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4 years ago

Lynn ----- SO HAPPY to hear you have it removed now! That was quick actually, since you got the news. I don't know how long it took and what exactly was done, but I'm guessing it was frozen off... is that right?  I agree with Wendy - this too will pass and you will be back to yourself soon. We are all entitled to feel the blues sometimes... only natural, especially when we hurt. Pulling out of the blues after a bit is the important part and sometimes that can be difficult. Just cuddle with your precious Mandy, sip some tea or whatever you like to sip, and think of ALL YOUR FRIENDS SENDING YOU LOTS OF LOVE, LIGHT, and ENERGY ~~~~~~~

Yes Lily, turning the thread can be a 'pain' with all that scrolling up and down! Sometimes my computer will freeze doing that.   Val, I usually write little notes too -- none of us can memorize everything and we probably would end up getting everyone mixed up with what was going on!  Hee hee... what a strain on the brain and not much fun. SOOOOOOO..... I am going to make a new thread tonight! (unless I talk too long)

Val, now we have you to send LOVE, LIGHT, and ENERGY to also. Take it easy... good you've finished the lawn, and forget about the weeds (I am too) because I think the fairies love to hide in them! Hope hubby is okay. There is so much going on in the world I bet he's glued to TV.... (I am watching it too).  

Lily, sounds like you really had a great visit with Les. I bet he appreciates those goodies you take to him... and good for you telling the girl about him needing to eat more! I look forward to seeing those videos and I am going to have to try out that jibjab thingy as it sounds like Wendy really enjoyed it. Hey... Val had a good idea about getting  some credit for the time you haven't had your hookup! Hope those storms aren't too bad.

Wendy, WOWEEE... you are just about off and running towards the Jersey Boys! You sound all organized and ready. I can hardly wait to hear about your fun trip! Hope you can take pictures and post them for us. You sound so excited and I'm really smiling for you. You are going to have such a wonderful time... and enjoy every minute of it!

Sue, I hope you are okay... no storms, no stinking hot weather... you have probably posted on another thread or two. I am so behind! My emails have not been checked for some time.

Mary, we're thinking of you and hope you are having a relaxing and fun time.... or maybe you are back and relaxing that way. I know we'll here from you in due course.

Barb, Brenda, Sandi, Angel... and all other sisters and brothers, hope all is well with you as we head into another weekend.


4 years ago

Hi friends, yes I went to see Les today,he was fine.

I took him some of those little sausage rolls and some strawberries.
There was a nice girl on today,I got a cup of tea straight away and 2 biscuits
Les had the same.
later I got another cup!!! 
When she brought Les's sandwiches round I said that's not much for a man his size. and she came back with some more also a  fruit yogurt.
So he had quite a bit while I was there.
We were looking at some more old photos of his and there are some I hadn't seen before also ones I had forgotten about!
I  have borrowed some to copy so I will be able to show you some after I get them on here.
I got the dvd's back which I had those camcorder tapes put on.

One there with me and Bobby the labrador,

I will have to film some clips of it with my camera. to put on here on YouTube.
i did not get home until about 8.30pm tonight so have been trying to catch up a bit.
it was hot today but not too bad on trains ,the 2nd train though was very hot but thankfully I only go two stops on that one.
We are expecting storms probaly starting tomorrow (bound to as I want to go shopping!!)

Cute puppy  _4_  Goodnight.jpg 

4 years ago

Lynn, glad the worst part is over for you, now you have to get better, try to remember each day that passes takes you nearer to feeling better, that painful time will be gone, imagine it in the closed palm of you hand, - then open your hand, blow it away, - gone. take time but don't allow yourself, to get to low, it is all the harder to get back up, thinking of you sending love hugs well wishes  x x x x  x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lily hope your visit with your Brother went well? what was the weather like? it was very warm here today, hope the staff were nice this time too, x x x x  x

Cheryl, I looked at all the great photos and info you posted, I was the same, I got caught up in reading about WW1 too, the stories, I still haven't gotten over the fact Care2 didn't do a card, I know they gave than you notes for taking part, I actually asked on the care2 support thread, , I just assumed a card would be out, but no, not one specifically for 1914 - 18 war 100 years on ?, still I gathered my own info, then messaged everyone . 

I got caught up in the "granny knows best thread"  too !-, I love sharing photos, I just hope everyone else enjoys them too.

Val hope you are ok, love all your creations, I will be ordering some things, once summer is past, hope thats ok?

Well I am all set for tomorrow, had my hair cut, bought a new dress, car is sound, shopping done, freezer full , for Luke and Charlotte, who are cat sitting, cat food cupboard stocked, including cat treats, phew! this is one night, + a day+half away from home,->

reminds me of when the kids were small, the check list of what to cancell, what to remember, it became like a military operation !!!

Well need to hunt for my decent shoes, have a great weekend every one, will let you know how it went - Jersey Boys and London we are all ready , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


4 years ago

Well good job it is out Lynn thankfully.
As you say it is in  a tender spot but hopefully will heal up quickly.

Although it will be difficult not to do some things as you say like smiling so you had better keep out of the joke threads for a while.
I will be going to see my brother tomorrow all being well so not staying up.


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4 years ago

Hi everybody, I'll make this short because I'm a bit uncomfortable.

I had the pre-cancer spot removed yesterday and because of the area that it's in, it's very uncomfortable when I move my mouth. So that means eating, smiling, laughing, yawning (you get the picture) is quite uncomfortable. At least it's out and that's all that counts. It could have been much worse, so I'm lucky.

Having a bout of the blues so if you don't hear from me often, that's why. I will post pictures, videos and such without any chatter, though.

Love to everyone and thank you all for caring enough to ask about my boo-boo! ♥

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4 years ago

Lily that video jibjab is hilarious, thank you ,>  now I know what i would look like with curly hair.

Val glad you liked the info, the candle site is lovely isn't it.

