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13 years ago
I'm Camilla (one half of Freya). My animal babies are an important part of my family. Apart from a dog and two cats, I also have two rabbits (dwarf lops), three guinea pigs (teddy) and one cockatiel male. There are pictures of them in my Care2 album, if anyone would like to take a look.
13 years ago
Hi eveyone,I'm Annastasia.  I am also a member and co-host of Cavy Capers group.  I have 9 Guinea Pigs (5 abbysinnian and 4 merino and merino x), 2 budgies (1male blue and white, 1 female yellow and green), 1 dog (female white maltese x shitzu) and a cat (female chinchilla x).  I live on Acerage that belongs to my parents and on this acerage we also have cows, pigeons, 2 other dogs, finches and some fish.I will post photos as soon as a i get a digital camera thanksAnnastasia
13 years ago
Welcome to the group. Great to have you here, Annastasia. I hope you'll like it. Wow, sounds like you have a really nice place and quite a family too. We have some acreage too, but we don't use it ourselves right now. Still, we're planning on moving out there soon. I'm hoping this group will be just as cool as Cavy Capers. Camilla (one half of Freya)
12 years ago
It seems we have some new members. It would be great if you'd like to introduce yourselves and tell the rest of us a little about what kind of babies you have and anything else you'd like to tell us. I hope you'll like it here. You're all very welcome.
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