me with that BIG smile she has - she KNOWS it is almost noon - her paw-watch is going off -

 photo 46c192ea-914b-476d-870a-b2812c697f69_zps789fbeb9.jpg

Sat. July 19 - 12:55 AM
3 years ago

I just finished reading down the thread at all I missed -- why, there's been a whole lot of livin' going on with you all! I won't be able to comment on everyone's happenings tonight, but I have taken it all in.

Sue, so sorry to hear about your friend. I have lost some Care2 friends as well and it's such an awful feeling. She was so young! But we can see that she accomplished things here, had friends, clicked to donate, etc. She made a difference in this world.

Val -- WONDERFUL picture of you and grandkids! I was so happy to see your family. Thanks so much for posting that. And I love your sky and weather pics as well. Wow, I had a quick peek at the Etsy and definitely will be looking through fairyland tomorrow!

Lily, you have some wonderful things going on in your life with all the wildlife available to you, at least visually. You are so good to take care of them the way that you are.

Mary, so happy to hear you had a great time seeing Neil Young. Oh yes, I remember him well. I would love to go to such a concert. I'm trying to find out what's going on with our Langley little theatre. I love going to them.

Wendy, it must be exciting planning for your upcoming trip... I remember Prince Charles saying how much he hated the architecture that was taking place in England as he favours the kind that shows some 'history'... I'm not sure how to explain it.

Here's that link activated.

I will look into that tomorrow..... as well as that JibJab link.

Lynn and Lily, your graphics, tags, pics are just BEAUTIFUL! You both do such  wonderful creations. Yes, Lynn... I do love doing things with my pictures, but I am limited now between Online Editor and Lunapic. I want to learn those moving things that you and Lily do. If I ever get caught up with things, I would love to go back to your group.

It sounds like Val, Lynn, Mary, Wendy.... myself.... and I'm sure others are having such interesting weather. After a big hot spell, we are going to have rain tomorrow! Looking forward to it. I went to doctor today because my ankle swelled up and blood pressure was very high. Got some water pills to try to see if it helps. There's always something, eh?!

Hi Brenda, Sandi, and Barb, and Angel. and of course there are our others sisters and brothers who make up our delightful group. I hate the thought that I miss someone's name.... but that doesn't mean I don't think of them.. you!

Wendy, thanks so much for posting Nelson Mandela on International Nelson Mandala Day. Such a beautiful man with a smile that warms one's soul.

And Wendy, thanks for posting and acknowledging the people through the flags re the Malaysian flight 77 .... beautiful job of doing that. I have been watching it and waiting for word that people are going to be 'allowed' by those thugs to do the right thing for all the victims laying in those fields. It is against all that is moral and 'right' what is going on now. I can't imagine the agony of all the families. I pray that EGO can be set aside and humaneness can soften the toughened hearts who are denying and holding those bodies hostage. It's insane.

I will come back tomorrow and catch up on the things I missed mentioning here. I feel the friendships made here are so precious and I love you all!


3 years ago

Yes youv'e got a good daughter Lynn,they aren't all like that


3 years ago

Hi, everybody!

My daughter just left after eating dinner with me. She shopped for me and then picked up some Chinese food for dinner. This after a full day's work. She is such a sweetheart.

Gotta go and look at the rest of the mail. This weather is killing me! Another thunder storm today and I ache from it. But, some people have it so much worse than I do, so I'm not really complaining.

See you all tomorrow!  Take care and be well. Love you guys!

Just so awful R.I.P.
3 years ago










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3 years ago
3 years ago

Sorry Lily of course I am delighted that the RSPCA did arrive for you , great stuff .

I agree 24/7 rescue for any animal big or small, and unfortunately,you are right, re the poor bird , =  -law of the Jungle,- easy prey= easy meal

you did well to guard the little bird

hope your poor feet go down soon , I can empathise with that, I have m.s., but it is under control mostly, but now and then, I get days when I simply cannot get about, (cramps), my feet suffer, I keep doing the see saw excersize, rocking my feet from the ball of my foot to the heel, up and down, hard to explain, but it's a pumping action, to send the blood flow around my legs, really eases cramps, and defo helps circulation ,

keep up the good work Lily, and glad you liked Henry -kitten- Kelly,

I got him the toys, you see in the clip, reward for Jack's good deed

last nod to Nelson Mandela, love to Cheryl, Lily, Brenda, Lynn, Sue, Val, Mary, Angel, Sandi, and all who visit here, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Overcomig poverty
          Walk to Freedom
                     Nelson Mandela - A great man!

                        And, of course I want You to
                 Great weekend window
                   Take it easy, and be careful out there...

3 years ago

Forgot to say I watched the video,pretty kitten

3 years ago

Well Wendy they came and that's a good thing if I hadn't rung the second time they might not have.They should be available at all times ,no one knows when there is going to be an emergency.
I have been looking up Wildlife SOS the TV programme and they have an emergency number and apparently 24 hours  I think I read.
made a note of it because it is  a North London place.

They always take such good care of casualties on that programme.
i spent so long out there today I couldn't bear the thought a cat might come round or the fox ,sometimes they come in daylight times too.
Needless to say my ankles swelled up again!
I was on that phone ages though kept me on hold

Nelson Mandela Day July 18th
3 years ago

3 years ago

Lily you did well to get the RSPCA out at all, they work 9-5pm and seldom do weekend work,

don't mean to sound mean , but I had an experience with them , that shocked me, when they told me they only come out between the hours 9-5pm,

we found a bat, it had hit our patio doors, I knew nothing about bats, so phoned the Rspca, they wouldn't come out as it was 7pm, .

We ended up driving 20 miles to the PDSA , hospital , where they happened to specialise in bats,

Turns out the bat who knocked himself out on our dooor, was rare !!!!

He was gorgeous, even when he showed his little teeth (razor sharpe) .

He had hurt his wing, but not seriously,

That's when I found out that bats cannot take off from the ground, so if ever you see a bat on the floor, (if you can) put him on a fence, or tree branch and he will fly off !!!!


Cats all present and correct Mary ---

Forgot to say my son Jack, rescued a Mother cat and 7 kittens,!

They had been locked in a shed, a few houses, down from where, Jack lives-  with his girl Jenny.,

Jack said he just happened to be coming out of his house, when he heard people talking, that they thought a cat and kittens had been locked in a shed, for a couple of days, and were wondering whether to call the RSPCA,

Jack asked which house is the shed in?, someone pointed the house out, So Jack, climbed over the gate, then opened it , and asked his neighbour  to come with him,

Jack then went home to get his tools, he and his neighbour,then went to the shed, they could hear the cat and kittens crying, so they took the door off the shed,

Jack told me he felt so sorry for them, all huddled together, he then got the mother cat into a cat carrier, the kittens followed,

Jack rushed them to the "PDSA" =peoples dispensary for sick animals,  which is where Jenny works, .