Hey Sue I put some sweets for you on the "Granny knows best thread" and kitchens for Cheryl, will add more when I get time.

Lynn hope you get on alright, re- removal of the growth ? will be sore, thinking of you ,  x x x x x x

Hello Brenda and Angel, hello Mary if you are back, ? 

love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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4 years ago

Lily - the jibjag is great - thanks - that is horrible about the phone - make sure you tell them that you want your next bill to be pro-rated for the days you were without it - has worked for me with my net before - as for the posts - either way I have to write notes to myself so I remember who said what - so either way is OK with me -

4 years ago

Cheryl it is my phone company that is at fault,phones are still not on .

Fed up waiting they take long enough.
I can't say I like the posts flipped this way because you have to keep going to top to see what others have posted so unless you have got an excellent memory as to what has been posted that's what you have to do to reply to stuff.

So I cant remember what has been said up there and I haven't time now to go up and down,sorry.

I think we did this once before and Lynn had to flip them back.

4 years ago

Cheryl - thanks for the laugh bout Sue - I don't get up and check though cuz I have those thoughts usually in the middle of the night - I see the MD next week - still having problems thanks and also for flipping the thread.

Lily - so sorry about the phone - no emergencies - OK!     Love your graphics.  Never heard of an electric mower - gas powered - thanks - the weed wacker is electric but haven't been using that - did finish the rest of the lawn yesterday - still tons of weeds-

Lynn - thanks for sharing - tht is great that he is named after your uncle

Wendy - thank you for all that info and pictures - and for the link to the candles - I always seem to lose that one -

Angel - great to see you stopping by -

Sue, Brenda and everyone else I forgot!   Happy Wednesday!

4 years ago

Oh SUE... I got into bed and the thought struck me... "Did I answer Sue?" I had to come back to check, and I didn't! It was in my head but I didn't add it in my previous post. I'm so sorry! I hope the problem with your posting and receiving messages is fixed.... what is going on with all these C2 problems? It does seem that every time there is a maintenance "fix" it's worse when we can get back on. Sheesh! 

Okay, now I can go back to bed!

4 years ago

Hi everyone! This will be a quick visit and I need to catch up on this and other threads. But I glanced through ~~

Lily, gosh I hope your connections are fixed by now (I didn't see what happened to cause that but I'm sure you posted it in here). Pics are so good! I will catch up on the videos tomorrow.

Val, I sure hope you are feeling much better -- it's so hard to do anything when we hurt so much! I am sending love, energy, and prayers~~~~

Lynn, at least you know what's going on and what has to be done. I'm sure it's stressful for you though. I think there is a Fatigue Flu going around because I have that too! How long is it going to be before you can see that doctor? I am sending you love, energy, and prayers too. Here they come ~~~~~

Wendy, your pics are wonderful, and the cat, dog, and chickens are priceless! I know you've posted info re WW1 and I will find that tomorrow. I'll also make a new thread as this one is soooooo long.   

Hi Angel, Brenda, Barb, Sandi and everyone else I haven't named personally. I just hate missing someone's name... and that doesn't mean I'm not thinking of ya!

Goodnight all..... see you tomorrow. Sleep well, heal, and feel better for the morn.


4 years ago

My internet still on so far but not the phones,Hope they fix them soon.
Raining here now,I put food out for the fox (or cat who pinches it) but it will probably get washed away before they come for it.
Hopefully it will be dry on Thursday as I want to visit my brother again.
The gardens need the rain though after such a hot spell.

4 years ago

Hope your internet connection and phones are fixed soon, Lily,

Cheryl have added more photos to the commemorating WW1 thread, hello Sue Lynn, Brenda, Val, hope you are all ok, gosh I am tired today, so forgive my short post, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

My internet has been off since the weekend and just come on so getting in quick in case it goes off again'

My phones are still not working fed up with it all this time#Back late rif it doesn't go off again

4 years ago

I had to turn the thread as it started feezing on me.

Lynn -- you must have posted while I was doing the other thread! I will copy your post over to that thread. How absolutely tragic, Lynn. But how proud you all must be of him. Age 21 and he had experienced what most - hopefully - will never go through.  

4 years ago

I lit a candle. It was for my uncle, my mother's brother who was injured and died on November 10, 1918, one day before Armistice Day, the day the war ended. He was shot in the groin on Nov. 9th and died the next day. He was 21 years old. He was memorialized in a certificate signed by General Pershing and posthumously received the Medal of Honor. My son Steve, who was named for my uncle, has the medal and the certificate. Here's the medal and certificate.

4 years ago

RE - this link to light a candle, when you click on the link, it will take you to the page where candles are lit,

> scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see "home" - for home page, click on that, it will take you to the page with various headings, - click "light candles" then follow what is written from there,

it is a lovely site, with prayers and info , you can light a candle for any purpose, - person - or pet  > here is the link again >>>>

This is the Link if anyone wants to light a candle for anyone, for any reason  x x


Just a couple of pics, for commemoration of WW1 - p.s  I lit a candle already to remember, those who fought, died and suffered in this terrible war WW1-







British and German troops play football during the Christmas Day truce in 1914










Commemorating the start of WW1, light a candle at 10pm tonight
4 years ago


A US Navy Curtiss Model H Sea Plane of the First World War. Memorial to First American Airman Killed in WW1 Unveiled in Ireland

Bantry Bay, Cork, Ireland:  A monument to US naval aviator Walford August Anderson, killed in an … [Read More...]

Natatorium 1 National Trust Designates Endangered Hawaii Natatorium Memorial A “National Treasure”

The memorial to those from Hawaii who served their country during the First World War has been … [Read More...]

-894f7b3d5504b070 Coleman, Michigan Unveils Life-Size Native American Doughboy Statue

    As part of Memorial Day 2014 observances, a life-sized bronze statue … [Read More...]

