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7 years ago
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Have you ever wondered how some of our greatest inventions were founded? LET'S TAKE A LOOK AT A FEW-JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! 1. Most people try to avoid making mistakes, yet as this wondering reporter found,psychologists say that" Learning from our mistakes can help us to lead happier lives." History has proven that goofs turn out to be "Happy Accidents"! Penicillin was found by accident using bread mold when an experiment required the mold- to silly putty, original plan for its use was for artificial rubber, as was the microwave was invented by a worker when his chocolate bar was melted by radar equipment. A. In 1930 era, Roy Plunkett, a chemist for Dupont, was trying to develop a better refrigerator. The chemical he was using as coolent failed. It was too slippery-rather than throwing it out, plunkett considered other uses-today we know this chemical as; TEFLON B. In the late 1960's, Scientists at 3M Company developed a glue to paste papers together, The sheets stuck, but they came apart easily and considered worthless, until an employee named Art Fry used the fickle adhesive to make book marks-today we know it as POST ITS . C. In 1856 a teenage Lab Assistant known as William Perkins experimented to find a cure for malaria Perkins, that one of his solutions dyed cloth. He was so fasinated with this failed solution antidote, he was inspired to sell it as a colorful dye - this decision made him a rich man! YEARS LATER WHILE USING PERKINS DYE TO STAIN MICROSCOPE SLIDES, DOCTORS DID DISCOVER A MALARIA CURE... D. In 1492, Christopher Columbus went in search of a sea route to the far east, but instead came upon America. In 1935 , Bush Pilot Jimmy Angel , while searching for treasure over the Jungles of Venezuela, Jimmy found the worlds highest waterfall - a cataract today known as Angel Falls... E. Did you know that some of the worlds leading firms pay their employees, to conceive of products and services that don't and won't work. Its called "Brainstorming". Thus was born : from "brainstorming" of lost causes and the Costco store was born! F. In 1934, while the boss was out . two Dupont chemists were horsing around , stretching strands of rubbery gum up and down the hallway. The more that they pulled on the substance, the stronger it became. Thus the molecular structure was changed. Their play led to the invention of NYLON (Who said" the mice will play when the cats away? nothing is solved this way!") G. In 1953, an employee named Patsy Sherman at 3M Company spilled synthetic latex on her canvas shoes. During attempts to clean off her shoes, Patsy who had founded synthetic latex, noticed it repelled other liquids and thus by another accident this employee, discovered what we know today as the stain repellen: SCOTCHGARD!!!!!! H. In the 1850's era , a dry goods merchant Levi Strauss relocated from New York to California to sell tents to Gold Rush Prospectors. After his arrival he noticed that the Prospectors did not need tents but could use durable trousers. Believe it or not, Strauss then turned his makeshift genious to adapt and using his tents, he used them to make durable trousers for the prospectors. He was later to meet a Tailor named Jacob Davis, who would modify the tents into what we know today as: LEVI JEANS! (By the way the Jacob Davis that strauss met was also the inventor of His Great Grandsons "Harley Davison seats"-believe it or not later down the line) I. In 1878, a French Chemist known as Hilaire Bernigaud de Chardonnet stumbled upon the secret of making artificial silk (rayon)by spilling a beaker of chemicals on his lab table. Chardonnet noticed the liquid dried into tiny fibers as in cloth- only a trained eye would have spotted that detail - everyone else would have overlooked that opportunity!!!!! J. " Everythings gone wrong"! replied Thomas Edisons young Lab assistant once said in despondency! The great Inventor Edison replied back: " Not at all, we've simply invented and discovered 10.000 ways not to invent this light bulb." EXPERTS SAY THAT" MISTAKES ENABLE US TO PRACTICE TAKING RISKS. iN THE FACE OF MISFORTUNE, REMEMBER THAT THE IDEA FAILED - YOU DIDN'T"! "DON'T FEAR YOUR FOIBLES, INSTEAD OF DISAPPOINTMENT, GREET YOUR OCCASIONAL GOOFS AS SURPRISE GIFTS-FIND THE FASCINATION IN YOUR FLUBS. LOOK FOR BENEFITS IN YOUR BLUNDERS AND DUNDERS! WHO KNOWS ? YOUR NEXT MISTAKE MIGHT BE A HAPPY ACCIDENT, JUST WAITING TO HAPPEN " ! ********from my quotes "Bardic Echoes" Publications 1982