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11 years ago
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11 years ago
thks for the invite , Donna


Hi & Welcome
11 years ago

I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to be able to get in ok.

That sometimes happens when a group has just been created.

11 years ago
Hello everyone! Welcome!
11 years ago
Thank you for the invitation Donna.† And good luck with your group.
11 years ago
Thanks Donna for the invite
11 years ago

Thank You Donna for the invite


11 years ago
Hi Donna, thanks for the invite.††
Hey you Guys & Gals
11 years ago
Making the world for each and everyone... a difference!!!
11 years ago

Thanks Donna,

Making the world for each and everyone... a difference!!!† Thanks for the opportunity.† Spencer† :~))

Thanks for the invite, Donna!
11 years ago

Good group topic. You got me curious already.


Good idea.
11 years ago
Thanks for the invitation, Donna.† I see my friend Andreas is here, and that's a promising sign this group is going to go places.†
†† Why didn't someone think of this before!†

Sandra B.†
Thank You :-)
11 years ago


Thank you for the invite and the chance to share!

Peace, Love & Light,


11 years ago

People tend to get used to whats been there instead of think how they can improve on it.

I just kept thinking everytime I went to care2 political groups that they were always focused on U.S. Politics and Americans, just too narrowly focused. Obviously U.S. Politics have an impact worldwide but how do we get a realistic take on the world if we don`t know what everyones politics are about?

So I made this group where everyone could come and be welcome to post about different country`s Politics.

11 years ago
Thank you for the invitation to join your group.
11 years ago
Donna , for inviting me to your wonderful new group !

Hello Everyone!
11 years ago
Thanks for the invitation and my †to everyone in this group.
11 years ago

Hi Ms. Donna,

Just want to thank you for your invitation. I hope I can find purpose of myself here, hahaha! Opps, sorry about that.. Have a great day!

11 years ago

Thank you for the invitation.† I hope my research, investigation and exposure in the areas of facism around the world, human rights abuses and U.S. support (financial and military) of (very questionable) world governments and organizations will be further driven by being active in this group.† On another subject, I'd like to share this with everyone, not because it's about world politics, but because it should be shared with everyone working toward a better future with honest care and compassion for all the people of the earth.††† Cheers.


Hi Everyone
11 years ago

Hi Everyone &

Thankyou, Donna for inviting me to the group.


Welcome Everyone!
11 years ago

So what`s happening in your corner of the world?

11 years ago
Thanxs for the invitation .
Hey Yazmin!
11 years ago
Hi, everyone.
10 years ago

I'm trying to change the Copyright Laws. I will be in and out. There's a lot of work to be done, yet.

Respectfully and sincerely, Darlene††

Hi from member no 63!
10 years ago
Hi folks, just stumbled upon this group and felt right at home.
I love what the group is doing and am looking forward to being part of it.

10 years ago
Darlene & Purple!
10 years ago
Hi folks! just sticking my head up to let people know I'm here...I'm off to read the threads properly now!
Hey Ava!
10 years ago
Glad to see you here, and am looking forward to your comments on different threads.
10 years ago
Hi everyone! I am Lark and I live in Alabama-but I am not a Southerner. Thanks for the invitation, Super Budgie! (does Super Budgie=Big Bird?) I am interested in the opportunity to learn from people all over the world...looks like this is the place!!
Hey Lark!
10 years ago
Any cat that can refrain from eating Super Budgie is very welcome here.
10 years ago


I can't believe I ate the whole!

10 years ago
10 years ago


<<<<burp!>>>>>† (begyurpardon!)

freedom of speach
10 years ago

Thank you for the invitation.† Governments and religion have always tried to manipulate our minds by distorting† the past and present history.†† The now is more important to us but it is†risky to† critisize police states without the risk of being an enemy of the state† and being prosecuted without a trial.† So, nothing has changed from the time that I was† a little boy and lived†† in a dictatorship .††" YES WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH†"†as long we don't cross certain boundaries .† Love and peace to you all† Chary f

10 years ago


Donna, you sure host a lot of groups.

from Italy
10 years ago

Thanks for the invitation

10 years ago
to the group.
Hello room...
10 years ago

Politics !!! My foot...!!!

Who dares shout loudly.

†Impeach Busch???


Hello ...
10 years ago
THANKS for the Invite from Sherrie B. -- I look forward to the discussions on this blog. =sapan=
10 years ago

Thank you Sherrie for the invitation...

† i saw "politics" and i said... yes!!!† ha ha!!

well i see popular faces ... and my friends too! nice


10 years ago

ken_hey.gifHello everyone!

Thanks for the invite †Sherrie B!