Today remembering.
4 years ago


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4 years ago

4 years ago
Hi Friends,
              Still haven't got my phones fixed,hope it won't be long as they are my lifeline,I can only use the typetalk phone to call people,the other one is the landline which is used on my fax machine and also the internet provider has this number.
If there was an emergency I don't know what I would do at the moment without that phone.
because no one would know.
Cut some hedges   as weather was still fine but so many weeds again I left those.
not wearing myself out with them.
Val hope you aren't mowing that wet grass with an electric mower!!

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4 years ago

Wow - so many people with connection issues - mine are fine - just having trouble sitting too long - mowed today but only got about 1/2 of it done - is so thick, tall and wet - either tomorrow or probably Tuesday will do the rest - Happy Friendship today and every day!

4 years ago

Lily nice photos and vid, you should add them to the group family thread I did, so we can keep track, then when the hosts close the thread , they can put a link to the previous one, if you see what i mean, hope I am not going to be lonely over there in that thread



This is the Link if anyone wants to light a candle for anyone, for any reason  x x

So to all here,- Happy Friendship Day,- love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



4 years ago

And his big brothers Shane and Jamie both in their 20's now......

4 years ago

He is around 16 now...........

4 years ago

Here is a short clip of my late niece's youngest boy..... got it from those old camcorder cassettes I have.......

4 years ago

4 years ago

Wendy, love your Indian pictures.

Hello Val.

Sue, hope Care2 is working properly for you today.

Lily, sorry you are having so much trouble, hope you don't have to wait until Thursday for it to be fixed. Oh and thanks for saving me the trouble of calling the police she says laughing. Love that cute puppy.

4 years ago

Hi well if the fault is there it may not be fixed until Thursday!!!  according to what they said.
just hope my typetalk phone will work

The one that is used for internet aol is the one that isn't working but internet is on! so dont know really,it is something in network I guess.



4 years ago
Hi Friends,
                   I have phone trouble at the moment ,not working so I have had to contact BT (Phone people) I hope they can fix it as I rely on my phone for emergencies.
The internet went off a few times today too so if that was off as well I can't contact anyone.
always something!!!
so if I am amongst  the missing you will know why (NO NEED TO PHONE POLICE BRENDA  LOL)  
I hate it when things go wrong like that as I never know what to do,never had to worry about stuff like that in the past as my husband would see to it.

4 years ago

Just popping in between storms to say that Care2 is not working properly.  The posting times are off and no group posts are being mailed to me.  This started intermittently after the last maintenance when the site was offline, now it's every group and every post that is affected.  Hope everyone is well.  Maybe have better luck to be online tomorrow.

4 years ago

Love the Native American graphics - and thanks evercyoe

Lily - it was a malware thing attached to something else I had downloaded - got it off - thanks.  

Was posting a puzzle so will post here too - Marmelade and my yawnign Bootsie Boo -

Click to Mix and Solve

just popping in to say have a great weekend everyone
4 years ago




4 years ago

4 years ago

In answer to one of your questions Wendy yes I remember people doing that to their doorsteps
and my mother used to do round bottom of grate of our old kitchen stove.

Stuff used to dry white 

It was an old stove from them days ,you could boil kettles on it or roast chestnuts!
And at the front was a little door when open you could toast bread on a fork there.
Coke or coal was put in to keep it going.
Val hope you got the virus sorted, your security should do that anyway.
mine has got rid of them in the past and any trojans etc.
hope your back is better.

Earwig Sue yuk!!!
Some years ago on holiday we took a chalet out for a week at the seaside and we were plagued by them in the house.
they had to come round spraying the walls outside but it spoiled the holiday knowing those things were crawling around inside.

Cheryl hope you had  a good read in bed,me I wouldn't get past the second page I would be too tired.
Never been one for reading in bed though,I used to read a lot years ago but not these days other than the papers and magazines.
On here most of my spare time that's why.
Lynn I am sorry you are going to have to have that removed by your lips, it will be sore but has to be done,you are unlucky that's for sure.

Going to bed now  as it is already early hours!

This is such a gorgeous puppy.....


4 years ago

Strange your pic wasn't showing when I first looked and I guessed which actor you meant so found a pic and then comingback yours was now showing!!!!
well the actor is Robert Donat,I liked a newer version though with Kenneth More .

Here is the pic I found...


4 years ago

Ahh Val, sorry your back is hurting, and sorry your computer has a virus grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I remember mine having that flippin flash ......., hope you feel better soon, and you are soon virus free, or your computer is I should say, x x x x x

Lily , I was looking at old photos , for the "did your gran know..............."

I came accross thisphoto, - now I don't know the actors name, but he was starring in the film, "the 39 steps" -great film, well this photo of the actor, reminded me so much of your brother's pic , that you shared, I just had to post it here, see what you think, - first night everyone , night Lily, I will check in tomos, see have you had chance to look at the photo, love hugs x wendy k & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

the photo Lily , what do you think ?

4 years ago

Thanks everyone - back is bad - and worse is now have a virus on my pc - -yes Sue - know what to do and doing it - be back when I can ya'll

4 years ago

Wendy, love your post.  I planned to catch up in this thread today, but thanks to the 3 1/2 hour line of thunderstorms passing over us had to go offline.  More storms coming, I can always tell, get that awful headache as an advanced warning.  How damp has it been here?  Made a fresh pot of coffee and was about to pour a cup when I noticed something in the pot, an EARWIG!  Am currently boiling water in a saucepan and using the cone filter to make a cup at a time.  Now have to sterilize the coffee pot and kettle as I don't know where that little bugger came from.  We have been inundated with bugs this summer with all the rain.   Will try again tomorrow to catch up here.  In too much of a bad mood to try today.