Jack told me he would have kicked the door in, but he was afraid he would freak the cats out!! or worse hurt them!!, he was sooo angry at the person just leaving them there!! , Jack told Jenny, "my Mom would have gone balistic" !!!! .

Turns out the people who left the cat and kittens had skipped off owing rent . Jack told the people who were talking about what to do, "next time you know an animal is in distress, don't bloody well have a discussion, get them help" !!!

Well the kittens have all found forever homes, Jack and Jenny adopted the smallest kitten a beautiful little ginger ball of fluff, they would have adopted the mom too, but they have a cat already, Peter, he is 14, (Jenny's cat) he is great for 14, but wouldn't accept another adult, he takes no notice of the kitten ( Henry),

 Jenny is determined, mom cat will have a loving home, she has now been spayed, and is loved by the staff. -pdsa is - (no kill) .

I will leave a clip of Henry that Jack emailed me, if you highlight the link, right click,  -then the option to -> go to google ....... (displays) -click on that,- it will take you to the video of Henry,    -> or copy and paste into your browser/address bar .

well it has been 32c - which is   = 89.6F,    >    and is still 17c = 62.6F  >        at 11 50pm soooo hot, and I can't open the windows or the cats will be out like a shot, pests !!!! at least I have a fan upstairs .

Will pop back tomos sending love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats >all snoring !!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>clip of Henry kelly kitten >



3 years ago

Sorry to hear about her although I didn't know her,that is a young age to go,I lost my youngest brother at that age.

I will be back later as I have to get something to eat as I have been out garden most of the afternoon keeping watch on an injured thrush.

It couldn't stand fell over each time it tried.
I phoned the RSPCA around 5pm and had to ring them back as no one had turned up finally got one here nearly 9pm!! couldn't find my place they said.

Unfortunately she said it is on the way out.
It did look poorly poor thing,don't know what happened to it,maybe flew into something.
There was another one hanging around earlier maybe looking for that one.
I couldn't just leave it anyway as the fox or cat would surely have had it tonight.

Back later

3 years ago

Sue - that is sad - thank you for sharing - though really didn't know ehre - just recognize the profile pic.

Wendy - will check it out

Sandi - gorgeous!

3 years ago

 photo fcaa93fdd0e9f9c040518b1a17872437_zpsdc3b7595.jpg

3 years ago

Just popping in, Sue it was so sad to hear about Teresa, only 52, , I wasn't "friends with her, but sent (and received many green stars), I was going to send a friend request, because of her gardening thread wish I had done so .........


I have put this on the computer problem thread, but thought it was worth, putting here so you can all see, and read good advice , back later >


Just put this link on Car two support, I thought it was interesting, as it shows you how petitions can look real, when infact they are simply a phishing excerise, , 

have a read see what you think, (sorry it's not a live link, but you all know if you highlight it, you can right click for a choice to   >>go to ......,   (and it's quicker than copy and pasting),

oh at the end of the report, it says, you can sign up to the blog, do so if you wish , it's safe , from "Kaspersky" , or just ignore it 

anyway have a read see what you think , x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>

Sad passing of Teresa Middleton
3 years ago

What a sad day, have just learned about the sudden death of Teresa Middleton who was a C2 friend of mine and many others.  Here is a link to her page in case anyone here knew her.

will pop back later and chat hopefully.

3 years ago

Love the graphic Lily - we are at 97% humidity right now - yup I moved to London!  Just unsure when!!!!!   But here comes the sun  I can hear my veggies cheering away!   Will have to go out and check onthem in a bit before my errands nd it gets hottern - the garden area is usually about 10-20 degrees F hotter then the rest of the yard.  Hope the lightening storm wasn't bad - sometimes I just unplug my laptop since they seem to pass over us rather quickly at times.   Well chocolate is good - but you can have the fast food!  Time to wake up hubby - all have a grand day!

3 years ago
I really should cut down though as I have put on weight mostly since my op though but I do eat  a  lot of the wrong stuff.
I have  a sweet tooth !!!
Yes it is hot here and tomorrow they say will be the hottest..
Although it has been hot here (not as hot as over there) they now say heavy storms are threatening to bring floods to parts of the country!!!
Temperatures are expected to reach 86F on Friday making it the hottest day over here this year.
But downpours,strong winds.thunder and hail are tipped to sweep in after this weeks mini heatwave.
It is 83+ in my fish tank and I just did a part water change to help.
Got my tower fan out there facing tank but I don't think it helps much.
had to turn the lights off in tank,will be  worse tomorrow then  if it is going to be hot as they say.

Lightning out there now may have to shut down.
I hate lightning.

Well one can hope
3 years ago

Lily - I thought it looked great thanks - not real "keen" on photos of me too often - but I loved it - thanks for the info too -

Cheryl - somewhere along the line - things got confused - it is my wrist and my foot - my foot has permanent nerve damage that sort-of hurt-burns and get COLD!  And I have tendinitis in my left wrist - that is getting progressively worse - not to mention the arthritis in my fingers - but am addicted to the pc so they will survive !  thanks -

Hello everyone else - I know that Brenda hasn't been able to get into groups lately - something with her connection I think 

3 years ago

Val you are so pretty and you have a lovely family, i hope your ankle is feeling better. Wendy its hot and muggy in cork as well its still raining a bit but too hot for coats . Lily is it as bad where you are? hi Sue Cheryl Lynn Barb Brenda Sandi Les Angel hows your weather i went to see Neil Young last week he was terrific hes from your neck of the woods Cheryl He certainly was'ent showing his age my sister got the tickets for a present and invited me .Wendy i hope all the Kelly cats are present and correct today i know how it is i have 3 dogs and they have their little tricks dont they ?hope your doggie enjoyed his bath Val. Lynn how is Trent?love and hugs to all

3 years ago

Val the guys are Richard Gere,George Clooney and Colin Firth

Your pic didn't come out very clear though on your one.
maybe get a better pic another time.

Went to see my brother today,it has been very hot but it wasn't too bad on the trains.
Didn't get home until gone 7pm.


3 years ago

Lily - thank you - even my hubby laughed at this one!  That's funny but cute! He didn't recognize me at first because of the hair - but is a riot.  Now just have to figure out who the guys are !

