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PLEASE sign in support of proposed "Molly's Law"... January 31, 2007 7:27 PM

Dear Readers;


I have recently joined some of the most relevant Care2 groups in hopes that my post will be read and acted on by the GREATEST NUMBER of readers… to help me acquire the much-needed signatures for our proposed “Molly’s Law” petition.  I spoke to someone in the Care2 office, and she said it was OK to cross-post and provide links to our petition, even though it is on a different website (  Hopefully, since your group has more than 35 members and is of great interest to everyone, you will be able to help me and give some guidance.  I really don’t know how to navigate this system very well, so am just guessing about what to do… so please feel free to set me straight if I have done anything wrong.


But it's past time, once again, to get the word out on the "Molly's Law" project and ask for people to visit our online petition, read the Preface to the law we have written, and sign in support of it... then pass the link and information on to as many others as possible!  It has to do with using the PROPER search dogs… scent-discriminating man-trailers… in missing persons cases, so it is important to everyone!


At the moment, I have something over 1,700 online signatures and almost 2,500 signatures on hard-copy petitions. This isn't even a drop in the bucket to show for the untold amount of work I have put into this important project over the past few years. We should have hundreds of thousands, if not MILLIONS, of signatures by now... but we have no grant or other funds to help us publicize, set up a website, etc., etc. I have been joining various forums and message boards and posting whenever I can, but that is just not enough.  I really need everyone’s help in getting complete signatures (U.S. citizens only)!


PLEASE... if everyone would sign and pass it on to even a few family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, businesses, etc.... and ask each of them to do the SAME, on down the chain of E-mails, letters, phone calls, etc., the numbers would grow TREMENDOUSLY in a very short time!  I have seen petitions with hundreds of thousands of signatures, having to do with subjects of FAR LESS importance than this one, and the comparison dismays and depresses me!  Each person should think about what they would want done, if their child or adult loved one went missing!  The problem has to be fought on many fronts, and this is one of the most important... because a scent-discriminating man-trailer, called in promptly on a search, can do MUCH to help find or recover these victims and/or gather evidence!  We have reams of documentation on the use of Bloodhounds, which is our BEST recommendation, particularly on cases where the victim may have been taken in a vehicle, and the trail is old and contaminated!


We should NEVER allow a trail to become this complex or difficult, however, before a qualified man-trailer is called in!  The only hope for change, nationally, is through "Molly's Law" and the attending aspects of our overall plan, which is to also educate law enforcement and the general public; to provide contacts for these resources; and to encourage further training of search dog teams to hone their skills!  Your help in making this possible is most deeply appreciated!  Please refer to the link below, and permission is given to forward this message in its entirety, or the paragraphs and link below, to any person, group or list that can be of help! Thank you!




Joyce Phares.


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