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We have been adding our photos, so lets have a thread, "CHATTER BOX MEMBER'S FAMILY PHOTOS"
4 years ago
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Please re- title this thread if you can put what I meant better, Cheryl, or co hosts

Ok I will start this thread off, here is me quite a recent photo -NOT  Er must be 25/6 years ago, I was saying "I am playing invisible castanets"



                                    Next this is my sister Penny  



My sister's youngest daughter Alison, with her husband Richard , and Penny

998279_10151544587122026_249238612_n.jpg                                 ~

Alison with her bridesmaids,  the brides maid on the far left (as you look at the photo) - is my other niece, Penny's other daughter , Angela, -who is sitting

next to my nephew's wife Kate,- my nephew Aaron,- is Penny's only son, (not in the photos)

The two girls are Angela's daughter's -Layla, on the right , and Charlotte by Angela, the other bridesmaid is Richard's sister Laura. 



   My Grand niece Lucia , Alison's daughter in a hallowe'en costume



my other grand niece Livia also Alison's daughter ,( in hallowe'en costume)



4 years ago

My sons Jack and Luke , with their long time friend Tom, who lives near me .


                 Jack , Tom, Luke  


                         This is Luke and his Fiance' Charllotte 


and the most recent photos of Luke and Tom

Luke was dressed as Johnny Depp, and Tom was Johnny Depp's manager in the film, " Fear and loathing in "L.A".  >a weird film, but very funny, depending on your sense of humour, the film is as they say "very far out", but Luke and Tom had a great night out, at a special screening for film buffs , >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>..,


                                LUKE             (photos uploaded from phone)

luke kelly


And for now here is a pic of me at school 

Searched and searched, found this one but it is so small, I am the one at the front, with plaites (last but one from the right ) Linda my oldest friend is next to me,front last one on the right . Will search for one of my husband Mick,

Now it's down to all of you to add your photos , look forward to seeing them all love hugs  x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>>>>>>>>>

Alfred Sutton Primary School

4 years ago

My late niece with her youngest boy who is now around 16.....

4 years ago

More of baby Jason............

4 years ago

And his big brothers Shane and Jamie who are now in their 20's.....

4 years ago

ok Just been sent this, from my friend Sue, this was a Christmas night out last December 2013,

   Me                                   Sue                                Linda

4 years ago

These were taken quite a few years back..........




Wish I looked like that now!!
here's one of me on holiday in Italy a few years ago,nice I had the pool to myself nearly at that time,

Lily in swimming pool--Grado Italy.jpg 

4 years ago

OH WOW... WENDY AND LILY, these are SUPER pics!! I smiled all the way through them, but I'll get a better look tomorrow when I'm not so sleepy.

You ladies are gorgeous, and those little girls and boys are so wonderful to see.

Wendy, this thread is named just fine and I don't see any reason to change it. Cheers everyone. This is a happy thread, for sure! (I'd love to go in that gorgeous pool, Lily.... it's been hot as h*** here!!

last ones from me, for a while, come on Lynn, Cheryl, Val, everyone, add your photos for us xxxxx
4 years ago

Last summer at Linda's teasing her dog , Bonnie, (wish I had a hot tub)

ahhh what do you want Bonnie ,

Bonnie was dying to get in the hot tub, so after this pic, I gave her , her squeaky ball,  ( silly) me

finally a pic of Mick !!!!!! this is 5 years ago, not sure where, think Dublin, at Uncle Jim's 

4 years ago

Fabulous photos everyone -

I am not big of pics of me - so here is one - me, my daughter and grand kids

 photo 88cec092-fa84-43a4-a390-7dc9390a4358_zps911e8d01.jpg

4 years ago

My one and only horse ride.........


4 years ago

Here's a really old one!!  me and youngest brother Ron with Mum and Dad


4 years ago

Hi Wendy, Lily, Cheryl  

Great pictures Wendy and Lily. Very enjoyable!  Love the one of you on the horse Lily!

Love and big hugs.