4 years ago

Running late eek!!, love your photos Lily, and your brothers, , I have framed my son's photo, put on the frame "Johnny Depp dressed as Luke !" he he he 

Val glad you are ok, so glad the fall wasn't more serious, I will have to ask the angels to make you a cushion, from their feathers, to make sure you always have a soft landing, if (hopefully you wont) fall again

Cheryl hope you read all your books? ,

I put a photo on the "photos that take your breath away" thread, explaining how Britain is acknowledging the start of WW1, people have been requested to , -on 4th August 10pm to turn all the lights off for one hour, and to light a candle, to remember the start of WW1,

it is ok to leave another light on, say the tv, or light from the computer /laptop,

infact there is talk , that all ok Europe will be in Darkness , for the hour. So hope it works out,

if you are on "Facebook" please spread the word, I have tweeted , any way have a look at the photo I posted, on the other thread

I have some photos for the thread "Did your Granny know best...etc" love your photos there Cheryl

Lily do you remember anyone staining & polishing their front door step?

Sue snap I nearly chocked on a "gobstopper too", hated them after,  loved reading what you remembered, will chat on the other thread re- memories.

Brenda hellooo do join in on the gran thread tell us your memories

Well , back to today, I had a quick tidy up today, early! ,

as I was going out to lunch, -just down in the village, to visit my friend Marilyn,

We live so close to each other, yet I only see her once every 6 months!

We had a great gossip, catching up on all the goings on, gossiped about all the "movers and shakers" in the village,- what the "Parish Council" was up to,.

we were laughing so much, Marilyn's husband popped into the kitchen, "to collect the eggs we must surely have laid" .

We promised each other  to meet up once a month at least, and now I am not working the crazy shifts I used to work, we just might be able to achieve that.

It is soooo good to catch up, I have gotten out of the habit sort of, but now I am determined to get back into the habit !!.

well cats are all looking at me as if to say, well where is our treat ? so I had better go and find them a turkey strip treat....

forgot to say hello to Angel x x

oh when we had finished lunch, I heard a noise , and look who I saw , looking in the window, for attention--chat soon, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>

Marilyn's crew >>The new kitten Popsy -could get in, through her cat flap , sooo funny >>>Embedded image permalink

4 years ago

Hi, everybody!

Wow, I love all those pictures. I'll have to post some of mine.

The dermatologist's office called me yesterday morning with the results of the biopsy. It's pre cancer and needs to be removed. I have an appointment Tuesday afternoon. Most likely he'll burn it off with nitrous oxide. It's in such a tender spot..right in the corner of my lips and it hurts when I open my mouth wide like to yawn or eat a big sandwish. I have to squish down the bread on the sandwish so I can fit it in my mouth.

I've been very tired these last few days, so I'll make this short. I will look now for some pictures for you all to see me before my bionic days.

Val, I hope you're very much better very soon. My prayers are with you!

Lily, your brother looks like Hercule Poirot apprehending a criminal. lol  Love the picture of you in your flowery outfit and the one with your gorgeous cat. Pictures and movies bring back such great memories.

I have 7 minutes until Care2 shut down time, so I'll be leaving now. See you all tomorrow!

4 years ago

Good evening ladies and gents! The Care2 site is going down in about 40 mins. So we all have to find something else to do... lots of choices but it's too dang hot here to do many of them! It was about 33c (about 91F) by supper time and I don't like it at all!

Val, I sure hope you are able to get around okay. Sometimes we feel worse the second day after a fall! What a time for bunny to come out... probably was happy to see you but sure didn't mean to cause the fall. Sending some healing thoughts your way ~~~~~~~~~~

Lily, that looks like quite the cosy outfit and it definitely must be Spring or summer time at that moment. You look very nice and like you're having a good time.

I'll say goodnight to everyone as we're getting shut down soon. Love you all!
dd I'm going to take a stack of books with me to bed, turn up the fan, get some big juicy bing cherries and a cup of tea..... but I'm going to have to borrow someone's cat or dog (gee I miss that).


4 years ago

You'd think I was going to a flower show here lol
some years ago


4 years ago

Lily - so great you got to see your brother and great photo.  The problem with the ramp is that I had the cane flying around and the ramp has railings taht the cane and mail bag all got caught up in - to be honest - int he 2-3 seconds it probably took - I ws falling forward - got stuck on things nd ended up hitting my left side and was on the bottom on the serrated ramp on my left leg and butt cheek.   Back still hurting - I guess I should say worse than usual.   However, things could have been a lot worse - no broken bone or big cuts and I just have to laugh - I must have looked like a clown doing a juggling act and missed -

Wendy - good pics and great song - am OK - thanks.

Cheryl - saw the rabbit just the other day under there but was sunny - that day was overcsst - now - it has cooled down BUT we are drenched in wet rain and need the sunfor the veggies' to grow - I must have moved back to Oregon without knowing it -

Hello everyone - off to work on etsy some more  - have a new/old idea floating around -

4 years ago

Hello Wendy, Lily, Cheryl and Sandi.

4 years ago

and SANDI -- I hope you are doing well -- I DIDN'T FORGET YOU!

Wednesday - will turn to Thursday in 5 mins!
4 years ago

Hi everyone!

So glad to see so many here and active -- not so good with all the aches, pains, bruises and crazeeeeeee weather! Wow, we really are quite the bunch, aren't we?! But at least we can sympathize with one another because we all have something that hurts -- or might hurt at any given moment!

Lynn, you really are a bionic woman! I didn't know you had hip and knee replacement, along with all those other things you put up with, and we rarely hear a peep from you! You are an inspiration to all of us and we love you for that too! You are a strong, smart, amazing woman who fights back all those aches and pains. But NEVER be afraid to tell us when they are really really bad because that's when we can send healing thoughts -- that goes for every one of us as well! The writing about where people were and what they were doing to not be at work on 9/11 always affects me.... so strange such little things happened to avert such a terrible happening in not only their lives, but their families, neighbours, friends.... so many other people around them.