Lynn - we are having thunder off and on daily here - have to go and bathe Baby dog quickly while still sort-of warm

Care2 a bit slow for me right now - back later -

3 years ago

I saw Richard yesterday in 'Shall We Dance' seen it before but its nice well he is anyway.We would be fighting over them in that video   lol

Bye the way that avatar you spoke about of Penny's that wasn't a hat on the dog but the fur on it's head,they have long tresses.

The fox came round again tonight,I don't think it it the same one as I filmed that time.
This one looked smaller and younger,might be wrong.
going to bed soon as I want to try and visit my brother tomorrow if I feel up to it.

3 years ago

Lily, I love both of the JibJabs but the one with the guys....oh, my heart's going pitter patter!! For a second there, Colin was holding my hand and you danced with George. Goodness, I'm swooning!!!! lol

3 years ago

No Val you are not safe!!   lol

3 years ago

It's ,

so hi, everybody! Wendy, you're so only got six right on the Bastille Day quiz? Very funny.   I got 3 right out of 6. Don't know much about France.

Penny was Penny B., but she's the one who got married recently so she's Penny M. now. Her avatar was what looked like an Irish Wolfhound with a hat on its head. I'm going to miss her. Penny, Brenda, Lily and I were in a group together that has since closed.

Val, thanks for the compliment on my tag. JibJab is a video that Lily makes using group members faces in a pre-existing little video like elves dancing, etc. She's so good at it and it's fun to watch.

I hope you're all having a good day. Mandy is out in the mobile van being groomed and I'm sure she'll look adorable when the groomer brings her back in.

I hear thunder so it looks like we'll be having a thunder storm any minute. I hate when it gets dark and gloomy. I'm off to my other groups so I'll see you all later. Ta Ta for now!

3 years ago

Brenda - nice to see you bopping by here

Wendy - I think some of you all are going to bed when I get up  was up at 3:30 this AM - is so nice and quiet!  Hubby asleep. no "news" on and the world is quiet too - Know nothing about Bastille Day but how to spell it and that we do not celebrate it.  (Wops there goes hubby swearing at the "news" again)

Lily - I don't think I do jib-jab so I am safe - right?   

Cheryl - didn't try the back thing yet but am feeling better by not doing any gardening now for 2 days  - but I do lay onmy back every AM for a bit trying to stretch it out -

Lynn - beautiful tag - I didn't know Penny that well - trying to remember what her avatar was of???

Cheryl and anyone - was roaming around Etsy and ran across this shop - fiary garden items - check it out - so cute -

4 years ago

Hello Lynn, Lily, Wendy and Val.

4 years ago

Lynn which Penny has left? hope you are ok,  x x x

just popping in to see did anyone have a go at the quiz for Bastille day?

 you will have to tell me how you got on with the quiz, I only got 6 right !!!!!, well England and France don't have the best relationship, so I will let myself off, - kidding, I must do better next time !!

Well am going to finish emails, visit twitter, cook dinner, chat to the cats in the garden , when I tidy up the flower containers, do a bit of de-heading the dead flowers, then have a coffee outside see whats going on with the visiting cats too, the cats love me to sit with them outside, think I will give them some cat milk and a turkey stick treat . must leave saying hello to Lynn, Cheryl, Lily, Brenda, Angel, Sue, Mary, Val,  and everyone who visits  here.

Quotes from someone, who's Birthday it would have been today , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxx


4 years ago

Just popping in to say hello, thanks for confirming I did the right thing re- the Job, Val and Cheryl, sometimes as hard as it is -"you " Just have to make a stand !!! so now I am enjoying retirement all over again.

Cheryl I hate muggy nights, and last saturday was soooo hot, I am a night owl too, it is 2:30am and I am winding up to get to bed, it was hot today, but there was a breeze , where as  saturday was a "dog Day'",

 hope your ankle starts to heal soon, yes I am excited about going down to the west end, much as I complain about London, and the "London centric" politics,

London does have some great thing to look at/visit, trouble is the city planners all over Britain, have no foresight, meaning most capital / major cities, are all starting to look the same," homogenised", = the same shops, - fast food resturants, all clinging to neon lit high rise finance buildings. Where did the "town & village " feel go, ? I would have loved all the capital cities , to be unique, XX..........

Lynn thanks , Eric is a sweet gentle cat, I knew he would return, i had a feeling he was stuck somewhere, hope all is going ok with you and yours love your tagsx x x x

Val what a great photo, your daughter and grand children are so pretty, - handsome for your grandson !!, you look lovely in the photo too, so nice to see you Xxxxx 

Lily oh so your in Middlesex, wasn't it hot and humid for you last saturday?, it was hot today here, and hotter tomos, but thurs will be 30c, I intend to be at the coast, I wont be able to stand it !! then later on thurs , the thunder storms will start. great graphics by the way , oh and Lynn love the tags you do XXXX

well today is Bastille Day, so I have a quick quiz, to test your knowledge just for fun, see how much you know about Bastille Day, love hugs to all, hello Sue , Brenda , Angel, x wendy k x  kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>quiz>>

SO HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT BASTILLE DAY ? Via @nprmusic: 'La Marseillaise' Unmasked: A Bastille Day Puzzler

4 years ago

I'm back again to tell you that I just got an ecard from Penny. She's left Care2! She's so busy in her life that she has no time to devote to it. She's sorry she's leaving her friends. I tried to send a reply but she's gone.

4 years ago

Hi, everybody!

Val, that's a beautiful picture of you, your daughter and your grandchildren. You're so pretty, girlfriend! Sorry to hear about your ankle. That sucks!

I had some company yesterday so I didn't get on line until very late and then I couldn't chat; no time. The last two days have been very hot and fairly sunny hereabouts. No rain, thank goodness. Today I've been making some more tags and yes Vicky, I made the one above.

Because I didn't get to my emails yesterday, I had 268 between yesterday and today. I don't know where some of these people come out of the woodwork from. I have a feeling they get my address from me signing so many petitions. Frankly, it's getting on my nerves.

I have COMCAST cable service so I'm able to record anything that's on if I know I won't be there at the time it's on. I recorded "Gravity" with Sandra Bullock and my guy George Clooney, which was up for the Academy Award this passed year. Also, I recorded "The Butler" a true story of a butler at the White House for 3 decades. I haven't watched either one yet.

I just repotted an orchid plant that I got last Mother's Day from Alicia's sister and mother. The best in-laws Steve (and I) could ever have!

Lily, do you and Brenda get the same weather? Does she live far from you?

