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KFC protests are back!!!!!
14 years ago
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This is the latest from PETA:Greetings activists: Six weeks ago I emailed you all to say we were in negotiations with KFC to try to improve the way they treat chickens. We agreed with KFC at the time not to reveal anything about those negotiations, hoping that KFC would do the right thing and agree to do what its own advisors are suggesting. I'm disappointed to announce that after yet another meeting with KFC yesterday, they still aren't planning to take the recommendations of their own advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of the chickens raised and killed for their restaurants. Outrageously, in the end they wouldn't offer a firm commitment to do even a single thing that would guarantee improved conditions for even a single chicken. You can see details of our negotiations here: We feel disappointed, deceived, and angry: KFC told us they were serious this time; they told us they would follow the advice of the world's top scientists on chicken welfare. In the end, they violated our trust, to the detriment of the 850 million birds killed for their restaurants every year. We NEED to show them that we are not going to let their apathy go on without a fight! Starting today, we are declaring a Month of Action against KFC. We need to all get out there and do demos, leaflet, talk to managers, call KFC, fill out a customer service form, write letters, and let everyone know that KFC does not deserve our money until they make these much-needed changes, which the world's top animal welfare experts have told KFC they support. These experts include people who have been and are on KFC's "advisory" board. You can find addresses, phone numbers, and a link to the customer service form at Be sure to let me know if you receive a response. Everyone who organizes a demo in the next month will receive one of our bloody buckets, a satirical representation of KFC's buckets. You can view one here: One bucket that we send out will contain a certificate to receive an assortment of PETA t-shirts! Also, I will send one of our brand new bobblehead dolls, seen here:, to the people who do the most demos during this Month of Action, the person who has the biggest (need pictures), and the person who has the most creative demo (also need pictures). Finally, everyone that does a demo will be entered into a drawing to win an all expense paid trip for two to the HA 101 of your choice. You can go to to read all about this conference, but I can tell you that they are amazing! The four you will get to choose from take place in Miami, Chicago and Houston, or, if you live in Canada, Toronto. Every time you do a demo or pass out leaflets in front of a KFC for an hour, your name will be entered, so do as many as you can! I can send you all the supplies that you need. When you e-mail me, please include your address so I can ship them out immediately. I can also send out an alert to all the other activists in your area-all you need to do is send me the time, date, and address of your demo. Let's get out there and show KFC that they have made a huge mistake in screwing over these poor birds and really underestimated our drive and commitment! Until KFC Changes, Joe ____________________________________________ Joe Hinkle | Activist Liaison People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 757-962-8261 | 757-943-7456 (cell) | | | "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -Edmund Burke
14 years ago
KFC Demo April 17th
14 years ago

I am holding a demo at the KFC in Arlington, TX this sunday, the 17th, at 2:00 P.M. I have three packets of leaflets and two posters. All you need to bring is yourself if you live close enough to attend. If you happen to have any other KFC material that you wish to bring, please feel free to. Here is the address, it is adjacent to the UTA campus.

700 W. Abram St.
Arlington, TX 76013
Thank you all for your help and support.
If I forgot to post anything, please feel free to e-mail me at
Good luck Jason!
14 years ago
I am going to pin this topic so that everyone can post demos here in one thread so that everyone can find them easily.  Take some pics and let us all know how it goes!  Same with you, Billye.  I know you are doing another one soon.  Saturday, right?  Let us all know the details here in case anyone comes across it and wants to join in and then let us all know how it went.
14 years ago

I don't eat KFC.....or Wendy's.......there's a lot of restaraunts I don't eat from......

Any other ones I should really avoid?

KFC Protest - Indianapolis
14 years ago
Indianapolis area animal rights activists:
My name is Kristin Wafford and I have scheduled a KFC protest in light of the recent announcements. (Check out for more information.)
The protest will take place on Saturday April 30th, 2005 from about 11:30-1:30 PM. The KFC has a public sidewalk next to the street. It is located at 71st and Keystone (7102 N. Keystone Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46240). We will meet in the Birdy's parking lot across the street--please arrive by 11:20 if possible.
Posters and leaflets will be provided, but feel free to bring any supplies you have. If you have a KFC cruelty T-shirt, please wear it, and bring any extras if possible (let me know if you have any!) If you don't, I suggest pro-vegetarian shirts. Don't worry if you don't have any. 
Please let me know as soon as possible if you can go. Please, don't hesitate to email me  if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc. Thank you for all you do for the animals!
Kristin Wafford
SUFAI Founder and Leader
PS: please forward this to any other activists that may be interested.
(I posted this from a group I am part of.)
14 years ago
Keep up the good work guys!!
14 years ago
I haven't even started protesting yet, but I am encouraging people to boycott. I live near a KFC, so I need to send for flyers so that I can hand them out in the area.  People should have no trouble boycotting. Their food isn't that great anyway. Walking away from KFC should be easy.
14 years ago

I crossposted the info on the demos in our sister group at Yahoo.  Hopefully that will help you gain even more attention.  Keep them coming!  The more the better!

