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TIRED of getting ZAPPED by those pesky Web Malwares??? April 20, 2007 2:13 AM

here is something of a legend (but you don't need to be a rocket scientist in order to understand this techie arsenal) ever since it got out into the wild blue yonder of W3...


Mind you folks, with this weapon and a good ol' AV scanner.... it CUT 75% of your worries of getting INFECTED!

SandBoxie is like Capt. America's super sleek bullet-proof red/white/blue SHIELD!

Here is the url (for download, and a concise explanation of what it can do)~ least something powerfull came along to help our FoxyFire fights those pests, try it!

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Describing "LISP"... February 28, 2007 7:48 PM

is like having your old Volkswagen... that good ol' "beetle" that is a petrol-minimizer, cavernous enuf to squeeze your whole family of 5~6 but zippy enuf to occupy a parking space other cars won't fit, having a dainty "beep beep" horn that scare a fox out of your way but soothing enuf as not to disturb your newly-born babe...

and best of all, IT FLOATS wherever there's flood and the dainty aircool chugger ain't be bother by humidity either!

I drove a 'folks-Wagon' before and i came to respect & luv it! The best value-4-monies that i ever started with.

LISP (a programming language) is something like a Volks, dainty & nifty, quiet reliable, not flashy but certainly do the job it was intended for!

Here is something graphic (and nostalgically funny) that really describe its capabilities & flexibilties ~ 

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Hahahahaha..... August 05, 2005 10:01 AM

Jane says 'SHAME', Tarzan...sheepish. Tarzan offer

  to Jane.

LOL* Sarah_J, you really bawl me over!


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Not fair!!!! August 05, 2005 7:16 AM

Shame on you, Dave! Don't you realise, most geeks don't even know any real women?

Thanks for the invitation, though.

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Something NAUGHTY... August 05, 2005 6:21 AM

that i had posted here (NOTE: 18y/o & below, SKIP this!) which made me blurp my kopi when i chance upon this naughty* ..naughty " Pornstar as Operating Systems " ...

...I realized that every female performer I’ve ever met has been essentially Windows, Mac or Linux too -

Ms. Windows

She knows she’s not particularly beautiful and so she lives at the gym. From the neck up she’s Los Angeles, from the neck down she’s San Diego.

About once every five years she’ll decide that working out’s not enough, make a major upgrade and appear with a new pair of txxs. You haven’t the heart to tell her that her txxs were never the problem in the first place.

At first Ms. Windows seems amazingly easy going. Over time it becomes clear that she’s bi-polar. She can be completely cool and happy, but then spontaneously melt down and fall into mute silence. Leave her alone for a minute and she’ll perk up as if nothing’s happened.

Communication is a problem. Sometimes start means start, sometimes start means stop. She expects you to know the difference.

Ms. Windows will try anything, but she can’t honestly call every experiment a success. She’s compatible with just about anything you can think up. It’s hard to name a fetish she hasn’t tried or isn’t willing to.

Unfortunately her care-free attitude has consequences. With no immune system to speak of, she’s constantly recovering from some infection or other. Despite a battery of anti-viral medication, she can still pick up three new strains of warts walking through a bar to buy drinks. She writes off everything bar rabies and death as ‘porn flu’. If she carry’s on like this, one day she’ll wake up unable to move. 

Ms. Mac

She’s the best looking woman you’ve ever seen. Even the things that aren’t perfect about her just make the perfect things look better by comparison.

On closer inspection she’s not fit as Ms. Windows but she makes up for it by being perfectly formed. It’s all about bone structure.

Ms. Mac is a little self obsessed. When she’s not talking about herself, she’s telling you why you’re better off with her than Ms. Windows. She does little tricks. They’re cute but mostly pointless. You find it hard to believe anyone this hot can be so insecure.

She gets breathless walking up stairs and you know she could use a little time in the gym, but if you’re dumb enough to point that out she’ll bore you to tears with suspect charts which prove you’re wrong.

She’s so stable that when she does flip out you blame yourself for it. She’s perfect so it can’t be her fault right?

You might have had wilder sex but you’ve never had it better. Ms. Mac only does a couple of things, but she does them so well your eyes roll-back in your head and you forget your own name.

Very occasionally she’ll break out a new move, nine-times out of ten it’ll be the best you’ve ever had the first time she does it. If you ask her for something she doesn’t do she’ll just tell you why you don’t need it.

Ms. Linux

The first few times you see her it’s hard to decide if she’s hot or not. She treats her body, as she treats her environment, as something to be played with. Tattoos, piercings and insane hair make what she looked like before she started tampering on irrelevance.

Though she’s not glamorous, the more you see of her the better she looks, but if you mention her appearance she’ll accuse you of being superficial. 

Like Ms. Mac, Ms. Linux can be a little insecure. She spends a lot of time telling you how Ms. Windows and Ms. Mac approach life in completely the wrong way. You’d pay more attention if she didn’t spend most of her time copying what they did and trying to fit in.

Her creativity evidences itself as an obsession with experimentation. She consumes drugs the way some people consume alcohol, combining them as if she was trying to mix a punch recipe in her head. Due to this she melts down a lot. When you suggest she’d be more stable if she experimented less, she accuses you of missing the point.

Ms. Linux does even less than Ms. Mac. Everything’s pretty basic but when she gets it right she’s world class. Like Ms. Windows she’s prepared to try anything and her tendency to become obsessed with things means that, over time, she normally gets really good.

If you ask her to dress-up she’ll laugh at you until your ere--ion subsides! You put up with it because she’s the coolest chick you know.

* This one is written by devinull at Sam Sugar's blog, adult-subject blogger-par-excellence. For more about his blog ( c'mon kid, make sure u'r 18y/o b4 clicking this! ), click this url -

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