Cheryl, I love the graphics you've been posting. Did you make them? I see the signature CherB so I'm assuming you did. They're fabulous! You must come back into my group and post in there!! I hope your ankle feels better. Put your foot up as much as you can. That ice cream looks luscious but I'm trying to watch my cholesterol so none for me, thanks.

Wendy, you must have been frantic when your cat went missing. I'm so glad that he came back and that he's fine. Poor thing must have been frightened, too.

I'm off now to read the remaining 108 emails after I deleted so many. See you all soon! Take care and be well, everyone! Love you all. ♥

4 years ago
Nice pic there Val but you are asking for trouble now as you may end up in one of my jib jab movies LOL
Cheryl nice to know I am not the only one who likes staying up late.
Just seen the fox again he ate the food so I put another lot out in case he comes back but saw 2 hedgehogs run straight past and ignored it!!
Maybe fussy eaters or just dined elsewhere .
Also saw that darned rat this afternoon.
They are difficult to get rid of.
yes nothing private any more ,I once saw my home on Google map.
Back still playing up a bit today but don't think I will try that laying down on the floor doubt if I would be able to get up again  lol

4 years ago

Cheryl - that canary is SO cute - thanks - and I hope the pigeon's mate shows up soon.   33 C is hot especially for you all - we had a thuner and lightening show last night with rain adn is thundering again and a bit of rain - we need SUN now - sems to hot or too cool - never "right" - you are funny 6 AM - I am up usually before 4 AM every morning now - I love the quiet and here between 2 and 6 or & AM is pretty quiet but can't get up at 2 and go to bed at 9.  I need my beauty sleep - - I do lay on my back but not that long - i will give it a try - thanks  - I am so anxious always that hard to stay in one position for 30 minutes - even when asleep.  Glad you like my photos - maybe some day you actually will see a pic of me - 

Lily - luckily I haven't had that Loading Wheel for awhile - sorry you do .  And NOTHING is private - I wouldn't be surprised if there is a picture of me showering somewhere!   Is horrible.   

well - did get a photo of the moon this AM that looks OK but not on PhotBucket yet - so maybe tomorrow???  Instead here is something - me!  Wow - me and my daughter and 3 grandchildren

 photo 88cec092-fa84-43a4-a390-7dc9390a4358_zps911e8d01.jpg

Monday, July 14 5:40 AM
4 years ago
cc Everybody ready to run a few laps, do some yoga, then about 20 jumping jacks? Yeah..... right! If you are, I won't be coming with you. I have been up all night.... as you can see, it's almost 6AM. Looks like there are a few of us with sleep probs. IT WAS SO STINKIN' HOT YESTERDAY... about 33C! We're having a heat wave, and I'm not dancing to the music. I thought I was going to spontaneous combust -- you know, where they find your burned nightgown and a shoe or leg, and nothing else because you just blew up.   So I'm off to bed after I post this.

Lily and Val, good to hear your birds are enjoying the rain when it comes and you get to see them, which makes you enjoy it too. ......... holy smoke..... there is a pigeon on the tele wires on the pathway out back going "coo coo coo.... coo coo coo...(etc). We have seen him before but not often. There used to be two but only one lately. First time I've heard him.....awwwwww.... he must have escaped from someone. Poor babe... I wish his partner would show up.

Anyway, such a lot of news from you -- Lily, Wendy, and Val. Except Val... not good at all with the pain! Do you ever lay out flat on the floor when your back is really bad? About 25 minutes helps straighten and align the spine, even though it hurts for awhile. It has been amazing therapy at times for both my son and I. Many times we've just gotten back up after 1/2 hr.  as if we'd never had the pain. It sure takes a lot out of you when there is constant pain. Lynn often suffers as well. I'm sending you healing thoughts, sis. I can kind of visualize you from the pictures you have posted of your home, flowers, beautiful sky shots.... so that's where I'm sending my thoughts and prayers.

Lily, glad it has cooled down for you. That is really scary about your friend having a stalker! Very creepy. I can't even guess what is happening with your pc and all that strange stuff appearing on it. I hope you can get someone to check that out pretty quickly. I just love that awesome little squirrel! He's so perfect with that little blink!

Wendy, lots of good news in there with your trip and social galavanting! Sounds like a lot of fun, and just saying the word "Piccadilly" gets me excited, thinking of all the movies I've seen where it is shown or said. Your 'adopted niece', Sue, must love you to bits! I'm so glad to hear what you did at that job and that you're not taking it. You're right, it would be one huge frustration being told to work under conditions you know aren't working well. I say, for you standing up for what you believe in. The RIGHT thing to do would have been for those who were in charge to listen to your ideas, while respecting where you've come from and what you know. Unfortunately, a big EGO and jealousy can get in the way of making things better. I went through a similar situation in a government office and after a year of having to work in an incredibly disorganized office, I put in for a transfer and got out.

Ladies, I am starting to slump out of my chair, and my stupid ankle is twice the size it should be..... so I'm off to get an ice pack and go to bed. Crazy, eh?! But then again, when you grow up you can do what you want to do, and I wanted to stay up all night rather than lay in bed wide awake.


4 years ago


Hi friends,

              Well another weekend over,sure goes quick.
Been warm here today and they say will be warmer all the week.
Wendy I am not in London ,well the city anyway,I am in Middlesex NW  London.
I wouldn't like to live in the city and don't really like going up there if I can help it.
I am an East Londoner by birth.

Glad your cat came back,I know how worried you must have been because mine was missing for 4 weeks! didn't give up hope though,glad I didn't.

Was such a relief to get her back.
Although you do naturally think the worse at times.
Val that bit you didn't understand is that I have been getting loading words at bottom and going on and on with funny words like I mentioned above.
Have no idea what it means.
but there are sites that send out tracking cookies and they gather information on you where you go etc on internet.
nothing is private any more it seems and even people can find your address on here if they want to.
I know because I tried it and it came up with my name and my late husband too.
A friend on here had someone go round her house and it came to light he found her address after seeing her posting on facebook.
she got the police involved.
So nothing is private any more ,sad really.

The starling babies are growing fast(should do with all the food they scoff out there!)
I get through loads of food.
I put some chicken out last night but doubt if the fox or hedgehogs had it as  a cat was around the night before.Hope that rat didn't have it as it is big enough!!!

