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13 years ago
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Iran threatens to quit Nuclear treaty....

13 years ago
Iran has a large percentage of the global oil supply under its soil and therefore wishes to create a balance of power in the Middle East in order to protect its interests. Why force this nation to disarm when the rest of us are armed to the teeth?  Perhaps we should behave in good faith and begin disarming ourselves first? While I completely disagree with ANY country having a nuclear arsenal at its disposal, I have to point out that Israel has atomic weapons, for example, and has not been pressurised by an international body to decommission them. Why is this when history has examples of Israel acting with belligerence against other Middle Eastern nations, including its own domestic indigenous population? Israel is a racist state where football fans can chant 'Death to Arabs' and Arab children on their way to school (when there are no Israeli-imposed curfews or sieges to close them) can be molested by settlers with absolute impunity. The Arab world looks on in horror and disbelief as this nation can do whatever it likes to the long-suffering indigenous population while overtly posing a nuclear threat to its impotent Arab neighbours. I lost my naivete a long time ago over the myth that the west is trying to make this world a safer place. It has nothing to do with that. We protect our political allies not matter what they do, which includes that our behaviour becomes hypocritical and dangerous in the process of protecting our ideologies.
13 years ago

By crushing Iraq, the US has once again created an imbalance of power in the Persian Gulf.  It now needs to ensure that Iran doesn't become the "Top Gun" among unfriendly nations.

The Middle Eastern countries have to unite as they did under the OPEC organization, if they are going to resist Western and Israeli manipulation and intervention. 

If they could once find the impetus to cooperate enough to set oil prices to avoid Western opportunism, they could surely do it to preserve their own political futures. 

If Middle Eastern countries, including Palestine, formed a nation of states which preserved their own autonomy while combining their global political influence, they would be a force to be reconned with.  And no one could deny their rights, or drown out their political voice.  Otherwise, they will be under constant threat of invasion by the US and it's alies.

Colonialism works via 2 arguments: to tame the savages, and to co-opt resources.  Stealing a country's resources is no longer an acceptable reason for invading.  But, politically, it still seems okay to invade to "civilize the natives", or to "keep the peace".  The Middle East must become it's own "peacekeeper".

13 years ago

The idea that Iran would not have to cave into what the US wanted, seemed to be evident from the time that John Bolton, a man who in a 1994 panel discussion sponsored by the World Federalist Association Bolton stated "There is no such thing as the United Nations". He added that "if the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference." was appointed as ambassador tot he UN. The reason I say this is that I feel the intent all along was to invade Iran, it is why I believe Bolton was brought in. I believe that we have already invaded Iran and now it is just a matter of seeing if we can really strong arm them into disarming and handing over their countries oil supply. What the US might not have bargained on was Russia and China siding with Iran. I love my country, but it is time that the people wake up and realize that we are no longer living in a democracy. I highly doubt that the Christians even realize that they have been blinded by the right. Americans need to get over themselves, we have no right to ask of other countries what we are not willing to do ourselves. (I do not want to start on Negroponte) I'm sure that this is not going to be a popular statement, but, I just can't see why we can't play nice. I agree with Monique regarding Israel, this is another country that needs to learn to play nice with others. To long have they been able to harm others while other countries turn their heads and say "they are God's chosen" Give me a break, where in the bible, do you see Jesus bombing anyone? And God smiling and saying "that's my boy?" I do not mean disrespect, I just don't get it. We need more truth in politics, we need more people everywhere to be interested in what is going on in their countries and in the world around them. And we really need to start posting more of our own words and having conversations not vocabulary contests with others in order to build bridges not burn them. We don't have to change our views or those of others, but we should be able to understand another persons view and respect it, with out casting insults their way.

13 years ago

I have an acquaintance (whose brain I pick regularly) who is retired from the CIA after serving honorably overseas as a translater in Germany. He speaks eight languages. He insists that the CIA actually had "good guys" who have been systematically phased out through the years with a big coup of the last remaining under the last Director.

