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Group Rules
13 years ago
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Group Rules:

  • Do NOT post anything except for free stuff. This includes illegal schemes (Anything posted regarding free iPods will be deleted without warning, and immediately) and sign-up offers.

  • Do not post "freebies" that require you to pay shipping & handling fees. We don't consider those free.

  • We do NOT tolerate rudeness or drama. PERIOD.

  • There are times when adult freebies are offered (condoms, personal lubrication items), so be aware of this, and if you're offended, feel free to step away from the community. There will be no enforcement of age due to the nature of the items.

  • No referral posts. There are plenty of communities and groups out there that thrive on referrals, but that's not what we're about.

  • Give as much information about your post as you can. If you know that the freebie is only for the US, include that information. That way, people in other countries won't waste their time on those ones.

  • Everyday I will try to post at least one freebie. which
    will be marked by date. You can 'reply' to that thread to post your own freebies or you may make a new topic to post. If you do make a new topic try to date it and/or mark it by what the freebie is. (such as 'Baby Stuff' or 't-shirts )

  • Have Fun!
  • Off topic posting
    13 years ago
    There is an Off Topic post. PLEASE use it. If you have something to post that is not a freebie or a comment on a freebie PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post it in that thread.
    13 years ago
    Comments about freebies are welcome within the tread they were posted!!!

    Link doesn't work?
    You signed up for it months ago but they never sent it?
    want to know if other people got it?
    Had a problem with it?
    It's a scam?


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