4 years ago

Cheryl - like Lily siad - our birds love the rain - they bath and flap around - I haven't watered the years yet - just the garden and trees - but they would play in the sprinkler water - we got rain againlast night - strange weather - thanks for the beer abd hugs - if I find someone who travels and does massage - I'll send them your way - I do know someone here who has massaged me before but right now even that would hurt to be honest - I mowed today and my back is hurting bad - and my foot and wrist aren't doing so well either - I don't do pain well - especially my back - but someone has to mow - Buck Moon - that's cute - didn't know  -

I saw the moon this AM but my camera isn't good enough to get a decent photo - but I did of the sunrise - see below - thanks for the ice cream - love hot fudge - you guys crack me up - 30 C hot - it is that here now and feels coolish -

Lily - would love seeing videos of the birds in the rain - unsue what you mean about the words at the bottom - sorry - great cat!

Wendy - like I said to Cheryl - 30 C is nothing for us in the summer but our humidity isn't as bad as yours - tornado in New York - guess I missed that one but they are having them on the East Coast when is unusual - I think Fukishima is going to be the end of us - really - I used to wait up for Bootsie - I couldn't sleep if she weren't home - but she is an indoor kitty now - so glad that your kitty came home - wonder where he was.   Great work at the job trial - I can just see you with that red pen!

Well here is today's sunrise

 photo 6a0f53bb-a203-4ed5-8a81-49ca159a256d_zpse3b0ffff.jpg

4 years ago

Love the cat Lily, Just realised you are from "the smoke", I was wondering where you were in England, because it has been soooo hot here in the West Mids, I am from Solihull, near B'ham, (not in it). Also I live in rural Solihull, I couldn't sleep last night because it was sooo muggy, yesterday was a "dog day"

 We are set for more hot humid days, up untill Thursday, when it will be 30c, but we are set for storms, Thursday night , think it's the same most places, what is unusual, is it will be hotter in the Midlands than it will be in London, I have noticed over the last couple of years London has reached 30c more often than any where else, and I felt sorry for people in London, sweltering in those temps. 

My sister and I will be coming down to London, to see the "Jersey Boys" at the Piccadilly Theatre,  not sure when, but I want to stop at the hotel that has a roof bar, love the idea of looking at London lit up at night , then having breakfast there too, we will go on the London Eye, because I want to scare my sister,  

We will probably be taking my late friends daughter, Sue, she is like my adopted niece, she has muscular dystrophy, so I have to look at places that have disabled access, London's theatres are not good for that, but fortunately the Piccadilly is ok. (it's because most of London's theatres are very old buildings, and haven't or can't be converted for disabled access)

The prices of the Hotels in central London/Westminster >>>   the Hotel I want is £249 a night, $426.20  !!! but for once it is about the "experience", my Sister deserves it I suppose  

I was busy last week because my cat went missing, on Sunday eve, and didn't return untill Thurs at 10:55pm. I was worried sick, because it was Eric, he is my sweetest quietest cat, well he returned, he had been stuck somewhere I know that, he had lost weight, and he is naturally thin, so can't afford to lose weight, (unlike Mini the dumpling ! he he he).

We got him looked at , by the vet, who said he was fine, and to make sure he ate all his meals, which he has, I have let him out, but I keep checking , my cats are always close by and come in when called normally, of course there is the odd night , when one of them is taking longer to come in, but they do come in. 

What with that and a trial for work, it was a week I was happy to see the back of!!  I am not taking the Job, I can already see what would happen, I told them straight, it is too disorganised for me, I couldn't take the stress, unless I took over, then I could implement the changes they need to work with young people in desperate situations, and at risk. 

I did that for 10 years, people do "burn out" because of bad practise, I refuse to work badly, for vunerable young people, and I am not going to do other peoples work for them, when they are supposedly qualified, and on the same wage as me?     I was told thankyou Mrs Kelly, we will be intouch (not)

At least I made them look at themselves , I was itching to change the paperwork, on my trial day, I went through all the reports, and got my red pen out, (you are never supposed to use a red pen, too much like school) and then I crossed loads out, and put "post it's" over with notes to say what should be said and asked !!!! maybe that wiil make an impression, but at least they have to re-write

Just heard about the tornado? in New York, and the philippines are on watch for hurricans /typhoon ?,

We will be on weather warnings Thursday, -bad thunder storms,

well on that good news, I wish you all a great week, and will pop in to read what happening with you all, so Cheryl, Sue , Mary, Brenda, Lynn,  Val, Angel , Lily and all who visit here, sending love hugs x wendy K & kelly cats  x4 xxxxxx

4 years ago
4 years ago

MMM very nice but wont do my figure much good  lol
no Cheryl rain doesn't stop me videoing because I do it from indoors through glass door and the rain doesn't put off birds or squirrels,

It is nice out today and they say it is going to be better in the week.

I took a few plums in today others out there not ripe enough to bring in.
I want to get them before birds beat me to it as they haave already been pecking some.
I don't know why weekends go so quick or any other time really,must be something to do with getting older as it was never like this when I was young.

These pc's really puzzle me at times,all the time I am writing this or indeed when I stop there is a load of words at bottom of screen starting with loading and it goes on and on.

Reckon they are tracking cookies or something because they make no sense to me the words that are there such as..... served by and  scorecard and served by ads dumpo and so it goes on non stop!!!
Anyone else get these?

4 years ago

Good evening, sweet peeps!

Lily, I guess it's kind of hard to take any videos when it's raining (not many birds coming around, probably). I sure hope weather gets better for you, and anyone else not having pretty blue skies.

Val, it was about 30C (86F) here today, and that's a heat wave to us. We're in for even hotter tomorrow and the next day... so I'm getting a bit of a feeling what it must be like for you! Sheesh! (sweat.. sweat....sweat) I wish I could send someone over there to give you a lovely healing massage, then to have that person come back here to give one to me.... then off to anyone else who needs one and I'm sure there are lots of people here who would put their hand up and wave.   They truly are healing, as are foot massages and such. Sorry to hear you are having pain. I am such a sissy at doing pain! Some people are able to be in pain all the time and somehow live with it without hardly saying a word. Brave, strong people! BUT.... I DO HAVE HUGS FOR YOU... ((((HUG))). And here is a nice cold green beer for you ~ CHEERS!

I hope all are enjoying the weekend in one way or another. Tonight is a SUPER MOON and my son and I are (hopefully) going to be able to stay up and see it. I just learned that it's also called a BUCK MOON by Native Americans, being the time when young bucks start to grow their antlers. Fascinating!


For all those who need to cool down!