Barb, Baby, Beenie

4 years ago

Ahhh, Wendy - I just love your pictures cuz I can see your special brand of humour right there in them... kinda like being able to recognize you in a crowd! lol You are beautiful and Mick is such a handsome fellow! You look like you're having so much fun.

Lily, wonderful pic of you on the horse -- you are holding the reins pretty darn good for someone on a horse for the first time! I love old photos like that one when you were little.

Thanks for the pics. I will look to see what I have in storage. We posted a YouTube the other day of our 25 year old cockatiel getting a water spray mist bath, to the tune of some kind of chicken dance music. lol As he is a member of the family I'll post that one soon.

Hi Barb -- got a pic of Baby and Beenie for us?

4 years ago

I forgot about this one. Hee hee This is my cousin Linda and I with that handsome fellow we all love. My cousin is on the left and that's me on the right. We are double-cousins, as our mothers were sisters and our dads were brothers. You'd think we would look more alike. She is nine months younger.


4 years ago

how cute they are so nice to look back on aren't they
here is another oldie of my two elder brothers


4 years ago

Here's my gorgeous Harry  (the dog)

4 years ago

Those are wonderful pictures, Lily! I just love the oldie pics. So many of us look somewhat similar in many old pictures because of the popular way it was to pose your children back then. Anybody else ever notice that? I LOVE your Harry. What a sweetheart. He didn't mind being filmed at all. Thanks, Lily.

This was done on a fun link a few years ago. Lynn has seen it before. I will try to find that link in case anyone else wants to play with it.


4 years ago

 photo f6aa2463-7a59-4430-a324-791fdbe3dd53_zps0b3514e3.jpgthis is my dad Luke Tom Ollie Benny and me in kerry this year

4 years ago

Oops lost the pic trying again.....


4 years ago

MARY, such a wonderful family photo! What a blessing it is to have your Dad smiling at your side. I would give anything to be doing that with my Dad again. Enjoy every moment. And your son and the babes are so wonderful! You must be very happy to have them all -- and on that beautiful beach. So nice to see this pic. Thank you!

LILY - YAY... I think you've found it! What a great picture you've done of ... is that really our Lynn? It's beautiful! I can hardly wait to try it out. Thanks so much for finding it!

4 years ago

i love all your pics its so lovely to see your faces Lily i love the one on the horse Cheryl Wendy you look so lovely Val you have a beautiful family by the way Cheryl my dad is visiting my sister now in waterford i hope i have his genes

4 years ago

Thank you all for sharing your wonderful photos, I love looking at "old" photos, in fact that what I was doing in the photo of me & Mick, at Uncle Jim's lol, 

great to see a pic of you Cheryl, you look great , that's a great effect on your photo, I will have a go at that some time  - You do look like your cousin, with Father Christmas , lovely curls in your hair oh>

>thanks for the compliments to me, sheesh make me blush, I love Bonnie the boxer, she is so sweet honestly, she was crying, because she wanted me to get out of the hot tub, and play with her. Later I was lying on the grass chatting to Linda, Bonnie lay next to me, her legs in the air, so funny, Linda was calling her a traitor, Bonnie kept turning her face away, sighing  < x x x 

Lily love your photos, the one of your brothers is sweet, I think I have one of my bro, similar to that, so that was your one time on a horse ? great photos,

Lynn takes a good photo doesn't she  , so many memories come flooding back, when you look at photos from your child hood, did you put the time and date on the back of them? XxxxxX

Val that is a lovely photo of you with your daughter and grand children, you are lovely, don't hide away under a bushel < is that how you spell that ?

Mary, what a great family photo, on the beach too, where in Kerry were you ?
you look so happy , even though it was a bit blowy bet your Dad loved to have you all there with him?

Keep the photos coming, love looking at them , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxx  

4 years ago

i was in glenbeigh thats rossbeigh Wendy and it was windy but i love it ride a bit of mountain riding heres another pic of my dad with my mom she died 10 years ago wasen't she lovely? photo 22dc30f3-0037-4d2e-91e3-1748780b74c2_zps1b621ee6.jpg

4 years ago

Your Mom was beautiful Mary, a true "Colleen"  > "cailín", Your Mom would certainly have made a perfect - "Rose' of Tralee". 

