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7 years ago

That's such good news, Mary! Thanks!

It's so hard to understand (perhaps "impossible") the mind-set of those who would not want to protect a species whose numbers have dangerously declined. "Sport" hunting and fishing for trophies is prevalent in Alaska. Thank heavens for all those who keep a vigilant eye of protection on these beautiful creatures. Thanks again, dear Mary!

7 years ago

Victory for belugas

Dear Mary,

There's huge news today out of Alaska: A federal judge just rejected the state's attempts to deny Endangered Species Act protection for Cook Inlet beluga whales.

Today's ruling is a major victory in our decade-long battle to protect the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale, one of Alaska's most imperiled species whose population plummeted from 1,300 in the 1970s to only just 300 to 400 today.

Thank you. Belugas wouldn't be getting the protections they need and deserve without your help and support over the last 12 years and the major push this year to stop Alaska's latest attacks.

This win is the latest chapter in a long-term fight for the survival of belugas -- and it's far from over.

The Center for Biological Diversity first petitioned to protect Cook Inlet beluga whales under the Endangered Species Act in 1999. The whale population faced a long list of powerful threats, including oil and gas development and pollution from Anchorage, the fastest-growing watershed in Alaska.

We finally won Endangered Species Act protections for Cook Inlet belugas in 2008, and in early 2011, our long-running efforts secured protection for nearly 2 million acres of their habitat.

But shortly after belugas were listed in 2008, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin announced politically motivated plans to sue over the listing, which sparked the lawsuit under Gov. Sean Parnell -- the lawsuit that we defeated today.

The Center and allies fought back Palin's suit in court and, today, the judge rejected the state's arguments, saying the Fisheries Service's decision to protect the belugas was based on the best available science.

I'm proud to say that the dedication and support of our members and staff brought about this critical win for the whales, and I want to share today's victory with you.

For now, thanks to your efforts, Cook Inlet beluga whales will continue to get the protections they desperately need and that the Center has fought so long and so hard to secure.

Please share this win with your friends and post on Facebook.

Here's to a future for beluga whales that's safe, secure and long-lasting.

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Even as we celebrate today's win, we can't let our guard down. Alaska's beluga population still faces a long list of threats, including offshore oil development in its habitat and a state government that remains hostile to its survival. The Center will keep you updated on our work to save these belugas and let you know about any new attacks.

7 years ago


controversial Keystone XL pipeline for 12-18 months. 

In what can only be described as a major victory for green activists, the Obama Administration has announced it will delay a decision on TransCanada's controversial Keystone XL pipeline for 12 - 18 months.
7 years ago

Hi Les, Mary, Lynn, Kay and everybody.

Les, I am thrilled that this thread made you feel good. That's exactly what it's for. We have so much sad and bad news coming at us every day that we need a chance to see the good and beautiful things being done every day. And there are a lot of great people doing great things we just don't hear about.

Mary, the pictures of the chimps bring such joy to my heart. Look at those faces... and the way they connected with one another. I was stunned to be reading this at the same time watching Jane Valez Mitchell who was talking about more chimps being experimented on and Peta was there with her as well. There are so many more animals that need to be rescued, but we should rejoice when we see the freedom for ones like you posted about. Such wonderful news!

7 years ago

Hi Cheryl this is a great forum and hope you don't mind if I mention about the good things people can use for themselves and mother earth that are non toxic.


Here is an uplifting slide show about a wonderful company that can help you take care of yourself, family, pets and Mother Earth by bathing and cleaning your home with non toxic products that work and are high quality.


Passcode to slide show:  Melaleuca


Enjoy and please let me know if you are interested.  I just love their products and would never use anything else.  I am very sensitive.



good news
7 years ago

This was the first day that I came here to actually read the posts shared with us. It is certainly wonderful to read good news for a change. Thank you for your time and your effort Cheryl.  It took some time but when I finished reading each post my heart felt enriched and good.

7 years ago

Iknow i was crying looking at them but at least they are free now we must keeep trying to get the others out too . how are you today Lynn I was thinking about you yesterday

7 years ago

Beautiful to watch how excited the chimps were to finally be free. It was so touching to see the chimps who embraced each other before venturing out. I hope they'll be alright; having been experimented on for 30 years must have left some scars, aside from having the HIV virus. Poor tykes.