Today we were discussing the Iran situation. He said the U.S. Government and its operatives are pulling the dragons tail and then pretending it is not they doing the pulling. The object is to get the dragon to rear around and bite so the U.S. can justify attacking the dragon.

13 years ago

I think this administration has systematically destroyed all that is good and replaced it with substandard/ineffective programs in order to give more money to corporations. There is corruption in all branches of this administration. They are doing this under our noses and at the peoples expense, while most in this country are too busy looking elsewhere to see what is happening. Other world citizens see the US for what it is becoming much more clearly than those living here.

With Iran though, I am wondering if the US hasn't gotten in too deep. This admin seems to constantly underestimate the intelligence of other countries. While weakening it's own defenses. To automatically believe that other countries do not have access to the same Intel that we have seems somehow naive.

Also insulting Iran's allies seems to be a big mistake.

13 years ago
Dawn, there always has been an imbalance of power in the Middle East. Even way back in 2000 Israel had 100 nuclear warheads which included thermonuclear weapons and enhanced radiation/neutron weapons. They had back then nuclear-capable aircraft, Jericho 2 ballistic missiles with ranges of up to 1,200 miles (just imagine and calculate how many countries could be targeted with this type of range, certainly within the Middle East itself), chemical and biological weapons among othes and including US-supplied technical knowledge, finance (running into the billions) and weaponry. Compare this with the crumbling weapons delivery systems of Iraq and you're looking at David and Goliath. Don't hold your breath for the Arabs to unite and fight the 'beast' even though they have this: I'm married to an Arab and have learned a bit about them. While they are incredibly hospitable and generous, they are people with the usual human weaknesses such as greed and self-interest. Saudi Arabia is notorious for its corruption and human rights abuses and I heard that one of the princes (there are thousands) got let off for murder yet if it had been anybody else, the sentence could have been execution if the aggrieved family demanded it. This 'venerable' prince threatened the family to accept hush money or nothing. If the family had persisted in their demand for justice to be served, the prince would have merely claimed that the man had commited suicide and the matter would be closed. Hence, the House of Saud is extremely unpopular and relies very heavily on US military assistance to keep internal rebellion at bay. I mean, just think of the European Union and how much wrangling we've experienced over common policy and Britain's suspicion towards full commitment. Cathe, Iran has already been invaded culturally and this is often an effective means of winning the hearts and minds of people rather than through shedding their blood. Maybe the reason that the rest of us see the USA for what it is, is because our media is (ever so slightly) more honest and accurate in general? Donna, that tactic you mention against Iran sounds like the political tactics used against Cuba and other South American nations. Nothing surprises me anymore. The Israelis bully the Palestinians in a similar manner by shooting dead their children, invading their territory, and assassinating their leaders and resistance fighters and then looking surprised and bitter when an uprising occurs against the occupation. How can victims of the Holocaust justify this Holocaust against the Palestinians? This ethical question continues to plague my sense of logic and right and wrong.
13 years ago

Examination of a familiar trend in Iran should be done by some organization--it is causing me concern.  I've kept well informed of the Iranian government since the fall of the Shah.  Two close friends of mine were born there and recently their parents have left the country due to fear of military action they insist is unavoidable.  These two Iranians, husband and wife, left millions of dollars in property and agricultural crops behind in their fear of U.S. attack and resulting chaos.  My two friends were teenagers when their parents moved them to Europe after the Shah fell.  Their parents knew something then--and they were correct--and I trust them now when they say backing down is something the Iranian government is not willing to do, making real deadly conflict a huge threat.  So huge, in fact, people like my friend's parents are willing to leave a fortune behind.  Think on it.  Dave.

13 years ago

Iran President Unconcerned With Sanctions

13 years ago
I don't think that a consensus can be reached with things running as they are.
Neither the US nor Iran will back off.
Both would lose their face.

If Ahmadinedjad gave in, he would lose all his credibility amongst the Iranians and appear weak.
If Bush gave in, he would confirm all those who consider the USA a "paper tiger". Bush has rattled the saber and WILL pull it. He has no other chance.

