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Drunk Driving - Lives Forever Changed
11 years ago
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This is Jacqueline Saburido on September 19, 1999.

This is her and her Father, 1998.

This is her on Vacation in Venezuela.

Birthday party as a child.

At a party with friends.

The car in which Jacqueline traveled. She was hit by another car that was driven by a 17-year old male student on his way home after drinking a couple of hard packs with his friends. This was in December 1999.

After the accident Jacqueline has needed over 40 operations.

Jacqueline was caught in the burning car and her body was heavily burnt during around 45 seconds.

With her Father, 2000.

Getting treatment.

Three months after accident.

Without a left eyelid Jacquie needs eye drops to keep her vision.

Now 20 year old, he cannot forgive himself for driving drunk on that night three years ago.

He's aware of devastating Jacqueline Saburidos life.

Not everyone who gets hit with a car dies. This picture was taken 4 years after the accident and the doctors are still working on Jacqueline, whose body was covered with 60% severe burnings.

I know most of these bulletins say "pass it on," but most of those are stupid. This is real, and if you dont re-post this, you're a jerk, seriously. Please send this to as many people as you can to make them aware of the consequences of drunk driving.


to repost: click reply, copy everything, paste in new bulletin and post


11 years ago

THANK YOU, Carl.  This needs to go far and wide, to every friend and friends of friends!


11 years ago




11 years ago
 We can put a man on the moon, but we can't get people to understand that alcohol and vehicles don't mix
11 years ago

Honoring Victims/Survivors

MADD recognizes its fundamental responsibility to give a voice to victims who have been affected by the violent crime of drunk driving - both to acknowledge the reality of their losses and to bring that reality to a society numbed by statistics. Learn about people whose lives have been changed forever as a result of impaired driving, and how they have overcome their losses. More...

11 years ago

Ways Bartenders Can Prevent Drunk Driving

Alcohol awareness - What can you do as a bartender? It is a serious problem...we are involved...we CAN do something about it.

11 years ago
Her old life vanished in flames. Now, guided by a tenacious will and her father's devotion, Jacqui fights every day to recover.


Sunday, May 12, 2002

Children always look. They always turn around to look.

More on Jacquelines story....
Muskyhusky has received 95 new, 1980 total stars from Care2 membersMuskyhusky has been awarded 269 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Muskyhusky K.......<font size

11 years ago
i have walked out of bars so many times in my life falling down drunk and no 1 stoped me ever...... sad
11 years ago
Thats truly sad Nippets.  Waiters, Waitresses, Bartenders should really be more responsible.
Dear Alcohol,
11 years ago
Dear Alcohol,

First & foremost, let me tell you that I'm a huge fan of yours. As my
friend, you always seem to be there when needed. The perfect post-work
cocktail, a beer at the game, and you're even around at the holidays,
hidden inside chocolates, as you warm us when we're stuck in the midst of
endless family gatherings. However, lately I've been wondering about your
intentions. While I want to believe that you have my best interests at
heart, I feel that your influence has led to some unwise consequences:

1. Phone calls: While I agree with you that communication is
important, I question the suggestion that any conversation of substance or
necessity takes place after 2 a.m. Why would you make me call those
ex-boyfriends/girlfriends when I know for a fact they do not want to hear
from me during the day, let alone all hours of the night?

2. Eating: Now, you know I love a good meal, but why do you suggest that I
eat a taco with chili sauce, along with a big Italian meatball and some
stale chips (washed down with WINE & topped off with a Kit Kat after a few
cheese curls & chili cheese fries)? I'm an eclectic eater, but I think you
went too far this time.

3. Clumsiness: Unless you're subtly trying to tell me that I need to
do more yoga to improve my balance, I see NO need to hammer the issue home
by causing me to fall down. It's completely unnecessary, and the black &
blue marks that appear on my body mysteriously the next day are beyond me.

Similarly, it should never take me more than 45 seconds to get the
front door key into the lock.