Look at you Dad looking so happy too, lovely photo to cherise, Mary , love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh I know Glenbeigh, lovely beach there xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

Lovely to see all your photos, sorry I can't contribute pics to this thread. 

4 years ago

I missed this thread again didn't know any new ones were here#

Great pics ,yes its lovely looking back on them ,Wendy they aren't my photos so there aren't any dates etc on the backs .

They were my brothers and I have copied them.
but the one of my 2 brothers there is over 80 years old!!!

Here's another with our cat of that time ..Tim


4 years ago

Here's another of me and Tim with my mum's friend's little girl.

She is now living in AUSTRALIA and has 2 daughters and grandchildren.

I hear from her occasionally.
when I was 17 I used to go out with one of her brothers.


4 years ago

What wonderful, beautiful pictures everyone. Pictures bring back such cherished memories, don't they?  I'll stick my two cents in with mine. Here's a picture of me and my brother. I was about 3 and he around 8.

4 years ago

Fast forward more than 50 years and here are Jerry and me together again.

4 years ago

This was taken in the early 50's. My brother Jerry was a professional musician and played for some of the biggest acts in the business. He became friendly with Jerry Lewis, who is standing on Jerry's left side with his arm around Jerry's shoulder. The two tallest guys there. lol

4 years ago

Me and my best friend Barbara, at my surprise 75th birthday party given by Andi and Steve and Alicia. (My granddaughter and son and d-i-l). Andi got me a crown to wear on my head and insisted that I wear it all night!

4 years ago

Me with my first cousin (my mother and her father were sister and brother), at her 101st birthday party. She died 2 years later at 103!

4 years ago

Same little girl? NOPE!  The picture on top is of my daughter Sue at the age of 4 and the pic on the bottom is a picture of her daughter Andi, my granddaugher at the age of 4!  The spitting image!!

4 years ago

What lovely photos Lynn!
you were  a pretty child too and your brother is handsome.
Ha ha I see more pics for my jib jabs  LOL
because there are clearer ones there than I have 

4 years ago

Lovely photos Lynn, you have a beautiful family, and your daughter and grand daughter wow, so alike, . How great that your bro, knew Jerry Lewis, I love his films even now, he was a very gifted actor, great photo of you with your friend, at your suprise Birthday party,  -lovely crown too, .

Thanks for sharing them with us, you are very photogenic<(hope I spelled that correctly)> Lynn,  hey once a cracker , always a cracker <(means good looking)
Lily you and your friend look happy, and purrrrrrrrrrfect, you have a cat , Tim
it is good that you copied the photos, you will always have them that way, you can store them on "cloud" apparently, my son is always telling me to copy all our photos, and let "cloud" keep a copy, might do that if he helps, -one day !!

 keep them coming everyone, I love looking at them all.

 Hey Sue, as long as you enjoy the photos here , thats what is important,

love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

4 years ago

Lynn what lovely pics of you and your brother you have a lovely family  your daughter and grand daughter are like 2 peas in a pod ,Lily your pics are beautiful i love the one of you and the cat ,Wendy thanks for saying nice things about my mom  

4 years ago

Thanks Mary, Lily and Wendy. Mary, your mom looked like a movie star. So beautiful.

Here's Steve (my son) and Alicia on their honeymoon. I adore Alicia..she's beautiful inside and out!

4 years ago

My nephew David (my brother's younger son) and wife, Amy at their son's wedding.

Their son Abie and his gorgeous bride, Yudith.

4 years ago

My nephew David with Bill Clinton. David was the Director of the Homeless Grant here in Miami and Bill Clinton came to talk to him.

4 years ago

My granddaughter Andi, who owns her own bakery, kidding around in the kitchen.

4 years ago

what a wonderful family you have Lynn Alicia is very beautiful and your nephew doing a great job for the homeless your grandaughter looks like a fun girl i know shes a great baker i'v seen her cakes 

4 years ago

Mary - of my, that's such a beautiful picture of your sweet parents. Very interesting to think of their years ahead with all the beautiful children that were to come!