I recently had quite an interesting talk with an American soldier from a medical unit who just returned from Iraq. We also discussed the Iran issue and I told him:

"You know what the problem is? The world still plays chess!
Everybody has his officers and pawns and tries to reach a check - or mate. Everybody knows the game and can anticipate the others moves. Every once in a while such a check is achieved, some pawns are captured, but in the end, all we achieve is a stalemate!
What we need in order to solve such problems is a Mahjong player! One who thinks in other dimensions and tries completely new ways instead of the old "who hits first"."

Anyone playing Mahjong here?

Oh, BTW: This petition of mineis a first try towards an off-chess move.

13 years ago
Good petition. It would be wondeful if all governments woke up RIGHT NOW to the fact that the oil won't last forever and is bad for the climates of the world which could lead to mass extinctions, nuclear energy is fatally harmful and persistent in its danger to human life and the environment with its many species of life, and that nature can provide us with a better kind of wisdom. Just look at Greenland and how forward-thinking they are in harnessing geothermal energy in imaginative ways, including their research into hydrogen fuel cells.
13 years ago

 Speaking of Iran...

I noticed that newspaper article mentioned that Iran considers it vital that it can protect itself from other potential nuclear belligerents and that it was western hypocrisy to deny them the right to gain weapons technology. On the point of self-defense and how this tragically and ironically echoes a smaller and lesser-known scandal, has anybody come across the Nazanin petition? I signed it but began to wonder afterwards whether or not the story is true.

It could turn out to be another US-sponsored piece of propaganda in the same vein as during the Kuwaiti invasion when Iraqi soldiers were allegedly taking premature babies and throwing them on the floor in a Kuwaiti hospital. It turned out in the end that the story was a fabrication to assist in gaining US public support for the US-led war against Iraq.

If Nazanin is hanged for her killing a man in self-defense, then Iranian law is just a front to hide double standards and moral corruption, something they accuse the west of.

13 years ago
Take a look at this Share:

Blog: Anticipating the next move: Iran
(0 comments) — Bilderberg expert Jim Tucker was on Alex Jone\'s show today. He said that there is actually not agreement among the globalists on whether or not the west should attack Iran. Many are concerned about the consequences. And rightfully so. Groups in Iran...  more

13 years ago

It is time for all Nations to work together for peace and stop the threat of Nuclear weapons by "ALL" countries.   It is also time for the United States to lose the big oil addiction and really start building Hyrdrogen and fuel cell technology that is not harming our planet.   Oil can not be the future as we are seeing by Global warming and other threats to every person and the planet.   Time has come to Mass produce new technologies and tell auto makers to get rid of fossil fuel technology for the good of the planet.  Iran has no need to build nuclear arsenals if the world can come together and stop Nuclear weapontry.  Religion and faith are not about killing, and man kind has done enough damage to each other and the planet.  It is time to work together for the best of all mankind, or mankind will fall.

12 years ago

Also time to legalize hemp.

Hemp can go a long way in reducing the amount of oil, cotton and trees that are needed to produce all our paper and clothing.

Hemp is good for a lot more, of course, but clothing and paper are a huge part of our daily existence.

Cotton needs a lot of pesticides and other chemicals to grow in vast quantities whereas hemp does not. Most of the synthetic materials that are used in the manufacture of clothes are petroleum products. As well, paper can be made from hemp, thereby lessening the need to cut down so many trees.

Perhaps if we western nations became more self-reliant by using alternatives to oil, there might be less meddling in Iran and other middle eastern countries and therefore fewer hostilities overall.

12 years ago

I kind of doubt that Christian. Past history shows it's the profits from the oil that's the prize. I suspect if Iraq invasion couldn't have been stopped and the November elections put the Democrats in the majority spot, this administration probably realizes they won't have another chance to invade Iran. After reading about the Iraq invading Iran I'm of the opinion that regimes nationalize and keep the profits from oil in their own countries for the good of the people. So to me I see it as taking regimes down so the oil companies can have record profits some more. I don't think that much oil comes from there to believe oil itself is an issue. I also read that Saddam had been trying to convince OPEC to deal more with euros because the US dollar is becoming unstable. I'd like to see the truth about what we're even there for. I heard McCain say at a hearing today that we'd like to win and all I could think is, "Win What?" The excuses change so much as to just what the goal is that I can't see where anybody even knows what is to be accomplished.