7 years ago
Sri Lankan survey finds ‘healthy’ elephant numbers
September 04, 2011
"We have an elephant population which is in good health and its population growth is also very good," - Wildlife Conservation Department director H.D. Ratnayake

Sri Lanka's elephant population remains healthy despite decades of fighting between government and rebel forces, the first survey since the end of the nation's bloody civil war showed Friday. Before the count, the department said it believed the elephant population totalled just 5,350. The country boasted 12,000 elephants in 1900. The survey counted 1,107 baby elephants, Ratnayake added. It is the first count since Sri Lanka's military crushed Tamil Tiger separatist rebels in May 2009, making wildlife sanctuaries and jungles more accessible to officials.

Wildlife officials said Sri Lanka has 7,379 elephants. Of that number, some 5,879 wild elephants are living near wildlife parks and sanctuaries while another 1,500 were estimated to be in other areas.


7 years ago

News and information at The Animal Rescue Site

Loyal Navy dog adopted

The dog of a deceased Navy SEAL that won hearts across the globe in August has been adopted by a friend of its owner on Fort Bragg in North Carolina, ABC News reports.

A photo of the dog, a chocolate Labrador retriever named Hawkeye, went viral on the internet last month as an example of the intense devotion a dog can have for its master. The picture, which got 177,000 Google hits recently, showed the dog asleep under its owner's casket during the funeral services. Hawkweye's owner, Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, was killed in Afghanistan in early August, according to the Des Moines Register.

Hawkeye's new family is not all that new to the canine. The dog's new owner, Scott Nichols, was a friend of Tumilson's, and the dog spent time there when its master was deployed on duty.

The picture was taken at the service by Tumilson's cousin, Lisa Pembleton, who said she couldn't help but take the photo. The dog was known to Tumilson's family as his "son," as his career made it difficult to have a family. 

(My note: what a happy story for this loyal, loving dog!)

7 years ago

Sorry... the rest of article's link doesn't work. Here it is.


Three girls whose lemonade stand was shut down by the police in Midway, Georgia, for not having a business license and food permit, were offered a prime location to reopen in the tourist-rich state park of Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island officials contacted the young teens and invited them to sell their lemonade at Summer Waves Water Park. They even built the girls a new lemonade stand.

It was a sweet deal for the girls, but also a great public relations move for the park authorities, who learned the girls were only trying to earn money so they could attend a competing park.

Since then, "there has been an outpouring of support for the girls," reports WSAV-TV.

"As a way to give back, 10 percent of the girls' proceeds will go to their hometown animal shelter."


(READ the story in the

What Happened to The Freedom of Lemonade Stands?
7 years ago

It's hard to believe that once children could have lemonade stands without being arrested - or close! But this one has a happy ending.

aa Remember when they were fun?
Leading Headlines
Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Three girls whose lemonade stand was shut down by the police in Midway, Georgia, for not having a business license and food permit, were offered a prime location to... (Read more)




8 years ago

Thank you, Mary!

8 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Cheryl because you have done so within the last week.

8 years ago
Vegetative state patients can respond to questions
Feb 09, 10 | submitted by Ryan

By Fergus Walsh
Medical correspondent, BBC News

Dr Adrian Owen, co-author of the research: "This changes things"

Scientists have been able to reach into the mind of a brain-damaged man and communicate with his thoughts.

The research, carried out in the UK and Belgium, involved a new brain scanning method.

Awareness was detected in three other patients previously diagnosed as being in a vegetative state.

The study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that scans can detect signs of awareness in patients thought to be closed off from the world.

Patients in a vegetative state are awake, not in a coma, but have no awareness because of severe brain damage.

Read more and see video...

9 years ago

  and God bless  to this wonderful woman!

I’m sharing my £7.5m Lotto win with orphans in Ethiopia

"So many people say: ‘Well, you can’t save the world, so what’s the point in trying?’ -- But my attitude is even if some of my money can help a few kids, it might inspire others to do the same."

Single mum Jane Surtees certainly has a Lotto heart.

Jane immediately donated £50,000 and has pledged a sizeable annual commitment to support Kidane and a project called Beyond The Orphanage (BTO).

But she also had another wish — to help the plight of countless starving children in Ethiopia she had seen on television over the years.