I had to do something with that pic:



Lily, wonderful "Memory" photos, and I had to do something with a few of those too....


And what a great smiling photo on that Billboard... would make people smile back!


Wendy, here is your son up in flashing lights as the Star at a Rock Concert:


That's as far as I got playing with the pictures...

Lynn, your pictures are just wonderful! You look just beautiful and you have such a beautiful family. Great pic with Jerry Lewis... I watched him whenever there was a Jerry Lewis movie to watch! And he's still going strong.

Lily, can you put the Mexican picture on this thead as well, along with the jibjab link? .... Pleeezze!

4 years ago

Val, we'll have to fit your beautiful family into some of these fancy pics!

This is me, my son (about 7 or 8 yrs old.) and my Mom.... many years ago.

This one was about two years ago. (My son was making me laugh...)


This one ... I was about 16, with my hero - my Dad. He was my hero when I was a little girl and no one ever took his place as my hero. He and I were together so much... down the basement with his microscopes when I was quite young and fascinated with what he did, watching him fix the cars every weekend, telling jokes together that no one else could understand, and eventually in my 20s, we took night school courses together, such as ESP! He sends me ladybugs and dragonflys to let me know he's around me. One night last week I had five ladybugs fly around me when I was at the computer. They landed on me and on the computer and just stayed for awhile. Believe it or not! I do!  


4 years ago

And those curls on my head in that Santa picture? Did anyone ever have a perm done in those days? NIGHTMARE! The things they used scorched and burned one's scalp and I cried all the way through having them. Boy, I hated perms with a passion. My mother made me get them until I was about 8 yrs. old and then my hero (my Dad) saved me and said I didn't have to have them anymore... because I said I was going to run away from home if she made me go. Of course, I was going to take my best dolly (named Molly) and her clothes with me!!

4 years ago

You are all so precious Ladies!!! I will see if I can find anything I can scan and put up or upload.

4 years ago

I met a lady at the store yesterday when I was shopping that walks in my Mom's old neighborhood where I use to live and grew up in, and she said that the new people that live in our old house we just left a few years ago when Mom died, cut down all the trees in the front yard! I was just devastated, choked up and cried this morning.  I ate a bunch of icecream last night untill I blew up. Think of all the birds and animals homes that were destroyed!  It just broke my heart.  But I feel better now that I cried a  little.  I spend more time chocked up and hurting than crying.  My sister and I thought that would probably happen.  But I can't tell her.  She is even more sensitive than I. 

Please pray for the birds and animals whose homes were taken away due to ignorant people.  It is so sad.  Thank you my dear friends. 

4 years ago

I was going to post a pic of me but I cant seem to maybe it's Care2's way of saying Noooo lol 

4 years ago

Chery thanks for decorating the pics your so clever i am going to show this to my family  Lily you look so cool on the billboard  Barb i am so sad to hear your familys trees were cut down some people are just plain ignorant and uncaring i hope the birds and animals found another safe   haven Angel looking forward to your pics love you guys 

4 years ago

Great pics there ladies.thanks Cheryl always wanted to top the bill in lights too.
yes you will certainly get into Jib jab now with those pics.  watch this space!  lol
Angel can you tell me how you are trying to post a pic? I may be able to help.
That's a shame about the trees Barbara I had a neighbour cut the top off my 
Eucalyptus tree without my permission because they reckoned it was affecting their TV aerial !!  I  was mad at seeing the stump at the top of tree.

But it has grown again so they wasted their time.
They don't even live there now!
I had a perm when young and I had some children ask me if it was a wig!!!   lol
But my mother used to do my hair up in strips of rags to make ringlets,I hated them!!!
Cheryl here is your request.........