Annie's sisters thank you!  If you don't know who Annie is, then check my blog and photopage today for the story.  The post on the blog has a happy ending today for a change. 

14 years ago

I guess they know THIS MEANS WAR!!!!!

Here's the details of my demo:

Date: Saturday April 16th

Place: 4744 Lebanon Road, Hermitage TN.

Time:  11:30 to 1:00 CDT

I will be wearing my Col. Sanders mask, and a bloody chef's apron, I will be weilding my bloody chef's knife made of cardboard, and I will be kicking, stomping, and slaughtering a bloody fake chicken!

14 years ago
That is awesome Billye!  I wish I could be there to help you.  I need to get a KFC boycott shirt.
Any time you do a KFC demo
14 years ago
You get a free T-shirt simply by informing PETA about your participation.  You only have to give the date and location of the demo, preferably with pics of it (though not necessary), and they will send you a free one.  That's how we got ours.  You don't have to organize one, just participate in one.  And then let PETA know about it.  Right now since this is declared a month of action against KFC, there are rewards for organizing one, though.  Hope you get to do so!
14 years ago

Some of you may have already done this...I'm sending it even though I've already sent written letters...  Go to this link to send an automatic, pre-written letter to can add to and/or edit it if you want, and it's easy and free! 750 million chickens need your help now.

Thank you so much.

Love and Peace, Respect for All Living Things~



14 years ago
   I am thinking of orginizing a demo, but I am not sure if I will be able to. Are there any people who would be interested in helping me if I were to follow through?
KFC demo - Arlington, TX - 5-14-05
14 years ago

Hi hi hi all friends, friends of friends, and new souls... I just wanted to pass along the weekly demo info for you all who may want to attend.

I am having another KFC demo this Saturday, 5-14-05, at 2:00 p.m. at the same KFC that I have been doing them at for the past month (yes they are starting to hate me, no I do not care) The address is 700 W. Abrams Arlington, TX 76015 I will have plenty of leaflets and I have gotten a few new posters so all you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to educate the public about this awful torture that is being inflicted upon our chicken friends... If you are able to make it or have any other questions as far as where to park, where to meet, please, feel free to e-mail me at

Thank you all for your support and help in this matter, and please, if you have not signed it yet, here is my petition against them. If you have signed it, please pass it along to as many people as you can and have them pass it along too as many people as they can... so on and so forth... We are asking for 5,000 signatures and only have close to 300 at the moment.. anything you can do to help would be great.

Thank you all again for your help...

Peace and love be with you all

photos of KFC Demo
14 years ago



14 years ago

Did you add these to the "KFC demo" folder at our sister group at Yahoo yet, Billye?

Everyone that plans a demo should also post it there, as not all members of that group are members of this one.  There are 148 members there.  Not as many as there are here, but most of them are pretty serious activists with networks of their own.  You may get more people to join you if you also post your demo info there.  for those new to this group, our sister group is located at:

That one was started about a year before this one, so there are more articles archived there.  You do not have to join that group simply to read them, only to post or add pictures, links, files (like recipes), and such.  That group is moderated, though (at least for new members or those who have abused the group by posting off-topic things or making many comments back and forth - I can remove moderation on an individual basis so that responsible members can post freely like they can here), as we try to limit discussion.  This group is the discussion group for that news group and is the proper place to discuss posts and interact with other members, which is why this group is not moderated.  Quite a few members there use the daily digest as a newsletter.  Unlike Care2's daily digest, the complete posts are sent out in it, so people never have to visit the site to receive the articles.  That helps for those that run their own organizations and do not have the time to browse the site every day.  If you are one of those busy activists you may want to do the same if you can't keep up with the posts here.

I agree with Lisa...
14 years ago
Thanks for the reminder Virgil
14 years ago
I'll put these photos on AAFF at Yahoo in a few.  For those who are not familiar with the sister group, it's a really great source for news and other tid-bits of information.   
14 years ago

Virgil & Billye

What yahoo sister's group?

14 years ago
Virgil, I am already in the group.
14 years ago

I just realized that was you Billye????? COOL!