4 years ago

Hi wendy

Lily - live the Tweeties - I have always needed sleep - my entire life - once I sleep I can sleep well except lately - pain and stuff like that -

Cheryl - I need a masage but I'll take the hug too!  And some green beer!   Need to take a photo of our garden soon.   Is only 86 F (30 C) right now but the garden is probably closer to 100 F (37 C) - I can't go out in the afternoon cuz too hot!
Well all have a grand weekend!

4 years ago


So good to see so many sisters here!

I'm surprised so many of you have rain and thunderstorms going on. But then, you know what they say.... right after that comes the sun. It's going to be super hot this weekend, this morning starting out at 25C (around 77F) and is supposed to be around 30C (86F) by afternoon. So.... fans are out, lemonade in fridge, and even some cold beer.

Lynn, I hope your friend's husband is doing better. Healing thoughts and prayers going to him. Glad to hear you got out with family again... 6'7"... wowee! Your tags are always a colourful delight to see!

Brenda, take care of those precious sparrows you have around your place. So that's where they have all gone. Must be good sparrow habitat.

Val, sorry to hear about the nerve damage from that dang rock accident. The hot weather affects my ankle too. Do take care! The sun oven sounds fascinating... real 'green' living. I know what you mean about not being able to go out in the afternoon. I start to feel nausea if I'm out there too long. Good for you being able to can your harvest. We only have one pumpkin getting bigger every day, and about six corn still in infancy, but it's exciting. Love the affirmation.

Lily, glad to got out to visit your brother again. I know what you mean about the 'night owl' syndrome. I seem to come alive at night and it's so easy to get busy and hear the early morning birds before I know it. I'm trying to break that habit so I can enjoy the cooler mornings. My emails? over 1500 - and more if I count my C2 along with personal ones. I haven't been able to get on FB lately either. I have a C2 friend who had a breakdown trying to keep up with her mail - signing petitions, etc. - and taking care of a sick hubby. Gotta take care of ourselves first. I love your graphic, too. And if it's the rat eating the food, then there is one healthy rat running around. Maybe he's too big for the feral cat and the fox to take on! lol

Hi Wendy - you DO sound busy! I hope it's a fun, enjoyable kind of busy.

And Mary, I sure hope your weather will improve for you. Have you managed to get in a refreshing horseback ride? How are all your lovely dogs doing? And you are back in your comfy clothes and enjoying that, I bet.

And Barb, Sue, Angel, Sandi, and the rest of our wonderful Chatter Box sisters and brothers - have a healthy and happy weekend!

4 years ago
Wow weekend again!!! sure goes round quick doesn't it?
Still miserable out here
Sure hope that's not the end of our summer already!!
It isn't cold though just dull,cloudy and dreary waiting for the rain.
Usually the weather is good in the week and then bad when people are off work

4 years ago


Fabulous Weekend

4 years ago
Well Val I do sit up all night which I shouldn't do but it is a habit and I am an insomniac too'
If I go to bed I just lie there awake so going to bed in the mornings I do get some sleep but it is on and off,been like that for years.
But when I said I was tired it was probably through my journey day before and I had been ironing too when I came home.
It certainly isn't heat keeping me awake,the weather here is dreary again,rain on and off.=But hey typical British weather!!!
4 years ago

Wow - Chad is tall and what a cute face on Trent Lynn - 149 e-mails - I can relate to that easily as I see Lily can too - - some I can readily delete but not others - love the tag - sorry you are hurting so much - seems as if everyone over here has had more rain than usual.  We seem to get clouds every afternoon but good considering hot here - 95 F (35 C) - glad not hotter. 

Lily - I just can't get used to a rat!!!!!   Love the graphic - if you are tied - you need the sleep - the heat does that to me -

4 years ago

149 wow,wouldn't like that many here.
I have over 1,000 still in my private e-mail and I am slow deleting there but they are not the sort I have to reply to.
stuff like confirmation of orders of things I get online and bills paid etc.
Some graphics sent to me by a friend.
But to delete is slow anyway as I have to do one at a time there!!!!Just been to look to see if anything has eaten the food out there and yes it as gone.
That is second lot tonight but don't know what ate it,hope not the rat as I saw that this afternoon by the bird table.
Been dry here today.
you have been getting about Lynn so nice for you having your family around you.
Val I am up late again!!!! but I do not feel tired.
Will be going to bed shortly though.


4 years ago

Hi everyone, just got on the computer and I had 149 emails. It's like when you subscribe to one magazine and then get all kinds of other magazines in your mail that you never heard of and never wanted.   I get mail from the petitions I signed and sites to click every day and of course, Care2 and Facebook posts.

I was away all day yesterday with my granddaughter and Trent, my great-grandson. We went to lunch and while we were in the restaurant the skies opened up again. This is the rainy season here but this is more than the usual rain. Thunder booming and lightning lighting up the skies. The crack of lightning in the restaurant cut off the electricity for a few minutes and everyone jumped. The expression on Trent's face was too funny. Big round eyes and a round "O" for a mouth. Too bad I wasn't quick enough with my phone camera. Anyway, by the time we finished eating it was still storming and didn't look like it was letting up so we very carefully (because of me) stepped our way to the car under the umbrella that Andi had the foresight to bring. We still got wet!

We went back to Andi's house and later on Chad (her 6' 7" husband) came home from work and then Sue (my daughter) came over from work, so we were all together for the delicious dinner that Andi made. I love days and evenings like that when we're all together. Steve and Alicia, my son and d-i-l live in West Palm Beach, so they're not with us for that type of get-together during the week.

I'm not doing anything today because I ache all over due to the weather. Just answering my mail, posting in Care2, making some tags and later on will watch a bit of television.

I send my love to all of you, dear friends. You're all so wonderful!! ♥

4 years ago

yes you do Lily but glad you are here - cute puppy - glad you were able to see your brother - just keeping busy here - need to clean the bathroom this afternoon but now time to take out Baby dog and eat -

Hope all are well - cool and enjoying life!!!!!

4 years ago


Hi friends this will be short and sweet as I am tired.

Went to see my brother,he was fine and I stayed 3 hours.
dozed of watching TV later and had also done a bit of ironing.
So haven't been on here long and I am going to bed as it is early hours now.
I need to break this habit of being on here in these hours when I should be in bed.

