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Free Baby Stuff
Enfamil, Similac, Bright Beginnings, and Pampers all have programs where they will send new and expectant moms free stuff. The easiest to sign up for, by far, is Enfamil. All of those except the pampers are for people in the US only. They give the best samples for mothers who are are about to deliver (I sign up with a delivery date one month in advance.) You want to say you do not plan to use WIC, and you will definately use coupons not your normal brand. Similac and Bright Beginnings require seperate emails every time you sign up, so it's kinda difficult to sign up hundreds of times. The Enfamil site is really easy to sign up for and both phone numbers and emails are optional, so if you live at 123 Nothing St, add on apartments to your house number and you can sign up hundreds of times with differant names. With about an hour's worth of work every month, you can easily get enough formula in free cans alone to feed your child all month for free. Just be sure to donate any extra stuff you don't need, or you can sell it on ebay. (Formula coupons sell for about half of their stated value. I've made over $500 this month selling formula cans and coupons on ebay that I got for free!)

Other free baby stuff can be obtained from Huggies (800 990 4448) and ask for rebate form and coupons. They always have free promotional items. Goodnights will send you a free sample if you call 800 324 8783. Beechnut will send packs of coupons for their products. (800 523 6633) With double coupons, many of them become free or cost pennies. Ask for the new parent pack. Gerber (800 443 7237) also sends coupns. Ask for prenatal pack and to get put on their mailing list for coupons. Johnson & Johnson will send coupons and samples for baby. Call 866 565 2229.
WOW, thanks!!! I NEVER thought about selling the coupons that I get for formula that I'll never use!!! Now, I just need to learn how to sell on eBay...
Katie T.
Sorry  Katie T. I somehow missed your reply. I'm just so used to being the only one that posts that I zone out. =D Yeah alot of people sell them on ebay which is not so hard once you get into it and a few exstra bucks never hurt nobodys wallet.
 If you can't seem to get rid of them on ebay and their exp dates are comming up you could also try donating them to a womans shelter. People there always need baby stuff.

MORE baby stuff - Call in for samples
I don't belive that I've already posted these but a few might be repetes. (is that spelled right? doesn't look right.)


Beechnut - 1 800-523-6633. Receive free coupons for new parents.

Carnation - 1 800-547-9400. New parents welcome package with free baby formula.

Enfamil - 1 800-BABY-123. Join the Family Beginnings Club for free gifts.

Evenflo - 1 800-356-BABY. Free coupons.

First Years - 1 800-533-6708.

Fisher Price - 1 800-432-KIDS.

Gerber - 1 800-4-GERBER. Receive a sample Prenatal Pack for new parents.

Healthtex - 1 800-554-7637.

Heinz - 1 800-872-2229. Free coupons for baby food.

Similac - 1 800-222-9546. Receive free formula samples.

Triaminic - 1 888-935-5543. Join the Triaminic Parents Club for discounts on
their products.

Tylenol - 1 800-962-5357. Valuable coupons.

1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil or Other Formulas, & Coupons

1-800-485-9918 Free Can of "Store Brand" Formula from PBM Products

1-800-864-9714 Free Can of "Parent's Choice" Soy or Milk Formula from Wal-Mart

1-800-587-3721 Free Diaper Rash Cream sample from Xttrium Labs (in Parents)

1-800-843-6430 Free "Diaper Genie" Diaper Pail to Multiple Birth Parents (3
months & less)

1-800-292-4794 Free "Lansinoh" sample - For Moist Wound Healing During

1-800-588-6377 Free Cord Blood Banking Kit - Posters, Videos, Booklets, Stickers

1-800-222-9546 Free Similac, Isomil and Other Formula Coupons from Ross

1-800-962-5357 Free Tylenol Product Coupons for Tylenol Products of Your Choice

1-800-344-1358 Free $5 Rebate on a Case of "Babymil" or "Babysoy" Formulas

1-800-547-9400 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Free Magazine

1-800-543-3112 Free Carnation Baby Formula Coupons and Booklet

1-800-242-5200 Free Carnation Follow-Up Formula Coupons and Booklet

1-800-544-1847 Free Kimberley-Clark Product Coupons, Booklets and Information

1-800-523-6633 Free Beech-Nut "New Parent Pack" with Baby Food Coupons

1-800-222-9123 Free Mead/Johnson Coupons toward Enfamil, ProSobee, Other

1-800-526-3967 Free J & J "New Parent's Packet" of Baby Product Coupons

1-800-952-5080 Free Baby OraJel Coupons for Cherry Flavor and Nighttime Formula

1-800-872-2229 Free Heinz Earth's Best Baby Food Coupons and Booklet (press #2)

1-800-344-BABY For Munchkin coupons (for bottles, nipples, etc.)

