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Coming Soon, Previews on... September 25, 2004 7:37 PM

a popular winUtil,

an obscure but Absolutely Bombastic Networking companion util (freeWARES & highly EFFECTIVE)that I have been recommending & personally USING for 3yrs+

and 2 more...

a) my review of the infamous C2's "Friend Finders" dwnloadable client (after i have this opined by a couple of C+/J veterans).

b) a powerfull Java freeWARE for NGOs' covert reporting use. )

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a bit LATE on these... October 02, 2004 2:21 AM

folks! Am sorry, but shall be posting it in a couple of days!  [ send green star]
K, Folks... Here are October 13, 2004 8:36 PM

the Goodies!

Let's start piece by piece huh?

And BTW, very sorry for posting late, as I am really preoccupied for the past weeks.

& Thank you for your accomodation.

Now, the first article is about a wonderfully FREEware...

-dave/ 14.Oct.04

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Zero-Cost Multiple Clients/Users Connection from 1Broadband Account? October 13, 2004 8:58 PM

(Part 1/3) This is PREPOSTEROUS...most PPL would think! For SoHo/SME/Home users, that's good news... but HOW? Want to know how to do that with one less expenses to deal with? Ok, introducing the less-glamorous but FREEware - "PROKSI". "PROKSI" is designed & written in pure Visual C++ by italian Salvatore Sergi (an Italian network specialist) & released in 1999. Proksi is designed to be a simple but robust 'sock' implementation for multiple net connections from multiple clients using ONLY ONE modem/broadband connection to W3. It is somewhat akin to what most Java beginners came to appreciate about the basic 'PoolMan' connector used in database routing & connections. It was way back in early Y2K when i came upon "Proksi" (introduced to me by a former SE colleague who chance upon this wonderfull but low-profile ICS equivalent) due to numerous problem fixIts with the notorius 'ICS' (aka: Internet Connection Sharing) by Microsoft of which I was asked to resolve. MS's ICS to me, is simply 'rubbish'! Same as what i judged winXP's built-in FireWall within its IE browser (as of SP-1) as a sham! 50%~65% of you PPL out there who had ever tried an initial deployment of Window's ICS feature would surely agree with my ICS's comment. And for those who haven't tried yet, I'll bet 2 out of 3 (more so on non-technically incline) will exasperate over it. A handsdown alternative is 'PROKSI'. If you have more than one desktop at home or share a Local Area Network (LAN) within your own workarea, you probably have spend a great deal of time contending for a single phone line to surf the net. With a network between your home PCs and Proksi, you can share a single ISP account with just 1 line (or any other net connection such as a cable modem, even thru a switch/hub) with all of your users — simultaneously. Proksi is a proxy software application that allows you to share a net connection from a minimum of 2 client up to multiples (within a LAN). Thus eliminating the needs to subscribe to extra phone lines, access accounts, modems, or expensive dedicated circuit switches in order to provide Internet access for multiple realtime W3 surfing. By sharing a single Internet account and connection via Proksi, a home or SoHo users can utilize net access with cost savings that reflect on your next bill immediately. Requirements: Proksi is a self-extract package developed with Visual C++ 6.0. It uses the classic method of the packages in Windows environment, does not require particular skill for install/uninstalling (Unistaller NOT Included thou. Read instructions below for 'uninstalling') procedures. It can be run on all Windows 95/98/NT based systems, EXCEPT - Windows XP! All user systems must be connected to the LAN where the Proksi IS ON to have a browser and USING/SUPPORTING the TCP/IP protocol. (ctnd...)  [ send green star]
 October 13, 2004 9:07 PM

This will work with cable internet???? I have a motorial modem:

sb5100 series

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PROKSI ... October 13, 2004 9:35 PM

