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Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan
9 years ago;_ylt=AljRjLiwTg4FNF4NT2beH3suQE4F;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MXN1bHE0BHNlYwN0bWE- Cat Comforts Grieving Orangutan at Zoo By The Associated PressFri Mar 10, 5:23 PM ET Tondalayo, a 45-year-old Sumatran orangutan, and T.J., a stray tabby cat, became an inseparable duo after a zoo employee introduced them late last year. Stephanie Willard, Education Director at Zoo World in Panama City Beach, said Tondalayo was depressed since losing her mate two years ago. Her age prevented her from moving to another zoo or taking another mate. The ducks and turtles swimming in a moat around her island were not enough, Willard told the Panama City News Herald for Thursday's editions. When the sweet-natured orange cat wandered into Willard's life, the solution became clear. "It's an unbelievable match," Willard said. "This has worked out a lot better than I expected it to. She's got brighter eyes now. He's brought a lot of light to her." Zookeepers named the cat, T.K. short for "Tondalayo's Kitty." They play together, cuddle and sleep together each night. They have been together constantly for more than a month. "He's perked up Tonda more than anything," Willard said.
Site with Photos :-)
9 years ago
I just found this site with photos of the pair - very cute!
9 years ago
What a heartwarming story! And the pics were so sweet, seeing the two of them bonding and getting along so well.
9 years ago
That is a good stoy and wonderful pictures.
So adorable
8 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing that story. So heartwarming and makes me want to cry for the sake of unconditional love between animals of different species. If only us humans could all learn to live like this.