1-800-754-8853 Little Remedies coupons, info, and poster (Little Noses
decongestant aids, Little Tummys gas and nausea relief, etc)

1-800-746-8888 ext. 715 Free sample of "Zilactin" Baby Teething Gel

1-800-587-3721 Diaper Rash Ointment sample

1-800-442-422 Earth's Best (baby food) newsletter and coupons

800-222-0453 Playtex Product Coupons

1-800- 518-CLUB Ross Labs Similac For Canadians coupons and samples

1-800-533-6708 The 1st years product coupons

1-800-962-5357 Free "St. Joseph's" Aspirin Coupon and Consumer Information Line

Baby Clubs & Programs
Baby Clubs & Programs

1-800-544-1847 (press 1, 1, 1) Kimberly Clark (Huggies ) to get to the automated
mailing list

1-800-565-2100 Heinz Baby Club For Canadians

1-800-533-0143 Kmart Birthday Club

1-800-BABY 123 Family Beginnings Club For expecting parents

1-800-BABYLINE Ross Labs (Similac) Welcome Addition Club

1-888-827-4223 Free "Ace Kids" Birthday Club - Member Card and Gift on Birthday

1-800-369-5437 Free "Fox Kids" Catalog, Digimon Club and Fox Kids Club

1-800-658-4635 Free "Fresh Samantha" Club - Member Card and Birthday Gift (ages 3-12)

1-800-524-8697 Free "Hot Wheels" Club - Member Card & Free Car (mail-in - ages

1-800-775-9272 Free "Magic Attic Doll" Club - Member Card, Poster, Stickers,
Doll Catalog

1-800-228-2269 Free "Oriental Trading" Club - Catalogs and Party Planners

1-800-682-8691 Free "Sears" Craftsman Club - Member Card & Newsletter (ages

and even more stuff!
1-800-505-2742 Free "Back to Sleep" SIDS Safety Stickers, Video, Babysitter
Reminder Card

1-800-554-7637 Free "Healthtex" Child Immunization Chart and Playwear Sizing

1-88-748-5433 Free "Pregnancy Bracelet" Video - For the Life of Your Baby

1-888-935-5543 Free "Triaminic" Cough & Cold Tracker for Kids - Handy Record

1-800-522-7300 Schering Plough free video on child allergies and pollen index

1-800-843-5678 Free "Eight Rules of Safety" Child Safety Poster from NCMEC #28

FREE baby formula:


Free Baby Blanket:

Free Diapers
-Free Diapers-
Call Neito Research (1-888-548-0811) or email at, tell them you would like to participate in a diaper study. If you get voice mail, leave a message, and they will call you back! Leave your name, phone number and your child's current weight/diaper size. They are currently looking for babies wearing size 4/large diapers.
They send you a package of diapers, you use them, and fill out an evaluation on what you think of the diapers, what you would want to be changed etc.
First Years - 1 800-533-6708.

Fisher Price - 1 800-432-KIDS.

Preemie Magazine
For parents of preemies

Focus on Family magazine
Free Blue Daisy Birth Announcement Sample Pack

Free Juicy Juice Nutrition Guide and VeryBestToddler Magazine
(US only)

Enfamil Bag with goodies

Caring For Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 from the American Academy of Pediatrics
A free shake of Ensure (you print the coupon):

First-Response coupons for pregnancy tests and vitamins:
Free Baby Measuring Tape & up to $15 in savings on prenatal vitamin, DuetDHA
Congratulations for choosing to enroll in the Duet®Advantage community. The Duet®Advantage will provide information, tools, and resources to help you obtain the right kinds and amounts of nutrients important for the health of you and your baby.

Members of the Duet®Advantage community will receive an opportunity to save up to $15 on Duet®DHA, along with useful tools such as a pregnancy wheel designed to guide you through your pregnancy, a vitamin and mineral information guide, a Duet®DHA measuring tape to track the growth of you and your baby, and more!

Baby Gift Pack from Baltimore Life. (limited to specific areas within Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia)
and more
New Mother's Kit from Pfizer:
Here is what is in it:
Coupon for free Pediacare
Coupon for free Desitin
Coupon for free Listerine
Coupon for free Purell
Coupon booklet with 20 coupons for $1 off more products

Call 1-800-223-0182 (during business hours)
- press option 1 and ask for the new mother's kit
- they will transfer you to a very nice and helpful person who will take your address and phone number. They asked me how old my son was, so be prepared for that if you don't have a kid.
My Goodness Molly, You are on a roll. Thanks for the great info....

Di xox

Great post thanks for info


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