This post was modified from its original form on 25 Aug, 20:53
4 years ago

Love all the photos, Lily I have tried copying and pasting and also tried inset image but doesnt seem to happening for me, Any help would be greatly appreciated 

4 years ago

Angel, here is a link to Frank's Computer Shop group thread on how to post images on Care2.  Given the problems with the Care2 photo Albums I would recommend using Photobucket instead of a Care2 album.  It's a long read, but should teach you everything you need to learn.  Good Luck.

4 years ago

Well I am not having any problems posting graphics in care2 albums.

A lot of peoples problems is that they try to post a too large image which needs resizing first.
most of my photos I take myself I nearly always have to do it because images are very large and will not post unless you do.
I use image editor to do mine.

Free Online Image Editor

some pics may take a little while to upload there but having patience is worth it and it has other interesting things you can add to your pics.
Angel hope yu are clicking on my links as well as looking at the pics

This post was modified from its original form on 26 Aug, 13:20
4 years ago

Lily, the problem with the Care2 albums has affected many people who no longer have access to the photos they have stored there.  Also some browsers do not seem to allow uploading your photos to the albums.  Many people are complaining in F&S about not being able to access their photos for more than 2 years.  Or have access to only a few but not all of them.  Yet others have few or no problems.  Things got messed up when Care2 installed more servers a couple of years ago from what I remember. 

4 years ago

Yes I know I have many missing myself but new ones go in without any problems.~
I think it is other browsers that are stopping  a lot of people now so not care2.
That said I don't think we will get those pics back now after so long although some still show in thumbnails.
I have never had any luck with that image tool thing mentioned in that link you gave Angel above.
For me the copy and paste has always been the easiest and I do these really fast 

even if I have to take them to the image editor first, a matter of practice makes perfect I think for some.
anyway I am sure Angel will sort it in the end, myself I never had any instructions on how to do anything on the internet when I first had my pc so anyone can learn stuff in time.

4 years ago

I've never used that tool either.  I learned from Zen, but all my links to the relevant threads and posts are no good now since her groups were deleted.  Wish I'd have saved the emailed posts instead!

I use Photobucket.  It is easy to upload the images to my album from pictures I've downloaded to the computer.  I edit them for size, and use the replace link to replace the original, for posting in group postings and then wait until the next day as it takes a few hours for the size to take.  Then all I have to do is click on the direct link to the photo I want to use and insert that into the box that opens when I click on the little tree icon on the right hand side of the Reply to Topic box where we type our posts.  It usually takes me less than 20 minutes to upload, describe, tag and size more than a dozen photos.  Putting them in a group post takes only a few seconds.

You can do some effects too on Photobucket, including adding text to the picture, but I don't have time to learn how to do that.  Quick & easy is my preferred method as I'm always short of time these days.  There is also a special place to import images from Facebook but since I don't have a page there have never used it.  There was a way to drag a picture from any website to your album but that seems to be gone too now.

It's heartbreaking to think how many people didn't have backups of their pictures and were relying on Care2 to keep them safe and secure and now cannot access them.  Keeping everything crossed Care2 fixes that problem.

4 years ago

I did save my billboard once, should be on computer somewhere but where who knows  lol 
But I keep hoping those that were on there come back to save me a job putting ones back!
It's funny really how it is just some and not all of them that disappeared.
i have Photobucket but I don't use it much they are always changing things round too.
I don't have facebook either and don't want it.
I do have pics on Flickr but haven't been there in a while.

4 years ago

Here's one of me with Harry over the park


4 years ago

I looked like a teddy girl here !!  lol


4 years ago

Hi everyone. Thanks for the great pictures, Lily. I have Johnny Depp in there with me! I'm not a huge fan of George, but I LOVE CARY GRANT! Wow, those are sexy pics! What a lot of fun that is and thanks for the link. I wish I had that much hair now! That's a great pic with your sweet Harry at the park.