4. Furthermore: The hangovers have GOT to stop. This is getting
ridiculous. I know a little penance for our previous evening's
debauchery may be in order, but the 3pm hangover immobility is
completely unacceptable. My entire day is shot. I ask that, if the
proper precautions are taken (water, vitamin B, bread products,
aspirin) prior to going to sleep/passing out face down on the kitchen floor
with a bag of popcorn, the hangover should be minimal & in no way interfere
with my daily activities.

Alcohol, I have enjoyed our friendship for some years now & would like to
ensure that we remain on good terms. You've been the invoker of great
stories, the provocation for much laughter, and the needed companion when I
just don't know what to do with the extra money in my pockets. In order to
continue this friendship, I ask that you carefully review my grievances
above & address them immediately. I will look for an answer no later than
Thursday 3pm (pre-happy hour) on your possible solutions & hopefully we can
continue this fruitful partnership.

Thank you,
One of your biggest fans

1. Innovative 2. Preliminary 3. Proliferation 4. Cinnamon

1. Specificity 2. British Constitution 3. Passive-aggressive disorder

1. Thanks, but I don't want to have sex.
2. Nope, no more beer for me.
3. Sorry, but you're not really my type.
4. Good evening, officer. Isn't it lovely out tonight?
Alcohol Always Lied to Me
11 years ago
Alcohol Always Lied to Me

I Drank for Courage... and woke up night after night horrified.
I Drank for Sophistication... and became crude.
I Drank to find Peace... and ignited a war within myself.
I Drank to be Friendly... and became argumentative and nasty.
I Drank to be Sexy... and turned people off.
I Drank so that I could Relate to Others... and I babbled.
I Drank to put down Loneliness... and found myself retreating more
and more into my shell.
I Drank to Relax... and woke up tense.
I Drank to be Entertaining... and became an obnoxious clown.
I Drank to Live More Fully... and contemplated suicide.
I Drank for Adventure... and discovered disaster.
I Drank to be more Honest... and insulted my friends.
I Drank to Quiet my Nerves... and woke up with hangover jangles.
I Drank to Feel Better... and ended up sick and throwing up.
I Drank to have Fun... and passed out in the middle of the party.
I Drank to Pep Myself Up... and ended up exhausted.
I Drank to feel Successful... a Big Shot... but ended up a failure.
I Drank for Security... and became afraid of my shadow.
I Drank to Feel Better about Myself... and ended up hating me.
I Drank to prove I could handle Alcohol... and ended up knowing it
controlled me.

A Friend asked...

"But surely, now that you've been Sober awhile, it would take a
lot of alcohol to put you back in that condition."

"Just One Drink," I answered!

~Author Unknown~

For anyone that has lived with or around alcohal knows this is totally true.
I have battled that disease for 30+ yrs.........BUT~~today I am sober.Each day it is a battle,
and each day when I finally can lie down to sleep.......I say my prayers thanking the Lord
for one more sober day.
11 years ago


Loving hugs to you my dear friend. Each day should be a celebration for you!

Each day so many others like this beautiful girl go through a similar tragedy and lives are destroyed... forever. She has a very special dad who walks by her side. Thank God. He knows her beautiful spirit. That will never change.

11 years ago

Carl ~ I read the "Alcohol Always Lied to Me" again. It really is a powerful reading! So well done.

11 years ago

World's Largest Youth Alcohol Conference Charts Course To Prevent No. 1 Teen Risk

Main Category: Alcohol / Addiction / Illegal Drugs News
Article Date: 22 Aug 2006 - 0:00am (PDT)

Many still believe that underage drinking is an inevitable rite-of-passage for teenagers. But 1,500 law enforcers, community advocates, health officials and teens from across the country gather this week (Aug. 24-26) to promote successes in preventing this public health threat that kills 6.5 times more kids than all illegal drugs combined and costs the nation $62 billion a year.

