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Help Give The IMPEACHMENT Movement Visibility July 27, 2007 2:37 PM


The mainstream corporate media would like to pretend that there is nothing going on, but a 15th member of the House just signed on to Kucinich's H.Res. 333 to impeach Dick Cheney first. 95,000 people have already voted in the National Cheney Impeachment Poll, and no matter how many times Pelosi protests that impeachment is off the table, we can drive it like a truck right through the front picture window. And this is how we are going to do it.

We have already shipped 6,000 "IMPEACH CHENEY?" caps and we want EVERYONE who has voted in the Cheney impeachment poll to have one, so that we can all be in the streets as a real time demonstration of our mobilization on this issue. A donation is NOT required. We will send you one for no charge, not even shipping, if you just email us back with your address and request one. But if CAN make any kind of donation, if only just a modest one, please submit this form.


Your donations allow us to run all the blog ads, pay for keeping up the short code cell phone voting function, where all you have to do is text the word "IMPEACH" to 30644 to vote Yes for Cheney impeachment. Most importantly, when you wear one of these caps, everyone you encounter will ask themselves the question "Should Vice President Cheney be Impeached," which is the question our democracy must answer.

In reacting to testimony of Alberto Gonzales yesterday under oath, Time magazine was moved to write the headline "Gonzales Digs a Deeper Hole". It would appear the game plan is to try to lie their way through the next 18 months, to run out the clock until they can all pardon themselves on the way out the door. But the one revelation that DID come out of the Senate hearing was that Vice President Cheney, on top of everything else, had been given unprecedented authority to intervene in justice department probes.

Just this last Friday the Cheney White House REFUSED to give a member of Congress access to the classified portions of two of these recent presidential directives. They won't even let our representatives SEE the complete terms of SECRET unconstitutional orders they are rushing to put in place. So what will it take to get Congress to debate these things, and actually confront a White House that is now issuing royal decrees at a record pace in the form of sweeping executive orders
that presume to have legislative weight?

The last question we CAN answer. What it will take for Congress to act is for us to get out there, and make the impeachment movement visible, to engage so many of our friends and neighbors in a discussion of the issue that we can no longer be ignored. That is what the "IMPEACH CHENEY?" caps are designed to do. That is why we want you to have one. Congress will not defy the will of the American people, but first that will must be expressed. That is our job, to facilitate the expression of that will. And we accept the job.

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