4 years ago

Lily - great photo of Penny -

Brenda - that is only part of the garlic - maybe half -

Mary - I LOVE eating my homegrown veggies - just had some cnned squash from 2 years ago -

Cheryl - sorry about your ankle - I know about getting hurt - when that rock feel on my foot - it has been outchy wow wow with the permanent nerve damage since then  - I am sure this hotter weather isn't helping either = love the puffin!!!  Actually we have a thing called the SUn Oven (just google it) and we have been cooking chicken in it - it is hot enough!  Cooking with the sun - now you know why I can't go out into the garden in the afternoon!  Glad you have a small garden - I had so much squash one year we are still eating it from 2011 when I canned it

July 9
4 years ago

Hi everyone -- I just got a chance to pop in to say hi and check to see if you all are okay. It's been very hot here and that makes my ankle swell up if I stand too long (which isn't very long -- and my computer is a desk computer so my legs hang down -- rough on the ankle. The things we take for granted until we get hurt in some way!

Thanks for starting new thread, Lynn. Love the chatter teeth - thanks, Lily.

Lynn, so happy you had such a wonderful time out with Andi and Trent. I was so glad to read you escaped your apt. for awhile -- or should I say, your "cabin"? It must have really rejuvenated you! Great yummy looking 4th of July graphic.

Wendy, that's not a downer at all to know who is wrecking so much for so many! Arrgh! I say  to all of them! Thanks for identifying them for us. Hope you have happy weather.

Sue, that is such a happy, cute 4th of July kitty! Gee, I remember those wonderful hammocks - a long long time ago. I hear weather back east is pretty hot. Are you managing to get out at all?

Lily, you manage to find such wonderful pics for each day. They always make me smile. Love that kitty! Is that where Penny is? Well, maybe we can take up a collection for her bail. lol I hope she gets back to us soon. I LOVE sparrows, and you're right - I don't see as many of them anymore. I have two pics of a mom and dad feeding their one sparrow baby when they landed on my dad's balcony - over 24 years ago! He was always ready with his camera. Both ma and pa are trying to satisfy this hungry babe.

Brenda, I hope you made it through the rain and thunderstorms okay. They can be very welcome after a hot spell, but they sure scare the heck out of animals and birds! Just saw a little news report of a fellow filming a storm when ZAP - he got hit by lightning. He was paralyzed for a bit of time but he was very lucky he survived at all!

Mary, it's raining again in Ireland? We here in BC are sure known for that. Maybe that's why Ireland and BC are known to be "green" places. I do hope you get out to the garden you have always liked, and I sure hope you made it through babysitting both Tom and Ollie together. I bet you slept well that night. lol It doesn't seem that long ago that you and I were both wishing we had grandkids.... so you are very fortunate, as I'm still waiting. I long to hold a wee grandbaby.

Val, that's just the thought I had -- that most doctors probably don't have time for internet stuff. That makes it double lying and I bet those real doctors in the pics would like to know what's happening. Gosh that looks good! Hope your hubby is feeling better, as you as well. Lordy -- I though it was hot here but where you are definitely fries eggs on the sidewalk. Yikes! Awesome that you grew the garlic! Our corn and one pumpkin (maybe will end up with two) are growing. It's just a little hobby garden but we're having fun with it.

Angel and Sandi - so good to see you both! Every time you post we know you are okay.

Barb, it's so good to see you and I take it that Baby and Beenie are doing well too! My little guy sleeps a lot in this hot weather. I LOVE the baby Puffin! When I get back (can stay longer without ankle swelling) I'll make a thread so we can watch him grow. I checked in on the Kenya cam as I came out of the puffin cam and there was a glorious giraff standing in the trees. Here's a pic I got of baby Puffin and Ma!


Looks pretty hot with the sun pouring right down on them.

So happy to see you all. Lynn, I will pray for your friend too. It's a reminder to live in the moment and enjoy each day -- have those little special times like a nice cup of tea with a cookie/biscuit and laugh at a funny program. Oh, speaking of that..... I have started to watch the British comedy "Mrs. Brown's Boys" and haven't laughed that much at a comedy for ages! Really really funny!

See you soon as ankle permits.

4 years ago

Good picture Lily. Hope you can get to visit your brother, you never know with out weather. Sorry you are having trouble with your legs, are you trying to rest them?

Hi Mary.

4 years ago

Hi Val Lily Sandi AngelBrenda Barb Lynn and Sue i hope the sun shines today for all of us

4 years ago

Yes Brenda thought it was too good to be true when we get hot sunny days.
rest of this week is going to be wet obviously now.

I want to visit my brother again but I dont want to be out in the wet if I can help it as I have had enough colds recently.

Also my legs still playing up ,they are sore so don't help with the walking.

4 years ago

Hi Mary.

Hi Val. that's a good crop of Garlic.

Lily there is more rain on the way, I am sorry to say. That is a great picture of Penny, shame on you for not bailing her out!

Sandi, love the picture of the roses.

4 years ago

love Stripes & Sandi

4 years ago

love the garlic Val isnt it great to grow your own ?hi Angel and Lily

4 years ago

In case you were wondering where Penny has got to  lol.............

4 years ago

Mary - always love music - thanks.

Lily - clouds showing up now here too though still cooking outside in our Sun Oven.  Better than using the hot oven in these temps.   And yes - another one bits the dust!  Love the cat. 

Angel - great to see you her - wonderful graphic - enjoy yours as well -

Try and work outside a bit daily - here's my latest  -

 photo 8dfaec29-ad95-4058-8b7d-ca5a3f288ae2_zps1bb11233.jpg

4 years ago

Hi Val Lily Angel Lynn Barb Brenda ,i hope you enjoyed the music Val Lily you are so lucky with your wild visitors and Brenda i hope you get lots of feathery ones its getting very wet here just when we were going for our walk oh well thats irish summer

4 years ago

4 years ago


Hi there 'chatterer's,
                            Another weekend bites the dust,amazing how fast they go round.

I haven't done any more in the garden,not been up to it.
But boy those weeds do spring up quick.
My sister in law said when they came up Wednesday and came round to back door a squirrel was leaning against it on my step sunbathing!!!!  lol
Soon took off when it saw her.
Been very cloudy so more rain on the way I think.
Typical English summer !!!!!

4 years ago

Lily - great graphics - is 101 C (38 C) on the ramp back door - which means hotter in the garden  - reason I am inside.

Lynn that is terrible - prayers your way!

Hi Brenda -

Mary - so you had fun?

Barbara - great video - thanks for sharing

Having music SUNDAY today so just signing petitions etc right now.

4 years ago

Hi Lynn so sad when this kind of illness strikes i will pray for him and his wife hi Barb thanks for the video hi Brenda and Lily i hope your having a great day hi Val how are you?Grandkids just gone i'm having a cuppa and going through some threads love and hugs

4 years ago

Lily I still get a lot of sparrows here in my garden, when I did "The Garden Watch" I counted 30 in 1 hour.