11 years ago
i was just thinking bout this thread and i was looking for about how many ppl got duiz this year n the USA but cant find any but for some states
11 years ago
i often come to this thread cuz i often for get about gratitude its so e z for me to for get and yes Cheryl just 1 could set me back and i drank for all them reasons and got no wear but i often tell my self it will be deferent and i can handll it now and i no i cant  thank you for keeping this thread alive all of you
11 years ago
One drink is too many and a thousand is not enough.  Chim up Nippets, I know you can do, all you have to do is have confidence in yourself and keep it one day at a time, or less if need be.
11 years ago
11 years ago
Despite DUI, Paris Parties OnIn the wake of her arrest for driving after having "one margarita" this morning, Paris Hilton is still scheduled to host a party Thursday night for the official release of her straight-to-DVD film "Bottoms Up."
Paris Hilton invite
The event, co-hosted by her DVD co-star Jason Mewes, takes place at the Cabana Club in Hollywood.

The party invitation says the event will also feature a performance by R&B artist Sleepy Brown, singing his new single -- ironically titled "Margarita."

Despite today's incident, a source at the Cabana Club told TMZ that the party is still on and Paris is still scheduled to appear.

Bottoms up Paris. But please, get a designated driver.

11 years ago
What she didn't have anyone to go get her burger for her at in and out..making her as a example..
11 years ago

sniffleJust makes me so dang sad! Nothing to eat all day except one little drinky poo... drink"onest occifer I'm not under the affluence of incolhol like most thinkle peep I am..."

Sheesh!! She may be an heiress in a wheelchair if she's not careful... or pay dearly in many ways for putting someone else in a wheelchair. ARGGG!!

11 years ago

Carl ~ I'm so glad that you started this thread. Thank you! This young woman's story is horrendous, and if just one person comes across it and it affects him/her enough so they don't drink and drive, then you've made a huge difference! 

I sometimes come here too and try to fathom what she and her family are going through. I also like to say a prayer for them. One moment you have a beautiful daughter with a whole life ahead of her, and the next you are in an unimagineable nightmare for the rest of your lives.

serenityprayer cross

Alcohol Always Lied to me
11 years ago
Alcohol Always Lied to me
Originally Posted by shale586
The last time I saw my mother was when she came to see me celebrate 3 years of sobriety. I was actually able to make some amends to her that day. And I told her I loved her.

My mother died yesterday, peacefully and in her sleep. She was 83 years old.

I didn't have to have a drink today. More than that, I am so grateful that one of my mother's notes led me to this poem:

The Legacy

When I die,
give what is left to my children.

If you need to cry,
cry for your brothers
walking beside you.

Put your arms around anyone
and give them what
you need to give me.

I want to leave you
with something better
than words or sounds.

Look for me in the people
I have known and loved.

And if you cannot live without me,
then let me
live on in your eyes,
your mind and your acts
of kindness.

You can love me most
by letting hands touch hands
and letting go
of children that need to be free.

Love does not die, people do.

So that when all
that is left of me is love . . .
Give me away . . .

John Wayne Schlatter

Shale, I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. It's wonderful that you had sober time to spend with her. I loved the poem. I never had sober time to spend with my parents. My amends were made by there graves.
Tonight I'm having a very hard time. My best friend that introduced me to A.A. is in the hospital. He went in yesterday with chest pains. I'm shaking and crying so bad I'm having a hard time to type. He was transfered to another hospital tonight, where they specialize in just the heart. Please forgive me if this is not making sense. This hospital is 2 hours away. But I will be there early tomorrow morning for the support. Tell you what, I'll pray for you tonigt and you pray for me.
Hugs, Patti
11 years ago






pics takn with my ph at the aa club sep.10 2006
11 years ago



142158743301_290.jpg me

11 years ago


Thank you so much, Carl! I have so many emotions all going through me at the same time as I read the things you posted, and looked at your pictures. The poem the mother left her son, and the MIRROR poem touch me deeply.