Barb, I am so sorry to hear about those trees. I know EXACTLY how you feel and I have cried when they've taken trees down around where I live. The big one I had in my little back yard was taken down, and a big one on the other side of the fence next door was taken down. There was a HUGE absence of birds and squirrels after that. Even putting the bird feeder out in winter doesn't bring many like before. I just hate it when a perfectly healthy tree is taken down for some dumb reason - like an antenna! But there is some good news... most likely your trees blew the seeds that have started new little trees, maybe down the street or close by, just like one of our trees did. I have been nurturing a baby tree for two years now. It sprouted in the ground near the big trunk/roots of its mother! Your trees live -- just in a different place. Trees have an enery, just like humans and animals, that can't be destroyed. Take heart, sis!

Mary, glad you like the pictures. They were fun to do of such a sweet couple! Thanks to Lily supplying us with that link.

Sue, I use Photobucket all the time and have many hundreds of pics there. It's great for that even though they have little glitches from time to time. They have just made changes but there's nothing too drastic to worry about. I do find the Online Image Editor more useful as to sizing and text. A lot more choices. IT WAS AWFUL when I lost all my albums here in Care2. I still haven't gotten over the shock of losing a few hundred pics. In that other group I read where some people lost pics of family they can't replace. I WILL NEVER use Care2 albums again!! I sure miss Zen too. She was awesome at helping everyone. I wish they hadn't deleted her groups.

Angel, gosh I hope you can get the posting of your pics sorted out. Crazy glitches for some people and not for others. Hope info given by Sue and Lily helps.

I need to go to bed now so I will return to try out more pics. OH.... here's a little video of my wonderful little Tweets having a spray mist bath. He's at least 25 years old, blind in one eye, doesn't fly anymore (can't navigate and it's dangerous re bumping into walls) but he is going strong in many other ways. I haven't even told the rest of my family or many friends about this video yet. It was such a hot day and he had such a good time getting soaked.  


4 years ago

Bibby is so beautiful Cheryl!  Thank you for posting your little beauty!

I need to post Baby and Beenie

Thanks for your kind words about Mom's trees.

4 years ago

Thanks Lily and Mary for the kind words about Mom's trees and anyone else that said anything kind. 

4 years ago

So sorry to hear about your mom's trees, Barb dear. I remember when the two huge shade trees (black olive about 12 feet tall) went down during hurricane Wilma. I know it's different because one can't be angry at Mother Nature, but losing them meant that the shade was gone from our kitchen windows (my neighbor's and mine), the birds and nests were gone and so were the cute squirrels that used to scamper all along the branches. Our condo was supposed to replace the trees but never did.

Here's an old, old pic
ture of my mom (on the right) and her neice.
The picture was taken in 1928.

4 years ago

Andi, my granddaughter  in her wedding gown, kissing her mommy Sue (my daughter) before the wedding.

4 years ago

Happy, proud Sue at Andi's wedding....

4 years ago

Lovely pics Lynn 
here's my late niece on her wedding day

Tracy in wedding dress edited _1_.jpg 

4 years ago

And here's me on my wedding Day,wish I was that slim now.
Poured with rain that day but left off in time for the photos

wedding 001 edited.jpg 

4 years ago

My Mum and Dad............

Mum and Dad 005 edited _2_ smaller.jpg 

4 years ago

Beautiful pictures, Lily. You look like a combination of both your mom and dad....maybe a little more in your dad's favor? You made a lovely bride and yes, you were quite slim. I had a 22 inch waistline when I got married. Them days are gone forever!!

Your niece was beautiful. She seemed to have died very young, right? Poor thing, leaving little children behind.

4 years ago

Me holding Trent the night he was born. I was one happy great-grandma!

4 years ago

Me with Trent (3 yrs. old), a couple of weeks ago....

4 years ago

Trent and me being silly....bumping noses. I adore this child!!

4 years ago

Lovely pics Lynn.

Do you think if people go to post at the same time you can get yours bumped off?
I hit submit then and whoosh gone!!!

Will have to type it again now

4 years ago

Don't know how you think that Lynn I am nothing like my dad,my youngest brother is the only one like him at all.
We all take after our mum and her mum.
Yes my niece died young 33 and the youngest boy was only 11 then.
But those boys now do not keep in touch at all not even with their grandmother.