I would have LOVED to do that at the KFC where I used to live. Thankfully we DON'T have one here!

That pic is awesome!

14 years ago
Yeah I'm hard to recognize in the Killer Colonel costume. I had fun at that demo no doubt!  
14 years ago
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Joe Hinkle will be sending me a Bloody Bucket for the next demo!!! 
14 years ago


What is a "bloody bucket???"  ****

14 years ago
R people allowed to protest directly outside a kfc building? Or is it against the law to protest on their property?
14 years ago
I think you are aloud to protest on the street (as in pavement/sidewalk) next to a kfc building, but i believe they own the land outside of their restaurant so could say you are on private property and are causing a nuesance or whatever.

At least that is the rules in the could be different over there. When we have done protests before we have tried to do it on the enterances to that they have to drive under the banners and pictures to get to the restaurant. Or by the drive thru...something like that.

You can probably check with your local authorities about what kfc own and where you can stand freely without them calling the cops on you or anything...

I'm probably talking rubbish but nevermind!

And a "bloody bucket" sounds like an activist tool..
you know like kfc have buckets of chicken don't they...well they are bloody buckets because of all the death that they stick in them!
well at least thats what it sounds like to me...
abit like calling Mcdonalds Big Macs...Bloody Macs....get me?! lol

I have not eaten KFC in years
14 years ago
It's way too salty. It's hard to imagine the idea of so many millions of chickens being killed by one company. I like the idea of this boycott just for the notion of recognizing the impact these companies have on our eating habits.
Here are the rules
14 years ago
You CANNOT go onto the company's property to protest.  You have to be on the sidewalk or other public place like that.  That was what was explained to us when we did our demo in Russellville, AR and what I have heard from other protesters in other locations.  It is also best to go ahead and get a permit from the local law to do this.  They will usually watch over you and drive by a bit, but won't bother you as long as you go by the rules.  You can't accost customers of the business by blocking them access and can't go onto the property itself.  Our biggest problem that we had was finding a place to park that was legal.  We had started out with a bank parking lot, but when they found out about it they complained to the cops, and we all had to move our cars to acceptable locations, like along the street, though some of us chose to tak a chance on an abandoned business parking lot due to the fact that were were not enough parking places along the street (which we got away with).  When planning a demo, recon the target location to make sure there is adequate sidealk access (there is no sidewalk at all in the one closest to me) and that there will be somewhere to park for the demonstrators that doesn't end up on private property.  And do take the time to go ahead andd get a permit from the local law enforcement.  Be polite, and chances are that they will be, too.  They may not have been happy that we were going to do this, but we were well within our legal rights and took all appropriate legal measures to make sure that we stayed within the law, so they couldn not deny us the right to do this.  This will keep you from having any problems to disrupt your demo.  Expect passersby (incluiding drivers) to shout things at you, customers to wave theri food at you after buying it, and things of that nature.  DO NOT RESPOND!  Ignore them.  Responding and yelling at them (especially insults) only hurts the movement.  Our demo was so successful because of the way that we conducted ourselves that even some of the employees of the KFC came out and walked up to us to take out literature and ask questions, listening to what we had to say.  They were quite surprised at what was going on before the chickens hit their place of employment!   ALWAYS be polite!!!  Don't let anyone push your buttons and create a negative reaction in you (even if the KFC turns the sprinklers on to douse you, as they did us!).  Remember that you are confronting many people who do NOT want to know such things, especially those who are driving up to buy KFC chicken and the manager of the place.  The more unruffled (ha ha!, couldn't help but get that pun in there!) you are, the more calm and polite you are, the less confrontational you are, the more receptive people will be to what you are saying.  Too many times demonstrators are protrayed as irrational, fanatical, angry, in-your-face people who are misinformed and things of that nature.  PROVE THEM WRONG!!!  Read up and know the facts before going so that you can give good answers to questions.  Offer literature politely to those walking by, especially those who ome up and ask questions, but don't become pushy if they refuse.  Publicize your demo, especially if there is a college campus nearby (we got an interview and pictures taken by the college newspaper!) and anywhere else you can think of, especially by alerting all of the local media.  I believe that we even had a local representqtive of the paper and a radio station person there at one time.  Whether or not they print a story about the demo or not, you will leave a lasting impression, so keep that in mind.  Give them nothing to ridicule or criticize, and it will be more liely that you will have favorable media coverage (or at least no negative coverage).  You may even want to pick someone to serve as a spokesperson for the group to speak to such people (Laura did that at our demo, making sure the college students got their info and their pictures and that others got answers to their questions, including the media).  If you have any other questions about doing this, contact Joe Hinkle at PETA or other veteran demonstrators to ask them what works the best and what to do and what NOT to do (which is probably more important!).  But, above all, stay off their property and on the public sidewalk, making sure not to block others from walking by.  Don't give the law any excuse to shut you down.  That's the best reason to get a permit.  Then you have followed all legal procedures, and they have no excuse or reason to stop you.  It's all pretty easy to do as long as you follow the rules.  Just stay within the law, and you should have no problems.  You have the right to be there to speak your mind!  Good luck! 
13 years ago