I wish I could mail the MIRROR poem to some people I think need to look at themselves closely. One would be sent to the woman who has put me on sick-leave because of her bullying and wanting to have control of another's soul. But I'd also like to send it to those I feel who are good people because it has a lot of meaning there too. So, you would be one I would send it to.

I'm glad you got to spend time and be with others on Sept. 10, and hopefully on Sept. 11th. I think people can get to feel very close to one another in a group where they've shared so much of themselves.

I love you, my friend. The MIRROR poem has special meaning to me in my life right now.


11 years ago
I may tease about drinking and margaritas but I really don't drink ( except coffee )  I have told Carl before about my brother being killed by a drunk driver when I was 12, he was with his friend who was driving and were hit head on by a drunk driver, my brother was only 17 years old.......  still tears at my heart to this day.........
11 years ago
just dropping in
11 years ago

well was just thinking that im going to a meeting n a a min. i wonder how many ppl ill pass up drinking n driving.

my worst day sober is better then my best day drunk

11 years ago
Dian ~ I'm truly sorry about your brother, because it's only by the Grace of God that I never killed anybody.  When my son died I turned to booze and pills (deadly combination)  There was many a day when I woke up, I first checked if my car was where it was supposed to be and then if there were any dents, scratches or blood on it.  Because I truly didn't know how I got home. I landed in the hospital a few times because of overdoses mixed with alcohol. The last time it would have been too late to pump my stomach in another 15 minutes.  Through AA I managed to get off the pills.  Booze in itself isn't a problem for me, but it sure made the pills work better and faster that I couldn't feel anything.  As it with the medications I'm on now, I shouldn't did, and as if to make sure that I don't  I've developed an allergy to the stuff.  One drink and I'm sicker than a poisoned puppy.  Actually that's a good thing, I really don't need to take any silly chances, so like you I enjoy joking about drinking and partying, but I'm drinking Coke or GingerAle.  So cheers to all of us that don't and still know how to have fun.
11 years ago
hugs dian
11 years ago
 that pore girl
11 years ago
Hugs Dian
11 years ago
I want to feel myself part of things, of the great drift and swirl; not cut off, missing things, like being sent to bed early as a child.
--Joanna Field

Feeling apart from the action and always looking on; wanting attention, and yet afraid of being noticed; no doubt these are familiar memories to most of us. We may still struggle with our self-perception, but we can celebrate that we no longer drown our moods. Connecting with the people next to us, though difficult, is no longer impossible when we rely on the program.

There is a way to be a part of the action, a way that never fails. It takes only a small effort, really. We can simply look, with love, at someone nearby today and extend our hearts in honest attention. When we make someone else feel special, we'll become special too.

Recovery can help each of us move beyond the boundaries of our own ego. Trusting that our lives are in the loving care of God, however we understand God, relieves us of the need for self-centeredness. We can let go of ourselves now that God is in charge, and we'll discover that we have joined the action.

I will open my heart, and I'll be joined to all that's around me.

11 years ago

Some kids shout. Some ask their mothers what happened. Some follow. Some hide.

Once in a supermarket, a boy came near.

Monster, he said.

It's even worse when children cry.

"I feel like a normal person inside," Jacqueline Saburido says.

11 years ago

"I will open my heart, and I'll be joined to all that's around me."

Amen to this statement, Carl. Beautifully written... and what a perfect time of the year for it!


11 years ago

so offten i would come to this thread and look at it trying to give me a reson to stop using and i looked at this pore girl and still got in my car and drove so bad i was asking for help and my EGO and PRIDE stoped me.

i hit bottem this time and thats why im shaering this with every 1 so that i wont live the lie witch is so e z for me to do the hardest thing for me to do is to be honest and thats what it takes to get sober and the desier to want to quit 1 day at a time.


11 years ago
Carl...You have taken a step...Don't give up I am here..Jo
thank you Joanna n every 1
11 years ago
Entry for December 15, 2006 magnify
I Intend to Have a Great Day

There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. "Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today." So she did and she had a wonderful day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. "H-M-M," she said, "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today." So she did and she had a grand day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. "Well," she said, "today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." So she did and she had a fun, fun day.
The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head. "YEA!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"

Attitude is everything.