Hello Val.

Hello Barbara, thank you for the video.

Lynn so sorry to hear about your friend's husband, I will think of both of them.

4 years ago

That is terrible Lynn and these things seem to happen to the nicest people.I only hope and pray one day they will find a cure for all these things

4 years ago

Barb, thank you so much. They will need all the prayers that they can get.  This is for all of you!

4 years ago

Hi Everyone! 

Hi Lynn I will keep your friend and husband in my daily prayers.

Love and big hugs.

4 years ago

Hello everyone   I hope you had a great 4th!  It is always too loud for me and the birds.

Here is the Puffin Burrow with a new chick!  Don't forget to watch the chick daily!

4 years ago

This has to be short because I just heard some terrible news about my friend's husband. He has multiple myeloma (cancer of the spine) and this morning woke up in terrible pain....couldn't get out of bed. Long story short; he's in the hospital, paralized from the waist down. This is permanent. He's had one chemo treatment and needs to go twice a week for the rest. Please pray for him. They're a wonderful couple who constantly traveled all over the world. Now this.

4 years ago
93 yikes!!!!! I would fade away,it is still over 80 in the fish tank.
It has been raining a bit and very cloudy now.
Early it was very windy but seems to have dropped some now.went over shop after it stopped raining but wore my mac to be on the safe side,hate getting caught in it.
Makes it darker outside than usual.
Brenda haven't seen any sparrows here lately apart from an odd one.

Used to be a family of 6 at least every day,they say they are in decline,looks like it.

Years ago saw nothing much but them.

The woodpeckers are now visiting every day never used to see them at one time.

Still haven't seen the fox ,guess he's moved on unless he comes when I am not looking for him but I can't stand there forever.

Hope nothing has happened to him because they will come out where the traffic is.
But I don't think he has because it is near the railway and I think that's where the dens are.

No Val no air conditioning but I have electric fan if it gets too hot in here.

Got a couple of windows open.

This flat gets all the sun in kitchen and living room but in bedroom and bathroom etc it doesn't so it is cooler there.


4 years ago

Lynn - thanks for the new thread and so great you got to get out!!!!!

Wendy - thanks for celebrating with us -   and forThey must be desperate teh info re the spammers - but WTF?    They must be desperate with the doctor outfits - But MD's do not have the time for Care2~

Sue - thanks - hope yours was nice

Lily - great dog photo.   I put out suet sometimes now - I can't se the birds cuz of where it is but Bootsie Cat can - I believe you do not have air conditioning there - we only have 2 window units and we need it - outside is somewht overcast on and off but is 93 F ( 34 C) right now which means the garden area is hotter - I watered today but didn't get out for anything else. 

Mary - see under Lily - and good luck with the grandkids!

Brenda - we lately just have birds here - even without the suet cuz all we have are green weeds instead of lawn an the birds love it!

4 years ago

Hi Wendy good luck with the grandchildren tonight, have fun! Hope your weekend is good.

4 years ago

hI Wendy Sue Lily Lynn Brenda ,Lynn it sounds like you had a lovely day with Andi its great to get a surprise visit i know how it is Brenda i feed the birds too but some are much greedier ,like people i suppose ,Lily its pouring rain here but still warm not a bit like ireland ,i hope your fox comes back thanks for the spammer warning Wendy i hope its better weather where you are morning Sue how are things with you ?i am trying babysitting both my grandchildren tonight so wish me luck have a great weekend everyone

4 years ago

Happy 4th July Wendy. Thanks for the information about the spammers. Have a good weekend. Hugs.

Cute picture Sue. Happy 4th July.

Lily hope you visit to your brother went well, it must have been a hot and tiring journey on the train. I can't believe the weather we have had and now comes the rain again for the next 10 days it will either be vey cloudy or showers there is supposed to be a thunderstorm on Tuesday here. The fox and the hedgehog must be feeding somewhere else, I hope they come back to you. I have just got a box of fat balls and a load of peanuts. There are so many starlings now the poor sparrows hardly get a look in.

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                   Been hot here again but we had a slight rainfall.
We need that because the plants and trees dry up.
I was too tired to sit here long last night after my travelling to see my brother.
It is over 80 in my kitchen and fish tank at the moment.
Been too hot to do gardening or anything else come to that.
Glad you had  a nice time with your family Lynn.
Brenda I haven't seen the fox or hedgehogs lately but they may come round when I am not looking!! I won't put food out unless I see one of them because of the rat.
That cat was round earlier looked at me as much to say' are you putting anything out?
I just got in another load of fat balls and suet blocks.
Those starlings are making short work of them.
4 years ago

Hope everyone is enjoying 4th July celebrations, I am raising my glass now to say Happy Independence Day America x x x x x x 

Hate to put a "downer" on the celebrations , but thought I would show you some of the "Doctor Spammers" trying to spoil care2 for us . Keep a look out for avatars such as the ones I will show you , but do that over the weekend, if you see one report him/her as a spammer, we can keep care2 for us if we all know what we are looking for, have a fab weekend, and copy the spammers photos, to pass on to all you know, hope you have a great 4th July, chat soon , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx >>>>> spammers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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4 years ago

4 years ago

Last post in thread #19:

Hi everyone,

I've been busy the last couple of days and could only get on for a minute or two. Yesterday my granddaughter Andi, picked me up to go presumably back to her house to spend the day. When I opened the door to her she gave me her usual big, bone cracking hug and then after looking at me with my long sleeved shirt and matching slacks (she keeps her house very cold due to all the cakes she makes), she said "Go change your clothes". I asked her why and she said "You'll be too hot in those clothes where we're going". When I asked where, she said "You'll see".

So I changed my clothes to a short sleeved shirt and linen pants and got in the car. We drove a while and wound up at Hollywood Beach, with the boardwalk that has eateries and snack places, bicyclists riding bikes, people roller blading and for once, sunny skies.  There were a lot of people on the beach. Boy, did I need that! I had been cooped up in the house for almost two weeks and I had cabin fever.

We ate outside because even though it was hot, there was a lovely breeze.  We had lunch at an Italian restaurant and then walked a little further down the boardwalk (it's really pink bricks) and had a soft ice cream cone which promptly melted all over us in the heat. Then Trent played in the splash pad. Water sprouting up and wetting whoever was in the blue area. He had a ball. All in all, it was a great day and one that I sorely needed.

To my US friends, have a happy 4th of July. To those who aren't from the US, have a wonderful weekend!  Love you all.

4 years ago


any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!


Link to Chatter Box #19 for those who haven't seen it all....

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