So when Jane scooped a £7.5million jackpot five months ago, she immediately started planning her trip to the African country.

Speaking exclusively for the first time since her win, Jane, 48, says: “Winning the Lotto has changed my life and now I want to help change the lives of others.

Care for kids ... Jane Surtees visits the orphanage

Care for kids ... Jane Surtees visits the orphanage

see more...

continue reading on The Sun

9 years ago
Amazing moment an orang-utan caught a rope thrown by humans and swam across flooded river to save her baby

By Richard Shears
Last updated at 8:46 AM on 19th March 2009

All mothers know there is no limit to what they will do to protect their children.

But this mother orang-utan proved that the selfless sentiment extends to the animal kingdom also.

These astonishing pictures from the World Wildlife Fund capture the moment the terrified mother caught a rope thrown to her by humans and swam across a flooded river to bring her baby to safety.


Easy does it: The mother orang-utan, her baby clinging to her chest, catches the rope thrown to her by wildlife officials

It is a long-held belief that the giant apes are petrified of water. But the mother did not appear to give her leap into the swollen river a second thought.

The amazing pictures were taken by local officials of the WWF on the Malaysian island of Borneo.

Villagers had reported that the mother and her baby were stranded in a tree when a river flooded on the north east tip of the island.

Some reports claimed they had been trapped there for several days.

The Sabah Wildlife Department, which is linked to WWF, sent a team to the area and set up a rope bridge so they could get close to the hungry mother and baby.

But what next? How could they coax her to climb down from the tree when orang-utans have always been thought to be afraid of water? Even when it rains they scamper for shelter.

Read rest of story and see pictures:

9 years ago

Yahoo. news May 5/09

European Parliament votes to ban seal products in bid to end Canadian hunt

STRASBOURG, France - The European Parliament approved plans to slap a European Union import ban on seal products Tuesday, a move meant to force an end to Canada's annual seal hunt, which is the world's largest.

The EU assembly overwhelmingly endorsed a bill which said commercial seal hunting, notably in Canada, is "inherently inhumane." The bill still needs the backing of EU governments, which officials said is only a formality since national envoys had already endorsed the bill prior to Tuesday's vote.

The bill is expected to become law in a matter of weeks ensuring it is in place before next year's seal hunt.

Animal welfare activists rejoiced, saying the vote was a significant step toward ending the Canadian seal hunt.

see more...

9 years ago
Missing Dogs Saved After Five Days in Sinkhole
this happy event!
9 years ago

Just bringing link up a little closer.

Mexico on the Skin
9 years ago

Offbeat  (tags: culture, environment, interesting, photos, Luis Miguel, MEXICO )

- 1 hour ago -

Enjoy Mexico with music of Luis Miguel. Feel Mexico!

9 years ago

Gracias to you Cheryl!

I like to post nice things, and I love this title "Good News Only"

This way when people are sad they can come here and be more happy

9 years ago

Thanks Teresa for all your postings here.  I would have missed out on them all had you not done so.  It was nice to be able to participate.

The beautiful whale and dolphin video more than made my day today!

Many kudos to you!


Humpback Whales Interact With Dolphins !
9 years ago

Animals  (tags: animals, conservation, environment, GoodNews, whales )

- 5 minutes ago -
These people filmed this video in 5 whale-tours in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. See how the Humpback whales interacting with the dolphins.

Mexican Stereotype
9 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: culture, education, ethics, freedoms, humans, interesting )

- 49 minutes ago -

For almost all the foreigners, Mexico is an enormous mass of lost "pueblitos" in the dirt and the desert, where the poor Mexicans drink to forget their poverty and misery...

Cher C!! The Greatest Member of Care2, Week 4
9 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: activists, celebrity, GoodNews, animal activist, greatest member )

- 37 minutes ago -

A Care2 example of really caring. Cher is a person that makes Care2 proud, a great member that helps the animals and care about union and peace in between human beings. A real trooper! and a big heart for those ones that are voiceless and need so much
Mom´s Song
9 years ago

Offbeat  (tags: funny, humor, off-beat, society, women, mother, )

- 12 minutes ago -
Enjoy this!! You are going to laugh. In English with subtitles in Spanish.