Have a Good Day!

Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly.

Leave the rest to God.

I need to learn how to do this

11 years ago
Good morning Carl~
11 years ago

Carl, by what you've written above... I see honesty.  And thank you for the story of the woman and her hair.  I wish I could learn to have such a positive and accepting 'attitude' toward things.

I'm so glad I read this tonight.  It gave me something I needed right now ~ hope.




11 years ago

Too Much Christmas Cheer? A Number Of Tips On Staying In Control Over The Festive Season Main Category: Alcohol / Addiction / Illegal Drugs News
Article Date: 18 Dec 2006 - 5:00 PST

Christmas is a time when the drinks flow freely- there are more parties than usual and the temptation is to overindulge a little.

After all, there are always New Year’s resolutions!

Unfortunately, some people drink more than they usually would, and this can lead to problems.

Professor David Kavanagh from The University of Queensland School of Medicine has been studying the treatment of alcohol problems and offered a number of tips on staying in control over the festive season.

“Remember to drink plenty of water and to eat throughout the day- being thirsty or hungry puts you at higher risk of drinking too much alcohol, especially on hot days," Professor Kavanagh said.

“Try alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks to slow you down, and keep track of how many drinks you are having so you won’t overindulge by ‘accident’.

“If drinking over lunch and dinner, have a break for several hours in the afternoon”.

Professor Kavanagh and other researchers from The University of Queensland are currently offering treatment programs for people who have problems with alcohol use, including people who are depressed and drinking too much.

“These programs are free, because we want to test which treatments are going to work best,” Professor Kavanagh said.

“We are particularly excited about our program to help people deal with cravings, and we think it is likely to be a significant advance on the methods being used at present.”

People who want to volunteer or get more information on the programs can call 1300 300 164 during business hours.

The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia

For further information please go to:
The University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia
UQ News Online

11 years ago


Beliefnet Prayer of the Day

Help Me to Stay Sober

Dear God,
Thank you for this day. Help me to stay clean and sober just for this day. Help me to recognize your hand in all things. Thank you for the blessings I understand and the ones I don't. Thank you for the miracles I see and the ones I don't. Thank you for your spirit who always abides in me. I ask that I may be with your spirit today. Cleanse my mind of all darkness and fill it with love and light. Let me be o.k. with this day no matter what it brings. Thank you for everything that's in my life and everything that's not.

- Beliefnet member dorjem
Appropriate for many faiths

11 years ago
dropping in on new years eve
11 years ago

Good for you, Nippets! I bet you're going to 'party' ~ eh?!


God bless Jacqueline Saburido
11 years ago
I can't ask God to bless Jacqueline or her family enough for the terrible hand she's been dealt.  It breaks my heart looking at these pictures because it hits a little too close to home for me.  My father is an alcoholic.  My father drinks and drives.  My father has nearly lost his license for drinking and driving, but like all alcoholics, he always manages to escape by the skin of his teeth.  The greatest fear of my life is not that he'll be killed while drinking and driving but that he'll do this to someone else ... that he'll destroy a life in similar fashion.  The alcoholic never thinks in terms of consequences for others, and that is perhaps the saddest part of all.  I've begged him again and again not to do something that could wipe out an entire family in one sorrowful instant, and I've tried just as often to make sure he gets caught  myself.  So many times I've wished alchol was made an illegal drug in this country, and perhaps it should be.  It certainly tore my own family apart growing up -- I pray to God it won't do the same to someone elses'.  PLEASE DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.
11 years ago

God bless you, Susan.  Please keep up those prayers.