Welcome to all you....
10 years ago

Great guys & Gals!

Hello beautiful people
10 years ago
I was looking for a group that had a broad minded view.....and voila... I found you guys....Hoping to have a pleasant experience here.
10 years ago
Yvonne! Glad to see you here.
10 years ago

i may not find myself getting dragge into politics but i'm always interested in the Zen of wold affairs.. great group, thank you Super Budgie for the invite!

10 years ago

Thanks for the invite dear lady...Joe

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Hello Everybody
10 years ago
Thank you Sherrie for the invitation.
10 years ago
to all new members!
BUCK UP BABY here comes Idaho USA!!
10 years ago
Our motto in Idaho is: "We Shoot Back"

You all may not agree with me but you will find me.... activating and invigerating I am sure. Thanks for the invite and I have something to POST here already. May I preface the next post by me on Government by saying that the link given below is MY TAKE on what is happening now whether anyone is aware of it or not per the content it will share with you all.

Red Neck/Rabbel Rouzer/TypeA/and...
all that is Light Love & Life,

Brenda in Idaho USA Earth & Beyond...

10 years ago

Cool! In order to grasp the significance of the opportunity at hand, we must understand what Divine Government represents. First of all, Divine Government is NOT One World Government, a New World Order or any of the other concepts that have been used to describe the manipulative, controlling shadow governments ruled by the embodied forces of imbalance. Divine Government is the antithesis of that level of consciousness.

10 years ago
Hello! I was invited to this group†by Sherrie B†and I hope it will prove useful. And I hope this will be truly about WORLD politics. Too many people seem to think that what concerns America is enough to think about. I'd like to know what the average African really feels, what the farmers in South America have to deal with, and what the concerns of South Pacific islanders are, among many other things. Those are things you do not often hear about in the American media.
10 years ago
Thank you for the invite Sherrie~ † And Hello to everyone!
Dale, thanks for joining.
10 years ago
Then I hope you will invite your friends yes? I'd like to see this group take wings too.
10 years ago
Dale - thank you for the invite.† I look forward to the discussions.
10 years ago
10 years ago


Thanks Dale, for inviting your friends.

10 years ago
Thanks for the invitation. I will try to be a voice in the group.
10 years ago

Hi everyone,Thanks for the invitation,I'm glad to be here

Dan & Olja
10 years ago

A Big WELCOME to you both!

Thank You
10 years ago for inviting me to your site. I hope to be of service, or, if not to at least stir the pot a bit. Happy dance!

10 years ago
Thanks for the invite
10 years ago

Hi Friends

THANKS for the Invite, †Sherrie B.

10 years ago
Youse Guys & Gals!
Thank you for the invite!!
10 years ago
Thanks for inviting me!! VERY glad to be here!!
10 years ago
Thanks for the invitation!!! I'm happy to be here!!!
10 years ago

Thanks for the informative and inspiring input you're providing in this group hosts & members!

I†haven't seized the opportunity to properly introduce myself and my/our purposes before. Hopefully that didnít bother you too much.

As a happy family father, husband of a†most gifted mother and teacher, an†engineer and inhabitant of one of the most fortunate nations in this world ...†so I guess I'm a†very lucky ... ! My fortunate situation strengthens my feeling of†responsibility to do my†very best to ensure that anyone on this planet, including my childrenís children, will have the prospect of being able to attain a similar level of well-being in our common future. So, what's my point in joining this group?

The SHEW Initiative focusses on structural change of our governance, economic and value systems through joined efforts of our common sense ... for the purpose of envisioning and pursuit of a world of Sustainable Human and Ecological Well-being. The people @ C2C provide a rich source of inspiration for that cause.

I expect this group to connect people who are willing to positively address and assess all essential aspects of our 'one-ness' on our home we call 'earth'†and have an open mind for setting new starting points for the re-definition of the doctrines that govern our behaviour. That is, to my point of view, the most important challenge we are†faceing in the present era.

For us, this†groups common sense can†help us find the proper justification of TSI itself and ways to create and spread the awareness we so urgently require in this era: the awareness of our common destiny, our unity, our responsibility and our ability to establish and maintain a world of SHEW. So, I really hope to†find some†inspiration here ... and maybe in return I can inspire a few people as well.


Founder of The SHEW Initiative

... shewin' it 2 ya @

Hi Everyone!
9 years ago
I decided to join this group coz I got curious. Also, because I see some familiar faces here....HI GUYS!
9 years ago
Hi Martha.

9 years ago
Hi folks and thanks for pointing me in this direction Simon!

Hugs from Australia
8 years ago

Hi, my name is Stuart.  I just learned about this group and I have joined it.


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