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Frugal Living (Close to Free)

In these times, everyone can use tips like this... 


Generally, this is not taught in school or college... 


The media is all about spend, spend, and get deeper in debt, so you can spend more. To do anything else, one has to learn how to go beyond this. 

Frugal Living (Close to Free)

That is very true,the kids are only taught nowadays to consume,not to save.

And they are also encouraged to buy on tick and to have as much credit cards as possible.

It's true.  We used to wear hand-me-down clothes from older siblings and cousins. So no problem dgoing to second hand clothing stores (well except for underwear).


Nowadays parents by everything new and kids are afraid of getting cooties from second hand clothing stores.

So true, lately you see online or on tv articles about how ppl are saving and not spending, and that hurts the economy. 


HURTS THE ECONOMY?  It hurts the rich, we are not lining their pockets!


Humans would be far better off by manufacturing less, and growing more food.

WE USE SECOND HAND THINKS AS BOOKS, CLOTHES, ELECTRICAL STUFF AS STOVES, REFGERATORS, WASHING MASHINES ... etc. it is less expensive and in good condition... it is easy to find such stores... hope it will be available as it was before.

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More frugal living sites
2 hrs ago

thanks edwin. here's one i found:

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2 hrs ago

Thank You! From the first link I have discovered that rubbing the inside of banana peels helps psoriasis which I suffer with.


The banana peel tip works!

great news. i will pass on the tip.

Homemade recipes

Hi All, here is a site that offers 100's of free homemade recipes that are easy to make, cost saving and fun to use.Make your own mixes, food gifts, cleaners, pet food, beauty products and more for less.

that one is so useful. i saved it. thanks.

Guide to Green Deals and Giveaways
CopyKat Recipes

Do you have a favorite restaurant? Is there a favorite dish that they serve that you would love to have the recipe for? This site has some great recipes for just about any dish you may be looking for and they also have over 600 copycat recipes from different restaurants. I hope you enjoy it.

Digging Yourself Out of Debt When All You Have is a Spoon

Hi All, here is a site with tips and tricks for saving money and plenty of tips and tricks to use around the house. I hope they are helpful.

Chris I'll try the banana peel!

Free Pancakes With Donation

on tuesday march 1, all ihops will offer a free short stack of pancakes to every customer in exchange for a donation to the children's miracle network. 7am - 10pm


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