2 alcoholic sons
11 years ago
this is sandy, i would like prayer for my 2 sons in pa. they are alcoholics. i visited them during the holidays and things aren't any better. as a matter of fact, it's getting worse. they need help in the worst way. they don't seem to care. they both have a child that sees this going on about every day. and it is troubling them greatly. they need to start to church and be saved. i am so worried about them i love them sooo much. their older is a good christian man and when he tries to help or speak to them about god they get mad and say he is a fanatic. please help. thank you.
11 years ago
Alcoholism is one of the most destructive addictions there is.  My heart goes out to the two of you.  Your families are in my prayers.
11 years ago
alcohol is the only disease that will tell you your ok and its ok to drink more.
11 years ago


Sandy, Susan and your families ~ and all those who suffer from the addiction of alcohol, my prayers are with you. 

Prayer for Those in Need

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.
From the end of the earth will I call unto Thee, when my heart fainteth; lead me to a rock that is too high for me.
For Thou hast been a refuge for me, a tower of strength in the face of the enemy. (the enemy here is alcohol)
I will dwell in Thy Tent for ever; I will take refuge in the covert of Thy wings. Selah

- Psalms 61: 2-5

Prayer for Healing

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health: Comfort and relieve your sick servant (name), and give your power of healing to those who minister to his needs, that he may be strengthened in his weakness and have confidence in your loving care; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

11 years ago

Actually we were fooling ourselves, for deep down in every man, woman, and child, is the fundamental idea of God. It may be obscured by calamity, by pomp, by worship of other things, but in some form or other it is there. For faith in a Power greater than ourselves, and miraculous demonstrations of that power in human lives, are facts as old as man himself.

We finally saw that faith in some kind of God was a part of our make-up, just as much as the feeling we have for a friend. Sometimes we had to search fearlessly, but He was there. He was as much a fact as we were. We found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found. It was so with us.

11 years ago

Amen, dear Nippets. And that sign in your avi says a lot, too!  


11 years ago

Women And Recovery From Alcoholism

Main Category: Alcohol / Addiction / Illegal Drugs News
Article Date: 01 Feb 2007 - 11:00 PST

PhD candidate Ms Janice Withnall, from the UWS School of Education, is carrying out the project in a bid to better understand the experiences of women who have successfully stopped drinking.

National statistics show that alcohol-related illness hospitalises 95,000 Australians a year. Of that group, 7 per cent are women who are alcohol dependent.

However, Ms Withnall says the numbers of midlife women aged 35 to 55 years who are living with the painful flow-on effects from their own alcohol misuse - like health problems, damage to self-esteem, and impact on career, business and family - is increasing. The figure may be as high as 13 per cent, according to the 2005 Australian Longitudinal Study of Womens Health and the Australian Bureau of Statistics health data.

read on...

11 years ago

there are also free games on this link

11 years ago

yes Cheryl I know first hand how woman have a harder time getting recovery.

there is a girl in our group that we havent seen for two months well she came in last week and told us she went back out she had 7 years sober.

11 years ago

We admitted we were powerless over alcohol--that our lives had become unmanageable." Step 1

Who cares to admit complete defeat? Practically no one, of course. Every natural instinct cries out against the idea of personal powerlessness. It is truly awful to admit that, glass in hand, we have warped our minds into such an obsession for destructive drinking that only an act of Providence can remove it from us.
No other kind of bankruptcy is like this one. Alcohol, now become the rapacious creditor, bleeds us of all self-sufficiency and all will to resist its demands. Once this stark fact is accepted, our bankruptcy as going human concerns is complete.

But upon entering A.A. we soon take quite another view of this absolute humiliation. We perceive that only through utter defeat are we able to take our first steps toward liberation and strength. Our admissions of personal powerlessness finally turn out to be firm bedrock upon which happy and purposeful lives may be built.

We know that little good can come to any alcoholic who joins A.A. unless he has first accepted his devastating weakness and all its consequences. Until he so humbles himself, his sobriety--if any--will be precarious. Of real happiness he will find none at all. Proved beyond doubt by an immense experience, this is one of the facts of A.A. life. The principle that we shall find no enduring strength until we first admit complete defeat is the main taproot from which our whole Society has sprung and flowered.

