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The New World Order Speaks
11 years ago
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    I found this comment, and it's sickening.

Reader comment: 10 May 2006

The needs of the world overrides the lust of small countries to hoard there oil. Oil does not belong to those countries that have it. Oil belongs to the world as a natural resource. The only thing that man has the right to claim ownership is things that are man made not things created by god. Oil was created by god not man so Iran or any other country that has oil it belongs to the world and the New World Order will decide how to distribute it. America is the natural leaders of the New World Order because we are so fair and unselfish and USA will redistribute the world oil impartially. It was no accident that when Europeans discovered American they called it the New World and America gives the Orders. Oil created by god belongs to the world but nuclear energy created by man belongs to its creators America. New World Order will prevail resistance is futile so accept the good and reject the bad and follow your orders from the New world. The New World Order.

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The New World Order?
10 years ago

          Surprise, I'll bet, but, I will be fighting for the World Vegan Order as the Beautiful Universe Enlightenment Center envisions it (call it new if you have to) and none, absolutely none other, no matter how vegan, raw foodist, or whatever... any other movement may be.

          I hope you all realize that we Vegans intend to create our world order and if you don't join, you don't get to be a member of our Greater Quest - and that is to respect all plants and animals for what they contribute, and for us animals contribute a view into Nature, companionship, comical relief and a higher understanding of what makes the body, mind, soul relationship tick!

          Never you mind what we think concerning plants.  We don't discuss our greater goals of spirit and souls with the likes of animal murderers.  If you want to dialog over vegan issues you'll have to find a vegan willing to discuss things with you, and it isn't me!

          So, best wishes on YOUR kind of New World Order...heh, whatever that is since you aren't touting animal liberation as well.... 

          And, I can tell you this, you had better be about peace, understanding and respect!

New World Order
10 years ago

          Sorry, if I was so overboard no one else wanted to reply to the original text, that of a god of one's imagination of what life is about, as the lord of all on the planet and must be shared.

                 My opinion to that piece is that, I do not and will not share my animals with the speaker, writer...and he/she cannot have the oil on my property.  Further, her/his god is not my god. 

Looks like fightin words,         again,           to me.



Yes, I'm Vegan

How about this?
10 years ago


All we have to do is affirm these activities of Light effectively and consistently enough to reach a critical mass for a higher level of government. We are closer than outer circumstances indicate. Do not under estimate your ability to add to the Light of the world or to change the course of direction for the governments on this planet. The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious, and WE are that Light!

In order to grasp the significance of the opportunity at hand, we must understand what Divine Government represents. First of all, Divine Government is NOT One World Government, a New World Order or any of the other concepts that have been used to describe the manipulative, controlling shadow governments ruled by the embodied forces of imbalance. Divine Government is the antithesis of that level of consciousness.

10 years ago
And, people wonder why some young people are crazy for the New World DISorder (Anarchy)?
10 years ago

America is the natural leaders of the New World Order because we
are so fair and unselfish and USA will redistribute the world oil


10 years ago
Sam and Donna, exactly
10 years ago
10 years ago
A civilized world.  Maybe, when and if global warming wipes out mankind.
10 years ago
What's the difference if it's global warming or greed that wipes out mankind? Humans are still the ones destroying themselves either way.
10 years ago

I'm glad others reconize we (humans?) are a virus, running rampant destroying our host.But until enough raise up to run majority, well tough up. Spread the word. And most importantly watch out for "THEM".

                            !!Have Fun!!

10 years ago

I'm glad others reconize we (humans?) are a virus, running rampant destroying our host.But until enough raise up to run majority, well tough up. Spread the word. And most importantly watch out for "THEM".

                            !!Have Fun!!

10 years ago

Is it really a virus that we're dealing with? I sort of view what's going on as dysfunctional behaviors enabled by a weak society that's given up on themselves. I think it wouldn't be a good idea to take the conscientious people that might have the courage to do this and put the effort into children which would make up the future of the world. Things our present society is lacking like self-esteem, self-confidence and self love could be taught as a priority instead of wasting so much time on this generation that gave up all it's morals and values.

There's a story I heard about a village next to a stream. It started with a plea for help by somebody that was drowning in the stream and kept going on with others following their drowning expeditions, which got so bad that the village put up a hospital next to the stream. The hospial couldn't keep up with the drowning victims. This went on till one man went up stream and put a stop to those that were throwing people in the stream.

Moral of the story to me is that I don't see where we have people in this generation that are capable of stopping those that throw people in the stream of world despair so at least we might prepare future generations to do it.

10 years ago
error report: I think it wouldn't be a good idea  was suppose to be: I think it would be a good idea
Is there a difference
10 years ago

"what does it matter if its global warming or greed that wipes out mankind"

Where do you precieve the difference?


10 years ago
Greed has always been here and global warming is just a by-product of it.
New World Order?
7 years ago

Obviously written by an ignorant individual whom has been told what to think by other (more dangerous) ignorant individuals.

People (the numbers of) drive all the pollution and overuse of resources. The population must be controlled voluntarily or Mother Nature will do it for us (in an extremely harsh way).

Just the facts...

Ignorance is fatal.

A lot of people think a NWO is a good thing
6 years ago

Since there are many on Care2 that think it is in the best interests of the inhabitants and the planet to embrace a New World Order to save us, I created a  new Care2 group today to post the Pros and Cons for it. Join if you want to speak your piece about it.



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