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Owen & Mzee - tsunami buddies
9 years ago
Owne and Mzee are the hippo and tortoise who became friends in the aftermath of the tsunami (they're also our group's main photo). It's such a sweet story of friendship, and you can read the blog their keeper writes here -
9 years ago

Awwwwwwwww!  I love this story.  


9 years ago
wow this story is older then i thought. i just learned about it. its such a great story. i love the website!
9 years ago
This is my favorite group. Nothing but good stories. I have always loved turtles. I have a red eared slider baby that came to my ornimental pond this year. He eats the fish food, and has found I am the one that gives it out . Now he looks for me and swims to me when I go out to feed them. He left one night when it rained, I really missed him. It is so dry I worried he might not have found a good water source. Then one night I forgot and left the mister on and he came back. I do hope he stays. Any way thanks for all the great stories!
9 years ago
That is so cute, the turtle picked you .  We have a lot of backyard visitors too, I love them.  They're the best part of our neighborhood!  Anyway, glad you like the group!