I'm new here and I'm so glad that you posted this up.  I signed and send it to my friends and family to sign.

13 years ago

Thank you for the fight for the chickens, in my country it,s also very discusting what they do with the chickens, there is a discussion from years and nothing is done, only talking, I hate it!!

Love from Annie, and never gif up......

13 years ago
Hi thanks for the new info, I stoped also eating at resteraunts and fast foods places so I just bought a juicer and veggies Hugs, Angie
13 years ago
Hi thanks for the new info, I stoped also eating at resteraunts and fast foods places so I just bought a juicer and veggies Hugs, Angie
13 years ago
Hi thanks for the new info, I stoped also eating at resteraunts and fast foods places so I just bought a juicer and veggies Hugs, Angie
13 years ago
Vegetables and vegetarian food is much nicer to eat and better for your body to, I never eat meat or something like that, I hope that many people are going to stop to eat meat, love from Annie
13 years ago
I didn't realize I missed this (I guess) the first time around.  But it's now signed!
From my first KFC protest....
13 years ago

KFC Protest. 8/05

My sister, Jamee, went with me and my animal rights group from our city.  Jamee took this picture of the KFC...then she did a little doctoring of her own on her computer. hee hee.

13 years ago

Gretchen, your sister did the good job to grab the attention.

13 years ago
Gretchen yeah I agree it is a great job, Angela...darn them KFC....
The latest demos we protested at in Little Rock and Jonesboro
13 years ago

Both widely covered, especially by the authorities.  Funny how when we turned our cameras on them, they quickly turned their heads and left, yet when they took our pictures, we just smiled and waved.

Monday, February 20, 2006 - 12:50:00 PM

By popular demand: Fowl weather gear  

Yellow bikini? Cold day? Publicity stunt? You bet.

Our readers demanded a picture of the PETA protester (Nicole Matthews of Rochester, N.Y.) who appeared at a local KFC (on Col. Glenn) today to decry mistreatment of chicken. We report. You decide.

Photo by the Times' Brian Chilson.

PS -- The protester was rousted by a herd of LR cops, who forced an early end to the protest. They said she'd need a permit before continuing. PETA packed up and left, the moving camera having inscribed the tableau and moved on.

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Localist was hunting some extra crispy on Asher Ave. yesterday and ran into a PETA protest. After chatting with the protesters and reading what some of our favorite celebrities have to say about KFC, we went hunting for a Popeye's.

Here's some of the damning indictments:
"What KFC does to 850 million chickens each year is not civilized or acceptable. Cruelty is cruelty, whether it is cruelty to children, to the elderly, to dogs, or cats, or chickens."
-hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons

"KFC's secret recipe is cruelty."
-actor Bea Arthur

"Although most people don't know chickens as well as they know cats and dogs, chickens are interesting individuals with personalities and interests every bit as developed as the dogs and cats with whom many of us share our lives."
-Dr. Cornel West
The Arkansas Times learned how to post pictures on its blog yesterday, and it has the centerfold shot, but we've got the picture where the bikini-clad protester, PETA volunteer Nicole Matthews of Rochester, NY, took off her top and covered herself seductively with a PETA sign.

And we've got a picture of this guy....

...who worked at Tyson for years, but became disillusioned and turned to activism. His name is Virgil Butler, and he lives in Pine Ridge, AR, and writes the Cyber Activist blog.

Photos by Jessica Wurst.
13 years ago
Monday, February 20, 2006

Our demonstration was successful, we sent many people away and spread the word to many others. We were joined by three area activists, including one who had a very nice sign professionally made for the occasion. Meeting local activists is still my favorite part about the demos.

There wasn't much going on around Little Rock must of been because five police cars parked in a nearby lot. They were there for the majority of the demo and about ten minutes before we were to finish, they finally came out to say something. They mentioned us needing a permit and voiced concern about us stopping cars due to the icy roads.