4 years ago

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4 years ago

Stupid care 2 now the first one turns up look at the time on it!!
My siste rin law must really hurt the way they have turned out as their mother was her only child.
And she lost my brother about 27 years ago at the age of 52.

4 years ago

Taken Wednesday


4 years ago

Lily, you look lovely in your latest picture. Blue becomes you!

I haven't been getting a lot of my individual mail (like from this thread). Care2 is messing up again. It's very frustrating.

This is me many moons ago. I made the sweater I'm wearing. I used to sew and knit for everyone in the family.

4 years ago

This was taken a couple of years before my brother passed away. He's on the far right, his older son is on the far left with his two children, my brother's grandsons Josh and Marcus in the middle. Marcus is an extremely good looking kid. Josh, the older grandson is married and has a baby boy. The family grows, thank God.

4 years ago

Lovely photos Lynn ,you are quite the glamour girl there.
I like the colours you are wearing in one of the other pics further up,the purple ones.also one of my favourite colours.

Here is a pic of Les in his dafter days  lol 


4 years ago

Wow , don't know where to start, , Cheryl loved all your photos, I was a daddies girl too, wish I had the photos of my parents, but my sister has them, - oh well one day ! >>love what you did framing Mary's Mom & Dad's, photo.

Mary's Mom remnds me of someone, for the life of me I can't think who, but she is a singer or an actress, very beautiful, same as Mary's Mom, with fine features, and Irish good looks, the Irish are a very good looking race.

Oh and thankyou for Luke's rock image, I am going to email it to him lol, he wil love it .
Barbara, I am sorry the new people in your old home , cut down the trees, but Like Cheryl says, the seeds will have been laid somewhere, they will grow, loads of people around me, have removed natural hedges, for fancy wooden fences, and have paved over their grass lawns. I am surrounded by greenery, front and back, I love looking at the evergreens, all native, not fir trees, I have laurels, and cherry tree shrubs, any way, when we had the terrible rain, early in the year, guess which gardens were flooded ? > (clue not mine).

Lily love your photos, think I like the one of you and your dog best, the photo of your parents is great, I remember loads of photos of my friends parents similar to your parents photo you look beautiful as a bride too .

Lynn your photos are just lovely, and wow, your nephew with Clinton, very impressive, your daughter with her daughter, at her wedding lovely, you look great in the Jumper you knitted, no end to your talents. 

Cheryl nearly missed "Bibby" so sweet , enjoying the shower you were very pretty , and you still are lovely, same as Lynn .

I must keep a closer eye on this thread, I have really enjoyed looking at all the photos, really, if I have missed mentioning anyone, I have enjoyed looking at them all.

Angel hope you can post soon 

ok here are my grand nieces, Lucia on the left in her school uniform, first day at big school, and Livia on the right , first morning at nursery, and she has her back pack to prove it !!

4 years ago

Here's another funny one of Les


Think I managed to do it Yay!!!
4 years ago


4 years ago

Good for you Angel ,what method did you use after all?

4 years ago

Wendy, your nieces are adorable! All dressed up and ready for school.

Lily, your brother Les was quite the cutup. Great sense of humor and sense of the absurd. Does he still have a sense of humor about anything in his life?

Angel, I'm proud of you for being able to post your picture. You're quite the beauty, young lady!

4 years ago

Lynn he doesn't have much to be happy about these days but  I get a funny face out of him some times.
such  a shame he has ended up this way

4 years ago

I uploaded my pic to Cheezburger which I sometimes use to make LOl pics, thank you all for your help 

4 years ago

Wendy your nieces are so cute i think they favour you ,Lynn your family are so gorgeous and look at Trent  3 i cant believe it  you clearyl adore him ,Angie you are beautiful i knew that you are a beatiful person and a beauty too ,Lily you were a beautiful bride your still lovely Cheryl what a lovely picture of you and your mom and son and the one of you and your dad you look so happy with esch other ,i love the ones of your parents too Lily and Lynns mom isnt it lovey to have those ?