Wendy, love the songs you posted! Takes me way baaaack..... makes me want to dance too! Glad to hear that June is moving on with other groups. We wish her well, of course. Strange about your weather -- heat "unbearable" and I saw pics of the floods there on the news. So glad about your blood test! Yippee! I have been putting off going for mine and I need to smarten up! You have encouraged me. AND THE JERSEY BOYS... you and sister are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Oh my gosh..... staying in a fancy place and you will be rockin'!! We have to hear all about this experience..... please!

Sue, what nutsy weather you're having! Yes, global warming is so apparent all over the world and some leaders don't want to do anything! Arrrrgh. So sad to hear about the 100 year old Oak tree.... I just hate it when things happen to trees, like the big one I used to have in my backyard -- it cracked in half from a storm and they cut everything down. I had to go out when they did that -- couldn't watch. But I got back in time to ask for a few of the stumps. I have flowers on top of them.

Val, that is so funny what your hubby said after seeing that great movie... no guns, etc. It was good to take him away from the awful world news for a while.  Glad to hear it has cooled down somewhat for you.... a nice break.... but speaking of "breaks" it's a good thing you didn't break anything from that fall. We never know what's going to happen from moment to moment. Love pic of your lovely dog! Sure hope you haven't bruised too badly. Crazy rabbit, eh?! 

Lily -- so sorry about the "loaches" -- I thought you said "roaches" What super videos you've taken. I totally fell in love with that gorgeous cat. He or she is just the sweetest, funny, playful, loving little cat. I'm sure you do miss all that kitty lovin'. Love your stories about the fox and the cat and who ate what before the other one got there! Glad you had such a great time with your brother.

Hi Angel and Brenda and everyone else I haven't personally named. We know that our Mary is probably off having a wonderful time and she deserves it. We want pics when she gets back, and you too Wendy!

I think this has become a really BIG post so I better try to do just that right now. GOOD NIGHT ALL, SLEEP WELL AND HOPEFULLY PAIN FREE!

4 years ago


4 years ago

I went to see my brother ,he was fine.I took him ham rolls again.
there was different staff on to last week and I got tea this time.
She brought round a tray with a little teapot,milk jug and cup and saucer.Also biscuits ,I had one and gave the rest to Les.
Later they brought round little ice cream cornets and I got one  too!

And even a bit later when they brought his tea round gave me another cup of tea but I let it get cold as I forgot about it as I was showing him some photos.She even asked me if I wanted some sandwiches but I didn't because I had those rolls too.

That woman is nice but I suppose next week it will be someone else and I wont even get one!!

It was hot and sunny but not too bad on the trains and the journey was quite quick.

4 years ago

My brother used to like dressing up Wendy and taking the photos of himself;

Here's one from years ago....


For all our sisters and brothers here x x x
4 years ago

Hello everyone,
4 years ago

Fab vids, Lily love them, and your photos /graphics that you post xxxx

love that story Lynn re- 9/11, sonsorry to hear of the pain you have been in, hey, but bionic is good xxxx

Sue your right with the mad weather , it doesn't help aches and pains at all.

Val glad all good , love the dog, "ok mom lets go !%#&!*%

hello all who visit here, Cheryl, here are the photos of my youngest son,and his best friend Tom  in "fancy dress" remember I told you , they went to a film buffs screening of,

"fear and loathing in L.A">

Seeing as though I have my album out, here is my youngest son Luke & friend Tom dressed up,

Luke was dressed as Johnny Depp, and Tom was Johnny Depp's manager in the film, " Fear and loathing in "L.A".  >a weird film, but very funny, depending on your sense of humour, the film is as they say "very far out", but Luke and Tom had a great night out, at a special screening for film buffs , >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..,the photos were uploaded from his mobile - chat soon love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


                                LUKE             (photos uploaded from phone)

luke kelly

4 years ago

mmm must be a group problem then strange

4 years ago

Just want to see if this will post here because having trouble posting it in Elvis group so dont know if there is a problem


4 years ago
Hi friends,
             I may go to see my brother tomorrow  depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning.
Got my trapped nerve in my arm playing up again too,dont need that as well as the usual problems.
Yep we are all full of trouble lately.
Val hope you aren't too bruised,I dread the thought of ever falling over ,have in the past slipped outside here and the bigger you are the harder you fall  lol
4 years ago

Everything here is wonderful - just no time any more to address everyone individually - but fantastic videos, photos, graphics etc - and Lynn so sorry about all that is wrong with your back -

Was going to put this in this laughter thread but will post it here since buzzing by tonight -

Who can manage to have a leash attached to a dog, a bag for the mail, keys and a cane in their hands - when a bunny darts out from under the ramp? Me that's who - well still have marks on the ramp on my leg and you gotta laugh! And praying I am not all black and blue on my left side and back tonight - though the thumb nail that got bent all the way back in the middle does hurt - yup started at the top of the ramp and ended with the marks on the bottom - boy am I talented!

 photo 4d6f959f-520c-4059-b5d5-f4a96fa4860d_zps02af6ea5.jpg

4 years ago

Aargh, still trying to catch up.  We have had very strange weather this summer.  Sunday we had an entire months rain in one day.  Tornado touched down not too far away toppling 100 year old oak trees and damaging many cars and houses.  We had a 3 1/2 hour thunderstorm, a whole string of them I think, that seemed to be right over us.  Beautiful lightening and such loud thunder kept me off the computer.  Loud enough to shake the entire apartment building and got the heart pumping for sure.  The last few days have been so cold since that storm, I'm covered in goosebumps all the time.  Usually the temps are in the 30's centigrade at this time of year with high humidity.  Climate change is definitely upon us and we are now warned of a hotter than usual August and September.  Well they did say that for the whole summer and it didn't happen yet.

Hope everyone is not in too much pain, the older I get the more aches and pains there are.  What a bunch we are, falling apart at the seams, now where is that fountain of youth I keep hearing about?  Either that or a painkiller that doesn't make things worse.  My headache tells me another storm is on the way so will have to catch up another day.  Which day that will be is anyone's guess.