We wrapped up as planned and I couldn't believe I did another hour and fifteen minutes in such cold weather. It was about 23 degrees but I toughed it out for the chickens. People really stop because of the bikini and are respectful of my willingness to stand in the cold for my beliefs.

13 years ago
It's funny, my first thought when reading about KFC not wanting to do the right thing was "what is wrong with them?!" But duh, these are people who have no problem profitting from the death of sentient beings. If you don't mind making blood money, then why would you care about the shade of red, or how much blood is on your money? I agree that all fast food joints are inherently evil. The other funny thing is that we have been talking about hittin' the streets in bikinis lately! Seems to be the latest thing. At our local AR meeting last night when talking about ideas for our up coming seal hunt protest (don't forget that I'm in Atlantic Canada!) one person kept saying "a pole and a red bikini!". I will keep you posted on what we do with our next KFC protest. I think we will be getting right on this once the sealers are finished slaughtering the pups on the ice.
KFC doesn't take care of plants either
12 years ago
I have leafleted KFC

and noticed that plants on their property as well as animals were dying of thirst
12 years ago
I think PETA is losing a lot more than it gains of the community
in using sexuality

Repsonse from KFC
12 years ago
I filled out a customer satsifaction from on KFC's website and actually got a response. They make all kinds of claims about how caring and socially responsible they are. They directed me to their website and here are their claims about how their chickens are treated: . The sad thing is it's really convincing and if people talk to demonstrators and then email KFC about it, this is what they'll read. Most likely they will believe it and the boycott ends right there. If KFC isn't following the standards on their website, they need to be forced to reomove them.
saw the one in union square
12 years ago
a couple weeks ago ... AWESOME!! and quite a brave move now that nyc is changing their laws to exclude protesting/critial mass!!
12 years ago

Come people and join us for the next upcoming KFC protests, to fight against animal cruelty!!

What: Up coming KFC demonstrations

When: Monday Sept. 25th 2006 @ 5:00pm, and Thursday, October 5th 2006 @ 12:00pm.

Where: KFC restaurant off of 3816 E. State Blvd. (meet in front of Pizza Hut)Signs will be provided, just bring yourself.


Why: visit for more information.

Shortly after the demo. on Monday night there will be a PAW meeting at Gretchen's house. We will be carpooling but if you can't make the demo. but you would like to attend the meeting, e-mail Gretchen at: She can give you directions to her house.



12 years ago


12 years ago
If anyone becomes aware of protests in the NH area in USA, please let me know. I would love to be involved however there are not to many active people on care2 from the East Coast. I will travel to Mass as well if need be.~~Thanks a bunch..Kim K
12 years ago
Yes it is pointless arguing with these and other animal abusers on welfare issues. Animal Welfare is pointless. It just perpetuates animal abuse and makes people more comfortable about eating them and gives the organization a green light to continue abusing them.
The only thing these people understand is money. Direct action! Hit them in their pockets!
Don't eat that crap.
Cleveland Protest Oct. 6
11 years ago

Alf, I agree. Still....

This is from to me  

 It's Official!

 The KFC protest will be held Saturday, October 6th at:

2115 South Taylor Rd

Cleveland Heights, Ohio  44118

This is the SAME day as the Cleveland Walk For Farm Animals!  For info and/or to sign up for the walk visit  The walk starts and finishes at the Cleveland Heights Library 2345 Lee Road, and there will be a speaker after the walk. I figure we can start the protest directly after the speaker at the nearest KFC location, which is listed above.  I thought that holding the protest after this event would be a good idea, considering there will already be so many animal activists together anyway!  Because not everyone will be able to attend the walk, I feel that 2:00pm should be a reasonable time to assume the events will be over.  For those who are not attending the walk and concerned about being at the protest on time, contact me and we will talk about communication for the day!  I will only have the materials supplied by Peta which contain about 7 posters, so if you have protesting materials (leaflets,signs,t-shirts,etc.) please let me know and please bring them!! 

8 years ago


The more vegetarians the better, but many people still are not which means that a few «run from the main problem» others are the main problem (those buying cheap meat...poultry meat), so is there a 3rd way, meanwhile? yes. Join the group that is not ideal but is the best we COULD REALLY DO for now. Bless you.

My petition
8 years ago

Please help by signing my petition

8 years ago

Petition signed and posted on facebook. Thank you

Vegan going on 5 years. I will fight for them until the day I die!!!!!!!

8 years ago

I hate KFC because of this

8 years ago

signed but again it doesn't show

8 years ago

I have written to K F C and they want more details so they can look into it, so just about to do it.


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