12 years ago

While I agree with the above statements, I don't know if we can trust Bush on this one. How can we be sure Iran really has nuclear weapons?

The Bush administration swore Iraq had nukes, but they lied. As the old saying goes "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me".

Most of the "intelligance" about Iraq came from Israel, and its no secret they would love to see Iran destroyed.

So far all Iran wants to do is build a nuclear power station, by no means a crime (though I disagree with nuclear power). After all, if the West can have hundreds of power plants, why can't Iran have one? All Iran wants to do is to use nuclear power to reduce the amount of oil used domesticaly in order to maximise exports.

12 years ago

I notice about all discussions about Iran are fear related. Nuclear threat, Axis of evil, terrorist, fundamentalists, radical Islam, hate Jews, etc...

Perhaps we should step out of this 'War of Terror' and look at some less threatening perspectives of Iran. These are also just people who feel threatened by crazy fearmongering leaders.

Don't let the debate only be run on the ideas the leadership propaganda brings in and snap out of it once in a while.

12 years ago
I would never take anything George Bush had to say on Iran seriously.

12 years ago

I don't take anything anybody says seriously. Life is about relationships to me and that means relating to one another. Take just an average getting along with others in any setting and observe behaviors of those involved. I don't know about the rest of you but when somebody bad mouths me behind my back just to get their own way that is detrimental to my well being. They tear me down just to build themselves up. So in the long run that forces not only me but any body, dumb enough to buy into that silly game, really buy into a behavior based on insecurities. They don't have the courage to deal with me directly so fear rules their life. But consider this. It's the majority that rules so if a whole society bases their lives on fear ruling their lives they will always chose to follow a one who rules using fear. That will become the challenge the world will have to face someday as now it's not just contained in one country.

Also I've felt Ahmadinejad offered hope for the world which in my mind he has shown over and over again. He grew up in a common home and fought a revolution. Everything in my life that I fought for is much different than just things that were given to me. He shows that with his standing up to everything Bush has thrown at him. When the US backed invasion in Lebanon happened the day after the cease fire Iran had given home owners $1200 to help rebuild their homes yet Bush was telling people in New Orleans a year after Katrina that it's going to take time. And as the US tries to create an excuse to make war with Iran look like self defense by making up constant excuses to invade their country, like the 15 sailors in Iran's terrority, the way they had filmed this and released the 15 just blew a trumped up excuse right out the door. Iran's pure genius in my opinion standing up to a dysfunctional behavior. God even France had sent a aircraft carrier to the gulf in Iran's favor. Ahmadinejad isn't trying to fight anything but he's just going about doing what he has said and that is that Iran wants peace. But Iran wants peace through love, not war. I kind of seeing him kicking ass in a way good for all of humanity. Yea!

11 years ago
"I don't take anything anybody says seriously. Life is about relationships to me and that means relating to one another".

Ken, how can you not take what anyone says seriously and say that life is about relationships?

Are you kidding? Bush isn't thinking this will be the last opportunity to invade Iran. The military-industrial complex has been planning what's happening now a long time. Having a Dem in the oval office will probably not change much.
11 years ago
Ken, then after you say you don't take what people say seriously, you say this:

"I don't know about the rest of you but when somebody bad mouths me behind my back just to get their own way that is detrimental to my well being".

So you experience what people say as detrimental to your being, even though you don't take them seriously.

10 years ago
Please read and note:

Prepared for War - Greece Trains Israel to Counter Iran S-300 SAMs
World (tags: conflict, iran, israel, middle-east, violence, war, world, news, death, government )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 40 seconds ago -
Israeli-Greek air tactics were amply reported in the world's media. But what ducked the radar was how Greece helped the IDF learn to defeat, jam and circumvent the Russian S-300 system in an exercise dubbed "Glorious Spartan". Now, IDF is ready for war.

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