4 years ago

Thanks , Lynn and Mary, the girls are my Grand Nieces, Lucia, in uniform Is 4 years old, and baby Livia, is only 2 years old, Lucia was off to her first day into reception class, she has decided, she would rather not stay at school all day, thanks, mornings will do though !,> she will soon get used to full days at school,   and Livia who attends nursery for 3 hrs in the morning, cries because she cannot attend nursery all day ,  huh sisters , the girls are my niece Alison's daughters, I put Alison's photo in way back, here, it was her wedding day, she was a beautiful bride, her dress was gorgeous .
Angel what a beauty you are, lovely to see you , you look nice and sparkly there, was it a special occasion if you don't mind my asking ? it is great to see people , so glad you were able to upload your photo

well back later to look at all the photos again, love looking at them all, love hugs x wendy k x & kelly cats xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 years ago

No Wendy it was just a night out with the girls, very rare photo as I hate having my pic taken I always hide or I'm the one behind the camera.

Thank you all for your lovely comments 

4 years ago

My late niece,she never cut that hair


4 years ago

I hadn't been here for awhile and OH MY GOODNESS~~~~ awesome photos, ladies.

ANGEL ~~ you are gorgeous! We have been friends for so many years and it's so lovely to see who is behind that adorable little lion cub. lol  So happy you got to post. I did the same thing in the past... usually the one behind the camera.

Lynn, such wonderful pictures. You are a beauty - then and now, and your daughter Sue takes after you, for sure! You are just beaming with Trent, and there's no reason to ask why. He's such a sweetie. And the good humour in your family is obvious! Sewing and knitting for everyone, too? Talent galore!

Wendy, that's strange you said that about Mary's mom... I have the same feeling! She looks like someone familiar to me too, either someone I know or used to know, or an actress. Isn't that strange. If you think of that person, let me know. Maybe it's the same person I'm thinking of.  Awwww... Lucia and Livia! Adorable! Look at the shiny new shoes and pretty big smiles. I love looking at the kids' pictures. I have not been blessed yet and a wonderful medium (an actual spiritual ordained minister) told me I would have grandchildren.

Barb, I hope we get to see Baby and Beenie soon - and you! I will find a picture of that baby tree I was telling you about, that sprouted close to the stump of the beautiful big tree in my backyard that Strata had to cut down. I still want to cry when I think about it! But that baby is growing and new greenery on the tips this year.

Lily, I agree with Lynn... you look wonderful in that beautiful blue colour. Every person has their special colour. I'm still not sure what mine is. Your wedding picture is so sweet -- your very special day and you are beautiful! And you have such fun pictures of your brother. I bet there was quite a bit of laughter in your family. I can't get over how beautiful your late niece was. How tragic, so young and vibrant. Honestly, I can almost feel her energy right through my computer. She looks full of life and laughter, and a there's a great mischievious quality, if I may say so!   It's very sad the boys and other family members don't keep in touch, and I hope that will change one day. Family is important and such a waste of time when people can't just love one another. But, as in my case too with my brother, it happens, and sometimes we can't be around those who may be toxic in our lives. So then we go out and choose friends who become our family, and all in this group are certainly that to me. Love you guys!

Seeing as how I don't have grandbabies, I am posting this picture and saying that she is mine... all mine...mine... mine... mine....! Isn't she gorgeous? hee hee hee


4 years ago
Hi friends,
              That photo of my niece was taken before she married.
yes she was a fun loving person,loved animals too.
She was very pretty there but her bad health took it's toll in later years.
It was hard for her mother (my sister in law) because she was an only child;
And she had already lost her husband ,my youngest brother aged 52.
So losing her daughter was very hard on top of that.
yes I like the colour blue but actually the top in that photo is a kind of violet.
red is my all time favourite but blue  and purples etc I like a lot.
My grandmother used to say she liked me in colours best if I ever wore black or   dark clothes.
That's a cute kiddie,shame they have to grow up!
It's nice to have old photos to look back on especially when like me you are practically alone.
Such a shame that one day they will be thrown out with no one wanting them.
4 years ago

Don't know why this thread was archived ,I was looking for it.

Here's my dad trying to be a 'Beatle'  lol


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