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ALERT (June 2007) - Extensions' Vulnerabilities of FireFox... May 31, 2007 8:18 PM

Take note of your Fire Fox, specially version 1.5+ and the "extensions" (aka:plugins) you have downloaded from sources other than Mozilla-FireFox's official Addons' webpage!

Coz if you have downloaded from webpages beyond Mozilla's Official Addons' .... You Are Indeed VULNERABLE! So read this recommended URL that i had included as detail references of those vulnerabilities ~ 

This FireFox ALERT is effective as of 1st June, 2007

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re: Norton's... November 24, 2004 1:31 PM

For Soho/Home users, I prefer NOT USING Norton's, coz its TOO cumbersome & hoag system resources ( makes ur PC run slow) plus problems with winXP's SP2 , but they got hotfix on the mentioned issues now.

For enterprise users, don't mind using Norton's as long as you got a dedicated person running your digital resources!
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Dave November 23, 2004 11:28 AM

do you suggest we not use Norton? or use the fixes and not worry about it?  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
About Installing... November 23, 2004 11:21 AM

Anti-Spywares & AVs on your desktops/workstation...

How much is considered enough??? This is a question frequently posted or asked by a lot of my acquaintances in real life & in private emails.

Well, here is a web link to an article from CNet Reviews;

Rule of thumb for AVs is the same as for spywares discussed within that CNet forum.

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Norton's Products' Security Breaches - October 25, 2004 1:41 PM

Norton Users, Take note... I was requested by an SE acquaintance to help him do a netconnect security assessment by a 72 seats netcafe based in Taoyuan-Twn 2wks ago due to repeated 'DDoS' attacks brought down their game-server several times within a 2-week span. They're using Norton I-Sec ProEd 2004 for four months since. The culprit... "SYMDNS.sys". Checking first with eWeek.Com for anything about 'security issues' at their "Security Center", I came upon an article about Norton's security breaches (as presented below), w/c made me do a parallel trace at Symantec products' technical support that contain SPECIFIC bug-fixes on the particular 'SYMDNS.sys!' The bugfixes is currently available through Norton's LiveUpdate feature & also their technical-support ( search ) channel. 'SYMDNS.sys' malfunctions were initially caught by eEye Digital & reported to Symantec. The file - 'SYMDNS.sys' deals with DNS. DNS response is one of the functions listed as having such errors. A malicious response to a DNS request could cause the program to fail or alter the flow of the program. There are also errors in the processing of NetBIOS Name SVC responses that could allow remote code execution or 'Denial of Service.' DDoS (Denial of Service) Attacks via NetBIOS always resulted within a network segment. Symantec Products affected were: - Symantec Client Firewall versions 5.0.0~5.1.1; - Symantec Client Security 1.0.0, 1.1.0 & 2.0.0; - Norton AntiSpam 2004; - Norton Internet Security 2002 up to 2004; - Norton Internet Security Pro Edition 2002 up to 2004. Symantec URL Links (under Search feature, enter [SYMDNS.sys], 5th to 9th from the top of the results:  [ send green star]
Pests & Breaches - October 25, 2004 1:15 PM

Boy, for the past 3wks+ am tied up & stress-out with these matters of 'net pests'. So stressed out that I had catch a mild cold (human virus, or was it morphed by those file viruses... yikes!) for the first time in 10mths of this year! There was this pesky morphing 'IRC.SdBot' that spawn other pests within a compromise network. Another pesky one is 'Qhost-trojan' that even rendered the most robust AVscanners - inutile (once infected, AV presently deployed function of virus deletion were rendered useless and prevent several other known-brand AV-on demand for parallel scanning from being loaded in tandem). Then there is this resurgence of 'folder.htt' which sticks to every 'htm*' files like a cyanoacrylate bond & corrupt it! On this one, I may have hold the record of swipping out SEVEN HUNDRED PLUS (700+) 'htt' viruses within a 48hrs stretch of file cleaning on this side of Asia-Pacific region, working with the help of one AV scanner... I ain't kidding! Take note of this, folks... It is PRUDENT to Load & Deploy 2 anti-virus scanners in tandem within your favorite rig, one of which is 'Always-ON' with its "auto-protect" feature on (set its file scanning to 'macro') but WITHOUT configuring any scanning schedules. The other AV should be FULLY scheduled for scans on several program files - most important is your rig's "system" & "document" folders. Have this scheduled scans be SET to 'ALL' files! And remember to SET both scanners Heuristic feature ON. When deciding on DEPLOYING which Tandem AVs within a rig, choose a small 'footprint' AV in tandem with a more established AV brand (established one generally has a bigger overall program). The bigger 'footprint' AV should be the one configured WITHOUT scheduled scans (as mentioned above) coz they usually hoag a system when they do, which can make your rig crawl like a mule! See? Lighter AVs usually are of the newer product varieties. These are the ones you configured with scheduled loads for ALL-files scanning. Lastly, after downloading & deploying your AV (freewares or shared)... REMEMBER TO UPDATE ITS VIRUS DATFILES before setting schedules! Coz, ALL freshly dwnloaded AVs are packed with a minimum & old DATFiles only! And those Can't KILL any new strain of pests. Ok? Happy Varmint Hunting!  [ send green star]
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