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An abuse story October 16, 2008 5:29 PM

In 2004 I was deployed to Iraq and left my two children in care of my husband (at the time).  We were splitting up but he agreed to take care of the kids while I was gone.  He lived in Florida at the time and I was stationed in Oklahoma.  I planned on sending for the kids as soon as I returned to the states.  We had a son together, but I had a daughter through a previous marriage.  He always treated her differently than our son we shared together.  He molested my daughter while I was deployed.  My daughter was 8 years old at the time (she is now 13).  When the case was brought up to the state attorney's office they "dropped" it because of lack of evidence.  My child's testimony apparently was not enough.  My daughter was encourged to create a "journal" and display all of her "bad" thoughts about him in it.  The contents of that journal would make any mothers heart cringe.  I just think its crap that they dismissed the case and he gets away with it.  I hate hime so much.

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My heart goes out to you October 20, 2008 10:20 PM

I hate that so much. I can not believe he got away with it!!!! Your daughter had the guts to testify and he got away with it. OMG what is happening? Florida? Is that where the trial took place?

Please don't take this the wrong way (I know you can not put a price on what he did to your daughter), but if your daughter didn't get him in criminal court, take him to civil court and make him pay. Make his family pay....make him pay for what he did to her. Not enough evidence? Crazy. He touched her...there is the evidence. Someone had to pay for the best lawyer or something for him. Ok I am venting...I am mad as hell here.

Gonna send you an invite to link to me -k- give your girl a big hug for me. Tell her to keep her head up and know that evil will never prevail over the good.

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an abuse story October 24, 2008 2:16 AM

i'm so so sorry for what happened to your daughter. i'm so tired of hearing about molesters that get away with it!

where is all the celebrity publicity about this heinous crime? why doesn't come high profile  person come to the defense and aid of these kids? where's the fundraisers and marches? i'm sorry for what's happening in darfur. i'm sorry about the plight of the ethiopians. but i want someone to scream in the face of someone who can bring this issue to light-to the forefront of news coverage. i am so pissed that a pedophile receives less time in jail, if he ever gets there, than someone who steals a car. i am pissed that children "aren't reliable witnesses". yes, i know that there have been instances where "false memories" have been planted. i really don't mean to reant. a friend of mine confirmed tonight what i've been suspecting for a long time. her dad raped her when she was 12. and tha's not even the worst of it but i just can't go into it. she kepts saying "i'm 37 years old. i need to get over it". she kept downplaying it. i felt like smacking the tar out of her and shaking her. and hugging her and telling her thatit will be ok. she's not a touchy feely person. she's uncomfortable with physical contact.

i hope you and your daughter are in therapy. i will pray that you both find peace. i pray that you both will turn to God. He can make such a difference. i send you both hugs.

love, katie 

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It's sad that we all know someone who's been there - October 24, 2008 4:38 PM

  Hi everyone - I just now joined - 2 minutes ago.  I grew up with a family - the father worked for my Dad.  This man molested and raped all 8 of his kids - both boys and girls - for years.  He was only jailed when the 13 yr old went into labour.  Back then the police couldn't just go into your house without cause.  My Dad went in - beat him up and threw him on the public sidewalk.  He was arrested - and so was my Dad.  My Dad was out the next morning.  I always said that this creep was just that - even at the age of 13 - I knew he was creepy.  Another case where I grew up was that of Carl Stringer - who raped and murdered 6 yr old Debbie Johnson in Toronto.  I am writing a book about this case.  My friends and I all knew them both. 
  We need to force the laws to change - doesn't our vote count for anything!!!  I am hoping that there is much needed peace for all of these children.  And a special hell for the molesters.  Everyone please take care in the healing process - De.

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