Ivy S!!! The Greatest Member of Care2 (Week 3)
9 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: celebrity, culture, GoodNews, society, Ivy S, greatest member, recognition )

- 5 hours ago -

You are the perfect example of what a real friend and nice person has to be to win heaven. People like you are not find easy. Kindness is a gift Ivy. A gift that people need in this days of bad news and crisis. You are a sunshine for many people at Care2
Nice Weekend, Great Music, Great Horses...El Caballo Andaluz
10 years ago

Animals  (tags: animals, GoodNews, horses, Spain, Mexico, Tere del Castillo )

- 1 hour ago -
Enjoy the weekend and check this wonderful horses and great music. From this member with Spanish blood and with Mexican heart. Have a great weekend and relax, not all is bad news here! TERE
Adoption and Rescue Center in Mexico
10 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: celebrity, culture, education, ethics, animals, good news )

- 53 minutes ago -
CENTRO DE ADOPCION Y RESCATE ANIMAL A.C. "ADOPCIONES-MARIBEL GUARDIA" You don´t have to read Spanish to have tears in your eyes, happy tears... Maribel Guardia, she is the girldfriend of Darren´s lawyer in copywrite issues. An angel.

Severn Suzuki, the Girl That Silent the UN for 6:32 Minutes
10 years ago

I am about to do that amiga, thank you!

World  (tags: children, ethics, HumanRights, interesting, UnitedNations )

- 13 minutes ago -

Amazing video in English with subtitles in Spanish.


just silence....we have to learn a lot from this kid.

A kid with values and morals and intelligence, a girl like this one is an example of good education and good feelings for others.

10 years ago

Great to see all the new News you've posted, Teresa! It's soooo good to get an injection of positive vibes from the good things happening on Mother Earth.  Thanks for posting, and please keep it up.

History About a True Friendship ''Christian The Lion "
10 years ago

Animals  (tags: animals, GoodNews, humans, wildanimals, love, friendship, amazing, lesson of life, loyalty )

- 49 seconds ago -
We all should learn from this story.

Miraculous Messages From Water - The Work of Masaru Emoto
10 years ago

Changing our way of thinking...


Science & Tech  (tags: energy, environment, habitat, health, humans, interesting, investigation, research )

- 7 minutes ago -

"From Mr. Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body

Baja and the Gulf of California. A Magical Underwater Kingdom
10 years ago

Environment  (tags: animals, conservation, ecosystems, environment, GoodNews, habitat, nature, oceans, protection, world )

- 1 minute ago -

Jacques Cousteau called it the world's aquarium. Mexico's Baja California Peninsula boasts some of the most unique terrestrial and marine environments in the world. The peninsula's Pacific coastline extends more than 700 miles from the U.S. border south
10 years ago

Health & Wellness  (tags: health, humans, treatment, animals, cats, dogs )

- 1 minute ago -
Animals and our pets can be a great way to reduce our every day stresses and anxieties. It is not easy to deal with our fears and anxieties, however, spending time with animals can makes us feel better. Here is a list of ways of how animals can help us
10 years ago

Obama inspires historic victory

source: CNN | Nov 05, 08 | submitted by Ryan

"I pledge to him tonight to do all in my power to help him lead us through the many challenges we face," - Senator McCainChicago, IL

Barack Obama told supporters that "change has come to America," as he addressed the country for the first time as the president-elect.

"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America -- I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you -- we as a people will get there," Obama said in Chicago, Illinois.

10 years ago

I'm just replacing the link to the GOOD NEWS network as it was accidently deleted.

The good Lord knows we need some good news these days!

Please feel free to check into this once in a while and post something you think will make us smile. 

12 years ago

'Angel' returns lost bonds

 A packet of U.S. savings bonds, washed out of a house destroyed almost two and a half years ago during Hurricane Ivan, was found about two miles away on the shoreline of East Bay and returned to the owner Tuesday.

Jan Meade calls Trudie Childers, who recovered the bonds, "an angel on earth." I can't believe there is someone so honest and so thoughtful," said Meade, an employee of NovaCare Physical Rehabilitation.

Meade and her husband, Timothy, a Fort Walton Beach attorney, fled their home on East Bay Boulevard in Navarre just before Ivan struck on Sept. 16, 2004. When they returned the next morning, they found the back half of their house had been blown out and almost all of their possessions gone or in ruins.