(Part2/3)... Choose 1 among your desktop to be designated as the 'gateway'with direct connection to W3. This 'gateway' machine is where you install Proksi. Included documentation is SIMPLE, enough specifics/ informations about parameters are in its Help Section. Proksi's current downloadable FREE VERSION is v.1.0. Configuration: Configuring Proksi is pretty neat. Once downloaded & installed, right-click the Options item from the main menu ( via the sysTray @desktop ) & start setting up the REQUIRED parameters. Some IMPORTANT Factors/Configuration are listed herewith: *Local Port: Port Number is one of the MOST important feature of Proksi. By DEFAULT - it is set at < 1111 >. However, on your discretion or necessity due to conflicts with other system service, you can change this number. REMEMBER - that it’s the port number that the user’s browser uses to connect to Proksi. Consequently you must also change the port number on every user's browser once you decide to change Proksi's 'default' port #. Recommended ports other than Proksi's default number are mentioned in 'FPQ/Notes 2Remember' on the bottom of this article. *Proxy server: If your ISP requires a particular proxy server setting or if you are on a corporate Intranet that uses a proxy server to allow access to the Web, you must set that proxy server section with the same parameters. To do this, you must enable the check box ('access the Internet using a proxy server') & then write the IP addy, port # of the proxy server & possibly the addresses that you don't want to course thru proxy server (e.g. local addresses). Syntax requires that multiple entries are separated by semicolon ( ; ). It is also possible to include a range of addresses with the ‘ * ’ character. *Enabled log: If this box is enabled, all Proksi’s operations will be stored in a log file that you can find in the application path (Proksi.log). Append method were use, so you never miss the old stored information. *Users list: This is the list of the Proksi users & the only firewall function that Proksi has. In fact, only the IP addy listed within is enabled - a function which allows you to CONTROL users access to Internet by simply adding/removing them. When Add New button is clicked, you will see a form with IP Address and Name of the new user. The IP address is the network address of the user’s computer that you want to add, and the Name ( not the Host Name on the DNS ) is the user's mnemonic string. To Modify or Remove a user, select one of them and then click on either buttons - Remove or Modify. *Configuring Browser: A thing that one needs to do on the user system is to configure user's web browser & that depends on the web browser the user is using. How? Open your browser you intend to use & click 'Tools' on its upper Tool Bar; Locate Internet Options on the pop-down menu. Goto the proxy server section & set parameters as; (ctnd...)  [ send green star]
PROKSI... October 13, 2004 9:50 PM

(Part3/3)... -Address: Insert the text area with the IP address of the 'gateway' PC where Proksi is installed & running. -Port: Insert Proksi's PORT # (Default is '1111'. But you have choices, as mentioned previously above). Voila...and you are ON! A thing you shall note - 'Proksi' possess a very small footprint & don't eat up system resources. And... completely Cost-FREE! DETAILS- Publisher: Salvatore Sergi License: Freeware Freeware version: v1.0 Download size: 377 KB Installed size: 785 KB Uninstaller included? Nope. Platform: ALL Windows, EXCEPT winXP. URL/Downloading link - ( or ) System requirements -Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 -Internet Explorer 5.5 or above (Recommended). - IMPERATIVE FPQs/NOTES 2REMEMBER; *Uninstalling Proksi: Regrettably, Proksi don't incljude one. If you ever decides to uninstall, close your line connection (if dialup) or disable your broadband switch 1st, then EXIT Proksi by right-clicking its 'Red Butterfly' icon on the sysTray. Goto Control Panel (via 'Start' at Desktop & use the 'Add/ Remove Programs' to UNINSTALL your Proksi. *Always REMEMBER to update ALL SECURITY Hotfixes/Patches for your winOS; winOffice; OutLook/Outlook-Xpress (never ever overlook this one) and anything that deal with RPC/ Networking security BEFORE installing Proksi! Coz once Proksi is ON & web connected, your system is 'networked' which means any covert/forced intrusion due to unpatched security features will FULLY COMPROMISE every other PC within your group! *SEVERE DEFICIENCIES of win95 & win98/98SE OS: Choosing between win95 & win98/98SE to install Proksi, I would basically recommend win98/98SE over all the previous. As both versions of win98 is more sufficiently equipped for webconnect! But DO PLEASE TAKE NOTE... win98/98SE had a SEVERE 'driver' bugs (therefore, goto Windows Download & dwnload/Install the upgraded "NDIS.VXD" for win98SE) & its default browser- IE.v5.0 - (Upgrade to IE.v5.5 & above instead) has original design flaws! *Other 3rd Party Browser: Proksi also works well on Netscape, I recommend using over7.0 & above. *Win2k/2kPro's Service Packs: Proksi had been found to work nicely on SP1~SP3 for win2000/2kPro. On SP4, am TENTATIVE on this (this SP4 involves Enhanced-USB & WiFi support w/c I'm presently conducting an extensive testrun with Proksi). *Other Usable Port Numbers Aside from < 1111 >: Recommended default is [1111] for Proksi. On your discretion, you may use OTHER port numbers. Recommended RANGES for OTHER USABLE ports are [1122 ~ 1152 & 1205 ~ 1221]. Do TAKE NOTE to REFRAIN FROM USING port "1112" as this one is RESERVED! ..."Knowledge is POWER." More coming soon.  [ send green star]
Erratum... on Proksi October 13, 2004 9:54 PM

Part 3/3; 5th Paragraph from its bottom; Re: Other 3rd Party Browser - 'over7.0' - SHOULD BE ver.7.0.  [ send green star]
Also... October 16, 2004 2:51 AM

I might post an OpenSource Java 'proxy connector' for our OpenSource afficionados here soon. This one is FREEware too. Anticipate it...  [ send green star]
sb5100 Series... October 16, 2004 3:00 AM