When first challenged to admit defeat, most of us revolted. We had approached A.A. expecting to be taught self-confidence. Then we had been told that so far as alcohol is concerned, self-confidence was no good whatever; in fact, it was a total liability. Our sponsors declared that we were the victims of a mental obsession so subtly powerful that no amount of human willpower could break it. There was, they said, no such thing as the personal conquest of this compulsion by the unaided will. Relentlessly deepening our dilemma, our sponsors pointed out our increasing sensitivity to alcohol--an allergy, they called it. The tyrant alcohol wielded a double-edged sword over us: first we were smitten by an insane urge that condemned us to go on drinking, and then by an allergy of the body that insured we would ultimately destroy ourselves in the process. Few indeed were those who, so assailed, had ever won through in single-handed combat. It was a statistical fact that alcoholics almost never recovered on their own resources. And this had been true, apparently, ever since man had first crushed grapes.

In A.A.'s pioneering time, none but the most desperate cases could swallow and digest this unpalatable truth. Even these "last-gaspers" often had difficulty in realizing how hopeless they actually were. But a few did, and when these laid hold of A.A. principles with all the fervor with which the drowning seize life preservers, they almost invariably got well. That is why the first edition of the book "Alcoholics Anonymous," published when our membership was small, dealt with low-bottom cases only. Many less desperate alcoholics tried A.A., but did not succeed because they could not make the admission of hopelessness.

It is a tremendous satisfaction to record that in the following years this changed. Alcoholics who still had their health, their families, their jobs, and even two cars in the garage, began to recognize their alcoholism. As this trend grew, they were joined by young people who were scarcely more than potential alcoholics. They were spared that last ten or fifteen years of literal hell the rest of us had gone through. Since Step One requires an admission that our lives have become unmanageable, how could people such as these take this Step?

It was obviously necessary to raise the bottom the rest of us had hit to the point where it would hit them. By going back in our own drinking histories, we could show that years before we realized it we were out of control, that our drinking even then was no mere habit, that it was indeed the beginning of a fatal progression. To the doubters we could say, "Perhaps you're not an alcoholic after all. Why don't you try some more controlled drinking, bearing in mind meanwhile what we have told you about alcoholism?" This attitude brought immediate and practical results. It was then discovered that when one alcoholic had planted in the mind of another the true nature of his malady, that person could never be the same again. Following every spree, he would say to himself, "Maybe those A.A.'s were right..." After a few such experiences, often years before the onset of extreme difficulties, he would return to us convinced. He had hit bottom as truly as any of us. John Barleycorn himself had become our best advocate.

Why all this insistence that every A.A. must hit bottom first? The answer is that few people will sincerely try to practice the A.A. program unless they have hit bottom. For practicing A.A.'s remaining eleven Steps means the adoption of attitudes and actions that almost no alcoholic who is still drinking can dream of taking. Who wishes to be rigorously honest and tolerant? Who wants to confess his faults to another and make restitution for harm done? Who cares anything about a Higher Power, let alone meditation and prayer? Who wants to sacrifice time and energy in trying to carry A.A.'s message to the next sufferer? No, the average alcoholic, self-centered in the extreme, doesn't care for this prospect--unless he has to do these things in order to stay alive himself.
Under the lash of alcoholism, we are driven to A.A., and there we discover the fatal nature of our situation. Then, and only then, do we become as open-minded to conviction and as willing to listen as the dying can be. We stand ready to do anything which wi

11 years ago
Is Fear Necessary? Think about what holds you back. Is it fear? Worry? Think about the fears that bother you on nights you can't sleep – or days you're feeling anxious. What are you afraid of? Is it real? Is the fear necessary? Some fears are helpful (like the fear of fire, or fears about our personal safety, or making ends meet). But a lot of fears are just our imaginations running wild, or old childhood boogie men we don't realize we've outgrown. It's important to examine the things that make us anxious, to do what we can to respond to the realistic worries, and to dismiss the imaginary fears. Whatever you do, please do not let your fears motivate you to seek comfort and relief through food. Food is for nourishment and survival, and occasional small pleasure in "managed amounts."
11 years ago

So sad for that woman, Carl.  But at the same time... happy that she came back.  There must be some pretty wonderful people in that group!