4 years ago

Here's another old one,never did have much luck with Guppies though

4 years ago
4 years ago

The above video is the loaches when I first had them,they were the same size then now one is almost twice the size of the other one
Had them 10 years now

4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago
4 years ago

Next time you are irritated about little things that go wrong - remember the following.

                               Something toPonder

~The 'T E' Things in Life~

As you might remember, the head of a company survived 9/11 he was running late: Because his son started kindergarten that morning. 

Another fellow was alive because it was  His turn to bring donuts. 

One woman was late because her  Alarm clock didn't go off in time. 

One was late because of being stuck on the NJ Turnpike Because of an auto accident. 

One of them  Missed his bus. 

One spilled food on her clothes and had to take Time to change. 

One's  Car wouldn't start. 

One couldn't  Get a taxi. 

The one that struck me was the man who put on a new pair of shoes that morning, took the various means to get to work, but before he got there, he developed a blister on his foot. He stopped at a drugstore to buy a Band-Aid.  That is why he is alive today. 

Now when I am Stuck in traffic, Miss an elevator, Turn back to answer a ringing telephone, All the little things that annoy me. I think to myself, 
This is exactly where I was meant to be At this very moment..

Next time your morning seems to be Going wrong.. You can't seem to find the car keys, You hit every traffic light, Don't get mad or frustrated; May be just that there is a reason for this that is unknown to you! May you continue to be blessed with all those annoying little things And may you remember that there may be a possible purpose. 


4 years ago

Hi, everyone!

Wendy, in my heart I knew you wouldn't
leave the group. You're a good, loyal friend to everyone. How wonderful that you're sister is 5 years cancer free and that you're going to fete her with a special congratulatory party. Theater tickets and a stay at a! I understand Jersey Boys is terrific. It won so many Tony awards when it was on Broadway for such a long time. The singers sound just like Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons originals. Have a marvelous time, love.

Lily, I love the white cat. She reminds me of Fluffy, the white angora we had many years ago. Thick white fur, chartreuse eyes, pink ears and a pink nose. She thought she was a dog. Took a little ball out of the drawer, dropped it, waited for you to pick it up and throw it and then ran and fetched it and brought it back, dropped it at your feet to start all over again. So adorable.

Val, I think I'd bore you if I named all the things wrong with my back but the major ones are degenerative disc disease, scoliosis (curvature of the spine, slowly getting worse), osteoporosis, arthritis all over my body and the worst thing....a misaligned pelvis which happened a couple of years ago. I've also had a total hip replacement and total knee replacement - one on each side. Which, of course, makes me a bionic woman!! Yay!!!! Are you sorry you asked?

4 years ago

Hi Wendy thought I would catch up with you before the maintenance starts (hopefully) knowing my luck it will probably go off in the middle of this.
No never tried the cinnamon,I don't like taking different stuff in case it interferes with my medications.

They haven't been too bad today.
just seen the fox eat the food out there so the black cat missed out tonight,haven't seen it anyway.
well good on you if you have lost weight,doubt if I will with my chocolate addiction  lol
oh well got to have some comforts in my old age!!!
just going to put the second video of the white cat on 

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4 years ago

Hello everyone, wow, so many Birthdays, (in our family), couple of crisis's, they all made me dizzy - .

I am sorry I mentioned leaving, I didn't mean I would leave, just meant if anyone was unhappy I had mentioned June, - in no way was I trying to be "the great I am".

Last word on the subject of June, she is ok, and asked me not to get involved in her troubles, for my sake, but is not leaving care2, and will move on, with the other groups she is a member of, I am still her friend, but not involved with, ? whatever, at least though I can say Bye to everyone for her . - That's it!!!


The heat here has been unbearable,- I am suprised I am still here, and not a puddle on the floor . An ex Wendy, he he he, - reference to "Monty Python"  re- ex- parrot sketch  .

there have been terrible storms, hail , flooding, lightning, yet it is still too warm, - the storms have not cooled us down , not really.

Lily, did you ever try cinnamon? I will catch up, with all your fab vids soon x x x glad the fox, got some grub, as well as the black cat, -meant to say, love the picture of your two cats, I can see why you miss them , bless them x x x x x 

 Val I am sorry you are in so much pain, it isn't easy, and you are so stoical, and uncomplaining, wish I had a magic wand, to cure everyone here of all their pain, hurt and sorrow,- hey you knew I wouldn't leave I love that x x x x x

Cheryl , hope you are ok?  oh I forgot , wow you wont believe this, - I had to go to the Doctors for results of a recent blood test, (think I told you I have "M.S.") ,- it is not the aggressive type of MS , thank God x x x,

-any way, I had loads tested, - results, - liver = good,

- Kidneys = good,

- Cholesterol, = 4.5 = low ,

- sugar in blood = 5.00 = non diabetic, < (that reading drooped from 6.00, = was prediabetic) !!!  

and then I was weighed, - I have lost  10lb?  how ? I was in shock ?,

  The major change in diet for me, was to cut out all white refined sugar, oh and eat more fruit, every time I felt "peckish",- I ate a mandarine orange, then 2hrs later 8 grapes, or strawb's,  .

I am so pleased, but this was over months, not a quick weight loss.

Well I booked up for my sister and I to see the "Jersey Boys," at "Piccadilly Theatre", in London Uk,

 we go on the 8th Aug, stay in the , "Trafalgar Hotel", - it has a roof top terrace, - it had better not rain !!!!, and we have an air conditioned room,, cost a fair bit, but hey, my sister is 5 years cancer free , got to celebrate, !

The Jersey boys, is a musical play, set around the 4 seasons, / Frankie Valley and the 4 seasons I should say,

we both know lots of their hits, it will be a good night, I even bought the best seats, as a suprise for Penny, it hasn't been an easy couple of years for her, so......