I would PRESUME IT WILL! PROKSI works on... - DIALUPS, - xDSL connect, - Cable MOdems. On the last 2... xDSL & Cable Modem, you may be required by your ISP to use their required NICs. Once installed, check your winUpdates sec. feature first or update. Then install PROKSI! On sb5100, give me details of manufaturer & full model number. Me shall do a full research. But I DON'T anticipate problems!~ enjoy...  [ send green star]
re: Additional Info... Proksi October 23, 2004 12:36 AM

I had previously mentioned that PROKSI WON'T WORK with winXP... ONLY if you INTEND to make your winXP as the GATEWAY in which Proksi is going to be deployed! But it DOOESN'T MEAN that Proski won't permit a winXP CLIENT/S to another 'gateway' PC/Desktop that HAS Proksi DEPLOYED!!! As long as Proksi is deployed on a 'gateway' (main controlling) PC/desktop using previously mentioned operating system EXCEPT "winXPs", ANY OTHER client/s connected to it (including client/s running on winXP can roam the Web via Proksi on the 'gateway'. But I strongly suggest DEFERRING winXP client/s that has ServicePack2 installed, coz there maybe some looming chaos lurkin beneath it that MAY fcukUP your whole setup! Sorry bout that, anyway, i don't trust those update guys from Redmond much!  [ send green star]
A Good Makeover of... October 26, 2004 11:54 AM

the popular winUtil... Windows Media Player ver.10. (1/2) Microsoft WMP v10 , the much-awaited upgrade to the player/jukebox that ships with new PC, is its dramatic cosmetic overhaul. Unlike its older versions (v9 & lower), this 1 is an application you'll actually try to use. It gives you easy access to all of your multimedia files (music, picx & videos) and faster tasks accomplishment. WMP 10 now is at least equals— or surpasses— the current leader in this field, MusicMatch Jukebox 9. For starters, WMP v10's major function buttons were moved from the left toolbar to the top, resulting with a more cleaner interface. WMP v10's had simplified button wordings from "Copy from CD" and "Copy to CD or Device" to "Rip," "Burn," and "Sync." Major usability enhancements were applied in a third window view in the Media Library (which displays the Now Playing list, Burn list, or Sync list). Old versions got you needing to toggle between the Media Library & Copy to CD or Device window to burn a CD or send music to a portable player. Which is a hassle since you could no longer see your library. Now,It is more intuitive coz you can see the lists in Library window & burn/copy from there. MS had added high bit-rate MP3 ripping/encoding at up to 320 Kbps. Ease-of-use improvements are applied throughout such as; -playlist view on the right side (a first at MS), -improved mini-player mode with a slider bar, -modified access to most controls. Moreover, WMP 10's Library now stores all of your media files, videos/picx - which is handy. But WMP 10 can't compare with Adobe Photoshop Album which is a full-featured photo editor/manager. But it allows organizing & rating picx as you do on songs. It also organize your home movies and recorded TV shows. ctnd..,  [ send green star]
A Good Makeover of... October 26, 2004 12:02 PM

the popular winUtil - Windows Media Player ver.10. (2/2); And you can purchase tunes/movies via an online mall accessible from within WMP-10. Online storesis access from a drop-down list in WMP 10's upper-right corner;the list will include services other than the Microsoft's own. Purchasing tunes/videos via WMP's builtin online link is more convenient than launching a separate aps. And 1 nice feature is files you bought from any of the linked eStores auto-show in WMP 10's library... ready for playing or synchro. Also, two new 'Sync' technos built into WMP 10 make it easier to load E-content onto porta-gigs; - Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) lets you plug in MTP-enabled portables without the mess of loading drivers first. So once deployed, WMP 10 shall sync with 70+ devices (similar to MusicMatch). - And MS's new DRM (code:Janus) system, lets you transfer media content from subscription-based music and movie stores. For example, songs dwnloaded from Napster's "all-you-can-stream" option will be available on your porta-gig, with a monthly pre-payment subscription. These tracks will play as they would on your PC but will expire (the results of RIAA's stuborn violation of our rights to Free Access) when their licenses end. So, the difference between MusicMatch & winMP-10? Both have highly streamlined/simplified interfaces in their latest builds, with added new features, and both are user-friendly. winMP-10's integrated lib & slick design is a bit ahead thou. But winMP 10 don't sync with iPod(which i considered the post-Walkman era of epitomical standards in porta-gigs, & ultimate symbol of the techno-Geeks here in Twn/Jp/Hk), unlike the latest release of RealPlayer does (same as MusicMatch, albeit only on MP3-format). This is 1 handy winUtils i found to be appropriate for testing new sound tracks dwnloaded from the net. For the ultimate dwnloadable media player aps - then go for RealPlayer's latest beta... the 10th. Personally, my choice is iPod for portability, RealPlayer's latest for its comprehensive formatting & my old fav wallbangher components - Bang&Olufsen+ARquads+Denon-DiscDrive... oh yeah! For your winMP v10 dwnload link, click this one;  [ send green star]
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