Damage was so severe that the house eventually was razed and the couple moved to another residence in Robledal Estates nearby.

"I had been buying a few savings bonds every now and then for some time, and they were in the house. I really didn't know how to replace them. I just thought they were gone forever," said Meade.

That is until Saturday morning, when Childers and her 75-year-old mother, Claudie Tolbert, took a walk at the end of Gordon Evans Road in Holley, across the bay and east of Meade's former home.

"We were walking along the beach when I looked at the tide line and saw something," Childers said. "When I pulled it out, it looked like just one bond wrapped in plastic."

When she got home and opened the packet, she saw many more, which she hung on a clothesline to dry. On the bonds were Meade's name and Social Security number.

When she returned to work Monday, Childers, an employee of Holley-Navarre Water System, checked the water department's computers to locate Meade, then called to say she'd found the bonds.

A grateful Meade greeted Childers with a hug and tears when she reclaimed the bonds, estimated to be worth about $1,000.

"One minute she was laughing, the next I could tell she was thinking about the hurricane," said Childers, whose son and parents also lost their homes in the storm.

The thought never crossed her mind to keep the bonds, Childers said.
"I taught my children that if they so much as see a quarter on the floor of a convenience store to pick it up and put it on the counter because it belongs to someone else," she said.

For her part, Meade said the savings bonds will be placed in a bank safety deposit box.

12 years ago

I just found this fascinating story in the Good News Network.  It was written last September but maybe you missed it like I did.  It's very touching.  

Princess Finds the Shoe Fits
Sarah Culberson's hunt for her father cast the actress in a real role as royalty. Did she want it? A trip to his war-torn village gave the answer.
By Kelly-Anne Suarez, Times Staff Writer
September 15, 2006

 As an adopted child, Sarah Culberson dreamed about what her birth parents looked like and where they came from. But it wasn't until she turned 28 that she finally learned what she'd inherited from her biological father: deep-set brown eyes, a wide smile and reign over a chiefdom in Africa.

She was a princess.

The title was glamorous, but it didn't come with an elegant palace or a jewel-encrusted tiara. In fact, the aspiring Los Angeles actress quickly learned that she was far richer than any of her 36,000 subjects who lived in the southern province of Sierra Leone, a country ravaged by civil war.

In her family's village of Bumpe, the people rejoiced in the news of their newly discovered princess, someone who they had come to regard as a potential savior.

It was a job she wasn't sure she wanted.


12 years ago

 Daisy the lost terrier shows up 1,300 miles from home

source: Daily Mail | Jan 06, 07 | submitted by Pat Coate

Aurora, Colorado, USA - Seven months after disappearing from her yard in the western state of Colorado, a rat terrier named Daisy turned up in Knoxville, Tennessee, some 1,300 miles away.

Thanks to the efforts of Tracie Crass, who found two-year-old Daisy wandering outside her home in the southern city of Knoxville, the terrier got an plane ride home.

12 years ago

Because we all hear and see so much of the mean, cruel, despicable, mind-boggling things in life (which is why we are here in many ways to help eliminate and join together in protest) ~

~ this thread is to hear only about the good things that are happening on our Mother Earth and with mankind, and there are many ~ but we hear the sensationalized horrors most of all. 

For those of you who like DOG The Bounty Hunter, I saw an episode where his wife Beth took him to a boxing match for his birthday.  He looked increasingly uncomfortable as the two men in the ring pummeled each other.  Finally, with a look of sadness, he told Beth he had to leave "...because it hurts my Spirit."     

I'm sure I'm far from being alone in feeling burned out and often depressed by being bombarded by sad, bad and evil deeds.  Some months ago I realized that it was necessary to remove myself from these things for short periods of time in order to regain mental, emotional and Spiritual strength.  Like 'Dog', they "hurt my Spirit" and I need to take care of myself if I'm going to be useful.

So, please post all good news here!  Certainly we all need Spirit-lifting news.



12 years ago
| Items of Interest

firstprize One of our little heroes doing big things that we don't hear about often enough ~

angel  8-year-old honored for heroism

Austin, Texas, USA - Austin police rewarded an AISD elementary student for her brave actions.

Police recognized Atkinson for helping to rescue three children left in an abandoned, dirty apartment that had no food.




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