Hey, this is all great info.  I like the info. re fears.  This applies to a lot of things in life... depression, anxiety disorders, etc.  Even when you grow up that old boogey man comes to visit, and he's just as scary as when you were a kid.


Recovery Talk Radio Check It Out Folks
11 years ago
On March 11 2007 I was at AA March Round Up In Det, Mi
11 years ago
Walkin' down this rocky road
Wondering where my life is leadin'
Rollin' on, to the bitter end
Finding out along the way
What it takes to keep love living
You should know, how it feels my friend

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Ooh, I want you today
I'm ready for love
Oh baby, I'm ready for love
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Oh baby, I'm ready for love
Ohhh, for your love

Now I'm on my feet again
Better things are bound to happen
All my dues, surely must be paid
Many miles and many tears
Times were hard but now they're changing
You should know that I'm not afraid

Ooh, I want you to stay
Ooh, I want you today
I'm ready for love
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Ready for love
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11 years ago





me playing cards





well to Honest with all of you whaen i left the convention i picked up a drink and i got a DUI thank God i didnt kill no one

11 years ago
yes im drinkin now i hate it
11 years ago
help me plz
sober social
10 years ago

I just joined a site where sober people can meet and chat online, check it out.

I live in Central America where Semana Santa/Easter Week is rapidly approaching and thousands will be on the road drinking and driving, lots of hits and runs here and most of the time drivers get away with it as bystanders often afraid to be witnesses.

My drunk driving career ended in 1976 in the USA, I was lucky, the clutch on my car went out and after court, I went into treatment on my own, I easily could have killed someone or been killed.

My sober driving career began again in the 1980s, drove sober from Long Island, NY to Guatemala, had problems, yes, but was sober, for many years I escorted visitors and volunteers around Central America in my vehicle, logging over 800,000 "klicks" or 500,000+ miles

I'm not into "the right way or wrong way to work such and such a program, someone else's religious belief system or lack of one, etc." I am "into" not drinking or picking up today and having optimism about tommorow.

Been there, done that, walked through Hell many times and took a U turn.

Now I am helping a small non profit tourism, crafts and Revolutionary War musuem in a rural El Salvadorian town, soon invite one and all.

Jacqueline an inspiration
10 years ago

Jacqueline is an inspiration to us all. Such an accident could happen to any one of us. If this happened to me I could only hope  the good things I've done in life bring healing. I shall pray to my archangel Raphael for her.

10 years ago

this brought me back boy i was a mess at this time last year. we had are March round up last weekend and i didnt do what i did last year, im sober now coming up on a year wow

10 years ago

CONGRATULATIONS..On your first year of sobriety..I have never been able to drink but I have been told the first year is the hardest year..Take it one moment at a time and ask the Creator to give you strength to overcome this devastating drug addiction..Although alcohol and tobacco are not listed as being drugs but they most certainly are..Both of these drugs are killers and both are some of the most addictive drugs that exist..If you smoke the best way to quit is by going cold turkey and drinking lots of water to flush the nicotine from your system.. CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN on your first year of being reborn..

Well done Steppin C
10 years ago

Just wanted to say hi and well done Steppin, that must have taken a lot of strength. I am trying to quit smoking, I did for 8 yrs then started up again yukers, got my gum and drinks loads of H20.It is a half hearted effort really. I will go cold turkey when I am ready like before. Just not ready yet. Those pics of the accident and that poor girl are really terrible, I could not bear to spend too much time over them. My heart goes out to her and her chokes me up. This seems like the only chat thread I can find to date here, I cannot see any dates either. I did a hi, n/a to that as yet. Perhaps things will get livelier.


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