Let you know if the show is good, will send a pic hopefully .

Well must get to my bed, hope you liked the song, >who remembers, "you've got personality "? love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

This one is from a few years ago with the cat from over the would think it was mine by the way it was carrying on,wish it had been she was lovely.shame they moved.

4 years ago

Hi friends well site maintenance tonight so getting in while I can.
don't know what time it goes off here but supposed to be about 2 hours when it starts.
I will be putting videos on YouTube then anyway.
Found some nice clips on my old cassettes which I have copied with my camera to put on here.

One is uploading now but wil take some time as it is a bit longer than some of the others I put on.

4 years ago

Hello Angel -

Lily - that squirrel is funny - and you and Brenda feeding foxes and they call THIS rural - I don't  but they do - cooler than usual here - still have the A/C off and almost noon -

Lynn - thanks for the walk down memory lane - your day with your daughter sounds grand - so your back and legs hurt too - any particular reason??   Mine always hurt it seems - especially in the middle of the night - ugh - use the heating pad in the AM before have to take the dog out -

Cheryl - Officer Boogie is great - yea I think everyone could learn something from that movie and as hubby said - no guns, no violence, no swearing - I may faint!  Just have kleenex near by - the 2nd time around I was OK - we did the PPV so I got to watch several times - hey - it IS a party here!!!

Wendy - thanks for the Lloyd Price - I KNEW you wouldn't leave -   wrist isn't good - thanks - just pushin' away with life - otherwise - well foot and back and legs hurt - but I am GRAND!!!  Really!  Thanks for asking....

Hello everyone else too!

4 years ago

4 years ago


Hi friends,

Still hot here,got the fan on and it is 83+ in the fish tank.

Cheryl I said loaches not roaches,I was referring to my fish.
Not sure which pic you meant but I did not make either of them apart from adding words to the tweety one.
Tonight I put the food out and waited, then the black cat came and ate it!! could have chased it off but it would only have come back later.
guess he was hungry or just a pig,doesn't look underfed but then again if he has been pinching what I put out he wouldn't be!!!
Just a few minutes after he walked away the fox showed up! and he'd missed that plate of chicken which was a shame.
I put some more food out and he ate that .
I thought he hadn't been around but I guess he just changed his times.

4 years ago

Sorry I have been running around soooo much,> but did leave a question for you all, on the "did your Granny know .......etc"> thread ,

will catch up, tomorrow .

Thinking of you all,

Val , hope your wrist is better,

Cheryl how is your ankle, ,

Lynn any test results yet, ?

Lily I know what it is like re- swollen footsies, do you elevate them at night ? also one tea spoon of cinnamon,- can help lower blood sugar, and reduce swelling, but do be careful, not to take more than a teaspoon,. I know how it feels, though when your feet swell up , -so tight and uncomfortable.

Sue how are you ?, hope your neighbours are not still playing up?

Hello Angel and Brenda, so lovely to see you both .

So jealous of Mary, going to Kerry, - Mary knows Kerry is my favourite place, gosh I am missing the "maharees"  >>>

Hope that little pic stays there, x x x x

sending love hugs, x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

chat tomos xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Come on Sisters, I thought you knew me, ? I would never leave here, at least not quietly, cause you
4 years ago

4 years ago

It was like opening the door to this room (thread) and finding a party goin' on!

There's Angel with a lovely sparkly pic wishing us a great weekend, and...

there's Brenda wishing us a good weekend, and...

there's Wendy with Tigger and telling us it's Good Friends' Day.... and

there's Sandi with a really cute cat picture - lol ... and

there's Val with a beautiful morning glory -- Val, I'm so glad you liked the movie too! I went through a lot of kleenex also. Wasn't that little boy the epitome of innocence? I was taken aback when he said Jesus had blue-green eyes as I always think of him as having dark skin and hair, and brown eyes because of the part of the world he came from. I've heard so many others say that everyone is young (around 30 seems to be the most mentioned age), and when he met the little girl... without giving anything away to others who haven't seen it yet. I agree that people could learn from so much of it. .... and

there's Lily with a gorgeous picture.. wow... did you make that, Lily? I hope the heat goes away for awhile so you can get a break! Roaches?!!! .... and

there's Lynn with a beautiful picture.... so happy you had a great day with your daughter and I sure hope those pains are gone by tomorrow, or at least subsided. That was a crazy wonderful video and I enjoyed every moment of it -- and related to absolutely everything in it! It's so true!

And I know that Sue is closeby .... feels like a party to me!

I hope your wrist is better tomorrow, Val, and all the rest of us who have aches and pains somewhere get relief from them tomorrow. HAVE A WONDERFUL SUNDAY, dear sisters and brothers!

Sue, you might have seen "Officer Boogie" on the news tonight as I did. He lives in Toronto. He just can't help himself from dancing whenever he hears music! There was a new interview and video that caught him dancing again in the last few days and it's so funny. I looked him up on YouTube and couldn't find the new one, but here's another one that caught him dancing in a store a few years ago. He says "I'm from Jamaica..." and "My mother used to dance all the time..." so he picked it up since he was young. Dang.. he's good at it too!



4 years ago

Hi all, I thought I'd put this in here. It's a walk down memory lane. Enjoy!

4 years ago

Hi, everyone!

So good to see that Wendy posted, even if it was a short one.

It's 11:00 p.m. and I just got home from my daughter's house. We spent the day together which was so nice. We were both in pain, though. Me with my back and legs and her with her neck. She's had 4 neck surgeries and still has pain, poor thing.

