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Guide for Making Change at the Local Level/Animal Disaster Plans of U.S. States
13 years ago
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Guide for Making Change at the Local Level

Pat Weakland, a VVAW board member and founder of the Northern Neck
chapter of VVAW, has been working very hard in his own county to
improve things for companion animals, and we asked him what his secret
to success is when dealing with local government.

So Pat has put together a wonderful guide for making change at the
local level.  (This is helpful no matter what state you live in.)

Just follow the link below:

If you want more information or free advice, please contact Pat at:
Animal Disaster Plans of U.S. States

    Friends of Animals wishes to see pets provided for when emergency
situations strike U.S. households. [1] We are therefore pleased to
offer a new resource for disaster planning with regard to animals in

    Friends of Animals contacted each of the 50 states to request
information about current (effective November 2005) state animal
disaster plans and state systems which address animals in disasters.[2]

    Friends of Animals encourages communication and networking in
disaster planning. Sharing knowledge and resources can enable states
to effectively evacuate and shelter animals during disasters. We
provide this resource for use by state emergency planners as well as
anyone interested in mitigation, preparedness, rescue and recovery of

    Visit the resource page at:
11 years ago

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