Gonna pop into my other groups and then get into bed with my heating pad. That usually helps a bit. See you all tomorrow. Sending love to you all. ♥

4 years ago
4 years ago
Hi friends,
Been hot here again today.
Cut some grass out there but too hot to do much else at the moment.
Went over shop but I didn't want to go too far after having that water tablet!!
Have to keep the light off in fish tank again as it is high in there so I keep the room light on longer.
I have seen more of the loaches since light off as normally when it is on they hide in tunnels more.
One is very big nearly twice the size of the other one,no wonder it is a bit of a bully!!
4 years ago

Well Cheryl, I think I posted 3 things while watching the movie - and finished a box of kleenex - all I can say is first amazing and second I that I finished a box of kleenex - love it - people could learn from this especially the ending......  wonderful

4 years ago

Cheryl, I am watching that right NOW!   Tears are rolling down my face!  Thanks for your compliments - my hands are OK but my left wrist is really giving me problems.   I cut up some more paper to paint bookmarks at some point soon.  That is a morning glory as is the one below -

Lily - it is very true - I have seen my home on the goggle maps -

Angel that is beautiful!

Sue - I have posted my cat's photo on line but not on those apps - I don't have a smart phone -

Lynn - great to see you here -

Off to watch the rest of the movie --

 photo d59fdd4f-ca94-4035-b62f-5465a2593d29_zps07c34d85.jpg

4 years ago

 photo h618E1CC8_zps4236b8cc.jpg

popping in to leave these two photos, will be back to catch up x x x x x
4 years ago


Photo: And for everyone else i wasnt able to tag.

4 years ago

Lily, that is a good video of you. I love the video of Lynn and George, didn't they dance well!

Hope everybody has a good weekend.

4 years ago

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4 years ago

Oh for Pete sake (who was "Pete" anyway?).... I can hardly understand the technology and the googling etc.... but I do know everyone has to be very careful on the internet. I would go nuts if I had a child growing up these days! Very scary. Thanks Sue.

Awwwww, Lily, that is such a sweet video of you, and you have one of the cosiest chairs I've ever seen! Very lovely video of you and of that special spot in your home.

Well I sure hope our Wendy hasn't left the group.   She is a very special bright light shining on all of us. COME BACK, WENDY!

Our Mary is probably off now on holidays, so wish her well and safe travel, please.

I hope everyone is feeling not too bad and managing to get those aches and pains under control.

Lily, another lovely dog picture. Really sweet.

PLEASE everyone, whether you pray, think positive thoughts, or you can send PEACE energy out to this hurting world, please do so. There is so much happening at the same time I can hardly keep track of who, what, where and why?  So much tragedy I just can't believe my eyes.


4 years ago

Wendy hasn't left the group because it is still showing on her profile 

4 years ago

Lily, I love the JibJab video. I didn't know George could dance that well. He makes me look good! Thanks so much for making the video for me. I also love your little waving video. You look mahvelous, dahling! lol

Cheryl, thanks so much for the new thread. I had been meaning to open a new thread when I saw that there were 105 messages on there. Now it was 109. So glad you got there ahead of me.

Where is Wendy? I hope she's alright. She usually posts every day with such long, funny posts. I miss her. I sure hope she didn't quit the group over June.

Getting late, so I'll sign off for now. Nighty night, everyone! ♥

4 years ago

Well I don't know about that cat stalker business but anyone can find your address from on here it seems through google.
I have actually seen my name and address on there,not full address but they can get it by paying.
I have also seen my home on google maps!!

Nothing is private these days.
Hereis a link to short video I made before going to see my brother.

4 years ago

I'm so behind with all the posts in this group.  Will try to catch up over the weekend.  Hope everyone is doing well and in good health.  Have 15 pages with 35 emails per page to get through for this group alone!  Once again having trouble with You Tube videos and it is really slowing me down.  Plus I keep getting pulled away from the computer to answer the phone or for other things.  Here is something everyone should read, I did not know this could even happen.  Learn how to protect yourself when you post your photos online.  Don't be put off of reading by the name of the article, this is VERY important.

Here is a link to the site itself.

It is SysAdmin day today, read and listen to what they have to put up with from the users.

4 years ago

Thanks, Lily. New thread was indeed necessary. The last three posts I put on here aren't necessarily in the same order... had to think about which came lst, 2nd, and 3rd upsidedown!

MARY, here's to you having a marvelous holiday! Cheers! After all that babysitting of late (much as you love it), and the wedding excitement, you need a good vacation! You will be missed, but I hope you bring back your holiday experiences to share with us. Have a wonderful time, sis!

VAL, What a gorgeous picture... that is a petunia, right? It looks almost exactly like one of my favourite clematic... same pattern. Gosh I wish your hands - and wrist - were better for you. You do a wonderful job with your art, Val, and all the other things you have to do with your hands every day, as well as help your hubby. I know where the chakras are.... but which one influences one's hands? I'm going to have to look that one up.

LILY, what you are saying is that you are a CHOCO-HOLIC, right? ss I just get the craving once in awhile for a whole bar, usually that nice caramel in the Mars bars. So glad you had a great time seeing your brother, but not so good with the pain. Hopefully the pain will subside when it cools down for you, and hopefully that will be soon!

I find it difficult to go up and down many threads when there are so many videos on them.   Unfortunately, my old (about 19 years) computer just won't do it anymore. Once the threads fill up a bit, can people please just post the link? That would let me on to some threads I haven't been able to get on for quite some time.

I saw the HEAVEN IS REAL movie the other night. It came out on our cable on the 22nd and I could hardly wait to see it. The beginning seems a bit slow, but it's about life in a small, close-knit town, and it takes on more meaning as you get into the movie. I really enjoyed it. A four-year-old just doesn't make up stories like that out of nowhere. Besides, once you tell people about it - and even if others are religious or spiritual - they often will challenge themselves and the person in question as to their real beliefs. I hope someone else sees it, and if and when -- let me know what you thought/think.

I'm off to check on some other threads now... see you later!

4 years ago


any topic - good, bad, or ugly, pictures, and have fun! Welcome to anyone new who wants to join us!


Link to Chatter Box #20 for those who haven't seen it all....

Last three posts on #20:




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